NCIS Los Angeles s08e09 Episode Script


1 My mother worked for the CIA.
(laughs) Forgive me.
Pavel Volkoff, my protégé.
He's a good man.
Can you help us? There's a "man of interest" to us in Los Angeles.
What's this man's name? Artem Fedor.
Artem Fedor? (groaning) You had a sister.
What happened to her? We used to sneak out, down to the river.
It swept her away.
And she was buried with my name Hannah Lawson.
Do you know who I am? I think so.
The reasons matter.
To me, they matter.
Then I will tell it to you all another time, everything.
Here you are.
Thank you, Jason.
You're welcome.
I thought you were quitting, Mary.
Last pack, I promise.
I'm pretty sure that's what you said about the last one.
And the one before that.
And the one before that, yes.
Don't you have any other customers to take care of? Well, yeah, I do, but you're my favorite.
(chuckles) Hey, spare some change, lady? Yes, I think I have a few quarters.
Quarters? I look like a parking meter? Come on, give me cash.
Oh! - Hey, hey, hey! - What? Get out of here, man.
Leave her alone.
What are you doing? Stop.
- I wanted to Just want - No.
What are you Leave her alone, man.
Come on, come on.
Just get moving.
I'm sorry, Mary.
Are you okay? Oh Yes, thank you, Jason.
Thank you.
Well, don't worry about the bill, okay? It's on the house.
NCIS: LA 8x09 Glasnost @elderman (Kensi chuckles) Just promise me that you're gonna restrain yourself this year, okay, that's all.
Restrain myself-- what are you talking about? Last Thanksgiving, you cooked three turkeys, ha-half a ton of mashed potatoes, (laughing) and enough gravy to drown a horse.
I was in a tryptophan coma for two days.
It wasn't the tryptophan.
It was a hangover.
- Ooh.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, you care to join me for Thanksgiving? It looks like I may have an opening.
Now you're trying to replace me? I would love to, but my mom and Mrs.
Deeks will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so it's just the four of us.
Just the four of you? That sounds nice.
Please, you couldn't do Thanksgiving without me.
I'm family.
I'm Uncle Callen.
Yeah, well, you keep complaining about the food, and Uncle Callen's gonna get drowned in that gravy.
(Kensi laughing) I miss this, you guys.
I really miss this.
You'll be back in no time.
just keep at it.
Speaking of which, I should get back to my first torture session of the day.
Who you torturing today? Oh, ho, ho, wow.
That's the best you got? I'm off my game.
We need you back.
Damn right you do.
All right.
Stay safe.
See you boys later.
Morning, fellas.
Good morning.
So do either of you recognize this guy? Artem Fedor.
The man, the mystery.
Our Russian contact, Pavel Volkoff, had us apprehend him here in L.
SAM: In turn, he helped us break Arkady out of prison in Russia, but that was months ago.
Well, Fedor's finally talking and he's got one hell of a story.
In exchange for transfer to minimum security, Fedor claims he has information on an assassination.
Meet Mary Reynolds.
She's a retired dialect coach from Studio City.
CALLEN: Dialect coach? Not your typical target for an assassin.
Fedor thinks someone wants to kill this woman? Oh, according to him, someone already has.
Mary Reynolds has been at St.
Anne's Hospital for the past four days with a mysterious ailment.
As we speak, her blood's being tested for poisons.
So how do we figure into this? Granger wants you to talk to Mary, see if she knows anything.
Granger doesn't want us interrogating Fedor? Actually, Deeks and Eric are already there.
I'm sorry, Eric? Because he's the one who took Fedor down, he claims to have a unique insight into what makes him tick.
He three a flash ring at the guy.
He didn't do a psych profile.
Oh, but he did.
And it's 17 pages long.
I think by page five, Granger just wanted him to get out of here.
Well, Fedor's in prison.
How much trouble can Eric get into? Mr.
Fedor, Artem.
Do you mind if I call you Artem? I'm, uh, Detective Deeks, LAPD, and this is, um I think he knows who I am.
Who is he? ERIC: Wise guy, huh? Maybe this will jog your memory.
Whoa! Is that a grenade? All right, come on.
Excuse me for a second.
What are you doing, man? How did you even get this in here? Wait, no, no, it's fake, see? - Jelly beans.
- Okay.
I don't care, you don't bring a grenade, real or fake, into an interrogation.
What is wrong with you? My psych profile says Fedor responds well to intimidation.
We don't need to intimidate him.
You want to know why, Beale? - Why? - Because he's cooperating.
He called us, remember? Oh, yeah.
Guess I kind of built this moment up in my head for a long time.
Just got a little Crazy.
Sorry, Fedor.
It was a joke, okay? I remember you.
For reals? Yeah.
I guess it's true what they say, huh? Game recognizes game.
Uh, jelly bean? Stop that.
So, um, now that we've hit reset and we're all besties, tell me about Mary Reynolds.
Why would someone want to target her? ERIC: Yeah.
I don't know.
Okay, come on, Artem.
if you want that transfer, we're gonna need more than that.
A lot more.
Beale! Sorry.
All I do know is I was hired by someone in the Russian FSB-- the secret service-- to find a woman names Katerina Polunin.
Now, I discovered she goes by the name of Mary Reynolds, but before I could track her down, you shot me.
Stop pacing.
You've been in prison since February, so how did you know she was targeted? I received a phone call yesterday.
They said my job had been canceled.
Katerina had been neutralized.
That's all they said.
I don't know who this woman is, but there are some very powerful people in the FSB looking for her.
That's interesting.
CALLEN: I'll call Sam.
I don't understand.
My mother's name came up in some investigation? What does that mean? Well, we're not exactly sure yet.
Has she been able to speak? We'd like to ask her a few questions Oh, you can try, but she's been so weak, sometimes she doesn't even recognize me.
Alexandra Please, call me Alex.
Alex Your mother, was she born in the United States? Yeah, she was born here in Los Angeles.
Don't you guys have databases for that information? Just double-checking.
You notice anything out of the ordinary recently? Had she been acting differently? Uh (exhales) Well, besides the fact that we're talking again, no.
We, uh, had a falling out years ago.
This was gonna be our first Thanksgiving in years.
Oh, damn it! I got to go.
I'm working a lunch shift today.
Hey, uh, I'll be back later, okay, Mom? I'll bring you a slice of cherry pie, huh? It's her favorite.
Uh, excuse me.
WOMAN (over p.
): Dr.
Reuben, extension 2219.
Reuben, extension 2219.
Mary, can you hear me? (speaking Russian): Katerina (strained breaths) Maybe Fedor's telling the truth.
(phone buzzes) Not just about her name.
Nell just sent me a message.
Blood tests are in.
They found polonium-210.
FSB's poison of choice.
That's what they used to kill Litvinenko in 2006.
She doesn't have long, G.
(rasping breaths) (straining) So, Callen and Sam checked out Mary-- sorry, Katerina's house, and detected radiation signatures in her bedroom and her bathroom.
So she was poisoned at home.
Actually, those signatures are more likely the results of polonium excreted through her sweat.
If you really want to kill someone with Po-210, you got to inhale it or ingest it.
Checked out her credit card statements, and every afternoon, Katerina would stop by this bakery for a Danish and a cup of tea.
This was six days ago.
First, this homeless man distracts her, and then, watch this sleight-of-hand swap.
Cigarettes-- is nothing safe? I.
's on these two guys? Well, you can't see their faces, but check out this guy's hand.
He's got tattoos of crosses on his knuckles.
Means he spent time in a Russian prison.
Okay, I'm gonna go talk to the waiter.
Maybe he's seen these guys before.
And we should definitely check for a radiation trail.
I mean, chances are anything the assassin touched will have a signature on it.
We should check-- Oh, 'cause you want to come with me.
No, that seems like a good idea.
I just thought that Granger had mentioned, prior to this, that he maybe wanted to get out of the office.
Oh, well, Granger is out of the office.
He's out of the office all day.
That's interesting, he's out a lot lately.
Where is Granger? This may come as a surprise to you, but Granger doesn't really share things with me.
Not surprising.
So, you and me? Yeah, let's uh let's saddle up, shall we, pardner? And this pains me to even have to say, but no grenades.
They were jelly beans.
(indistinct chatter) So, we didn't find any more cigarettes inside.
NEST team's on its way to secure the scene.
You want to talk about it? Whatever's bothering you.
You've been quiet since the hospital.
I don't know, it's just something about the way Katerina looked at me.
It was like she I don't know.
Forget about it.
(scoffs) Wish I could.
Radiation poisoning's a bad way to go.
Whoever she is, she didn't deserve this.
(phone rings) Go ahead, Nell.
NELL: Hey, guys.
So I found Katerina Polunin.
She was born in Moscow in 1964, and lived there until she vanished in 1988.
SAM: So let me guess.
That's when Mary Reynolds popped up in L.
And you guessed right.
All right.
Let us know if you find anything else.
Will do.
Okay, so in 1988, Katerina fled the Soviet Union to start a new life in L.
Why? And is that why she was targeted all these years later? I have a theory.
First we have to talk to someone.
And I don't think you're gonna like it.
I was wondering why I hadn't seen Mary in almost a week.
And you think someone did this to her? We think a customer may be involved.
Have you seen somebody here with, um these tattoos? No.
No, I don't think so.
What about the homeless guy you threw out that morning? Him? Yeah, I-I think he lives in the alley around the block.
Usually harmless, though.
Except for that day.
Oh, uh, your partner, does he have to do that? He's bothering the customers.
Oh, yeah, sorry about that, I'll take care of it.
Thanks for your help.
Hey, um, is Mary gonna be all right? She's at St.
Anne's Hospital.
I'd visit her.
ERIC: Ladies, relax.
You probably get more radiation from your tanning beds.
This is natural, jerk.
Let's go, Portia.
Refresh my memory from ten minutes ago, but didn't you say you were gonna be discreet? Deeks, this table is hot.
Agreed, but is it radioactive? (alert noise) Well, not as much as the cigarette.
Found it on the sidewalk.
Unfortunately, that's all I that I found.
Trail's gone cold, pardner.
Maybe not.
Follow me, kemosabe.
(radiation detector noise) Doesn't look like anybody's home.
Yeah, but our assassin has been here.
Picking up some radiation.
(sniffs) Yeah, I'm picking up something.
Oh, yeah, yeah, it's coming from right here.
Beale, no, don't, wait a minute, Beale (screaming) Hmm.
Dead homeless guy? Yeah.
Dead homeless guy.
ARKADY: Wow, she's very beautiful.
Is she single? Do we look like a match-making service? Arkady, you helped a lot of Soviet refugees find a home here in L.
Is it possible that you helped Katerina settle here back in '88? Like you say, I helped many people.
This is a waste of time.
No, I'm sorry.
It was long time ago.
My memory is not so good anymore.
Besides, it's not me you should be asking.
I only handled things on this end.
In Russia, it was all him.
As far as we know, he fled his farmhouse when we burned it in February.
So unless you know how to contact him.
(TV screen beeps) NELL: Guys? LAPD just responded to Saint Anne's Hospital.
Shots fired in Katerina's room.
We're on our way.
(TV beeps) You don't remember Katerina? Maybe she remembers you.
You're coming with us.
By the time we arrived on the scene, it was all over.
One suspect escaped, another one dead.
Both of them were armed.
SAM: No tattoos.
What happened to the patient, Mary Reynolds? They moved her to another room so we could work the scene.
Looked in bad shape, though.
Doctor doesn't think she'll wake up.
What a shame.
I make trip for nothing.
Good luck, my friends.
Hold on, Arkady.
If LAPD didn't shoot this guy, who did? That would be suspect number three.
(indistinct radio chatter) When we got here, he was just standing over the body.
Didn't say a word.
Just dropped his gun and surrendered.
We ran his prints, but it's like the guy doesn't exist.
SAM: You sure this is how you want to handle this? CALLEN: Why, you don't think he should be in that room? G, I'm not saying that I have a problem putting him in there the guy did just kill someone, I'm saying maybe you shouldn't interrogate your own father.
(door opens) I have questions, Sam.
Had 'em for a long time.
And you will get your answers, Mr.
But right now, we have a case to solve.
I understand that this is personal.
I know how to do my job, Hetty.
I don't even know what to call you.
Garrison? Konstantin? Nikita? Father? (softly): Not yet.
Come to town, you don't want to call your own son, huh? Grisha.
In Russia, I made you a promise.
The reasons.
I will tell you.
You can tell me whatever you want.
Will it be the truth? I don't know.
'Cause the truth is I don't know anything about you.
(through speaker): I don't know who you are.
So why don't we start with what I do know.
1988, you helped a woman, Katerina Polunin, escape from the USSR.
Now, 28 years later, you're found in her hospital room, standing over a man you just killed.
Who was he? He was sent by an FSB Officer named Pavel Volkoff.
You know him.
He's helped us in the past.
For a price, I'm sure.
It may not have seemed it at the time, but trust me when I say, you paid too much.
What does he want? The usual.
Power, money.
As a young KGB Officer, Volkoff embezzled millions.
He hid that money in an account in his mistress' name.
So she stole the money from Volkoff.
Affairs are a messy business.
But then, so was the Soviet Union.
The theft was overshadowed by the collapse of the state.
But not anymore.
Volkoff's star is rising again.
His enemies are looking for dirt.
If they can tie that money to Katerina, Volkoff will be ruined.
He will do anything to stop them.
Volkoff had us arrest someone here.
A man named Artem Fedor.
He was working for Volkoff's enemies.
But when Fedor did not succeed, they came to me.
Asked me to find the woman I had helped all those years ago.
In return, I would be pardoned.
So that's what this is, is it? That's why you're here? This is just a job for you.
Well, now I know.
(indistinct radio chatter) So guy's name is, uh, Calvin Stokes.
He's registered at various homeless shelters.
And according to the M.
, his neck was snapped about six days ago.
Oh, same day Katerina was poisoned.
Meaning he was probably hired by the assassin to distract her.
Well, the waiter did say that Calvin was usually harmless, so something had to change his tune.
Maybe a $100 bill? That's a big note for a homeless person.
Or for any person, for that matter.
Wait a minute, why didn't the assassin take it back? It was hidden in Calvin's shoe.
But cash is untraceable, and our assassin knew that.
But you know what is traceable? Fingerprints.
You got his I.
? No, but it's a new bill, so when Nell ran the prints, only two names came up.
Uh, Calvin.
Dead homeless guy.
And a woman named Marsha Taylor.
Now, she is a bank teller in Mar Vista.
So, when Nell scrubbed the footage from her shift last week, she came up with the assassin.
So you got his I.
No, got a fake I.
Okay, Beale, what did you get? Oh, his debit card.
And it was just used at a parking lot in Montrose.
Can we go? Giddyap.
Oh, my God.
Nice work.
I do not believe it.
Pavel Volkoff is an old friend of mine.
I taught him everything I know.
Sounds like you taught him a little too well.
What does that mean? You're loyal to no one but yourself, Arkady.
You really expect anything different from your prized pupil? I still have contacts at FSB.
And I will be back to prove you wrong.
Thought he'd never leave.
What have you found, Miss Jones? NELL: Not much.
Both the dead body from the hospital and our assassin have been completely backstopped.
FSB? One would assume, but I can't confirm it.
Well, Volkoff would make sure nothing could be traced back to him.
What about Katerina? I did a complete financial background.
There is no evidence of the amount of money your father was talking about hidden anywhere.
HETTY: Thank you, Miss Jones.
We're taking a lot on faith here.
I don't think he's lying about the money but something's not adding up.
The polonium.
Why would Volkoff poison Katerina? Why not just kill her immediately? And why wait six days to finish the job? Unless they were buying more time.
For what? Let me talk to him.
Well, this is the assassin's last known location.
Getting a faint signature.
There's a lot of businesses around here.
Could be grabbing coffee, picking up laundry, or, God forbid, doing CrossFit.
Didn't you do CrossFit? That was Kensi, but she talked about it so much it made me feel like I did it.
Hmm, first rule of CrossFit, always talk about CrossFit.
Now I'd give anything for her to be talking about that again.
Kensi will be back in the field.
I'm sure of it.
Thanks, man.
No, Deeks.
Hmm? I'm serious.
You know how I know Kensi will be back in the field? Because I'm in the field.
I mean, if you had said that I'd be out here in-interrogating people and throwing grenades, carrying a gun Okay, easy, partner.
Put the gun, put the gun away.
If you had said that three years ago, I would have said, "Impossible.
" But you guys, you helped me.
You supported me.
That's what you're doing for Kensi.
So, yeah she'll be back.
Thank you.
(gunshots) All right, now you can take your gun out.
Stay to my left.
Nell, we got shots fired! NELL: Okay.
Notifying LAPD, Callen and Sam.
Down there.
Black Cow Café.
Did you just say Black Cow Café? (people screaming) Yeah, you want me to pick you something up real quick? No, that's where Katerina's daughter, Alex, works.
MAN: Move! (grunts) Federal agents! Put it down! Down! Down! They got a hostage, Nell.
Hang on.
That's Alex.
You know what would be really helpful right now? Don't say grenade.
Deeks, look out! Stay down.
(shouts) (tires screech) Son of a bitch.
(indistinct radio transmission) Feel like we keep arriving after the action.
Full backstop? Yep.
FSB strikes again.
What about the getaway car? Nell's tracking it, but she thinks they may have swapped vehicles.
Where's Eric? He get hurt? He's actually inside interviewing witnesses.
He did great, actually.
He might've kind of sort of saved my life.
Don't worry, Deeks.
We won't tell anyone.
I get Volkoff going after Katerina, but why her daughter? Maybe she knows where the money is.
And she's still working as a waitress? 'Cause I would be island hopping in the Caribbean.
Well, maybe Volkoff's getting desperate.
Hey, guys.
Bulletproof Beale.
(sighs) Hear you saved Deeks' life today.
Ah, you know.
(clears throat) We got a problem.
Just learned that Alex has a son.
He's five years old.
He's in preschool in Glendale.
If they're willing to go after Alex, they might go after her son.
CALLEN: Go pick up the kid.
Keep him safe.
On it.
Where would Volkoff's men take Alex? FSB safe house? That's what I'd do.
So, who do we know that has connections within the FSB? Seriously? Again? This isn't your lucky day, is it? Do you know who I am? Da.
You were Clara's handler.
It's more than 40 years since Callen's mother was killed.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.
How different all our lives would be if I'd just been able to reach her on that beach.
We are all to blame.
If I had not tried to recruit Clara, but I did.
It was my job as a KGB officer.
But she ended up recruiting you.
She was a very persuasive woman.
And beautiful.
Always helps.
Is that why you recruited Katerina? By '88, you were working for the CIA.
You were her handler.
I put Katerina's life in danger, that's why I had to get her out and she was safe for awhile.
I hate to tell you this but Katerina died less than an hour ago.
There was no offer of pardon, was there? This mission was always personal.
I wasn't able to save Clara, but I was able to save her son.
Time for you to finish what you started.
Tomorrow we'll try a short, light jog, but until then, let's work on your fine motor hand skills.
(laughs) Hello.
You'd make a fantastic bean counter.
(laughs) I've got a treat for you two.
Ew, that looks disgusting, even for here.
It's not to eat, it's for ADL practice.
I'm sorry, what? Activities of Daily Living.
Have you not been paying attention? Using a knife and fork is a good exercise that requires you to use isolated finger movements.
So, we don't have to eat this? No but you can if you want.
EMILY: Bon appetite.
That is a very ladylike grip you have there, Special K.
Shut up.
Is food good? (imitating caveman): Chongo like.
Yeah, you're definitely not restaurant ready.
(sighs) Really? Must be my awkward, Chongo grip.
(whispering): Sorry.
Okay, seriously? You want a piece of this? Don't bite off more than you can chew.
Don't don't.
(chuckles) ARKADY: I cannot help you.
My contacts at FSB have gone silent.
Volkoff? I suspect.
He has positioned himself to head up FSB.
That's a lot of power.
Second only to Putin.
People have killed for less.
Pavel has shown his true colors.
He's not the man I thought he was.
Neither are you, Arkady.
That's his way of apologizing.
His way of ruining it.
I appreciate it, my friend.
I'm just sorry I could not do more.
We need another way to find Alex.
NELL: Hey, Callen.
Go ahead, Nell.
Um, is your dad with you? Because he is not in the boatshed.
What? Where's Hetty? Right here, Mr.
I'll explain later, but right now we need to find your father.
It appears he slipped away.
I assume that you have prepared for this eventuality? Activate tracker 7B.
Um, sure.
I'm on it.
Did you put a tracker on your dad? Have you met his dad? No.
If you had, you'd put a tracker on him, too.
There's no way Hetty let your father slip away like that.
Hell no.
She released him.
And she better have a damn good reason.
Sam, turn right.
He's just around the corner.
That's Alex.
What the hell's going on? Alex, are you all right? I'm fine, I'm fine.
Where's my son? He's safe.
Where's you get this jacket? He gave it to me.
He said it was cold outside.
He told them to let me go, that he had what they were looking for.
The money.
Your dad had it all along.
Hospital was an ambush.
Volkoff poisoned Katerina 'cause he knew he could lure my dad out.
Hetty knew he'd lead us to Alex.
He made a trade, the money for her.
Where'd they take you? Um, I don't know.
I don't know.
They-they, they put a hood over my head and dropped me off about a block from here.
Uh, I'm supposed to, um, call this number when I'm-- when I'm safe.
(phone dialing) You okay? Yeah.
(line ringing) Are you safe? She's safe.
Where are you? I am sorry, Grisha.
I am sorry I cannot keep my promise.
I will be with your mother soon.
(phone beeps) Here we go.
Here's your ride.
ALEX: Oh, thank God.
SAM: You're gonna go with him.
(tires screech) (SUV door opens, closes) Alex, Detective Deeks.
He'll take you to your son.
He's okay and he's very excited to see you.
(chuckles) Come with me, let's go.
Nell, any luck tracing that call yet? Yep, we've got it down to a square mile.
Eric's overlaying the tracker's digital footprint to try to narrow it some more.
Alex, wait up.
How long ago did he give you this jacket? Uh, 15, maybe 20 minutes? Did you get that? (typing) Got it.
1724 Rohrman Street.
CALLEN: I see Garrison and two FSB agents.
They look like they're losing their patience.
(grunting) He's not gonna last much longer.
The front door's gated.
By the time we break it down, he'll be dead.
Yeah, we'll be next.
I got an idea.
You want to share it? (grunts) (automatic gunfire) We clear? Da.
It is just the two of them.
SAM: I'll check it out.
You took a big risk.
Not so big.
I trusted Hetty would not let me go without tracking me.
Yeah, well, I need to have a talk with her about keeping secrets.
Maybe you and I need to have the same talk.
The money-- where is it? I told them the truth.
They didn't believe me.
Will you? Try me.
The money is gone.
I donated it decades ago-- refugee charities, peace organizations-- people who really needed it.
I was done with war.
But somehow, it is never done with me.
KENSI: You eat your vegetables, Marine! Eat the vegetables.
You are so dead.
Okay, okay.
You guys are making a mess.
Well, she started it.
Yeah, but I also finished it.
You two are worse than a couple of six year olds.
- Hi.
- What's up brah? What's going on? How's therapy? Uh, physically, she's improving, but mentally, she's going downhill fast.
(whistles) Yeah, like you would know.
I'm really hungry, where would you like to go? I don't know, it looks like you may have already eaten.
- What? - Yeah.
Carrot? (chuckles) Cheers.
No, no, no, no.
You can't slide it, you got to pick it up.
This is about 80L therapy, all right, baby? Not checkers.
So what's the story with that guy? What guy? That guy from the you know, the guy, Sullivan, from the hospital.
What about him? I don't know, you guys are just spending a lot of time together.
Yeah, why do you think that is? We're stuck in a hospital for months, doing therapy.
Why, are you jealous? A little bit jealous? (chuckles) I was just curious.
Crap! It's okay.
It's fine, hey.
Listen, I'll just reset it.
I'm never gonna come back.
I can't even dress myself, I can't pick up a checkers piece, I can't do anything.
Doctors said six months.
How long has it been? (exhales) Two? It's been two.
You're only a third of the way there.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Besides, in all my years as a cop and also as an NCIS agent, I don't think I've ever had to play checkers on a case.
I think you'll be fine.
Yeah, but you have had to draw your gun.
Let me see your hand.
Not that hand, your other hand.
- Oh, you mean my claw? - Yeah.
This thing? (chuckles) Give me the claw.
Oh, yeah.
Give me that sexy little claw.
I like a good claw, it's like dating a, a sexy pirate.
Okay, I shouldn't have said anything.
(sighs) (chuckles softly) HETTY: Well, well.
I was beginning to fear the worst.
I'm not dead yet, Henrietta.
Not even close.
Owen, no one would blame you if you took some time off.
You know me better than that.
And when I do go, it's not gonna be sitting at home.
Have you at least spoken with your daughter? No.
Not yet.
Jones filled me in on the events of the day.
You know, that was one hell of a gamble you took-- letting Callen's father go.
If he had died, Callen never would have forgiven you.
And I would have had to live with that.
But if I hadn't let Callen's father save that girl, he would have had to live with something far worse.
So what's next? That's for Mr.
Callen to decide.
MAN: I'm so sorry for your loss.
(indistinct chatter) It is beautiful here.
It is.
Grisha, I intend to keep my promise.
You deserve to know the reasons, why I wasn't part of your life.
Or my sister's life.
If you had been a part of our lives or her's she might still be here.
I could not be there for you, not the way you needed me.
Did you even try? The work I did spared no one.
Least of all, those closest to me.
Better for everyone-- for both of you-- that I sever all ties.
Disappear from the world.
Grisha, I don't expect you to understand, or to forgive me, but you had a better chance on your own.
Uh, you're right.
I don't forgive you.
And I don't know that I ever will.
But I understand.
I know the work you did with Arkady with Arkady and the refugees, you saved a lot of people.
Not enough.
Not the people I loved.
Like your mother.
(voice breaking): And your sister.
And Katerina.
Volkoff poisoned Katerina to lure you out.
And when that failed, he knew to go after Alex.
How long have you known? Not long.
Before you fled Russia, I asked Arkady to look in on Katerina.
You've been in contact with Arkady? It's how I learned about her poisoning.
And how I learned that she had a daughter shortly after arriving in the U.
My daughter.
You're a grandfather.
And you're an uncle.
Does she know? We're gonna tell her.
No more secrets.
No more secrets.
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