NCIS Los Angeles s09e03 Episode Script


1 Mama told me not to sell work Mama 17 five, same color T-shirt White Mama told me not to sell work Mama 17 five, same color T-shirt Do it for the culture Culture They gon' bite like vultures Vultures Way back when I was trapping out Toyotas (distant bang) Hello? Space coupe, Quavo Yoda Is anyone there? On my own, sir Heard you gon' clone, sir Stop all that flexin' Young don't want to go there Never been a gopher but I always been a soldier Young in the cut Posted like a vulture Divin' off the stage (music shuts off) (panting) Step back.
- Sorry to scare you.
I-I just - You were just what? - Well, I-I was not - You can tell it to me, or you can tell it to the police.
The police? I'm sorry, okay? I was just I was gonna ask you for your phone number.
Please, don't call the cops.
Or hit me.
(exhales) I'm sorry.
I really got to stick to the dating apps.
(laughs) I mean, they may damage my ego, but there's never any chance of physical violence.
(gunshots) Oh, my God.
NCIS: LA 9x03 Assets Hey.
Thanks for doing this.
Not a problem.
(sighs) I just didn't want to have to deal with You don't have to say any more.
Well, thank you.
Is that all of it? Everything from the house.
I told your Realtor we'd come back tomorrow and empty the garage.
If you want, I can take it to storage.
Don't need it.
Secured all my weapons and ammo.
Kids took what they wanted.
(sighs heavily) The rest of this goes to the homeless shelter.
Maybe I just hold onto it until you I'm good.
It all gets donated.
(sighs) Except the tools.
I'm holding onto the tools for you.
Damn crazy if you think we're out here just giving tools away.
Thanks, Tom.
(Deeks exhales sharply) Son of a Almost impressive.
Mosley, hey.
Sorry, uh Assistant Director Executive Director Executive of Assist I'm pretty sure there's (chuckles) there's a "Director" and an "Assistant" in there somewhere.
I'm sorry, am I fired again? How long would you keep talking if no one stopped you? Many before you have searched for the answer to that very question.
And, just for the record, I would have had to rehire you in order to fire you again, which I didn't do, because I don't normally hire people that don't take care of their appearance.
Oh, no, no, no, thi-this is I was undercover as a as a homeless I can I'll lose this.
Consider it gone.
Please, just don't send me back to the K-9 unit.
And, no, that is not a figure of speech.
Why do you want to work here, Mr.
Deeks? Wow.
All right.
No cocktails, no dancing-- just gonna get right in there, huh? Why NCIS? Um, you know, it's where my passion lies.
I'm very passionate about investigating and defeating the criminals and terrorists and the foreign-intelligence threats across the, uh, United States Navy and Marine Corps.
BOTH: Ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace.
Did you just recite the NCIS mission statement to me? (laughs): Oh, did I do that? I didn't even notice, 'cause it's just so deeply ingrained in the fabric of who I am at this point.
I'm sorry, did you just you smile? Does that mean I just bought myself another day? Can you make that shot? Can I make that shot? (scoffs) Right here.
Does a bear poop in the woods? Don't answer that.
Of no consequence.
Ooh! Impressive.
Looks like you just got yourself another day working with your fiancée.
Oh, yeah, with my fiancée.
All right, what about you? How 'bout me what? Go ahead and take a shot.
Do I look like a girl that's gonna take a shot right now? Do you see what I'm wearing? Do you see what I have on? I mean, you look you look very nice, if that's what you mean.
Thank you.
All right, I get it.
You're obviously very intimidated by my, uh, perfect form and shooting.
"Intimidated"? Intimidated How about three years at UConn, varsity? Google it.
(door shuts) UConn, huh? Is that a community college? (ball swishes through net) (muffled gunshots) (shell casing clatters on floor) Morning.
KENSI: What's going on, Hidoko? Good morning.
Care for some morning shooting range fun? I was just finishing up.
Come on, a little game of H-O-R-S-E.
Whoever wins picks the lunch spot.
I really should get going.
We'll let you go first.
You can pick the target.
Really, I'm good.
Oh, well, top of the morning to you, Agents Callen, Blye, Hidoko.
Who won the shooting contest? KENSI: No shooting.
Is there a case on deck? There is a case on deck.
This morning, Navy Lieutenant Naomi Elder was shot and killed at a downtown aquatic center directly after finishing her workout.
Where was she stationed? She was on leave from the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific.
That's at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.
It's an impressive facility.
I was there a few years back.
What was the lieutenant's job? Uh, she worked with a small, elite unit monitoring and cataloguing classified naval intelligence communications.
Was she traveling with any navy property? According to here commanding officer, no.
She was never issued a navy laptop or cell phone.
She was only traveling with personal items.
She was driving a car registered to Keith and Lynn Stiger of Silver Lake.
Apparently, the lieutenant was staying with them.
Any witnesses to the shooting? Uh, yes.
LAPD has him at the scene now.
Sam and I'll go to the Stigers' house, look into the victim.
Why don't you and Kensi go over to the crime scene? That work for you? Yeah.
I'll inform E.
So, just to clarify, you didn't know Lieutenant Elder at all? No.
Never even seen her before.
You know, I felt the bullet go past my arm.
Why were you standing so close to her when she was shot? She was beautiful.
Look, I've never been great with girls IRL, but when I saw her, I knew that I needed to work up the nerve to walk over and get her phone number.
We were just talking, and then I'm sorry.
So, did anything stand out to you? Anything out of the ordinary before the shooting? No.
It's okay.
Thank you.
If you think of anything, let us know.
Wait a minute.
It was red.
What was? Right after it happened, there was a there was a bright flash of red.
A reflection.
A reflection over there, behind Lieutenant Elder on the pool tile? Yeah.
Yeah, I saw that flash red, and then it was gone.
I'm sorry, I can't remember anything else.
No, that was helpful.
Thank you.
So, what do you think? Laser aiming device on a sniper rifle? Yeah, could be.
Ryan's lucky he didn't get hit.
She was wearing a red suit, right? A sighting laser would also be red, which explains why he didn't see it when he was talking to her.
So Lieutenant Elder was standing right there, and Ryan said that he felt the bullet pass by his right arm.
And when her body fell in the water, he saw the red light over there.
I'm thinking the sniper was in that building across the street.
Why would a sniper go through that much trouble to kill this victim? It's not just any victim.
It's a navy lieutenant.
On U.
That's that's not good.
Not good at all.
Rolled by your house this morning.
Checking up on me? No, I figured I'd bring you a jar of blended dandelions or elk's heart or whatever it is (chuckles) you have for breakfast these days.
- - I'm good on the elk's heart.
When were you gonna tell me about the "for sale" sign? When it sells.
What, you get a new place? I don't think I need a house anymore.
Wait a second, you were on me for years about buying a place.
Yeah, it was good for you.
You needed to set down some roots.
Yeah, what about you? I did that.
Now it's time for me to move on.
What? To where? I don't know.
If you need a place to stay while you're figuring this all out, I got plenty of room.
There's no big old roots to clog things up.
I appreciate that.
It's where I'd take the shot from.
(over comm): Floor's closed for remodeling.
Shooter was pretty smart to take the shot from there.
I mean, there's no surveillance in the pool itself, but I saw cameras at all the entrances to the pool and every hallway, which means there's no way he can get in and out cleanly.
Lots of privacy for the shooter.
Not seeing any great angles to the pool here.
I Hold on.
I got the sniper's blind.
Hey, could you stand on Lieutenant Elder's mark? DEEKS: How's that? Little left.
Your other left, sweetheart.
Here? Here? That's fine.
Just Wow.
This wasn't a clean shot.
There are columns and steel window dividers to be accounted for, and a total shot of 358 yards.
I mean, factor in the wind and elevation change to target So you got two center mass hits, no misses, from there.
I mean, I got to be honest, shooter's pretty good.
I'd say better than pretty good.
I think we're dealing with a professional.
Highly-trained one at that.
(voice breaking): I know that Naomi had a really important job with the navy, but I can't believe that anyone would want to kill her.
How long have you known her? We were college roommates.
They're like sisters.
Yeah, we all stayed in San Diego after college, but Naomi got transferred to Hawaii, and Lynn and I moved to L.
We saw each other every chance we got.
She was using our house as home base for this trip.
She was traveling? Yeah, local trips, like, one or two nights each.
Ventura, Carlsbad, Big Bear.
But this morning, last night, nothing out of the ordinary? No.
She was stoked 'cause she found this incredible pool to work out in.
She left before the sun came up.
(quietly): It'll be okay.
Do you mind if we have a look through Naomi's belongings? Uh, not at all.
Here, I'll show you guys the guest room.
SAM: Hang in there.
Just Just up there.
Thank you.
HIDOKO: Commander James Miyazaki will be on momentarily.
He was Lieutenant Elder's Elder's department head at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.
(computer chirps) Commander Miyazaki, we are very sorry for your loss.
Thank you, Assistant Director.
I'd like to assist you in any way that I can.
Commander, as we proceed with this death investigation, it is very obvious that the perpetrator was skilled.
This was not a random killing.
Do you know why Lieutenant Elder might have been a specific target? When I heard about the murder, I asked myself the same question.
And no, I don't know why anyone would want to kill her.
The lieutenant was well liked on base.
No history of substance abuse, no debts that we know about.
She was very squared away.
And what about your team's work? Would she have been exposed to any foreign threats? The NCTAMS-PAC is the world's largest communication station.
A multitude of highly-classified and politically-sensitive material passes through our station every day, but our work is done quietly and in the background.
Lieutenant Elder was never personally at risk.
And was she expected to do any naval duties while on the mainland? She was set to meet with some defense contractors, but I had to cancel those meetings a few days ago due to scheduling conflicts.
And we were told that she was not in possession of a government computer, correct? That's correct.
It's still here at her workstation.
That's all for now, Commander.
Please, keep me informed as the investigation progresses.
I will, and again, we are sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Check in with Callen and Sam and see if they can find a personal laptop.
She probably brought something with her.
Copy that.
KENSI: No shells, no footprints.
Yeah, got no water bottles, not even a Twinkie wrapper.
All right, we've got to figure out how the shooter got out of here.
You think we're ever gonna hear from Hetty? Uh I I hope so.
Why did you think of that right now? Everything seems so different without her, and Granger's gone, and now we got Mosley and Hidoko.
Just, you know.
(quietly): I mean, do you think she really retired? No.
I mean, I want to say no, okay? I don't think that she would have up and left without saying anything to anybody.
Yeah, but it's different this time.
I mean, she didn't speak to anybody.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Things are changing.
Yeah, well, then, maybe we should take that as a sign.
Sign of what? Maybe it's time to take the next step.
You know, maybe it's time to take Maybe it's time to take our next step.
I know.
I know.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Yeah, listen, I'm not saying that you have to quit this job that you love, 'cause that would be selfish, and I wouldn't say that.
But maybe it's time that I do.
No, because that would be selfish of me, and plus, what would you do? Honestly, I have no idea, but what I do know is that (sighs) you know, whatever job I take, I'm just not gonna be coming in contact with people that are constantly trying to shoot me.
I just, I can't imagine, you know, kissing our daughter good-bye in the morning, and then we spend the rest of the day wondering if one of us is gonna get shot.
Did you did you say daughter? Did I not mention that before? Little Little Princess Sunshine Deeks? No.
(laughs) No.
You don't like that name? No! That name's fantastic.
Um, I It's my great uncle.
No, um, how about Athena? Really? Yes! Athena? Lieutenant Elder's department head doesn't seem to think she was targeted due to her job.
You're think we're looking for something from her personal life? Maybe.
Check this out.
Three shirts, skirt, pair of jeans.
Hmm? Her dress uniform.
Seems to me that a lieutenant who has a meeting with defense contractors might want to bring it.
She would.
There just isn't much here.
Maybe she has a fear of overpacking.
Check it out.
Does it have a memory card? I don't see any.
Hey, Eric? ERIC (over comms): Yeah, Callen.
Yeah, I found a gaming device.
It's a ZM-847? Oh.
That's a powerful one.
Actually, my personal favorite in the portable gaming space.
CALLEN: Can you store data on this, or is it just for playing games? Mm.
Do either of you have one of those tiny little Phillips-head screwdrivers? Yeah, I got one.
See those two screws on the back? Unscrew 'em.
You serious? Yeah.
CALLEN: Very impressive.
I'm prepared.
Now pop open that back cover.
There should be an internal microSD slot.
Yup, and it's got a card in it.
Pop that puppy out.
Now all you need is a place to play it.
Yeah, I might.
Yeah, there's a flat screen.
That's the Chinese border.
These are classified surveillance briefs.
This thing goes back for years.
Daily plans, action reports.
Potential target lists.
There's no way they let these leave the base.
She either smuggled 'em out, or she was unknowingly a mule.
Big risk if she smuggled this out.
It's a risk that got her killed.
Shooter ended up here.
Well, if he took that stairwell.
Stairwell was the best bet.
Think about it.
All the floors were operational, and he ran the risk of employees in the elevators.
But you can't stash the car down here, because there's cameras at the exits.
He'd know that.
I'm seeing it.
So, this is not just the escape route.
This is how he got in the building.
He taped the latch.
(door squeaks) Easy.
(Deeks whistles) Well, somebody went through here on a motorcycle.
Yeah, it's a great way to escape traffic if things go sideways.
Just send this up to Ops.
(cell camera clicks) Uh, so, I always figured that your imaginary child would be a boy.
Oh, no.
I mean, little dudes are cool, but have you ever seen those tiny Channel Islands surfboards in pink with, like, a little pink wetsuit? (laughing): I mean, come on.
Game over.
Sorry to break it to you, but not all girls like pink.
I didn't.
Hey, that's a shocker.
I'm just saying, I think that I would be a great mom to a boy.
Good to know.
In this hypothetical conversation that we're having about - Hypothetical conversation.
No out here today So Good talk.
Castor? Uh, hey, guys.
This is Naval Intelligence Officer Frank Peralta.
Thanks for picking him up.
How are you? Good day.
You, too.
Good to meet you.
Thanks for jumping into this right away.
Not a problem.
There was over 3.
5 gigs of data on that microSD card, so I was only able to go through a small portion of the documents.
What'd you find? You guys were right.
Lieutenant Elder was in possession of highly classified surveillance practices, results, targets and schedules.
Now, this information did go through Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, but it's still unclear if she even had access to this stuff.
What's the value of this information on the open market? High value.
If the Chinese found out about our entire surveillance operation, we'd have massive national security issues.
All right.
Well, let's say she didn't unknowingly transport this, but she smuggled it out with the intent to sell the Intel.
Who's the most likely buyer? Multiple interested parties.
In fact, she'd probably have a bidding war if that's the route she took.
Multiple parties interested in the same information.
That could explain why she was killed.
When I was scanning the SD card, I discovered one copy was made yesterday, around noon.
That could be the copy she was gonna sell.
Or already sold.
Well, whoever killed her, they're the key to finding that copy.
Well, I don't have to tell you that we need to get that copy back immediately.
Kensi and Deeks got a pretty good image of the motorcycle tire track, but it hasn't been easy to match.
System's still running it.
She's too I don't know, nice? Whatever it is, I don't like it.
Nice? I would not call her nice.
Pleasant, maybe.
She practically ran out of the shooting range when I went to go get her.
Yeah, exactly.
What? Today.
This morning.
I went to go get her at the shooting range Hold on.
Who are you talking about? Who are you talking about? Mosley.
I was talking about Harley.
Oh, I like Mosley.
Oh, I like Harley.
(computer beeps) Hey.
Looks like Kensi and Deeks are looking for the 2017 KTM Duke motorcycle.
The tread matches the factory installed tires.
Nice work.
All right.
Now I'll do a search for any KTM bike within four blocks of the Aquatic Center within an hour of the shooting.
Got one.
Just two blocks from the Aquatic Center, eight minutes after the shooting.
Now let's try to find this specific bike, huh? Hey, is that him? What? Holy We just got lucky.
That's wasn't luck.
Hey, Deeks, it looks like the bike you're looking for was spotted just outside of downtown in an industrial area.
We are sending the locations to your phone now.
Got it.
Thanks, Nell.
Sorry we had to bring another unit in to search the place.
Of course.
I don't mind at all.
Whatever you need to do to find whoever did this to Naomi.
How's your wife doing? She's lying down.
I don't think everything's really hit her yet.
You said they were like sisters.
Very close.
Uh, I tried to talk to her.
See if she'd spoken with Naomi, if there was anything She's not ready to talk yet.
You don't happen to know where Lieutenant Elder was yesterday around noon, do you? No.
Uh, uh, she wasn't here.
I didn't see her till dinnertime.
I'm gonna go check on my partner.
You know, um after you left, I was thinking through everything.
Uh, Naomi's whole trip out here everything.
Uh Anything out of the ordinary? Uh no actions.
Nothing I could point to and say it was out of character, but (scoffs) You know, it's probably nothing.
Anything would help.
She seemed I don't know, distracted.
Like, uh, she was waiting on something.
And Uh, I couldn't really talk to her.
Everything was on a surface level, very vague, uh Her workouts, Lynn's art I don't want to say secretive, but Anyway, I thought, I thought I should tell you.
Appreciate it.
If those classified documents are in that house, that team will find it.
If a physical copy still exists.
It could be up in a cloud by now.
Yeah, but the only way to find out if it exists or where is to find the buyers.
Well, Eric went through texts, e-mails, personal phone records.
He didn't find anything he could use.
He also checked the social media.
She posted about the trip this past week.
What platform is she on? Uh, Facebook and Instagram.
She's more active on Instagram.
She has a public account.
She posts a lot of pics.
A public account on Instagram means anyone can access your photos and post comments.
Remember those old stories about people communicating through classified ads in newspapers? Yeah.
Well, what if she was using the comment section of her Instagram account to communicate with buyers? Hey, Eric.
ERIC: Hey, Callen.
I need you to access Lieutenant Elder's Instagram account.
I want to see if she was communicating with anybody through the comments section.
Uh-huh, checking now.
There is one profile, uh, TO805, that's been interacting a ton with Lieutenant Elder's posts, like, 20 in the last week alone.
You have an ID on that account? ERIC: Yeah.
Running ISP records now.
(clicking tongue) Yeah.
The account belongs to Geno Preston.
He's local, L.
Nice work, Eric.
Send us the address.
ERIC: Copy that.
What? Instagram comments? They have a lot of good E.
products on there.
Oh, you're a book of a thousand secrets, huh? Mm-hmm.
Tell ya a few.
Eric, we're down in this area, but there's about a million places to hide down here.
Is there any way you could possibly narrow down that search? I've only got that one angle on the motorcycle entering the industrial area, but I'm searching other traffic cameras now.
KENSI: All right, you got it.
Thank you.
(creaks softly) In position.
Going in the front door.
Bedroom's clear.
I've got Preston.
LAPD and the coroner are en route.
Preston was tortured before they killed him.
Whoever searched this place was trained.
I mean, they went through everything.
Well, the logical timeline is they tortured him, they killed him, then they searched the place.
Yeah, well, if that holds, then he either didn't know where the stolen Intel is, or he didn't want to tell them.
This place doesn't scream international spy.
Yeah, but what house ever does? Yours.
(chuckles) Funny.
Here we go.
Looks like Lieutenant Elder and Preston were in a relationship.
This picture's got to be about two years old.
Yeah, well, I got her dress uniform in here.
And her toiletries in the bathroom.
So Elder wasn't going to Ventura or Carlsbad, or taking short trips.
She was here with Preston.
Stiger never said anything about her having a boyfriend.
Maybe staying here was just a cover.
Was he an innocent boyfriend? Or was he a player working with her? Well, either way, he ended up dead, just like she did.
Whoo, found the motorcycle.
Hey, nice work.
There are no building numbers in this footage, and everything looks the same in this industrial section.
NELL: Yeah.
Wait a second.
What's that? W-G-D.
There's a Westside Graphic Design listed right there.
Okay, Kens.
Yeah, what's up, Nell? So the last known location of the motorcycle was near this ten-story building.
I believe it's just on your right.
All right.
We're heading in there now.
Will your new office be Hetty's old office? (laughs) This is hardly an office, it's more like an alcove.
I don't think there's a decent office in this space.
It's an interesting building.
I kind of like it.
I don't know.
I just thought everything in Los Angeles was supposed to be new and fresh.
This place even smells old.
Well, Henrietta made do, adapted to the building.
Well, I have a crew coming to build me my own office.
The building can adapt to me.
And I don't think Henrietta was the type of person to adapt.
I think she knew exactly what she was doing.
She wanted her team accessible to her at all times, and her accessible to her team.
Makes sense.
Do you have a sitrep for me? Yes, ma'am.
Callen and Sam believe that Lieutenant Elder was involved with a man named Geno Preston.
Kensi and Deeks tracked the motorcycle they believe belongs to the sniper to an industrial park in the downtown How do they work together? Elder and Preston or Callen and Sam? All of them, these guys, the team.
HIDOKO: Seamlessly.
So do you think it would be a mistake to break them up? Is that still the plan? Yes.
Plans change.
Some do, some don't.
(car approaching) (distant engine revs) Kens.
(engine revving) (gunfire) KENSI: Get in, Deeks! Go! Go! (shouts) Son of a bitch! Go, go, go! (tires screeching) (tires screech) (tires screech) (Deeks grunting) DEEKS: There's no way out.
They're gonna come right at us.
Watch your eyes.
(grunts) (grunts) There we go.
(revving) Go! Oh! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! - Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- What? What, what, what? Engine's dead.
Yeah, that's not good for the resale.
I really wish we could've worked out our differences with words.
Do we have an identification on the shooters? Yep.
We've got them entering the country at LAX last week.
Looks like they were traveling on fake passports under the names of recently deceased men.
MOSLEY: Classy.
What else do we know about these guys? NELL: Well, their flights to L.
originated in the Philippines, but it looks like they flew there from Shenzhen, China.
ERIC: So these guys came into L.
to either do a deal with Lieutenant Elder for the stolen Intel or just to kill her? If they came just to kill her, it's becoming apparent that she was in business with them prior to this.
(indistinct radio chatter) You guys okay? Yeah.
No, we're good.
Car's dead, though.
Your new car is dead? Okay, first of all, the car's not dead, it's a little dinged up.
A little dinged up? Really? And second of all, it's not new.
We've had it for a year.
Well, a year is still kind of new.
I mean, what have we had the Challenger? Five years? We got a new one last year.
What? I didn't notice.
ERIC: Guys, I got a hit on the third motorcycle.
It's exiting the 101 on Silver Lake Boulevard.
They're headed to the Stigers' house.
We're on it.
Sir, we need to commandeer that vehicle.
There's the bike.
(gunshot in distance) (quietly): Entering through the front.
LYNN: Help! Help us! Help us, please! Help-- Keith's shot.
He's up there.
He's-- he How many are here? I don't know.
He's shot.
We Shh.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
How many people are up there? I don't know, uh, j-just one.
H-He we-- he just walked in.
We were watching TV.
Go, go with them.
Sam? There's one shooter inside.
He took out Keith Stiger.
I'm going up.
(gunfire continues) (groaning) I got Keith Stiger.
Eric, I need an ambulance.
You're okay, I got you.
Where's Lynn? She's okay.
She's coming.
(shouts) She's okay.
Hi-- oh, no.
Please-- Keith.
Please, help him.
KENSI: An ambulance is on the way.
(Keith grunting) LYNN: Oh, God.
Why is this happening? A-Are you okay, are you hurt? No, I-I'm fine.
(Keith groaning) It's okay.
You're safe now.
You're safe.
Thank you.
I don't know how to repay you, but I will.
Just take it easy until the ambulance gets here.
You're okay.
Take it slow.
Are you okay? (Keith panting) 14 different forms.
Really? It takes 14 forms for them to fix our car? Yeah, there are lot of bullet holes in it.
It needs a new windshield.
Engine took some rounds, too.
So that's like a five-form filler-upper fixer-outer, tops.
MOSLEY: Or we don't have to fix your car at all, we can just pull an old Caprice from the motor pool.
No, no.
'Cause we like our car.
Actually, we love my car.
(chuckles) Like what you've done with the place.
Well, it's a work in progress.
So, uh, after, uh, the federal K-9 unit went through the Stigers' house, they went through Preston's.
And, uh, they found a duffle bag with a $100,000 in cash in it.
Intelligence at Pearl Harbor-Hickam found a cloud account set up in Lieutenant Elder's name.
A copy of all of the classified Intel was there.
So Lieutenant Elder had the classified Intel and the cash.
So it looks like Preston and Elder really were trying to double-cross the Chinese, huh? Mm, didn't turn out too well for them.
Do we know if this is an isolated incident restricted to Lieutenant Elder, or if this was part of a larger espionage ring? That isn't clear yet.
Because all of Lieutenant Elder's killers ended up dead.
See, when I said this team was good but that it could be better, this is the exact instance that I was speaking of.
This isn't over for us.
We follow up on every case and every lead.
Hetty used to support that.
That's why we've had the long-term success that we've had.
I'm going back to Washington for a meeting.
I'm taking Harley with me.
Meetings about us? Agent Hanna, not everything is about you.
Just please, try not to burn the building down while I'm gone.
That's it.
So, when you say that we're all done for today, does that mean that we're all What I mean is you can fill out the motor pool forms tomorrow morning.
Just to clarify, so, by "tomorrow morning," you mean that I still have a job? What I mean is this conversation is over.
For the love of God, let's go.
Yeah, no.
Good talk.
Go team.
(engine shuts off) I hope you're gonna tell me that Hetty moved her boat down here and she's living on it happily ever after.
If you think I'm going spearfishing with you tonight, you're dreaming.
Have you seen how many shark sightings there's been? You don't bother them, they won't bother you.
Yeah, that's one school of thought.
The other one is, I stay on dry land, I don't get eaten by a great white.
I'm not going spearfishing tonight.
There's a big swell, the water's too cloudy.
Again I ask, what are we doing here? You're gonna help me move in my new place, and I'm gonna buy you a beer.
You're gonna live on a boat? I do better on the water.
Did you already move in the rest of your stuff? This is all of it.
That's it? That's it.
There she is.
CALLEN: Well, it floats.
I mean, you got that going for you.
It'll take a minute to get her in shipshape condition.
It's gonna take a lot of time and a lot of work.
I don't mind.
Eh, it's actually not that bad.
We can work with her.
"We"? Yeah.
My inspiration, my vision, your sweat equity.
She'll be the prettiest boat on the dock.
SAM: Sweat equity, huh? Mm-hmm.
What is it, The Clam Bake? Uh-uh.
Guess it's got a ring to it.
I'm gonna call her Michelle.
When she's ready, me and the kids are gonna take her up to Carmel.
Michelle loved it up there.
I'm gonna sprinkle her ashes in the water.
What do you say we dump that bag onboard, go grab that beer? Sounds good.
Let's do it.

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