NCIS Los Angeles s09e06 Episode Script

Can I Get a Witness?

1 (birds chirping) If the coyotes don't kill us, my dad will.
Coyotes don't kill people.
People kill people.
People, like murderers? We're about five minutes away from being an episode on 48 Hours.
BOY: You know what? Just find my dad's drone, and we're out of here.
Guys? I don't like this.
I'm getting a very strong spirit vibe right now.
There's no such thing as spirits.
Spoken like a true carnivore.
What does that have to do with anything? I gave up meat so I could be more in touch with my senses.
You gave up meat because Demi Lovato gave up meat.
Not all heroes wear capes.
BOY: Guys, I found it! Shh.
The spirits wear capes.
BOY: You know what? Both of you guys are being ridiculous.
There's nobody (gunshots) MAN: Don't let him get away! MAN 2: Stop it! (gunshots, man grunts) Drop your weapon! (two gunshots) NCIS: LA 9x06 Can I Get a Witness? Miss Footwork.
People who leave voicemails.
Oh, God, no, I hate it.
Write a text like everybody else.
(both grunting) Ah.
Good job.
All right.
People who constantly clear their throat.
That's disgusting.
Just cough it up already.
(grunts) Exactly.
(both yell) Lovely.
All right.
One word “manspreaders.
” Nope.
Your turn.
And I probably hate that the most.
(smacks lips) You know, I don't think I have any pet peeves.
I'm a pretty tolerant person, so Really? Yeah.
We'll see about that.
All right.
I was even voted “most patient” in high school, so People who chew with their mouth open.
That could be a health concern, right? Yep.
(chuckles) People who hold their eye contact too long.
They are the windows to the soul.
(giggles) Got another one for you.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, come on, come on, come on.
Those who use the same password for all their online accounts.
Get mad.
They are living a life of risk! (grunts) (exhaling sharply) (grunts, then groans) Ah! She got mad, ladies and gentlemen.
Looks like patience is no longer one of Miss Jones' virtues.
Nothing offends me more than laissez-faire attitude toward Internet security.
Okay? Your knife skills are getting good.
(phone chimes) Thanks, lady.
Is everything okay? Um yeah.
It's, uh Deeks is gonna be late again.
He has to meet with Detective Whiting.
Did he say why? Uh, no.
He's pretty vague about it.
Leaving out important information.
I hate that.
(breathes deeply) Would you say it's one of your pet peeves? Oh.
I see what you did there.
(laughing) Okay, okay, okay.
(chuckles) Good job today.
Thank you.
(whistling) Ca-caw! Extreme drop in body temperature.
A little shortness of breath.
General feeling of malaise.
So, either I'm coming down with the scurvy or Oh! It's good to see you, too, Deeks.
You know, in order for distance to make the heart grow fonder, I think you're gonna need to give me a little more distance.
Thank you for meeting me.
Well, you sounded very urgent.
Don't tell me your synchronized swimming partner fell ill, you need me to suit up.
But this is serious.
Well, I personally take the aquatic arts very seriously, but all right, fire away.
Take a look at this.
MAN (on video): Police! Drop your weapon! (sighs deeply) (gunshots over tablet) Well, that's not good.
No, it's not.
It's your old pal, Lieutenant Bates Killed a fellow cop this morning.
Looks like the two of you have another thing in common now.
Too soon.
Also, just like in my case, there's got to be more to that story 'cause you and I both know that Bates is one of the good ones.
Well, video says otherwise.
I told you IA was investigating him.
Yeah, but you never told me why.
We have reason to believe LAPD's got quite a few officers moonlighting as private contractors.
That's not illegal.
It is if they're breaking the law.
And you think that Bates is one of these dirty cops? Looks like Bates is running the whole racket.
Who's with him? Some witness LAPD had stashed in a safe house.
Not sure what Bates wanted with him.
Well, you're right, this is serious.
And I wish you the best of luck with it.
When your schedule clears up, maybe you should call me.
We can get together, start a book club.
I don't think so, Deeks.
Well, then you're just gonna have to believe me when I say that we're all in the bell jar.
Bates trusts you.
You're gonna get in touch with him and convince him to turn himself in.
Listen, I am not gonna help you throw Bates under the bus.
And if I get anywhere near this, I put myself at risk.
You don't help me, there's no risk.
I'll make sure everyone knows you killed your ex-partner.
(chuckles) Wow.
(sniffs) Have I, uh have I told you how much I missed you? No.
This is why.
Just one night.
Two of us out on the town.
No talk of work, no talk of life.
Good old-fashioned fun.
I don't think I'm up for it.
Did I mention whiskey? Lots and lots of whiskey.
We really should be cutting back on the whiskey.
Says who? The Japanese.
What? Scientists did a study of people in Okinawa.
They're amongst the oldest living on the planet.
They don't drink.
We could learn from them.
Not interested.
Why's everybody trying to find the fountain of youth? We're not meant to grow old.
We're finally at the point where we can understand aging.
I'm all for taking advantage of it.
I tell you what I'll do: I'll go easy on the drinking, I'll go heavy on the Flintstones Chewables and on the tai chi.
Anything else? Find your purpose.
Is there a reward if I do? Like a yoga mat and some kombucha? (chuckles) Your reward is, uh, an average of 15 more years of living.
Yeah, but it's the end of our lives when we're old.
If I'm getting 15 more years, I want it in my 20s.
Okay, what is your purpose? Stay strong for my kids.
Cannot make fun of that.
I'm gonna get back to you on my purpose.
Yeah? I think you better hurry up 'cause something tells me “Bealbo” Baggins will be down here soon to take us on a quest of his own.
Drive, now.
You kiss your Uber driver with that mouth? Shut up, Deeks.
We need to move, now.
All right, Nancy.
You saw it happen this morning.
You know I did.
And it looks bad.
You know it does.
Don't worry, we'll figure it out.
Whiting's gonna help us.
Whiting wouldn't help a kitten stuck in a tree, unless she thought she could shoot it without any witnesses.
Well, cats are notoriously evil and hard to trust, so I guess I'm with team Whiting on that one.
(siren wailing) You son of a bitch.
You set me up.
What are you talking about, man? I didn't call them.
You don't understand what's going down.
You pull this truck over, it doesn't end well.
Wow, you've gotten very dramatic in your old age.
Looks like we're doing it this way now.
You're a lot scarier without that mustache.
All right, hold on.
(engine revving) That's not gonna be good for the resale.
Kens, back me up.
We're cut from the same cloth, right? We're rebels.
We're not meant to grow old, you and me.
I'm gonna live till 90.
I kind of got plans.
Oh, yeah? You have plans? With who? Yours truly.
We're doing a nonagenarian tour of all ballparks.
Ballparks? Do either of you even like baseball? No, but I really like hot dogs.
Those things will kill you.
Which is exactly why I only plan on eating them when I'm 90.
Deeks know about this little plan? No, of course not.
I mean, he won't even be around anymore.
He's from the weaker Scandinavian stock, so (tablet beeps) Speaking of Mm-hmm? Do we need to reboot him, or? This is not good.
Eric, just speak.
LAPD put out a BOLO on Deeks' truck.
(line ringing) DEEKS (on voicemail): This is Deeks.
Why don't you just text me, like a normal human being? KENSI: He's not answering his phone.
Do we have another angle there? Yeah.
(tablet beeping) SAM: There.
NELL: That's Lieutenant Bates.
CALLEN: Why was Deeks meeting with Bates? He wasn't, he was supposed to be meeting with Whiting in the boatshed.
He has a meeting in Internal Affairs; an hour later, he rams a squad car with his LAPD lieutenant riding shotgun? It's not a coincidence.
Wait, there's more.
This morning, there was a shooting in Santa Clarita.
Bates is the prime suspect.
SAM: So Whiting needs Deeks to bring Bates in.
But not surprisingly, things didn't go as planned.
Where is he now? Uh, I tracked Deeks' phone to a garage in Mid-City, but I lose the signal once they enter.
Sam and I will go look at the garage.
Talk to Whiting and see what she knows.
I'm not talking to Whiting, Deeks is not with her.
He's in that garage, so that's where I'm going.
Okay, fine.
Take Nell with you.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Be careful.
- Yeah.
SAM: Detective Whiting.
Yeah, I need to see you two like I need a hole in the neck.
Promise you that was a one-time thing.
It's good to see you're back to the old Whiting.
Well, turns out my resting heart rate is stone-cold bitch.
Sounds like Internal Affairs is gonna have a busy week.
SAM: Yeah, something tells me one of your own shoots a cop, it doesn't happen out of the blue.
We've been investigating Bates for a while.
Investigating him for what? There are rumors that Bates is running a racket within LAPD.
Don't ask for details, I won't give 'em.
Police report said that Bates took a hostage.
Who is it? A guy named Simon Atwater.
He's a bioengineer for Dexmont Agricultural.
Some kind of witness.
Bates was supposed to be up there interviewing him.
We need to figure out why Bates wanted him.
May be nothing.
Could be the IA investigation-- all the pressure made him snap.
Could be that Bates was hired to silence him.
Either way, it does not explain why you dragged Deeks into this.
You think there's a chance that Bates is being set up? I think there's a chance that this goes deeper than Bates.
He likes Deeks.
God knows why.
I'm sure it's a Spicoli fetish or something, so I asked Deeks to help me figure it out.
I'm guessing you did more than just ask him.
Deeks and I have an arrangement.
Well, now we have an arrangement.
We'll help you find Bates, but you got to keep us in the loop.
I have nightmares of Deeks friending me on Facebook.
Doesn't mean I don't want him safe.
I'll be in touch.
Is that really necessary? Deeks would nave have fled that squad car.
I don't know what's necessary.
All right.
They're gone.
Well I think I figured out why they lost signal when they entered the garage.
(exhales) That's not good.
LAPD has things on Deeks they can use against him.
What kind of things? Things that we shouldn't let surface.
We gotta find him before LAPD does.
Let's go.
I'm gonna tell you everything.
I just need to make sure I can trust you.
Well, nothing screams out “safe place” like being pushed through a warehouse at gunpoint.
Well, I knew something was off when those cops showed up to take over the interview.
Yeah, why were they shooting at you? Because they wanted to be alone with my witness, until I went back and screwed up their plan.
Why don't you just tell me what's happening? Sometimes you gotta do a bad thing to make people listen.
Open it.
All right, I'm definitely listening.
Oh, wow.
I don't really know how to thank you.
I mean, I guess I could start by just saying thank you.
So, thank you.
God, shut up, Simon.
So stupid, it's so stupid.
Well, you're a Chatty Cathy now, aren't you? In all fairness, though, I guess it's a good trait to have in a witness.
Sorry, I, um I ramble when I'm nervous.
No, no, no, you're, uh, you're fine.
You're doing good, kid.
Thank you.
Let's cut the crap.
I think it's pretty obvious which one of us is the officer and which one of us is the gentleman.
I've had kidney stones that passed easier than time with you.
Listen-- Mommy and Daddy fight.
The important thing to remember is it's not about you.
BATES: Let's talk.
Where should I start? Try the beginning.
So, I became a bioengineer.
Now, I-I don't I don't have to, like, know people, but I do I get to help them.
Dexmont Agricultural does good things.
We make herbicide-resistant plants so we can grow endless amounts of food for more people.
But recently, my focus has been on terminator genes.
Now, they self-destruct after each season.
Now, some think that's unethical, but, um, Dexmont's been struggling financially.
You know, we need repeat customers.
Is there a way we can speed this up? I need to get home soon so I can reconsider all my life choices.
Yeah, um, so a few weeks ago, I was working with agrobacteria, which transports DNA to root cells.
I insert herbicide-resistant DNA into the agrobacteria, and it inserts those genes into the plant.
But I I messed up.
Now, I don't know how it happened, but I I contaminated the DNA with a terminator gene that just overtook the plants.
And it was like a cancer.
I mean, what I created turned out to be this aggressive and highly destructive plant virus.
Okay, then just to clarify, like, how how dangerous Ar-Ar-are we talking here? The potential for harm is immeasurable.
Now, in the wrong hands, this could be recreated en masse, dropped on our farms, and used to wipe out our entire food supply in just a matter of weeks.
Did you destroy it? Well, so I reported it to my boss, Ryan Wallace.
Now, he confiscated it and said that that was protocol, but something just didn't feel right.
And so I went back later to check, and that's when I saw Mr.
Wallace leaving with it.
And that's why you contacted LAPD? Wallace must have a connection inside that tipped him off.
Who does he know? Dexmont gets a lot of threats from anti-GMO groups, and Mr.
Wallace sometimes uses off-duty cops for security.
Whiting thinks the guys at the house were just contractors, but Wallace would have to know the head of the whole operation.
Well, word on the street says that's me.
Well, based on that suit, it's pretty obvious that no one's paying you off.
But buying LAPD, making 'em dirty isn't cheap, and that virus could probably get big money from a rogue nation.
So the only question is, have they already found a buyer? Oh, and, uh, Simon you did good.
You did okay.
This is bigger than we thought it was.
Agriculture's a trillion-dollar business.
They attack our food supply, they could cripple the economy.
Yeah, well, we need to find Simon's boss before he sells it, assuming he hasn't already.
Well, not so fast.
You're gonna need to run this one man down.
Deeks and I need to find some dirty cops.
That's not our priority right now.
Well, allow me to remind you that you wouldn't know about any of this if it wasn't for me.
And I can pull Deeks off of your team anytime I want to.
Okay, I don't think that's necessary.
Listen, why don't I just stay here with Bates? The cops at the house, we think they're somehow affiliated with Simon's boss, we'll work it from both angles-- how's that? Fine.
Keep us posted.
I'll have Eric get us access to Dexmont.
Yeah, okay.
All right, listen.
A little postgame wrap-up here.
So, good show.
Like what you did there with the whole tough-guy routine, but probably don't try that with the big boss.
Ah, well, thanks for the tip, but, uh, I don't plan on ever getting close enough to that tiny lady to find out.
Oh, so that's Okay.
I thought, uh, maybe you'd gone home.
(laughs) What? Even the monks smoking.
The road to enlightenment isn't easy.
This from a woman who can drink most men under the table.
Nobody's perfect.
So, uh, you abandon Keane again? Mr.
Keane died in a helicopter crash.
What about the man I show you? I've no idea.
(chuckles, sniffs) So why are you still here? Because it's peaceful, and because I'm in need of a vacation.
Keane said you two were transporting almost a million dollars in gold bar when you crash.
It was never recovered.
(sighs) Okay, well, you may be content sitting here, contemplating the sound of one hand clapping, but we got business.
(groans) Let's go.
Thank you, Brother Bao.
And for the record, Mr.
Dang, I already know the sound of one hand clapping.
(groans) What do you got, Eric? Ryan Wallace.
Founder and CEO of Dexmont Agricultural.
He might want to take a refresher course in finance.
Dexmont is hemorrhaging money.
Plus, there are two outstanding lawsuits against them for patent infringement.
What kind of patent? Genetically modified seed strains.
Apparently, they've been stealing the intellectual property of much larger agricultural companies and trying to pass them off as their own.
So Dexmont is bankrupt and they're about to pay out a huge amount in settlement fees.
That's enough reason to believe Ryan Wallace would've sold Simon's crop-killing virus-- to stay afloat.
Send the address for Dexmont to our phones.
We got to move.
See you in a bit.
Federal agents.
Everybody stay where you are, please! Stay right where you are! Hi.
Excuse me.
Camille Butler.
VP of Communications.
Friends call me Cammy.
Welcome to Dexmont Agricultural.
From seed to success, as we say.
This feels like something we can better handle if we head on in to my office.
Cammy, we're from NCIS.
We have reason to believe that you're harboring a criminal here.
On the record, I can assure you we would never harbor a criminal in this office.
Off the record, is it is it Karen in HR? Who's Karen? Someone who can't seem to keep her hands off of other human's resources, if you know what I mean.
It is not Karen.
CAMILLE: Not yet.
SAM: G Is this 1745 West 10th Street? Oh, no.
It's 1845 West 10th.
Well, this is embarrassing.
Our mistake.
I knew as soon as we saw you, there's no way you would tolerate criminal activity.
Yeah, no, of course.
Of course I wouldn't.
The only thing we harbor within these walls is innovation.
Keep an eye on Karen for us, will you? You let us know if she gets too handsy.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Kensi, you should have eyes on Wallace any second.
KENSI: Got him.
Wallace has no idea how handsy it's about to get.
(revs engine) Never thought I'd see you again.
Tell me about Operation Sunrise.
You mean “Sunshine”? We were here to secure certain assets acquired during the war.
“We”? You, me, Chegwidden, Bridges, Langston, and, uh, Owen Granger, who stayed on with us after we pulled him out of Laos.
I didn't work much with the others.
They considered me an untested kid.
But you took me under your wing.
We were transporting over $900,000 in gold when we got shot down.
I always wondered what happened to that.
My captors didn't find it, and there's no way you humped it through the bush.
I hid it until we could get back for it.
You came back for the gold but not for me.
(inhales deeply) By the time we got back, the chopper had been stripped, and all the bodies were gone.
You didn't think to look for 'em? The jungle is like a self-cleaning oven.
You know that.
You know, we collected that gold, in part, so we could pay ransom for any captured operatives.
I thought I'd be out in a couple of days.
But days turned into weeks, into months, and nobody was paying to get me out.
If you really are Keane, nobody knew you were alive.
And we were never there officially.
You still don't believe me.
(sighs) These look real enough for you? (exhales) (scoffs) Looks like they're using the same maid as Kensi's.
Well, I'm gonna find and expose the person behind this.
You focus on that, and I'll figure out who Wallace is trying to sell this virus to.
You do remember you technically work for me.
Because sometimes I feel like you're the only one who does.
What's going on with that? How come these guys keep breaking their oath? You know the starting salary of an LAPD officer? I do.
It's Los Angeles.
You try to buy a house, put your kids through school, do right by your family on that salary? Can't do it.
I'm not saying I agree with them.
Screw them.
We make choices.
I'm just saying I can see how easy it is to have your hand tipped.
Well, how come they never tipped your hand? (chuckles) I've given my life to this job.
I'm five years away from a pension that's going to two wives that I lost to this job.
I can't control everything, Deeks.
But my honor, that's one thing I can control.
I feel like I should start a slow clap.
(chuckles) Okay.
(car approaches) (tires squeal, car door opens) Kensi said Wallace is five minutes out.
So if he's coming here, he's expecting to meet dirty cops.
Well, that's exactly who he'll meet with.
Follow my lead.
Oh, we're doing this? Oh, we're gonna do this.
Oh, wow.
(footsteps approaching) (laughs) Look at your face! You look like you're about to get arrested.
Close the door.
I swear, working with amateurs, it's gonna bring down all of us.
Do you have any idea who you're talking to? Based on the lack of emotion in the forehead, I'm saying a spokesperson for Botox? Who are you? You're not gonna see us again.
That's the way this works.
Oh, great.
So I'm shelling out money to a bunch of mall cops.
Oh, well, that is an offensive stereotype.
Besides, malls can be very scary places.
Have you been to a Hot Topic lately? Some federal agents showed up at my office.
We are running out of time.
So what I need from you is to shut up and help me see this deal through.
(whistles) Ooh.
I don't like the cut of his jib.
His jib is not cut well.
Okay, well, I don't make this exchange, and this jib isn't gonna be cutting you a dime.
Okay, relax, all right? You tell us where the exchange is going down, and we'll tell you how we're gonna get you there.
(gunfire) DEEKS: Son of a bitch! Three, two, one! (grunts) (grunts) (grunting) (gunfire in distance) Come on! Let's go! Let's go! (tires screech) (tires squeal) (engine revving) DEEKS: Guys, they're heading your way now.
(engine revving) This old song and dance.
He'll stop.
Something tells me this could seriously affect the whole aging thing.
He should've stopped.
I think your purpose is to go down there and cuff him while I watch.
Have a seat.
All right.
There's been some confusion.
Um, Simon is the one you want.
That guy is weird as hell, and he's probably a sociopath.
The only confusion here is you thinking we're falling for any of this.
How old are you, Ryan? What? 39.
Why does that matter? And how much would you say you drink? Are you insane? Is he insane? What are you talking about? Facilitating the sale of a biological weapon.
You're looking at life in prison.
And life has gotten a lot longer these days.
Yeah, you could spend at least 40 years behind bars.
50 if he takes his vitamins.
I didn't sell anything yet.
Then today's your lucky day.
Intent to sell will get you low-security by, uh, at least retirement.
That is, if you tell us who you're selling to.
Stephen Lee.
Stephen Lee.
Of the Los Angeles Lees.
That really narrows it down.
Yeah, well, I don't know much about him.
He's just some sophomore at Bunker Tech.
Where'd you find him? You'd be amazed what you can find on the Internet.
So who does Stephen Lee work for? You'll forgive me if I didn't run his references.
I'll forgive you when you tell us where and when the drop is happening.
4:00 p.
Bunker Tech.
Outside Burton Hall.
So, Beale confirmed that Stephen Lee is a student at Bunker Tech.
He's a South Korean here on a student visa.
But he has been receiving funds from a North Korean bank account.
Just to clarify, that means that we almost had a crop-killing supervirus in the hands of a maniacal dictator.
Well, there's no way we can arrest him unless we catch him making the exchange.
Then it looks like it's time we get Wallace cleaned up.
Let me talk to him first.
We need to find out who he's paying off inside LAPD.
We don't have time for that.
We have an hour to set this thing in motion.
We could use an extra hand.
If you want to help us, I promise you'll get all the time you want with him afterwards.
His name was Lieutenant Roger Bates, and today was the longest day of his life.
Okay, Rickles.
Yeah, the most fun kids have these days is picking out their Instagram filters.
(chuckles) Yes, it is hard to rival the unparalleled debauchery that were the hacky sack tournaments in your day.
I will have you know that they called me Marty Marty the One Man Party for a reason.
That is one party I am not sorry I missed.
Wallace is almost on his mark.
SAM (over comms): Better hope he's more convincing than he was earlier.
Guy in a hat approaching Wallace.
DEEKS (on radio): He's getting lost in the crowd.
G, you got eyes on Wallace? I got Lee, but I can't see Wallace.
Exchange has already been made.
I'm moving in.
Federal agent.
(grunts) (onlookers gasp) It's not Stephen Lee.
Canister's gone.
Lee's not working alone.
Where is it? I got a hundred bucks to give it to a blonde.
KENSI: I got one coming down the stairs; I got her.
DEEKS: I got the gaggle of blondes to the left.
Can I see this? Sorry about that.
You can-- okay.
Get over here.
Where is it? I gave it to some guy.
She handed it off.
SAM (on radio): I got Stephen Lee.
(grunts) (laughing): Come on.
You didn't really think it'd be that easy, did you? (indistinct radio chatter) There is a great bar on top of that building.
And I happen to know that they serve whiskey.
Oh, don't you think the Japanese would recommend avoiding bullets, as well? We put ourselves in danger every day.
That's right.
And we always get ourselves out of it.
Not always.
(sighs) Look, I can't begin to know what you're dealing with.
I I don't have the same responsibilities.
You got your own responsibilities.
I do.
And as it turns out, you are at the top.
What are you talking about? You can't always make the right decision.
I mean, sometimes it's important to make bad decisions as well.
You may be adding years to your life, but I think it is my purpose to make sure that you also add some living.
Huh? Huh? (chuckles) All right.
We'll start cutting back tomorrow, all right? Now you're thinking clearly.
Come on.
Yeah, you're more of a succulent, for sure.
You're dry, beautiful, you don't need a lot of attention.
(door opens) What's going on in here? Huh? Thank God.
Tell me you have a dose of the virus, 'cause I'd love to self-destruct right now.
Look at you, making friends.
So, Simon, you can sleep well tonight, because we got 'em.
Wh Is-is the virus destroyed? It is on its way to the army containment lab as we speak.
It's in good hands.
(exhales) You know, most people express themselves with their words, and I show people who I am through my research.
And that's all I have.
And this thing I created, that's not who I am.
Well, I spent less than a day with you, and I have a pretty good idea who you are, and I would say that people are lucky to call you their friend.
Okay? Really? Yeah.
All right, come on.
You had a big day, get out of here.
Hmm? Okay.
Are you driving? Yeah.
Because you need to go slow.
I have a very sensitive stomach.
Non-stop commentary, inappropriate touching.
And the puns, oh, my goodness, so many puns.
What's happening? What we talk about when we talk about Deeks.
So you both want to join my book club? I'd rather get scurvy.
Wallace gave up his LAPD contact.
A guy inside the office of operations.
I've had my eye on that bastard.
I just never could prove it until now.
A cop's not gonna rat out another cop, so that's all the names we're gonna get.
I know, but at least it's a start.
I have a way of making cops talk.
If there's more corruption, we'll find it.
Uh, too many of our men in blue, they've forgotten why they wear that uniform.
We could stand to bring one back who knows exactly why he does.
You mean, you mean me? To come back to the (inhales sharply) Yeah.
I don't I don't know if that, uh (chuckles) I mean, I kind of got the best of both worlds right now, right? Representing LAPD's finest and, with NCIS, working with a team that I respect the hell out of, so as much as I appreciate the offer, I got to pass, but thank you.
Well, just remember that for one fleeting moment I had something nice to say about you.
It's going straight to the diary.
I'm moved.
All right, I got to get home.
Wife number three's just begging for a reason to leave me.
I'll see you at the office.
I look forward to it.
See ya.
I miss that mustache.
I quit ya, Deeks.
And then there were two.
You did good work today.
Sorry, what? Don't make me say it again.
I just-- I couldn't hear it, 'cause you were mumbling.
Just one more time.
You did good work today.
Ah, and there it is.
So, does this mean we've even? I like you, Deeks.
I know it doesn't seem like it, but I do.
And I wish I could say this is the end of it, but I can't.
'Cause the truth is, is I just don't know.
And I hope you understand that.
Night, Deeks.
See ya around.
(water dripping) HETTY: How did you escape? I was saved by a cow.
They were moving me and the two soldiers who took me had been drinking.
They were driving like maniacs, we came around a corner (chuckling): and ran smack into a big old heifer.
(laughs) I was thrown from the vehicle.
They-they weren't so lucky neither were the cows.
Suddenly found myself a free man with clothes, weapons, money, even some cigarettes.
It was like Christmas.
So why didn't you seek out an embassy or someone who could help you? Because all I could think about was getting revenge on the ones who did this to me.
A-And I did a hundred times over.
So you became the two-sun.
Between the North Vietnamese and the wars with the Khmer Rouge and the Chinese, there was always someone worth killing.
Then one day, I just put my rifle down.
Didn't want anymore of it.
Walked into a nearby village and never left.
I even started a family.
Where are they now? G Gone.
God took them away from me for as punishment for all the blood I shed.
Why did they arrest you? I, uh, I wanted to leave.
I wanted to start fresh someplace new.
I figured Thailand would be a good place to go, but I don't have any papers.
No ID.
I'm a ghost.
Dang is someone who who could smuggle me into the country.
And what happened? I trusted him.
Once he learned who I was, he decided there was more money to be made holding me for ransom.
(door opens) Well, if it isn't my own little Buddha.
How much do you want? For him? Nothing.
He's not worth anything to anyone.
Besides, he already serve his purpose.
You, on the other hand, you're gonna fetch a pretty penny.
(speaking Vietnamese)
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