NCIS Los Angeles s08e22 Episode Script

Golden Days

1 CALLEN: Admiral Chegwidden? CHEGWIDDEN: Sterling, lower your weapon, they're friendlies.
I killed my ex-partner.
He was a dirty cop, and I shot him with his own gun.
HETTY: Detective Whiting is out of intensive care.
It seems she's going to pull through.
ERIC: Clearly Yaniv is taken with whatever Langston is pawning.
YANIV: We got what we need.
Kill him.
CALLEN: Federal agent! (grunting) Yaniv! CALLEN: Yaniv escaped on a road south of his property.
Find him.
They got my key.
Oh, no, no.
Aw, damn it! We managed to rescue Granger without spending one damn dime of that ransom money.
It wasn't money, it was gold.
Those gold bars are worth a cool $40 million.
Minus the one I sold to Yaniv.
Mm, and I'm assuming he has it all now.
Let's go get that gold.
(grunting) Finally.
Wasn't my fault.
There was an accident.
And that's why you give yourself a buffer.
Better to be three hours too soon than a minute too late.
He know a lot about L.
traffic, do he? (motorcycle approaching) (automatic gunfire) (automatic gunfire) (explosion) NCIS: LA 8x22 Golden Days You know, there's this luxury yacht (groans) that looks like an island from, like, a James Bond villain, but you can sail it anywhere.
That's a thing? Yeah, it's a thing.
It's like your own portable, private, luxury island yacht.
Oh, well, I can think of better things to do with $40 million.
Oh, yeah? Like what? I don't know, like, set up a program for at-risk teens, or fight hunger, or Buying the Clippers.
I think we're a few billion short for that.
My turn.
Yeah, but as always, I have a master plan.
And my master plan involves turning that $40 million into billions.
Oh, let me guess, flipping real estate? Be just like that couple on Flip or Flop.
Aren't they divorced? Yeah, but our love is so much stronger than their love.
Oh, my gosh.
Just like our flipping abilities.
Hold on a second.
This isn't about that apartment “opportunity” in the Valley, is it? Okay, you know what? That place is literally-- wait for it-- a gold mine.
Yeah, it's a money pit.
It is 20 feet away from the freeway.
You just don't have the vision to see the potential.
That's because it's clouded by car exhaust.
Hear that? (grunts, bones crack) You know what that is? (phone rings) That's the sound of my dreams being killed.
It's probably just my mom.
(sighs) What's up? Who is it? Uh, it's Detective Whiting.
She, uh She wants to meet up.
What am I supposed to do with that? Am I supposed to call her back? Um, maybe she just wants to thank you for saving her life or something.
I think I got a better chance of finding that $40 million on the sidewalk.
Son of a bitch.
ERIC: So here's what we know.
Yaniv made off with about $40 million worth of gold from Hetty's Heroes' private arsenal.
Any idea how he moved it? I've scrubbed through footage of the area-- so far, nothing.
SAM: Well, keep looking.
That gold didn't just move itself.
We're talking about 80 bars.
That's about 2,000 pounds.
So we may be looking for more than just Yaniv.
Guys, I just got word of a shootout downtown.
'Caused a massive explosion and left at least three people dead.
One of the vehicles involved belonged to Yaniv.
Any IDs on the bodies? Not yet.
Information's still trickling in.
All right, let's check out the crime scene, see if we can find anything.
Keep looking.
(indistinct chatter) SAM: Looks like the name “Yaniv” and “trouble” are starting to go together.
(indistinct radio transmission) Same Chinese symbol on the helmets.
See what Eric makes of it.
(camera clicks) This must be Yaniv's man.
(sighs) Looks like he was getting rid of evidence.
Evidence of what? A gold heist? All right, so the bike comes done here, they fire at 'em, he takes them out.
Second bike comes from behind, catches him by surprise.
A hit? Maybe.
Two fuel cans, two vehicles.
And only one body.
Yaniv had someone else here.
Yeah, well, where is he now? This wasn't a hit.
It was an extraction.
The only reason to go after Yaniv's thug is if you're after Yaniv and the gold.
If you don't find them, you take the next best thing.
(hip-hop music playing) CALLEN: Looks like they're not the only ones looking.
MAN: Go, go, man.
SAM: Lynwood Lords.
The prospect of gold would get them out of their territory.
Two gangs in one location-- that's no coincidence.
So how would they have heard about something that Hetty and others kept secret for decades? (sighs loudly) Still struggling? Uh, yeah.
I feel like I'm 15 years old again, except for instead of homecoming dance, I have a murder charge hanging over my head.
I mean, she wouldn't just text me if she remembered my confession, right? Unless that's what she wants me to think.
How much does she know? The whole shebang.
I told her everything.
I mean, whether or not she was conscious to process it, that's a whole nother question, but I told her everything.
My dad always used to tell me, when I had a problem, he would say, “Line it up in your sights, “and then take it out before it has a chance to take you out.
” Your dad was a gangster.
Also, he probably would have shot me.
I think he'd love you.
But he's right.
You want me to come with you? No, I don't want to wrap you up in this again.
I think I'm just gonna do it alone.
You're never alone, Deeks.
But also, please make sure you come back this time, because I would hate to have to break you out of jail and live the rest of our lives on the lam.
Is it crazy if I say that sounds pretty awesome right now? (chuckles) Just you and I, open road.
Eating street tacos.
Lots of ice cream, robbing banks.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
All right, wish me luck.
(keys beeping) Good luck.
(line ringing) (clears throat) Whiting.
Hey, it's Deeks.
Good luck.
What was that about? Had to answer some questions for the D.
's office about my incident at the pawnshop.
Alleged incident.
Good thing you got a solid lawyer on retainer.
Yeah, well, the D.
's not the only one looking for answers.
Yeah, we just left a multiple homicide.
Gang shot up an underpass.
's dark side rearing its ugly head.
Mm, what's really crazy is that two of Yaniv's men were there.
It was almost like the gang knew about the gold.
You two are about as subtle as a massive coronary.
CHEGWIDDEN: We were worried that Yaniv might move the gold across the border into Mexico, so we put word out on the street what he was carrying.
LANGSTON: What do you mean? It'll force Yaniv to hunker down, giving us enough time to find him.
And every gang, criminal and wannabe in L.
will be on a scavenger hunt that'll tear up the city.
Sounds like everything's going according to plan.
Where's Deeks? He's putting some old business to rest with Whiting.
In the meantime, we need to figure out Yaniv's next move.
$40 million in gold? I mean, forget a turf war.
That could start a real war.
Every gang in the city is gonna be gunning for Yaniv.
There's no way we can cover that much ground.
My God, what were these guys thinking? I don't think they were.
We got to find Yaniv before those gangs do.
So who's gonna keep an eye on them? We are.
Really? What's the problem? Thanks to us, Yaniv is gonna hide the gold and hole up till things cool off.
All we have to do is track him down.
With all due respect, that is a very risky assumption.
We were doing covert field operations when all three of you were in diapers.
LANGSTON: Yaniv has to rely on people he trusts, and he's already down several men.
We got to find him before he buys a small army of protection.
Any legit firm will want to know what they're protecting.
Well, and any underground force is probably gonna want to rob him.
Well, still, it makes sense to find out if he made the call.
All right.
You've reached the Bealectric company.
Look into the major players in private security, see if anyone reached out for a large confidential job in the last 24 hours.
Copy that.
Oh, we've also made some IDs from the shootout.
Yaniv's dead man is David Belle.
Yeah, the car's registered to an Asher Groves, another associate of Yaniv's.
It looks like he was the one who was taken.
ERIC: And the symbol on the bikers' helmets is pronounced “Ciké.
” It means “assassins” in Chinese.
It's used by the Xionshou Song.
Oh, boy.
Something we should know about? (Kensi sighs) Xionshou is not your average gang.
They're a real deal crime syndicate that basically deals in brutality.
Straight killers.
ERIC: Their main base of operations is supposedly a restaurant in Chinatown.
We'll stake out Chinatown, see if we can find out where Xionshou took Asher.
All right, I'll hit the pawnshop, see if there's any evidence that can tell us where Yaniv is headed.
SAM: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Time out.
Where you going? Well, that gold ain't gonna find itself.
Not so fast.
It has become painfully obvious that the three of you cannot be trusted on your own, so Sam? I'll take Bridges.
All right.
Admiral Chegwidden, you're with me.
Leaves you and me, Langston.
Oh, no, this is not gonna happen.
Look, you can either do it our way, or you can spend the day reaching out to your contacts trying to get out of our lockup.
Keep up, young lady.
Oh, geez.
That goes double for you.
(grunts) Whiting.
(sighs) - Glad you came.
- Oh.
I won't lie, I was surprised when you said you wanted to meet, 'cause the last I heard, I was bad luck.
And I'm still not convinced you aren't.
But I might not be sitting here today if you hadn't been there.
You helped me hang on.
Oh, come on, I did what anyone would do in that situation.
No I'm not too big to admit when I was wrong.
Sorry I doubted you.
All right, let's let's consider it water under the bridge, then.
And I was really happy to hear that you found Kensi safe.
How is she? She's good.
I mean, actually, she's, she's great.
Thank you.
I can only imagine.
You two have been through a lot this year.
Yeah, you're telling me.
You got time for a cup of coffee? Um Come on.
Least I can do, after all the sludge you drank at the precinct.
(laughs) Yeah, nothing is gonna undo that damage, but you know, I'm not gonna turn down, uh, offer for free bean juice.
You are buying, right? Of course.
(door opens) (footfalls approaching) Okay.
Next time you ditch someone, make sure they can't catch an Uber.
About time you got here.
(Spanish hip-hop song playing) Okay, you know what? Let's just hurry this up before your little plan gets us both killed.
And what are we doing-- are we executing a search warrant, or having a yard sale? What? You'll see.
No, no, no, no.
Don't smirk at me.
You stole my car.
You don't get to smirk at me.
(exhales) Safe's over here.
What safe? Ah.
That safe.
(sighs) And what is that? A key.
Our search warrant is for Yaniv's home, or place of business, which makes this safe fair game.
Regardless of how we get into it.
You might want to stand back.
(low chatter) Mm.
Sam, please tell me you have something.
Uh, it's pretty quiet on this side.
We should just pull a Da Nang Pickup.
Drive in, throw one of them in the trunk, peel out.
Ten seconds, tops.
We're federal agents, not the Mafia.
(gasps) (sighs) So what's your deal? Oh, come on, come on.
We're gonna be sitting here for a while, we might as well get to know each other.
We have work to do.
(sighs) And don't touch me.
You got anything to eat? This is a stakeout, not a picnic.
I didn't have breakfast.
It's really not the most important meal of the day.
That's a rumor.
They're all important, if you've got low blood sugar.
And cancer.
You don't have cancer.
Well, not yet.
But the way things are going.
Oh, man.
There's a dim sum place around the corner.
Grab yourself a pork bun or something.
I don't eat pork.
Then ask for chicken.
I don't have any money.
(laughs softly) You're a grown man.
You want anything? A receipt.
And make it quick.
I'll leave you if I have to.
You know, you might feel better if you ate something.
(sighs) Okay.
Suit yourself.
G, please tell me you have something.
CALLEN: I wish.
You don't like it, then you should've driven your car.
Letting you drive was my way of extending an olive branch.
I'm starting to think I made a mistake.
This baby's perfect for a stakeout.
It's inconspicuous, and you don't have to care what happens to it.
There was this one time, we're pulling an all-nighter.
Target shows, I toss him in the back.
And Obi-Wan floors it.
And next thing you know, we're doing 90 on the freeway.
But this guy's not talking.
Thinks he's tough.
So Obi jams the accelerator with a shotgun and climbs in back with us.
Starts singing “The Show Must Go On”" The guy freaks out, and tells us everything we want to know.
Problem is, Obi's having trouble getting back to the driver's seat, and the car's starting to swerve.
Next thing I know, we're upside down in a river, laughing our asses off.
Obi Wan.
Who the hell was this guy? What? Obi Wan? Owen.
Granger? Yes.
He was always pulling stuff like that.
Doesn't sound like the Granger I know.
(laughs) There was this one time, at a brothel in Hoi An, and, uh CALLEN: Sam.
I got eyes on one of our Xionshou guys.
CALLEN: Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Sam, we got a problem.
You stay here.
(Langston laughs) (grunting) SAM: Federal agent! (tires screeching) (people exclaiming) (Langston laughs) That's why you have a stakeout car.
(groans) Yep.
This was definitely a mistake.
Wouldn't have come to this if you'd just pulled a Da Nang Pickup.
That's what I said.
You also said you were going to get something to eat.
Did I? Yeah.
I forget sometimes.
You know, I'm old.
(Bridges panting) He dropped this.
You guys like gadgets, right? Here you go.
LANGSTON: You can Snappletweet us, (Bridges grunts) while we do the real work.
(groans) Just drag him.
We can't drag him from this end.
I'm hurting my back, man.
Promise me you will shoot me before we turn into that.
Only if you do the same.
You got a deal.
Well, it's only a matter of time before we're able to place you at the scene of the shootout.
This is where it goes from bad to life in prison.
You understand? LANGSTON: Start with his thumbs.
SAM: Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
CALLEN: What are you doing? Whoa.
SAM: Bridges, Bridges.
Hey, hey! Where'd you take Asher, punk? What the hell, man?! Where'd you take him?! Bridges, enough! This is a country mile from enough.
BRIDGES: Hey! CALLEN: You, too.
Let's go.
(Bridges panting, Langston laughs) Beautiful.
(chuckles) Mm.
How long before we go back in? Excuse me? We're just getting warmed up.
Great work in there.
Very believable.
There's not a chance in hell you two are going back in there.
What's the problem? You said we could take a crack at him.
Said take a crack at him, not crack his head open.
Clearly your way wasn't working.
Yeah, just wasted an hour blabbing away.
Our way doesn't violate his civil rights.
When did the Navy turn into a bunch of flower children? I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear you say that.
Clearly we're not getting anywhere with this guy.
But finding Asher's our best lead to Yaniv and the gold.
So what do we do now? We hope Kensi and Chegwidden get something from the pawnshop or the twins can work some magic on this guy's phone.
The USB's connected to the Cell phone The cell phone's connected to (computer beeps) Ooh.
Nell? Hmm? Ask me what time it is.
I know what time it is.
I have a watch, a phone, a tablet, and if I can see the sun's position in the sky Humor me.
(sighs) What time is it? Uh.
(phone beeps, mouths “Now”) What time is it? AUTOMATED VOICE: The time is 11:50 a.
Now, all I have to do is tap the answer to bring me to the world clock Mm-hmm.
add a location, type something, copy it, send the clipboard to a message, cancel the message Hmm.
et voilà.
We are in.
NELL: Impressive.
It's an old exploit, but it only checks out if you BOTH: never update your operating system.
A valuable lesson to us all.
So, what fan-tabulous prizes do we walk away with, Rod? (announcer voice): Well, Bob (typing on keyboard) a whole bunch of aliases, and no full names.
Oh, great, I will call Callen.
(phone rings) Any luck? Well, the phone's itself is entirely devoid of incriminating evidence.
BRIDGES: Doesn't sound like good news.
Doesn't sound like news at all.
NELL: Well, we're getting there.
He probably only uses it for specific reasons, like contacting members of the Xionshou Song network.
And if we locate a cluster of these numbers, that might tell us where Asher's being held.
And boom.
Looks like a derelict theater downtown.
For code monkeys.
LANGSTON: But how do we know they have Asher? I've set up a program that hacks into their microphones and cameras.
And footage should be coming online now.
ERIC: This is a live feed from their phones.
That's Asher.
Send us the address, we're on the move.
ERIC: Yeah.
I just kept thinking about my son.
My husband.
I came so close to losing everything.
I've actually had the “lying in your own pool of blood” moment, so I get it.
I also nearly caused you to lose Kensi.
No, no, you didn't, that psycho Ferris did.
I mean, obviously, it'd have been nice if you would've come around sooner, but that stubbornness is what makes you a good cop, so.
Thank you.
Well, it's true.
Which brings me to why I really asked you out here today.
Things at the precinct have been tense.
We have more open I.
cases than ever before, and worse, I'm hearing rumors of more not being reported.
So what-what are we what are we talking about here? We talking about corruption at the precinct? Your old Lieutenant Bates' name popped up.
Bates? I don't know if I should take it seriously, but there's concern.
Yeah, no, I mean we should definitely take that seriously.
(torch hissing) Well, finally.
You have to take your time or things kind of burn up in there.
You want to give it a crack? Don't mind if I do.
(clears throat) Right there.
Yeah, I know.
Ooh, hello.
(sighs) Let's see what we're working with here.
All right.
Got cash, bunch of pawn records.
CHEGWIDDEN: Some jewelry.
What do we have here? Hold on.
Got a Harry Zanetti letterhead.
CHEGWIDDEN: Contact information, “Mallory Fletcher.
” That ring a bell? No, but he obviously thinks that it's safe worthy.
(phone line ringing) NELL: Yeah, Kens? Hey, Nell, could you run down a Mallory Fletcher from Lindenmere Assets for us? (typing on keyboard) NELL: Okay.
Looks like Lindenmere Assets is a hedge fund downtown, and Fletcher is a manager.
I'm running her background now and I'll send you their address.
All right, thanks.
Serious money in hedge funds.
Hell of a way to wash $40 million.
Let's pay Ms.
Fletcher a visit.
KENSI: Let's.
Looks like another gang took your bait.
It's like a trail of bread crumbs, except with dead bodies.
Looks like the Latinos lost the battle.
And the war.
CALLEN: Sam, what the hell is that? SAM: G, you got to get back here and see this.
CALLEN: Is that Asher? SAM: Yeah, they showed him no mercy.
Looks like he was already dead before the fighting started.
Which means they got what they wanted.
Yaniv's location.
Eric, please tell us you have some good news.
ERIC: Actually, I do.
I got the rest of the Xionshou Song headed south on Alameda.
Talk us to them.
Alert LAPD, we need to contain this.
Why call backup when you got the dream team right here? More like the Bad News Bears.
(low conversations) CHEGWIDDEN: Smell that? No, what? Greed.
(laughs) Not into the market? Not into investment strategies only accessible to the super rich.
I hear you, my partner thinks that flipping houses is the way to go.
WOMAN: I hear what you're saying.
She's right over there.
Still, this isn't exactly unexpected.
Look, the risk was accounted for in the prospectus.
Now's not the time to change strategies.
Talk soon.
Mallory Fletcher.
Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
Special Agent Chegwidden.
MALLORY: How can I help you? Do you know a man named Yaniv Kornberg? As a matter of fact, I do.
He runs a pawnshop in Hollywood.
He was just here yesterday.
How do you know him? Yaniv's lawyer Harry Zanetti made the connection.
Yaniv was in a jam and needed to cash in on some gold he inherited.
That gold was stolen.
KENSI: We're gonna need the contact of the person that purchased the bar.
Easy enough.
It was me.
He offered it for $250,000, about half its value.
You didn't think that was a red flag? Maybe, but it was too good to pass up.
Did, uh, Yaniv mention what he was planning on doing with the money? What anyone does on the other side of my deals is none of my business.
See, right now you're only guilty of bad judgment.
But if we find out that you're an accessory (inhales sharply) Okay.
Yaniv was looking to charter a luxury yacht.
Figured he wanted to party with his new money.
I offered to invest it for him, but my guess is he blows it all.
So where's the gold? What assurances do I have that my money will be returned when it's recovered? I think you're pretty lucky right now that you're not walking out of here in cuffs.
Knew it was too good to be true.
(cabinet unlocks) (beeps) (latch unlocks) Oh.
42 pounds.
Most expensive free weight I've ever held.
Thank you.
KENSI: Hey, Eric.
Yaniv monetized a quarter million dollars of the gold.
He also may have chartered a yacht.
We need you to track him down.
ERIC: I'm on it.
How you feeling about your friend hunkering down now? He's not out of the country yet.
For your sake, let's hope not.
DEEKS: I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good stroll as much as the next guy, but why me? Well, because I need your help.
As hard as it is to admit, you may be the only one I can trust right now.
What kind of help you looking for? I don't know yet.
But I need to know if I can trust you when the time comes.
And before you answer, you should probably keep in mind your confession to killing Boyle.
(sighs) And there it is.
While I don't agree with what you did, I do think you did it for the right reasons.
I'm willing to close the investigation.
If you help me.
I mean, I don't have much of a choice, then, do I? Depends on how much you like being on the wrong side of I.
(inhales sharply) You know, you could've led with that, right? (scoffs) And miss watching you sweat it out? Wow, there's the Whiting that I know and love.
Old habits.
So, what, you just hold this over my head for the rest of my career? Something like that.
But hopefully, now you know you can trust me, too.
ERIC: Guys, I got the Xionshou Song at a house 50 yards from your location.
You should have a visual.
(men arguing) (men arguing in Chinese) Something's got their panties in a bunch.
CALLEN: I don't see Yaniv.
We're about to lose the element of surprise.
No, we're not.
We go now.
SAM: Three, two, one.
Federal agents! CALLEN: On the ground! Now! LANGSTON: Hands where we can see them.
BRIDGES: Go ahead.
Give me a reason.
It's just like Khe Sanh, huh, Langston? CALLEN: Clear.
No Yaniv.
No gold.
SAM: Eric, see if you can access the camera on the street here and pick up Yaniv.
ERIC: On it.
We've also found the private yacht Yaniv chartered.
CALLEN: Where is it leaving from? Long Beach and that's not all.
Yaniv's also chartered a cargo plane, two private train cars and four semi trucks, all for today.
And that's just what we found so far.
They keep coming.
Could take forever to track all them, even if we split up.
It's risky on Yaniv's part, though.
He's got to know there's a chance we hit the right charter.
Or this is a smokescreen.
What do you do if you got to move gold, but you know all your outs are covered? If you can't get the gold out to the buyer, you bring the buyer in to the gold.
If that's the case, we have no way of knowing who we're looking for or where they're arriving from.
It's a good plan.
Yeah, if we don't figure it out quickly, it's gonna be a successful one.
ERIC: Guys, I got access to the street cameras.
Yaniv is moving in an armored car.
The Xionshou Song just missed him.
Where is it now? Ugh, we lost it in a dead zone, but we have bigger problems.
We're now looking into incoming private flights.
We're even filtering for flights scheduled for the last 24 hours, but there's just too much ground to cover.
We have to narrow the field.
Out of all the houses in the city, Yaniv felt it was safe enough to bring the gold to this one.
Why? He must not have had a personal connection to it.
Otherwise, the gang members would've found him here sooner.
Nell, what can you tell us about this property? (typing) NELL: Uh, okay.
It looks like it was foreclosed on a couple months ago.
Then it was picked up by a Reho Real Estate for their portfolio.
Any connection between Yaniv and Reho? Not that I can find.
Guess what hedge fund Reho's CEO is invested in.
Mallory Fletcher's.
NELL: Bingo.
SAM: She probably gave up one gold bar because she gets a bigger commission on the whole deal.
Cross-reference that charter list with Mallory's client list, will you? Cross-referencing jackpot.
Eduardo Barbosa.
He's a Brazilian millionaire.
He's on a flight into Burbank Airport.
That's where Yaniv is handing off the gold.
Let's go.
BRIDGES: Right behind you.
You two are staying here.
The hell we are.
That wasn't the deal.
We didn't have a deal.
Eric, have Kensi drop off Chegwidden and meet us at the airport.
I was responsible for this.
Besides, you guys are gonna need all the help you can get.
Look, playtime's over.
You want to help? Watch these guys until LAPD arrives.
KENSI: All right, you guys, I got eyes on Yaniv, Fletcher and Barbosa, and three armed guards.
SAM: Not much cover.
CALLEN: We don't have much of a choice.
KENSI: Deal's going down.
Looks like they're about to load the gold onto the plane.
CALLEN: We got to shut it down.
It's now or never.
Federal agents! Drop your weapons! (automatic gunfire) (gunfire continues) Guys, I got three more heavily armed shooters.
(bullets whizzing) G, this cover isn't gonna last.
Kens, we're pinned down! I got no shot.
No shot.
(motorcycles engines revving) (yells) CALLEN: Federal agents! Guns on the ground! Down! Out of the truck, now! Out of the truck.
Move! (gasps) Oh, my God.
Well, what did you expect? You left us with motorcycles.
And guns.
And you? Next time you try to ditch somebody, make sure they can't catch an Uber.
(chuckles) Son of a bitch stole my line.
You know we could've shot you, right? But you didn't.
SAM: G I knew it was them the whole time.
Well, it looks like the D.
is gonna let you off with just community service.
What? How much? KENSI: Oh, come on.
You're lucky you weren't charged with a felony.
I would've been off the grid before they had the chance.
Yeah, somehow, I don't doubt that.
Ready to admit it? Admit what? Our plan worked out.
LANGSTON: Not that we're gonna rub it in your face or anything.
No, no, no.
Of course not.
We got the gold back, that's what's really important.
BRIDGES: You know, despite your shoddy tradecraft you guys are all right in my book.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Despite all the crap you gave us, you're all right in ours.
CHEGWIDDEN: Next time.
CALLEN: Uh, I-I do not think this city could handle a next time.
LANGSTON: Come on, gentlemen.
We're running late.
Where you guys headed to at this hour? You stay out of grown folks' business.
(Callen laughs) BRIDGES: Poison of choice? Oh, Pappy Van Winkle 25-year.
Didn't know they released that yet.
They haven't.
(sniffs, sighs) (sighs) Gonna miss seeing that ugly old mug.
If you can't see him in every one of us, you're not trying hard enough.
To Owen.
To Owen.
(exhales sharply) Gonna be more unattended glasses in the coming years.
That's why we got to make the most of the time we have left above ground.
A lot of vets that need help out there.
LANGSTON: And then, there's what Owen would have wanted us to do.
Kill bad guys.
HETTY: Well, gentlemen we certainly have the means.
(chuckles softly) HETTY: There's no reason we can't do both.

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