NCIS Los Angeles s07e10 Episode Script

Internal Affairs

ERIC: Monica Lee.
She's never lost a case.
CALLEN: No lawyer puts together a win streak like that without having someone on the inside.
Deeks had skills, but he was never one of the guys.
He never fit in.
The LAPD has decided to open an investigation into you.
Martin Deeks? Yeah, what's up? You're being arrested for the murder of Francis Boyle.
Deeks, what is he talking about? I love you.
(indistinct chatter) (door buzzes) What's up, fellas? How's it going? (whirring, beeping) Turn to the right.
Face me.
(grunts) (scoffs) (exhales) Detective Ellen Whiting, Internal Affairs.
I thought Rivera was leading this witch hunt.
Not anymore.
Why? They decided to give her a real case? Listen, now that the show of parading me through here in cuffs is over, do you mind if we get rid of these? You son of a bitch.
(shouts) Detective.
(shouts) (grunts) (grunts) Did you miss me? (groaning) If you killed my partner, you're a dead man.
Hey! Knock it off, Steadman! Get your man under control, Lieutenant.
Get him out of here! Now! Why is it that you bring trouble wherever you go, Deeks? I don't know.
I was born under a bad sign.
“Out of Order.
” That's a nice mustache, Lieutenant.
You doing undercover work in gay porn again? I didn't have to pull him off you.
That will be all, Lieutenant.
(coughs) I expect to be kept in the loop.
Well, looks like you got enemies everywhere you go, Detective Deeks.
(panting) What can I say? It's good to be home.
(chuckles) Any word on Deeks? Nothing.
(sniffles) (chuckling): Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You slept here last night? Worked late.
On what, lame excuses? Joelle kick you out of your own house? Of course not.
I just couldn't sleep.
'Cause you were fighting.
'Cause I had a lot on my mind.
What, you were trying to think of places to sleep while she cooled off? You know that's never a good idea.
Just prolongs the pain.
You're better off apologizing and sorting it out in the morning.
Apologize for what? I-I didn't do anything.
You know, you are so smart, so brave, and so utterly clueless about women.
Please, I know women, okay? Oh, yeah? That's why you're sleeping on a couch.
I happen to like this couch.
I enjoy sleeping on this couch.
Yeah? Well, it's good you like that couch, because you and that couch are probably gonna be together a lot longer than any of your relationships.
That is so harsh, so early.
It's reality, baby.
(sighs) I should probably cut her loose.
Seems like the right thing to do.
(sighs) I like her.
A lot.
I know.
It's not fair to her.
This job is hard on any relationship.
Yeah, I tried.
Cheer up, G.
You'll always have me.
one of these days.
Where's Hetty? I don't know.
I just got here.
What's happening with Deeks? LAPD's Internal Affairs are holding him on the murder charge, and they won't let me see him.
GRANGER: Blye, I need you in the armory now.
Just Blye.
We need to know what's going on.
You two needed to know what was going on a hell of a lot sooner than this.
KENSI: They're saying Deeks killed a man named Francis Boyle.
Well, he was briefly Deeks' partner.
Suspected of being a dirty cop.
Did he ever talk to you about him? Never by name.
But he did mention a partner that put a gun to his mouth once after Deeks confronted him about getting a confession out of a suspect with a pot of hot coffee.
Good Lord.
He transferred to undercover after that.
He tell you how Boyle was killed? Shot with his own gun by a hooker he'd beaten up.
I'm sorry, you don't believe him? Doesn't matter what we believe.
It's what IA can prove.
Drop everything and get Detective Deeks out of this mess.
Francis Boyle was an LAPD veteran of 19 years and Detective Third Class when Deeks was assigned to him as a partner.
He's got a lot of reprimands and complaints in his file.
Well, he came through to him the department at a time when accountability wasn't considered important.
This is Boyle's former partner, Detective Bruce Steadman.
He's still on the force.
His docket isn't much better.
The police department split them up, hoping it would reduce the problem.
It didn't.
Deeks said that Francis Boyle had a reputation for beating up prostitutes.
Sounds like he was asking for it.
And yet Deeks is getting charged with the murder.
Why now? New evidence pop up? A new witness step forward? We don't know.
But Hetty wants us to find out.
Then let's find out.
You good? Yeah, I'm good.
You brought Deeks here.
Is there anything else you want to tell us before we dive into this? No.
You're sure you want us to do this? You don't want to help Detective Deeks? Well, in order to help Detective Deeks, we're gonna have to look into this case.
What if we don't like what we find? The truth doesn't take sides, Mr.
Only we do that.
WHITING: How long were you partnered with Detective Boyle? That should be in my file.
Can I get a coffee? You requested undercover work almost immediately after being partnered with him.
Why? I don't like wearing suits.
You know, a cappuccino would actually be lovely.
Did you and Boyle have personal issues? Well, he listened to a lot of Nickelback.
You filed two reports on him, the first involving the treatment of a suspect and the other an incident where he pulled his gun on you.
Care to comment? I'd settle for an espresso.
It's just been such a long night.
It has been a long night.
And yet you still haven't asked for a lawyer.
Why is that? That's because I am a lawyer.
I'm sure that's also in my file.
Do you want to know what I think? Not particularly.
Of course you do.
That's why you're still here.
This whole act of yours is just your way of trying to figure out what we've got on you.
And the only reason why you'd do that is if you had something truly you were trying to hide.
(chuckling softly) Yes? How is it that Steadman is still on the force? He's clearly a bad dude.
LAPD could never pin anything on him, I guess.
You know what, I bet (beeping) Uh-oh.
What? Remember this guy? Yes.
Former Internal Affairs Detective John Quinn.
We busted him for selling guns to white supremacists.
So, wait, what's the uh-oh? He escaped from jail He and Deeks were buddies.
Deeks put him away.
Quinn escapes and Deeks is locked up? Coincidence? I think not.
I don't see a connection between Quinn's escape and Deeks' arrest.
Yeah, well, according to the prison report, Quinn just got jumped in the yard by a bunch of other inmates recently.
Prison is never enjoyable, especially if you're a dirty cop.
(sighs) Maybe IA thinks that Deeks knows where Quinn might go.
Okay, so you pick up a phone-- you don't arrest him for murder.
We're missing something here.
If Detective Boyle is as dirty as Deeks says, he had to have been investigated by Quinn.
Well, if Quinn is a piece of this puzzle, we got to find him.
Quinn's lawyer was Monica Lee, and she was disbarred for helping out the same arms dealer that was working with Quinn.
She testified against the arms dealer to avoid jail time.
If Quinn's on the run, there's a good chance he's gonna go to her for help.
(phone rings) Oh, my gosh.
It's Deeks.
He's home.
No, it's Roberta.
They're tearing the place apart.
And when I asked 'em to stop, they said they had a warrant.
All right, Mrs.
Slow down.
Who's at the house? The police.
At least they said they were the police.
But I told them my son is a cop! Okay, Mrs.
Deeks, I need you to calm down.
I'm gonna come over right now, okay? Hurry.
All right, bye.
IA is at Deeks' house.
Go deal with that.
We'll pay Monica Lee a visit.
(slurps) (groans) (slurping) (groans) Really? Is that all you got left, Deeks? You're about as defiant as my eight-year-old.
You have kids? Whew.
Did not see that coming, Mommie Dearest.
Hey, uh, quick question-- are we sure this coffee was made this week? We found new DNA evidence that places you in the hotel room where Boyle was killed.
Well, that makes sense, since I stayed there for a week while my house was being tented.
We can play this however you want, but you're not going anywhere until you tell me why you killed Boyle.
I didn't.
Then who did? Not my case.
I'm so confused by this.
Isn't it your department's job to find the killer? We did.
And he's sitting right across from me.
Buzz, wrong answer.
Would you like to try Other Terrible Theories for 1,000? If you didn't kill Boyle, who did? Give me a name.
(sighs) Kopi Luwak.
Who's that? Never heard of him.
It's Indonesian.
There's this monkey over there-- maybe it's a squirrel or a rabbit-- it's not important.
But what happens is that this monkey eats these coffee cherries even though it can't properly digest 'em, so it goes all the way through the intestinal track, right? And some genius decided he's gonna collect these cherries and make it into coffee, you know? All of a sudden it's a delicacy.
It's selling for $500 a pound, which is essentially just monkey poop coffee, right? And I've tried that coffee.
And that coffee's terrible.
But even that coffee is better than this coffee.
The moral of the story is, you need a French press.
So this has been fun, but I'm tired and I'm bored and you have nothing and I have work to do, so, uh (grunts) Good night and good luck.
If you could just, uh, help me with this.
Hello? Don't you get it? Don't I get what? You're not going anywhere, Deeks.
I already spoke to Judge Danzette.
Dumbass Danzette? Hmm, yeah, well, he agrees you're a flight risk.
You're being denied bail.
Is it me, or it's just a lot of sexual tension in this room? Keep it up.
Gonna joke your way right into a lethal injection.
Can't be worse than the coffee.
I want my phone call.
You clock the guy in the SUV? Mm-hmm.
Looks like someone else is keeping an eye on Monica Lee.
Internal Affairs? (shutter clicks) Hopefully Eric can find out.
I probably should have come alone.
Why's that? Well, you're intimidating.
Excuse me? You look like you're here to crash through her door, okay? I look like, you know, the boy next door.
(knocking) You're a sullen loner who keeps to himself.
That's the classic description of every serial killer.
How come I slept on the couch last night but you're the grumpy one? Oh, right, you're married.
(knocking) Keep it up.
What do you two want? We're looking for John Quinn, Monica.
Quinn's in jail.
Is that why you answered the door with a gun in your hand? Can we come in? Not without a warrant.
Now get lost before I call the police or mistakenly shoot you two as prowlers.
Well, she looks good.
She looks scared.
(short chuckle) Like I said, you're intimidating.
(phone rings) Hello? Hey, it's me.
Hi, baby, where are you? I'm in lockup.
This is my one phone call.
I'm being held without bail 'cause they think I'm a flight risk.
Are you kidding me? That's ridiculous.
Okay, listen, did they ask you about John Quinn? Quinn? No, why? He escaped from prison.
Deeks? No, I'm here, I'm here.
Okay, what is going on? I don't know.
I honestly don't know.
Okay, well, IA is all over your house right now.
My house? Yes.
I don't know what the hell they think they're gonna find there.
I don't know, but they're tearing the place apart.
All right, well, just keep an eye on 'em, 'cause I wouldn't put it past 'em to plant some evidence.
And please, Kensi, whatever you do, do not tell my mother.
Is that Martin? Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Martin, don't worry, honey, we're gonna get you the best lawyer in the country.
Maybe even that Johnnie Cochran.
ROBERTA: Let me talk to him.
KENSI: One second.
Time's up.
Get off the phone.
I just I Just give me two seconds, all right? Just two seconds.
Also, I need you to check out Boyle's old partner, Bruce Steadman.
Rumor was these guys were stealing guns, drugs and money from busts and they were never caught for it.
And also, please tell my mom that Johnnie Cochran's been dead for, like, ten years.
Hello? Wait, Martin? Martin, honey, are you okay? Son of a So no rollover minutes, then? He's gone.
Thank you for meeting us, Lieutenant.
Looks like our boy's gotten in trouble yet again.
Deeks has a knack for that.
What can you tell us about Francis Boyle? Well he was a jackass, through and through.
Been on the force forever.
He was the kind of cop you found a way to work with even if you hated him, because he wasn't going anywhere.
Until he got himself shot.
Well, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
You buy this whole hooker theory? I've been a cop a long time; it's hard to prove guilt on a hunch.
What about his partner, Steadman? He's got the gambling bug.
Heads out for Hollywood Park the second his shift's over, stays until the next one begins.
Look, we knew these guys were a toxic team.
That's why we split 'em up.
But that was like kicking the hornet's nest.
This is when Deeks partnered up with Boyle.
And the winner of a brand-new Steadman? (chuckling): Yeah.
Now, Christine Riley, that was a tough little chick.
She lasted six months.
Six months is long enough to figure out Steadman's little side business.
All right, we'll talk to her, see what she knows.
Well, not so easy.
She only lasted six months because she got killed in a drug bust.
Same kind she'd been through 20 times before.
That's convenient for Steadman.
Figures out she's onto him and has her killed before she can report it.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
Good luck, fellas.
Get this-- Callen and Sam talked to Lieutenant Bates.
Steadman had a former partner, Christine Riley.
Killed in the line of duty.
What's up, Beale? Why do I feel like you've been caught cheating at Minecraft? I've been looking through Deeks' covers to see if we missed anything.
Every month one of his aliases, Monte Richards, wires $400 to a woman named Julie Sanders.
Maybe his alias rents a room from her or something.
Julie Sanders is actually Tiffany Williams.
Multiple arrests for prostitution.
And seven years ago she was Deeks' LAPD informant.
I'll call Callen and Sam.
DEEKS: I got my Jailhouse blues They even took the laces from my shoes (buzzing, door unlocks) I got my jailhouse blues.
Does anybody in here have a harmonica? Deeks.
Oh, hey.
You got company.
Oh, fantastic, my first conjugal visit, that's good news.
(grunts) They've caged you like an animal.
Oh, Mom, you got to be kidding me.
What are you doing? Well, I made you a care package, but they made me leave it out front.
O Okay, listen, you need to go.
Kensi told me everything.
That woman respects your mother.
This is all just a big mix-up, it's not a big deal.
Getting somebody else's coffee at Starbucks is a mix-up.
They're accusing you of murder.
I let you down, Marty.
Are you talking about the time you got me Stones tickets and it turned out to be a cover band of a bunch of urologists from Encino? 'Cause I wasn't mad, I was just kind of disappointed.
Don't get smart.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
You want to have this conversation? The only person to blame for what happened to Dad is Dad.
And I can't tell you how long it took me to realize that.
I should have protected you.
You did.
No son should ever be forced to shoot his own father.
You shot your father? Wow.
He was trying to protect me.
That is, um, privileged information, it's sealed in a juvie court, totally and completely irrelevant and inadmissible in court, so have fun with that.
Relax, Deeks.
I'm here to make you a deal.
Confess to Boyle's murder and I guarantee you won't go into general population.
Wow, that is a good deal.
I got a better plan.
Why don't you, uh, let me go free and then I can go find the killer, 'cause you obviously can't.
You are aware that this is a temporary holding facility.
We're gonna have to move you to County.
At least you'll probably know a couple people there.
I messed up again, didn't I? Oh, man.
I am so sorry.
I'll go talk to her, honey.
Okay? Don't go talk to her, you're not gonna talk to her.
Just stop for two seconds.
We need to finish this conversation, because what happened to me-- that is what drives me.
That's what makes me get up every single day and do what I do and make sure the bad guys don't win.
And if I have one regret, it's that I didn't do it sooner.
Because after he was gone, this-- you and me-- that's what makes me who I am.
I don't know how, but, man, I raised a good one.
You did good.
Oh, that's dry.
You need some moisturizer.
All right, Mom.
All right, I love you.
You got to go.
You got to go.
WOMAN (over P.
): Enrique, I need help loading on 5, please.
Julie Sanders? Federal Agent Sam Hanna.
How can I help you? You can't help me.
Tiffany can.
There's nobody named Tiffany working here.
Look, we can do this a couple of ways.
I arrest you on a murder warrant-- that's the hard one.
Let me ask my boss if I can take my break.
Appreciate it.
(panting) Told you she was a runner.
You owe me, by the way.
How about I get you a ficus, and we call it even? What is this about? The murder of LAPD Detective Francis Boyle.
I have no idea who that is.
Oh, that's funny, because your prints and your blood were all over the murder scene.
I didn't kill him.
But I know who did.
Boyle liked to get rough.
Only the desperate girls went there.
So, you were desperate? No.
I stayed away from that until Quinn asked me to help set him up.
Detective John Quinn? Yeah.
He told me Internal Affairs was setting up a sting, and all I had to do was let Boyle pick me up, and they were going to arrest him.
So what happened? Nothing.
Boyle picked me up, took me to a motel.
I kept waiting for Quinn and the cops to come bursting through the door, but they never did.
Boyle left after we had sex.
I called Quinn, and he never answered.
So, Boyle left the motel? Yeah.
But he came back.
I waited for Quinn and kept calling for at least a couple hours, and that is when Boyle returned.
He was out of his mind, and he accused me of setting him up.
Which you did.
To be arrested, not ripped off.
He beat the hell out of me.
He asked me where his stuff was.
I had no idea what he was talking about, and he threatened to kill me if I didn't tell him who I was working with.
Did you give him John Quinn's name? Yeah.
That really set him off.
He called his partner, and that's when I made a run for it.
You're saying you didn't kill Boyle? Seriously? I weigh a hundred pounds soaking wet.
The guy was an easy 250 with a couple of guns.
I got out of there the first chance I had.
You didn't report any of this to the police? He was the police.
So was Quinn.
I was a 17-year-old hooker with a criminal record.
So where does Deeks come in? You tell me.
He was always good to me and the other girls.
Not in that way.
He was very kind.
And you were his informant? He was the one guy and the only cop I could trust.
He helped me get back on my feet.
Still does.
So if you didn't kill Boyle, who did? Had to have been Quinn.
Do you trust her? I don't trust anybody.
Do you think she's telling the truth? As an IA investigator, Quinn knew Boyle was dirty, and had an ongoing investigation against him.
He must have figured out where they kept the money, drugs, guns and everything else they'd stolen.
And since Quinn was IA, he could kill Boyle himself without the fear of being found out.
Well, it's pretty easy to cover up a murder you committed when you're the primary investigator.
We find Quinn's stash, we find Quinn.
If he hasn't beaten us to it.
(buzzer sounds) MAN: Deeks, you've got company.
Not again.
Am I disturbing you? It took you long enough.
You have any idea what being in the clink does to a man, huh? Alone and desperate, with nothing to hold onto but the cold steel of the prison bars? Hmm.
It's been two days.
Yeah, but time stops in the slammer, Kens.
I'm very sorry.
My partner was arrested for murder, and I have been spending all my time trying to clear his name.
Oh, wow.
Well done.
My partner has also been sending money to a prostitute every month.
You found Tiffany? Yeah.
That's not good.
No, it's not good at all.
I'm not talking about me.
I'm talking about her.
She was a good person who got stuck in a bad spot, and I helped her out.
By hiding a fugitive? Kensi, trust me, she didn't kill anybody.
Listen, you need to understand, this may not be going away.
Don't be a drama queen right now.
If I don't confess, I'm going to County.
You're not going to County, Deeks, and this is gonna be fine.
Okay, but that's what I'm say Just hold on a second.
Baby, hold on a second, just We're gonna figure it out, okay? I got to get back.
Can you? Guard? (door buzzes) Boyle and Steadman skim hot weapons and drugs, and resell 'em for a profit.
Internal Affairs Detective Quinn sees an opportunity to rip off the dirty cops he's been investigating.
Boyle finds out, and it's sayonara, Boyle.
Before Quinn can make a getaway, we bust him for working with the arms dealer.
KENSI: This isn't working, Hetty.
This is not working.
You have us chasing hunches and dead ends while Deeks is in a jail, and IA pins a murder on him.
Everything we're doing has purpose.
But it's not working, Hetty.
It is not enough.
We know Deeks isn't guilty.
What is this Machiavellian plan you're working on? I understand your frustration, Agent Blye.
I am not frustrated, Hetty.
I am pissed! They're sending Deeks to county jail if he doesn't confess.
Do you have any idea what'll happen to Deeks in county jail with gang members and criminals that he helped put away as a cop? Or is this just part of your master plan maybe? Kensi You you owe me, Hetty.
You said you were in my debt once.
I'm calling in that marker now.
Get Deeks out.
I don't care how you do it.
Go home and take a shower, try and eat something, and try and get some sleep.
(typing) (sighs) (knocking) Mrs.
I was in the neighborhood.
With a casserole? Boy.
(laughs) Two parents in the same line of work.
Boy, that's gonna be tough.
Yeah, we're not really, um I mean, we are, but just not for the Ever think about bringing the trash can closer to this room? Okay, Mrs.
Deeks, please.
Why don't you just tell me why you're here? I let a terrible thing happen to him once.
I've seen the way he looks at you, Kensi.
He trusts you.
Don't let him down like I did.
(sighs) I'm trying as hard as hell not to.
You promise me you'll do everything you can to get him out of there.
I promise.
Cross your heart and hope to Blye? (laughs) Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? I've been sitting on that one for weeks.
(laughs) I can't protect you if you leave this room without a confession.
You really don't care who killed Boyle, do you? We both know you killed Boyle.
I'm just trying to make the best of a crappy situation.
I'll confess to self-defense manslaughter.
He was a police officer.
So am I, and you can't prove malice.
Detective Whiting? I'm in the middle of an interrogation.
The commissioner's office is on the phone.
Says it's urgent.
We are so far from being done here.
Let me know if you find that French press.
(sighs) You're a son of a bitch.
But Boyle was a bigger one, so you need to get out of here and prove it.
LAPD doesn't like a scandal.
Uh, you're helping a detective accused of murder escape custody.
You do understand the definition of a scandal, right? Shut up, Deeks.
You got three minutes before Whiting gets sick of being on hold.
You go out this door, down the stairs, you head for the east exit.
And then you run like hell.
I wish I could quit you.
I love that mustache.
Piece of work.
(indistinct crowd chatter) Lock down the exits.
No one in or out until we get Deeks.
(siren chirps) STEADMAN: Hey! Deeks! (horn honking, tires squealing) (horn honking) (tires squealing) What the hell?! Stay in the car! Hey, guys, Deeks is out.
Actually, he escaped a few hours ago.
What? If Deeks is a fugitive, it's just gonna make him look guilty.
He should have stayed in police custody.
I would have done the same thing.
You have done the same thing.
We have any way to find him? He left all of his personal belongings, meaning no phone, no money, nothing.
And every cop in L.
looking for him, thinking he's a cop killer.
Have Kensi meet us downtown.
Monica! Hey, you okay? Where's Quinn? Quinn! (groans) Anything? No.
Eric, you sure this is the last place you saw him? Yeah.
He was moving fast.
I haven't seen him since he crossed Flower.
Maybe they caught him.
NELL: We're monitoring LAPD transmission.
Nothing has shown up yet.
Why hasn't he contacted us? He doesn't have a phone.
Okay, so he lifts one or he goes to the library and sends an e-mail.
We got him.
He got on a bus at 6:15 this morning, corner of 5th and Hill Street.
Bus number 12-3-09.
Its first run of the day.
CALLEN: Send us its route.
See if you spot him getting off.
Where is that bus now and what's the quickest path to intercept it? Where's Quinn? I don't know, man.
I-I didn't even know that he was out of jail until they came here yesterday and told (grunts) Stop! (coughs) Where's Quinn? I told you, man.
I don't know.
(grunts) (shouts) Listen, man.
I don't know Hold on a second! I don't know where Quinn is, but I know where your stash is.
But you got to let her go.
She had nothing to do with this.
I will.
If you take me to our stuff.
But if you're lying to me, I'll kill her, and you'll be begging me to kill you, too, before we're done.
Thank you.
Driver didn't see Deeks get on or off the bus.
It's a busy route.
Security footage.
I'm sending it to Ops.
Okay, so what's between here and downtown? Monica Lee.
Eric, we need eyes on Monica Lee's house.
I think that's where he's headed.
The closest we have is a traffic cam on Wilshire and an ATM on the corner of Olympic, wh (beeping) We found him.
Deeks is in the boatshed with Monica Lee and Detective Steadman, who has them both in handcuffs.
Smart boy.
Get LAPD to send a tactical team to the boatshed.
Absolutely not.
The cops will listen to Steadman before they listen to us.
Have our people secure a silent perimeter until we're on the scene.
(tires screech) (engine revving) (grunts) (grunts) Where is it? First, you got to let her go.
(grunts) (gasps) I'm going to break a finger for every second that goes by that I don't see my stuff.
You are just as sick as Boyle.
Actually, he was the nice one.
(grunts) (shouting) It's in here.
It's in here! Come on! There's a trap door under this table.
Open it.
I'd love to, but my keys are back at the station.
There's an ax out there.
You can grab it.
No one's gonna hear you.
You grabbed my keys.
That's incredibly thoughtful of you.
Listen, perchance, you didn't grab my wallet, did you? 'Cause I had, like, Fat chance.
Open it.
How? My hands are cuffed behind my back.
Figure it out.
Guys, they're in the interrogation room.
Steadman has Deeks on his knees with a gun to his head.
Oh, my God, he's gonna execute him.
(grunts) (keys jangle) (grunts) There you go, tough guy.
Well, open it.
It weighs 80 pounds.
I had to pull a Houdini just to unlock it.
Listen, you take off my cuffs, then I'll lift it.
You open it, honey.
I'm telling you, man.
It's too heavy.
She can't lift it.
There's no way she's gonna be able to You know what, fine, I don't care.
Give it a shot.
Guys, they're trying to open the trap door.
Is that for us or for them? Hopefully it's for them, 'cause I don't feel like swimming.
(grunts) (pants) Voila.
What is this, a joke? A joke? No, this is the best hiding place on the planet.
We sunk it in waterproof containers.
You need scuba tanks to get there.
The bay is so murky, you can't see it from three feet away.
And I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking I'm a genius.
And you'd be right.
Because you know what Quinn wanted to do? He wanted to put it in a bus locker.
Our stuff wouldn't fit in a bus locker.
No, I didn't I didn't say “bus locker.
” I said “bus lockers,” plural.
He wanted to put it all over town.
You don't have it.
You never did.
No! No! (grunts) Jump! Deeks! Deeks! (car doors shut) Federal agents! Drop it! (gunshots) Just give me a reason.
(chuckles) You're out of your league, honey.
Just like your partner was.
It's over, Detective.
Or you can try and make a run for it.
GRANGER: Agent Blye.
Stand down, Kensi.
Move in.
Deeks?! Deeks! (grunts) Okay.
How come you're never that excited to see me? I carry my joy inside.
The hell does that even mean? It means you won't be getting a hug anytime soon.
(chuckles) Nothing? No hug? (indistinct police transmission) I don't know how you do it, Deeks.
You always manage to come out of the manure pile smelling like a rose.
You're making me blush.
So, we good here? For now.
He's all yours.
Lucky us.
You know what this seems like? A good opportunity for a group hug.
Not even with a gun to my head.
DEEKS: All right.
How about a drink? I'm in.
Callen, you? He's in, too.
Apparently I'm in.
Unless you got a couch date.
It's a generous offer, but it's been a rough couple days.
I think I'm gonna head home.
I think your mom would like to see you.
On second thought, I'm in.
What? I can just send her a text, right? With, like, a happy face and some emoji hearts? No.
I'll call her.
Come on.
First round's on me.
Thanks, brother.
You coming? Yeah.
Just got to make a stop on the way.
I'll meet you there.
You're cute.
You could have lost all this.
HETTY: You or me? (chuckles softly) Both of us.
You know where Quinn is? Yes.
He never escaped, did he? No, but it was made to look that way.
So you faked Quinn's escape to draw out Steadman? It was all I could think of to make this mess go away once and for all.
I had him transferred to a medium-security facility in Pennsylvania under a new name.
In exchange for what? His cooperation and the whereabouts of Detective Boyle and Steadman's ill-gotten goods.
So you found the stash? Yes.
As will Internal Affairs.
In Steadman's garage.
Why'd you do this? Why did you kill Boyle? He was gonna kill Tiffany.
Why didn't you tell the others? It's not my story to tell.
Then again, I'm not sure that it should be yours either.
Even if it's the truth? Hmm.
How do I not tell Kensi? I just I can't keep this secret from her.
Ultimately, that's your decision, Mr.
But I've always found that secrets are much easier to keep when you have no one to share them with.

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