NCIS Los Angeles s08e24 Episode Script


1 (glass breaking, thudding) Sam, someone's in the house! (screaming) (grunting) MAN: Release Tahir Khaled, or watch your wife suffocate to death, Sam Hanna.
Ticktock, Sam.
SECNAV has just authorized Tahir's release.
I want my time with you and my children.
CALLEN: We just passed hour eight.
There's still no word from Tahir's people.
(crying): Please.
Okay, thanks.
LAPD is on top of it.
You okay? No, not even close.
I got a flight to take you to Kamran and Aiden.
Already spoke to 'em.
They know I'll be there as soon as I can.
Sam, their mother just died.
Me going there is not gonna bring her back.
Right now I have to find Tahir and whoever it is that did this.
(car door opens) (sighs) You know we're not gonna be allowed to work on this case in any official capacity.
Who's gonna stop me? Go to your kids.
They need you now more than anything.
We got this.
I will call you the minute we have a lead.
You should get out.
I don't think so.
You don't want to be a part of this.
We are partners through good and bad.
(sighs) I'm gonna hurt people, G.
Well, I guess it's time for a career change for both of us.
Last chance.
No turning back once we're in this.
We're already in this.
(engine starts) (engine revving) NCIS: LA 8x24 Unleashed (tires screech, car crashes) (groans) Really, lady? I am so sorry.
I looked down for a second.
Were you texting? No! Uh No, and, uh, I have insurance.
Hey, you guys hanging in there? Yeah.
You? Okay.
Where are Sam and Callen? I assumed they came back here.
Maybe it's just as well.
I just got a call from the coroner's office.
The van that was carrying Michelle's body has been hijacked.
What? Oh, my God.
Does Sam know about this? Not yet.
Tahir? It looks that way.
Why would he do something like this? To torture Sam.
I'm gonna go see if I can find 'em.
Hey, when do we get to cry? We get to do that when the job is done, when the bad guys are dead.
You think this imam knows where Tahir is? No, but I'm gonna talk to him anyway.
Stay here.
Why? It's just better if you do.
We're going to see my rabbi, I'd take you with me.
You're not Jewish.
I'd still bring you inside.
I'll be right back.
Don't change the radio stations.
(call to prayer playing over speakers) All right, Callen and Sam are on Fairfax.
Callen's in the car, and Sam's in a mosque.
Maybe he's reaching out to the imam for some spiritual guidance, comfort.
Or maybe he's holding somebody's feet over the fire to find Tahir.
Let's get Callen on the horn.
(phone rings) What do you got, Eric? Callen, Tahir hijacked the coroner's van that was carrying Michelle's body.
Son of a bitch.
We're trying to find the van, but so far no luck.
How is Sam? Focused, but I tell him this, he's gonna lose it.
Hey, guys, I think I've got something.
So, I was finally able to track down the portable refrigerator rental where Michelle was found.
Um, it was leased by a company called Media Advert Holdings.
I can't find the actual owner, but it looks like there's a business address in Mar Vista.
Good work, Nell.
Send it to us.
We're on it.
Hold on a second.
Kensi and I should check that out.
Why? Because that's an amateur mistake, and Tahir is not an amateur.
He's too smart for that.
If Tahir were smart, he'd get the hell out of Dodge.
If Tahir were smart, he wouldn't have killed Michelle and then taken her body.
I understand that.
What I'm saying is, it could be a trap.
Tahir does not know what Kensi and I look like, which means we can get in there without tipping him off.
Okay, but be careful.
Sam and I'll back you up.
We're on it.
(call to prayer playing over speakers) (speaking indistinctly) Excuse me.
May I help you? I'm looking for my friend.
Sam Hanna? You are Callen? Yes.
Osama asked me to give you this.
Eric, it's Callen.
Do you have Sam's location? He's not with you? He's not now.
Where'd he go? I don't know.
Look, do you have it or not? Uh, I had him a minute ago.
He was inside the mosque.
His phone's no longer on line.
Can you bring it back on line? Yeah, as long as it's got power.
Well? Eric?! It's not responding.
Is everything okay? No.
Look, keep trying to locate him.
What's the update on the coroner's van? Um, still looking.
Keep me posted.
Tell Kensi and Deeks to sit tight until I get there.
(car engine starts) (tires screech) You ready? I am now.
Eh, doesn't look like anybody's inside.
No sign of Tahir or anything out of the ordinary.
Where's Callen? He's not here yet.
Told us to sit tight until he gets here.
Yeah, but the clock is ticking.
Could still be a trap.
Could be nothing.
Better to wait for backup.
What would Sam do? Sam? Sam? (line ringing) This is Sam.
Leave a message.
You need to call me back right now.
This is not cool.
Look, you try and do this on your own, you're playing right into Tahir's hand.
Now, we will get this guy, but we have to do it right.
And, yeah, I do realize the irony of me telling you to drop the lone wolf crap.
(sighs) Clear.
Well, this is definitely not a trap.
It's more like a dead end.
I'm not so sure about that.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
Those were taken after Michelle was kidnapped.
Yeah, Tahir wanted Sam to find them, torment him more.
Man, he's going to hell.
Sam's gonna make sure of it, even if he takes him there himself.
(footfalls approaching) Ms.
Jones? Um, Sam gave Callen the slip and headed out on his own.
Well that's inevitable.
I don't suppose you hid a tracker, or used some Overwatch? No? So we have no idea where he's going? Well, he's going to kill the man who murdered his wife.
Find Tahir and you'll find Agent Hanna.
Let's pray we find him first.
It's a list of all the guys being monitored in this area.
How many are we talking? Way too many.
But I highlighted those the NSA has tagged with extra chatter recently.
Recognize anyone? I don't know.
Maybe Aimon Shah.
Recognize his name.
Came here with about a hundred million of daddy's oil money.
Spent most of it on cars and houses and a bunch of failed businesses, till they miraculously turned around.
Money laundering? Yeah.
He's been working with a bunch of Middle Eastern and North African criminal organizations.
Only reason why feds haven't shut him down is because he's providing them with a wealth of information on the financial structure of those groups.
He just doesn't know it.
Well, Tahir's obviously getting help.
Somebody's got to be bankrolling him.
Yeah, it could be Aimon Shah.
And even if he isn't helping Tahir, he probably knows who is.
This is all because of his sister? What do you think? Well, what I think is, this guy Tahir truly hates you.
I'm just trying to find out why.
What difference does it make? Well, if you figure out what makes a guy tick, you might figure out a way to beat him.
His sister Jada's still in Sudan.
We got people on the ground over there.
We could we could grab her, maybe.
Tahir would gladly kill his sister.
Because he knows it would hurt me more than it would hurt him.
I've never even met this guy and I want him dead.
Well, get in line.
Kens? KENSI: In here.
Thought I told you to wait for me.
DEEKS: That's on me.
I figured the sooner we move, the better.
KENSI: Wait.
Where's Sam? He bugged out, loaded up on weapons.
Why would he try to do this on his own? Men are stupid that way.
I think he was trying to protect Take them down.
It's evidence, Callen.
I don't care if it's evidence, we have enough.
- Yeah, but there could be fingerprints.
- I don't want Sam to see it.
We could figure out who took Take it down! All right.
Get down! (screams) Down.
Sniper! (groaning) Aah! Hold on, you're okay.
You're okay, slug got the vest.
You're all right.
It doesn't feel like it.
Aah! Ah, son of a bitch.
Definitely still there.
(taps ambulance, siren wails) I cannot wait for this day to be over.
Me, too.
You find anything? Uh, no eyewitnesses.
Shooter took all their brass, wiped everything down.
Trying to get surveillance footage from the building to Eric, maybe we'll get lucky.
Think they're watching us? I hope so.
(siren wailing) Thanks.
How you feeling? Oh, like I got hit by a baseball bat.
(scoffs) You wish.
Okay, you can, uh, drop us off on Ocean View.
He needs to go to the hospital.
My tetanus is up to date.
Yeah, and I just dewormed him.
EMT: He still needs to be looked at by a physician.
Look, he's been shot before, but for real.
Five times to be exact.
Closing in on Suge and Fiddy.
(chuckling) Almost there.
Uh (clears throat) you scared me.
(chuckles) I'm sorry.
Give me some good news.
Good news, um Callen's injuries are minor.
Other than that, still looking for the coroner's vehicle.
The black van that was used to abduct Michelle is stolen, so no leads there.
Um, the (clears throat) the two men who were killed in the warehouse where Sam's wife was murdered, uh, they're Sudanese nationals that came over in January.
Um, they're both former soldiers, served with Tahir.
The security guard, he had a criminal record, so no way he was legit.
Probably a local gun for hire.
The Corollas had no plates, so they could've been purchased, stolen, rented, who knows.
And here's a fun fact: the Corolla is a popular car in all of Los Angeles.
There are literally thousands to run down.
(sighs) What about the money that went to, uh, Zhrov? Ah, that originated overseas.
I'm still trying to source that.
I'm sorry, did you only want good news? 'Cause some of that was bad news.
Actually, most of that was bad news.
Actually all of that was bad news.
Actually, I had started to think we were through the worst of it.
But now this.
It's always darkest before the dawn.
Or the next tornado.
(computer beeps) Hey, I got a hit on the coroner's van.
It's in a lot off Centinela.
Good news.
(chuckles) I'm sorry, gentlemen, we're not open.
Hmm, well, you seem pretty open to me.
Only to private members at this time.
Yeah, we're here to see Aimon.
(speaking Arabic) I'm sorry, Mr.
Shah's not here.
You're clean.
How can I help you gentlemen? We're looking for a man named Tahir Khaled.
I don't know anyone by that name.
Who is he? A Sudanese war criminal.
(soft chuckle) In this country? That's unfortunate.
Um, but why do you think I know this guy? The "criminal" part.
(soft chuckle) Your friend, he insults me.
Who says he's my friend? SABATINO: You boys seem pretty jumpy.
Might want to cut back on the tea.
What's that? Oh, that? That is a transcript of conversations and e-mails that tie you to a bunch of criminal organizations.
SAM: You know these are trying times for Muslims in this country.
Especially those involved in illegal activity.
I suggest you and your non-friend leave before I call the police.
I'm a federal agent.
And yet, I have seen no identification, no badges, guys, uh, not even a warrant.
All I see is two men who have come into my place of business to harass me with what I can only assume are phony documents.
Get rid of them.
(men grunting) (groans) SAM: Listen to me, Tahir Khaled murdered my wife.
You understand me? Now, there's two sides to this: you can either help me, or help him.
He's working with the Ethiopians! It's a big country.
Give me a name.
Edward Kebede.
(grunts, thuds) SABATINO: Just so we're clear, this is not a safe alternative to smoking, boys.
Here you go.
It's clear.
Van's empty.
No body, no explosives, no explosive devices.
(phone ringing) Yeah.
Deeks Deeks, wait, it could be a trap.
They obviously know when to call.
They're watching us.
All right, then shoot them when they shoot me.
Tahir obviously wants to talk, otherwise why would he bother with a phone? No, Deeks, wait, it could be another trap.
Get Beale to trace it.
On it.
Who is this? This is LAPD Detective Marty Deeks.
I'm guessing this is Tahir? Eric, trace the call, he's on the phone with Tahir.
Way ahead of you.
Where is Sam Hanna? I have no idea.
I assumed he was with you.
I have his wife.
Oh, well, that is unfortunate 'cause you'd be better off with a live hand grenade in your mouth.
Actually, I wish you had a live hand grenade in your mouth.
Which begs the question to be asked, you don't perchance have a live hand grenade just sitting around at the house? 'Cause if you did, and you could put that in your mouth, that would be fantastic.
Eric, come on, you got him or what? Not yet.
TAHIR: I need Sam Hanna to come out of hiding.
Oh, see, Sam Hanna is not in hiding, he's hunting.
And to clarify, he's hunting you.
I mean, you get that, right? Oh, I also forgot to say that, as a law enforcement officer, it is my ethical duty to tell you that you need to surrender and turn yourself in.
That is not going to happen.
I was hoping you would say that.
You have two minutes to get Sam Hanna.
Just to clarify, 'cause this is driving me crazy, you do realize it's two words, right? First name "Sam," last name "Hanna.
" It sounds like "Sam Hanna.
" It's not "Samhanna," like Sumatra.
You now have less than two minutes.
Okay, hold on a second, hold on a second.
So, wait, let's say, for instance, worst-case scenario, I don't find Sam.
Is there a number that I can have him call you back at? Do you have, like, a pager or something? If you can't find him then I will send his wife back to him piece by piece.
Tahir? Tahir? Eric, please tell me you have him.
Beale! No.
Damn it! We have any idea where Sam is? No, but Tahir's calling back in about 30 seconds.
Okay, so what am I doing? We don't need Sam if we can voice synth enough dialogue to fool Tahir.
Deeks, plug that phone into the Audi's tablet.
Okay, I'll bring up Sam's voice mail, start scrubbing through for mission recordings.
Okay, you know what, uh, I don't have an adaptor.
(sighs) It should be in your kit.
Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what you guys are doing, but whatever it is, you need to hurry.
Come on, Deeks.
SAM (over computer): This is Sam, leave a message.
This is Sam.
They don't have it.
Eric, sending to you now.
(phone rings) Geez.
Damn it.
Guys, what am I doing? I got it.
I got the adapter.
Nell? I really need some more time for the rest.
We don't have time.
SAM'S VOICE (on computer): You have Eric send the address.
We got to pick up, we got to pick up, hurry up.
Eric? No.
Guys! Okay, go for it, Eric.
Here goes nothing.
SAM'S VOICE: This is Sam.
TAHIR: I was afraid you was avoiding me.
Here you go.
SAM'S VOICE: What do you what? I have your wife.
I'm holding her wedding ring right now.
I'm surprised she agreed to marry you.
My grandmother has more gold in her teeth.
What do you got? I'm still looking.
Eric, play that line again.
SAM'S VOICE: What do you want? TAHIR: I want to see you.
Be at the corner of Hollywood and Highland in 30 minutes.
Come alone or I will send your wife back to you in pieces.
Starting with her head.
What the hell do we do now? We find Sam.
Couldn't get a look inside, but there are two guys out front, probably lookouts.
I'm sure Aimon tipped 'em off we're coming.
No doubt.
If, uh, Tahir was here, well he may have already split.
Or he's waiting inside for me.
Thanks for letting me help you out.
Although I know I'm only here to protect Callen and the rest of your team because you think I'm expendable, but We're all expendable, Sabatino.
I loved your wife, Sam.
Are you done talking? Yeah.
(sighs) Bring any extra cuffs? Uh, yeah.
Sorry, man.
I'm the only one that's expendable around here.
(starts engine) (tires screech) (groans) What? Seriously? (groaning) (phone ringing) Sam hasn't used any credit cards or done anything to allow us to track him.
Of course he hasn't.
I was just with Sam in Little Ethiopia.
He's about to walk into a gunfight alone.
Send me the address.
How about I just tell you the address? Sam's in Little Ethiopia with Sabatino.
He just gave him the slip as well.
I'll have Kensi and Deeks meet us there.
(groaning) (sirens approaching) Sam.
Sam, hold on.
Where you going? Sam, stop.
Sam, what are you doing? Sam, listen (engine starts) Get out of my way.
Tahir contacted us.
Where is he? Come with me, I'll take you there.
Don't play me, G.
I'm not playing you, but we have to hurry.
Tell me where he is.
Not unless you promise to do this with me.
It's not about you.
If it's about you, it's about me and everyone else on this team.
Tell me where he is! Sam.
You gonna shoot me now? Please just let us help you.
KENSI: Sam, please.
Tahir has Michelle's body.
They hijacked the coroner's van, he's gonna meet you at the corner of Hollywood and Highland in ten minutes.
You coming or not? (car door closes, engine starts) Oh, yeah, sure, man.
(chuckles) You guys in place? In position.
I got eyes on Sam.
- Nell? - Yep.
CALLEN (over radio): Deeks? Well, the good news is, is Jesus is always with you.
Oh, how comforting.
CALLEN: Anyone have eyes on Tahir? Not me.
Eric? I'm looking.
Don't see anything yet.
You think he made us? I don't know.
Can still be playing.
He wants us antsy.
There's a better chance we'll do something impulsive.
I'm gonna impulsive his skull into dust.
Guys, I might have something.
Gray and black striped hoodie, sunglasses.
20 yards north of Deeks, walking towards you.
Yeah, I see him.
Is that Tahir? Eric? Uh, I'm running facial rec, but not enough reference points to confirm.
He's the right size.
Guys, tell me something.
Do I take him or not? Deeks.
I got this.
Afternoon, son.
How are you, sir? That's not him.
I repeat, that's not Tahir.
It's just another angry Angeleno.
DEEKS: It's not my fault they canceled Portlandia.
Please, get in.
Sam's getting on the tour bus.
Please, have a seat in the back.
Tahir must be on the bus.
Anyone have eyes on him? Yeah, he's near the back, but we got civilians on there, too.
Kens, you got a shot? I don't, I'm blocked.
Eric, do not lose that bus.
Not a chance.
I'll follow with Nell.
I saved you a seat, Sam Hanna.
Now, I suggest you refrain from any attempt at heroism, or my colleagues on board will start shooting the other passengers.
Now give me your hand.
I have something for you.
I don't want you running away.
Oh, you're not that lucky.
Tell me we have a plan.
We need to separate Tahir and Sam from the passengers.
And just how do you plan on doing that, Mr.
Callen? I'm working on that.
Where's my wife? You'll be with her soon enough.
Where we going with this, Tahir? You got me here, I'm all alone.
Let the rest of these people off.
I can't do that.
Why not? Well, they provide me with a certain level of protection, leverage.
What'd you do with the driver? He is not your concern.
Did you guys hear that? The driver is one of Tahir's.
Well, take him out.
The driver's a woman.
I stand corrected, take her out.
Copy that.
Put us alongside the tour bus, I'll take the driver.
Nell, where are you and Deeks? NELL: We are right behind you.
CALLEN: Think you can get in front of this bus and stop it? Oh, hell yeah.
Watch this, hang on.
I knew I should have driven.
Deeks, Jesus is my co-pilot! Okay, that's, it's not true.
Don't be a coward and hide behind all these innocent people.
(laughs) You don't have much time left, Sam Hanna.
I wouldn't waste it.
You know my name is Sam Hanna.
It's two words.
Even your sister knows that.
(horn honking) Get ready, Sam.
On three.
Move! Really? KENSI: Two.
Hey! (people screaming) (gunshot) Everybody off the bus, now! Go, go! CALLEN: Sam? Go, let's go, let's go, come on, guys.
Let's go.
Where is she? (laughs) Where is she? Is this what you're looking for? G, get off the bus.
What? He's got a suicide vest.
Can you disarm it? No.
Kensi, Deeks, evacuate the area! Get back! Get back, everybody.
Back, you guys.
Now, go! Everybody back.
Behind the car, everybody back.
Get back, as far as you can.
I should've killed you when I had the chance.
And that is your weakness, Sam Hanna.
Your mercy is what killed your wife.
(groans) I won't make that mistake again.
(screaming) SAM: G! DEEKS: Callen? Sam! (grunting) (car alarm wailing) Son of a bitch.
KENSI (muffled): Guys, you okay? Here, I got you.
- You okay? You all right? - Yeah.
Think so.
I need a drink.
(sniffles) (exhales) Mr.
Beale, come on.
You're gonna pour.
(mouths) Thanks.
So, Michelle's body was recovered by LAPD.
Uh, they found it in a van left where the tour bus was hijacked.
They're personally escorting it to the morgue now.
Callen's taking Sam there.
Um Yeah.
and Sabatino? Sam cuffed him in an alleyway.
Maybe that's an oops.
I-I don't Ooh.
Well, he probably escaped, I mean, he's good at that stuff.
Anything else? Are you okay? No.
I just I feel so badly for Sam.
I can't imagine losing someone that close to you.
Came through straight around here, we cut him off.
Neither can I.
Um, will you excuse me for a second? Course.
Hey, Tony? Yeah.
Can I borrow that flashbang? Uh, yeah, I guess.
What for? Surprise.
Deeks, can I talk to you for a sec? Yeah.
The hell was that? Um, a, um (clears throat) Sorry, could you just give me a hand.
What? Whoa, no.
Martin Deeks, will you marry me? No, no, co-- baby, you got to stand up.
No, Deeks, no.
Get up, get up Listen, you can't.
You can't, you can't, you can't do this.
Deeks, I think I just did.
No, but you can't, because, y-you the guy, the guy has to, the guy has to propose.
Oh, really? 'Cause I think it's 2017.
And you kind of had your shot.
Not to be a stickler for detail, but I've actually proposed three times, if you count the very romantic version I did while you were in a coma.
Baby, what are you doing? These dreams we're holding Life is really short, Deeks.
I mean, we saw that today, and we see it every day.
All the world is ours to take And I don't know how much time either one of us has left, but I do know this: I want to spend the rest of what I have with you.
Ooh So what's it gonna be? Ooh I mean, I don't know, I mean, this is (sniffles) it's a lot for a girl to process.
(laughing): You're such an idiot.
I love you.
A chance to discover I love you.
What the hell? Yes.
Together we can do anything We believe it My God, did that just happen? All the world is ours to take You and me, we'll find a way Oh, the wonder that awaits Here we are, forever starts Let's take a look at this thing.
Well, I got to be honest, I thought that, uh, thought it'd have a little more bling to it.
Oh, no.
You know me.
I'm more bang than bling.
That's right.
Sunshine and gunpowder.
(laughs) Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Forever starts today Oh, oh, oh-oh.
My life will never be the same without her.
I know.
I'm here for you.
We all are.
We always will be.
You know, if there's anything I can do Just take care of Hetty and the team until I get back.
Spend some time with my kids.
Forever starts today Ooh Forever starts today.