NCIS Los Angeles s07e16 Episode Script

Matryoshka, Part 2

1 Anna.
Arkady's alive.
In Nazarovo Prison in Russia.
I need to get him out of there.
I'll help you.
The man being held with Arkady is CIA.
Randall Sharov.
We'll leave tomorrow morning.
Who gave the refugees the coins? My father? Possibly.
He took meetings here.
We are, we are In-love enemies We are sentimental slaves (laughter) On broken knees Uh-uh.
Hah! (laughing) Nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet.
Aw Well, you're lucky, because I know gypsy magic.
I can help you with that.
(laughter) And just like that, you are a free man.
That is, uh, not a good trick.
It's in your other hand.
In here? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
(all laughing) What? (men chuckling) (men laughing) That was a good trick.
Where is my wedding ring? Guess you're gonna have to look for it.
Hmm? You coming? (men chuckling) (indistinct conversations, dance music playing) Da.
(muttering in Russian) Um Um (both laughing) You are a tricky girl.
If you only knew.
(grunts) (engine starts) NCIS: LA 7x16 Matryoshka, Part 2 @elderman Hetty, have Callen and Sam been able to get anything from the guard? No, not yet.
He's a pretty defiant young man.
But that should wear off with the alcohol.
Yeah, they can be pretty persuasive.
Well, we can be wheels up in an hour.
I think it would take us no more than But you're not going.
I'm sorry, what? So, just to clarify-- Sam and Callen are gonna go break Arkady and a CIA officer out of a Russian prison alone? I mean, you don't think that's a little (clears throat) (sighs nervously) Um so have they appeared on the Russians' radar yet? I've talked with our friends in the other agencies.
We seem to be clear for the moment.
How long do you think that's gonna last? Two days, if we're lucky.
Two hours if we're not.
CALLEN: Here's the deal, Vladi: you tell us what we need to know, you walk away, no one ever knows you were here.
But if you don't help us, we're gonna make it look like you did, and leak that information.
I'm not afraid of Americans.
You don't have to be afraid of us.
What do you think your government will do if they even suspect you've been spying for America? Once upon a time, you would've been sent to the gulag.
But today-- mm, not so lucky.
SAM: Where's Arkady Kolcheck? I don't even know who that is.
I told you this wouldn't work.
Let's throw him to the wolves.
Last chance? (spits) Wow.
We're getting nowhere.
Put the classified e-mails online and make sure someone from GRU sees them.
Nice knowing you, comrade.
What else do you want to know? Hold on.
Where's Arkady Kolcheck? He's being held at Nazarovo Prison, where I work.
But you know that.
CALLEN: Now where exactly? Cell block 24.
What about Balinski? Who? This man.
Oh, I don't know.
I've only been there a couple months.
I don't know everybody.
Just in case you're thinking about telling anyone about this conversation every single one of these family members will find themselves on the payroll for America's foreign spy service.
Looks like everything worked out for you.
Is he giving you what you need? Well, remains to be seen.
Well, I'll swing by later, get rid of the van, clean up any mess.
CALLEN: Well, if everything goes according to plan, we should be back home in two days.
You better move up your timeline.
Your arrival made some news with the locals.
It's gonna get hot for you.
How long do we have? Tough to say.
If it was my ass on the line, I'd be gone in a day.
What do we know about cell block 24 in Nazarovo Prison? Nazarovo Prison-- cozy, imperial B and B that contains Mother Russia's worst.
And Cell Block 24 is reserved for her most notorious no-goodniks.
Now, this is cell block 24, which just so happens to be one of the closest cells to the duty officer's post.
Unfortunately, Vlad was unable to confirm the presence of CIA officer Sharov, aka Balinski.
ERIC: So it still could be a trap.
Well Maybe there is no Sharov.
Or maybe the real Sharov is long dead and they're using Arkady to lure us into rescuing a ghost.
I mean, can you imagine the political implications if two American agents are caught breaking into a Russian prison? Yes, I can.
This is a well-fortified and protected Russian penitentiary.
Breaking into it is gonna put our team at great risk.
And even if they did get in undetected, there's no guarantee they could get back out.
The only guarantee in life is that one day it ends.
And that's why his job at Hallmark didn't work out.
What's the easiest way into the prison? Murder.
(Sam laughs) Least he's still got his sense of humor.
What about medical personnel? Prison doctor is well-known by everyone-- guards and inmates alike.
And what happens when a prisoner dies? Get taken to city morgue.
They're not gonna know the coroner van drivers.
It would help if we could get the prison doctor on board.
Money talks.
Ol' Vladi here could sneak in some hydromorphone, Arkady and his buddy could take enough to get 'em to the brink of death.
Doctors declare them dead, we show up, transport the bodies over to the coroner's.
Revive 'em en route to the ratline.
That could work.
VLAD (snickering): Yeah, you should try this plan.
And I look forward to seeing you dead in the city morgue, or as inmates in my prison.
(quiet whirring) Hello, Anna.
You're lucky I didn't shoot you.
Had you done that, you would have received a rather large bill.
Were you calling to order vodka and caviar to go? I was going to make arrangements to get us some equipment to use while we're here.
I've made certain to have everything you would need waiting for you.
So where is it? Right this way, my dear.
The stove on the right.
(grunts) (laughs) You are a sneaky one.
You don't know the half of it, my dear.
Do tell.
Good night, Anna.
Good night, Hetty.
What's the word? Anna is setting up operations in the apartment as we speak.
Any progress with the guard? Well, Callen and Hanna have a preliminary plan.
Well, I don't know how good it is.
I should be on the ground with them.
Oh, no, I think they understand that you would be in Russia to support them if Not to support them.
Excuse me? I need your people to know that if I tell them to abort, they'll do so without hesitation.
They're not in California anymore.
You know, Owen, i-if I didn't know better, I would think that you are worried.
In here.
You found the equipment.
You didn't tell me Hetty can be in two places at once.
Two's an understatement.
There's food in the kitchen.
I did that one already.
(gun cocks) Doesn't like anyone touching his weapon.
So to speak.
You gonna be able to get the rest of the stuff we need? Yes, I already have somebody working on the ambulance.
The drug is easy.
Well, let's hope one of 'em isn't allergic.
Any idea about your dad? Oh, you mean Arkady? Yeah, calling him my dad would be a stretch.
He's more of a business associate.
All this for a a business associate, huh? Look, if either one of them has an allergic reaction to the hydromorphone, we need to get them into the ambulance fast enough to revive them.
Can we count on Vlad? We should be able to.
All he has to do is get the drugs into Arkady and Sharov and tell everyone he's called an ambulance once they're out.
The rest is up to us.
What's our backup? We don't have one.
What's our escape plan if things go bad? Get the hell out of Dodge.
I thought you did this for a living.
Breaking into Russian prisons? No, this is a this is a first for us.
Let's hope you have a knack for it.
What's wrong? Callen's plan to grab Arkady and Sharov.
What about it? It doesn't work.
We've run over 30 different simulations.
Even under perfect conditions, with everything working to their favor, the best possible outcome is one casualty and two arrests.
(blipping) Look, I appreciate your skill set, but real life isn't a computer game.
You're right, it's not.
We get to reset and try again.
They can't.
Why are you still up? (sighs heavily) Sleeping has never been one of my strong suits.
Aren't you cold? Freezing out here.
Eh, I'm okay.
Who's that? Remember you asked about a backup plan? You may be looking at him.
According to our tech guys, we have a less than six percent chance of pulling this off.
Maybe we get lucky.
And maybe we get captured and killed.
You shouldn't have gotten involved in all this.
You couldn't have done this alone.
Yeah, but at least, then, nobody else gets hurt, if I fail a solo attempt.
We have come too far to back down.
Besides, Pavel may be able to turn the odds in our favor.
How? By changing where the game is played.
Look, we have a big day tomorrow.
Why don't you get some sleep.
No, no, no.
I'm fine.
(sniffles) Really.
Just, um, tell me the plan.
Well, first we have to find Pavel.
He's got the connections to make some things happen.
But he is going to want something from us in return.
Guy like Pavel it's not about money for him.
And we always run the risk of him selling us out.
PAVEL: Charming place.
We can talk here.
Surveillance blind spot.
They are becoming harder to find these days.
CALLEN: You didn't have to come.
We appreciate it.
What brings you back to Moscow? We're here for Arkady.
(scoffs) You risked so much to come here for that man? SAM: Not me.
I'm here for the other guy.
A man named Balinski is being held with Arkady.
In Nazarovo Prison? Yeah.
No way you break anyone out of that place.
SAM: We know.
That's why we need to get 'em moved.
And you think I can move prisoners? We do.
Who exactly do you think I am? Who do you think I work for? That's not our concern.
It's probably best that we don't know.
Yeah, you are right.
Can you help us? Can I get prisoners moved? Maybe.
The question you should be asking is: Do I want to? No, it's not.
The question is: What do you need from us? (chuckles) I like that.
I like you guys.
Tell me, does everybody in Los Angeles talk like you? How do we get this done? There is a man of interest to us in Los Angeles.
He's wanted by the police department, but they, mm, have yet to apprehend him.
After we grab him, then what? Nothing.
You do your job, you give him over to the police, they put him in jail, we let nature take its course.
And when it's done? Your people will be transferred from Nazarovo Prison.
What's this man's name? Artem Fedor.
California has, uh, much nicer weather than Russia, huh? Maybe it's better you stay there from now on.
Did you find anything on Artem Fedor? Yeah, but it's a little weird.
What's weird? Well, LAPD has an open warrant on him for credit card fraud, but they don't seem to be actively pursuing him.
DEEKS: That's not weird.
Warrant Services is always backlogged by, like, 100 people.
They'll get to it.
No, no, no.
That's not it.
What's weird is GRANGER: What's weird? Look, here's the thing, Assistant Director, why does Pavel Volkoff, all the way in Moscow, care so much about a guy wanted for credit card fraud in L.
? That's a good point.
What else do we know about this guy? I mean, not much.
He was born in Saratov, Russia.
His parents brought him here when he was five years old.
And he lives in Hollywood.
This guy's into more than credit card fraud.
Want us to pick him up? Yes.
Take Beale with you.
Meet you downstairs in five.
All right.
Is there a problem? No.
I've been training to be in the field.
(nervous laugh): But I just You got five minutes.
Go put on some pants.
You're sending Mr.
Beale out into the field.
You think he's ready? Is anyone ever ready? Is it possible to answer a question with another question? That is the question.
Look, he's been training.
His evals are good Oh, my.
So, we're out of here.
Just be happy you missed the whole, uh, Beale wardrobe montage that happened back there.
But it's fine.
We worked it out.
He's gonna go with the extra medium in shiny.
Uh, you need to get a jacket from Wardrobe to conceal your gun.
My guns? Your nine millimeter.
Because the jacket would All right, Serpico.
Oh This is gonna work out.
Watch him? Yes, ma'am.
(sighs) Our team in L.
located Fedor.
They're gonna make contact with him now.
Coffee? Sure.
Come on.
Join me.
(grunts) What do you think about me? That's kind of a broad question.
(quiet laugh) (chuckles) Yeah, I guess it is.
Callen, I don't know if what I'm doing is right.
About Arkady? When I was a child (wry laugh) I used to make up these stories about him.
Stories about him doing amazing things all over the world.
Being a hero.
Helping people.
And for those reasons, he wasn't able to be there.
There wasn't enough time for him to be your dad.
You know these stories.
I would wager that your stories they were better than the stories I told myself when I was a kid.
Why is that? Your dad had a name.
(laughing): Why do you smile? (chuckles) I just I try to tell myself that-that people that do what we do, do the jobs that we do, I try to tell myself that we're normal.
But the only people I come across are broken, like me.
Maybe being broken is normal.
Do you know why we're sitting in the car and not going straight to the door? Yeah, it's better if we can Seriously? I am asking Beale.
You don't have to be all snippy about it.
ERIC (clears throat): Um we want to get him when he's either coming or going.
Want to make the arrest as smooth as possible.
No gunfire.
No Did you say “gunfire”? You-you think this guy Fedor would shoot at us to get away? I think anybody would.
There he is.
Let's go.
Keep your gun holstered.
Stay behind us and to my left.
Artem Fedor.
Federal agents.
DEEKS: Put your hands behind your head.
Yes Yes Wh-What's this about, Officer? Stop moving.
We will not ask again.
Gun! Beale, behind me! Beale, move! Down! Get down! Oh, crap! Keep your head down, Beale! (grunts) (grunting) Down! (Fedor grunting in pain) You good? Yeah.
(groans) What the hell was that? Well, it works in Call of Duty.
(wry laugh) (indistinct chatter) You don't, uh have any more live explosives on you, do you, Beale? No.
Just, uh, some tactical supplies.
KENSI: You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
Hey, I'm-I'm sorry.
'Cause I could've really hurt someone with that flashbang and And nothing.
You did good.
Really? Yeah.
You did great.
Do you think I'm a natural? Because I always felt like I was, um I was destined for-for great things.
I mean, not Skywalker-great but but, like, a potential within my soul And the greatness is gone.
Can we go? Yeah.
Shall we? DEEKS: Detective.
Bye, guys.
I'll see you.
(man speaking over P.
A in Russian) (indistinct chatter) (electronic lock buzzing) (doors ratcheting, clanking) (grunting) (grunting, muttering) (grunting) (door whirring, clanking) (guard groans) (playing slow, gentle melody on harp) Oh you play the harp.
Since I was six.
Instructors urged me to become professional.
Mm-hmm! Impressive.
But, you know, for me, the harp is not a tool of commerce but something to play for family and friends.
It's a gift of love that I just love giving, 'cause that's the type of person I am.
Isn't that sweet? Mm.
(chuckling) You're hilarious.
I do play a mean harmonica, though.
I believe you.
(chuckles) (chuckles) Pavel received confirmation that Fedor is in LAPD custody.
Arkady and Sharov are being loaded onto a transport.
City road or rural? Rural.
Small medical transport.
Just the two guards and the two prisoners.
Medical transport, huh? Looks like Pavel thinks a lot like us.
(crows cawing in distance) (sighs) (grunts) (mooing) (speaks Russian) (horn honks) (cow mooing) (speaking Russian in distance) (cow mooing) (grunting) (grunting) (groans) (grunts) (grunting) (both grunting) (grunting) Clear! (handcuffs tightening) CALLEN: Go.
Come on, we got to move.
(panting) (cow mooing) A flashbang, huh? Happened so fast, before I knew it Guess I got lucky.
I don't think luck had anything to do with it.
I think you knew what you needed to do, and you did it.
And I'm proud of you.
Nell I was scared that I couldn't Just received a confirmation text from Callen's sat phone.
“Got the milk and bread, no duck.
” They secured Arkady and Sharov, and they can't fly out.
Someone's injured.
They can't use their planned exfil at the commercial airport.
Thank you for finding me, Anna.
For not giving up on me.
Yeah the past is the past.
And my past with you is not so good.
I will do better.
I'm gonna call Hetty.
We need a contingency plan.
How you doing? It's amazing to finally put a face to your voice.
(laughs) (panting) Pretending to know me isn't gonna make us trust you any more than we already do.
You know I'm with the Company.
We vetted you.
You checked out, but that doesn't mean you're real.
Callen, my voice doesn't sound familiar to you? Should it? While you were stationed in Russia, working Moscow, I manned a few different safe houses over the years.
Oh, yeah? You were in Sevastapol, right? I don't know.
Was I? (panting) Why did I call in? Because she wasn't who she said she was.
She? Your asset.
I don't remember her name.
It was a long time ago.
I'm sorry.
But I do remember they turned their backs on you.
Because you were alone, if you didn't find a safe haven that night, you'd die.
(groans) You directed me to that safe house? Yeah.
(groaning) (panting) I take it because of my injury we can't have a safe extract? No.
I have an active code.
All I need is a sat phone.
Everyone but Sharov can wait for a new extract.
His wounds are deep; he's losing blood.
HETTY: If he is who he says he is, he should be able to find you a safe house.
If he isn't? If this was just a trap to get us back into Russia? He said he knew Callen.
Let's have him make the call.
Copy that.
(groaning) What'd she say? No new info.
Your call.
(Sharov groaning in pain) CALLEN: This is it.
(turns engine off) SAM: What now? I don't know.
These are the coordinates they gave me for the safe house.
Doesn't look like safe house.
MAN (over radio): Look to your left.
Your vehicle is parked directly on top of a 40-pound IED.
It will detonate if I do not receive a proper I.
number, color of the week and code of the day.
number 00-58-11-029.
Color of the week: Aqua.
Seventy-one bravo-lima-92-alpha, foxtrot-32.
MAN: Turn right off the dirt road, proceed 5.
2 kilometers.
You'll see a path.
Walk in from there.
IED is deactivated.
(engine starting) (engine revving) Seems you've had an eventful stay in Russia.
My name is Garrison.
I'm Sharov.
That's Arkady, his daughter Anna.
I'm Sam.
And you are? Callen.
(crow cawing in distance) Good to meet you.
We should move.
We're on the clock.
(crow cawing in distance) It's good.
(sighing) You should have some coffee.
ANNA: No, I'm I'm fine.
ARKADY: It's getting cold.
Matryoshka dolls.
Like peeling the layers of an onion.
Yeah, I guess he makes 'em.
If he made all these, he's been here for a while.
What's up, G? GARRISON: Don't worry.
You'll be all right.
I don't feel nothing.
G, this guy, Garrison? Magical with a paintbrush.
Yeah, he is.
ANNA: You're right, Arkady.
(radio beeping) You're right.
(beep) (sighs) GARRISON: Gentlemen.
(door opening) (crow cawing) He is stable now.
(horse sputters) So we can move him.
Yes but there is another problem.
They found the prison van? Search party was mobilized.
They'll be scanning the area.
Is this place known to the Russian police? Tough to say.
I've never had problems, but if choppers and drones go up, we'll be visited.
What's our timeframe? The Exfil Team is meeting us at sunup tomorrow.
I can get them here faster, but it means leaving now and travelling in the daylight.
Or you hole up in my basement and hope for the best.
(horse sputters, crow caws) We'll go now.
Good call.
I'll alert the team.
What's our exfil? Private jet out of an airstrip that doesn't exist.
We take our truck there? If only it were that easy.
Vehicles won't make it; too narrow.
(horse neighing) (chuckles) Giddyup? (laughs) We go through the pass.
It's steep.
Stay close.
Are we sure that this is the only way, on these beasts? Are you kidding me? I'm on a horse, freezing my butt off because of you.
And I appreciate that, but But nothing! We pulled you out of that jail.
Ride your damn horse! And I am aware of all of this, but I just Stop talking, Arkady.
I want to, but Stop talking, or I'll take you back to Nazarovo myself.
Hmm? I once had to eat one of these.
GARRISON: Stop here.
Exfil team will meet us here.
(groaning) Anna, Arkady we'll be leaving fast when that exfil team gets here, so let's get fresh dressings on Sharov.
You got it.
Thank you, Garrison.
Be safe, Sam.
(crows cawing in distance) Thank you for your help.
(sighs) You know who I am? I think so.
Maybe, yeah.
I don't know.
I know much about you.
And you don't don't know me.
I don't believe in excuses, giving reasons for actions.
The actions themselves are what matters.
Well, sometimes.
You can hate me.
I don't hate you.
But the reasons matter.
To me, they matter.
Then I will tell you.
(vehicle approaching) Another time I will tell it to you all.
MAN: Anyone up here request an Uber? Yes, we did Commander.
Hopefully, you got a couple of bottles we can pop in those jalopies.
Ah, sir, sorry, no champagne, but we did stock MREs.
Good to see you again, Sam.
Let's move 'em out.
Callen I know who you are and the things you've done.
MAN 2: Got your six covered.
You are a good man.
MAN: Sorry, sir, but we do need to leave right now.
Do svidaniya, Grisha.
Grisha? Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev.
Your mother wanted you to know from where you came.
(vehicle doors closing) MAN: All right, let's go.
MAN 2: All right.
Clear comms.
MAN: Copy that.
(indistinct, distant chatter) G you good? Yeah.
I'm good.
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