NCIS Los Angeles s08e05 Episode Script

Ghost Gun

1 They say they're coming for you but I don't want none 'Cause I really don't care and I'm still kinda young This view is sick! Yeah.
Wow, you sure know how to pick a location.
Yeah, we'll have these shots plastered across the 'Gram by the end of the week.
So, where do you want me? Uh, up there, on the ledge.
That ledge? Yeah, come on.
I've done this, like, a thousand times.
- Let's go.
- Uh, are you sure this is safe? You're good.
You're good.
Okay, here? Yeah.
How long do we have until security shows up? Uh, not long at all.
Let's do it.
Rocking jeans from Crossroads and reading out their Cosmos If they're looking like an issue Wipe them off the windshield So rad.
Nothing left to lose, I'm stepping with the same attire We know you're up here! You're trespassing, and the police have been informed! I don't see them yet.
MAN (over radio): Copy.
GUARD: Freeze! What's that in your hands? It's just a camera! Drop it! Now! (gunshots) What? (gunshot) (screaming) NCIS: LA 8x05 Ghost Gun @elderman Look, all I'm saying is if you're gonna be dropped in the middle of the ocean, why not wear a tank that has air in it? And not just any tank but a tank that was specifically invented so that you wouldn't drown.
You can use a scuba tank.
That's not for me.
It's not for me either 'cause I'm not gonna be there.
I can think of a million other things I'd rather do on a Saturday than go spearfishing.
You'd eat the fish if I catch it.
I eat steak.
I've never killed a cow.
I just don't want to mix scuba tanks and spearfishing.
Why not? Because when you free dive, you learn to control your breathing, your emotions.
You earn that time underwater.
And if you can't stay under, you won't be able to track that fish or to get that shot off.
And that white sea bass it beat you.
And there it is.
There's what? (laughs) I knew you'd have a philosophy about this.
- Philosophy? - You know, a set of rules.
Some sort of Sam Hanna code as it relates to catching fish.
I like to think about the things I do and the reason I do them.
Hold on, you're telling me that you have a philosophy about how and why you create philosophies? Maybe I do.
I got a philosophy.
I got a philosophy on how many episodes of Magnum, P.
my mom should watch in a day.
The answer to that is one.
You know why? Because five episodes is far too much 'stache.
Your mom is hilarious.
I saw her yesterday when we left Kensi.
She does have a very strong opinion about Magnum.
Strong? Strong! Mm-hmm.
No, no, no, it's past strong.
At this point, she's making cold calls to see who she can pitch her reboot idea.
She really wants to resurrect that 'stache.
Oh, good morning, gents.
Mornin', Nell.
You're needed up in Ops.
Nell, what's your stance on Magnum, P.
? Um me? (phone ringing) I'm more of an A-Team girl.
Ooh There you go.
That's unfortunate.
Hey, Mom.
DEEKS: Hey, Marty? You gotta come down here right now.
Down where? The hospital.
What happened? You hurt? No, I'm with Kensi.
I'm sorry, there's no cell phone use in here, ma'am.
I'm on the phone with LAPD.
It's hospital policy.
And this is official police business.
Why don't you go empty a bedpan or something.
Oh, don't don't say that, Mom.
That's condescending.
He was rude.
And what man becomes a nurse, huh? A doctor school dropout, that's who.
Um, okay, that is sexist and wrong on so many levels.
Also, it's called “medical school.
” I swear I heard her say something, honey.
And she moved her leg.
The doctor says it's very encouraging.
I also said it may be as good as it gets.
She said she could make a complete recovery.
Again, I said “may,” if it's an incomplete spinal cord injury.
You've gotta come down here right away.
I can't, Mom.
I'm in the middle of something right now.
You've gotta be here when she comes out of her coma.
What if it's like Awakenings? What? Robin Williams is this doctor, Patch Adams, who brings people out of their comas.
And they're all happy again but only for a little while, until they fall back asleep.
And then they harvest their organs.
Okay, listen, here's-- Mom, you're mashing up, like, ten different movies.
You're not even making It doesn't matter.
All right, listen, I'm gonna come down there as soon as I can, just Just Okay, I'll come down.
Great, great.
Hurry up, honey.
(sighs) Was that about Kensi? Um yeah.
That was that was-- God bless her, that was my mom.
Ah, wonderful woman.
I had a good talk with her at the hospital.
Well, she thinks that Kensi's gonna wake up and everything's gonna be fine, so But you don't? No, I-I do.
You know, but I'm also a realist, and I understand there's a possibility that she doesn't wake up.
Or what if she does When she does wake up, what if she needs help? You know, like, what if she needs a lot of help, and I don't I don't know how to help her? I wa I want to be that guy.
I want to be that guy, but what if I what if I can't do it? No, that won't happen.
Because you're going to give her everything she needs to get better.
Go to the hospital.
I don't have to go to the hospital.
I can stay here, I can work.
Yes, you can.
But you don't have to.
Thank you for that.
Thank you, Hetty.
NELL: Early this morning, Navy Machinist Mate First Class Brandon Noah was shot to death on this roof downtown.
GRANGER: Noah's division has a high security clearance.
They've been working on a classified drone project for the Los Angeles Air Force Base at El Segundo.
Do we have any footage of the shooting? No.
It's an old building used for weekly rentals, so no cameras.
Who called it in? Two people witnessed the shooting from another building.
They were too far away to see the shooter's face, but they could tell it was a man.
And what do we know about the victim? Brandon has no family in town, but he does live with a roommate-- a Reggie Tiller, in West L.
You two head downtown to the crime scene.
I'll take Jones with me to talk to the roommate.
On it.
Got it.
(indistinct police radio chatter) These two break into buildings, sneak up on top of rooftops and take photos.
I don't get it.
It's called rooftopping.
Rooftopping? Yeah.
They want to take skyline photos where they get higher and closer to the edge than anyone else has.
Let me guess-- you're sponsored by Best Buy and REI for next year's Rooftopping Games.
Not interested, not at all.
I don't know if I'd buy that.
Well, I may take some pretty good pics, but I'm not going onto any ledges for any.
What do you got? .
357 Magnum.
Three shell casings.
All right, so probably came in this door.
There's a struggle.
Shooter got a shot off.
Next two killed Noah.
There's nothing to explain how or why the fight started.
Or who the shooter is.
Crankset from a bike.
It's got blood on it.
That's an interesting choice of weapon.
My money says the prints are Noah's, the blood's the shooter's.
Yeah, so the shooter chases Noah upstairs, he uses the crankset to defend himself.
Or Noah's the attacker, someone shot him to defend themselves.
We need to find out where this fight started.
(sighs) I can't believe he's gone.
We're very sorry.
Did you find the guy that shot him? Not yet.
But we just Uh I know who killed him.
Well, who's that? Uh, this muscle-bound roid rager that worked at the base with Noah.
And why would he have killed Noah? 'Cause he said he would.
We were right there, inside, one night, when this dude came banging on our door, yelling at Noah, telling him to come out so he could tear him apart.
Was never a fan of bars on our windows until that night.
What's this guy's name? Uh, Lott, I think.
Neil Lott.
He's a defense contractor.
Just have the car towed if it's bothering you.
It's not bothering me.
I just want to know whose car this is.
Yeah? Nothing.
I was just wondering if there was a “someone's in my parking space” philosophy.
Well, I can't say that I was shocked when you called.
Um, you fit in very well here in L.
I don't know that I fit in anywhere, but the sun suits me.
Thank you, Hetty.
Without your recommendation, I I wouldn't even be in the running for this ATF job.
Well, you're welcome.
But it looks to me as if this recommendation from your former commander at the Chicago PD helped.
I owe both of you.
I mean, if I get the job, I'll owe both of you.
And where do you stand with that? Mmm my, uh application is still pending.
Your status as a Special Deputy U.
Marshal looks to be still valid from the Chicago Task Force.
It is.
Well, my team has needs from time to time.
Would you be available? Would you be paying me? Yeah.
Then I'm available.
That's wonderful.
Just stop already; you're embarrassing yourself.
I'm just trying to help.
I don't think there's parking on that side of the street today.
You should probably go check.
I'm cool.
Hi, Sam.
Hetty asked me to help out today.
Uh you wouldn't happen to drive a silver Mustang, would you? Uh, yeah.
It's new.
Do you like it? Yeah, Sam.
Do you like it? It's great.
It's really great.
Callen, Hetty wanted us up in Ops.
And she wanted to speak to you, Sam.
She's in her office.
Did I park in Sam's spot? Nah.
We don't really have, uh, assigned spaces here.
Oh, finally.
You're smoking? What are you doing? I'm dying from being worried sick.
That's what I'm doing.
- Okay.
Just stop.
- That's what I'm doing.
You know, I just can't take this anymore.
You and Kensi and this whole secret agent thing.
All right.
It's just too much.
We're not secret My son and his fiancée are secret agents.
Kensi is a special agent, not a secret agent, which is fortunate, considering you just told a group of strangers.
Also, technically, I am a cop.
Yeah, well, technically, you could still get shot every time you step out the door.
Well, people die stepping in the shower.
Not from people shooting at them.
Actually, I've seen a couple of those, too.
Martin! Really?! You wanna grab your purse? Yeah, grab my purse.
Come on, let's go! I'll grab it, that's fine.
HETTY: I made a deal with the Secretary of Defense.
I figured you did.
It allows us to continue to work together.
But this deal comes with a firm expiration date.
We need to find that mole.
How long do we have? 83 days and counting.
Our ex-colleague, Carl Brown, is being incarcerated at the federal prison at Terminal Island.
He said he was the mole.
That he'd been working right here under our noses the whole time.
Do you believe that? No.
I believe he was working for someone way smarter, more connected, much more dangerous.
I agree.
Go to Terminal Island.
Get him to talk.
Copy that.
He must tell you everything he knows about the mole.
I understand.
The prints on the crankset did belong to the victim, Brandon Noah, but the blood on it was not his.
ANNA: Guess bike riding on rooftops is more popular here than it is in Chicago.
Is this model widely available? Actually, the opposite.
This crankset was made by a company called Nakahamo Racing.
They only sell their parts through one store in Southern California, I.
Martin Bicycles.
NELL: We also got a location on Neil Lott, the man that threatened Noah.
Sam and I'll take Neil Lott.
Should I go with you guys? Or look into the bike shop? Actually, it's just you and Callen speaking to Neil Lott.
Hetty already sent Sam to Terminal Island to interview Carl Brown.
I feel bad for Carl Brown.
Me, too.
I don't.
I hope Sam sticks him with a needle in his neck.
Granger and I'll check the bike shop.
Looks like it's you and me.
(lock buzzes) (door shuts) (table scraping) How you doing, Carl? I don't know why you came out here, Sam.
I didn't talk with those goons at the dog park, and I'm not saying anything now.
I just asked you how you're doing.
It's good to know life in here suits you.
What do you want? You know what I want.
Hetty still got you all chasing your tails.
(chuckles) You know I'm the mole.
It was me.
No one else.
Which one of these did they use to get you to work for them? I wasn't working for anyone.
This wasn't about money for you.
It wasn't about ideology, either.
She was beautiful, wasn't she? It wasn't a fling.
It was more.
Deeper? (exhales) She cared for you.
You cared for her.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, I'm probably wrong.
I I get on these tangents.
Anyway, I, uh checked out your visitors logs and your call logs.
So, if I was right and you threw away your life for this woman who loved you so deeply, then for sure she would have tried to make contact with you.
But nothing.
(grunts) (exhales, grunts) So, Neil Lott's a CrossFit junky? Yeah.
If tire flipping makes it into the Olympics, he'll be ready to go.
Did you find a place to live yet? I Airbnb'd a place for a couple weeks while I figure out where I want to live.
What's to figure out? You live close to where you work.
ATF is in, uh, Glendale? It is.
But no.
No, I'm not choosing where I live based on where I work.
What are you talking about? My life isn't ruled by my job.
No, in L.
, it is dictated by traffic patterns.
One of the best things about L.
is its diverse topography.
Yeah, like freeway overpasses.
(laughs) Like beaches, canyons, downtown high-rises.
Wanna try them all.
I just have to pick one to start at.
You ask me, Glendale near the ATF building: world-class topography.
I'm actually leaning towards the beach.
You can lean all you want.
But a couple weeks of that commute, you're going to wish you'd taken my advice.
Good old Glendale.
This isn't weird, is it? Me working part-time here? No.
No, it's not weird.
And you're I mean you are Happy that you moved to L.
Very good.
Hey, we're with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, here to ask you a few questions today.
I'm Special Agent Jones.
This is Assistant Director Granger.
My name is Rex.
And your first name is? Her first name is Special.
Um do you recognize this? Sure, it's a crankset from Nakahamo Racing.
The best.
Well, depends on what your needs are.
But for performance, this is it.
Do you ride? GRANGER: No, she doesn't.
I don't.
Did this come from your shop? Probably, uh, but this one's cracked.
Look at the the chainring and spider.
NELL: Oh, yeah.
I can see that.
If this came through our shop, it was probably a service job and we replaced the part.
Okay, um, what do you do with broken parts? Toss 'em out back.
We've got a bin of junk parts that maybe we can use for later.
You have a security camera that covers that area? Yeah.
(phone rings) (phone rings) Yeah? ERIC: Sam, I think I found something.
What do you got, Eric? The wound on Carl Brown's arm was caused by an altercation in the mess hall yesterday.
Another inmate attacked Brown with an improvised weapon.
A guard saw the inmate pull the weapon, ran over and tackled him.
What's the name of the inmate that attacked him? Vincent Garvey.
Six cameras-- four in the shop, two outside.
Nice setup.
Did it myself.
And where is the footage stored? On a hard drive locked up in the back.
Do you mind if we take that hard drive, just for, like, a day or two? REX: Sure.
Maybe when you bring it back, we could grab a beer or something.
Just get the hard drive.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
Head him off outside.
Federal agent! Stop right there! I said Fe Nice shot, Granger.
Well, a bat's better but a tire'll do in a pinch.
(laughs) So, he was stealing parts, taking cash from service jobs.
He thought we had caught him on surveillance footage.
(sighs) Everyone always thinks it's about them.
- Did you get the hard drive? - Yep.
Let's get out of here.
Let's talk soon Special Agent Jones.
No, man.
Me and Brandon were all good.
So the whole “standing outside his condo yelling 'I'm gonna kill you'” thing was just? Was just convincing, I guess.
Look, I loaned Brandon five grand when his house had a mole problem and he had to get it taken care of fast, He told me he was gonna pay me back in a month, and he never did.
I just wanted my money.
And you got it? Most of it.
A couple months ago, he started paying me $500 a week.
We were gonna be square soon.
A couple grand a month is a lot of money on his salary.
You didn't ask where he was getting it? No.
But Brandon was a stand-up dude.
ERIC: Hey, Callen, if Brandon did take another job, he must have been paid cash under the table.
There's no record of him working anywhere except the Air Force base in El Segundo.
Whatever Brandon was doing to make that money, it could be what got him killed.
But we have no idea who he was working for.
Actually, Anna, I may have something.
Last week Brandon's pickup truck got a parking citation in an industrial area off of Pico.
So I cross-referenced all the businesses in the area with those that would need to hire a machinist of Brandon's ability, and there's only one-- ZK's Custom Auto.
Nice moves, Eric.
Thank you, Lady Anna.
But it gets even better.
The business is a custom auto parts fabricator, and it's owned by this woman.
Beth Kelley.
And she's earned her scout badges for extortion and drug smuggling.
I sent the address to your phones.
Thanks, Eric.
I'd bet that Kelley's manufacturing more than just auto parts.
Say Brandon Noah's clean.
He finds out Kelley's running an illegal side business-- Kelley has to silence him.
But we know that the shooter was a man.
Sounds like we need to see who else works at that auto shop.
DEEKS: Color seems better-- I mean, that seems like good news, right? She's improving.
She's been opening up her eyes, saying a word or two.
Still disoriented, but these are good signs.
Baby, can you open your eyes for me? We use what's called the Glasgow Coma Scale, or GCS, to assess a patient's level of consciousness.
Kensi was an eight out of 15 when she got here.
Today she's a 12.
That's a 50% improvement, which is significant.
Hear that, baby? You're a 12.
I mean, Beale's a six, and he runs Ops.
You're gonna be fine.
DEEKS: She's in a coma, Martin.
You really think this is the time for making jokes? Uh, yeah, Mom, I do, because it's scientifically proven that laughter is the best medicine.
Yeah, well, nobody's laughing.
Well, maybe I gotta up the dosage.
(chuckles) Oh, see? She thinks it's hysterical.
Actually, while you're here, Doc, maybe you could explain to her the health hazards of smoking.
Don't get smart.
Are you a smoker? No.
Say what? I've just been under a lot of stress.
I'm gonna call Kensi's mom and give her an update.
Uh, you'll have to take that outside.
I've seen doctors in here on their phones all the time.
Mom, come on.
All right.
I'll take it outside.
You can grab a cigarette while you're out there.
(chuckles softly) You know and people ask me why I only have one child.
Okay, that's hurtful.
And unnecessary.
I'm sorry.
That's a lot to process.
What can I do? What can I be doing now? Being here.
Talking to her, touching her.
I personally think it can only help them find their way back to us.
I'll do it.
Thank you, Doc.
Okay, baby, you heard her.
Now's the time, baby-- you got to come back to me.
There it is.
Got it.
That's Brandon Noah.
The way the van lands, there's no way to see the plates.
Brandon was just defending himself.
Hey, can we get a clear shot of this guy's face? Yeah, but it's gonna be difficult.
Motion blur, the hoodie-- but I'm on it.
(lock buzzes) (indistinct radio chatter) Who are you? Just a guy that can get you out of isolation for an hour more a week.
Out on the yard? Sure.
But still alone.
That's the best deal I heard in a while.
What do you want to know? Who put out a hit on Carl Brown? What makes you think there's a price on that fat slob's head? 'Cause you probably spent the whole night turning your toothbrush into a spike to kill him.
And you figure my time, it's a valuable commodity.
Who wants him dead? Word hit the yard that whoever did him, they'd get 50 stacks sent to their family.
I don't know who was gonna pay.
So you were gonna take Carl Brown out and just hope the rumors were true and your family would get the money? I don't know you, and I just took your word I was gonna get an extra two hours a week in the yard.
Were you lying? No.
And it was one hour a week.
(exhales) Man's gotta try.
You should know 50K's a lot of money, but to men in here men who have screwed up in every way with their families that 50K represents a chance at redemption.
Maybe forgiveness.
If it's not me, it'll be someone else.
Carl Brown's not gonna see next week.
CALLEN: Remember distract them.
Don't shoot them.
Here we go.
I don't always shoot people.
(sighs) Hello? Can anyone help me? Hey.
I'm Ricky.
What can I do for you? ANNA (over radio): Well, Ricky, take a look at my whip.
What do you see? Pretty much a brand-new, high-end Mercedes.
Me, I see my ex's car.
And I want you to do something memorable to it-- like, um, take off the roof, cut the doors.
I don't know, I'm not a professional.
You are.
Any ideas, Ricky? Uh, I-I have some, but that's not what we really do here.
We make custom parts.
High-performance stuff.
Transmissions, exhaust, high-end restorations.
I don't know what those words mean.
Anyways, can you take off the roof? (electric tool whirring) (low, indistinct chatter) CALLEN: Anna, looks like they're manufacturing completed lower receivers for AR-15s.
They got three other bogies working in the back.
What a fascinating job you have, Ricky.
I love men that can, you know, make things.
Well, that's good for the both of us.
Hey, I need to use the bathroom, but when I'm back, how about you and I take a ride? I'm down for that.
It's, uh, right back there.
We can grab lunch or, um, do something else.
Well, I'm not hungry.
(laughs) Uh, I'll meet you by my car.
Go on.
There's a private office.
I'm going to check it out.
There's no movement back here.
If they're making fully assembled ARs, I don't see 'em.
Callen, I was able to clean up the image of the shooter.
I'm running him through facial rec now, but here's his photo.
(electronic ding) Yeah, I got him.
The shooter's in the back.
Granger and Nell are en route.
I think I know what Brandon Noah saw that got him killed.
They've got crates of AR-15s back here.
(gun chamber clicks) Pull that gun out, Missy.
It'd sure make a nice field test for my ARs.
Why the hot ones always got to be crazy? CALLEN: Anna? Anna? Who are you working for? No one.
I'm just a girl looking to deface her ex-boyfriend's Mercedes.
(groans) (groaning) BETH: I'm not really known for my sense of humor.
Violence is more my thing.
ANNA: That's a shame.
We're here, Callen.
Where do you want us? Enter through the front and draw their fire.
I'll come in from behind.
GRANGER: Copy that.
BETH: Think we need to take a ride out to the desert.
See how long you last inside a shipping container before you tell me who you really are.
Federal agents! (groaning) (rapid gunfire, glass breaking) (groans) (groans) (groans) (Anna grunts, Beth groans) (both groaning) (groans loudly) (both groaning) Stay down.
(groans) (groaning, panting) (groaning and panting) (Beth groans loudly) ANNA: See? I told you I don't always shoot them.
(panting) (handcuffs clicking) So, one of the machinists working with Brandon said he had no idea Beth was making fully-completed lower receivers here.
ANNA: Every other part she needed to make AR-15s can be purchased online.
Fully automatic, untraceable ghost guns being made in a garage in the Valley.
Brandon must have found out about their illegal side business, so he killed him.
Gave his life to pay back a debt.
That was a pretty good first day.
Thank you.
Does that mean you'll have me back? Maybe.
(garbled radio transmission) Maybe? That's high praise coming from Granger Danger.
I'd take the “maybe” and run with it if I were you.
(laughs) Let's get out of here.
Buying Brent's if anyone's hungry.
Hot mustard on mine, please.
What's Brent's? Brent's? It's heaven! Just get in the car.
So much to teach you.
(laughs) (sighs) (distant, indistinct shouting) You know this isn't a new story.
You're not the first.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Men have been doing stupid stuff 'cause of beautiful women for a long time.
It's not like that.
Then what's it like? She loves you, you love her, and together you two hatch a plan to kill the people you work with? Nah.
I think it was all her.
Her ideas.
Her plans.
She's playing you.
How were you supposed to know that they were gonna take the information that you stole and use it to target people you work with? How would you know that? The people that were targeted deserved to be targeted.
My son deserved to be targeted? My 17-year-old son? What did he do? Nah.
(sighs) You're not gonna brush this one off that easy.
You tell me that everyone that was targeted deserved to be targeted.
Tell me why he deserved that.
He was born your son.
You know for me for me to come in here, I told myself that you didn't know that someone was using the information in my file to target my son.
I told myself all of this because if you did know that they were gonna take that information and put my family in danger then I might have to kill you myself.
Remember, Sam, we worked together for years.
I know who you are, the lines you won't cross.
And killing an unarmed man in a prison-- that's one of those lines.
You're probably right.
Besides who needs $50,000 anyway? Let someone else earn it.
What are you talking about? Why do you think a guy you've never met tried to gut you with a spike? Hmm? There's money on my? Someone's gonna get? I need protection.
Um Who do you think put this price on your head? Oh.
She doesn't look so pretty now, does she? You, Carl Brown, are what they call a loose end.
What's her name? Natalie Grant.
Well, looks like we've got someone to find.
Thanks, Sam.
Good work.
So, with you on this extended hospital stay-cation, I've had a lot of free time at the house.
Gets pretty lonely, although most of the time I spent dating.
But I did have a chance to clean out the garage.
And so I came up with a list in my note section of things we could possibly use the garage for.
In no particular order, number one-- Airbnb.
Hmm? Little extra income.
Think that's a good idea.
Number two-- man cave.
If you don't say no, that means yes.
Number three-- nursery.
If we ever have kids, we could always, you know, stick the kids out there.
We'd obviously get one of those monitors or whatever so we can make sure they're not eating the dog food, but I Th (murmuring) What? Mm.
Hey Hey.
Open your eyes.
You just you just said s There you go.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look at me.
Welcome back.
What? Hey.
Look at you.
There she is.
(murmuring) Baby, it's me.
It's Deeks.
(sighs) You're in the you're in the hospital at, uh in Los Angeles.
You were in a helicopter crash.
Do you remember any of that? We were in Syria.
It's okay.
No, it's okay.
You were banged up.
That's a that's a scar, but you're doing much Here, let me see your hand.
Let me see.
Can you squeeze that hand for me? Big squeeze, big squeeze, big squeeze for There.
There it is.
Look at that.
Kung fu grip.
You could kill a tiger with that.
That's amazing.
All right.
Left hand.
Same thing.
We're gonna do the same thing with this left hand.
Just a big squeeze with that left hand.
Just give me what you got with that left, just a Just a little squeeze in there.
Baby, that's okay.
You're back.
We just got to be patient.
You got to be a patient patient, right? Look at me.
Look at me.
Hey, it's okay.
Look at me.
Hey, don't worry about that.
Look at me.
It's okay.
You're up, you're awake.
Don't worry about this.
This is gonna be fine, I promise you.
You're back.
That's all that matters.
No, no.
No tears.
You don't have to cry.
This is Baby, this is beautiful.
This is good.
This is a big this is a big deal.
You're okay.
Hey, look at me.
(groans softly) I love you.
I love you.
Welcome back.
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