NCIS Los Angeles s08e23 Episode Script


1 Nitro, come here.
Come here, boy.
(liquid drops) (gasps) NCIS: LA 8x23 Uncaged Are you ready? Yeah.
To that red car up there.
All right.
Let's do it.
What are you doing? You said to the red car.
I win.
I changed my mind.
In the middle of the race? I want to get back to the house, maybe take a nice, hot shower.
Hot shower, really? What's up? Thought you was a long-distance man.
(laughs) Oh, hell yeah.
And what are the seven characteristics of life? Order, reproduction, growth, energy processing.
Hey, angel.
All right, we're gonna be late for the bus.
Give me three more.
Mom, I know.
Regulation, response to the environment, and And I would love for somebody to make me some eggs.
I mean, I'm only saving the world.
Dad, if you don't mind, it's the bio final.
Sorry, sorry.
Your smoothie is in the fridge.
Mom, focus.
You focus.
And evolutionary adaptation.
Boom is right.
Good job.
(phone vibrates) All right, let me see.
Good morning, Henrietta.
Got it.
MICHELLE: Everything okay? All good.
You feel like working today? MICHELLE: Sure.
What is it? Zhrov wants to give up some information.
In exchange for a reduced sentence.
But he only wants to speak to you.
He needs a familiar face, someone he can trust.
We'll drop Kamran off at the bus stop, then we'll head over to Oakville.
Sounds good.
(guard speaking indistinctly over loudspeaker) MICHELLE: All right, this is everything the CIA has on Zhrov.
He's always maintained deep ties to the Kremlin.
When I was undercover, he was handling all of Isaak Sidorov's arms-dealing operations.
SAM: Oh, yeah.
I remember.
Wasn't this Sidorov guy in love with you? Whatever happened to him? You killed him.
That's right.
My bad.
(chuckles) Hetty say what kind of information Zhrov has? She said it's related to nuclear materials moving out of Russia.
But you got to figure this guy will say anything to get a sentence reduction.
Well, if he's lying, I'll know it.
Let's go.
It's a very large amount of highly enriched uranium.
MICHELLE: Iran is the buyer.
Who exactly in Russia is the seller? The dealer is a is a guy named Belanov.
Who is he for real? He is an FSB agent.
Kremlin is getting material into Iran to either blow up the U.
nuclear deal or When the treaty expires, Iran can quickly construct nuclear weapons.
ZHROV: I'm taking a huge chance telling you this.
I want to be compensated.
SAM: We'll vet the story.
If it checks out, the federal prosecutor will be in touch with your lawyer.
Okay? Okay.
Okay, so the CIA is aware of Belanov.
They think he is an FSB agent.
Well, let's see how the story checks out.
(sighs) With Kamran going to the military academy next year You want to go back to field work.
I don't know.
Two Hannas saving the world? (phone rings) Hey.
CALLEN: LAPD needs us to check out a crime scene ASAP.
They think it might be a revenge attack on a naval officer.
I can come get you.
How far are you? Well, according to Waze I'm pretty close, actually.
Got to go.
MICHELLE: All right.
He's always safer when I drive.
Take care of him.
I always do.
You better.
Don't hurt my car.
See you tonight.
(sighs) Words translate to “the revenge has begun”" How do you know this guy was Navy? CALLEN: Sam.
They found an I.
on the body.
Who is it? It's Tom Olsen.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
We'd like to ask you a couple questions, but if you need some time Nah, go ahead.
You guys were SEAL teammates, yeah? Yeah.
Seven years.
He works just a few blocks from here.
Has anyone notified his wife? It's in process.
Why don't you take a minute.
Was a good man.
Like a brother.
It is nice to know how you feel about me.
(laughs) Tom, you're alive.
You scared the hell out of me.
Come here.
TOM: Well, think how Carol felt when she got the phone call.
I had to come up here to see what was going on.
You're sure this is Mr.
Olsen? Yes, this is definitely Mr.
That supposed to be me? MAYNE: Sorry.
Found a driver's license and passport on the body.
Six weeks ago, I took the dog for a walk and someone broke in, took a camera, a driver's license and my passport.
Let me get everyone up to speed.
Excuse me.
(sighs) CALLEN: Arabic writing? A Navy SEAL? This guy was targeted.
Somebody thought he was you.
I don't know.
It doesn't say I'm a SEAL on the I.
There's nothing in the house that says I'm a SEAL.
Also, why would they fake your death if they knew it'd be found out so quickly? Navy SEAL Someone knew they'd get NCIS's attention.
TOM: Do you think it's to draw you guys out here? I'll go you one better.
They knew Tom was your teammate, he was a close friend.
That specifically, it would draw you out.
Since the mole, my family's been in a secure location.
Now, on the day Michelle comes out of hiding to speak to Zhrov, this happens? It would guarantee you wouldn't be home.
What's going on? (line ringing) Hopefully nothing.
(phone rings) (alarm keypad beeping) (phone ringing) It's been less than an hour and I already miss you.
SAM: Hey, I may be a little paranoid, but I think when you spoke to Zhrov, you may have been compromised.
Somebody was using Zhrov to find me? I'm not sure, but I think you should get out of the house.
I'm just grabbing my gun and a burn phone.
Okay, do it quickly.
Stay on the line with me.
(glass shatters) Sam, someone's in the house! Get LAPD to my house, now! Somebody's inside! Michelle? Michelle? (keypad beeps) LAPD's gonna be three minutes out.
(box unlocks) (screams) (grunts) (groans) Move, move! (tires screech) My house.
FBI AGENT: Agent Hanna, we need to speak to you.
Come with me.
Have your children been secured? Already done; they're en route to an undisclosed location.
I checked my security cams remotely.
We already I.
'd the suspects' van.
That's what we need.
Send us footage.
Already did.
Put out a BOLO.
Go, do it.
Yes, sir.
All right, setting up a command post here.
We'll be coordinating with your operation center.
You've got as many men as you need.
Thank you.
Eric? ERIC: Hey, Sam.
I'm not seeing the black Ford van on any cameras once it's about one block north of your house.
If they going north, there's a good chance they're trying to make it to the 405.
From there, they can get to the 110 if they want.
Eric, are there any routes to the freeway that could use back alleys? Uh, there is one that uses exclusively back alleys, but the cameras are all closed-circuit.
We need footage from those cameras.
On it.
Sending you the addresses.
We don't have time for warrants.
I'm not worried about prosecuting this.
I need to find my wife.
Whatever it takes.
(sighs) I have a lot of enemies, G.
Michelle hasn't been an active agent in 12 years.
This is about me.
It's the mole? Did we miss somebody? I don't know.
But this all starts with Zhrov.
He's the one that exposed Michelle.
Oh, so now you only talk to us when they have guards in the room? What's up with that? What do you need? Who paid you to contact NCIS? Nobody.
Did everything I tell you check out? I don't have time for this.
My wife was kidnapped.
Who told you to ask for her? I ask for her 'cause I knew her.
I spent months with her when she was undercover.
She questioned me when I was arrested.
We're gonna ask you this one more time.
Who paid you to bring CIA Agent Michelle Hanna to this prison? Who am I supposed to call? I trusted her 'cause I knew her.
Give me a name! Give me a name! That's all I need.
He's not hurting him.
Let him answer.
Nobody paid me! That's a lie! We know you set my wife up to be here.
It was not.
I'm telling you the truth.
Believe me.
GUARD: Get off him! CALLEN: Maybe you didn't know where this was headed when you signed up.
You give us a name now, it's gonna make a huge difference how this plays out for you.
SAM: If something happens to my wife, you're gonna be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life! Get me out.
(gags) You feel that? (gagging) That's your larynx getting crushed.
I crack it, it's 50-50 they get a trach tube in you in time.
Who paid you, huh? That's enough.
Give me a name! (gasps) (siren wailing) Camera.
(helicopter whirring) Can I help you? Owner or manager here? You can call the number on the sign.
What the hell's going on out here? There was a kidnapping.
Listen, you got surveillance cameras.
We'd love to have access to those.
I wish I could help you.
You're gonna have to call the number.
Sir, this is a kidnapping.
If we could just look at the-- sir? Sorry.
What do you got? I got nothing.
No one answers the phone.
How much cash you got? (cash shuffling) (banging on door) (door unlocks) Five minutes with the hard drives attached to those cameras.
That's illegal.
I understand that.
No one has to know.
Five minutes.
Here it is.
Thank you.
Five minutes.
I won't need that long.
Eric, you should be seeing this.
ERIC: Got it.
Downloading now.
They must have followed you and Michelle home from the prison, but we still can't find them on any nearby traffic cams.
Kensi and Deeks, however, did find the van on a warehouse security camera, headed north in the alley behind Hawthorne.
They're headed to the 405.
Uh, no, I checked.
I didn't find them on either of the onramps.
Check it again.
SAM: Is this still the only footage you have of the van once it left my house? Hold on.
What? We're getting a video call from an international number.
ERIC: Eh, it's not international.
It's being bounced so we can't trace it.
Bring it up.
ERIC: Okay.
Oh, my God.
Trace it.
MAN (voice scrambled): We're asking for the release of Tahir Khaled from prison.
In exchange, Michelle Hanna will be released.
I'm gonna find every single person involved with this, and I'm gonna make it my life's work to hunt you down.
Sam, is that you? Michelle, you can hear me? Are you okay? MAN: You are wasting time.
The room you are looking at is airtight.
Release Tahir Khaled, or watch your wife suffocate to death, Sam Hanna.
Can you trace the signal? Eric? Uh, he's routing the signal through different IPs.
Every few seconds, it changes to a new signal path.
MICHELLE: Talk to Zhrov.
See who paid him.
We tried.
He won't talk.
Work him.
Try again.
SAM: Okay, I will.
But listen to me.
Did you see anything that could help us locate you? They put a hood on me.
Do you have any idea about why they're letting us communicate? CALLEN: No.
But did you hear anything? Boats, trains, traffic? There was something, I I can't figure it out.
Try to remember.
I was trying to stay conscious and count the time, so I'd see how far we went.
How long do you think you were driving? I'm estimating about 90 minutes.
That would track.
Took the kidnappers two and a half hours to make contact.
Get a search radius.
So, 90 minutes.
How fast do we want to say the kidnappers are traveling? SAM: As fast as they could go without getting a ticket.
Call it 75 miles an hour.
ERIC: All right, doing the math.
ERIC: Well, half the area's water.
That's 20,000 square miles.
KENSI: That's too big an area.
Okay, where the hell is Hetty? In her office.
All right, Michelle try to stay calm.
I am, I am.
I'm good.
What are the dimensions of the room you're in? (sighs) Um, I estimate about six by eight by seven feet.
We're gonna find you.
Send this feed to the FBI.
See if they can make anything out of it.
ERIC: Yeah.
Hetty, you got to give me access to Zhrov again.
He's the key to all of this.
Well, I've tried that, but he's surrounded by lawyers now.
Then get me in to see Tahir.
I was in the middle of doing that when I found this.
Tahir was transferred to Oakville? That's the same prison as Zhrov.
SAM: So they found out who each other were, and put this whole thing together.
I'll try to arrange it.
Tell Tahir speaking with us is a condition of his release.
Michelle, what can you tell us about the room you're in? I'm pretty sure it's a refrigerator or a freezer.
But it's not turned on, though.
I-I'm not cold, it's-it's It's getting hotter, actually.
ERIC: A unit that size would be in a large restaurant or hotel.
Yeah, maybe a school or a university.
It's got to be somewhere that's not used anymore.
There can't be anybody around.
That's good, Michelle.
That narrows it down.
Let's find all those places within the search area; we come up with a list.
We divvy it up between NCIS and FBI.
We get every available agent, we get 'em knocking on doors.
We do it now.
We're gonna start on the outside of the circle, work our way back toward Sam's house.
Send that first address to my phone.
Michelle, hold on.
We're coming for you.
(gate buzzes) (gate closes) Hello, Sam.
Seems like a real public place to have a conversation.
You scared to be in a room with me? (chuckles) Can you blame me? We have a history, you and I.
You really think you're getting out of here? I gather somebody has taken your beautiful wife and are asking for my release in exchange? You think this is a game.
If I am released, I will surely accept it.
But I don't know who is behind this.
(scoffs) It must feel something like when you took my sister from me.
Look at me.
I am looking.
This face is the last thing you're gonna see before you die.
You really think you know what is going to happen in the future? No.
I'm gonna make it happen.
And when the moment comes, after I'm through with you, you're gonna be begging to die.
(laughs) Lots of talking.
Ticktock, Sam.
(imitates suffocating) (gasps) (presses button rapidly) Sam, I know you've done the math already.
How much time are we talking? Based on the size of the room, and the amount of oxygen consumed by an average-sized person she's got about eight hours until she's poisoned by her own carbon dioxide.
We've used up about two, so far.
GUARD: All D-block personnel, prepare for yard transfer.
Sam Hanna, you wanted to speak to Michael Zhrov again? Yes.
Well, I'm sorry, he was moved from the prison 45 minutes ago.
By who? He was transferred into the custody of the CIA for questioning.
I'm sorry.
(sighs) Ferris and his CIA team gave Tahir intelligence when he went after my son.
Only person we haven't found in Ferris' group is Sabatino.
(phone rings) Hello? SABATINO: You know who this is? Speak of the devil.
I'm texting you an address in San Pedro.
Come alone, Sam.
(call ends) It could be a trap.
It really doesn't matter now, though, does it? (engine turns off) (gate closing) (gates closes) SAM: You decided to to slither out from under your rock, huh? SABATINO: I told you to come alone.
SAM: Oh, that's cute.
- You got cameras out there? - No.
Three agents in Overwatch.
Let's hope Callen doesn't do anything stupid.
Give me your comm.
(comm drops) (comm crunches) Say hello to your buddy.
I'm taking a huge risk pulling him out of prison.
My heart is breaking for you.
I need to question him.
Look, I know there's a clock, but this has to be clear.
I'm giving you this gift so that you and the other Cub Scouts might finally understand that I had nothing, nothing to do with coming after your team.
I'm trying to help you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I understand.
Can I question him now? Questions are for cops and NCIS agents.
What you need are answers.
Zhrov, you tried to escape, jumped from the car, ran, and got shot from behind, got it? I did four years in Russian Nazarovo prison.
Makes Pelican Bay feel like a country club full of women.
I'm not talking.
(yells) (screaming) (gasping) (groaning) Feel like a country club now? This is a simple piece of rope.
But it is the difference between life and death.
You tell this man everything he needs to know and you get it.
Fool around and you're surely gonna die, my friend.
So, I would really, really try and stay conscious if I were you.
I don't need to repeat the question.
Tahir Tahir offered me the job when I told him I had history with you.
Who paid you? The money was transferred into my account in Russia.
That's all I know.
(phone dials, line rings) ERIC: Hey, Sam.
Eric, listen.
Speak! I need the bank's name and the account number.
Speak! Marcov Bank of Moscow, 04182001.
SAM: Eric, you got that? ERIC: Got it.
SAM: There should be (groans) a large deposit.
Trace it.
Whoever put that money in the account, that's who has Michelle.
$175,000 was transferred into Zhrov's bank account four days ago.
ERIC: The money moved through several banks in Saudi Arabia, but originated in a corporate account in North Sudan.
MICHELLE: Tahir is North Sudanese, it makes sense.
All right, find out who controls that account.
W-We need a name.
There's go to be a connection to Los Angeles to that account.
MICHELLE: Sam I know you've calculated this all out.
You want to tell me what number you came up with? You got 12 to 14 hours of oxygen left.
Maybe a little more.
That's funny, I came up with something much less.
I started out with eight hours, and now I'm guessing I'm down to four.
You want to go over your math with me? We're gonna find you long before that matters.
Stop talking so much.
You're using up oxygen.
Speaking is not my problem.
You've got no leads, baby.
I'm a needle in a haystack.
I need to talk to Hetty.
(door opens, closes) We're gonna find you, Michelle.
Take care of him, G.
I always do.
HETTY: I understand.
Yes, please.
SAM: Hetty, I know the United States has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists, but we're not gonna find Michelle in time.
We need to start talking to whoever it is that can authorize Tahir's release.
Sam, I have been working to get authorization for Tahir's release since this began.
I am on an open line with SECNAV, and the president's chief of staff.
What are they saying? Actually, I don't give a damn what they're saying because I'm not taking no for an answer.
Let me keep working.
The best thing you can do is go talk to Michelle.
Keep her calm.
Don't let her lose hope.
Don't you lose hope.
(phone rings) Yeah? John, so help me, I'm going to shame you publicly for this.
Eric, send Michelle's signal to the armory.
Shut it down in Ops and cut it off from the FBI.
Michelle, I cut off the feed to Ops.
It's just me and you now.
(clears throat) It's getting harder to breathe.
(breathing heavily) You'll be okay.
There's still plenty of oxygen in that room.
I'm trying to remember, there was something when we were driving, I I can't figure it out.
It'll come.
Just stay calm.
(breathing heavily) I'm scared.
Michelle, listen to me, you remember the walk? (crying) Yeah.
We went out to eat, we (Michelle chuckles) we we talked all night.
We stayed till they closed the place.
(sniffles) We drank way too much.
(laughs) (chuckles) Yeah.
We decided it'd be better to just walk home.
We figured it was a couple of miles.
(chuckles) We ended up walking for hours.
(sniffles) We walked very slowly.
(softly): Yeah.
We didn't want it to end.
You got on one knee, and you told me that you loved me.
(chuckles) I had a lot to drink that night.
(Michelle laughs) (sniffles) (crying): That was the night that I knew that I would be with you forever.
We still have plenty of time.
Do not give up.
I want more time with you.
I want more time with you and my children.
(Michelle continues crying) (footfalls approaching) What is it? SECNAV has just authorized Tahir's release.
That's good news.
Under certain stipulations.
Like? That we don't let him out of our surveillance.
So to not set precedent, they want to be able to say that he was not actually released.
The money trail's gone dry, the North Sudanese government's not cooperating.
That's the only real lead we have.
There were no other hits on the black van? No.
(sighs) Well, coordinate with the FBI.
I want you in charge of the surveillance.
You do realize that if Tahir doesn't feel completely safe, he's never gonna reveal Michelle's location.
I understand the dilemma.
(strained): You tell the children I love them with every fiber of my being.
You're gonna tell them yourself when you see them.
HETTY: Sam? SECNAV has received authorization to release Tahir.
Thank you.
Callen will be running point on Tahir's Overwatch.
We need to keep him under surveillance? That's the best I could do.
(softly): All right.
You hear that? They authorized Tahir's release.
Michelle? Open your eyes, now! Tahir's being released.
We're almost there.
Keep fighting! (strained breathing) I am.
I am.
(gate buzzes) GUARD: Shut it.
(tires screech) (engine revs, tires screech) (helicopter whirring) CALLEN (over comms): Keep a 1,500 foot ceiling.
Nice, clean handoffs, guys.
Keep talking to each other.
Picking up now.
I have visual.
CALLEN: Don't be afraid to lose visuals.
I got him from up here.
We need him to feel safe.
He's heading south on Western.
I got him.
You can peel off.
FEMALE AGENT: Handing off.
He's yours.
(helicopter whirring) CALLEN: He's turning west on Lemon Grove.
Too close.
Stay back.
We scare him, this isn't going to work.
MALE AGENT 2: Coming up behind you.
I'll take him from here.
MALE AGENT: He's yours.
CALLEN: He's headed towards a parking structure.
I see it.
CALLEN: Whoa, whoa, whoa, watch the red truck.
(tires screech) That's intentional; he's making his move.
Can you go around? MALE AGENT 2: No, I'm blocked.
The Corolla's driving inside.
I lost visual.
Should I pursue on foot? CALLEN: Yeah, but stay back.
He needs to believe he's not being followed.
Who's close to the exit on Van Ness? FEMALE AGENT 2: I'm two blocks to the east.
Heading to the exit.
If he leaves, I'll pick him up.
The Corolla is exiting the structure on the west side.
FEMALE AGENT 2: Almost there.
I see him.
Don't rush.
There are two white Corollas.
MALE AGENT: Two? Trying to get there.
CALLEN: We have a third.
We'll follow the last one.
MALE AGENT 3: 30 seconds until I get to the exit.
Eric, Look.
There's a fourth.
Which one should I pick up? CALLEN: And a fifth.
MALE AGENT: Which one? I'm seeing two.
Callen, talk to me.
CALLEN: He could be in any of them, or back in the structure.
I'm inside the structure.
I don't see him.
FEMALE AGENT 2: What's the call? HETTY: Let him go.
Pull all the tails.
Who am I speaking with? This is NCIS Operations Manager Henrietta Lange.
You heard her, break off the surveillance.
We're really letting him go? Stop following those cars, drive away now.
FEMALE AGENT: Who's authorizing this? I need a name.
This has been authorized by SECNAV.
This is Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones speaking.
FEMALE AGENT 2: Copy that.
Breaking off.
Break it off.
Let's go back.
There was no authorization, was there? You didn't have to do that, Ms.
Destroying one career would have sufficed.
I'm good with my decision.
(door closes) We just passed hour eight, there's still no word from Tahir's people.
How is she? She's not good.
Well, she's still breathing, I Kamran's only 12-years-old.
I'm aware of the child's age.
I figured it out.
What is it? The van was moving.
The engine was running but there were no other sounds.
No cars.
(strained breathing) (line ringing) G.
Michelle says she didn't hear the sound of any other cars.
What if the kidnappers were rocking the van to make her feel like she was moving, b-but it was really just sitting in the garage? They wanted us to think they were driving for 90 minutes.
Well, that would explain why the van didn't show up on any of the highway cams.
That's why they let us communicate with her.
They needed Michelle to tell us how long they were driving.
G, that van didn't leave my neighborhood.
Pull back every agent we have to within a one-mile radius of Sam's house now.
KENSI: Eric, what are we doing? This is 440 Seaton, the same warehouse that had the security cameras this morning.
ERIC: I know.
But looking at the city records, it used to be a pharmaceutical distribution center.
Which means they would have refrigerators to hold the meds.
We'll take it.
Remember us? Yeah, how you doing? You got a refrigerator in this building? Yeah.
We need to see that.
Hey, wait, uh KENSI: Excuse us.
(door closes) (keys jingling) This is it.
KENSI: Ready? Thanks.
Didn't really have a choice.
SAM: Michelle.
Michelle! Michelle! (phone rings) Hey.
I don't know if she's still breathing.
I'll be there in a minute.
(sighs) Did you see the phone on the table? Yeah.
He had another one on his belt, and there was yet a different one in the security room earlier.
So the guy has three phones.
ERIC: Hey, I'm scrubbing through the warehouse footage from this morning.
After the van went by, there's nothing there.
Meaning what? Meaning, I should be seeing you two when you both went into the building.
DEEKS: So the footage was prerecorded to make us think the van went by.
So it's still somewhere in the building.
And so is Michelle.
Beale, we're going in and we're not waiting for backup.
Send an ambulance.
ERIC: On it.
Deeks, whatever it takes.
ERIC: Callen, Kensi and Deeks think they found Michelle.
Address is on your phone.
Sam, they may have found her.
(pick drops) Ready? One, two, three.
(automatic gunfire) Damn it.
(pin drops) One, two, three.
(grenade explodes) (man yells) DEEKS: Drop it! (yells) (gun slides) What Kens! (grunts) DEEKS: Michelle.
KENSI: We got her, guys, we got her.
(indistinct police radio chatter) (helicopter whirring) Give him some privacy, please? (sniffles) (crying) (crying) Please (sniffles) Please, please
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