NCIS Los Angeles s08e08 Episode Script

Parallel Resistors

1 (upbeat music playing, lively chatter) CHAPMAN: According to Gauss's law, how can the point-charge value of a spatial charge distribution be found? (buzzer sounds) Volonev.
By the closed-surface integral of the electric flux through an existing volume.
Absolutely correct.
Ten points for Whitley.
(bell dings, crowd cheers) In the solenoid coil force formula, what is the magnetic constant? (buzzer sounds) Patel for Braddock.
Four pi times ten to the negative seventh.
Nicely done.
(applause) That will tie our score.
(bell dings) In relativistic electrodynamics, what quantity must replace the classical field vectors? (buzzer sounds) Rhee.
The electromagnetic tensor.
CHAPMAN: I'm sorry, I'm looking for something a little more specific.
I know this.
(electricity crackling, crowd gasping) Call 911! NCIS: LA 8x08 Parallel Resistors @elderman Morning, Deeks.
Bright and early.
Just catching up on some reports.
Oh, you must be getting used to sleeping on that couch at the hospital.
Oh, on the contrary, last night at home, I got 12 blissful hours of slumber.
But tonight, back to the sofa of soreness, the davenport of distress.
Yeah? How's Kens doing? Oh, she's kicking physical therapy's butt for the next six months.
Well, that's good.
Tell her we'll bring her some takeout tonight.
She would love that.
"In answering the call to serve my country, "I choose to uphold "and preserve the values of democracy "and to devote myself to a lifetime of honor and personal" What is this? My daughter's essay.
What she wants to be when she grows up? Application to Keating.
The military academy? Kamran's just a kid.
They start them in seventh grade.
Just to clarify, you're sending your daughter off to boarding school? I'm not sending her.
It's what she wants.
Yeah, but at 12? Kids need a supportive family.
They do.
Or else they end up like you two knuckleheads.
Double ouch, painful.
Low blow.
Seriously, Kamran has her roots, now she'll get her wings.
(bell rings) Every time a bell rings, a special agent gets his wings.
Case on deck.
NELL: Last night at the Pacific Seas.
Looks like trivia night.
Yeah, battle of the nerds.
NELL: Whitley's electrical engineering grad students versus Braddock.
It was all fun and games, until DEEKS: Ooh.
That is PhD candidate Yuri Volonev.
Did he survive? ERIC: Uh, hospitalized and in a coma.
You think he was targeted? Possibly.
He works with Professor Laleh Moradi on a Navy contract.
She's currently developing the power supply for the next generation railgun.
It is a redesign from the previous model.
DEEKS: (whistles) That's one hell of a weapon.
SAM: Uses electromagnetic force, not explosives, to send a missile farther and faster.
I can think of a few countries who'd be interested.
Well, here's the problem.
In the private military development sector, security is as tight as a drum, but the university embraces collaboration and shared ideas.
It looks like someone might be talking out of school.
Loose lips sink ships.
We'll take the tiki bar.
Deeks, back to school at Whitley U.
You're doing great, Kensi.
That's time.
How did that feel? Fine.
You must feel yourself getting stronger and more coordinated.
Yeah, sure.
You ready to try standing? Yeah.
(groans softly) Nice.
Now, how about trying to take a couple steps? (panting) (sniffles) Well done.
That's enough walking for today.
You can work through your arm routine on your own, okay? Yeah, for sure.
Hang in there.
Your hard work is paying off.
Are you a model or something? I mean, that looked like a runway walk to me.
Sorry, are you trying to be funny? Actually, I was shooting for disarming with a touch of charm.
I'm Sullivan.
Kensi short for MacKenzie? No.
Mine was an IED.
Did you fall off a stripper pole or something? Okay, are you freakin' serious now? You're lucky I'm in this wheelchair.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
You're a real bad bitch, huh? Yeah, I'd kick your ass even when you did have a leg.
Oh, I can tell by the way you're throwing around that pink, two-pound dumbbell.
(grunts) Thirty.
Smaller, lighter, but with unthinkable power.
That's the goal of our research on energy supplies.
All your students work on military projects? Just Yuri.
Most of our grants have civilian applications: uh, electric vehicles, hospital backup systems, solar power storage.
DEEKS: You notice anything unusual about Yuri's behavior? He's a U.
We both have high-level clearance, polygraph tests, background checks.
He's not the guy you worry about.
Yeah, unless somebody approached him and he didn't cooperate.
Sorry to interrupt.
The transcripts and photos you requested.
Excellent, for Detective Deeks.
Nice to meet you.
Scott works in Student Affairs.
Let him know if you need anything else.
Okay, perfect.
Thank you.
You have all my grad students in your hands.
Looks like the United Nations.
We are a world-class institution.
I'm late for a faculty meeting.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you so much again.
Excuse me.
You are investigating what happened to Yuri? I am.
My name is Oluwa Tinabu.
Yeah, right here, from, uh, Nigeria.
I'm the guy who sent you those e-mails so you can get rich from frozen bank accounts in my country.
So, you, uh, you work with Yuri? On what exactly? We use high-k dielectrics such as calcium copper titanate with highly conductive graphene-silver microplates to maximize spatial energy density storage.
That's, uh that's fascinating.
I one time made a potato clock.
So, what's going on? Look, Yuri's a good friend.
He confides in me.
He said that someone was trying to hack into his classified files, but he doesn't know who.
(indistinct police radio chatter) Definitely tampered with.
SAM: It's a solenoid, timer and receiver.
Tap this, 120 volts of AC comes out.
Not exactly sophisticated.
That's Electronics 101.
Any of these grad students could've wired that thing in their sleep.
What about security cameras? The setup crew accidently disabled the system.
The cameras came back online just before the bar opened.
Careless or convenient? This is Minjun Rhee; he was in charge of setup.
Special Agent Callen, NCIS.
He's all yours.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
We've run this event for three years, never had a problem.
Who helped you last night? I set up the buzzers and scoreboard by myself.
Anyone touch any of your gear, move anything? Not that I saw.
Who else was here? A bunch of people from Whitley set up the lights, the banners.
You know their names? Some, not all.
(person coughs) What's in there? Security system hard drives.
(person coughs) Federal agents.
Open up.
Unlock the door.
Could be destroying evidence.
(inhales) Well, after an hour of pulling teeth, we have a name: Nadia.
And we know Yuri's her father.
She's 12 years old, only child.
Her mother thought she was doing homework in the hospital cafeteria.
Nadia, what grade are you in? I have a daughter in sixth.
When did you leave the hospital? Pamela Volonev.
Thank you.
Agent Callen, NCIS.
We're sorry to disturb you at a time like this.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
Any progress on your husband? PAMELA: We're hoping he wakes up in a day or two.
I'm so sorry if she caused you any trouble.
She was just trying to help.
You don't have to play detective, Nadia.
That can get a little dangerous.
If you know anything, you can just tell us.
On the security system, she wants to know if you did a deep scan for missing files and a RAM analysis.
We will look into that.
You know a lot for a young girl.
She's homeschooled.
Got a perfect score on her math S.
, early acceptance to Cal Tech.
At 12 years old? Is she gonna live in the dorms? No, she's too young, too shy.
She needs to be at home.
That sounds like the right decision.
(sighs) Just a couple of questions, um does Yuri have any conflicts in the lab? CALLEN: Any new foreign contacts? Not that I know of.
We'll need to see his home computer, okay? Nadia, you can talk to us.
We don't bite.
She says that Yuri's plans for the power supply are of no value alone.
You'd also have to get plans for the guidance system from Braddock University.
You're pretty strong for a chick.
Are you sure you're not a dude? Yeah, my fiancé talks smack, too, when he's nervous.
Fiancé? Mm-hmm.
Who's the lucky lady? Wait, don't tell me, let me guess.
I didn't spend years in PSYOP for nothing.
You're too old for a hipster.
Okay, you're a dick.
But your type's gonna be nonthreatening, borderline submissive because you think you're the alpha male.
(laughs) Oh, it's a pity that IED didn't take out your tongue.
He's gonna be fit but thin, more cute than manly.
Some sort of a cross between a beach boy surfer and a terrier.
Is this part of the therapy? (chuckles) (groans) I was distracted.
I was bored of pretending.
Is this the guy? Yeah, I'm the guy.
What's going on, man? Deeks.
Deeks, Sullivan.
Nice to meet you.
We should leave.
Hey, uh do you surf, brah? Uh, I do.
I do actually surf.
Do you surf? Not at the moment.
Well, every third Saturday, I take out vets if you want to go.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
DEEKS: Cool.
All right, have a good one.
- You, too.
Nice to meet you.
- Take care.
Have a good one, Special K.
See you later.
I like that Sullivan.
I'm glad you made a friend.
He's not really a friend.
He's more of an obnoxious ass that I was trying to shut up.
Well, regardless, you seem better today.
I'm okay.
I'll take it.
Okay is good.
Sorry I've been so difficult.
All right, you have nothing to apologize for.
You got a lot on your plate.
I do.
I've been taking it out on you, and I shouldn't do that.
No, you haven't.
(clears throat) Do you, do you still have it with you? Huh? The ring.
I hocked it for a Segway.
They seem really cool, fun on the boardwalk.
(hums) Do you have it with you? The Segway? No, it's at the house.
Can I see it? Okay.
(clears throat) Pick a hand, any hand.
Okay, put it away.
You want to try it on? Nope.
You sure? In fact, I don't want to see it again until I get out of here.
I need something to look forward to.
So actually, promise me that even if I beg, you will not let me see it again.
Okay, sounds like a plan.
I like it.
Going away.
(high-pitched): I'm going away.
Okay, wait, just one more time.
No, it's too late.
Just one more time.
It's too late.
Okay, but this is the last time.
What did you just agree to? What? I said, "Promise me you will not show it to me even if I beg.
" What are you doing? You're so crazy.
At least I can keep a promise.
GRANGER: Where's Deeks? Stopped by to see Kensi.
And where are we? Well, we ran background checks on all the grad students at Whitley.
Everything's clean as a whistle.
A whitewashed Whitley whistle.
(whistles) What about Professor Moradi? Well 25 years of classified work with no irregularities.
DoD doesn't give one university all the keys to the kingdom.
Maybe we'll find something at Braddock.
Well, Professor Chapman does have the contract for the railgun guidance system.
Have Deeks talk to some of his students.
Find out if something's not kosher.
Really? Really? What? Deeks didn't quite interface with the engineering students at Whitley so well.
Mm, the guy has a tough time changing the batteries in his own smoke detector.
And? Well, I mean I could, uh, go undercover.
So could I.
Rochambeau? Let's do it.
BOTH: One, two, three, shoot.
BOTH: One, two, three, shoot.
BOTH: One, two, three, shoot.
Stop it.
Jones, it's you.
All right.
CHAPMAN: With your interest in guidance systems, you should know we have just one defense contract.
Oh, I'm actually more interested in civilian applications.
- Plenty of those on the docket.
- Hmm.
Self-driving cars, aircraft navigation systems, and a drone home delivery guidance module designed by Minjun Rhee.
This is Nina Jacobs from Brown.
Nice to meet you.
So, we use cameras and ultrasonic sensors and computer vision algorithms to map the surrounding area.
All systems go.
Well, let's give it a whirl.
(beeping) (whirring) The flight pattern is a they cross in an "X," so collision's inevitable if they don't auto-correct.
NELL: Right.
(beeping) CHAPMAN: Why are they turning around? This is rather unusual.
Well, this is embarrassing.
Preliminary testing was flawless.
(beeping) NELL: Uh, guys? You might want to (gasping) What the hell was that? I have no idea.
CHAPMAN: Are you kidding me? Whoa.
Uh, uh The laptop.
Powering down.
Aah, it's really hot! Whoa.
CHAPMAN: Get the fire extinguisher! Coming right up.
Hey, Eric, have Deeks bring a torched Kujoro RQ07FHD.
ERIC: On it.
He almost never touches this one.
He says home time is family time.
Sounds like a good man.
Anything else in the house he might've used? Maybe a hard drive? Mm.
Eric, how we doing in Ops? (sighs) No hacks.
Nothing in any e-mails or documents mentioning his suspicions.
Sorry, guys.
You know what, wait, we might have something.
CALLEN: Stay on, Eric.
See if you can isolate the, uh, USB drive.
Where did this come from? Sometimes he backs up his work to the thumb drive.
There's only one file.
Looks like a video.
So sorry, Nadia, my dear, I'm on a big deadline.
I have to work every night and every weekend.
I miss you.
I love you to Pluto and back.
Very sweet.
But not much help.
This video was dated yesterday.
But last night, he was at the, uh, tiki bar.
He wasn't working.
And two nights ago, he was home for dinner.
Why would he lie? Maybe there's more to the video.
Eric, can you check for embedded information? He might be using a technique called steganography to hide a message inside the video.
How much time do you need to figure it out? More than a minute, less than an hour.
So, Minjun is the only student with clearance to work on the railgun.
So, what, you think someone's trying to kill him with that drone attack? Maybe.
Or he's passing secrets, needed to destroy some stuff on the laptop.
But there's a lot easier ways to do that, right? I think there's something going on here.
Probably right.
Oh, hey.
(chuckles) I thought we scared you away.
On these types of interviews, I like to talk to students.
Learn more that way.
Oh, I'm sorry, this is my, uh my boyfriend.
His name is Sheldon.
I'm-I'm Sheldon, the boyfriend.
Uh, sorry about your loss.
Uh, are you an engineer, too? No, no.
I'm more of a poet.
I'm a PhD candidate in Eastern philosophy.
Speaking of which, you mind if I wander? Knock yourself out.
Thanks, brother.
I hope you're also applying to Whitley.
Their financial aid is way better.
That's good to know.
Everybody here has a job on the side to make ends meet.
Tutor, teaching assistant, even cocktail waitress.
So, uh, how's it going? It's going.
Cool, cool.
Good talk.
Dedicated to the work.
Got to respect that, right? Ah.
Yogastha kuru karmani.
Excuse me? "Established in being, perform action.
" Uh, it's from the Bhagavad Gita.
Yes, I'm familiar with it.
I figured.
I saw Ganesh and thought you might appreciate the aphorism, you know? Some sacred Sanskrit Are you okay? What happened? DEEKS: Oh, Fraggle Rock.
Oh! I think (grunts) This is why you don't let a philosophy graduate student into the engineering lab.
Wow, I think I just knocked the knocked the prana right out of me, huh? (hisses) I went down like a dog.
Like a downward dog.
Oh! Sun salutation! Oh, that makes me feel better.
I'm gonna see you later.
CALLEN: Looks like a key code.
SAM: What do we do with it? ERIC: It's the password for Yuri's secure Whitley account.
It's where he keeps the schematic for the railgun power supply.
Anyone else try and log in? Eh, not successfully.
After three failed attempts, everything gets deleted.
But he was suspicious of someone.
So much so that he copied and then deleted the power supply plan yesterday.
Here's why.
Two attempted log-ins by "newstudent2017.
" Tried to steal his work.
Maybe tried to electrocute him, too.
CALLEN: Is there a name associated with this account? Yeah.
Last name "Student," first name "New.
" Someone with super-user credentials created the account then covered their tracks.
All right.
We'll head back to Whitley.
Let us know when you get a hit, Eric.
ERIC: Yep.
How did you know? How did we know what? To look inside the video.
(grunts) I didn't know, it just came to me.
That doesn't make sense.
What do you like about math? It's logical.
Take the correct steps, you always get the right answer.
Yeah, but life isn't always like that.
Sometimes, to solve a problem, you have to think outside the box.
SAM: So, you go way out on limb, think of something crazy you've never done before.
Could put you back on the right track.
So, if this is Minjun's real drive, what's on the one we swapped in? Well, you know, randomized dipoles, heat-induced blisters, and a whole mess of smoke particles.
Basically, nothing recoverable.
Well done, you.
Thank you.
(computer beeps) Check it out.
Got a shot of the guidance module.
And that is what the bad guys want.
NELL: Half of what the bad guys want (exhales) Bingo.
Located a keystroke logger.
Keystroke lager? I tried one of those in a nice microbrewery up in Seattle, although I do prefer the complex aroma of a good ale.
Come on, Deeks.
I get it.
It means that anyone, anywhere, can steal classified entries.
Well, not quite.
This laptop's been air gapped, meaning it's never been used on Wi-Fi.
But this particular program turns on the computer's Bluetooth.
Meaning you'd have to be close by to steal the signal.
Like, inside the lab.
Oh, yeah.
So, that should narrow it down to a few students.
- What do we got? - Mm-hmm.
DEEKS: All right.
We got Herta, (German accent): who's a German.
(chuckles) We've got Ganeev, the, uh, woman from India.
NELL: Hold up.
She is from Pakistan.
Pakistan? But all the Hindus moved back into India in 1947.
Why does she have a Hindu deity on her desk? Yeah.
And why is she serving alcohol as a cocktail waitress? MAN: Have a good day.
NADIA: My mom makes me get a fruit bar.
Well, special agents get you special privileges.
It's our way of saying thanks.
So awesome.
Definitely something I've never done before.
We're heading back to the hospital.
Any news, we'll call.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
She is a very good mom.
Because of the ice cream deprivation? Refined sugar causes childhood obesity and diabetes.
And happiness.
I think there's a place for moderation.
Otherwise, kids are constantly craving the things they can't have.
Thank you, Dr.
Are you calling me a Vulcan? NADIA: Please, no! NADIA: Mommy! Mom! MAN: Get in! Hurry up! Go, go, go! CALLEN: Eric, we got a kidnapping! I need you on every traffic cam in the neighborhood now! SAM: It's a gray Camry, silver, late model! There's a girl in the backseat! (tires screech) (horn honking) Move! Move! (sobs loudly) Come on! Move! (horn honking) No one enters.
PAMELA: Why would they take a little girl? CALLEN: Either money or information.
She doesn't know anything.
SAM: Does she know Yuri's passwords? Not all of them.
What about her accounts? Yuri could've (phone rings) hid the plans in there.
(exhales) Yeah, Eric.
ERIC: Silver Toyota has no plates.
I'm still scanning traffic cams.
Anything on Nadia's cell? They must've turned it off.
We need to look in her cloud storage.
On it.
We have an Amber Alert.
Every law enforcement agency in town is looking for her.
When they call in with their demands, we're gonna trace that call.
(monitor beeping rapidly) (beeping stops) (sniffles) SAM: His heart rate's at 140.
Could be stress.
You think he's hearing all this? I hope not.
Uh, sorry, I think I left my sunglasses here.
I don't know if you saw them, but (sighs) Did I hear you're from Brown? Guilty.
(chuckles) That's a pretty big move.
Well, not as far from home as you are, right? Is it India? Pakistan.
If you think being a woman in engineering is hard, you should try being a Hindu in Pakistan.
It's about one percent of the population.
So, how did your interview go? Uh Fine.
I I think.
I, uh I don't know.
In spite of the crash.
We're not exactly putting our best foot forward.
I, um I heard about the electrocution.
It was terrible.
Minjun feels responsible.
I'm sure.
Um he mentioned that you worked at the bar where it took place? Well, it pays the rent.
And I get the grad students in free for trivia night.
I'm only there to set up, but that night I had a nanophotonics lab.
ERIC: Nadia's cloud storage is iris scan protected.
(sighs) I have to acquire the code algorithm and then reverse engineer the iris image.
It could take hours.
Fast as you can.
SAM: Looks like his heart rate's down.
The nurse gave him a sedative.
I think I need one, too.
(phone ringing) Incoming, Eric.
Ready and able.
(phone continues ringing) SAM: Try to keep them on the line.
MALE VOICE: Missus Volonev, your daughter is fine, but we need your help.
What do you need? Tell her to cooperate with her iris scan or else she will be harmed.
Can I speak to her? NADIA: Mommy? Sweetheart, are you okay? I think so.
Do whatever they want.
But it's not right.
I don't want anything bad to happen.
Please, do what they ask.
(panting): Hard to breathe.
She's having an asthma attack.
She needs the inhaler! MALE VOICE: Where is her backpack? NADIA: Can't move any air You have to help her, please! MALE VOICE: Don't let her die! You need to get her medicine! Then let her look! (line beeps) Sweetheart? - Lost the call.
- Eric? Yeah.
Burn phone, triangulated to downtown L.
Best I can do is a one-block area with around 20 buildings.
Have LAPD set up a perimeter.
We will search every one of those buildings if we have to.
Her mom just got a message.
It's a photo.
It's completely black, but it's definitely from Nadia's phone.
She took a photo inside her backpack.
Get the metadata off it.
All right, done.
Sending you her GPS coordinates now.
You have a very smart daughter.
Bring her back.
(woman speaking indistinctly over P.
) NELL: You really, uh, commit to your undercover work, huh? From the Upanishads: "The wise man beholds all beings in the self, and the self in all beings.
" Ah.
Well, this wise woman beholds a schematic to the engineering building.
FYI: This flashing cursor is the dummy guidance module I skillfully placed in Professor Chapman's secure office.
Muddy waters are best cleared by leaving them alone.
Hmm? That's my boy Alan Watts.
I like it.
So, whoever placed the keystroke logger on Minjun's laptop will probably take the bait.
Instead of stealing the plans, they get the whole enchilada.
So all we need is patience.
Mahatma Gandhi? Uh, Axl Rose.
I think.
Could be Mel Gibson.
Module's on the move.
I'll cover the back.
Crouching Tiger waits.
Go get him.
(men talking indistinctly nearby) (indistinct talking continues) Federal agents! Move away from the girl.
This is your last chance to end this peacefully.
(grunts) It's okay.
It's okay.
You're safe.
Thank you.
Did you get my photo? That's why we're here.
You're very smart and very brave.
No, I gave them my iris scan.
It's okay.
You had to.
Which one of them called your mom? There was another one who took off.
A freaky guy with a ski mask on.
Your breathing sounds better.
I'm fine.
Guess you found your inhaler.
I faked the asthma attack to get to my phone.
Really? You told me to think outside the box.
I did.
It worked.
Let's get you out of here.
It's moving.
No Oh, showtime.
Hey, excuse me.
(bike engine starts) Hey, my uncle gave me a Vespa.
I wanted to talk to you Okay, LAPD! I need your bike! Whoa, whoa! Hey, man.
(engine starts) (tires screech) (horn honks, tires screech) (horn honking, people gasping) DEEKS: Eric, get on security cams.
North parking lot structure-- there's a blue Vespa I may lose.
(horn honking, people gasping) LAPD! Nice and easy.
(excited chatter) All right.
Nice and easy, take off the helmet.
Evel Ganeevel.
I did not see that coming.
What are you talking about? In the words of the wise Buddha, karma's a bitch.
I really just have one question that needs to be answered, and that is: how did classified military hardware end up in your pocket? NELL: Ooh, that is a good question.
I thought it was a solar aircraft module.
I was planning to calibrate the tracking algorithm at home.
You can't do that at school? No.
I wrote some code that doesn't run on the lab computers.
Solar aircraft, for the military? It's a civilian project.
Okay, then why would Chapman keep it in a secure lab? You'd have to ask him that.
Or, more importantly, how did you get into a secured lab? I didn't.
I don't have clearance.
He left it for me outside.
Well, for your sake, let's hope he backs up that story.
ERIC: All day long, I have been searching for newstudent2017.
The one who hacked Yuri.
And probably the one who zapped him when Yuri got suspicious.
Yeah, newstudent2017 is elusive, he's evasive.
But then, he logged onto a public computer in the library for one minute, and I nailed his ass.
That is not one of our students.
His name is Scott Young.
He's Director of Student Affairs at Whitley.
I met him.
He gave me transcripts.
Yeah? We can pick him up at Whitley.
Not so fast.
He went home sick today.
Address is on the way.
Nice work, Eric.
How's it going in there? I mean, she's not giving up anything.
Only way they can pull this off is to get the power supply from Whitley, guidance system from Braddock.
Well, if Scott and Ganeev are working together, they can have whatever they want.
DEEKS: Maybe they met on Grindr.
I mean Tinder.
Okay, Ganeev applied for a transfer to Whitley.
She was hoping for a better scholarship.
He knew about her financial hardship.
She's an easy mark.
It's over, Ganeev.
What's over? Your spying, your freedom, your degree.
We arrested Scott Young for stealing the railgun power supply plans from Whitley.
Yeah, he said it was all your idea.
You twisted his arm, offered him a million dollars.
Who you selling to? Russia? China? ISIS? This is ridiculous.
These are all lies.
Do I need a lawyer in here? Well, that's your call.
But you should know that to get the plans, Scott kidnapped a 12-year-old girl.
Daughter of a student at Whitley.
Still missing.
May not be alive.
I met Scott once when I applied.
He wouldn't do something like that.
Why don't you take a listen.
SCOTT: Tell her to cooperate with her iris scan or else she will be harmed.
NADIA: Mommy? PAMELA: Sweetheart, are you okay? NADIA: Hurt to breathe.
(panting) Can't move any air.
(labored panting) Is she all right? We don't know.
If you tell us the truth, maybe we'll find her.
(sighs) None of this was my idea.
After my interview, Scott told me there was a way to make $250,000.
By stealing classified research? My father was a doctor at the medical college in Lahore.
He was doing charity work in Afghanistan, giving medical care, when he was killed by a U.
drone strike.
(sighs) I'm very sorry to hear that.
So this is about revenge? No.
It's about survival.
My family only receives $120 a month in benefits.
They're living in poverty.
They're starving.
And they deserve much better.
Yes, they do.
But espionage means 30 years in a federal prison.
It's a risk I had to take.
SAM: In a few years, you could have had a PhD.
A great career.
I couldn't wait.
My younger brother died of cholera.
My mother has drug-resistant TB.
Did you consider the consequences? The loss of American lives? Vast sums of research money down the drain? Your government hemorrhages over $600 billion a year on defense.
And every year, they build new weapons that make the old ones obsolete.
(scoffs) It's an endless cycle that my act would barely impact.
But it could have saved my family! Look, you can try and make this right if you're willing to work with us.
I mean, is it bad to feel bad for the bad guy? Bingo.
Exactly, that's what I'm saying.
So you do have sympathy No.
I just figured it out.
Scott Young, born Y-U-N-G.
He changed his name when he moved here from Singapore.
And he's from money.
So why is he selling Navy secrets? Well, his dad is a nuclear physicist with ties to the Chinese intelligence service.
Looks like he received poor grades in high school, and then didn't get accepted into a university engineering program.
Wow, so maybe it's not about the money.
Maybe he's just trying to win back his dad's approval.
(upbeat music playing, lively chatter) I'll keep a tab open.
Ganeev just delivered it.
He's checking it out.
SAM: Any word on Scott Young? He wasn't home.
There's a BOLO out for him.
My guy's on the move.
Got your back.
(applause) Federal agent.
Put your hands on your head.
Back up slow.
Hands on your head.
(people gasping, clapping) G, I'm disarmed.
Got no shot.
There's too many people.
They think it's part of the show.
(people cheering) This guy's got skills.
You see that? Got it.
(grunting) You good? Never been better.
(indistinct police radio chatter) Feel like I'm in Disneyland.
They say this place was Walt's inspiration.
It's been here since 1935.
You finish up with Ganeev? Yeah.
She's with the assistant U.
And because of her cooperation, things might work out.
That's good to hear.
So, Kensi is expecting me and this hot chocolate, so I'm gonna take off.
We promised her takeout.
You know what, get her a ham and cheese panini, she'll love you forever.
It'll still be hot when we get there.
Thank you.
Enjoy sleeping on the sofa.
Oh, geez.
Thank you.
Nice catch.
We were on our way back to the hospital, but she insisted.
I never got to properly thank you.
Sure, you did.
In the storeroom.
Not properly.
Properly? Stand up.
All right.
That is sweet.
All my life, I've wanted to be an engineer, but, ever since today, special agent sounds pretty good.
(Sam and Callen laugh) You have a lot of years to decide, okay? You keep thinking outside the box, huh? Well, we better get going.
Your dad's asking for you by name.
Good night, my angels.
Sladkikh snov.
That was a pretty sweet moment.
I've had a lot of those over the years.
You sure about this military school thing? I mean, you should think about it.
You're gonna be missing a lot of those moments.
It's not about me; it's about her.
It's about what she needs.
But you, on the other hand, are seriously lacking those moments in your life.
Kids? Really? (chuckles) That would require a woman.
The right woman.
(chuckles) SAM: You can always adopt Beale.
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