NCIS Los Angeles s09e07 Episode Script

The Silo

1 IDs? (beeping) Here you go.
Head to the door.
Relief crew Captains Ross and Miller ready when you are.
Got your pad? AIRMAN: Yep.
Lima Alpha.
Delta Zulu.
Send them down.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) (phone clatters) Beautiful day.
It was stupid.
I didn't even look at the sky before we got in here today.
- Morning.
- Morning, guys.
Eager to leave, gentlemen? Got five days off.
Gonna visit my fiancée's family in Denver.
- Wish me luck.
- Ah, come on.
They're gonna love you.
Good luck.
- Good.
- Good.
MILLER: Gentlemen.
Thank you.
(beeping, whirring) (alarm blaring) God bless America.
(beeping, whirring) (phone ringing) MILLER (over phone): Lieutenant Zindower? Are we good? Blast doors secure, air vent is secure.
Huh? (screams) (beeping, whirring) (alarm blaring) (beeping, whirring) Captain Miller.
Your launch cannot be countermanded.
We're good to go.
Begin verifying the unlock codes.
NCIS: LA 9x07 The Silo Where's Kensi? We took separate cars.
What'd you do? Who says I did anything? If you have to know, I criticized her grilled cheese.
Is that a euphemism? No.
No, I just consider myself a little bit of a connoisseur of grilled cheese.
Uh, cheese, bread, clogged arteries.
Why complicate it? You know, 'cause I like a couple different types of cheeses, you know? Maybe a nice Tillamook.
Slice of tomato, a little bit of onion.
Too much to ask? And for that, you went to bed angry.
SAM: And, evidently, woke up angry.
She's not-- I mean, she's not really angry.
This is so much more than grilled cheese.
ERIC: Kensi, Ops.
There's a secure video call.
What's up? We don't know.
Mosley cleared the room.
Of course she did.
(Kensi sighs) (sighs) Okay.
Executive Director Cole, OSI.
Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
Agent Blye, did you have a relationship with an Air Force Captain Kevin Miller? Uh, I remember a Lieutenant Miller.
I was dating him when working with the Seventh Fleet in Tokyo, but this was ten years ago.
We're sending an Air Force security detail to pick you up.
What's going on? That's on a need-to-know basis.
This is a critical national security situation.
Where am I going? Edwards Air Force Base.
Take your go-bag.
I'm flying out of Edwards? You've got about seven minutes until the car arrives.
If I were you, I would move fast, Agent Blye.
Yes, ma'am.
What's going on? I don't know.
Walk with me.
This has something to do with a guy I dated in Tokyo, a Captain Kevin Miller.
You never mentioned him.
Because it was nothing.
We dated for less than three months.
Either way, an Air Force security detail is picking me up in five minutes.
Air Force? Miller was Air Force.
I'm flying out of Edwards, they wouldn't tell me where.
I got to go.
(indistinct chatter) COLE: Agent Blye? Yeah.
FBI Special Agent Mark Monroe.
How you doing? Hey.
Let's go over here.
We got to be fast.
You understand you've arrived at an Air Force missile launch control facility? Yeah, I'm putting it together.
And you understand the two-man rule? Yes.
Two people have to turn their keys simultaneously to launch a nuclear missile.
That's correct.
What most civilians don't understand is when two launch control centers work together, a launch from either one can't be countermanded.
So nobody on the outside can stop the launch of a nuclear missile? What are you telling me? At 0700 hours, three Air Force officers took over two launch control centers.
Because they now command two LCCs, we have no way to stop their launch orders.
So you're telling me they have the capability to launch a nuclear missile? No.
I'm telling you they can launch 50 nuclear missiles.
All right.
If they have the codes, why haven't they pushed the button? We're monitoring their activity.
It seems like they're retargeting the missiles to non-predetermined destinations.
It's a complex procedure, takes about 15 minutes per missile.
Where are they targeting them? Let me remind you that you're not here as an agent.
You're here because of your personal relationship with Captain Miller.
Yes, I understand that.
Thank you.
Is there any way we can breach the LCC, take them out with gas? Air intake has been sealed.
They're completely self-sufficient in terms of air, food and water.
It is a room designed to withstand a nuclear bomb.
But let me repeat, you're not here as an agent.
I am an expert in tactical assaults.
Yeah, so is my SWAT team, and they're on site.
You're here to speak with Captain Miller.
See if you can uncover any information, and, best-case scenario, convince him not to go through with this.
That's fine, but you need to understand that I knew Miller a long time ago, and it was only for a few months.
We are trying to find anyone we can who can persuade those three officers down there not to launch.
In terms of Miller, you and his sister are the only people we could get here in time.
His parents and grandparents are dead.
No other family or meaningful relationships.
We only need to convince one person down there not to launch, and the operation is over.
KENSI: Okay.
Right now, you and his sister are just about all we've got.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
MOSLEY: This is urgent, guys.
Air Force Captain Miller, Ross Air Force? Why are we looking into this? Air Force Office of Special Investigations is working on this, as well as FBI.
All hands on deck.
Here are the three people of interest.
Air Force Captains Miller, Ross and Lieutenant Zindower.
I want you to dismantle their lives piece by piece.
I want e-mails, phone records, travel records, financials.
I want everything.
What have they done? All I can say, right now, is these two men and one woman have committed an extreme act of terrorism.
So you know what they've done, you're just not gonna tell us? Correct.
We have the highest level of clearance.
And after the mole, we have the most scrutinized office in Just the very knowledge of what they've done jeopardizes national security.
Now, is that your determination, or is this coming from SecNav? SecNav.
I have nothing to do with this.
There must be something you can tell us.
There is.
Have you heard of the Patton Project? Yeah.
It's supposed to be an urban myth.
What is it? It's named after General Patton and, supposedly, it's a military within the military.
Well, it's a group that believes in a more aggressive and violent military action.
They advocate all-out war on Muslims and condone genocide as a path to U.
national security.
So, just to clarify, we think that these guys are a part of that? Air Force OSI has reason to believe that, yes.
There's a clock on this.
Well, let's see what kind of connections we can find between the three officers.
So, Callen, when, uh, when Kensi was brought up here, she was told it was about one of her ex-boyfriends, Kevin Miller.
I gave the information to Eric and Nell.
None of us are supposed to have access to that information.
You want to run and tell Mosley? What'd you find? Miller and the other two officers work at an Air Force missile alert facility in Colorado.
SAM: They launch control officers? Yes, they are.
We also saw that alert codes went out from the Colorado facility.
FBI SWAT was dispatched from Denver.
Something's going on there.
They've taken over that facility? Or worse, they've attempted to commandeer launch control center.
Meaning what? They're trying to launch a nuclear weapon? Wait, is that even possible? We blew up a fully-armed ICBM in Arkansas.
We lost a 3.
8 megaton nuclear bomb in a swamp in North Carolina.
Which we never recovered.
So, yes, it is definitely possible.
Whatever's happening, it's big and it's long-term.
This took years of planning and it's heavily financed.
Let's do what the assistant director said.
Let's tear apart their lives.
We're looking for any connection we can amongst these three officers.
Let me see if I have them on the line.
WOMAN: It can't be Kevin.
I mean, he wouldn't do this.
WOMAN 2: You have to calm down.
WOMAN 1: No! You're trying to tell me he wants to kill millions of people.
He may have developed an extreme political agenda.
No! No, I don't believe this.
This is crazy! I need to get out of here.
This is insane.
You can't leave, Tiffany.
You Excuse me.
I knew Kevin.
Can I talk to her? It's okay.
Wait, you knew Kevin? Yeah, um, we dated, actually, and-and I loved him.
What? When? I It was about ten years ago.
And by the way, this does not sound like the guy that I knew.
Because it's not.
That's why we're here, to figure it out.
I mean, this is crazy.
These men, they just, they just show up at my house, they take me away from my baby boy, and he Wait a minute, wh you have a son? Yes.
How old is he? He's two months.
Who's with him now? My husband.
I just, I have a four-month-old.
Really? Yeah.
(laughs) I'm exhausted.
Look, this is crazy.
Don't let anybody in here tell you that it's not.
Thank you.
ERIC: All three officers are from different parts of the country, but it seems that they all went through Air Force ROTC programs.
None went to the Air Force Academy? Were they attending the same university? ERIC: No, they all went to different schools.
Ah, here's an interesting connection.
Psychology Professor Ted Holmes taught at all three universities the officers attended.
Were any of them his students? NELL: No.
DEEKS: Where's Holmes now? Um, L.
, Glenforest University.
Want to talk to him? Oh, yeah.
Send us the address.
- We've got him on the line.
- All right.
Maybe someone's been influencing him.
You never know.
Agent Blye.
Yeah? Come with me, please.
I'll be right back.
Captain Ross, if you could just listen to me for one second, please.
We are the ones with our fingers on the button.
That means you listen to us.
We want to make a statement to the press.
Can you do that? Well, I can try, but Then do it.
I work for the government just like you.
I answer to higher-ups.
It'll take time.
Let me know what the statement is and I'll try and get it cleared.
We want to end the Muslim problem in one day.
Like a cancer, we will cut it out.
We know this is extreme and it may appear brutal, but it is the only way to ultimately take care of the danger that Muslims pose to the United States.
By "cut it out" you mean launch nuclear strikes against predominantly Muslim countries? Yes.
I'm sure that you're monitoring our targeting from the other LCCs.
Then you know exactly which cities we are targeting.
Don't ask dumb questions.
Just making sure everything is clear.
Imagine how much safer and how much better the world will be tomorrow morning waking up with no Mecca or Damascus or Tehran or Kabul.
Terror wiped out forever all in the matter of a one-hour timeframe.
I get your point.
You feel the same way, Captain Miller? Yes.
Makes sense.
War is war.
We're killing slowly and ineffectively now.
Let's just get it done.
May sound crazy, but not if you really think about it.
Uh, Captain Miller, I have a friend of yours here.
She found out what was happening and wanted to speak with you.
Kevin? Hi, it's Kensi Blye.
Kev, can you hear me? (chuckles) I hear you.
Blast from the past, huh? Why did they get you involved in this? I work for the government.
I heard what was going on.
Um, I thought I could help.
Is there anything I can do? No.
We just need to get the statement to the press.
Yeah, I heard.
Sounds pretty simple.
You know you launch these missiles, it could trigger a worldwide nuclear holocaust.
You really, really want to be responsible for the death of millions of innocent people? The wars, the terror attacks, they could go on for hundreds of years.
Think of how many innocents will die that way.
Is this a Christian point of view that you're coming from? Kevin.
Kev, this doesn't sound Christian.
I'm just trying to understand All right, this conversation is over.
Call us when you can prove that you've issued our statement to the press.
I need assurances in exchange for the press release.
I assure you you will have a front-row seat to watch the end of the war on terror.
The TA said he'd be in here somewhere.
There he is.
Professor Ted Holmes.
What's this about? Oh, we have a little situation with three Air Force officers you may know.
The names Kevin Miller, Anna Ross or Gerald Zindower mean anything to you? No, were they, uh, were they students of mine? SAM: Not that we know of.
But you did teach at their universities.
NELL (over comms): Hey, we just found out that Holmes has posted under pseudonyms on several Darknet, right-wing websites.
I, uh, don't remember them.
I'm sorry.
Class isn't over yet.
Sit down.
You ever hear of a political group called the Patton Project? I don't actually have to speak to you.
Well, under the circumstances, you kind of do.
I want a lawyer.
And I want a Maserati.
Anybody else want anything? I want to be alone in a room with the professor.
CALLEN: All right, now, that sounds a little scary.
Hey, you have no idea.
(gasps, grunts) (chuckles) You think we can get Tiffany talking to Captain Miller, keep him occupied? You did calm her down.
Yeah, uh, I mean, I can talk to her, maybe tell her what to say to him.
We need to distract them.
Distract them from what? This way.
This tunnel is usually filled with sand, it's a direct route to the LCC.
We're almost done excavating it.
You want to breach the LCC through this tunnel? MONROE: This escape tunnel is the only direct route.
I'll talk to Tiffany.
It's just a phone call.
I just, I don't understand what I'm supposed to say.
Like, "Hey, Kev.
Please don't blow up the world.
" No.
This is about saving his life.
You got to connect with him.
You're his only family.
Okay? Think of it this way.
It's another Sunday phone call to your brother.
That's all it is.
You can do this.
Will you be right there? I will absolutely be right there, right next to you.
MONROE: They're no longer answering comms, so we'll put you through the speakers down there.
Say "hello" when he points at you, okay? Okay, got it.
Kevin? Can you hear me? Kevin, it's Tiffany.
Ignore it.
It's my sister.
Kevin? Hey, Tiff.
What are you doing here? I heard you were in trouble, so I'm here for my little brother.
I just, I heard you were in some trouble, so I'm here for my little brother.
KENSI: Plus I miss you.
Plus I just miss you.
I miss you, too.
Are you okay down there? Yeah.
I'm good.
How's my nephew? Uh, he's good.
I mean, he's got a cold, but he's good.
Your husband fusses over him too much.
Michael fusses over him too much.
He's a good dad.
I love that little guy.
Me, too.
He's amazing.
Have you questioned Holmes? Kind of holding off until we have a better understanding of what we're dealing with.
We've already been over this.
We can't interrogate anyone if we don't know what the hell we're looking for.
I told you.
The very knowledge of what they've done endangers national security.
They've taken over the launch control center and they're attempting to launch a nuclear missile? I can neither confirm nor deny, but if that hypothetical were to occur, there would be more than one missile.
So, how far right would you say your politics go? The love of one's country doesn't fall on the political spectrum.
Hmm, but just for conversation starter, how do you feel about, say, fascism? It's not the American system.
Feel like there's a "but" coming.
There's a certain efficiency to that type of government that can be very seductive.
This is interesting.
I had Eric pull everything they could find on Holmes's classes.
He would put out surveys to the student body every year that were designed to reveal the psychology behind the student's political beliefs.
So Holmes might have been using the survey to find ROTC students with right-wing radical politics.
It's worth a shot.
Deeks, you hearing this? So, we know about the surveys.
We know that's how you identified Ross, Miller and Zindower.
I don't know what you're talking about.
That's it, we got him.
(soft chuckle) See, you're a terrible liar.
And you give us a few more hours, we're going to figure out how you got the students' information to the recruiter for the Patton Project.
I would very much like a lawyer.
You're not getting a lawyer.
Ross, Miller, and Zindower have taken over a launch control center.
They are attempting to launch dozens of intercontinental nuclear missiles.
Let me ask you how many men or women would somebody need to recruit in order to put three people in positions to launch those weapons? I don't know.
Why don't you tell us? Some might lose their nerve.
Some might not get funneled to the right base.
And that's just one mission.
What if there were many, many missions across all branches of the military? What's your point? You could be surrounded and you wouldn't even know it.
He's saying there's other active agents.
They could be located in another launch facility.
He could be lying.
We can't take that chance.
Bring up Ops.
Let's get in touch with the Pentagon.
They need to reach out to every branch of the military.
Have them pull any officer on duty who has attended a ROTC programs at a school where Holmes taught.
On it.
So it's true.
These guys are really trying to launch an ICBM? Listen, if this information gets out to Russia or China, they may make a preemptive strike against the launch center.
That is not gonna happen.
DEEKS: How do you know that? SAM: Hypothetically speaking, why would a group like the Patton Project want to launch nuclear weapons? Hypothetically, I would guess they believe these powerful weapons have sat unutilized for decades SAM: Mmm.
when they could be used to solve the world's worst problems.
Nuclear weapons can't solve hunger over-population global warming They would be used to solve the Islamic problem once and for all.
Cut it out like a cancer.
You know that would make me a cancer.
And my children.
I am a devout Muslim.
Allahu Akbar.
Hypothetically, I guess that would make you a cancer in their eyes.
Let's keep him talking.
Bring up a positive childhood memory.
(radio switch clicks) (chuckles) Hey, remember that time I snuck you out of the house and-and took you to the park and Mom thought you'd been kidnapped? MILLER: She called the cops.
She tried to act mad when we got home, but she was so happy to see us.
TIFFANY: I know, she just kept hugging and crying.
(laughs) (loud thump) (muffled banging, dragging) (muffled boom) Hey, what was that sound? Ke-Kevin, you still there? - There's been an explosion down there.
- What? Kevin, are you okay?! Guys, what happened?! Is my brother alive? Kevin! Just come with me.
Please, come with me.
NELL: Okay.
So we just got access to Holmes's teaching records.
It turns out 72 officers were enrolled in military ROTC programs at the universities where Holmes taught and took his surveys.
Of the 72, 17 of the students identified themselves as "far right," politically.
How did they manage to position themselves into the same base? NELL: Well, people don't join the Air Force to sit 60 feet underground for days on end, doing nothing.
They join to be a pilot.
ERIC: Exactly.
If you volunteer for the job of launch control officer, you're going to get it.
And then you would get to pick your base.
All right, send these names to the Pentagon.
Pull these officers off active duty.
Their security clearance needs to be revoked until they've been fully investigated.
But Holmes isn't the handler.
He's just fishing.
I mean, after they identify the right-wing candidates, he has to be passing them off to someone.
Then let's find the handler.
(indistinct radio chatter) (exhales) What happened? They must have put an explosive in the escape tunnel.
SWAT was excavating the last few feet when it was detonated.
- So Ross and Miller are still alive? - Yes.
Okay, where's so where's Tiffany? She's in there, but she's not doing well, man.
Yeah, well, her brother seems to listen to her.
You want to try and talk to her, see if you can get him and her talking again? You got a Plan B? The tunnel collapsed.
We're excavating it again now, but but that's going to take some time.
Okay, what about communication with other family members? You know, out of all three officers, she's the only family member that got any of them talking.
All right.
All right.
I I will talk to her outside.
(indistinct conversations) Hey.
Thanks, Josh.
Kevin's alive.
(gasping) All right.
Look at me.
If we're gonna keep him that way, you have to talk to him.
You gotta get him to see the bigger picture.
You gotta get him to connect to his humanity, okay? You have to remind him of the guy he was growing up.
I can't I can't hear him die.
You're not gonna hear him die.
We're gonna get him out of there peacefully.
You hear me? You can do this.
You talk to him.
Okay? Come on.
(sniffles) MOSLEY: So the Pentagon has the name of all of these officers? They've already been pulled off duty and taken into custody.
Let me know if you find the handler.
If even one of those missiles are launched, it could start a worldwide nuclear holocaust.
The missiles are never leaving their tubes.
The Air Force has already positioned large trucks over the silo covers.
If the covers are opened to launch, the trucks fall on the missiles.
Won't that detonate the warheads? No but the fuel can cause an explosion and disseminate the plutonium over a huge area.
That's 50 giant dirty bombs.
Wait, hold on a second.
Kensi's sitting right on top of this thing.
I mean, h-how big of an area are we talking about? Really? Nob-Nobody wants to answer that question? Depends on the amount of fuel, wind patterns Give me a number.
SAM: Three to five mile lethal radius per missile.
Have you been able to get a call in to her? No.
FBI could be jamming the cell towers in the area.
I need you to get ahold of her.
If she's speaking to the officers in the launch control center as long as we're able to avert She's never gonna leave, you know that.
I don't care.
All right, here's what you need to do.
You need to get on the phone and call whoever you need to call to get her out of there, 'cause she doesn't have to do this.
Somebody else can do this.
I will do my best.
What does that mean? Not much.
I'm sorry.
You've gotta be kidding me.
What I can do, going through official channels, is far less effective than what you can do with your voice.
Just keep calling her.
Walk with me.
What's going on now? I want to show you something.
I've had several conversations about you.
Your record is exemplary.
Conversations with who? People who matter.
People who understand what you and your team do.
Are you claustrophobic? Excuse me? Are you claustrophobic, Agent Blye? I mean, a little, but I can fight through it.
Why? From what I hear, you can fight through anything.
This is the Tango 1 escape tunnel.
The tunnel collapsed from the explosion.
They cleaned it out, but now they're reinforcing it, by putting a pipe within the pipe, which, as you can see, the diameter of the tunnel has gotten quite a bit smaller.
KENSI: How big is it now? 18 inches.
You want me to go down there.
You're the most likely to fit.
Plus, you have the highest level of tactical training and experience.
So you blow the hatch, I go down Yeah, we need at least one of those officers taken out to stop the launch.
What about the Romeo 1 LCC? We take out Zindower, and Miller and Ross can't launch.
Zindower also detonated an explosive in that elevator.
The damage there was worse than this one.
It'd take us hours to excavate.
Plus, the hallways of both LCCs are armed with explosives and motion sensors.
Even if we got through that, we have to get through the blast door.
That would take 12 hours, at best.
- Okay.
- Agent Blye you sure? You understand how dangerous this is? I understand.
All right.
Let's get this tunnel reinforced as quickly as possible.
All right? Yes, sir.
Let's go.
What do we got? NELL: Okay.
We've discovered that this man, Curtis Denard, has made several trips to Colorado.
Additionally, we've discovered footage of him meeting with Ross, Miller and Zindower at a hotel in Denver.
Who is he? He's an NSA analyst.
The NSA has the nuclear codes.
He may also have been the source of the leak.
Do you have an address? On your phones.
Send it to LAPD SWAT.
We'll meet 'em there.
Let's go.
You been able to get ahold of Kensi yet? No.
Stay here.
Keep trying.
(line ringing) (keys clacking) We have anything? Well, I think they disconnected the speakers.
They're not picking up the landline.
You okay? No.
AGENT: Okay.
We're getting something.
It's from Miller's terminal.
KENSI: "Is anybody reading this?" MONROE: Why is he typing? Maybe he doesn't want Ross to see what he's communicating.
MONROE: "I'm sorry.
I wish there was another way.
" He's showing remorse.
That's a good thing.
Okay, tell him that he can still just get up and he can walk away.
Okay, tell him he still doesn't have to do it.
How many have you retargeted? 14.
You? Seventeen.
I think we should launch.
Not yet.
We're only gonna get one shot at this.
Let's let's make it count.
- What's he saying? - Agent Monroe, we're ready.
He's not responding.
All right.
Agent Blye, it's time.
Let's go.
TIFFANY: Wait, time for what? I have to go.
Please, please, he doesn't want to do this.
I know him.
Promise me you'll get him out of there.
We're doing the best we can.
KENSI: Tiffany, if there's any way, they will get him out alive.
MONROE: Let's go, let's go.
The opening is too small for much more than a gun and a grenade.
Even then, you'll have to hold 'em in front of you when you get to the last few feet.
Hey, I got to make a call.
Just be 30 seconds.
I promise I'm not I won't talk about any of this.
All right.
(indistinct chatter) (line ringing) (phone rings) Kens.
Hi, baby.
You need to get out of there, all right? If-if the launch doors open Hey, Deeks, can you just listen to me for a second? get in a car and I need you to drive away as fast as you possibly can, because (stammers) Deeks, stop.
Stop, babe.
For once in your life, stop talking.
(exhales) I know what's going on.
Okay, so then-then just leave.
I can't.
What do you mean, you can't? I can stop this from happening.
I can stop people from getting hurt.
I've got to do it, okay? Okay, yeah, you can stop this from happening, but so can other people, all right? So just let I love you so much.
Hold on.
I love you, too.
That's not the point.
Stop for a second.
You don't have to do this.
Let some And I love you to the end of time and back.
(sighs) Kensi? Kensi.
Kensi! (grunts) (phone rings) (indistinct chatter continues) (exhales) We've rigged the door with a directed explosive.
It should be enough to blow the hatch but not enough to kill Miller and Ross.
You got to get down there.
Thank you.
Quickly, I know.
And take at least one of them out.
It's gonna be too tight for you to wear a vest.
I understand.
Okay, then.
Let's get ready to blow the hatch.
In position.
CALLEN: In position.
On my call.
One, two, three.
Execute, execute.
Move! Go, go! SAM: Curtis Denard, federal agents! Put down your weapon and put your hands on your head! (sizzling) (knocking) CALLEN: Clear.
You gentlemen continue to impress.
(indistinct radio transmission) Ready.
Three, two, one! MAN: Fire in the hole.
We have ignition.
Let's go, go, go! Blow that air down there! Get the smoke out! (panting, grunting) (coughs) (Miller groans) Get up.
Get up! Send the launch command! (grunting) Get back in your chair.
Now! (groans) No.
I said get up.
Get in your chair and send the launch command.
(grunting) Get back in your chair! (gasping) (grunts) (grunts) (panting, grunting) (panting) (coughing) (panting) This is Special Agent Kensi Blye.
LCC is secured.
Both targets have been taken out.
(panting) It's over.
It's all it's all over.
Copy, Agent Blye.
Good work.
We'll notify.
(indistinct chatter) It was something to behold.
Excellent work, Agent Blye.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Great work.
Thank you.
(car door shuts) Lieutenant Zindower's LCC was breached about an hour ago by FBI.
Unfortunately, he was killed.
Leaving us a dead end.
MOSLEY: What did we find? One of Denard's drives was unrecoverable.
After going through the second drive, we found the code names of six men inside the Patton Project who had financed and planned the whole operation.
Well, do we know who they are? Not yet.
Find them.
Hunt them down.
Kill 'em, if you have to.
Have a good night.
"Good work" would have been nice.
Excellent work, Agent Hidoko.
Thank you, Agent Hanna.
Welcome back.
Heard you had a hell of a day.
Yeah, it was.
Um, have any of you seen Deeks? Uh, he went out for some air.
I think he's up on the roof.
Thank you.
(sighs) (siren wailing in distance) Hi.
Well, it's official.
I'm never gonna criticize your grilled cheese again.
That was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
What's that, making the grilled cheese or singlehandedly saving the world from nuclear holocaust? Making that call to you.
And I don't want to lose you now (sighs) Or ever Ugh.
How long are we gonna do this for? Or ever And there's a darkness I mean, you're the one that wanted to stay in, so why don't you tell me? I don't know.
(sighs) That's great.
I don't I don't I don't know.
'Cause if you got a broken wing That makes me want to help you find a way to throw I can't go through what Sam went through.
We can even sing songs I mean, honestly, I don't even know how that guy gets up in the morning.
What are we doing? (exhales) You're everything for me.
(voice breaking): And, um 'Cause I don't want to lose I hate feeling like this.
Because you're my world.
No, I don't want to lose you now I don't want to lose Or ever Baby, I don't want to lose you now You are mine.
Or ever I don't want to lose No, I don't want to lose you now I don't want to lose Or ever Oh, no.
KENSI: You're my world.

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