NCIS Los Angeles s07e09 Episode Script


Hey! Mr.
Prius! Hey, I need to talk to you.
Roll down your window, homes.
I know you can hear me, man.
Nothing? Seriously? I look that scary to you? Oh, man.
I'm such a jerk.
No Deeks, huh? No, no Deeks.
We finished our workout half an hour ago, and he's still getting ready.
Don't ask.
Where's Sam? Still hitting the heavy bag.
Don't ask.
All right.
It's kind of nice.
It's peaceful, quiet.
Even a little Zen.
What? There's nothing Zen about your desk.
What do you have against my desk? Let's see.
I feel you, I hear you.
Kensi? Yeah.
You have a problem.
I don't have a problem.
Do you prefer sickness? No.
Disease? Okay, I will work on it.
And I promise I will keep to my side of the line.
Well, I decided to get you a gift.
Scrubbed House, Scrubbed Soul? You think I need a self-help book? No.
No, you are way beyond self-help.
You need professional assistance.
Oh, that's absurd.
No, that is a New York Times Best Seller.
Millions of people can't be wrong.
Oh, come on.
This whole mess is about depression.
I am not depressed.
The book says that you need to surround yourself with things that inspire happiness.
Okay, I got your number.
I know what this is about.
Your pathological obsession with clutter? No, not at all, this is about your issues.
Mine? Yes.
Really? Callen, you're no more organized than I am.
You just don't have any stuff.
My stuff symbolizes that which you lack.
That's why you can't commit to a serious relationship.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Uh, what about Joelle? I'm sorry, is that serious? No, I didn't think so.
Yeah, 'cause you couldn't commit to a coffee mug.
Well, at least you're not defensive about it.
Defe? Wait a minute, did Deeks put you up to this? Even Deeks doesn't take Oh, oh I'm-I'm going to declutter his nose from his face.
Nope, not defensive at all.
Just posted an alternate version of that on YouTube.
Sounded like a saxophone.
Callen thank you so much.
Um, there's a case up in Ops.
Uh, Sam and Deeks are already up there.
I'll play you in.
One, two, three, hey! That inspires happiness.
One dead body and one coma victim from a car accident this morning.
Pedro Gomez killed Lucas Belridge, a CPA, when Gomez plowed his delivery truck into Belridge's Prius.
What did LAPD find on the truck? Uh, pastries.
Mostly muffins.
Pedro Gomez was also an undocumented worker, but that's not why you're here this morning.
Isn't that across the street from the naval recruitment center? Surprisingly observant, but also not why you're here.
You're here because LAPD found this note in Belridge's Prius.
"Luck Mon bod roll dean.
" And "96 sky.
" Please tell me we have more than just this to go on.
It's the phonetic spelling of Luqman Badr Al Din.
Oh, boy.
One of the LAPD officers to respond to the scene was also a former Marine and linguistic specialist.
Before he was discharged, he helped the CIA identify Badr Al Din.
What, so somebody just looked him up online? Oh, no, this guy's name's been suppressed.
Even the CIA didn't know who he was until a few months ago.
And yet here we are.
If it wasn't the press and it wasn't a mole, it seems Badr Al Din may have friends in Los Angeles.
We need to find out how Belridge figures into this, talk to his family and friends, gather some Intel.
His wife's already waiting in the boatshed.
Right, that's us.
On it.
Is that car in the impound yard? Uh, yeah, I'll let LAPD know you're coming.
Chin up, you two.
Think of where we'd be if Gomez had been a better driver.
Thank you.
Thanks, Tim.
I'm NCIS Agent Blye.
This is my partner, LAPD Detective Deeks.
We're so sorry for your loss.
Can I get you anything? You want any coffee or tea or? Tissues.
I already went through everything you had.
Of course.
Do you know why you're here? Lucas isn't a terrorist.
Listen, I know this is all happening very fast, um but we got to ask you some questions.
Is that okay? Mm.
Did you notice any changes with Lucas recently? What kind of changes? Was he doing things he normally doesn't do or saying things he normally doesn't say? Lucas thought he was getting a big promotion at work, and instead he got fired.
And when did that happen? Two months ago.
He was a wreck.
Depressed and unhappy.
He never wanted to have sex.
I'm sorry, am I allowed to say that? If you think it's important, yeah.
It's okay.
Um, do you know why he was fired? Because he didn't want to cheat on me.
Um his boss, Stephanie, kept making advances, and when Lucas said no, she fired him.
Belridge, is there something you're not telling us? He was spending nights out.
He'd say he was playing poker or basketball and not to wait up, but then he'd be gone all night long.
Is this his handwriting? No.
You're sure? Lucas's handwriting was so messy, you couldn't read it.
Does this mean he's not a terrorist? We're trying to figure that out.
Checked that one in already.
Number 5993 is ready.
Number 5993 is ready.
Hey, guys.
Self-help book's a pretty bold move for a gift.
Do you know how many times I've showed up in the morning to find Kensi's trash all over my side of the line? But it's still not a gift.
I paid cash for something, I gave that something to Kensi.
That is a gift.
Yeah, it's a gift, all right, for you.
You don't care about inspiring happiness, you only care about Kensi respecting the line.
Is that such a crime? I don't know if it's a crime, but it's a pretty lousy gift.
The book wasn't even my idea, all right? Deeks suggested it.
Oh, now you're gonna pin it on Deeks.
G, you're better than this.
You know what, it's the last time I help anyone.
No, technically, you were only helping yourself.
Now, this is a gift.
I don't want to think about how many resources the CIA spent learning Badr Al Din's identity.
I'm guessing a lot.
Yeah, a whole lot.
But this could deliver him right to our door.
I've got nothing back here.
One, two three.
Check it out.
Impact from the accident must have knocked them loose.
What is an accountant doing with three cell phones? Well, Callen, consider this an early birthday present.
I was able to recover data from the phones in the Prius.
One was used for Uber, the other for Lyft, and the third for GrubHub.
Guy was picking up passengers to make money on the side.
And a little extra cash by delivering food.
Kensi and Deeks said Lucas Belridge lost his job, and he'd been spending a lot of nights out.
Maybe the note was left by one of his passengers.
So what, Badr Al Din has an Umami Burger addiction? How many passengers or deliveries did Belridge make since he lost his job two months ago? Well, let's see.
Between Uber, Lyft and GrubHub, way less than 500.
Five hundred? That is the worst birthday present ever.
Luqman Badr Al Din.
I'll be honest with you.
My colleagues and I threw ourselves a party when we figured out who this guy was.
And you're the CIA.
You guys don't party.
Which tells you how important he is within the ISIS infrastructure.
What did Badr Al Din do? From what we gathered, and based on his impressive travel throughout ISIS controlled territory, we believe he's a recruiter.
An inspiring, charismatic, extremely effective recruiter.
So he's the Tony Robbins of terrorism.
That's fantastic.
We also think he plays a key role in the ISIS propaganda machine.
Well, they've been known to use Twitter and social media to paint the Islamic State as some kind of utopia.
And portray its lifestyle as five-star jihad.
They posted photos when they reopened a luxury hotel in Mosul.
As I mentioned, extremely effective recruiting.
And Badr Al Din is behind all of it.
So you think that they're here to recruit for their army? CIA isn't prepared to answer that.
Well, foreigners already make up half of ISIS's troops.
from Western countries.
We actually don't know why Badr Al Din is here.
Or even if he is here.
What we do know is he's one of the organization's most powerful weapons, and this is our biggest lead on him.
It's an interesting concept, but I can't see myself using an Uber.
Of course you won't.
I like having my wheels too much.
Mm-hmm, and you would never want to give up control.
I'm feeling generous.
I'm gonna let that slide.
Ah, 'cause you know your partner's right.
Because I'm the bigger man.
Who is big enough to admit when his partner is right.
Lucas Belridge picked up a guy named Jahmir Yacoob yesterday.
He's an importer who immigrated from Iraq in 1989.
He would've been there during Saddam's regime.
He was special forces during Saddam's regime.
Where'd Lucas drive him? It says he was picked up at his house in Silver Lake, dropped off in Westchester.
Where? A bus stop on 96th Street at the intersection of Skyway.
That's got to be him.
Jahmir Yacoob, Lucas Belridge dropped him off in Westchester this morning.
Find out where he went next.
- Where are you guys going? - His house.
Tell Kensi and Deeks to meet us there.
Well, that was fast.
That's what we pay them for.
No, I was talking about ISIS setting up shop on our soil.
They are resourceful, I'll give them that.
There's a certain comfort in knowing the enemy, Henrietta.
Nothing about ISIS gives me comfort.
With them, all bets are off.
That's what everyone says about you, too.
Any movement inside the house? Nothing yet.
Take the front.
Sam and I will go around back.
Callen, wait.
That's our man.
Move in.
Federal agents! Down on your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Okay, okay.
Are you Jahmir Yacoob? Yes.
Front door! Police officers! Identify yourself.
I'm Mira Yacoob.
That is my husband Jahmir, and this is my youngest, Adeela.
Where's the oldest? Zahra? W-What do you mean? That is why I called you on the 911.
That is why you are here.
We're not LAPD.
We're NCIS.
But you will help us find Zahra, yes? What happened to her? She was taken.
Nell, it's Callen.
Look, the only way any of this makes sense is if Jahmir Yacoob's daughter Zahra used his Uber account last night.
That would make sense.
So if Zahra was the one dropped off at 96th Street and Skyway Then a 16-year-old girl may be our connection to ISIS.
Why don't you try and track down her cell phone.
Check in on social media.
I'll see if she's visited any ISIS propaganda sites or posted anything that gives us her location.
One more thing.
Westchester is right next to LAX.
Find out if she's on any flight manifests leaving today.
Got it.
Although she could be traveling under an alias.
Well, Zahra would need to know someone who could get her fake papers, good fake papers.
Have Eric check airport security footage just in case.
Will do.
Oh, and, Nell? Everything at the speed of light? That's my girl.
That look you just gave him.
What does it mean? I raised two daughters.
She knows every look in the book.
We have a theory.
Your daughter wasn't kidnapped.
She isn't missing, either.
Then where is she? We think Zahra ran away.
No, kids who run away, they are unhappy.
They wear too much eye makeup.
That is not Zahra.
We are a close family.
There are no secrets between us.
Yacoob, does Zahra have access to your Uber account? Why do you ask? Someone ordered a car late last night from your account.
They traveled from this house to a bus stop near LAX.
Is that Zahra's handwriting? Yes, but I don't I don't understand.
LAX? Do you have any reason to believe she supports ISIS? Why would you ask such a ridiculous question? None of this is going to help us find our daughter.
There is no truth to any of it! So what is your older sister like? She's pretty.
I hope I'm that pretty one day, but I don't know if it'll happen.
We have the same eyes, but I'm not as tall, and my ears stick out.
That's why I wear my hair down, because of my ears.
Well, what is she like in school? Zahra's cool.
Well, she's almost cool.
What does that mean? Paul Hardy invited her to his party, but Ruby Peng didn't.
Ah, I see, and Ruby and Zahra are friends, then? They were-- they used to play on varsity volleyball together.
And then Ruby dropped out or No, she's co-captain this year, but Zahra got demoted to JV.
Oh, was she bummed? All her friends were on the team, and they kind of ditched her after she was cut.
Girls can be so Petty, I know.
Zahra was also super annoying about the whole thing, so it made it really hard to feel bad for her.
Right, right.
All right, anything else you can think of? Not really.
Where's this photo from? When we were at dinner last month, a lady came to our table.
She wanted to talk to Zahra about modeling.
Zahra got in contact with her? Yes.
But all that came of it was some photo shoot.
I don't think they've spoken again since then.
Zahra never mentioned her name again.
Uh, Allison, I think it was.
But it's hardly ISIS, is it? Hetty, you're not gonna like this.
Lay it on me thick, Mr.
We found Zahra Yacoob.
Is she alive? That's the good news.
The bad news is she's been watching ISIS propaganda videos.
We think she used a fake passport to board a flight to Ataturk International in Istanbul this morning.
They're coming for our children.
The videos she's watched lead us to believe that Zahra is going to offer herself as an ISIS bride.
We're going to stop it.
I need you to get in touch with Turkish authorities.
Tell them to meet her at the gate.
Yeah, Hetty? Mr.
Callen, I need you to break some unfortunate news to Zahra's parents.
I'm so sorry.
What do you think? No one's punched or broken anything yet.
I think they're handling it pretty well, considering.
Nell said Zahra was watching ISIS videos.
They need to brainwash more than just men and boys if they want to win the holy war.
And breed the next generation of jihadists.
Hey, so the dad checked the safe.
Jewelry, silver, it's all still there.
Eric accessed the family's bank account.
Nothing's been touched.
So someone secured papers for Zahra and paid for her plane ticket to Turkey.
Badr Al Din? Pretty 16-year-old girls aren't exactly in his wheelhouse.
Yeah, but he's got to have some contact here, somebody who's been targeting young women.
The modeling agency.
Flaunting one's beauty? I mean, isn't that the exact opposite of being an ISIS bride? Unless they weren't grooming Zahra for a career in front of the camera.
If you want to get to know Zahra and young women like her And see which one takes the bait.
What do we know about the modeling agency that recruited Zahra? Uh, I looked into the founder, Allison Nelson, the CFO, Andrew Kim, and the photographer, Perry Gaffney, as well as the models.
Nothing screams or even whispers ISIS sympathy.
This agency's the black hole in Zahra's life.
This could be the reason she got on that plane to Istanbul this morning.
Uh, there is one other thing.
They charge their clients steep commissions and are constantly hosting fund-raisers.
That's odd.
I've seen Zahra's head shots, and the pixilation and printing quality is at least ten years old.
Well, then, we should follow the money.
If it's not going back in the business, it's going somewhere.
All right, I'm on it.
We need to get inside this agency, find out how the organization works, what their connections are to ISIS.
- All right, I'll do it.
- What? No.
This is a democracy.
This is a free world.
Why can't we send a male model undercover? That's a good idea, Deeks.
Thank you.
Sam? You up for it? What? No.
They don't make Italian clothes in this man's size.
Kens, you're up.
Okay, well, I'd just like to say that I'm doing this under protest.
But if you are gonna get dressed up for this, I have some very specific ideas of what you should wear.
Let me stop you right there.
Okay? As payback for that gift you sent me, that ridiculous book, you're gonna spend some time in the shooting range.
Oh, I don't know what you're talking about, fickle mistress.
What's on your mind? We know ISIS is recruiting young women.
We think Zahra got on a plane this morning to offer herself up as a bride.
What we don't know is how many other girls left today.
I'll have Eric and Nell check with LAPD, see if any other girls have gone missing.
Before it's too late.
Oh! Allow me.
Jackie could never get this kind of a collar to lie flat, either.
Jackie who? Jackie O? You ask that as if there was any other.
Jackie O.
She was just 31 when she became First Lady.
Think of that.
Oh, well, I can relate.
I was 31 and building a bookshelf from IKEA for my studio apartment.
You ready for your undercover? Yeah, but I just don't understand why Zahra, a young girl, would want to join ISIS.
Blye, how did you get where you are? Was it one big decision, or a series of minor ones? Right.
She's a teenager.
I mean, she's probably in a place in her life where the ISIS propaganda just tapped into something her family didn't even know existed.
We can't assume to know everyone.
Not even those we're closest to.
I had no idea how many young women are reported missing each week.
I know.
It's disturbing.
In other news, I've been digging into the modeling agency's finances.
For all their commissions and fund-raising, it looks like they have nothing in their bank accounts.
They're withdrawing money as soon as it comes in.
And they only deal in cash, so it makes their activity nearly impossible to trace.
Well, everyone slips up sometime.
I'll keep looking.
Oh, hey could you find out if Allison Nelson or Perry Gaffney have been up to anything unusual the past couple weeks? I would love to help.
Thank you.
How can I help you? My name is Azee.
And, um now I'm kind of embarrassed about being here.
Why? Because you're a beautiful woman and you want to get paid for it? Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.
Um, have you ever modeled before? Oh, no.
Really? With those cheekbones? You're telling me no one has ever tried to scoop you up? I mean, in college, maybe, but I didn't have the credit card debt that I have now, so Fair enough.
Um, may I? Sure.
I have a feeling the camera is gonna absolutely love this face.
God, and those legs.
Oh Care to test the theory? I love testing theories.
I'll get Perry.
Uh, Kensi, the agency's CFO, Andrew Kim, just stepped out of the building looking all kinds of spooky.
Okay, well, stay on him.
You sure you're going to be okay? Okay playing Barbie? Yeah, I'll be fine.
Uh, definitely not.
Sorry, what? Is that a yes, or is that a no? No, that's a yes to you, and a no to the Molly Ringwald monstrosity they just tried to put me in.
You're having fun with this, aren't you? No.
Little bit? It's fine.
I guess.
I'm a little olive-toned, so maybe, um, warm tones.
Thank you.
Warm tones.
You are just full of surprises.
I just know what looks good on me, okay? What are you talking about? You always look good.
It's not gonna work, Deeks.
I'm still mad at you for the book.
What do you got? We compiled a digital history of everything Allison Nelson and photographer Perry Gaffney did for the last two months.
Credit card statements, driving patterns Everything seemed on the up and up until we mapped out which cell phone towers they used.
Twice this month, Nelson dropped Gaffney off a bus stop on Beverly and Normandie.
She'd never done that before? Never.
What bus did Gaffney take? Both times to Grand Park, most recently, five days ago, where he met up with this fine fellow.
Name is Vignesh Mehta.
FBI suspects him of forging passports.
This guy probably knows how many passports they bought.
How many young girls are headed for the surprise of their lives.
Where is Mehta now? Same park, where he spends every afternoon drinking espresso.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate the shade.
Yeah, the sun can be a killer.
Oh, I apply SPF every two hours like they say.
Don't worry.
I'm not worried.
Neither am I.
This guy your friend? No, he's my partner.
He just loves puzzles.
Which federal agency will arrest you first? Excuse me? Let me spell it out for you.
Look, man, I-I don't want any trouble.
Oh, you're way beyond trouble.
Forging passports for ISIS? You're looking at life in solitary.
ISIS? Is this some kind of joke? You think we're out here talking to you for kicks? I have never done anything for ISIS.
I love this country.
Yeah? Then let's see what you think of the federal prison system.
What do you want? A number.
How many passports did you make for Perry Gaffney last week? Three.
Where are you going, Mr.
CFO? You wear your guilt like a cheap suit.
Which is ironic, 'cause I think you're actually wearing a cheap suit.
There you go.
Cue Act Two.
Roll down the window.
LAPD! Roll down the window now! Can you just give me a second? Whoa! Wow.
All right, that's not what I was expecting.
Hey, man, was that really necessary? Did we break any law? Uh, well, technically yes and definitely yes.
See, Andrew? This is what happens when you're too cheap to spring for a hotel.
Andrew, the lady brings up an excellent point.
Do you need something, Officer? Detective, actually.
No, I'm just, uh I'm just keeping the peace here.
You know.
Protecting and serving and I want it on the record that I asked him to take me to the Beverly Wilshire.
Three weeks into the affair, and this is what he calls romance.
Wow, three weeks, Andrew? Not too classy.
Beverly Wilshire would've been nice.
Obviously, you guys have a lot to discuss so I will, uh, let you carry on.
You tell him what's up.
I will.
Gook luck, Andrew.
There we go.
More shoulder.
There you go.
Chin up just an inch, little less.
Little more.
Chin up an inch.
There we go.
I think we got it.
Already? You were definitely getting into things.
Too much? Azee, it was perfect.
Go get changed and we'll talk after.
You're welcome.
Ah! Thank you.
Hey, Perry, how'd we do? We got some good ones.
These will definitely work.
He's gonna love these.
Yeah, look at that one.
Hang on.
Azee? You look lost.
All right, Gaffney, come out, come out wherever you are.
Turkish authorities were waiting for Zahra when her flight landed, but she wasn't on board.
We found footage of Zahra at LAX.
Of her going through security.
Maybe she never got on her flight.
She could've gotten cold feet, maybe got on a different flight.
All right, let me pull up the footage again.
There's Zahra going through security.
Keep it playing.
Kensi found a photo of that guy in Allison Nelson's office.
So if Zahra's not on her flight, I bet she's with him.
Find out who he is.
And where are we on those other two fake passports? Uh, LAPD found photos on Mehta's hard drive.
I ran them through facial rec.
And? They're minors.
We're lucky that they both have driver's licenses.
Rivla and Bahrooz.
They're just 16 and 17 years old.
And reported missing this morning.
Both girls are scheduled to fly into Imam Khomeini International in Iran, but not until tomorrow.
Well, Zahra might be joining them on that flight.
I'll update Hetty.
You two keep searching for Gaffney.
Good afternoon, Agents.
You know good manners isn't gonna change where we're sending you, right? It doesn't really matter where you send me.
I'm still not going to talk.
Are you waiting for your lawyer? You know we can keep you.
No, I don't need a lawyer, either.
I'm just not gonna cooperate.
Well, we'll see about that.
Born and raised in Arizona.
Dropped out of Arizona State to become a receptionist at Daddy's office.
Moved to L.
in 2012.
Says here you don't have a passport.
So? Have you ever been to the Middle East? I went to Tijuana once.
But you have no problem taking young girls from their families, sending them halfway around the world to a place you've never been to marry terrorists? So typical.
You label anyone you don't understand as a terrorist.
Your boyfriend there is Faraz Hadi.
He was born in Detroit and currently he is on the FBI watch list as a suspected ISIS fighter.
The Islamic State is not what you think it is.
These girls are gonna be sold, whipped, stoned to death.
Then they must have done something to deserve that punishment.
I can only guide these girls towards a more righteous path.
What happens after that is on them.
There's Gaffney's car.
Right where Eric said it would be.
He's about to come back.
His time's running out.
Ah, points for the double entendre.
It's only a double entendre if the second meaning is risqué.
Well, that's not necessarily true.
It's a French word meaning "double understanding.
" I don't know why you have to be sexualize everything.
Guys, guys, guys.
What do you know about French? Time out, all right? I'm not listening to another touché debate.
Guys, over there.
He's with Rivla and Bahrooz.
Stay with the girls.
Got it.
- Yep.
Bahrooz, Rivla? I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye with NCIS.
What's going to happen to Perry? You're not in trouble, but you need to come home now.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Hey, Rivla.
You don't want to get on that plane tomorrow.
I promise you.
Don't listen to her.
Remember what Perry said.
Bahrooz, Perry is a liar.
Okay, whatever he promised you, it's not true.
Look what happened just now.
Things got intense, he panicked and he left you here.
You don't do that to the people you care about.
Your families would never do that to you.
It's time to go home.
Okay? Split up.
Get back in the elevator! I'm a federal agent! Go down to the first floor now! I got Gaffney! Zahra? Come on, Zahra.
It's gonna be okay, come on.
Come on.
It's over.
Who are you? We're federal agents.
You're safe.
What's gonna happen? We're gonna get you home.
Zahra! We did a good thing today.
Yeah, and, you, Kensi, you were amazing with those girls.
Thank you.
We would've never found out about this case if it wasn't for that note.
And Zahra only wrote Badr Al Din's name because she forgot how to pronounce it.
That's a lucky break.
Yeah, but he's still out there.
Glorifying ISIS.
Building its army one by one by one.
Not today.
You bet your bottom dollar.
What, and tomorrow there'll be sun? Are you quoting musicals to me now? Well, yeah, I just love that you know that.
Oh, we were having a moment.
No, no, no, we are still having a moment.
All I'm saying is we're in sync, and you cannot deny that.
Oh, I can and I will.
I just think you have a thing for redheads with daddy issues.
Deeks? Martin Deeks? Yeah, what's up? Put your hands behind your head.
What? You're being arrested for the murder of Francis Boyle.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Deeks, what is he talking about? I love you.
You have the right to talk to a lawyer.
If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.
Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you? Whoa Deeks? Deeks!
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