NCIS Los Angeles s09e04 Episode Script

Plain Sight

1 Sam Hanna.
I'm Byron.
Good to meet you.
ERIC: Kulinda Tactical Security, a high-end private security firm.
“Kulinda” actually means “to protect.
” Great working with you, Sam.
Ever think about a career change, we'd love to have you.
- Where's Hetty? - Probably halfway to Fiji by now.
KEANE: You don't remember the helicopter crash? I was the only survivor.
I survived, but you left me to die.
I thought you were dead.
(air brakes hiss) Hey, best for last, huh, Jack? At least you're gonna miss rush hour.
(laughs nervously) You good, Jack? Everything okay? Just ready to hit the road and make this run.
(clears throat) You sure everything's okay, man? No! Aah! (silenced gunshots) (horn honks) You didn't have to shoot them.
Shut up.
If we did it my way, we wouldn't have NCIS: LA 9x04 Plain Sight Wouldn't that be easier in dry dock? Just re-caulking this porthole.
Mm, right.
'Cause water on the inside of a boat is never a good look, is it? Once I caulk it, she'll be stronger than new.
Yeah? Then why didn't they use that caulk in the first place? That's right, premium caulk didn't exist in the 1800s, did it? Oh.
Look at that! “Captain Ahab was here.
” Huh.
Aren't you supposed to be helping me? I am.
I'm offering guidance, as well as moral support.
But right now Eric is summoning us.
(sighs) All right, cool.
Let me get my bag.
So, look, I was thinking, since we're gonna be living at the beach We? We should seriously consider getting Jet Skis.
(laughs) We're not getting Jet Skis.
Why not? Look, they are crazy fun, first of all, okay? I mean, it's like being on a motorcycle, but obviously water's a little softer than cement.
Man, look, they're loud, they're crass, they're a bad investment, and most of the riders are irresponsible and reckless.
Oh, clearly you missed the “crazy fun” part.
We're not getting Jet Skis.
Thank you.
What color you think you'd want? I got you pegged for hot pink.
More like angry red.
So you're open to the idea.
What do you have for us, Eric? L.
Round House Manufacturing had a robbery last night.
Left three dead bodies, including one of the suspects.
NELL: Now, the haul was a shipment of M27s headed for Pendleton.
If sold, those weapons would have a street value of well over a million dollars.
Or worse, be used for some kind of an attack.
And do we have any leads? ERIC: Even better.
We have an I.
NELL: Meet small-time crook Tony Young.
He has a list of petty crimes, minor felonies.
We're dealing with amateurs? Stealing an arsenal of weapons is way out of this guy's wheelhouse.
ERIC: There's more.
I was able to trace the cargo truck for three blocks, where it met up with this SUV.
That's Byron Brown from the Kulinda agency.
What's he doing? NELL: Seems he's helping steal an arsenal of weapons.
Weren't you working with him? I mentored some kids in his neighborhood youth group.
There's got to be a reason he's involved.
Maybe he's working a case.
Last I checked, the Kulinda group doesn't work cases, they provide security.
NELL: We contacted Kulinda.
Byron resigned a week ago.
Maybe this is his exit strategy.
I don't buy that the guy just woke up and became a criminal.
He's a good man.
Okay, but we have to at least consider that maybe he jumped to the dark side.
Where's he now, Eric? I lost the Round House truck, but I was able to track Byron.
Yeah, his SUV is still parked downtown.
Where are Kensi and Deeks? Tony Young's last known address was in Culver City, so Kensi and Deeks are on their way there to see if they can find him.
(tires screech) (grunts) (laughs) See, now, that was awesome.
And of all the cars in the motor pool, you had to pick this one? What are you talking about? The keys were in it.
The universe wanted us to have it.
You think Mosley's gonna let me keep it? Keep it? It's not practical.
Want to see practical? Put those on.
Come on, put 'em on.
Show me what you got.
You know what that is? That is op ready.
Really? Where am I supposed to keep my long gun, and a suspect at that? There's a backseat.
It's kind of got a backseat.
Listen, if we have a suspect in the backseat, they don't deserve to be comfortable.
You know what? Forget about it.
My Audi's almost ready anyway.
(scoffs) You know what? You can keep that Audi.
It's about time I got my own work whip.
In fact, I'm gonna talk to Mosley about it tonight before Hetty shows up and shuts the whole thing down.
You should be worrying less about the car and more about whether she's gonna let you keep your job.
Yeah, I I hate that when you're right.
KENSI: Address says “550-B”.
Is there a back house? Hey, check it.
That looks up to code.
Just a little duct tape and hope.
(knocking) Why are you knocking on my door like the police? Surprise.
Step down, please.
Nice and easy.
We're looking for Tony Young.
He's not here.
You sure about that? See for yourself.
(grunting) (coughing) Yeah, yeah.
(groans) (clears throat) Yeah, that's, uh, that's clear.
Where's Tony? Tony's not here.
And if you see him, tell him to stay where he is.
Do you know where we can find him? If I knew, then I'd tell him myself.
All right, if you do see him, tell him we're looking for him.
Just want to ask him a couple questions.
(clicks tongue) I mean, it's noon somewhere, right? Bottoms up.
So what'd you see in there? Men's shoes, second glass of wine, Need for Speed paused on the TV.
Okay, so if he's not close by, he's coming back soon.
I'm betting she's calling him right now to tell him to stay put.
Only one way to find out.
Stake 'em out in the world's most awesome car.
But also the most inconspicuous one.
Well, it is so conspicuous that it's inconspicuous.
And yes, I was sensing your sarcasm.
(chuckles) SAM: There it is.
You got a big heart, Sam (sighs) but you barely know this guy.
I barely knew you at one point.
Oh, might I remind you that you didn't really like me when we first met? What makes you think that's changed any? I'm just saying, sometimes you have to look at the possibilities.
You remember that CIA operative, Junior Ramirez? Was a good guy.
He was a better agent, until we found out he had 13 and a half bodies buried in his backyard.
You got something you want to tell me about your yard? Just wondering if we ever really know anyone.
Just find it hard to believe is all.
Spent a lot of time with that guy.
My radar is rarely off.
Sometimes when people show us who they really are, we need to believe 'em.
(scoffs) I told you that.
Well, it doesn't change the fact that three guys died in a robbery that Byron is somehow connected to.
It's possible he doesn't even know about those deaths.
Well, maybe.
But if he's still involved after finding out, what does that say about him? Hmm.
Be right back.
Now we can sit back and see if he leads us to the stolen weapons.
Heads up.
They're coming out.
SAM (over earpiece): You got to be kidding me.
CALLEN: What, you know this guy, too? Only by reputation.
That's Travis Coogan.
He's the reason the Real IRA is a major terrorist organization.
Real IRA and stolen arsenal of weapons.
That's bad any way you look at it.
(Kensi sighs) (camera clicking) How does a petty thief go from sticking up a corner store to robbing a weapons broker? I don't know.
Maybe he's taking night classes.
(camera clicks) What are you doing? What, you mean besides looking good? Thinking about getting a man bun.
What do you think? (laughs): I think you're ridiculous.
You know, as far as Young goes, even criminals have ambition.
No, Young's not ambitious.
He's a hired gun at most.
But he probably knows who the mastermind is behind it.
Oh Two guesses as to where she's headed.
Uh, the Wine in a Box Emporium or to meet our boy, Young.
Only one way to find out.
Don't lose her.
Are you kidding me? Have you seen this zero-to-60? Oh, I'm sorry, no.
My head was too busy hitting the headrest.
Oh, don't worry, we'll get you a helmet.
In the meantime (engine starts, revs) hold on, darling.
Hold on! (tires squeal) Deeks! Did you get Byron's location? I did, indeed.
He and Coogan just arrived at an event in the 'Bu.
What's the event? Get this: it's a charity sports shooting event hosted by defense contractors Livingston-Bradford.
Lot of guns, lot of VIPs.
That sounds like a security nightmare.
90% of Livingston- Bradford's business is supplying weapons for governments and private companies all across the world.
The other ten percent is a philanthropy arm that helps impoverished countries.
That seems like a conflict of interests.
Wasn't Livingston-Bradford caught up in some controversy? There's no evidence, but the company is rumored to be supplying weapons to both sides of the Western Sahara conflict.
William Bradford, of course, vehemently denies this.
Why stop at a charity event if you're buying weapons? He and Byron could be working together.
They meeting the buyers there? Perfect place for an exchange.
With all those guns out, you could hide the stolen weapons in plain sight.
Yeah, but it's a legit event.
Why buy stolen guns? Whether it be groceries or guns, everyone's looking for a bargain.
Stolen or legit, who cares as long as they're working? Search for any connections between Byron and the guest list.
So, um how you want to go in? Senator? Investor? I'm thinking foreign royalty.
MOSLEY: How about NCIS special agents? How was D.
? Wet.
It rained the entire time.
Well, that's how it starts.
The more you go back, the more you love L.
HIDOKO: I don't know.
I dig weather.
Talk to me in December.
You'll be sending Christmas pics poolside to your friends back home.
We'll see.
I secured an invite to the charity event as executive assistant director.
EAD has its privileges.
Livingston-Bradford is providing personal security teams.
MOSLEY: But I told them I have my own.
Oh, what a coincidence.
Our schedules just opened up.
MOSLEY: Fantastic.
You do know this is a semi-formal event.
Step up your game.
It's like a page out of Hetty's book.
Not even the same library.
Not that it matters.
We might not see Hetty for a really long time.
What are you talking about? I found her.
Well, her boat.
Where is that, Hawaii? Yeah.
Hanalei Bay in Kauai.
I checked the bay cam's history-- boat's been there for weeks.
Any sign of Hetty? ERIC: No.
No sign of her in or out of the airports.
And now we're sifting through the island's social media and geotagged vacation photos just to get a glimpse of her.
Think she finally went on permanent vacay? I don't think so.
Hetty's taken a lot of extended trips in the past.
Something about this feels Enviable? Maybe we're having a hard time accepting it because we can't imagine ourselves quitting.
Speak for yourself; I already quit once this year.
And yet you're back.
Keep us posted on anything, all right? Yeah.
Well, you two boys clean up well.
Maybe it's time to consider desk jobs.
I like it, but I need a little more room when I'm busting bad guys.
(laughs) You might want to take a picture.
This is available for a limited time only.
(gunshots in distance) Look at this.
Guns and alcohol.
What could go wrong? (gunshots continue) Executive Assistant Director Mosley checking in.
Right here.
Welcome, Director.
MOSLEY: Thank you.
Please feel free to choose from our collection.
No need.
I had my own sent over.
Of course.
One moment, please.
Well, hello, beautiful ladies.
I'll have them sent down for you.
(gunshots continue) Are those? Yes.
But don't those cost Yes.
Any more questions? SASHA: Set the director up on the target range.
- Please.
- Actually, I prefer a moving target.
Well, I love that.
(laughs) Charles Livingston.
This is my wife, Sasha.
Thank you for coming.
Cofounders of the Livingston-Bradford empire.
Thank you for having us.
Well, we are going to have a spectacular firearms display followed by a very special dinner.
Oh, nothing works up an appetite like a day of shooting.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
MAN: Clear down range.
Fire when ready.
So, the reason for all of this-- this gala-- a special announcement takes a special event.
Spoiler alert.
Livingston-Bradford is donating $20 million to the victims of the Western Sahara conflict.
BRADFORD: Just trying to do our part.
It's a small portion of our company that provides water and fights malaria in those war-torn regions, and they really need our help.
CHARLES: And hopefully we'll put to bed some very ridiculous rumors.
BRADFORD: Well, if we stand by and do nothing, we're part of the problem.
It's my goal to make Livingston-Bradford part of the solution.
Which is why I'm announcing a transition of the company's focus out of weapons and into philanthropy.
A going-away party for guns.
Oh, I love that.
I might use that in my speech.
SASHA: Enough about your speech.
I would prefer talking about this dress.
You look gorgeous.
And your security, equally amazing.
I love it.
You'll have to forgive my lovely wife.
Couture and happy hour are her two favorite pastimes.
(laughs) Come along, dear.
Well, here's to all of us having as good a time as Sasha.
Please, if I can be of any service, just let me know.
Thank you so much.
(sighs) Donation a publicity stunt? Could be.
The Livingstons sit at the head of the board, while Bradford is pushing away from the company to focus on philanthropy.
SAM: Mm-hmm.
- But he's still the majority shareholder.
- Yeah.
Most of these guys were born on third base and they act like they hit a triple.
Well, shall we? Eric, start facial rec'ing the crowd.
Button cams are online.
I think that's my cue to mingle.
We need to play this smooth.
We need the exchange to go all the way through for us to get a conviction.
If Coogan or Byron get spooked, they could call it off, we get nothing.
I got eyes on Byron.
I'm-a make contact.
I taught you how to spell “smooth”" Still sounds like it needs an “E” on the end.
(gunshots continue) Byron.
(chuckles) Thought that was you.
Hey, how's it going? - Good, man.
- You working? - Always.
You know me.
- Yeah.
- You? - Freelancing.
Picking up some, uh, extra jobs.
Uh, kid's tuition.
Got to do what you got to do.
Amen to that.
I'm-a go back to my assignment, man.
I just wanted to catch up with you before it got too late.
We'll connect after? Sounds good.
All right.
How'd it go? Weird.
He said all the right things, but it's almost like he was worried.
He's not the only one.
I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this whole thing.
There's Tony Young.
DEEKS: Yeah, this should be good.
Whoa, Yvette, what? Where have you been? Is that his ear? TONY: What are you talking about? I got to be honest, this is oddly entertaining.
Never liked reality shows.
Go get 'em, tiger.
I'll stay here and look awesome.
YVETTE: You got to go.
Got to go.
You got to go.
Federal agents.
Don't-- don't run! (tires screeching) I got him! Hey, dude.
You really think you can outrun 580 horses? Where we going? Come on, baby.
No! Hey! (grunts) Never would've made that jump over the Audi.
Just saying.
Yeah, no, that was That was well played.
(grunts) Ouch.
(brakes squeak) (tires screeching) KENSI: Well, that speaks volumes about your relationship.
Yeah, she looks like more of a “ride” than “die” kind of girl, huh? Where are the rifles, Tony? I don't know what you're talking about.
You shot two people, stole an arsenal of weapons headed for our troops.
What do you think he's gonna get for that, Kens? Oh, I don't know, maybe life, and then the chair? No.
This is Los Angeles.
No one gets the chair.
This is more of a gas and needle type of town.
You're absolutely right.
- Life, and then the needle.
- That's it.
I didn't shoot anybody.
Doesn't matter.
Somebody's gonna have to pay for those two dead Round House workers.
Look, I was just following instructions.
It was supposed to be a simple job.
Instructions from whom? Byron Brown.
He showed up, said the gig paid big money.
It was supposed to be my last gig before getting out the life.
The good news is, it was your last gig.
The bad news is “out the life” means into prison.
Ooh, snap.
Point, Kensi.
Look, I was just supposed to drive.
I mean, we can work something out.
I never hurt nobody in my life.
Yeah, that's actually a double negative.
What? Where did you drop off the weapons? And who are you selling 'em to? Hmm? They're at a warehouse on Fourth and Spring.
I'm supposed to meet the buyer in an hour.
So, we're all good now? Oh, what? No, yeah, we're good.
The, uh, the verdict is still out on you, though.
I'm calling the REACT team and alert the boys.
This feels more dangerous than that Molina Cartel raid in Mexico.
At least they knew how to handle a weapon.
Hmm, recognize our gun instructor? Please keep all weapons pointed down range at all times, ma'am.
I'll do my best.
Double pull.
On you.
Odds? I'm not touching that one.
(laughter, clapping) Smart man.
She's probably been practicing that for days.
I'm sure she has.
Kensi and Deeks got Tony Young.
The exchange is happening.
They're meeting at a downtown warehouse with a buyer.
That's about an hour away.
Coogan and Byron don't have the urgency of two men that are about to complete a million-dollar gun exchange.
Maybe they don't like getting their hands dirty.
Possible they're not involved? Well, we know for sure Byron is-- just how deep is the question.
This party gives them a multiple-witness alibi.
Where you at with those I.
s? (Scottish accent): Captain, if I push it any harder, it's going to blow.
I need more dilithium crystals.
Anyone? Really? Star Trek? No? I'm so alone.
Anyway, this event.
It's a who's who of who's who.
Who? Politicians to teamsters.
We got George Masterson of BFI Construction, Matias Rodriguez, VP of Certified National Bank, Gavin Meyers-- he owns an international shipping company.
Coogan could be trying to ship out some guns.
Oh, I also got some more information on those Livingston-Bradford rumors.
What, did you find something? It's more about what we didn't find.
I know it's a huge corporation, but there's an unusual number of defunct companies and liquidated corporations on their books.
There are so many dead ends and missing links, it feels like someone's working really hard to hide the truth.
(panting) Tony.
That's it? Hey, Felix.
Yeah, that's it.
What are you waiting on? Let's see it.
All right.
I didn't think you had it in you.
But I'm only giving you $200K.
And you're lucky I'm giving you that.
There a problem? I didn't think so.
KENSI: Federal agents! DEEKS: Hands up where I can see 'em! Now! You little Easy, tough guy.
I said hands up.
On your knees.
No sudden moves.
What is that? Is that pleather? You wearing pleather? Yeah? And who do we got here? Who's the big winner? (Velcro rips) Eric, I need everything on a Felix Swoope.
Stand by.
15, 16.
Looks like it's all here.
Yeah, it's a lot of heat.
All right.
Felix Swoope.
Couple of felonies for illegal firearms but nothing major.
Any connection to Coogan or Byron? Mm, nothing I can find.
All right, thanks.
Who you working for, Felix? You know what this is, Felix? This is a wonderful opportunity for you to show us how smart you really are.
You know who either one of those guys are? Yeah.
I know that guy.
His name is “I Want My Lawyer.
” And the other guy is “I Want My Lawyer Now.
” (chuckling) Oh, God.
That's funny.
(laughing): Look at that, he's a tough guy and he's clever, and he wears pleather-- he's killing it.
So no connections, and all the weapons are accounted for.
I mean, is it as simple as Young selling the weapons to Sam's buddy Byron? I'd buy that, except for the fact that Byron right now is rubbing elbows with terrorists and billion-dollar defense contractors.
So we're missing something.
Free cocktails.
(gunshots) (gunshot) (yells) Hold fire on the range! - You all right? - Hold fire on the range.
We seriously should be getting hazard pay.
Can you imagine having to clean all the firearms at an event like this? (chuckles) To Hetty's standards? Huh.
(gunshots resume) Will you be shooting with us today, sir? No.
But if I was, how exactly does this work? You're allowed to use your personal firearm, or a Livingston-Bradford-- we'll be happy to supply one for you.
And who supplies the firearms for this event? Good question.
Let me see what I can find out.
You're doing a fabulous job.
Thank you.
Safety first.
I'm sorry, I couldn't find that information.
She's good.
It's a list of all the firearms available for this event and their providers.
Browning, Mossberg, Remington Right here.
Not only was Round House robbed, they're also a provider.
That'd be a hell of a coincidence.
(line ringing) (phone ringing) Sam, what's up? What's the status on those stolen weapons? All present and accounted for.
Any clues off the truck? Let me call you back.
All right.
Where's the truck? You think he dumped it? KENSI: I mean, why keep the weapons but not the truck? Well, maybe he has some sort of LoJack system on it.
Okay, but so could the cases of weapons.
That's true.
You know what I do when I don't know? You ask.
I ask.
Hey, Tony? You holding out on us? I handed you the buyer and the cash.
Oh, that was so nice of you.
Where's the Round House cargo truck? Huh? DEEKS: “Huh?” See, “huh” is what happens while your brain stalls for time as you try to formulate a lie.
For most people, this happens in a fraction of a second, but you seem to be firing a little slow.
KENSI: You're not helping yourself, buddy.
Byron said he was dumping it.
And you just, what, forgot to mention that? Keeping quiet was the only reason for getting to keep all the money.
And you didn't think that it was odd that he was just handing you weapons to sell? Yeah, it's odd.
But I figured I was due for a break.
Turns out, uh, not so much.
SAM: Talk to me, Kens.
Good call.
Byron left the weapons, took the truck.
Well, that seems elaborate.
He wasn't expecting to get caught.
All right, Kens, you guys should get over here.
On our way.
So Byron wasn't after the weapons, he was after the truck.
Round House is a sponsor.
Must've needed the camouflage to sneak something in or out undetected.
They clean out the mansion while everyone's shooting guns? CALLEN: Maybe.
There's a lot of important people here.
It could be a kidnapping.
That's a big, noisy statement for any organization.
There's easier ways to get both done without so many guns around.
Any one of the guests could shoot you.
Which would be the perfect setup for an assassination.
Nobody even thinks twice about a weapons truck at a place like this.
No, a truck that big, they could be smuggling anything.
A bomb.
Chemical weapons.
Who knows? Before we clear this party out, we got to know what we're dealing with.
Premature alarm, and this thing could go left real fast.
We need to find out who the target is.
Or targets.
One thing we do know-- Byron is connected.
He's the answer.
(phone rings) Excuse me.
One second.
I got him.
See if you can find that truck.
(gunshots in distance) (grunts) I don't have a choice, Sam.
Byron, wait! (both grunting) Byron, stop.
(grunting continues) Byron, listen to me.
Whatever you're into (yells) (exhales) G, I lost Byron.
I lost him.
(panting) (gunshots in distance) (gunshots continue in distance) (shouts) Good news is I found the truck and there's no bomb.
The bad news is we've got an active shooting scenario.
I took out one, but I'm guessing we got two snipers on the loose, possibly dressed as service staff.
SAM: G, let's regroup.
Byron's in over his head.
We got to figure this out.
CALLEN: Sam? There were three sniper cases, which means there's at least two more shooters.
Yeah, Byron's probably one of 'em.
Yeah, we need to figure out what their target is.
Byron said he had no choice.
What does that mean? Means he's leveraged.
But what could push a man to go that far? Family.
Eric, have Kensi and Deeks find Byron's family.
- See if they're in any sort of trouble.
- I'm on it.
Let's find those snipers, G.
KENSI: What's up, Eric? Callen and Sam need you guys to check out Byron Brown's house.
They think his family might be in jeopardy.
Address is sent.
I'm scared, Mommy.
It's okay, baby.
He'll be gone soon.
Are we gonna die? No, baby.
He's not gonna hurt us.
(door creaks) (gasping) Federal agent.
I'm a friend of your husband's.
Come on.
Let's get you and the boys to safety.
Let's go.
DEEKS: We got 'em.
Byron's family's safe.
(beeping) Whoa.
What do you got? I've been chasing down rumors of Livingston-Bradford and the Western Sahara conflict.
There's a long list of defunct companies that leads nowhere, except for Centerville Technology.
NELL: Looks like they manufacture wire cleaning brushes.
Hard to do when there's no physical company at that address.
What's even more interesting is the year's worth of shipping receipts to the Sahara region.
Livingston-Bradford actually is supplying the Western Sahara conflict.
Doesn't make sense.
Is Bradford lying? Why make a huge announcement and draw attention to yourself? Unless he didn't know.
It's Bradford's company.
The Livingstons are major shareholders.
If anything happens to Bradford, the Livingstons would take control.
Bradford said he's pulling the company out of the weapons business.
The Livingstons stand to lose millions, if not billions.
Bradford's the target.
We'll split up.
I'll get Bradford.
You find Byron and the snipers.
(gunshots in distance) No sign of Byron.
No sign of Bradford either.
Byron, put down the rifle.
Don't try to stop me.
I don't have a choice.
Your family's safe.
You don't have to do this.
This isn't a game, Sam.
Byron, put down the rifle.
Look at me.
Just look.
I know how much your family means to you, man.
Just look.
Right here.
See? (exhales) Give me the gun, okay? Give me this.
Sam, I'm sorry.
I Later.
Right now, we got to find out where the other shooter is.
I don't know.
I wasn't included on the plan.
I was just insurance.
They they threatened my family if I didn't kill him.
There's one more out there we have to stop.
MAN (over speaker): Please welcome the Livingston-Bradford Charity Clay Shooting Event host, William Bradford.
SAM: G, do not let Bradford take the stage.
(gunshots) (grunts) (gasping, screaming) Hillside ridge.
324 yards.
I got him.
Sniper down.
G, on your six! (screaming) (gunshots) (screaming) William, they're making ludicrous accusations.
What's the meaning of this? We uncovered evidence of an assassination plot, and we believe the Livingstons are behind it.
This is about your company moving away from the arms business.
I've been vocal about it from the beginning.
It's a decision I disagree with, but it's William's company-- it's his choice.
I've known Charles my whole life.
I don't believe it.
CALLEN: We found the truck.
And the sniper cases.
And we know that Centerville Technology, a subsidiary of Livingston-Bradford, has been making shipments to Western Sahara for the past year.
Centerville doesn't even exist.
It's a future endeavor we're exploring.
Livingston? MOSLEY: If you know something, now's the time, because, eventually, we're gonna put all the pieces together.
CHARLES: Sasha? What have you done? He had no right.
We've invested our lives in this company.
What were you thinking? I was doing what needed to be done.
We should have taken over this company years ago.
Get 'em out of here.
(sirens wailing in distance) (indistinct police transmission) I worked for Mrs.
Livingston in Western Sahara.
I should've known she was up to something when she was adamant to learn about my family.
Sam, look, that's my family, man.
I-I Hey.
Look, look, look, look, look, I know who you are.
All right? And I know what it means to protect your family.
Sam, I-I really don't know how to thank you, man.
I'm just glad your family's safe.
That's all that matters.
Thanks for believing in me.
It wasn't hard to do.
We'll talk soon.
All right? Yeah.
It'll be fine.
I need your hands, sir.
(engine starts) (indistinct police transmission) That gives new meaning to “hostile takeover”" - All for the love of money.
- Mm.
You two should go have a drink at the Soho House, on me.
You have to be a member to get into the Soho House.
Drop my name.
EAD has its privileges.
(scoffs softly) I'm going back to the range, boys.
Well, I got to admit, you were right about Byron.
Sometimes you got to have faith in people.
Sometimes you can't be blinded by what you want to believe.
Takes balance.
Speaking of balance, it sounds to me like we're getting those Jet Skis.
How does that even relate? I'm not really sure that it does.
Why do I need a Jet Ski? I have a boat.
Boat? Full of holes.
Broken-down barnacle barge.
You could tow it with a Jet Ski.
SAM: We're not getting Jet Skis.
Killing it.
Killing it.
Look like Burt Reynolds.
I look good.
(laughs): Oh! I look good.
So what do you think, huh? We take my new work whip up the coast, grab some beers and cakes at, uh, Neptune's Net? (sighs) Only if you promise not to say “work whip” again.
What do you mean, work whip? Mm-hmm.
Are you seriously thinking of keeping that thing? Is that a trick question? Have you not seen The zero-to-60, I know.
Oh, Kens, the Audi will be ready for pickup in the morning.
Oh, that's perfect, 'cause that Audi is all you, darling.
Because I am gonna ask Mosley first thing in the morning Ask Mosley what? That's the person I was looking for.
Executive Assistant Director Mosley.
One second, Deeks.
I need you to check the surveillance cameras in the motor pool.
Uh, sure.
Anything specific? Well, apparently, someone's been joyriding in my new Porsche, and they've managed to scratch the paint.
What? Know anything about that? Huh? No.
What? I was just thinking to myself that that was not cool to mess with someone's personal automobile.
Deeks, you were saying? I was j I was just saying I was gonna ask you where you got such a-a spectacular dress.
My dress? Yeah.
Really? Mm-hmm.
You two, with me.
Let's go.
(quietly): Hey, you two, can.
Hold on.
Can Ooh, son of a Okay.
All right.
This is fine.
What are you doing now? I'm just deleting selfies of me in her Porsche.
And, also, I'm texting Eric and Nell to erase all that footage.
Come on.
There's no signal.
Oh, come.
I'll buy you your last meal.
Come on.
You gonna say something nice at my funeral? All right, they're all deleted.
Wait! What about the cloud? The cloud.