NCIS Los Angeles s09e08 Episode Script

This Is What We Do

1 CALLEN: It's your last chance, Asakeem! We've been hit! Hang on! SAM: She's got no radial pulse.
DOCTOR: She's still in a coma.
DEEKS: I hope he was worth it.
I want more time with you and my children.
SAM: Aimon Shah.
SAM: Give me a name! Hetty's gone.
She has retired, officially.
NELL: Admiral Albert Jethro Chegwidden.
Close friend of Hetty Lange.
BRIDGES: Remember how I said we had to raise all the money for our mission in Southeast Asia? HETTY: It wasn't money, it was gold.
You came back for the gold, but not for me.
How much do you want? DANG: For him? Nothing.
You, on the other hand, gonna fetch a pretty penny.
OFFICER (over speaker): Customs and Border Patrol.
(sirens wailing) (engine stops) Where you headed? Fresno? What are you hauling? Fertilizer.
Can you open the back? (device beeps, trills) (grunts) We got visitors.
Let's get that first row knocked off, quickly.
I see 'em.
All right, light 'em up.
How many we got? Six.
(rapid gunfire) NCIS: LA 9x08 This Is What We Do (men speaking Vietnamese) (man grunts) (shouting in Vietnamese) (men speaking Vietnamese) Would you like some fruit? I had a big lunch, about a week ago.
How do you think this is gonna end? With a bullet in your head.
(laughs) I don't think so.
Your future now in the hand of the highest bidder.
North Korea, China, Russia, even Iran made an offer.
So nice to be wanted.
Oh, they want you, but they want you healthy.
So I'm afraid you're just going to have to start eating.
I hope you're hungry.
DEEKS: Oh, this is perfect.
They got Oreo cookie crusted French toast with whipped cream and berries.
Mmm, yeah, if you like diabetes with your breakfast.
Wonder if those berries are humanely raised.
(snickers) Oh, no.
Oh, she brought the guy.
What guy? The guy, Guy, her trainer.
Your mom has a trainer? That's awesome.
It's not awesome.
It's the exact opposite of awesome.
It's the anti-awesome! - Morning! - Hi! - Oh, my God.
Guy, this is my beautiful future daughter-in-law Kensi.
Kensi, this is my fabulous friend Guy.
Nice to meet you.
My pleasure.
And you've met my gunslinger son, Martin.
How's it going? Things are spectacular, Guy.
Thank you for asking about my well-being.
What looks good, kids? I'm famished.
Guy worked me out like a dog this morning.
DEEKS: Oh, my God.
I'm never gonna get that out of my brain.
GUY: Bert's been telling me about your engagement.
KENSI: Thank you.
Have you set a date? Eh Actually, no.
When are we getting married, babe? February 29th.
Huh? Is this a leap year coming up? Yeah.
- No.
- You don't know that.
You don't have a calendar in front of you.
You don't just know the dates of things.
It could be a leap year.
Not a leap year.
- Got one coming up pretty quick.
- Yeah.
Oh, no.
Here we go.
Oh, shoot.
Son of a Pop-Tart.
- We got to go, babe.
We got a case.
- Aw Interesting.
I didn't get anything.
No, it's for my eyes only.
It's an X-K red 20.
Is there something wrong? No.
I told you, they're secret agents.
They do this stuff all the time.
Kensi almost got herself killed last year getting Osama bin Laden.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
No, that was We did not get Osama bin Laden.
That was, like, two thousand and Well, it was one of the bin Ladens.
Yeah, we got Sheckie bin Laden, Mom.
That's who we got, good old Sheckie when he was ordering a lox plate at Nate and Al's.
We took him down.
We got to go.
No, Kensi, honey.
You don't have to wait to get married to have children.
I didn't, and look.
(clicks tongue) Yeah, look how well that turned out.
Don't worry about us.
We'll pick up the tab.
I want to get the tab, 'cause I don't want you to complain from now until Thanksgiving.
I'll give you $100.
This way, you can do some more lunges.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Be careful.
Where's Sam? He called in sick.
Ooh, that's not good.
Sam doesn't get sick.
What did he say exactly? He just said he wasn't feeling well.
To be honest, he sounded kind of rough.
Ah, damn it.
I totally forgot.
Yesterday was Sam and Michelle's anniversary.
Oh, God.
We have a case? Yeah, we do.
Told you.
You got lucky.
Where's Sam? He called in sick.
What? That's not good.
Yeah, we've been through that.
I got it covered.
Then what are we looking at? Well, Border Patrol pulled over a vehicle in a routine inspection early this morning, and it turned into a bloody massacre.
Three Border Patrol officers were shot-- two dead on the scene, one still fighting for his life.
Several illegal immigrants were also gunned down.
Why is NCIS involved in this? Uh, this happened on Highway 76, right outside Fallbrook, California, which also happens to be the avocado capital of the world.
And right alongside the east border of Camp Pendleton.
KENSI: Okay, so we have a bunch of armed hostiles coming in through the Mexican border, attempting to infiltrate Camp Pendleton? That sounds like a suicide mission.
It's probably unrelated to the Marine base, but Mosley's secured a chopper to take you guys to the crime scene, just in case.
All right, you two go.
I'm gonna grab Sam.
We'll meet you after.
You got it.
On it.
(sea lion groans) What's wrong with you? (groans) (chuckles) (knocks) Permission to come aboard? Oh.
Looks like it was quite a party last night.
Did you drink all this? Otis had some, too.
You gave whiskey to a sea lion? Of course not.
He only drinks beer.
Okay, Jacques Cousteau, on your feet.
I called in sick.
You're not sick, you're hungover.
Same thing.
Come on.
I'll get you some coffee on the way.
Let's go.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no I need to sleep this off.
No time to sleep.
Here we go.
There we go.
You know what? Hold this.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what? Go ahead.
(vomiting) Oh, yeah.
There you go.
Let it out.
You'll feel better, eventually.
(groans) (sighs) CALLEN: You should be ashamed of yourself, too.
Keep an eye on the boat, Otis.
(burps) Wow.
This was brutal.
They killed the Border Patrol officers first, and then illegals, shooting them in the back as they ran away.
In the back? Why would they do that? Maybe they didn't want them to talk if they got captured.
They also shot the driver in the back of the head while he was still handcuffed.
I mean, this is a bloody execution squad.
Large caliber weapons.
These guys meant business.
They also stole a CBP vehicle and headed north.
Just another Sunday in paradise.
Lucky us.
Am I supposed to be following you or you just going over there to pee? Hi.
Can you tell me your name? ¿Cuál es tu nombre? Do you have any relatives in the United States? ¿Tiene parientes en los Estados Unidos? DEEKS: Bueno, bueno, bueno.
No temas, Tío Marty está aquí con algunas golosinas.
Really? Couldn't have gotten him a salad or maybe something a little healthier? Well, he's in America now, so we got to get his body mass index up just so he can fit in.
(sighs) I'd kill for that burger.
Man, when you go down, you go down hard.
(chuckles) I miss her, G.
I know you do.
Hurts every day.
And it doesn't get any better.
Ah, it will.
Not today or tomorrow, but, uh, one day.
He still not saying anything? KENSI: No, not yet.
But I'm guessing he'll start talking once he's had something to eat, unless of course Deeks's hamburger kills him first.
DEEKS: No, he's a tough kid.
He'll survive.
SAM: You guys find anything at the crime scene? Some heavy firepower.
Expended brass and everything else is being dusted for prints.
And meanwhile, the Goonies are searching for that stolen vehicle.
How's our lone survivor doing? Quiet.
DEEKS: We contacted Health and Human Services.
The Office of Refugee Resettlement wants to put him in a shelter until they figure out deportation.
We got to do better than that.
He's our key witness and under our protection until I deem otherwise.
Hopefully he has some family here.
Well, if he does, that might be hard to find out.
He's not speaking.
Well, would you after what he's been through? Hi.
How's that burger? Do you like video games? Have you ever played this one? No.
Try it.
It's fun.
(laughs) Look at you.
My name is Shay.
What's your name? Enrique.
That's a beautiful name.
Who knew Mosley was good with kids? DEEKS: Yeah, but she's cheating.
She's using video games.
That's like Chinese brainwashing.
Who brought you here, Enrique? My mom.
They shot her.
Look, I know you saw some pretty terrible things last night.
Do you know the men who were doing the shooting? No.
Do you know where they were going? No.
Did they say anything you remember? They didn't speak Spanish.
They weren't Mexican.
What language were they speaking? MOSLEY: I'll be right back.
Well, that's not encouraging.
We need to get another look at those body cams.
(sighs): Okay.
So several several heavily armed foreigners snuck into this country, tried to pass themselves off as illegal immigrants.
Camp Pendleton was never the target.
Alert the other agencies and see if they have anything else to share.
We need to know who the hell we're looking for.
ERIC: Yo, yo.
FYI, CHP found the CBP SUV.
SCNR-- aka Sorry Could Not Resist.
Where? Uh, off Topanga.
Tell them not to touch it; want to protect the prints.
We're on our way.
ERIC: You got it.
I hope we can, too, sir.
Thank you.
Homeland Security is sending over someone from their Field Intelligence Group.
They may have some leads.
Glad someone does.
(sighs) Hey, Nell.
Hey, you find anything? Eh, footage is too dark for facial rec.
I've blown it up, brightened it, slowed it down, run it through every filter in the book.
What about isolating the audio? Eh, been there, done that, didn't even get the T-shirt.
All I can hear is gunfire and screaming.
I suck.
Come on.
Sounds like someone needs a Scooby Snack.
(imitates Scooby-Doo): Well? Thanks for coming so quickly.
Your SAC said that you have some leads.
Yes, we're tracking several high risk groups south of the border, and there's a good chance this is one of them.
Whoa! Ah! Looks like I found your secret lair.
What, uh What's she doing Uh, what are you doing here? This is Specialist Jones from DHS's Field Intelligence Group.
Oh, I'm aware.
(chuckles) Sorry, do I know you? Yes, we met when Penelope brought you home for Christmas.
Oh, right.
Penelope? Yeah.
This is Sydney.
She's my sister.
What's up, Peanut? Hi.
HIDOKO: This place never ceases to amaze me.
CALLEN: Let's go, Sleeping Beauty.
You're enjoying this, aren't you? Hey, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
You're quoting Baretta? He was a good cop.
(door slams) (inhales sharply) Really? (sighs) (indistinct police radio chatter) Spotted it about 20 minutes ago.
Anybody of interest in the vicinity? - No.
- (Sam groaning) (clears throat) Let's go, slowpoke.
No, G! (rapid beeping) (groans): Oh, man.
(officers chattering) How's that hangover? I saved your life, didn't I? Was your turn.
(chuckles) It's always my turn.
I just saved you from that guy a couple weeks ago.
What guy? At the house.
The guy with the wife, and you were under that table.
You sure that wasn't some movie you were watching? Lynn and Keith Stiger's house.
That's the one.
Wow, we can't leave you kids alone for a second.
You boys okay? SAM: Great.
Unfortunately, any bit of evidence that might have been in that vehicle has been blown to hell because of Mr.
Impatient here.
Mm, I seem to remember a time when you could disarm a bomb before it exploded.
You were a little younger back then.
(whistles) You're really pushing your luck today.
So did Pinky and the Brain find anything else from that body cam footage? They're still looking, but there's nothing here.
Suspects must have gotten a ride after they dumped the SUV.
DEEKS: I'm guessing they didn't Uber, which means they have help on this side.
NELL: Did you know she was coming? I barely knew who she was.
You told me before she was a librarian.
She is.
She volunteers.
(scoffs) Can't believe she's here.
I can't believe you never told me your real name is Penelope.
(sighs) What? It's a nice name.
Yeah, maybe if you're from Victorian England.
(Cockney accent): She's a dirty puzzle, that Penelope, she is.
Sydney seems nice.
(sighs) She's not your older sister, okay? She's bossed me around my entire life.
She's always gotten to decide where we went and what we did and what we watched and what I wore.
Maybe that's why you both are in federal law enforcement.
Yeah, maybe because she always forced me to play Mystery Team.
Of course she was always Nancy Drew, and I had to be freaking Togo.
Whoa, Togo? Nancy Drew's dog.
Yeah, I wasn't allowed to talk.
No, I could only point and sniff out clues.
(snickers) I mean, come on.
That's kind of hilarious.
Or not.
(clears throat) And now she's here to take over this case.
(growls) All right, easy, Togo.
Hey, she's in your house now.
You're the Nellverine.
All right? Welcome to the jungle, bitch! Say it.
No, I'm not gonna say it.
Say it.
Say it.
Are you back on the Count Chocula? What are you talking about? I can smell those marshmallows from here.
We talked about this.
One box left over from Halloween, okay? One? Smells like you bought out Pavilions, again.
I need help.
I have a corn syrup gorilla on my back.
You adorable little sugar monkey.
All right.
We're gonna get through this together.
Wonder Twin powers Activate.
(imitates explosion) Form of A toothbrush.
Oh, man.
SYDNEY: Several special interest aliens have tried crossing our borders recently.
Unfortunately, not all of them are on the same watch list.
Plus, the lists themselves are continually being updated.
Well, it doesn't help that these groups are constantly changing their names and forming new alliances.
Texas Rangers recently stopped someone with ties to Ansar al-Din.
New Mexican authorities grabbed a guy linked to Jaysh al-Sunna.
Arizona police, Liwa al-Haqq.
And this guy was stopped in San Diego because he had ties to the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement.
Four different men, four different states, all seemingly unrelated, but in fact all the groups have merged into Hay'at Tahir al-Sham, or HTS.
SAM: You think the guys that shot up the Border Patrol officers and the immigrants are part of Tahir al-Sham? We think it's a possibility.
So what's their end game? SYDNEY: Thanks to you, we have in custody a high ranking member of the Al-Nusra Front, also known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, which is also part of HTS.
We think they may be here because of him: Tobias Thoma, a Syrian national who joined the Navy to obtain his U.
He was part of Naval Intelligence before deserting and changing his name to Ahmed Han Asakeem.
Wait, Asakeem is here in L.
? Yes.
He cut a deal to cooperate.
Excuse me.
Are there any active members of Tahir al-Sham in the area? We think so; we just haven't been able to prove anything.
Well, we need to start.
DEEKS: Kens.
You okay? Yeah, just didn't expect to see him again, that's all.
Well, you went through a lot because of that guy.
Yeah, we all did.
You good, Kens? Yeah.
Oh, and we should probably talk about the Jones sisters.
I mean, is it just me or do they seem like some sort of product from a government cloning experiment? (laughs) They're like Minions.
How many are there? Are there more? CALLEN: I'll take as many of them as we can get right now.
We need to get out in front of this.
How do you expect to do that? We don't know who they are, where they are, or why they're even here.
Well, we know they murdered several innocent people.
And they're probably not done.
But are they here to launch a terrorist attack? Are they a hit squad sent here to stop Asakeem from talking? I mean, hell, they could even be here to rescue him.
(door buzzes) (indistinct police radio chatter) Okay, let's go.
(tires screech) Hey, buddy.
Long time no see.
Several members of Tahir al-Sham have tried crossing into the U.
Conflict in Syria has created a refugee crisis.
Refugees? One doesn't have the luxury of choosing not to fight in my country.
I thought this was your country.
My birth country.
We were fighting some of the same people you were: ISIL, Hezbollah, Assad.
Your people shot us down.
You kidnapped me.
You committed treason.
I saw my people, my blood relatives, in jeopardy, and I did all I could to save them.
Four armed men, possibly from Tahir al-Sham, killed two Border Patrol officers and dozens of civilians who were trying to sneak in from Mexico last night.
Are they here because of you? I have no idea.
I've been in custody for over a year.
SAM: You get visitors.
You talk to the other people you're being held with.
Why are they here? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
He's lying.
Does he know the punishment for treason is execution? I'm pretty sure he's aware of that.
It doesn't seem like the same guy we pulled out of the country.
Yeah, he'll do anything to avoid Gitmo.
I want to talk to him.
That's probably not a great idea.
Callen, let me see him, face-to-face.
You talk.
You don't touch.
Of course.
SAM: Kensi.
What? We're serious.
No contact.
All right, let's do this.
No, Deeks, please just stand down.
I got this.
(door opens, closes) Remember me? I'm glad to see you recovered.
We almost died because of you.
I was in a coma and paralyzed for the better part of a year.
For that I am truly sorry.
You're sorry? I hope you accept my deepest apologies, and I pray for your forgiveness.
You pray for my forgiveness? I understand if that's hard for you to give.
The path to forgiveness can be long and difficult, but it frees both parties in the end.
Why don't you save your fortune cookie crap for the tribunal.
Hey, check this out.
I Oh.
Where's Nell? I think she's avoiding me.
That's funny.
Why would she do that? 'Cause she probably doesn't want me here.
Did you find something? I did, actually.
But I should probably wait till Nell and Hidoko Ticktock, chicken legs.
What you got? Okay.
(clears throat) I estimated the time it would take to get from the shooting in Fallbrook down to where the SUV was dropped off.
I figured they'd want to ditch that vehicle as quickly as possible, and then get into a new vehicle that would, I don't know, seat four adults plus a driver, right? So it would be like a minivan Wow, you're a rambler.
Did you find one or not? Yeah, I-I found two, actually.
Um, they passed by the nearest traffic camera shortly after my time estimate.
Now, traffic in this area is a little sporadic at this time, but these two vehicles, they seem to be traveling together and with stolen plates.
So we can't trace them? No, dead end, but I did get several cell phones in that area at that time.
I'm hoping one or more of them belong to one of our shooters or their not-so-nice friends.
Now I'm just waiting on a warrant to run them.
That's why I'm here.
Let's see if any of them are on our radar.
(tablet clicks) Okay.
Ah! Hello.
This number belongs to a person of interest we've been tracking in Los Angeles: Fazan Kamsour.
All right.
Punch it, blondie.
(both imitate explosion) (chuckles) Ah.
Where have you been hiding? Uh, just working.
Well, Sydney and I think we found a prime suspect.
Great, yeah.
(sighs) Okay.
So now that you have Asakeem, what are you gonna do with him? Uh, we're gonna sell him.
Now they can add human trafficking to my charges.
You know, whoever's here, they're not expecting this.
Hopefully this throws them off and buys us some time while they figure out what's going on.
And what if they find out this is a hoax? Well, we're not gonna give them time for that.
We're gonna get out in front, we're gonna use Asakeem to force them into action.
These guys are either here to kill him or save him; either way, they want him.
And what if they're here just to launch a terrorist attack? We don't think they're gonna pass up the opportunity to get Asakeem, but our play has got to be big and it's got to be bold.
Bigger and bolder than what you just did? Yes.
But we need a few things.
A Rolls-Royce? Yeah, a white one.
I just gave you an armored truck and paid for you to completely destroy a U.
Marshals vehicle.
Oh, wait, there's more.
You want a million dollars.
In cash? Really? Well, we need money to make it work.
I should have stayed in D.
Go big or go home.
(Arabic pop music playing) Thanks.
(phone vibrates) We got a situation.
Got a guy here, Aimon Shah.
Sabatino and I broke up his place a few months back.
You think he's gonna recognize you? (chuckles) I held his face to a pile of burning embers.
Yeah, people tend to remember that sort of thing.
He just went inside with Kamsour.
If he makes me, we're burnt.
I got him.
(Arabic pop music continues) (gasps, speaks Arabic) (speaks Arabic) So sorry.
(shouting in Arabic) I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Here.
I-I'll pay to have it cleaned.
- It's fine.
I'm so sorry.
Just stop.
As-salaam alaikum.
Wa alaikum as-salaam.
May I help you? I need some help making some travel arrangements.
This is a cafe, not a travel agency.
How did you get my number? Like you, the man in the photo, he's friends of Tahir al-Sham.
I don't know you.
I don't know your friend, and I don't know Tahir al-Sham.
SAM: You don't know me because I prefer not to be known.
I'm only here because I need a time-sensitive favor, one which I'm prepared to pay well for.
(water running) I'm afraid you've been misinformed.
Your name is Fazan Kamsour.
You were born October 5, 1984, in Beirut.
Came to this country May 6, 2000, with your parents, Omar and Amila, your sister, Neela.
(water stops) Are you kidding me? I feel really bad.
I'm so sorry.
Please let me pay for it.
You attended USC, dropped out in your sophomore year to work here in your parents' cafe.
It's $400.
It's designer.
Father died two years ago of a heart attack.
My condolences.
Your mother lives with your sister and her husband in Anaheim.
Uh, can I write you a check? No.
Information is my business.
Knowledge is not just power, it's also currency.
We're fighting the same struggle.
Hidoko, you need to keep stalling.
But you can go away.
Back door, Callen.
I need some help.
I saw to it that our warrior brother was rescued, but he's not safe here.
I need help getting him someplace where he will be.
Untraceable bills.
Half when you accept, the other half once he's safely back in Syria.
As I said I'm afraid you've been misinformed.
CALLEN: You're good, Sam.
Here's my number, in case you know of someone who can help me.
The offer's only good for 12 hours, after which I'll be forced to find an alternative.
Fi Amanillah.
This is my lawyer.
Call him.
The CIA and the NSA have been using you to track the criminals whose money you launder.
Do you really think that this guy's gonna make a difference when these organizations find out that you're the man who brought them down? Huh? Really doesn't matter how good he is in court.
It's not gonna stop them from chopping your head off.
Tell you what.
You recite Surah Surah At-Tawba, you can walk out of here.
Ah, don't feel bad.
I can't say it either.
But then again, I'm not jihadi.
And neither are you.
Although you like to pretend you are by helping them launder their money.
So this is what's gonna happen.
As of now, you work for us.
And you get to keep doing what you're doing.
Except that today you are gonna send Kamsour a message.
You tell him that you had to go home, you had to change.
Then what? We'll call you when we need you.
They will kill me if they know I'm helping you.
That's the thug life, baby.
You want to be a real gangster, now's your chance.
Only now you're playing for the good guys.
Play on, player.
(door opens) DEEKS: What if Kamsour doesn't take the bait? We make another run using Aimon Shah.
He'll call.
Either for Asakeem or the money, probably both.
(phone vibrates) Oh.
Speak of the devil.
(phone vibrates) Yeah.
Uh, no.
I'm picking the spot.
I have Fine.
I'll be there.
Don't be late.
They called the location.
And they want me to come alone with Asakeem.
That's never a good sign.
(Arabic pop music playing) Could be more inside.
Kens, you got anything? KENSI: No.
And I can't see through the tinted windows either.
ERIC: Those are the two SUVs I saw.
You were told to come alone.
I promised my wife I'd take her to see Hamilton tonight.
Have you seen it? No.
It's very good.
You should check it out.
Where's the money? It's with Asakeem.
How you plan on getting him out of the country? It's not your concern.
We're gonna be late.
One minute.
I like to know what I'm getting for my money.
You're getting him to Syria.
How I do it is my business.
You said this was gonna be quick.
Could you get back in the car, please? Darling, who is this? SAM: No one.
Asakeem! (Kamsour speaking Arabic) (gunshot) KENSI: We got sniper fire! (gunfire continues) (engine starts) Go, go! Kill them! They're a hit squad.
They consider Asakeem a traitor.
(tires screech) Behind! CALLEN: Kens, you got the sniper?! Not yet.
KENSI: Got you.
Sniper down.
Move! Go, go, go! We're going! NELL: Now! Federal agents! Drop your weapons! Thank you very much! Did Nell just do that? Your sister's a badass.
(tires screeching) (horn blaring) (Callen and Deeks shouting) (car alarm wailing) (indistinct police radio chatter) I'm telling you it didn't get hit.
I'm just doing my job.
Where are Nell and Hidoko? Uh, headed back.
Oh, great.
So they leave us to clean up the mess? It all better be in here, Detective Deeks.
Finders keepers, losers weepers.
KENSI: Asakeem.
Kens Asakeem, stop.
Whoa, Kensi! I will shoot you in the ass! Baby, you got to let it go.
I'm trying.
Nice work.
Yeah, nice work.
Do it again sometime.
(chuckles) Ah.
- Yeah, good night.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I watched you and your team today.
You were impressive.
It's just, you know, what we do.
Well, I better get going.
I have a lot of debriefing and paperwork.
I can imagine.
(chuckles) Bye.
You know you were really hard on me as a kid.
I know.
Why? Because the world isn't safe for girls.
I wanted you to be tougher than me, stronger than me.
Maybe I didn't go about it as well as I should have.
And I'm sorry for that.
But look at you.
You're amazing.
I'm proud of you.
See ya, Togo.
Bye, Syd.
So, uh, Asakeem is back in federal custody.
Aimon Shah is back on the street working for us.
Not bad for a day's work.
We still don't know why those militants were here, but we'll keep digging.
And where's your partner? He had something to do.
I heard you had a rough night last night.
Look, if you ever need to take some time off, you just let me know.
I'm good.
What's gonna happen with him? Well, we found an aunt who's gonna pick him up, after I vet her.
That's good.
I hope so.
He's had a rough start.
They're so innocent at this age, you know? - Still full of hope and potential.
- Yeah.
Do you have kids? I do.
A son.
His name is Derrick.
He's, uh he's about his age.
He's with his father.
Back in Washington? No.
Where does he live? I don't know, Sam.
Well, good night.
Good night.
(door opens, closes) (sighs) (sighs) Looking for something? What are you doing here? Same thing as you.
At least I hope we're here for the same reason.
She's not here.
But you are.
So are you.
Why don't you make yourself at home.
I am.
You want one? Sure.
I take it you don't know where she is either.
Did you know that she officially retired? Yeah, that's a bad sign.
I thought so, too.
It means she needed to formally sever ties from NCIS.
Got to protect the agency from whatever the hell she's doing.
She's selling all her properties.
This one's still on the market.
Raising capital.
For what? Damned if I know, but clearly it's expensive.
Why wouldn't she just use the gold you have? She'd have to get our approval, and obviously she didn't want to get us involved either.
We found her boat.
What she's doing there? She's not in Hawaii.
So where is she? I came here hoping to find something to tell me.
Maybe you'll have better luck.
Good to see you again, kid.
Lock the door and reset the alarm on your way out, would ya? (grunting) (door slams) (keys jangling) (lock clicks) (groaning) I figured they killed you.
(sighs) I'm not that lucky.
That makes two of us.
(groans) Keane.
I was hoping they'd let you go.
I guess they just like my company.
You shouldn't have come back for me.
My life is full of things I shouldn't have done.
You and me both, sister.
I'm so sorry I left you here.
You didn't know.
I probably would've done the same.
It was my job to know.
Or to keep looking until I found the truth.
Well, now you have.
“And the truth shall set you free.
” Right.
(sighs) Does anyone know you're here? No.
But they'll figure it out.
How can you be sure? I trained them.
And I left them the tools to do this.
It's only a matter of time.

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