NCIS Los Angeles s08e04 Episode Script

Black Market

1 You call me to tell me what's up with you Huh? We're living on top of the world, it seems Way up here in a higher place Whoa.
What's our time? Are you coming over? (chuckles) You've got to be kidding me.
(indistinct chatter) Oh, clouds that I keep falling through Do you think anyone here knows it's only Thursday? Dude, I don't think anyone here cares that it's only Thursday.
Who are these people? I don't know.
(laughing) How you ladies doing? Hey.
Happy Thursday.
(groaning, laughing) Not cool, man.
Not cool.
Dude, you started with the whole Thursday thing.
Got in my head.
That's still not cool.
- Thanks.
(chuckles) - Yeah.
I could get used to this.
Ever think maybe we got into the wrong business? I don't know what business this is, but I'm in.
Jessie, I think I'm in love.
Dude, you have to drink or it's bad luck.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(coughing) Yo, Jessie, you okay? You okay? Jessie.
(coughing continues) Jessie, you okay? Jessie.
Somebody help! Jessie! Jessie! Call 911! Are you okay?! Jessie! (indistinct chatter) NCIS: LA 8x04 Black Market @elderman (sniffs, exhales) SAM: Oh, man.
(grunts) Whoa.
(sniffs) What's wrong with you? (grunts) Get thrown off the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch again? (grunts) I told you to lay off the mescal.
I didn't go out last night.
So what's going on? Nothing.
Just did a little, uh a little something yesterday.
(grunts) Oh.
Oh, yeah.
What, a colonic? A triathlon.
When were you training for a triathlon? You didn't train.
So you swam a mile, biked 25 miles, then ran another six without warning your body first? Well, it was an Ironman, so, technically, it was 2.
4 miles, 112 miles, and 26.
2 miles.
With no heads-up.
Kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing.
All right, so you just momentarily lost your mind and thought you were 20 again? What were you trying to prove? That I could do an Ironman.
Better not affect your performance in the field today.
I feel great.
I don't want to hear a thing about, you know, your tight calves or your chafed nipples.
Well, then you definitely don't want to hear about my rectus femoris.
No, I do not.
But I do have a question.
Did you actually finish? Of course.
Was the sun still up? O ye of little faith.
Hey, is this a good stopping point? Because this feels like a good stopping point.
Is this a good stopping point? Because we actually have a case.
(groans softly) You need a hand, Ironman? I'm gonna meet you up there, actually.
'Cause I got to, uh I just got to check on a few things here.
Not a word about your chafed nipples.
Not a word.
Never mind.
Long story.
(grunts) This is fun.
(sniffs, exhales) Where's Hetty? Called in sick.
Where is she really? I suspect she's out mole hunting.
Alone? She said, “Honey badger don't mess around.
” What the hell does that mean? I was afraid to ask.
What do we got? Cell phone footage from a party in Malibu yesterday.
What the hell was in that drink? NELL: Not sure.
Compound's still being analyzed.
ERIC: But we're guessing it's a caustic poison.
Whatever it was burned holes in his throat and esophagus.
Bet that killed the vibe.
Man's name was Jessie Evans.
NELL: He worked as a U.
Citizenship and Immigration Services agent with the Department of Homeland Security.
Not only that-- he's the second USCIS agent to die in Los Angeles in the past month.
GRANGER: So SECNAV wants us to investigate.
Who's the friend? Uh, Carlos Gutierrez.
He's not a USCIS agent.
He and Jessie Evans knew each other from college.
All right.
Send him to the boatshed.
Already on his way.
Nell, get Deeks from the hospital.
You two are working together again.
SAM: Let's try to keep the fisticuffs to a minimum today.
(chuckles) Right.
(chuckles) I'll just, uh.
Uh, Nell.
I always forget.
Good luck.
Thank you.
(exhales) (keys jangle) Right.
To the 'Bu we go.
Good morning, sunshine! I got your two favorite things, breakfast burritos and fresh coffee I did with a French press.
I'm just kidding.
I bought that at a store.
You smell that? (sniffs) Pretty good.
All you got to do is wake up.
(sniffs) That's not bad.
What the hell? (indistinct chatter) Excuse me.
My, uh, fiancée's engagement ring is missing.
Where'd she leave it? On her finger.
And she's in a coma.
I'm sorry.
Let me go get the charge nurse.
Yeah, you do that.
God, you got to be kidding me.
Is this what you're looking for? We noticed it on her hand when we were checking her vitals.
Why did you take it off? Valuables sometimes go missing.
And in her condition Yeah, no, that makes sense.
Of course.
I'm glad you Thank you for doing that.
It's a beautiful ring.
Did you pick it out together? No, no.
It, uh, was gonna be a surprise.
She actually hasn't seen it yet.
She's gonna love it.
Um, it's probably best if you hold onto it just a little while longer.
Until she wakes up.
Until then.
If you need anything else, just let me know.
Thank you for grabbing it.
You're welcome.
In the pocket.
Hey, guys.
Owner around? Right there.
I can't picture her riding a flamingo.
You think? (Sam chuckles) Excuse me.
Is this your place? Oh, I wish.
Have you seen the view? Five beds, six baths, Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances throughout.
And zoned for Webster Elementary.
Are you two interested in leasing or buying? Oh, actually, could I get your numbers first? I'm Diane.
And you are? Agent Callen, NCIS.
This is my partner, Agent Hanna.
You do know this is the scene of an active murder investigation.
Oh, you're absolutely right, and I am so sorry.
But did I mention the rain shower in the master bath? We're looking for the owner.
I've been trying to sell this place for eight months, and I don't even know the owner.
My guess is that it's some sheikh.
Then who threw the party yesterday? Some guy.
Very cute.
I believe he said he made his money in kitty litter.
CALLEN: So you rented the house out for the party? Oh, yes.
I market the home to potential buyers at a daily rate, sure.
Well, except for the misdemeanor.
I thought I heard “misdemeanor”" Renting a house in a single-family neighborhood for a party is punishable up to a year in jail.
Jail? Mm-hmm.
Did he say “jail”? He said “jail”" Jail.
Now's the time when you find a way to help us out.
(chuckles) Well, actually, um, I'm not supposed to know this, but I figured out a way to access the security cameras.
See, I have a teeny-tiny problem with voyeurism.
Which I blame on menopause.
And my husband Well, he's my ex.
I mean, would that help or was that TMI? After you, Diane.
(chuckles) All righty.
Check out that view as we walk out.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
It's beautiful.
There you go.
How you holding up? Uh, coffee will help.
I don't think I actually ever fell asleep last night.
I never Jessie was alive in my arms, and then he wasn't.
And there was nothing I could do to help him.
How did you end up at the party? Did you guys know somebody there? No.
Those people were from, like, a different planet.
Jessie and I were grabbing a bite yesterday, and this woman, this-this gorgeous woman, at the next table over started talking to us.
She told us about this sick party up in Malibu.
Said all we needed was a password, “kiwi,” to get in.
So we showed up.
And it sounded like fun at the time, you know? DIANE: You two just let me know if you need anything.
We're good, Diane.
Where'd that drink come from? DIANE: Agent Hanna-- and I'm just making chitchat here-- would you say you and your family are comfortable in your home or We're very comfortable.
DIANE: Fabulous.
Just makes me so happy to hear.
Um, but it's also such a shame, given today's interest rates are probably the lowest they'll ever be in our lifetimes.
Well, certainly mine.
You're still a spring chick.
We're working, we're working.
Okay, okay.
Got a better angle on her face? DEEKS: You recognize that woman? Yeah.
That's the girl who told us about the party.
Well, she was there, and she put something in Jessie's drink.
It was a setup? Possibly, yes.
Listen, I'm sorry.
I know the woman in that photograph.
Another former love interest, sir? Her name's Ming Wah.
She's a notorious hit woman for the Triad.
SAM: Uh-oh.
CALLEN: You just had to take Mulholland, didn't you? G, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
Mulholland is 21 miles of curves.
There's nothing straight about it.
Maybe he's just out there getting some fresh air.
Doesn't look like his fresh air face to me.
(strained): Oh, God.
What's up, sir? We got Triad trouble.
This woman is believed to be a Triad assassin.
Her name's Ming Wah.
If looks could kill.
Oh, wait, they do.
She worked for Zhang Kiu.
SAM: Triad boss.
tried to extradite him for years.
Doesn't matter anymore.
Zhang Kiu was killed by a rival organization a year ago.
But his assassin may be of some value.
Might be able to tell us who now runs the Triad's operations.
Find her.
And when you do, I want first crack.
Oh I'll just tell you later.
(chuckles) No.
I know me.
You know me.
I'm gonna forget.
I'm going to write myself a reminder.
(sing-songy): Spanking.
That recycling story I heard on NPR this morning.
You are definitely gonna want to hear about that.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Whipped cream.
(exhales) How have I not told you about the new comic I am reading? It is set in modern day Detroit, based on the Roman Empire.
It's like (mimics explosion) So cool.
(keys clacking) What you got there, Beale? Hmm? Oh.
Um, I'm just keeping tabs on, uh, all the things I want to tell Nell when she gets back.
Well, I have a personal and professional obligation to have you not do that.
What? Uh No, are you P-Please don't Think about her on your own time and thank me later.
Where are we on finding Ming Wah? Oh.
Uh, Ming Wah, our hit woman.
Or hit lady.
Is there really a proper name for an assassiness? Right? 'Cause Okay.
Um, there are not that many traffic cameras in the area, so I wasn't able to follow her in or out of the party itself.
But you put your special gray matter to work and And I was able to track her from the restaurant where she first told Jessie Evans about the party to a warehouse in Culver City.
And? And it's been leased to a shell company that I was able to trace to Mainland China.
All the way to these guys.
Look at that.
There's our girl who killed Jessie Evans yesterday and her old boss, Zhang Kiu.
The lease was signed two years ago, before Zhang Kiu was killed.
I'll let the team know.
Now I see it.
(tires screech) (horns honking) Okay.
All right.
You know what, we could just Just eyes on the road would be fantastic.
Come on.
I said I was sorry about the U-turn.
Yeah, that was more like an ampersand.
Going for accuracy, I'd call it a G-clef.
Can we just ten and two? Put the paws on ten and two and then just If we could just look ahead, that'd be so much safer.
- If it'll help you calm down.
- I'm super calm.
Calmer than you are.
For the record, I have no idea what happened back at that off-ramp.
That was a near collision and a near-death experience, which isn't a great combination.
I mean, where did that truck even come from? Blind spot.
Came right from the blind spot.
Right (whooshing sound) there.
Okay, Deeks, usually I'm driving a Mini, so this is, like, a whole lot of car for me right now.
You do realize you're playing right into a stereotype, right? Oh, definitely.
And you realize I'm sitting on a first aid kit to see over the steering wheel, right? Right.
Thank you.
No, no.
I mean, like, you were supposed to take a right.
It veers off, and we were I'll have you know that I am an excellent driver.
we were getting out Okay? So from here on out, I'm going to be that excellent driver.
It's fine.
'Cause my regular job doesn't give me enough adrenaline.
I got to double down with you driving.
Enjoy it while you can, bud, because, soon enough, Kensi and her perfect little driving skills will be back and the two of you can live happily ever after.
I'm sorry.
That that came out all kinds of wrong.
Um No, no, it's good.
I totally got what you were Listen, when we get there, - (sighs) - just stay to my left, and let's keep a lid on the head kicks.
(chuckles) I'll try.
How's Kens? No news.
What do we got? Behind this, we have a freestanding two-story building.
Front entrance, back entrance, fire escape on the roof.
No surveillance cameras.
Also can't guarantee what's on the inside.
Eric didn't see anyone go in or out.
But he also doesn't know if it's empty.
Not only that-- we don't know what the Triad's using the warehouse for.
These guys got their hands in a lot of honeypots.
Yeah, could be drugs, guns, exotic animals-- you name it.
Wait, there's a chance we're gonna see monkeys in here? Besides the one we have? (chuckles) I'm more of a jungle cat.
You know that.
Why don't you guys take the front? Yeah.
You got this.
I know.
(clicks tongue) Ooh.
Okay, we're good.
On your count.
CALLEN: On three.
One, two, three.
(door creaks) DEEKS: Clear.
Are we sure this isn't an Amazon depot? They're all purses.
Same thing here.
Louis Vuitton.
It's like a Neiman Marcus sample sale.
The clasp's all wrong.
Should be a rectangle, not a square.
And it should be gold, not silver.
And the logos are backwards.
And this is all kinds of funky.
And, no, Deeks, I'm not playing into some sort of stereotype, okay? I'm just extremely detail-oriented.
So, what, the Triads are planning on waging a war with an arsenal of fake purses? They might.
These bags aren't as harmless as they look.
Counterfeit goods fund child labor, human trafficking, even terrorism.
Like the 2004 terrorist bombings in Madrid.
DHS seizes billions in fake goods every year.
And that's just what they can find.
Well, that “bags” the question-- pun intended Nobody? No takers? NELL: No.
All right.
How'd these get past the gates? (door opens) (man speaking Chinese) (door shuts) (speaks Chinese) (speaking Chinese) Federal agents! (shouts) I said federal agent! Easy.
Nice and easy.
Just (grunting) (grunts) (Deeks groans) (grunting) God! Son of a Ouch.
(groans) (grunting) Now, that's a jungle cat.
(panting) Federal agents.
Uh! Uh! Turn around.
Hands up.
Hands up.
Don't come back to me.
Stay there.
Hands up.
(grunting) (groans) (grunting) (crack) (groaning) (groaning) G, check this out.
You seeing what I'm seeing? Zhang Kiu.
You look pretty good for a dead man.
How goes your mole hunt? (chuckles softly) Are you cleaning that because you're planning on using it? So, Zhang Kiu isn't dead.
He's been hiding out here in Los Angeles.
His murder was a ruse.
Listen, I've got an agent down, and it's been one hell of a day.
I could use your involvement.
Who gave him his papers to come? The Chinese government.
So they blessed the lie.
They get to evict their most deranged criminal and dump him on us.
What's Beijing's next move? And how many others have they snuck into our backyard? Happy hunting.
Zhang Kiu, Zhang Kiu, Zhang Kiu.
Well, I hope you've been making the most of your time here in Los Angeles.
Surf Malibu, walk Rodeo.
Maybe check out The Broad.
The Broad is a must.
SAM: You picked a good time to come here.
CALLEN: Mm-hmm.
The really good news is you are going to get to see all of our seasons.
SAM: Despite what people think, we do have seasons.
Because you are never getting out of here.
I will be on a plane home before breakfast.
(scoffs) The man talks.
He talks make-believe, but he talks.
You think you're going back home, as in “back to China”? You sound surprised, Agent Hanna.
The same country that issued you a fake ID so you could come here, China.
China, China.
Did it ever occur to you why your country was so eager to help you leave? My country owed me a great debt.
Want to know what I think? Well, I'm curious.
Thank you.
I think they gave you a choice.
Either you leave, or you spend the rest of your life, without parole, in Tilanqiao Prison.
Known for its torture and human rights violations.
I would, uh I'd choose L.
, also.
NELL: Oh, snap! Watch and learn, because Sam and Callen are two of the best.
Obviously, behind Hetty and Granger and myself.
Kensi, whoa, Kensi's the best.
Do not mess with her, because she can do good cop, bad cop all by herself.
She just uses her good eye and then her weird eye.
She probably freaks people out with that thing.
She does.
She starts off all nice and charming, and then she gets in there and she just turns on the dead eye, and she's like, “What, did you do it? “Did you do it? Dead eye's coming after you.
Did you do it”" Okay, Chucky, I got it.
I'm just saying she gets stuff done.
Yeah, she's one tough mother.
I know.
I know.
So I found a connection between Jessie Evans and the other USCIS agent who died this month.
Turns out, they were both investigating Zhang Kiu's fake immigration papers.
That's what got them both killed.
I'm guessing Ming Wah is behind both hits.
Yeah, but how did Zhang Kiu know that Homeland Security was investigating him both times? ERIC: I don't mean to be starting any conspiracy theories here, but is it possible he hacked DHS? I don't know what's worse, deranged crime boss hacking the DHS, or the Chinese government? Hmm.
(phone chimes) How'd you know Jessie Evans was looking into your I.
papers? Is that the reason you're holding me here? What, you thought this was about fake purses? The bad fake purses, I might add.
The LV logo was just kind of funky.
He's very detail-oriented.
Now answer the question.
How did you know Jessie Evans was in the Department of Homeland Security? I don't even know who you're talking about.
How about the other Citizenship and Immigration Services agent you had killed? How'd you know what he was working on, huh? Did you have your people hack into DHS? (chuckles) Did the Chinese government hack into DHS? (continues chuckling) Boy, this is the happiest I've seen you all day.
Nobody hacked anything.
There was no need.
I have enemies.
But I also have friends.
Any of your friends work at the Department of Homeland Security? What are you doing, Beale? Making an entrance.
It's impressive.
Those applications? You're replacing Kensi.
Do you have something for me or not? (clears throat) We still don't know who Zhang Kiu has working for him inside Homeland Security.
But Callen and Sam think whoever it is has been helping him smuggle purses, drugs, and contraband into the country for years.
DHS has come under fire for mismanaging personnel and budgets.
It's the reason they created those fusion centers, right? To help rein in the spending.
But then the fusion centers went and blew their budgets on Tahoes and plasma TVs.
I guess hiring all those MBAs hasn't quite paid off.
You think? Wait.
You think Zhang Kiu has someone working for him inside one of the DHS fusion centers.
That's where I'd start making friends.
Weakest link in the security chain.
Yeah, that's good.
I know, it's none of my business, sir, But I know for a fact that Kensi's gonna be back.
Besides, she's irreplaceable.
I wish that were true, Beale, but it's not.
For any of us.
Are you the doctor? No, I work with Agent Blye.
I'm Julia Feldman.
Kensi's mom.
Owen Granger.
She's spoken of you.
I bet.
Listen, I'm gonna go and come back.
No, please, I was just reading to her.
This was her favorite book as a kid.
I think we both know it word for word, we read it so many times.
She left it behind when she, uh ran away to be with her dad.
Some nights I'd read it when she was gone.
Even though I didn't know where she was, it-it made me feel like we were still together.
Do you have children? I have a daughter.
Are you close? I wasn't a part of her life until recently.
I know what that's like.
But they say it's it's never too late.
We finally got to be together after a very long time.
I don't think I could take losing her again.
Listen, would you like to get a coffee or something? That would be very nice.
I could use some fresh air.
Thank you.
WOMAN (over P.
system): Anesthesiologist to ER.
Anesthesiologist to ER.
Everyone knows Homeland Security can't keep track of its money.
So what does America do? Enlighten us.
What do we do? Hire more people, and pour in more money.
And you think that's a bad business decision.
(chuckles) Incredibly stupid.
Only an American could be that stupid.
That's a little harsh.
You can't expect someone to go from Harvard Business School to Pacoima without feeling cheated.
“Cheated”" Hmm.
DEEKS: What was that? Did Callen just wink at us? Mm, I think it was more of a tic.
Does Callen have a tic? No, I think it just looked like a tick.
Is that something you develop later in life? Is this something I should be worried about? Maybe.
He said Pacoima.
He also said Harvard Business School.
That's oddly specific.
That's something we can use.
So, how did Callen and Sam get this guy to start talking? Because they're good.
They're very, very good.
All right.
BEALE: Hey, guys, so I checked out all the Harvard Business School grads working at the Pacoima DHS Fusion Center, and two names stand out.
Who are they? Donna Merritt.
She's single.
Has no connection to China or Hong Kong.
According to her bank account, she is definitely not making a government salary.
And the other? Edward Lee.
His parents are Chinese Nationals who immigrated here the year he was born.
He's never visited Shanghai before, but, ever since 2013, he's been twice a year.
All right, Nell and I will check out Edward.
Sam and I got Donna.
Dark roast.
Have you been here before? Yo, Edward.
What's up? The usual? Hey, my man.
You know it.
Uh (laughs) Yeah, yeah, I mean, I probably give half my paycheck to this place.
Okay, then, I have a serious question for you.
How do you feel about this mojito iced coffee? Oh, it is mind-blowing.
Once you try it, there is no turning back.
(chuckles) So I'll be funneling half my paycheck to this place too? - Yeah, exactly.
- (chuckles) Okay.
No, no, I'm serious.
Like, my girlfriend, she moved to Shanghai a few years ago, but every time she's in town, she makes me drive here directly from the airport.
Shanghai? That is some serious long distance.
Yeah, yeah, I would not recommend it.
(chuckles) So, you've, uh, been keeping that up for a while or Mm-hmm.
Although we both make the flight, like, twice a year each, so, you know, it's pretty manageable at least.
Well, that's cool.
Well, good luck with that, and, uh thanks for the java tip.
Yeah, absolutely.
Take care.
BARISTA: Dirty chai latte? (sighs) So, I don't think Edward's in bed with Zhang Kiu.
DEEKS: Agreed.
You can go grab me one of those minty coffees.
Easy on the cream, heavy on the sugar.
In your caffeinated dreams, Deeks.
Is that my chai tea? Do they make gluten-free muffins? Nell? Mm.
Nope, nope.
(grunts) (exhales sharply, then sniffs) What? Why you lookin' at me like that? Everything okay with, you know, with those? Really? I just almost broke a guy's arm who was coming at you with a knife.
With my bare hands.
But I bet your calves are killing you.
Oh, you have no idea.
SAM: Looks like Donna's had company.
Clear! G, in here.
Ming Wah.
She's gone.
Looks like two gunshot wounds, about an hour ago.
That'd give Donna Merritt plenty of time to get away.
At least now we know who Zhang Kiu is working with.
I'm gonna assume that their professional relationship is over at this point, considering Zhang Kiu just tried to have her killed.
ERIC: According to Donna Merritt's financials, Zhang Kiu is either paying her extremely well Or she's ripping him off.
I think Zhang Kiu finally realized that Donna Merritt's been building her own contraband empire behind his back.
Whoever said greed was good? ERIC: Oh.
There's more.
Donna Merritt has also been assigning bogus DHS contracts to a shell corporation, owned and operated by Donna Merritt.
She's certainly entrepreneurial.
Harvard would be proud.
How many contracts we talking? I found over $400 million worth of stolen funds so far.
Give me one reason why I shouldn't unleash Zhang Kiu on her right now.
I think she should be fed to the dogs.
But we did get the toxicology report back on Jessie Evans' autopsy.
The pill that was put into his drink was laced with a lethal dose of the same caustic poison found in counterfeit prescription drugs currently on street corners throughout the Southwest.
GRANGER: Don't tell me.
It was made in China.
Zhang Kiu doesn't have the inventory.
Which means Donna Merritt does.
We need to find her.
All right, thanks, Eric, let us know if you find anything.
No luck? Eric can't locate Merritt's car.
She turned her cell phone off.
'Cause we're gonna be here all day and night sifting through all this stuff.
Well, we still may not know where she went.
This is why I keep my place lean and mean.
You need to find something at my house Which I have.
it's all right there.
You'll find it.
Behind fake walls and a steel vault.
What? How did Donna Merritt make it this far? By betraying her country and joining forces with a violent criminal.
But she never got caught because she always hides in plain sight.
And what's the safest place she can go right now? Back to Homeland Security.
She knows that Zhang Kiu is after her, but she doesn't know we are, too.
DHS is the last place someone would expect to see a stash of black market meds.
(line rings) DEEKS: Callen.
Deeks, you and Nell meet us at the DHS Fusion Center.
Got it.
Eric says the office space should be empty.
Could be where Merritt stashed her goods.
Let's hope she hasn't moved them yet.
WOMAN: Hey! MAN: Keep moving.
WOMAN: Let go.
Hey! MAN: Hurry! It's Merritt.
SAM: It's Zhang Kiu's friends.
Go around and cut them off.
DEEKS: On it! Uh guys? If this is where Merritt kept all her pills and purses They're already gone.
Let's move.
First things first.
(both grunting) Cover me.
(gunfire) (man grunts, gun clatters on the floor) (body thuds) (gun slides across floor) Take the front.
(Donna and men panting) That's a terrible plan.
(grunting and panting softly) (both grunt) Ow.
Nell, I got one.
Nell? (both grunting) (man choking) Wow, Nell-osaurus.
You good? Good.
Merritt went that way.
Good, good, good work.
Drop your weapon.
SAM: He's won't ask you twice.
Trust me.
(footsteps approaching) So, let me get this straight, we just risked our lives to protect a known traitor? - Well, when you put it like that - Yeah.
SAM: Yes.
She has information we need.
Plus, our way will be more painful in the end.
Hope it was worth it.
That's a textbook choke.
Where'd you learn that? Um a textbook.
Oh, touché.
Assistant Director.
Merritt just told me where she stashed all of her contraband in exchange for a more lenient sentence.
Really? Or so she thinks.
(chuckles) How'd it go out there today? Good.
And also complicated.
How so? Well, you know, I have pretty big shoes to fill.
That's true.
And I want to step up, I do, it's not that, I mean you know, I want to be there for Deeks.
But the truth is, I I can't stop thinking about the reason why I'm getting my chance now.
Is that why you're returning your weapon? Well I heard you were looking for a replacement for Kensi.
Maybe not.
But let's get one thing straight.
You were not there today to replace Kensi.
You were there to honor her.
(softly): Okay.
(chuckles) Well, good night, Assistant Director.
Hey, Jones.
One more thing, from here on out, let's just make it Granger.
Okay? I don't know.
Sir, I think that might be kind of weird.
It's an order.
(chuckles) WOMAN (over P.
system): Dr.
Wilson to cardiology.
Wilson to cardiology.
Deeks? Mr.
Deeks? (groans) Martin! Did I miss the bus? (yells) You're not my mom.
Oh, hell no.
Sorry, it's freezing in here.
How's our girl? She's pretty much the same.
Responded a little bit to pain, which they think, you know, that may be a good sign, so Why don't you go home and get a good night's sleep? I'll stay with her for a while.
You sure about that? Well, with Kensi gone, I need you on your game more than ever.
(inhales) Hon.
I'll see you in the morning.
I love you.
All right.
Good night, Hetty.
Good night, Martin.
Easy with the “Martin”" Oh I know you've been through a lot.
We need you now.
It's time for you to wake up.
Can you squeeze my hand? Squeeze my hand, Ms.
That's an order.
I'm won't say it again.
You rest now.