NCIS Los Angeles s09e13 Episode Script

Cac Tu Nhan

1 How much do you want? DANG: For him? Nothing.
You, on the other hand, your future now in the hand of the highest bidder.
(shouts) CHEGWIDDEN: I take it you don't know where she is either.
She's selling all her properties.
Raising capital.
For what? Damned if I know, but clearly it's expensive.
- Does anyone know you're here? - No.
But they'll figure it out.
How can you be sure? I trained them.
And I left them the tools to do this.
It's only a matter of time.
HETTY (distorted): This reminds me of the night I saw Salvador Dalí kill a werewolf.
(exhales) (glasses clink) (grunting) Smooth.
I know it seems like the others get all the glory.
But they would not be able to do half of what they do without your abilities.
Thank you, Hetty.
(drawer opens) What's this? It's a gift of my appreciation for what you do.
(chuckles softly) I don't know what to say.
(chuckles) You don't need to.
You don't need to.
ERIC: Uh, Hetty? (chuckles) For the love of Gamera.
NCIS: LA 9x13 Cac Tu Nhan What the hell's going on? I'm sorry I woke you up.
I just I had this crazy dream last night that reminded me that Hetty gave me this book.
And I don't know, I just felt like maybe, it was a sign, you know? Like a clue as to where she went, but I've been through every page.
Let's just slow down, Eric.
When did she give you this book? I don't know.
After Michelle died.
What? Eric, that was months ago.
You never told me.
I know, but it just seemed like a nice gesture at the time, plus, it was a while before she actually disappeared.
Okay, fine, I get it.
(signs) Um, let's think.
I don't know, maybe the book is the clue.
Well, it takes place in the Civil War, so unless she went back in time Well, I wouldn't put anything past Hetty, so Where does it take place? Well, it doesn't say.
It's fiction, but most historians agree that it's pretty close to the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia.
I mean, we know she sailed to Hawaii, and then, who knows? All right, well, maybe the clue is within the title, or, like, one of the characters? Or maybe it's just an overactive imagination, and too much Chunky Monkey before bed.
I don't know.
I mean, she never gave me a book.
The only thing she gave me was this survival key chain.
I even went through it with a blacklight, to see if she circled anything in invisible ink.
What is that? It's got this little red flashlight.
Damn it.
It's dead.
Where are you going? Batteries.
Come on, bring that book.
Why? Wait, so what are you thinking? Hetty wrote something in this book that you can only see with your light? Exactly.
Give me a second.
All right, yes.
We're in business.
All right.
All right, hold this.
I'm gonna flipbook it.
Come on, come on Hmm.
Nell, I think this was a good idea, but we're both victims of wishful thinking here.
Did you see that? Holy glowing gonads.
I'm-I'm tired.
” Keep flipping.
” ERIC: “Failed action.
” Yeah.
What failed action? S-Should we tell someone what we've found? I mean, what exactly have we found? Yeah.
We're gonna need more coffee.
Let's go.
(sighs) This couldn't have waited till morning? “Failed Action Skin.
” What does it mean? ERIC: I don't know.
Hetty circled them in an ink that only fluoresces under certain light.
She gave me the book, and Nell, the light to read it with.
And you just realized this now? Well, to be fair, I didn't know Eric had this book.
I had no idea it had anything to do with her disappearance until I had this dream last night, where I was chasing this honey badger, and I was in my avocado disguise, and then I saw myself in the office with Hetty, and we were drinking scotch.
I don't want to hear if this gets weird with you and Hetty in any way.
What? No! What are you talk? Although, once I had a dream that Hetty and I were in a hot tub with Charles Nelson Reilly and Grimace, and that did get disturbing.
I still hate bubbles.
Is this code for something? Maybe, but we still don't know what.
We've searched the Internet, our files, you name it.
We've tried it as a password in our system, but nothing.
So it's a Hail Mary.
It was definitely hard to find.
In fact, you wouldn't have found it less you were looking for it.
Which suggests it's a failsafe in case things went wrong.
She also designed it so that it took two of you to crack it, which would only happen if we were all worried about her.
At least she left us some breadcrumbs.
Breadcrumbs may have been more useful.
Not to be a Debbie Downer, but we still have no idea what any of this means.
Did she give you anything? I mean, maybe we need another piece to solve the puzzle.
Well, I guess she figured we're the only two smart enough to figure it out.
NELL: Dude.
ERIC: I'm kidding.
(heavy door opens) (groans softly) Ms.
Lange, I'm so glad we could find you.
(door creaks closed) I'm Spencer Allen.
I'm with the U.
State Department.
We've made arrangements to have you taken to a hospital.
Is there someone we can call on your behalf? I'm sure your family has been terribly worried about you.
My brother called me Milly.
I didn't like that.
I-I wasn't aware you had a brother.
Uh where does he live? Uh, once I got my hair caught in the fence, and he cut it off! Now I can't wear braids.
Lange do you know where you are? I I just have to be patient.
My mother kept the ribbons for me until it grows back.
What did you do to her? DANG: Nothing.
She's not even lucid.
She's faking! Where are you going? I'm calling my embassy.
(scoffs) You think you're funny?! Huh?! You think you're funny? (laughs): Oh, God.
You don't even have the guts.
Come on.
Come on.
What you waiting for? Pull the trigger bitch.
(keys jingling) Ms.
Lange, the authorities have no record of you entering the country.
How did you get here? Henrietta? (exhaling) One time, my father took me on a riverboat after church.
That's very interesting.
DANG (over recorder): You think you're funny? HETTY (laughs): Oh, God.
You don't even have the guts.
Come on.
Come on.
What you waiting for? Pull the trigger bitch.
I respect that you would rather die than betray your country.
I truly do, but I'm paying good money for you, so, you will give up your secrets.
One way or another.
DEEKS: You got to be honest, this would be a whole lot easier if Hetty just gave us all secret decoder rings.
I mean, what are we even looking for? Looking for clues.
'Cause she couldn't just left a Post-it note on her refrigerator like everybody else? Well, she did grow up in the Cold War.
She probably started the Cold War.
Well admittedly, her methods can be a little Extreme? Antiquated? Ridiculous? I was gonna say “old school.
” Yeah, definitely old school.
Like the roaring '20s.
Man What's that? Oh.
You know, most days I still find myself going to call Granger.
I don't want to go through that again.
Well, the good news is you're not gonna have to because Hetty, Hetty's coming back.
You don't know that, Deeks.
I do.
I positively do.
I know that for sure.
You want to know how I know that? How? 'Cause there's no way that she could live her life without this.
- (laughing): What the hell is that? - I'm not sure.
But I'm pretty sure if we boiled it down in hydrochloric acid, we'd find, like, a note inside.
Okay, now you're just mocking.
(high-pitched): Kensi, do you want to snuggle? KENSI: You're ridiculous.
DEEKS: Do you want to spoon? (Mosley clears throat) What the hell are you doing? Like, right this moment or in my life? KENSI: Okay, Eric and Nell found a hidden message in a book that Hetty gave Eric.
We think it might contain a clue as to where she is.
What'd it say? We're still trying to decipher that.
Where are the others? Callen and Sam are also looking for clues.
So this takes precedence over all our other cases? No, of course not.
What she said with the, with the no.
Of course not.
Okay, tell Callen and Sam to please report to my office.
Will do.
Where's Agent Callen? Uh, he's with Sam in the armory going through some of Hetty's things.
So Hetty left you guys a coded message? Yeah, we think so.
Uh, the three words that we're all looking at on the screen.
Is this the right order? Well, it's the order we found them in, though, the chronological order in the book was: skin, failed, action.
I mean, the “failed action” I get, but I don't understand what the “skin” is referring to.
NELL: Yeah.
It's what3words.
Um It's the three words that we're looking at on the screen.
What3words is a geocoding system that maps the world into three meter squares which are each given a unique three word identification.
“Skin failed action” is nine square meters somewhere on the planet.
So that would be It's Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
ERIC: Wow.
Great job.
Thanks for that.
Find anything? I think this is a waste of time.
Yeah, everybody loves a scavenger hunt.
Ah, you're right.
But you got to admit, she left something in that book.
Yeah, okay, maybe, but why make it so damn hard to find? My thinking is that she didn't want us to figure it out until we were looking for it.
That way, we wouldn't find her until she was in trouble.
You think she's in trouble? ERIC: We broke it.
It's not a code.
Oh, Hidoko broke it.
It's a place.
Hidoko? Yeah.
What place? Vietnam.
You find her? Not yet.
We think she may be someplace in Ho Chi Minh City, thanks to Hidoko.
Nice work.
SAM: Is there something specific at that location? Uh, sat footage and street views are coming up.
DEEKS: That's a long way to go for a cocktail.
Can we get eyes inside that bar? - That's a lot to ask, don't you think? NELL: Well, I mean, if it's a popular spot, we should be able to pull up some social media postings, right? SAM: This is the area of responsibility (mouths) for NCIS Singapore.
Contact their office, see if they heard anything.
Looks like we're headed to Westminster.
What's in Westminster? Largest Vietnamese population outside of their own country.
A lot of families and individuals settled there after the conflict.
Probably our best source of Intel stateside.
I thought they were going to the dog show.
That's a different Westminster.
HETTY: Intery, mintery, cutery corn.
Apple seed and apple thorn.
Wire, brier, limber lock.
Three wild geese fly in flock.
- One flew east - Sounds like she's casting a spell.
And one flew over the cuckoo's nest.
It's an old children's nursery rhyme.
Intery, mintery, cutery corn.
What does it mean? HETTY: Apple seed and apple thorn.
- Nothing.
It's nonsense.
That's the point.
Wire, brier, limber lock.
She's using a self-induced palilalia to keep her mind focused.
One flew east (scoffs) Or maybe she really is a witch.
(laughs) (Dang continues laughing) Intery, mintery, cutery corn.
Apple seed and apple thorn You can stop now.
Wire, brier, limber lock.
Three wild geese fly in flock.
- One flew east and one flew west - You're wasting time.
There's no such thing as a truth serum.
(laughs) (groans) Intery, mintery, cutery corn.
Apple seed and apple thorn.
Wire, brier, limber lock.
Three wild geese fly in a flock.
One flew east and one flew west (grunts) (groans) And one flew over the cuckoo's nest.
(knocking on door) MOSLEY: Enter.
Where the hell is Callen? He and Hanna are on their way to Westminster.
Why? I believe to question some sources.
Did you tell him that I wanted to see him? Yes, ma'am.
And where are the others? Not sure.
(scoffs) So I have a mutiny on my hands.
I don't think you should look at it like that.
Well, how should I look at it? Like teammates looking out for one of their own.
I'm sure they'd do the same if it were you or me.
I seriously doubt that, Hidoko.
All I know is, if I'm ever in trouble, I want them on my side.
Can you please go find out where the others are? Yes, ma'am.
(phone ringing) Mosley.
You gonna answer that? Not now.
Well, good luck with that.
We're in this together, Hoss.
She didn't call me.
(phone rings) You were saying? We're both gonna be looking for jobs.
Screw jobs.
Let's move your boat down to Mexico so you can open a dive shop.
What are you gonna do? Who do you think's gonna tend bar? Think we can bring Otis down there? MAN: Yeah, I'm back and forth once a month.
It's crazy.
China's out of control, too.
If you boys were smart, you'd be learning Mandarin.
(speaking Mandarin) And your mother.
(scoffs) We're looking for someone we believe was in Ho Chi Minh City.
Why are you asking me? You should be talking to Công an Nhân dân.
We will.
But the police may not be able to help.
The person we're looking for is probably keeping a low profile.
In fact, we think she may have snuck into the country.
She? You lose a girlfriend? A former colleague.
Name is Henrietta Lange, but she may be using an alias.
I guarantee you she's using an alias.
Never seen her before.
Sorry, boys, can't help you.
You can.
How? By cutting the crap.
We know you're a smuggler, Billy.
I'm an import-export specialist.
Yeah? I'm a jockey.
Homeland Security has two ongoing investigations into your business practices.
Innocent until proven guilty.
Most of those are drummed up charges by my competitors.
You're a pirate.
With probable cause, we can go through all this stuff to prove it.
But that's not our concern right now.
Right now, we're just trying to find the location of one little lady.
You know a drug dealer who operates over there, Tilo Iona? No.
Of course you don't.
Guys, seriously.
Oh, we are serious.
Hold on, let me check, okay? Yeah.
That's his serious face.
Hold on.
Give him, um, give him “deadly serious.
” Do you see that? There it is.
Admittedly, it's subtle.
You have to know what you're looking for, but it-it's definitely there.
Look, trust me.
You don't want to see his “sorry I hurt that guy real bad” face.
I'll try and make some phone calls.
You'll try to make some phone calls? They're 14 hours ahead over there.
It's the middle of the night.
Crime never sleeps, Billy.
You of all people should know that.
You got one hour.
Then we're coming back here with a search team.
- We're gonna rip this place apart.
- Okay, okay.
I'll see what I can do.
Oh, look.
You made him smile.
NELL: Hey, you find anything? (sighs) Yeah.
I've discovered there are a lot of people out there who appear to be having way more fun than I am.
What? What are you complaining about? You're the king of cosplay.
The baron of Burning Man.
The friar of furrydom.
Holy smackers, cheese and crackers.
Who's that? I don't know, but I can run them through facial rec.
No, no.
What the what? No way.
MOSLEY: Why the hell am I here? You're the executive assistant director Pacific.
Then how come I have no damn idea where the rest of this unit is? Nobody has even had the decency of giving me a sitrep.
I thought Hidoko was keeping you informed.
She is keeping me informed, but that is not the point.
It is becoming painfully obvious that Agent Callen resents my presence here, and it seems like it's rubbing off on the rest of you.
You don't get to do whatever the hell you want when you want to do it.
Callen, you need to get back here as soon as possible.
Mosley's on a warpath.
She just took a strip out of Kensi, and I'm pretty sure she's sending me back to the dog pound.
That is not a figure of speech.
It's, like, a room in the basement with a bunch of dogs, and I don't-- just come back.
MOSLEY: This insubordination ends today.
And if it does not, I will make sure that you are reassigned to a different continent.
Different continent? That doesn't sound very good.
Yeah, unless you like travel.
Hey, I think you're gonna want to see what Eric and I just found up in Ops.
Is it a new job for me? Mm.
I'd take that back stairwell if I were you.
We have a back stairwell? You didn't know about that? Nobody tells me anything.
(chuckles) Okay, Beale, what do we got? Recognize anyone? DEEKS: Son of a bitch.
Does Mosley know? Yeah, Nell's supposed to be telling her.
This photo was posted six minutes ago.
They're still there.
All right.
Call 'em.
(laughing) (phone rings) Xin chào.
Um, hi.
Do you speak English? Oh Yes.
Who is this? Hi.
My name is Eric Beale.
And I'm calling from California.
In the United States of America.
And I just saw - Condescending.
the photo that you posted.
How did you get my number? Oh, well (chuckles) I-I work for a for a federal law enforcement agency.
- No.
Um, and I (phone beeps) Um, I That was rude.
Yeah, maybe we should try something a little more personable, a little less creepy.
All right.
Beam me up, Scotty.
- Put my put my goods on the screen.
- Uh Which means you got to get over Just-just this.
Just this.
Ready? (line ringing) (phone rings) DEEKS: Hi! Hi, ladies.
How are you? Listen, uh, my name is Max, and you guys are at my favorite bar in Ho Chi Minh City.
And, crazy enough, uh, my buddy is there, and he's the tall bald guy in the back of the booth.
He looks like a really a giant thumb.
Yeah, that's him, right in the back there.
Listen, it's his birthday, so, if at all possible, if you could walk over there and just show him the screen, I'll wish him happy birthday and then I'll buy all your drinks.
How's that sound? Deal? Okay.
Thank you so much.
Uh, I like to call it charm, actually.
Teach me? (chuckles) Thanks.
Can I help you? What's going on, gentlemen? Son of a bitch.
No, no.
Don't run away.
Wait, wait, wait.
We got a couple, uh Hi.
Thank you.
Ladies, thank you so much.
And, as promised, I am gonna get your drinks.
This is my friend Randy Wait.
What Here.
Randy's gonna read you off his credit card.
What? Go ahead, Randy.
(sighs) (footsteps approaching) Keane? Keane, if you can hear me, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Me, too.
I'm s-sorry he didn't shoot me in the head.
How bad is it? Somewhere between “don't worry about it” (groaning, panting) and “hello, Jesus.
” (groaning) (panting) Even if I cooperate, this is not gonna end well for either of us.
Do you know the guy who shot me? No.
But I I plan on killing him, too.
(chuckles) I like your style.
(chuckles) (panting) But I don't think this one's swinging our way.
(panting) I know.
(keys jingle) DANG: I'm glad to see you're still alive.
Can't say the same.
I have a surprise for you.
(chuckles) (laughing) (door slides closed) (clears throat) (speaks Vietnamese) (snarling) DANG: He's beautiful, no? (growls) We trapped him a few days ago, so he's very hungry.
(growling) He go to Russia.
Some oligarch want to hunt him.
And I promise him a man-eater.
(laughing) (growling) (Dang laughing) (snarling) HETTY: Dang, you win! Stop this! Now! DANG: But he's hungry! (laughs) I'm dying anyway.
Not this way! (growling) It-It'll be faster.
Dang, I'm gonna do what you want me to.
Stop this, please.
St Now.
(chuckles) Please.
Just get him out! You no fun anymore.
(speaks Vietnamese) (snarling) (panting) But don't feed him! (laughs) (door opens) I told you, my way is better.
(panting) (knocks) Enter.
You wanted to speak with us? Are you trying to be funny? - We have reason to believe that - I know what you believe, Agent Hanna.
Unfortunately, no one had the decency to inform me, so I had to figure it out on my own.
Well, we didn't want to bother you with hearsay until we Agent Callen, you can disagree with me, you can dislike me, you can even curse me, but please do not insult my intelligence.
We think Hetty's in trouble, and we think we know where she may be.
Vietnam? Yes.
Do you have any confirmation? No.
But I know that Admiral Chegwidden was looking for her as well.
We have confirmation that he was in Ho Chi Minh City with Charles Langston.
Admiral Bridges is probably with them as well.
Hetty's in trouble.
They're trying to find her.
Maybe it was just a reunion.
(phone rings) Yes.
HIDOKO: That's SECNAV for you.
Saved by the bell, gentlemen.
Make yourselves scarce.
You guys get spanked? (chuckles) She was definitely warming her arm up, but, uh, SECNAV called.
You find anything else? Yeah, we tried reaching out to Chegwidden, Bridges, and Langston, but no joy.
knew we were looking for Hetty.
These four like to do things on their own.
Oh, my God, you guys, they're like our future selves.
Look at that.
(scoffs) Ooh, baby, you should probably consider doing some calcium supplements.
You should probably consider some hair plugs.
Ooh! Ooh! You two sound like you're married already.
It's love.
It's love.
Did someone alert SECNAV about what was happening? MOSLEY: I did.
DEEKS: Ooh, on the count of three, everyone should run in different directions.
One, two-- ooh, too late.
Unfortunately, I didn't have as much Intel as I would have liked, since none of you deemed me worthy of staying informed.
We were Save it, Agent Callen.
We know you're angry.
I'm not angry, Agent Hanna-- I'm just disappointed.
The Vietnamese government has no record of Hetty or any of her numerous aliases entering the country.
Well, actually, we think that she snuck into the country.
Why? Why do we think that or why would she sneak into the country? KENSI: We have reason to believe that Hetty came into contact with a drug runner in the region who may have smuggled her into the country.
Again, why? Whatever Hetty's doing, it's off the books.
Okay, guys, one more time with feeling.
Why? We don't know.
We all have vacation coming our way, and I know that each of us would be happy to Save it, Agent Callen.
Okay? I'm sorry that you don't want to hear this and I'm sorry you disapprove, but Hetty's in trouble and we intend to help her.
- g So you can suspend us.
You can fire us if you want SAM: G.
We're booked on the next Air China flight to Vietnam.
Once again, thank you for your vote of confidence.
But before you go, I suggest you figure out why she's there.
Otherwise, I doubt you'll ever find her.
You might want to start with, um, who took that photo.
DEEKS: So what are the chances of us taking guns into the country? Not a chance.
Well, what if we need weapons? We improvise.
- Yes, and I still would prefer a gun.
- All right, Billy's hour's up.
We still haven't heard from him.
He's probably using it to move every speck of contraband out of his place.
So, I hate to be the voice of reason, again Since when is that a thing? Well, I am the only girl in the group, so - That makes you the voice of reason? - Obviously.
And as such, I have to agree with Mosley.
All we have is the bar that Chegwidden and the others showed up at.
It's a start.
We've worked with a hell of a lot less.
But let's look at what we have.
Hetty cashed out.
Why? She's working off book.
She's dealing in cash.
Everything from fuel for her boat to paying Tilo Iona to smuggle her into Vietnam.
Fake papers, bribes Agreed.
But all of those things combined don't come close to the amount of money she cashed out.
DEEKS: Weapons.
She can get ahold of those any time she wants.
You could finance a small coup with that amount of cash.
Okay, so what else would she need millions of dollars for? Ransom.
Same reason she and the others accumulated that gold, only this time she doesn't have access, forcing her to cash in.
Okay, so who's being ransomed? DEEKS: Well, it's like Mosley suggested.
Somebody had to take that picture of Hetty and the others.
Could have just been a passerby.
Or another person in her unit.
Hetty never mentioned anyone else.
CALLEN: She never mentioned any of them until they bumbled into one of our cases last year.
Yeah, well, our flight leaves in three hours and 16 minutes.
Then we got to run this down fast.
Good luck, gentlemen.
ALLEN: Batya Corsia, Alexis Tavori, Trudy Chambers, Elizabeth Cohen, Henrietta Lange.
Are any of these actually your real name? Oh, right.
Let's start with something simple.
How long did you work for the CIA before joining the Naval Criminal Investigative Service? Keane needs medical attention.
(sighs) I hate this place.
I hate the weather, I hate the food, I hate the bugs.
Hell, I hate Dang.
I am only here because of you.
And you have already kept me here much longer than I would have liked.
So feeding Keane to that tiger is about the only thing that I have left to look forward to.
And the only thing that would keep me from doing that is you, here in this room, telling me what I want to know.
(laughs softly) Damn, you're good.
You think that if you stall long enough, Keane will bleed out and succumb to his wounds.
Painful, but not nearly as gruesome as being mauled to death.
No chance.
Dang?! I joined the CIA while I was still in college-- uh, December 12, 1963.
It was a cold, drizzly Thursday.
(sighs) We found somebody-- a former NIS agent in Vietnam.
He worked with Hetty and the others? Nell and Eric are still trying to confirm that.
Hetty and her crew were way off the books, but this guy was there around the same time.
Where is he? Hawthorne.
We're running out of time.
Yeah, but I'm driving.
Oh, lucky me.
(engine starts) Hey.
You know, I could open that for you if there's something you want to take.
- Nah.
It's okay.
Can't bring weapons into the country anyway.
That's right.
I forgot.
You know, Hetty once gave me a makeup brush with a spring-loaded blade in it.
(chuckles) Oh, gosh.
And also, for Christmas, she made me this scarf with imbedded Kevlar in the filaments so it could double as a garrote.
She's such a character.
- Like the coolest aunt you ever had.
- Yeah.
You know, I kind of wish I was going with you guys.
I almost wish I was staying here.
Hmm? I hate to say it, but there's a part of me that doesn't really want to find her.
I don't I don't understand.
No, it's just, if-if we don't find her, then there's a good chance that she's still alive out there somewhere, you know? Having Mai tais with Granger? I don't really think Granger's a Mai tai kind of guy.
Well, maybe if it was, you know, from the skull of his enemy.
That sort of thing.
(laughs) Hmm.
No bad mojo.
No way.
You're gonna find her.
I know it.
This is Hetty we're talking about.
She's got more lives than a cat.
Right? (tiger snarling) (growling) You know you're an endangered species.
(growling) But I guess that makes two of us.
(growling) This was a long time ago.
Everyone looks so young.
Do you know any of them? Oh.
Sure do.
I helped support their unit.
Uh Langston, Chegwidden, Bridges.
The woman's name was, uh, uh, Margaret.
I-I forget her last name.
Oh, and this guy, Granger-- they pulled him out of the bush, and he-he stayed on with them.
Do you know what their mission was? No.
They never really, uh, talked about it.
I I think they were pulling spooks out of the jungle.
Did you take this photo? Uh, no.
You have any idea who might have? (chuckles) Yeah.
It was probably the kid.
There was this, uh this young guy with them.
Nice boy from, uh, I think it was, uh, Montana or, uh, Wyoming.
He-he grew up on a, on a ranch somewhere.
(chuckles) He was pretty green.
Followed the woman around like a puppy.
(laughs) Hetty never mentioned anyone.
The kid was, uh, KIA in a, in a a chopper crash.
Uh, only the woman survived.
Any chance he could have survived? Oh, no, I don't think so.
Pretty sure they would have looked for him.
And even if he did, he's probably dead, or or dying now like the rest of us.
What do you mean? Well, most of the guys I served with are gone.
I would be, too, if it weren't for the lung transplant.
Even so, I'm not sure how long I got.
Agent Orange? Yeah.
But the NIS were considered civilians, so we get no VA benefits.
Bank owns everything now.
Not that there's anything left.
And, uh, I'm one of the lucky ones.
Well, if you can think of anyone else who might have been around at that time, can you call our office? Of course.
Oh, I-I wish I could do more.
You've done plenty, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
ERIC: So I have not had any luck finding our mystery photographer.
Everyone we should be asking is in Vietnam.
All right, try contacting Sabatino at the Agency.
He may be able to help you with a name.
I got to check in with the assistant director.
Should I be coming with you? No.
Of course not.
Because we need you here, doing what you do best.
Plus, somebody's got to keep this place safe while I'm gone, huh? All right.
I'll see what I can do.
Thanks, Sam.
(knocking on door) MOSLEY: Enter.
Well Cutting it close, huh? Yeah, we're out the door.
I just wanted to say thank you.
Oh, you can save your apologies, Agent Callen.
I didn't say I was apologizing.
Oh, well, baby steps.
We'll keep you informed of any progress.
Oh, that would be nice for a change.
We should get going.
You should.
And good luck.
Thank you.
We good to go? Yeah.
Let's go get Hetty.
Let's do it.
HETTY: After the war, some of us stayed behind to secure American interests.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, okay.
Enough backstory.
I'm I'm more interested in current events.
People are so impatient these days.
You know, we didn't have computers and cell phones then.
Enough with memory lane.
(laughs) We did have some wonderful gadgets, though.
Stop stalling! Or it's tiger time.
This is important.
Back then, we understood the value of information.
The more you knew, the more valuable you were, but also, the higher the security risk.
So we took steps to ensure that information never fell into enemy hands.
It's a brave new world.
Yes, but I'm an old-fashioned girl.
The things we did back then were better.
You may think they were old-fashioned, but they worked.
Back then, they'd pull a molar, replace it with a fake tooth with a cyanide capsule inside.
You know, in the event that you were captured.
That's just Cold War folklore.
(laughing): Oh.
I see.
Is it? Open your mouth! Open it! Open it! Aah! Damn! (laughing) Aah! (winces) (laughing) (laughing) (laughing continues)
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