NCIS Los Angeles s07e15 Episode Script


You can hang your robe on the rack, and we'll start with you face down on the table.
I'll give you a moment to get comfortable.
I'm sorry, you have the wrong room What the hell is Why would I want to know what some guy I've never met is having for lunch? I-It makes no sense to me.
Course it doesn't, it's about the greater collective.
That's why it's called social media.
You're anti-social.
I am not anti-social.
I'm socially selective.
You're socially challenged.
Because I value my private life? Because you won't embrace, for the first time in history, our species is globally connected.
Think of what we could accomplish as humans worldwide if we cooperated toward a common goal.
We could bring back the McRib any time we wanted.
Clearly, the evolution of shared human consciousness is lost on some people.
Shared human consciousness? Teamwork makes the dream work, baby.
Hey guys, I got something you'll want to see.
Oh, boy.
Well, I'll tell you what I don't want to see.
It's you wearing a skirt.
This is a tactical work kilt.
Yeah, well, your work kilt ain't working.
Has Hetty seen that? She has, indeed.
And for your information, I have received a plethora of compliments this morning on my chosen attire.
Trust me, they were just being nice.
Unlike you two.
on my chosen attire.
McBeale counter punches.
Boys, don't poke the bear unless you want a bear that's angry.
An angry bear in a dress.
Now that would make any bear angry.
It's a kilt! Kensi and Deeks are on their way in, but I thought you should see.
I'm hating this already.
Something happen to Kirkin? Lucky us.
Looks like he was kidnapped.
By who? Don't know yet, but he was grabbed at the spa where he does most of his business.
How did they do that? He's surrounded by muscle.
Well, today was no exception, but, uh, somebody got through.
They used a stun gun on the bodyguard and the massage therapist, zip-tied and gagged them in a treatment room.
By the time they were discovered, Kirkin was long gone.
How do we know Kirkin didn't fake his own kidnapping just to disappear? Maybe he was just trying to skip out on his plea bargain bond.
It's possible.
He was wearing an ankle monitor.
And you tracked it? LAPD found it duct taped to the bottom of a mail truck.
That sounds like a job for the FBI.
Does Granger know about this? Uh, I doubt it.
The assistant director escorted Jennifer Kim on a red-eye back to Washington last night.
That explains the dress.
No way you'd be brave enough to wear that thing with Granger around.
Ho-Hold on a second, w-why the sudden interest in a North Korean spy we picked up two months ago? No idea.
Maybe he didn't want to see someone else's ass get kicked on the flight.
She did not kick my ass.
Eric has surveillance footage that says otherwise.
There was surveillance footage of that? No.
You're funny.
All right, let's check this out.
Somebody may be moving in on Kirkin's territory.
So? So we have a working relationship with Kirkin.
The guy sold you out to a guy called the Gargoyle.
Yeah, so he's the devil we know.
At the very least, we check it out, we can rule out that this is something we shouldn't be involved with.
Right, right.
Have Kensi and Deeks check out the spot, see if anyone saw anything.
Got it.
Callen, a word in my office, please.
No, what? The answer to your question.
I didn't ask you a question.
You were going to ask me a question, and the answer is an unequivocal no.
So, if you didn't grab him, might you know who did? I would have said something if that were the case.
Kirkin has plenty of enemies, even more so now after giving up his prison gang contacts to avoid jail time.
Hell, I'm surprised it took them this long to catch him.
Are you surprised it wasn't an assassination? Well, I'm sure they want to question him.
And torture him? Probably.
I assume you were going to ask my permission before looking into this.
All right, you have until lunch.
Then I want you and Agent Hanna to get back to your current cases.
Uh, no, Mr.
Callen, it's not a deal.
It's a directive.
You know it's illegal to smoke in here? Easy, easy, we just want to ask a few questions.
Everybody, relax.
We got your attention now? Kirkin's bodyguard came straight here.
He doesn't remember anything about the kidnapper, so we're gonna have to try and find some usable footage from the spa.
Yeah, all right.
I'll see what I can do.
What? LAPD is bringing them in on weapons charges.
It's a win.
Seriously? If a guy puts an AK down in front of me as a threat You spit fire at the guy? Fire? Like a circus act? I knew you'd follow my lead.
Next time lead by telling me what the hell your plan is.
I'll do that.
Need some ChapStick.
I think I burned my lips.
Maybe we should get a treatment while we're here.
Yeah, I didn't want to say anything but you do need a mani/pedi.
Those feet are starting to look like hobbit feet.
Yeah, I was thinking more in the lines of a nice, relaxing couple's massage.
I don't get that.
What's not to get? Me, you, together, lying naked In the presence of other people Yeah, the more the merrier.
When I get a massage it has to be deep tissue, and I just want my muscle knots ground out by force.
I don't want anybody else in the room for that.
Yeah, God forbid, Princess Hardcore gets a nice, relaxing shiatsu.
I don't even like little dogs.
No, shiatsu, not Shih Tzu.
Oh my gosh, I was joking, genius.
I know who Shiatsu is.
I read The Art of War.
No, that's Sun Tzu.
Oh, my God, again.
I was kidding.
Wow, you are not on your game today, beach boy.
See? This just proves it.
I need a massage.
I didn't get a good look at her.
Sorry, what? You said her? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a woman.
She had the hood of her robe up so I didn't see her face, but I did get a look at her legs.
Was she with anybody? Not that I saw.
Did she say anything? No.
Was there anything that you might remember? Jewelry, tattoo, uh, the hair color, perhaps? It happened really fast, sorry.
Nah, it's okay.
Thank you for talking to us, and if you think of anything else just, uh, go ahead and call me.
Will do.
Thank you.
Uh, maybe I should get your card, too? No, no, just my card will suffice.
Thank you so much, Hans.
See you later.
I still got it.
So, why do you think they sent a woman? Why wouldn't they send a woman, Deeks? Uh, because not all ladybirds have your skill set, my love.
Still pretty sexist, "my love.
" Hmm Kirkin always has a bodyguard with him, which means they weren't expecting a woman to come after him.
That's a good point.
So, how'd she get him out of here? Maybe she had help.
But she still had to leave.
What's up, Kens? Hey, Eric, I know you're already reviewing the security footage from the spa, but we're looking specifically for a female.
A ladybird.
Ladybird, copy.
This is surveillance footage from the spa.
Now, we checked for reflections, but we never get a good look at her.
That is some heavy laundry.
No driver.
No back-up.
I get sending in a woman to be less obvious, but why was no one waiting there to whisk her away? Whoever she is, she's doing this on her own.
With serious operational skills.
Which suggests government training, but operating without sanction.
Any more information on our mystery girl? Not yet, but we think she acted alone.
- So, maybe it's personal.
- Yeah, maybe or she's a pro hired by any one of Kirkin's enemies.
Puts us right back where we started.
Which would seem as good a place as any to end this, Mr.
Check your watch.
We know it was a lone female that grabbed Kirkin.
Your time is up.
You want us to just walk away from this? No, we'll let the appropriate authorities continue the investigation so that all of you can go back to yours.
I found her.
Found her.
Well, I-I-I didn't, I didn't find her, Kaleidoscope found her.
Well, Kaleidoscope didn't find her, but it found the van that was used to grab Kirkin.
Where is that? Long Beach.
It's a holding yard for containers bound for the port.
We have to have lunch anyway.
We might as well do it in Long Beach.
Make it quick.
And keep your receipts! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let me check for wires.
Good? Clear.
Well, now the question is did the kidnapper just dump the van here, or was it brought here for a reason? Eric, you got eyes in this area? No, but we should.
The security grid lists cameras in the area, but if they're there, they're offline.
It's very convenient.
Why would you disable cameras if you're just gonna ditch a getaway car? You wouldn't unless you were planning on coming back.
For the van or something else? Hey, guys, we're gonna send you some BIC codes from these containers.
Find out who owns them and where they're going.
You got it.
Hey, so, I thought Hetty banned you from wearing a kilt to work.
Oh, it was, um, more like a suspension pending my agreement to work-appropriate undergarments.
So, you weren't wearing work-appropriate undergarments, or you weren't wearing undergarments at all? On second thought, don't answer that.
Guys, I got something! Drop it! NCIS? Oh, you're here to rescue me.
I don't know what to say.
Do yourself a favor, don't say anything.
Who put you in here? The big guy just said not to say anything.
Just answer the question.
I don't know, sir, I was drugged.
Eric, Nell, do we have company? We're still blind.
Wait, wait.
Hey, what about me? Marty? Oh, come on.
Don't let him get away! Federal agents, get on the ground! Get down! Anna? In Moscow, you work out of an elegant walk up, but in L.
your office is a shack.
It's a shed.
A what? Boatshed.
A boatshed? Yeah.
How very L.
We use this place for interrogations.
Am I being interrogated? Do you need to be? I've been trying to located Arkady ever since you left Russia without much luck.
Have you found anything that suggests your father survived his gunshot wounds? Yes.
Does Kirkin know where Arkady is? No, but the people that want Kirkin they can help me.
If you give them Kirkin, what do they promise in return? Proof that Arkady is alive.
I was told he has a message for me.
I would receive it if I kidnapped Kirkin and put him in that shipping container bound for St.
to St.
That's 30 days, give or take, in a steel shipping container.
That is a a hellish trip.
Which was appealing to the man I was bartering with.
I hope Kirkin knows how lucky he is that we found him.
Explain to me again how NCIS ruined your, uh, what'd you call it, again? My "me day.
" Your "me day"" It's important to take time for yourself.
The stresses of the modern world they're a killer, believe me.
If we, as a human race Okay, let's stay on topic, shall we? Uh, yes, you're right.
What's important to remember here is that NCIS drugged and kidnapped me.
Yeah, that didn't happen.
When I saw Callen speaking to that angry minx, I recognized her from the spa.
She was part of the elite crew that snatched me up.
If, by elite crew, you mean a single, solitary, 120 pound I don't know, she's pretty tall.
I know, but she's pretty athletic.
W-W-W-W-Wait, you're saying that girl That woman.
Excuse me, that woman No, no, she could not breach my security and kidnap me on her own.
This didn't happen.
Yeah, actually it did.
She breached.
She kidnapped.
She bought the T-shirt.
I'm sorry, does that violate your sense of self? This playful arrogance of yours, Marty, it really works for you.
You got it.
On every level, you got it.
My "me day" is beginning to look up.
Dear God.
Okay, I've placed photos of Kirkin in a secure file just as Anna was instructed to do.
Thanks, Nell.
No problem.
What do we do now? Wait for your friends in Russia to respond.
We wait.
You go outside.
Someone would like to have a word with you.
Anastasia Kolchek.
Henrietta Lange.
Have you been having issues with your cell phone connection or your e-mail access? I've been busy.
Did you ever stop to think that I was trying to contact you to offer my assistance in finding Arkady? Were you? No, I wasn't.
So why did you call? I called because there was an assignment that you were right for.
An assignment that paid money? Oh, yes.
Who would I be working for? Me, of course.
Of course.
After you find your father, we can discuss the assignment.
It would be a good move for you.
Well, I don't know about an assignment, but I should have returned your call.
That would have been courteous, but not reaching out to me when you were first in L.
A that was just dumb.
I know.
We have similar goals.
A trust.
Why go it alone? Alone works.
It can.
Alone is safe.
A team's safer.
But I don't have a team.
What? Well, ten years ago, I had this same conversation with someone.
And how did that go? Well, it's still going.
Not having anyone to depend on.
Depending on no one.
That's no way of living life.
'55 550 Spyder.
You know your cars.
I know Porsches.
This is the same model James Dean was driving.
A beautiful car for a beautiful man.
It's a stunning replica.
Yes, it is.
If we never cross paths with Kirkin again, it's gonna be too soon in my book.
What's wrong? A little lover's quarrel? Mm Did Kirkin rub you the wrong way? Nice.
Kirkin finds me attractive.
Don't be jealous.
Oh, yeah, that's it.
Listen, no one is immune to the Deeks-ness, man or woman.
It's a curse, really.
I've had to deal with it my whole entire life.
I think it's my kind and soulful blue eyes.
Yeah it's a burden you must live with.
Thank you.
See? Anna gets it.
Don't encourage him.
Or look into his kind and soulful blue eyes.
Out of respect for Kensi, I will keep my distance from the Deeks-ness.
Thank you.
Guys, it worked.
We just received a secure video message for Anna.
Anna, if you are seeing this, then you did what was asked of you.
Thank you.
My superior mental toughness has allowed me to survive this far, but I am hopeful that I will be leaving soon with my new comrade, Balinski.
I've learned little about this man, but I believe he worked for a time in Sevastapol with my good friend, G.
I ask nothing more of you, Anna.
You owe me nothing.
And for And that's all we have.
Arkady's alive.
Nell, any other information embedded in that file? We just started combing through the metadata, but we know the video was shot two days ago.
I need to get him out of there.
I'll help you.
Arkady mentioned you worked with that prisoner in Sevastapol.
You know him? No.
But I did work in Sevastapol when I was with the Agency.
Think this guy's CIA? Probably.
How else would he know where I worked? Arkady didn't know I was in Sevastapol.
You sure? Thank you.
For what? For not coming out here and telling me that I shouldn't be helping Anna rescue Arkady.
I got to be honest, G.
What I'm saying and what I'm feeling they're at odds.
But I get it.
Arkady's a link to you finding out what kind of man your father was.
Your history.
Look, I have to do this.
You don't.
I know.
But that's what we do.
How should I know what Russian prison they're holding Arkady Kolchek in? Okay, listen, you help us, you get to leave.
It's that simple.
Or what? You hold me here forever? Nope.
Just 30 days.
What are you talking about 30 days? You're a missing person.
Nobody knows where you are.
The only people who think they know where you are, think that you're in a shipping container some place in the Pacific.
And what happens in 30 days when they open said shipping container that you should be in? You know, the one we just rescued you from.
Which, by the way, you've never thanked us for, actually.
What happens is they're gonna search for you.
And then they find you.
And then they kill you.
You are more fun in bath houses.
Yeah, I keep hearing that.
We need to know where Arkady is being held, and we need to know the name of the people on that cell block.
How do we find that out? If I tell you how to do this, I can go? Disappear before that ship ever makes it to Russia? I don't know, Deeks, are you gonna be okay if Kirkin disappears for awhile? I mean, I can try to be strong.
And power through it? Probably gonna cry myself to sleep.
Um the only way to do this is to access FSIN.
The Russian prison system? Yes.
Uh, but the section of the FSIN system where you can find this information cannot be accessed remotely.
So we need a direct connection from a secure terminal.
But you are in luck.
There's one right here in your golden state.
Where? The Russian consul general, of course.
The Russian consul general's computer.
Sounds like an easy guy to get close to.
Yeah I'm sure he loans out his secured computer to strangers all the time.
Think Kirkin's telling the truth? About needing a direct link to access the FSIN system? I mean, it makes sense.
But what if he's lying? Well, we won't know that until we can get someone in front of the consul general's computer.
Hmm, a federal agent caught accessing a secure network in the Russian consulate.
Yeah, that doesn't sound like a disaster at all.
Yeah, especially given our strained diplomatic relations at the moment.
Can you believe Anna came to L.
and didn't ask us for help? Some people can't ask for help.
They don't know how.
Ah, not me.
I'm good with help.
It's one way Anna and I are different.
One way? Yeah, we're simpatico, cut from the same cloth, kind of in that misunderstood, loner kind of way.
Sorry, loner? Yeah, I live alone.
You're a member of three different live action role-play groups.
So, I'm down with LARPing.
And a Dungeons and Dragons group.
And a Magic: The Gathering group.
Please, those guys are more like family at this point.
Beale, you are one of the most socially scheduled people I know.
Hey, I keep Sundays free and clear when they cancel trivia.
Point is, you and Anna, nothing alike.
Oh, here's something.
Okay, fine.
You're both blonde.
No, no, no, check this out.
What's up? Normally, the consul general is in San Francisco, but for the past month he's been operating out of L.
Hopefully not that consulate property in Hancock Park Callen and Sam shot up? No, it's an estate in Palos Verdes.
Question is what has he been doing in L.
for the past month? Probably planning this charity gala.
It's tonight.
It starts in an hour.
Of course, it does.
Okay, well, we'll need to backstop undercover identities for the entire team That will hold water with the Russian FSB.
And add them all to the guest list.
Is that even possible to do in an hour? For mere mortals, not a chance.
For the Beale, hells yeah.
All right, great.
Tell him what he's won, Deeks.
Anatoli Kirkin, you've won a 30 day head start from the Russian mob.
I'm always happy to be of assistance, colleagues.
Marty, when I get set up, I will send for you.
Well, that sounds promising.
And pay no attention to the critics.
Your hairstyle is glorious.
Means the world, coming from you.
He's gonna send for you.
You better keep your bags packed.
Wow, anybody else? You got something for me? Oh, well it is, uh glorious.
Isn't it? Oh, oh, it's something.
Right here.
Thank you.
You all look woefully underdressed.
We are if we're going to a charity gala at the Russian consul general's.
Were Eric and Nell able to set up our covers? They were, indeed.
Anna will be joining you.
Having a Russian along with you should prove helpful.
What identities were backstopped? Anna is a Russian billionaire heiress slash aspiring pop star.
So, I go in as her billionaire husband, then? Uh, well, actually, Mr.
Callen will be playing Anna's boyfriend.
Very nice.
All right, so, A and R executives to the stars, 'cause I can rock that.
No, Sam will enter as the CEO of Anna's growing media empire.
I picked that out myself.
Hetty, your styling skills get better with time like fine wine, you know that? All right, now listen, get out of here.
You need to be at the gala in 30 minutes.
Uh, so just quickly, no more garment bags? Actually, no.
Oh, I get it.
My tux is custom because of my long arms and broad shoulders.
It's a struggle.
A daily strule.
A curse, if you will.
You will find your uniforms when you collect the van.
Uni-what? What's our cover? Staff for the catering.
So, no tux then.
No tux, Mr.
So, cater-waiter, then? Yes, right.
Maybe a bow tie? Can I at least have a bow tie? You were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago.
Uh, I'm so sorry.
We got lost.
Put it on the end counter.
Oh, there's a really unique smell coming off of this thing.
It's coulibiac.
That's not helping me.
Sturgeon, egg, rice, and mushrooms baked into a loaf of bread.
Oh, I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
Yeah, just hold it together, Martina.
Eric, Nell, you guys copy? Oh, we got you.
Your covers have been uploaded and your names are on the guest list.
G, you tracking this? Guys, we got a problem.
They're using facial rec to verify I.
Copy that.
We don't have it.
We're next.
I'll buy you some time with a signal jammer.
Coming to you now.
What are you doing? W-w-wait, no, no, I-I don't-I don't feel so good.
Please, get out of my way.
You know, I'm doing this for you, 'cause I tried some of the sturgeon bread and then I just oh, my God, it was like a gey-I threw up in the pantry.
Shh! Keep your voice down.
Yes, I'm Everett.
I see that you have lived in London and New York.
Your English is superb.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, but we have many security protocols.
Hold on, these photos aren't gonna turn up on TMZ or anything like that? No, sir.
Oh, I thought you boys might be hungry.
I need you to leave the security area now.
Keep stalling, I need more time.
And you? I-I'm very sorry.
She must have gotten lost.
Let's go.
Oh, but these people might be hungry.
Perhaps I can interest you in some endives with some chopped tomatoes.
Yeah, why not? Beale? Uploading now Done.
Facial rec is in place.
We have to go.
Have a lovely evening.
Pardon me.
We good here? Please, enjoy the gala.
Thank you.
Leaving the server room now.
Copy that, Deeks.
All right, we're in.
And we have live feed from the consulate surveillance system.
You must, must, must come to Burn 60 with us while you're here in L.
It is a fabulous workout.
That sounds wonderful, but while I'm in L.
, my focus is on Cal and my music.
Oh, you're so sweet.
How about you, Sam? I'm sure getting sweaty with you is a time to remember.
You better believe it.
you're delicious.
Okay, selfie time.
Not before I have a dance with my girl.
Oh, you know what, I think I see a friend of mine over there from Samara.
Oh, okay, well, you hurry back.
Bye You've done this before.
So have you.
Well, I worked as a janitor at a country club when I was a kid.
Just kind of picked it up.
Ballroom dancing via osmosis.
You haven't seen anything yet.
Okay, guys, we've located the computer with the direct link to FSIN.
It's upstairs in the southeast corner bedroom.
Now, the only problem is we've got two security guards posted at the door.
Kensi and I will take care of security.
Kensi, one of the guards from the front entrance is moving towards you.
He may have figured out you had a signal scrambler.
Kensi and Deeks, go deal with him.
Anna and I will handle the guards upstairs.
I'm moving to the room where the guards are going.
What are you doing up here? I was just looking for candles.
I need to search you.
You got this? Yeah, no, I definitely got him.
Okay, for a second I thought you didn't have him.
No, no, I got him.
I told you I got him.
Oh, my gosh.
Like a Russian bear.
Guard secured.
How do you want to play this? I've got a plan.
Ah, that sounds good.
What's the play? Just follow my lead.
Just follow your lead? Yes.
Just do what comes naturally.
Excuse me, no one is allowed up here.
You need to go back downstairs.
Ma'am, you need to go back downstairs to gala immediately.
G, I'm in.
Um, yes, um, I'm sorry.
She got a little, uh We'll go back downstairs.
All right, USB drive is in place.
All right, I can disable the system password and connect you to the FSIN system, but, Sam, from that terminal you'll need to find and download the prisoner transportation log and the prisoner I.
Got it.
Found it.
Downloading now.
Nell, what's my exfil? Not the way you came in.
The guards are back at the door.
Download complete.
Deeks, are you and Kensie in the van? Yeah.
We're here.
We got eyes on Callen and Anna.
Come on, Sam.
Nell, talk to me.
I'm with you, Sam.
There should be a door on your left.
There is.
It leads to a balcony, but from here you're gonna be on your own.
Good luck.
Let's go.
Deeks, let's roll.
Moving out.
Nice assist on the signal jam in there, Kens.
Any time.
How'd you get the guards away from the door? I had a plan.
She had a plan.
What does this mean? This means you were correct.
The man being held with Arkady is CIA.
Yes, the man Arkady knows as Balinski is actually CIA Officer Randall Sharov.
He was believed dead until this video surfaced.
And they're in Nazarovo Prison? Yes.
Are we being sanctioned to go to Russia and rescue them? No.
Not them.
Just Sharov.
The Russians could be baiting us with Sharov, forcing Arkady to work with them.
Well, that may very well be the case.
Hetty, we're not gonna just leave Arkady to rot.
You asked me if you were being sanctioned to rescue Arkady.
I already answered that question.
The Agency will help you with some of their contacts, but they cannot guarantee your safety.
And if FSB intervenes? You're there as rogue agents on an unsanctioned mission.
We'll leave tomorrow morning.
I'll inform the team.
No Only the two of you are going.
What do you want to do about Anna? Sharov is your objective.
Anna's knowledge of Russia will be useful, but the moment she or Arkady compromise your mission, you cut them loose.

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