NCIS Los Angeles s07e14 Episode Script

Come Back

GRANGER: Let us know when you have a positive ID on the White Ghost.
Yeah, I see him.
Take the shot, Agent Blye.
(men shouting) We have a situation.
Blye's missing.
HETTY: They were engaged ten years ago.
And I sent Kensi to be his executioner.
And your wife? She was killed in a drone strike.
I just want to find my partner and go home.
Give me a name! I'm really glad you're alive.
(gunshots) (tires screech) You told me you were in trouble.
Looks to me like you brought it with you.
I saw that.
Saw what? You looked at what I was writing.
Did not.
How you know what I'm writing isn't classified? Since when is your grocery list classified, huh? Don't try to guess, G.
DEEKS: Morning! Morning.
Go ahead.
(whispering) Now is the time.
(stammers) Guess what.
According to Sam, I'm not allowed to.
Just tell them.
No, no.
You can have the honors.
Go for it.
Okay, fine, we're moving in together.
In fact, I'm moving in with Deeks.
This is true.
What she's saying is her words that are truth.
That's great.
" Seriously, that's all you have to say? "That's great"? You, you don't have anything to say? I thought you already were living together.
ERIC: You guys, congratulations! Oh, my gosh, this is so great.
When's the big occasion? Well, not that big occasion.
You know, could be a little premature.
Not that I don't believe in you.
It's tonight.
It's tonight.
And I'm very excited.
That's so cool.
Congrats, guys.
KENSI: Thank you.
Your enthusiasm means a lot to me.
ERIC: Aw, yeah, yeah.
(chuckles) Are you guys gonna get a puppy? A little sibling for Monty.
They'd be so cute.
We weren't gonna get a puppy.
Baby steps.
We're just gonna move in together.
No big deal.
Puppies are a big deal.
(clears throat) Well, uh, the final destination is, uh, Hetty's office.
That's a puppy-free zone.
HETTY: Don't lose this, Mr.
These, uh, the keys to the Shelby Cobra? You wish.
You and Kensi are now on protection detail.
(phones chime) That's Eric sending you the address to one of my residences.
Who are we protecting? Time's wasting.
You'll be relieving a very tired NCIS agent already on duty.
Late last night, cameras caught this car fleeing a downtown shootout.
SAM: That looks like a home security system.
And a good one.
Oh, it is.
I bought that building earlier this year.
Did you say you bought the building? A modest building, Mr.
Henrietta Lange, slumlord.
One of my contacts was on his way to see me last night, but the man in that car tried to kill him.
The driver aborted the attack after an unidentified shooter shot out the windshield.
My contact was to meet a man named Sy Riggs.
When Mr.
Riggs didn't show up, my contact called me, worried, and I told him to come meet me.
NELL: Sy Riggs works out of an LA field office for a division of Immigration Customs Enforcement.
He was recently sent to Afghanistan to catalogue antiquities sites.
According to Intel I've received, Mr.
Riggs is very motivated to sell this information to the highest bidder.
Homeland Security believes that should terror groups get their hands on this list of sites, they could potentially loot the artifacts and then sell them on the black market to raise funds for operations.
CALLEN: Well, digging this stuff up would be better than blowing it up, but either way it would be a huge loss to history and culture.
I'll say.
SAM: Where's Riggs now? We don't know.
He flew into LA late last week on a flight from Kabul, hasn't been seen since.
Cell phone? Turned off.
What about the shooter's car? Registered to a Mabel Perkins of Garden Grove, Kaleidoscope tracked the car to a nearby warehouse.
Jones, you and Mr.
Beale need to figure out which antiquities dealers would be interested in buying this list.
Will do.
Thank you.
And you're still here.
CALLEN: You still haven't told us who your contact is.
Does she know? No, but she's about to find out.
Hetty has a knack for old buildings, evidently.
I got to be honest, not what I had in mind.
KENSI: Four apartments per floor, three stories.
Looks pretty empty to me.
Smells empty.
Hetty's probably its sole occupant.
She's probably thinking of flipping it.
You should help her.
Go into business with Hetty? (chuckles) Are you serious? You're the flipping expert.
Why not? First thing I'd do is lose these light fixtures, adios to this wallpaper, cover that conduit, put in some crown molding.
See this linoleum floor? That's gone, because it's not 1971.
Just spitballing here.
MAN: Who is it? Hetty sent us.
You guys took your time.
Come in.
Did not see this coming.
I'm beat.
Been here all night.
I've been there.
Where's our protectee? Bedroom.
Not much of a talker.
All right, we'll take it from here.
Go get some sleep.
Anything for Ms.
(door shuts) What do you think? (whistles, chuckles) JACK: Hello, Kensi.
Jack? (engine shuts off) Shooter's car should be in there.
Mabel Perkins, 82 years old.
The name Mabel doesn't exactly sound threatening to me.
Neither does the name Henrietta.
You have a point.
Why does Hetty always do that? You mean withholding stuff from the team? She could've told Kensi and Deeks who they're protecting.
Maybe it was classified.
I didn't say it was classified.
I said it was personal.
Hetty's contact was personal.
Mine wasn't work-related.
Eh, it kind of was.
Oh, so you did read it.
I only saw one name.
I promise.
Doesn't matter.
You won't be able to figure out what I was working on anyway.
Name was Elwain Spencer.
Let's see.
Spencer worked on a DoD contracting case for us about two years ago.
He's a robotics expert for the Under Secretary of Defense.
He's about your age.
Robotics, engineering.
I'm gonna guess he likes math.
He's one of your mathlete buddies, isn't he? You were planning a mathlete reunion.
I'm right, aren't I? (laughs) I am so right! You got lucky.
I got lucky twice.
Look at that.
(drill whirring) (chuckles) Someone's gonna have to tell Mabel she needs a new car.
Coming into my house uninvited? That's just plain rude.
Get out.
Or you'll regret it.
Not till you tell us where you got this car.
(chuckles) Listen, Junior, we're not interested in your business here.
We're only interested in that car and whatever you found inside of it.
All right? Rude and demanding.
I don't think you realize what you've stepped into.
A chop shop, maybe? Or who you're up against.
(whirring) (grunting) (whirring) (whirring slows) Federal agents, Junior.
Hey, why didn't you say so? I didn't know, okay? We're cool, right? Uh, one of my guys found the car abandoned this morning.
Abandoned? Well, you know, unlocked.
So he brought it here.
Uh, wait.
Um everything from the car is in this bag.
Uh you're not gonna arrest us, right? Only if you're still here in ten seconds.
Uh, come on, guys.
Come on, man.
(grunts) (door opens) Hetty didn't tell us.
Thought there was a good chance she'd send you guys.
So are you allowed to tell us what this is all about or Six months ago, I was approached by the State Department.
They heard about me when Hetty appeared before the congressional hearing.
I ended up acting as a guide for this guy, Sy Riggs.
I took him all over the province where I live in Afghanistan.
He was cataloging historic sites.
That's what he said, anyway.
You didn't trust him? Uh, he kept a lot of stuff from the security detail.
The people we met, things like that.
Then I discovered he was keeping a separate list of places and contacts.
I realized there were two lists, one for the State Department, one for him.
So I contacted Hetty.
She flew me out to debrief me.
(sighs) Someone tried to kill me when I went to meet her.
You think Riggs found out you were in town? Looks that way.
And here we are.
I wonder if Hetty has anything to nosh on.
You know? I think I'm about to get hungry.
I'm gonna take a look.
You look a lot better than you did the last time I saw you.
Bruises and shackles aren't really my thing, so You okay? Any nightmares? Not as many as before.
You? Every night.
DEEKS: So Hetty's got the TV, and I got the popcorn.
We're on the clock.
That is Hetty's popcorn, that is Hetty's TV, and this this is quite clearly Hetty's desk.
Yeah, but here's the deal-- Jack's not on the clock, maybe Jack wants to, you know, watch a movie, eat some popcorn.
Uh, no, thank you.
Uh, the quiet is nice.
Well, I'm gonna contact Nell and find out what she has on Riggs.
Now Kensi's in case mode.
(chuckles): There's not gonna be a lot of quiet.
(sighs) (footsteps approaching) Are you sure you weren't the one that tried to poison me? (chuckles) When I was a girl, an old Romany woman taught me how to muddle cypress and lavender.
It's for the relief of stress.
Sounds like a messy case, huh? It's too early in the day for scotch.
Listen, I know that what happened in Afghanistan may have complicated your relationship with Jack.
Well, we saved his life.
After he was targeted by the CIA.
You need to debrief Jack, find out everything he knows.
So you're giving the orders today? The important ones.
Oh, listen-- make sure they take good care of my stuff.
You know what's weird? One day hard drives and SIM cards will be antiquities.
Archaeologists will dig 'em up, download the data of ancient societies.
Kind of like a computer science version of Indiana Jones.
But he'd still wear a fedora and carry a bullwhip.
You know what? My history professor used to call me Indiana Jones.
I was Nell "Indiana Jones" Jones.
I could see you rocking a fedora.
But you'd still need a bullwhip.
Watch it.
What? No, no, because you'd be, like dressed up like Indiana Jones.
No, I know, I like it.
ERIC: Callen.
Bring us some takeout? Evidence from the chop shop.
Sam's making some calls.
I thought we could try and figure this out.
Let's see.
Receipt from a parking garage on Figueroa.
Here's a donut wrapper.
A flyer for a burlesque show.
If we triangulate the three pieces of evidence and put them on a map like so Oh.
The Pod Inn.
The driver who shot at Jack must have stayed at the Pod Inn on 3rd Street.
I know this, because the Pod Inn is part of a national chain that only sells this type of donuts in their vending machine.
You really are Indiana Jones.
Well, my friends and I stayed at a lot of those motels one summer.
We would have parties, and then buy a bunch of donuts from the vending machines.
Sounds to me like someone spent a summer following a band around.
Send me the address.
(imitates whip cracking) (beeping) (sighs) Can't get through.
You calling home? Yeah.
DEEKS: You know, our ops team's got a pretty powerful telecom.
I could see if they could help out.
(clears throat): No, that's okay.
I'll, uh, I'll try again later.
Sat phone coverage gets kind of flaky in my village sometimes.
Just want to check on my wife and kids.
You're remarried? I didn't know.
Last year.
Uh, what's her what's her name? Laila.
That's a beautiful name.
She's a good woman.
You'd like her.
(phone rings) Nell, uh, said that Riggs's phone is still off.
Callen and Sam are headed to a motel with a lead on the shooter.
How do we know you're not just back there playing Tetris? Really? (laughs softly) When I was home on furlough, Kensi and I would play Tetris and eat burritos one night a week.
Called it Tetritos Night.
That's funny.
We call that a Wednesday night.
(knocking) Bedroom.
(groans) Granger.
That's how you get shot.
Can I come in? By all means.
Hey, Jack.
It's been a while.
Can't say I'm pleased to see you.
Aw, we're all friends here.
Why don't you do a sweep of the perimeter.
We just did one.
Although, you can never do too many perimeter sweeps.
(door closes) (lock clicks) SAM: We're looking for a guy.
He may have been driving a car like this.
Yeah, he checked in last night around 9:00.
He nearly ran me over on his way into the parking lot.
The car's gone, but he's still here.
What room? Room 129.
The far end.
Federal agents! (footsteps in distance) Hey! (gunshots) (groans) (slides gun away) Call's dead.
So is he.
SAM: Yeah, the front desk employee's name was Al Yasin.
I'm sending you a number he was calling as he did a runner.
ERIC: Al Yasin.
All right, I'll run it, get back to you.
(sighs) There's nothing in the car.
(sighs): Yep.
Yasin received a text about an hour ago.
Whoever texted him signed their name Geb.
Jeb as in Bush? G-E-B.
Ancient Egyptians worshipped Geb as a god of the underworld.
Well, I don't think any Egyptian gods were texting this guy.
Nell and Eric are trying to find out who was.
I left my family halfway around the world once, too.
You served? Marines.
Like you.
I appreciate you trying to get me on your side, but you don't have to do that.
So, this list Riggs kept tell me about it.
I guess he was like me.
Wrote everything down.
Like some kind of historian.
I want you to do me a favor.
Write down the names of all the villages you went to with Riggs.
So, you call Hetty up, she tells you to hop on a plane and fly 8,000 miles and you do it.
Why? The Taliban and al-Qaeda are trying to break our cities.
Our villages, our very culture.
I want to help my new country stand on its feet.
You know, when when my first wife was killed by that drone strike, I hated the U.
I wanted to pick up a rifle.
But I knew if I did that, the violence would never stop.
I'm doing this for my country, not yours.
DEEKS: Being around Jack is getting to you, isn't it? I think I'm managing just fine.
You're the one who's trying to be a hero.
(scoffs) I offered him popcorn and a movie, neither of which were mine.
You have to admit it's crazy, though-- he shows up the day we move in together.
I mean, not that that's fault.
I'm not saying it's his fault.
I'm just saying it's, you know, crazy.
When Jack broke off the engagement, um I felt pretty helpless.
I-I (sighs) I didn't really know how to be there for him.
Um, and he had posttraumatic stress, and all I could do was cry.
(clears throat) And that's what anyone would do in that situation, and you got through it.
Yeah, till Afghanistan.
Just finding him there and saving his life and almost losing mine in the process (sniffles) Yeah, but you got through that, too.
Listen, here's the deal, Kens.
If you got stuff you need to say to him, then you need to say it.
You know, otherwise, it just just lives inside you.
Yeah? I know.
The call we pulled from Yasin's phone was made from a prepaid sat phone.
And Riggs called Jack from a sat phone when he got to the U.
Riggs finds out that Jack's in town, panics that he may tell all, hires Yasin to kill him.
What about the text from Geb, our Egyptian god? (line ringing) GRANGER: Yeah? Granger, ask Jack if the name Geb-- G-E-B-- means anything to him.
The name Geb-- G-E-B-- does that mean anything to you? No.
Could have been a code name, maybe, for someone else? There-there was one guy he-he mentioned a lot, but I never met him.
Riggs would text him on his sat phone nearly every day.
All right, thanks, Jack.
The names Salib and Geb both have Egyptian ties.
Maybe Salib used the name Geb when he texted Yasin and Riggs.
Hey, check this out-- so there's a guy named Salib, he's an antiquities dealer.
Egyptian-American and lives in Los Angeles.
Specializes in insuring rare items.
Business looks legit.
Well, let's see how legit.
(line ringing) MAN: Yes? Yeah, uh, I understand you insure rare items.
Uh, so, listen, my grandfather keeps telling me about this rare coin he has.
He keeps it in a cigar box, and a friend of mine suggested that I call and ask for Geb? He's not here.
Okay, I'll, uh, I'll call back.
Looks like a new buyer's about to give Riggs an offer he can't refuse.
(knocking) KENSI: Kensi and Deeks.
Come bearing gifts.
Yeah, cream, no sugar.
You remembered.
Where's Granger? JACK: Uh, in the other room, catching up on e-mails.
(scoffs) Or secretly taking a nap.
(chuckles) Oh, sorry, you gonna Are you praying? N-No, no, just, uh, used to sitting on the ground.
Well, that's good news, 'cause it turns out that chair-sitting is actually bad for your health.
Oh, my gosh, he's gonna sell you on a treadmill desk.
I get lots of exercise.
Not just herding goats.
Got a weekly village basketball game.
(computer trilling) Guys Riggs just turned on his phone.
And the hunt is on.
Ready to trace.
(line ringing) Hello? Mr.
As-salaam alaikum How did you get this number? My apologies on the unexpected call, but I'm ready to pay a lot of money for something you're selling.
Who says I'm selling anything? No need to hide your intentions, Mr.
How much do I need to prove I'm a genuine buyer? Half a million dollars.
That's a lot of money.
But it's worth it if my associates can benefit from your information.
Of course, I'll need to see what it is I'm buying, first.
Meet me at Arbor Hills, north side lot.
Bring cash.
You'll be in competition with another buyer.
You have 30 minutes to show or else I leave.
I'll be there.
NELL: All right, we've narrowed Riggs' location down to a four-block radius.
Arbor Hills is an empty retail space.
No working security cameras on premises, couple of cameras on adjacent properties.
He knew what he was doing when he picked it.
Brief Granger, tell him to bring Kensi.
Will do.
Nell just called-- Sam's meeting with Riggs to buy the list.
I need you on overwatch.
Deeks, you're with Jack.
Good luck.
KENSI: Thanks.
(door opens) Go get 'em, tiger.
Did you see that look? I just got the "do not say anything inappropriate" look.
Oh, yeah, I-I know that look.
(short chuckle) No sign of Riggs.
Or anyone else, for that matter.
GRANGER: Kensi, you got Sam? I got him.
Jack and Kensi getting along okay? I'm still on comms.
And yes, we are.
Thank you for asking.
ERIC: Okay, here we go.
Riggs just got out of a cab at an intersection on the north side of the meeting spot.
GRANGER: You sure it's him? No mistake-- that's our man.
Where is he now? (phone rings) Running late? Took you for a smaller guy.
I don't see you anywhere-- how do I know you're here? RIGGS: The black kufi is a nice touch.
Come meet me, we'll talk.
Kens, can you see him? I'm looking.
I got him.
Second floor of an industrial garage, northwest, about 100 yards out.
Riggs is with someone.
It looks like Salib.
And Sam, Riggs is watching you with optics.
Someone here wants to talk to you.
Who's this? KENSI: Guys, I lost sight of him.
He hung up.
(tires screeching) KENSI: And they're making a break for it.
CALLEN: On our way, Sam.
It's too late, guys.
They're gone.
SAM: Nell, track those guys.
Tell me we at least have eyes on them, guys.
ERIC: Salib and Riggs are heading north on the freeway.
Traffic cam coverage is patchy at best.
We might lose 'em.
There was something about the way Salib talked to me.
What, threatening? Smug.
They weren't interested in selling the list.
Salib just wanted to see my face.
And now we've seen his.
Half of these books are in languages I don't even recognize.
We got a tech operator that swears he saw Hetty read via osmosis.
Riggs got away.
He left with Salib.
We're tracking them now.
They'd be easier to track back in Afghanistan.
Well, we like everything instant here, you know? Instant gratification, instant streaming on Netflix.
What's Netflix? (chuckles) Oh, you're serious.
You don't-you don't know what you don't know what Netflix is? I No, I come to find the greatest happiness comes from, uh, simple things.
The love of a family.
Or a woman.
Was Kensi really messy when you guys were together? (sighs) Clothes and trash everywhere.
There was this one time where she left a trail of crumbs-- like, muffin crumbs-- that started in her car and went all the way into the house, up the steps and into her closet.
Like, Hansel and Gretel could have followed these crumbs.
I-I found her T-shirt in the microwave once.
(laughs) We're moving in together.
It's her idea.
Not that I'm not excited about it, 'cause I am excited about it.
It's just, you know, it's It's a big step.
Yeah, it's a big step for both of us.
I don't know why I just said that.
You did torture someone for her.
Boy, you don't you don't hold back, do you? Don't need to.
You know what's crazy about that? Is that as awful as that experience was in torturing that guy I'd do it again in a heartbeat if it meant saving somebody that I love.
Still weighs on you.
And last month I woke up yelling, top of my lungs, and now that's gonna be in front of Kensi.
Then don't push her away.
Like I did.
(knocking) Hetty give you a gun? She offered, I declined.
That might have been a mistake.
KENSI: It's us.
Thank you.
(phone rings) Excuse me.
That'll be my family now.
HETTY: Hello there.
Okay, how's that? Hmm.
You look as though you have some kind of posture problem, Mr.
No, no.
It's not so much my posture as much as it's the-the desk is for It's Mm.
Listen to me.
We need Kensi and Granger back with Callen and Sam.
We picked up Riggs' car in Marina Del Rey.
Coordinates are already on your phones.
Okay, we're on it.
(grunts) Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
Um, my family's safe.
Everyone's good.
Kensi, ready? Yes.
Uh, actually, I'm gonna go.
I need to stretch my legs.
(door closes, locks) I have something I'd like to say about the way I treated you after we split up.
(sighs) No need to go there.
But I still want to apologize for never having called you after they rescued us.
I didn't call you, either.
Okay, so we're both jerks.
You know, after we broke up, I was, uh I was living in Afghanistan.
Trying to decide if I'd convert to Islam.
It was it was hard.
Life was hard.
Uh, one day I-I bought a plane ticket back home to the States.
I was gonna gonna try and get you back.
Why didn't you? Realized I'd be running away from who I really am.
Doesn't mean I didn't love you, Kensi.
I get it.
So, you and Deeks are-are moving in together.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Today, supposedly.
You two are gonna do great.
I hope so.
Although I hear he's kind of messy.
That is the last time I leave you two together alone.
The last time.
CALLEN: It's Riggs.
He's dead.
Looks like he was beaten.
Fingers are broken.
Salib and Riggs left in the same car.
(line ringing) There's only one reason why Salib kills Riggs.
The list.
Where exactly did Riggs keep this list? Jack said it was a notebook.
A notebook like this? GRANGER: Salib tortures and kills Riggs for the list, then destroys it.
Doesn't add up.
Maybe it was more than just a list of antiquities sites.
What if it's about people he met? Important people.
Jack thought some of 'em might be Taliban.
Jack was with Riggs in Afghanistan.
That explains why Salib tried to kill him.
Riggs had Jack's sat phone number.
Jack got a call at the apartment.
Yeah, but that was his wife.
Come on.
No, no.
There's no way that Jack would give Salib his location.
Not even to save his family in Afghanistan? (grunts) Remember those dirt bikes we rode in Joshua Tree? Oh, yeah, of course I do.
Best camping trip ever.
Wide open desert.
Beautiful starry sky.
That's every night in my village.
(phone rings) What's up? DEEKS: Ask Jack who called him.
Jack, who called you on the sat phone? I'm sorry.
Jack, who called you on the sat phone? It was Salib.
What? He said it was my life or my family's.
He said if I didn't tell him where I was, his people would kill my wife, my daughters back in Afghanistan.
Deeks, Salib is coming for Jack.
Tell Eric and Nell to keep eyes on the building.
Hang tight.
We're on our way.
Where you going? I told Salib I'd wait in the alley.
No, no, no, no, no.
Are you kidding me? You can't do that.
Jack, stop.
Jack, stop it! Jack Down! (rapid gunshots) NELL: Kens, we've got eyes on the hallway.
There are three shooters.
Tell me when, Nell! Now.
One down, two to go.
I need backup.
The guys are almost with you.
Jack, go.
(gunshots) ERIC: Two more entering the building and two still in the hallway.
One on the balcony.
It's turning out to be a very bad party.
Oh, no.
Kens, we are now blind in the hallway.
Guys, where are you?! (tires screech) (distant gunfire) We got the balcony.
Sam, on your right.
(distant gunfire continues) Jack! (grunting) (neck cracks) (grunting) You're done.
No, wait.
It's me you want.
(panting) NELL: Ten seconds.
(quietly): Tell them to come in shooting.
Kill him.
Jack, get down.
Get down.
Kill him! Kens! Another nice place.
It was.
You okay? (groans) What took you so long? Clear.
My family.
They're gonna kill my family.
Your family is safe, Jack.
Hello? (sniffles) (beep) Jack, I would never ask you here without considering the risks involved.
There was a SEAL team watching over them from the moment you left them.
Thank you, Hetty.
Owen, we need to get this young man home.
(phone chimes) (chuckles) Craig Nassir's opening a tab down at Pelican's.
NCIS-- 50 years young.
That's not till next week.
You know Craig likes a party.
Kens? A little pre-50th cocktail? Uh, no, I'm good, actually.
I got some stuff to wrap up here.
All right.
You sure? Yeah.
You guys have fun.
Good night.
(clears throat) (sighs) I handed Jack's account of his trip with Riggs to the proper authorities.
They'll watch extra carefully for anything from that region coming into the country.
And the list of names? I already sent a copy to the Pentagon.
Our Intel people are putting the names into the database.
At least six of them are high value targets we've been trying to locate for months.
So, all in all, a successful outcome.
Almost a costly one, Owen.
Good night, Hetty.
Good night, Owen.
Good night, Blye.
You wanted to talk to me? No, I think it's you who wants to talk to me, Ms.
I don't understand why Jack had to come all the way out here.
After everything he's been through already.
You're questioning my judgment? No.
We used him, Hetty.
We used Jack.
In our line of work, sometimes we ask people to put themselves in harm's way.
I know that.
It's just a really hard lesson to keep learning.
It is, indeed.
Come here.
(chuckles) Ooh.
I'll see you tomorrow, Ms.
Yes, you will.
No! That doesn't look as Oh, my God, you play this exactly like Kensi.
No, she plays exactly like I do.
What does that mean? You taught her this? A long time ago.
Okay, here's the deal: you have to teach me what you taught her so I can then beat her.
Some advice about Kensi Get a maid.
Got it.
Never let her go.
The maid or Kensi? Both.
(door closes) Fair enough.
I got it.
(clears throat) Oh, I see you're playing cards.
We're not gonna talk about that.
(chuckles) Listen, so I was thinking maybe, uh, Jack should stay with us tonight.
That is a good idea.
I mean, 'cause our couch doesn't have bullet holes in it.
Seems like the It does not.
Thank you, but, uh, I have a plane to catch.
Well, in that case, we'll drive you to the airport.
Uh, actually, Kensi can drive you to the airport, 'cause I have very important things to attend to.
Well, thanks, but, uh, I've already got a ride.
Granger danger.
All right.
Good luck with that.
Be safe.
You, too.
I'm gonna go talk to Granger about my feelings.
Thank you again.
Deeks is a good one.
(chuckles) He is.
(chuckles) Be safe.
And take care, okay? Yeah.
You, too.
All set.
Well, I'm not gonna lie, that was a hell of a day.
Yes, it was.
Started off okay though.
Did it? I don't remember.
We moved in together.
Oh, that's right.
Now I remember.
We moved in together.
Speaking of which, we should probably take the Audi, go to your house, grab the first load, go back to my house, unpack it.
Or we could just go get takeout noodles.
Let's go grab my stuff.
What about the noodles? I think we'll always make time for noodles.

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