NCIS Los Angeles s09e12 Episode Script

Under Pressure

1 (engine turns off) Ah.
(shouts, grunts) NCIS: LA 9x12 Under Pressure - All right, we're all set.
Fire away.
- Too busy.
You are not too busy.
I am too busy.
- This how we start our morning? - Mm.
- Good morning.
- Kens, you have the clue.
And, no, we're not fighting.
Uh, well, somebody is annoyed though.
Yeah? About what? About a stupid game.
It's not a stupid game.
It is an educational activity to hone your skills of deduction.
Sounds interesting.
Sounds like a waste of time.
DEEKS: What?! Uh, when soccer players run wind sprints, is that a waste of time? When football players hit the gym, is that a waste of time? No.
And neither is this, because it's gonna make all of us better special agents.
All right.
Let the games begin.
I love this attitude.
All right, I'm gonna give you an enigmatic statement.
You're gonna ask questions to ascertain the truth.
Why did the chicken cross the road? Ignore this.
A man pushes his car up to a hotel and says, “I have no money.
” Sam Dawg? Why is he pushing the car? No, you got to ask questions that I can answer with yes or no.
Did the car break down? No.
Does the car have gas in the tank? These are good questions.
Is he trading the car for a free room at the hotel? Well, that is an interesting theory, but no.
So the car's out of gas and No, no.
KENSI: No? No, no, no, what? You're contradicting yourself now.
I'm sorry, you said there was no gas in the tank.
(whistles) Was the man pushing the car wearing a kilt? Seriously? Yeah.
Was he? That is arguably the most idiotic question I've ever heard.
But, also, n-no, he was he was not.
Was it snowing outside? I got a question.
Eric, why did you whistle? I whistled because I love this game, and I think we have a case.
You think or you know? Well, Mosley's up there, and she's, uh, a little tight-lipped.
KENSI: Oh, what a shame.
Game over! Is it? Is the game over? Or has the game just begun? So, this morning, at the crack of dawn, there was yet another brush fire in the Los Padres foothills.
SAM: Any casualties? ERIC: One death.
No structural damage.
100% contained.
They I.
the body? MOSLEY: Not yet.
But the arson investigators have determined the cause of the blaze as being next-generation, military-grade napalm.
What? Napalm? That's what they use in incendiary bombs.
Didn't they ban that after Vietnam? Banned it against civilians, but the last time we used it in a military installation was Iraq, '03.
The Mark 77 weapons are being stored at Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station near Pendleton.
Each carries 75 gallons of fuel gel.
Any of them missing? Still waiting for confirmation.
DEEKS: So if one of those were stolen What would the damage be? Dropped from a plane, 2,500 square yards of burns, asphyxiation, carbon monoxide poisoning.
We'll check out the arson site.
Send us the GPS.
Already did.
Already did.
Oh, and, Deeks, did the guy who was pushing the car know the owner of the hotel? Yes.
Yes, he did.
Nice work, Sam.
We're gonna get this.
I believe in you.
MOSLEY: Okay, you should have a chat with the station's ordnance officer.
All right, cool, if we're going south, I know this place in Laguna; it's got the best fish tacos in L.
Deeks, not today.
- No, no, it's fine.
It's on the way.
We just stop there.
- Stop.
We'll get it to go.
Eat it in the Audi.
She spills everywhere.
It's great.
Let's not do this.
Fallbrook can be handled remotely by you and Hidoko.
You are being called back to LAPD.
What? Is this is this punishment because I asked if “Mosley” was Irish? I wasn't the one who made the request.
There's a mandatory active shooter course.
I thought you did that course last month.
Listen, it's like playing laser tag on a video screen, which I don't need, because I have more real-world experience than SWAT.
Apparently, this is mandatory if you want to keep your job, your benefits, and your pension.
We should go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
I do like that dental plan.
(indistinct radio transmission) They found the body down the hill.
Remains of the ride.
We got lucky.
There's no homes around here.
Why would somebody torch an empty field? Pyromaniac? Just for kicks? Yeah, with napalm? Well, could have been a test.
For something bigger.
Well, so much for the license plate.
Napalm burns at 1,200 degrees.
Liquefied the aluminum.
Steel doesn't melt until 1,500.
And you know this because? Because I do.
The bike broke apart.
Guess it's a good thing I didn't wear my Yeezys today.
What is that, a beer bottle? Glass melts at 1,250.
How 'bout marshmallows? (chuckles) Really.
It could be useful information.
If we want to make the-the perfect s'more.
- Okay.
Gas tank.
This survived pretty well.
Steel VIN.
Heat melted the rivets.
(camera snaps) Wonder Twin powers activate.
ERIC: Okay, we ran the VIN with the DMV.
So, the incinerated motorbike is registered to a Zack Fuller, age 20.
ERIC: We have an address.
All right, send Kensi and Hidoko.
Okay, they are wrapping up Fallbrook, and you'll be working with ATF.
All right, we're gonna stay here and poke around some more.
ERIC: Copy that.
Kick some ash.
He was a nice young man.
It's a shame.
I warned him about motorcycles.
When I gave up my license, I offered him my Volvo.
That's very kind of you.
Did he ever have any friends or relatives come by? I have rules for my renters.
No overnight guests.
He kept to himself.
In two years, he never even had a daytime guest.
Oh, we're waiting for a search warrant.
(clears throat) The boy is dead.
Do your job.
Oh, wow.
Certainly kept a tidy room.
If you find the next of kin, I'll refund his cleaning deposit.
It's the very least I can do.
Did he have a fish tank? No, he had an aquarium cleaning business.
He made house calls.
Do you mind if I take a look at the closet? Knock yourself out.
Thank you.
(gasps, clears throat) Sorry, could I trouble you for some water, please? Be right back, dear.
Thank you so much.
Empty containers of benzene, kerosene, phosphorous, nitric acid.
If these are the ingredients for napalm, there's over 50 gallons here.
It's enough to take down the Staples Center, the Federal Building, a terminal at LAX.
Well, question is, who has it now and what are they planning? Okay, so it looks like Zack Fuller's adoptive parents died two years ago in a car crash.
He has no known living relatives.
And aside from his motorcycle registration, there's not even a pinky toe of a digital footprint.
Everyone's got a digital footprint.
Au contraire.
No credit card, bank account, cell phone, or e-mail.
What about his income tax? NELL: Paid in cash at a 7-Eleven.
What? It takes a lot of effort to live unplugged like that.
Well, he had to have had a reason.
Well, we do know that, in 2015, he started Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes NTC.
Without completing basic training.
Way to bury the lede.
NELL: We call it saving the best for last.
Well, check his OMPF in Tennessee.
If a superior failed him, he could have been seeking revenge.
“Gavin & Sun.
Solar installation and service”" MARTHA: That's right.
Zack took care of it.
He wanted to save the planet.
I just wanted to save a few bucks.
A price tag from Caroline's Aquarium.
KENSI: We should pay them a visit.
MARTHA: You can't.
They went out of business.
Well, then we should find the owner.
You're talking to her.
Really? Who's Caroline? We named it for the Caroline Islands, where my husband fought.
Really? Was he Army or Navy? First Marine division at Peleliu.
Wow, that was a two-month battle.
Took him ten years to get over it.
We opened up the shop in 1955.
Mm, you had a long run.
Hell, I'd still be in business if it weren't for Amazon and Petco.
Zack bought all this from you? He was a regular.
I'd give him referrals from folks who were too damn lazy to clean their own tank.
How did his clients get in contact with him? He didn't have a cell phone.
You can leave a message with me or meet him for coffee.
8:00 a.
every morning.
Borgese's Cafe.
MOSLEY: Kensi.
I'm so sorry.
A call from the office.
Excuse us.
Kensi, Hazmat ETA is five minutes.
All right, we got a couple leads.
The solar contractor and the coffee shop.
How Hidoko filled me in.
Where are Callen and Sam? They're looking into Zack's connection to the Navy.
He lasted two months at basic training.
I just got his reviews.
Only two months? Okay, that must mean poor performance or misconduct.
No, actually, he's got glowing reviews and an honorable discharge.
KENSI: So, why did he leave? He enlisted to work in the Navy's Marine Mammal Program with mine-hunting dolphins.
That fits.
MOSLEY: Which was eliminated and replaced by an underwater drone program.
ERIC: Poor little dolphins.
They can't catch a break, right? I mean first it's tuna nets, then they're being terminated by a gang of evil fish-bots.
Kensi, once Hazmat arrives, you two can go check out the solar company.
Will do.
Sam and Callen are headed to the coffee shop.
Oh, uh, hey, can I get a grande iced sugar-free vanilla latte with almond milk? Why are you still here? Right.
SAM: Like to ask you a few questions.
He look familiar? Why do you need to know? Because he's dead.
From excessive police force? I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
Do you know him? I'm not comfortable answering without a lawyer present.
You're not being arrested.
You're not even accused of anything.
Well, not yet, but in a minute, it's about to be obstruction of justice.
It's five years in prison.
Really? Coercion? So predictable.
Yeah, he looks familiar.
Did he talk to you? No, he mostly kept to himself.
“Mostly”? Sometimes he'd sit with that girl, Amanda.
The one with the purple laptop.
SAM: Thank you, Isaac.
Amanda? Special Agent Callen.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
No school today, huh? Oh, no, we can leave campus for study period.
Uh, the library's too rowdy with all the gamers.
What you working on? A philosophy paper.
You know who this is? Zack.
He died today.
On his motorcycle.
Oh, my God.
Was he a friend? No.
No, um, not at all.
He tried to talk to me a couple of times, but I shut him down.
You know, I'm here to do my homework.
What'd he talk about? Uh, mostly about how he hated technology.
You know, he wanted people to have conversations and connect, and, uh, definitely chose the wrong place for that.
SAM: Hmm.
He ever ask you out? No.
No, um, I barely knew him.
He seemed extremely shy.
Well, if you hear something else, give us a call.
CALLEN: Thanks for your time.
Quite possibly the world's worst liar.
If you want the truth, it's right up there on that wall.
Okay, last one for the east-facing array.
Got it.
(groans) Morning.
Oh, hey.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye.
Special Agent Harley Hidoko.
Navy? Sorry, we can't install solar on submarines.
(laughs) That's funny.
I'm Gavin.
My son, Carson.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Do you guys remember a client named Zack Fuller? Doesn't ring a bell.
HIDOKO: He rented a room from an elderly woman, Martha Adams? Huh.
I'm sorry.
KENSI: Does this help? Oh, yeah.
Dad, uh I don't think you went out on that one.
Did anyone visit Zack during the installation? There was no installation.
He couldn't afford it.
He did it himself.
I just dropped off the panels.
Did you notice anything unusual at the house? Hmm.
What? On his desk there was a book.
I think the title was in Arabic.
It might have been the Koran.
Thank you.
This is Zack and Amanda yesterday morning at 8:25 a.
How long did they talk? NELL: 18 minutes.
That definitely doesn't fit her story.
NELL: Mm-hmm.
CALLEN: Do we ever get a good look at her computer? Not really.
Go back 24 hours.
NELL: Coming right up.
SAM: Two days in a row.
Zoom in on that.
“Hot mirror”.
NELL: Hmm.
You heard of it? Yeah, it's an anonymous gossip site.
Looks like there's a chat group from Amanda's high school.
Bringing up the URL now.
Oh, man.
They're ganging up on Amanda.
It's vicious.
It's cyberbullying.
With all this abuse, she may want to retaliate.
If she asked Zack to torch the school, all her bullies would be in one place.
Along with a thousand other innocent kids and staff.
(doorbell rings) (knocking) WOMAN: (groans) I'm coming.
(knocking) I'm coming.
- Tracey Delgado? - Yeah.
Special Agent Callen, NCIS.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
Did we wake you up? Yeah.
Sorry, I just got off a 24.
Oh, sorry about that.
You're a firefighter? Uh, paramedic.
Is Amanda home? Should be soon.
She's okay? She's fine.
We, uh are looking into someone she may know from the coffee shop.
You mind if we wait? No, no, no.
Come on in.
So, did you get any sleep last night? Oh, not much.
And I've got an overtime day shift tomorrow.
That's how a single mom saves for college.
She's lucky to have you.
(sighs) Look, we were wondering what do you know about Amanda's social media accounts? Everything.
I-I friend and follow her.
I-I check her posts every night.
Are you familiar with Hot Mirror? No.
It's an anonymous app with a chat group from her high school.
Seems that Amanda's being bullied.
Afraid these are kind of rough.
“Amanda, you're a mistake that never should have been born.
” “Why don't you kill yourself and make the world a better place.
” “Yes, we should barbecue her and end world hunger.
” Oh, my God.
Does she talk to you about this stuff? I mean, she-she told me that kids were teasing her about her weight, but I told her to just ignore it and it would go away.
Why didn't she tell me? Well, she's a teenager.
She wanted to handle it on her own.
How's she doing in school? Well, she used to get straight As until last semester.
I thought it was 'cause classes were harder.
Or it's from the bullying.
Look, we're sensitive to her situation, but our concern is that Amanda might be thinking about some sort of revenge.
But you said the app was anonymous.
Who would she get back at? Maybe the whole school.
The whole school? How? MAN: Last one.
That book title the solar guy saw was Hindi, not Arabic.
- That's a discriminatory assumption.
- Hmm.
Wait, did Zack study eastern philosophy? Uh, no.
Just a photo atlas showing reef fish of the Indian Ocean.
MOSLEY: Okay, anything else hinting at a particular ideology? No, not ideology, just oceanography.
NELL: Okay, so he's a lone wolf with an unknown cause.
Got something from his recycling basket.
It's a receipt for ten cases of foam coffee cups.
They're made of polystyrene.
That's a key ingredient in napalm.
Yeah, you dissolve the cups in a solvent to create a sticky compound.
Can't be extinguished.
Okay, well, he wouldn't be able to transport ten boxes on his motorcycle; he needed help.
Okay, check the receipt for the time and date.
Not here.
It's torn off.
Well, find it.
That piece of paper might solve the case.
On it.
Hey, love.
(Sam sighs) What's going on? We have some more questions for you.
Take a seat, please.
Amanda, we saw video with you and Zack having some rather long conversations.
I can lose track of time.
It looked like you were talking about Hot Mirror.
I had no idea kids could be so mean.
I've been teased about how I look for so long that I don't let it get to me.
I don't pay attention.
Well, it still hurts.
SAM: I couldn't have dealt with that when I was in high school.
Did you talk to a teacher about it? If they knew that I'd ratted them out, it would get worse.
You have no idea.
Well, that can't be easy.
What's it like at school? What do you think? I know the minute that I walk through the door, I get sick to my stomach.
You know, every kid in class, every kid I pass in the hall, they all look at me (sniffles) and smirk like they've read every single post and they all think that I'm just this big fat pathetic loser.
Well, that's not true.
And you don't deserve any of this.
I love you.
We're gonna get through this, okay? (sniffles) We're gonna do everything we can to help.
Just have one question.
Did Zack talk to you about burning down the school? Are you crazy? He had a big supply of napalm.
It's used in military bombs.
What the hell?! So he never said anything to you? No.
No, never.
Do you think Zack liked you? I mean, I guess.
You know, no one else would ever talk to him at coffee.
Was Zack mad that you were getting bullied? Yeah.
Maybe he decided to burn down the school by himself.
Makes sense.
Wanted to defend her 'cause no one else would help.
Biodegradable bags of cans, paper and bottles.
Zack made her recycle and compost everything.
NELL: So, any luck, you two? No.
No sign of the receipt yet.
Uh, good news here.
We've accessed the security hard drive at the Sharp and Frugal parking lot.
NELL: Yes, but it could take several days to scan.
Unless you get us a date and time.
Why wasn't your receipt thrown out with the rest of it? Well, it was stuck to the side of the wastebasket.
So maybe it was wet? Right.
Check the bottles.
I'll check the cans.
I feel so bad for that girl.
High school can be pretty tough.
Cool kids made fun of me because I was in a program for the gifted.
I was a geek, a dweeb.
No prom date.
I was just really skinny and tall during high school, and so, I got called “Bag of Bones, Chicken Legs,” and, oh, my favorite-- “Olive Oil.
” She needs to hear that it gets better.
It's hard, but it does.
Got it.
January 2, 3:29 p.
(beeping, trilling) All right, nailed him.
Okay, we have Zack walking out with another young man.
He is of medium build, wearing a baseball cap and hoodie.
Can you run facial rec? It's doubtful.
He's turned away.
But we could look for a reflection.
All right, quickly.
This could be the guy with the napalm.
LAPD will go after the bullies.
What they did is a misdemeanor.
You'll be protected from retaliation.
That's great.
I'll let 'em know.
The school has been informed.
The chat group has been shut down.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're very welcome.
You keep getting As.
You're going places.
Take care of each other.
(sighs) My gosh.
(door closes) SAM: It's gonna take some time to heal.
Well, at least she's talking about it.
That's a pretty good first step.
I think we missed lunch.
There's still 50 gallons of napalm out there.
- I'll settle for a drive-through.
- Oh, now, that's music to my ears.
Napalm doesn't explode.
What the hell was that? (indistinct radio transmission) It was an underground natural gas leak.
There was a big pocket of methane under the patio.
What, did the neighbor have a leaky pipe? FIREMAN: Not necessarily.
The gas follows the path of least resistance.
Travels outside the pipes, dissipates up into the air.
With a concrete slab, it gets trapped, builds up until “boom”.
Did they find the source? They will.
Probably a corroded pipe, could be blocks away.
Is it still leaking? No.
We cut off the gas to the whole neighborhood.
So much for my shower.
Plenty of hot water back at the station, Delgado.
Well, maybe after my nap.
This time with earplugs.
Any more questions, I'll be next door.
Thanks, Captain.
CALLEN: Thank you.
- I'll be in in a second, Mom.
- Okay.
(indistinct radio transmission) Um are you guys sure it's safe? Well, they cut off the gas, yeah.
Did you want to tell us something? CALLEN: One, two, three.
(groans) Okay.
What are we looking at? Fresh dirt in a hole? Last weekend, Zack drilled down 30 feet with a water well-digger.
You guys living off the grid? He said it was how to shut down my high school without hurting anyone.
How does that work? Uh, there's a plugged oil well from the 1920s under my back yard.
And then it connects to a natural gas field 1,500 feet below.
The old oil field got pumped dry.
They inject and withdraw natural gas from the caverns.
There's about a billion cubic feet down there.
He wanted to tap into that? Just a little bit.
Just to shut down the high school.
He said he could make a slow leak to feed into school.
Instead he ended up blowing up your neighbor's patio.
Uh, he said he missed the well.
He hit something.
You helped him do this? No.
No, it was all his idea.
He said there wouldn't be an explosion, just, you know, nausea and headaches like Aliso Canyon? I just wanted to stop the bullying.
So earlier, you lied to us? No.
You asked me if I wanted to burn down the school.
I don't.
I I just need a break.
You know, they'd have to shut down the school for, like, a month.
Look, Zack said he was going to try a different location, a different well? Maybe Zack was planning something bigger.
AMANDA: What do you mean? It's possible that Zack was planning on pouring napalm down the hole.
Why? To turn your neighborhood into a four-mile blast crater.
He wouldn't do that.
Who helped him move the drill? I don't know.
I wasn't here.
I was at school.
My mom was working.
I can't get anything on this guy.
No reflections, never faces camera.
Somebody's drilling down into the Bayside natural gas field.
What? That's ridiculous.
You'd need a 1,500-foot commercial drill.
You don't.
The oil wells in the 1920s were less than 30 feet down.
Right, but can you even drill through them? Absolutely.
They're capped with cement and telephone poles.
Come on, guys.
Tell me something good.
(clears throat) Well, our mystery man could be barista Isaac from the coffee shop.
His height and build-- pretty good match.
NELL: Ooh.
Light bulb.
Fresh idea? Uh, no.
Just security cam footage from the light bulb shop next door.
Check it out.
We're on their backs.
MOSLEY: Yeah, but look where they're headed.
That's the Gavin & Sun solar truck.
Zack was working with Carson, the owner's son.
Kensi and Hidoko spoke with him.
All right, I'm gonna send Hidoko and Kensi back to the work site.
Hold up.
Is that a well-driller in the bed? ERIC: Or are you just happy to see me? Don't make me send you to HR.
(stammers) Inappropriate.
Zack hit a processed gas line.
It smelled like mercaptan.
If he'd hit the well, it would have been odorless.
But he told Amanda he was going to another location.
We've I.
'd Zack's accomplice.
Carson Teed from the solar company.
He could be drilling right now.
We've got Kaleidoscope, Kensi and Hidoko on it.
SAM: That's not enough.
Fire department is doing a methane sweep with detectors.
That's 400 blocks.
It'll take forever.
They're drilling in an old oil well site.
We need a map.
MOSLEY: We're working on that.
I need you to get to the Gavin & Sun office right now.
(sighs) Truck is gone.
Homeowner said they quit the job.
They gave them the name of another company to finish.
Dad said there was a family emergency.
Carson's sister got into a car accident and needs surgery.
Can you verify that for us? Hey, guys, does Carson have a sister? (computer beeps, trills) That would be a negative.
(sighs) In the words of a great woman, “I sense impending mayhem”.
Out of business.
(sighs) Why would someone want to destroy thousands of homes and lives? I haven't quite figured that one out yet.
I haven't seen one of those since high school.
SAM: It's a model rocket engine.
With a bunch of burnt fuses.
You shoot a model rocket down a gas well, you'll ignite the entire depth in a few seconds.
Even faster with napalm.
Anything new on Carson? He's the poster child for Earth Day.
Recycling, solar power, reduced ocean pollution.
All good causes, but we've learned that father Gavin was arrested in 1985 for tree spiking in Oregon.
ERIC: He's, uh, more of a radical, on the fringe.
NELL: Right.
MOSLEY: Zack partnered with them.
Have Hidoko and Kensi talk to Amanda and see if she knows these guys.
NELL: Yep.
We traced Carson and Gavin's digital footprints.
Both hit the same dead end at a portal to a dark web site.
Real environmentalists don't need the dark web.
Can you enter the site? Well, it's practically impossible.
Unless you purloin a copy of the TOR key generator.
You launch a side channel attack using stochastic cryptanalysis.
And reconstruct the secret key.
Then you might have a shot.
MOSLEY: Very nice.
They're definitely not winning any Webby Awards.
All right, topics.
“Evils of Fossil Fuel, “Overpopulation Equals Death, Paris Accord-- Go to Hell, USA”.
“The idiots in Washington can't accept the science “that global warming is destroying us.
Here's the congressional hit list.
” Hit list? That's figurative, right? Like, “Don't reelect these guys”? Hmm.
I hope so.
“911 Alert For Today.
” Click that link.
(beeps) “Since America's turning a deaf ear to the crisis, we're taking a bold step to send a message.
” Whoa.
“If you live in L.
and value your life, stay away from Bayside until after sunset.
” 48,000 people live in Bayside.
And sunset is at 5:01 p.
That gives us about an hour before L.
goes up in flames.
Let's move this to the Roach Coach.
We're going in.
To Bayside? All of us? All of us.
(sighs) ERIC: I've got every traffic cam in Bayside.
No hits yet on the solar guys.
Maybe they ditched the truck.
You know what I can't stop thinking about? - Hmm? Carson, the son, he wasn't born wanting to hurt other people.
He learned it from his dad.
Yep, unfortunately, that's how it works.
Okay, 50 blocks covered so far.
(sighs) 350 to go.
You know, if you want me to take over, just-just let me know.
No, I'm fine.
Think I got the drone covered.
Are you sure? 'Cause, you know, how about you just let me know whenever you want me to take over, okay? Well, maybe when you, uh, can fly one of these things in the bullpen without crashing, we'll talk about it.
I think we need to stay focused.
(clears throat) KENSI: We got a problem.
I'm all ears.
We think Amanda's missing.
Her mom woke up and she was gone.
All right, stand by.
I'll call Callen and Sam.
Isaac says Amanda hasn't been back.
Maybe she did know Gavin and Carson.
She could be helping them.
She lied to us before.
Did you find the map of the old wells? - Not yet.
- Don't hold your breath.
There's no diagram of their exact location.
Well, it was the 1920s.
NELL: Right, it's not like they could scan and digitize them.
The map's probably rotting away somewhere in a giant warehouse right next to the Ark of the Covenant.
(phone chimes) Eric, incoming.
ERIC: Are you kidding me? NELL: Oh, looks like the map of your dreams.
ERIC: Oh, where'd you get this? My college friend works at the L.
It was on microfiche.
That's like finding it on a cave painting.
NELL: Okay, so, according to this, I believe I'm flying over an old oil well site now near the last solar job.
MOSLEY: All right, zoom in.
NELL: Okay.
Got it.
That's their truck.
With a tank in the back.
MOSLEY: Now switch to thermal imaging.
Thermal imaging? What else does this drone do? NELL: Oh, you know, 3D mapping to one centimeter, facial rec from 1,500 feet.
(sighs) I think I'm in love.
All right, I've got an empty house, but three warm bodies in a detached garage.
Send in the cavalry.
(indistinct chatter) MAN: All right, ease it back.
Sam and I will breach, you two cover.
Copy that.
Drone saw a skylight on the right.
Maybe there's a window.
HIDOKO: We've got a ladder.
Federal agents! Hands on your head.
(switch beeps) That would not be a good idea.
Drop everything now.
If you want to be burnt alive.
Dead man's switch.
Ah, correct.
I can tell this isn't your first barbecue.
Oh, you're very funny.
(chuckles) Some just can't appreciate gallows humor.
Don't move.
Carson, what happens if they shoot? Joystick pops back, lights the fuse; the rocket engine ignites the napalm; burns through the well cap down to the gas field.
Creating four miles of devastation.
You've done your homework.
We have.
KENSI: Guys, stall for a minute.
Why are you doing this? To save the planet.
Sounds to me like you're destroying it.
If we wipe out L.
's natural gas supply, they'll have to convert to solar and wind.
Thousands of people will die.
It's less demand for natural resources.
It's called thinning the herd.
You can't get away with this.
We knew that was a possibility.
That's why we're staying here.
We'll die as martyrs.
Inspiring others to take action.
What's she doing here? GAVIN: Zack told her about our plans.
She obviously tipped you guys off.
Zack never told her anything.
She didn't even know about the napalm.
Look, let's let her go.
Okay? She'll stay here and die with us.
(sobbing) Let's go.
Check to see if the guide wire's tightened.
KENSI: Take them out on my count.
W-Why the dead man's switch? Ah.
My insurance policy.
In case you were smart enough to find us.
KENSI: We know about the dead man's switch.
If you're on board, say “okay.
” Okay.
Okay, what? KENSI: Three two (creaking above) CARSON: I'm lighting it! KENSI: one.
Shut it off.
Shut it off! You boys okay? We're good.
You doused the rocket and capped the hole.
The napalm can't ignite.
(both laugh) Amanda, are you all right? (muffled whimpering) Take that out.
(hyperventilating) (Callen grunts) I thought I was gonna die.
Not on our watch.
Slow down.
Slow down and breathe.
All my fault.
You were an innocent bystander.
They're the bad guys.
It's their fault.
(sniffles) I can't stop shaking.
You got through this, you can get through anything.
It only gets better.
(sobbing): Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, you boys clean up nice.
I had to say good-bye to my very favorite pair of boots.
These are keepers.
Cement shoes.
Mess with your boat, sleep with the fishes.
Where's Hidoko? KENSI: Oh, well, Hidoko went to a spinning class because she is literally the Energizer Bunny.
Wow, must have been an easy day if you guys are already chillin'.
Did you crack that case? (chuckles) We did.
How'd you find the napalm? It's actually a long story, so why don't you just tell us how your active shooter training went? Amazing, you know, rigorous, brutal.
Yeah, those laser tag things can be tough.
Oh, no, I was wrong.
Wasn't a video game at all.
Went to this, um, uh, abandoned shopping mall.
It was pitch-black; we breached in a stack and then we got lit up by all the bad guys, ambushed with the semi-automatic Sims.
Check it.
SAM: Wow, ow.
Oh, my gosh.
Airsoft pellet contusions.
It stings even more when I flex.
- I can't even imagine.
- Hmm.
KENSI: (clears throat) Ibuprofen? I love you.
So, you solved your case, but did you solve the mystery of the man pushing his car up to the hotel? You know what, we were talking about that all day.
Did you really? Mm-hmm.
You have any more questions? Yeah, um, was the guy driving a race car about, oh, that big? Yes, he was.
And was the hotel red, and made of plastic? Yes, it was.
He was playing Monopoly.
He pushed the car to the hotel on Boardwalk and went bankrupt.
I am not gonna lie, I'm very impressed right now.
And this is what I was talking about, it's a team coming together, using their powers of deduction.
Nice work.
How long did it take ya? I don't know, .
087 seconds, I think.
We googled it.
You googled it? You cheated? You took the shortcut.
You know what, this is what's wrong with your whole generation.
Every great investigation starts with the Internet.
It's okay.
How 'bout this? How 'bout I just give you another one.
How about we take you out for a drink so you can nurse those wounds.
Beer, shuffleboard at Boomtown? Actually, that sounds much more fun.
What do you think about inviting Mosley? Mm, she looks busy to me.
Well, she did good today.
The drone, microfiche.
Maybe next time.
You coming? I'll meet you there.
All right, we're taking the Audi.
Shotgun! I'm picking the music.
I'm picking the earplugs.
Kam No, I'm just calling to say hello.
And (sighs) You know you can call me to talk anytime, right? You know that, right? Yeah, even when I'm shooting at the bad guys.
(chuckles) No, it's not a problem, we could still talk.
I would put you on speakerphone.