NCIS Los Angeles s09e14 Episode Script

Goodbye Vietnam

1 Let's go.
Thank you, Brother Bao.
SAM: We think Hetty's in trouble, and we think we know where she may be.
Vietnam? Admiral Chegwidden was looking for her.
He was in Ho Chi Minh City with Charles Langston.
You will give up your secrets, one way or another.
(screams) (Hetty laughs, spits) This is not gonna end well for either of us.
(gunshot) MOSLEY: I suggest you figure out why she's there.
Might want to start with who took that photo.
We're booked on the next Air China flight to Vietnam.
Let's go get Hetty.
I have a surprise for you.
He's very hungry.
A man eater.
(laughs) (growling) (Dang laughing) ALLEN: It's definitely her.
(speaks Vietnamese) He says none of it is useful.
She's been extremely difficult.
And I have limited resources here.
I'm confident you can get everything you want from her, but you'll probably have to kill her to do so.
I figured you'd want to do that yourself.
(man speaking Vietnamese) (speaks Vietnamese) How was your trip? Where is she? She needed some fresh air.
(speaks Vietnamese) (repeats phrase, laughs) DANG: Oh, Princess, we have visitor.
(speaks Vietnamese) MAN: He says I know what the hell he says.
I always hoped we would meet again, Wupó.
NCIS: LA 9x14 Goodbye Vietnam Hey.
They've all been away before.
Didn't go so well last time, did it? And they weren't looking for Hetty.
(sighs) Have you heard from them yet? - Soon.
- All right.
Let me know as soon as you do.
Of course.
NELL: So, any luck with the helicopter? Do you have any idea how many rotary wing aircraft were destroyed during Vietnam? I mean, not exact numbers.
I imagine it was a lot.
That crash must have happened after the war.
That should help.
Hetty and the others weren't really even supposed to be there, so finding records of anything they did is proving next to impossible.
But there has to be some sort of casualty report, at least for the pilot.
Not if they were CIA.
She is not making this any easier, is she? No.
Have you tried contacting Sabatino? Yeah, but he wasn't even alive when this happened.
Right, but maybe there was some mentor at the agency or, I don't know, an instructor from way back when who remembers something.
Might be worth a shot, right? At this point, I will try anything.
Hate to say it, but I think it may be time to call SECNAV.
I mean, she is a fan of Hetty's, and she will have access to people and information that we just simply don't.
That's a really good idea.
You should call her.
Why me? Well, it was your idea.
Technically, you have seniority.
Yeah, but, you know, you're a woman and she's a woman.
(laughs) Okay.
What does that have to do with anything? Well, you know, the (typing) To be honest she scares me.
I said it.
Okay, Eric, why does she scare you? It's a long story involving a layover in Dulles, visiting Greek dignitaries, and a pet ferret.
To be fair, it was not my pet ferret.
Eric, you are a man of many mysteries, most of which belong in Weird Tales.
Love Weird Tales.
I'm still looking for the February 1928 issue, first publication of Lovecraft's “Call of Cthulhu.
” See? I rest my case.
- There you go.
- There it is.
You need anything else? I have, uh, leopards, monkeys, pangolins.
How about some meow meow? (speaks Vietnamese) He wants her cleaned up.
DANG: Sure.
Any preference? Want her to look like a local or a schoolgirl? I can even put her in wedding dress.
(door opens) I wouldn't push your luck if I were you.
You're not me.
How's that ear? (door closes) (upbeat pop song playing in foreign language) Beers.
KENSI (over earpiece): Looks like you boys made yourself some friends.
SAM: Yeah, they been with us ever since the police station.
How'd you make out with the local five-O? Well, they weren't exactly pleased to find out that we're looking for four people who entered their country without going through customs or immigration.
They're willing to cooperate? SAM: That's a good question.
We thought about losing them, but it seems like it's more trouble than it's worth at this point.
If we need some guns, at least we know where we can get some.
We are not taking their guns.
Not yet.
(Kensi laughs) You guys ask around a bit? No, we figured we'd wait till you got here in case we spooked anybody or asked the wrong people.
And this is just a gentle reminder that this is essentially an authoritarian police state, so if we could keep this on the low low, well, that'd be great.
This trip is off book already.
Things go sideways, NCIS will be forced to disown us.
Probably never be seen again.
Let's make sure that doesn't happen.
Worst vacation ever.
Damn it.
(sighs) How's it going? Well, I've recently discovered that Hetty has her pilot's license, has an ongoing game of Catan with Elon Musk, and is currently being courted by a noted entomologist who would like to name a rare species of Madagascar wasp after her.
(chuckles): So, there's that.
Though not at all useful.
Would you like some help? Pull up a box.
Just so you know, we are looking for anything related to Southeast Asia or Vietnam from 1972 to 1978.
So, if you see any mention of a helicopter crash or any casualties relating to a helo crash, that would be great.
Also, any photos or references to Chegwidden, Langston, Bridges or Granger, also great.
Got it.
Man, this is a needle in a haystack at this point, but it's all we got.
You sure all these are Hetty's? They should be.
Why? (rattles) Because this looks like some serious Santeria crap.
Oh, my Godzilla.
Is that a real lizard? Don't know, don't care.
All right, I'm sure it's just some evidence from an old case.
We're just gonna pop the lid back on this guy.
We're gonna put him in a time-out, and, uh, why don't you take my box.
I'll find another one.
I need to wash my hands-- in holy water.
Really? Wasn't that bad.
I've seen way worse.
BARTENDER: Yeah, she'd been here a couple times.
But that was a few months back.
SAM: You talk to her? No, but I remember seeing her.
CALLEN: Was she with anyone? Mm, I don't know.
You guys don't have surveillance cameras? (chuckles) Nah.
Did she meet anyone? (sighs) Don't know.
But when it gets busy, I'm lucky if I can remember everyone's drink order.
What about any of these guys? WAITRESS: Yeah, they have been in here a few time.
They were asking about the same lady.
Who is she? She's a friend.
She missing? Possibly.
Did you try talking to the police? Oh, we're working with the police.
KENSI: Yeah.
Did you see these three men with anybody else? Mm, I don't think so.
DEEKS: Did they say where they were staying? Not to me.
They were real gentlemen, which is nice for a change.
Yeah, I can only imagine.
Uh, they did leave me a number where I could reach them if I saw their friend again or thought of anything else.
Thank you so much.
DEEKS: Thanks.
(line ringing) (speaks Vietnamese) KENSI: Hey, Eric? How's Vietnam? Cool.
I just wish I was here to enjoy it.
Hey, um, listen, I'm sending you a number that we think Chegwidden and the others might be using.
All right.
I got it.
You try calling it? KENSI: No.
I was hoping you could find it first so that we don't tip them off we're here.
Okay, sounds good.
It's a sat phone; this should be pretty easy.
Or not.
It's turned off.
Can you switch it back on? Uh, possibly.
Might need a little time.
Okay, send us the location as soon as it's on.
I'll also try to track any previous calls.
Thank you.
NELL: Excuse me! Pardon me.
I am coming through.
Watch the tootsies! Whew! That was a close one.
All right.
Uh, hey, Harley, can you give me a hand with this top box here? I just need to Hi, sis.
Sydney? How'd you get in here? I heard Hetty was in trouble and you could use a hand.
Did Harley call you? Who? Uh, Harley Hidoko.
Oh, no, it was your executive assistant director.
Mosley? That's the one.
Is there a problem? Uh, no, that's No, we're fine.
Harley already gave me the run down.
Well uh, thanks for helping.
Glad I could help.
Is this real? What is it? I looks like a Christmas card from Queen Elizabeth.
“Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
“Looking forward to catching up at Sandringham.
Elizabeth and Philip”.
Oh, my God.
Hetty spends Christmas with the queen? I mean, I don't think it was, like, an every Christmas thing, but wow.
I want to spend Christmas with the queen.
(British accent): Excuse me, mum.
Would you like me to walk the corgis? (British accent): Oh, that would be lovely, dear.
I'll ride Curlew out to meet you for some tea.
(chuckles lightly) (normal voice): Wait a second.
Where's Hetty's mail being sent? It's not like she's having it sent here.
She sold off most of her properties.
Not that she would have personal mail sent there anyway.
You never sent her anything by mail? No.
I never had the need.
And the Postal Service only holds mail for 30 days.
She's been gone months.
Which means somebody's getting it for her.
Did that have an envelope with it? Uh, no.
Okay, we need to find something with an address on it.
Let's do it.
Okay, so (clears throat) Enter.
Thank you.
I think we may have a lead to finding Hetty.
A postal box? Yes, I believe her mail is being sent and most likely held there.
Now, if we can get access to her mail, there is no telling what we'll find.
You want a warrant? - Yes.
- Okay.
I'll see what I can do.
This is when you leave.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
(cell door slides closed) (keys jangling) (speaks Vietnamese) You need to get cleaned up.
Why? Our friend paid good money for you.
You need to look presentable.
Where's Keane? (chuckles) He died.
Y'all made out well.
Yeah, hopefully something in here is helpful.
I'll take those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons if they're up for grabs.
I bet you would.
I'm gonna give Mosley a sitrep.
Well, dig in, sister.
(knock on door) Enter.
Where are we? Beale's trying to track down a sat phone Hetty's former colleagues have been using, and we retrieved a bunch of mail from the P.
box she uses.
Hidoko, what do you think our chances are of bringing her home alive? I don't know, ma'am.
No one's heard from her for months, and even her old buddies haven't been able to locate her.
Is there anything else we can be doing? Not that I can think of.
Well, if you or the others think of anything, please let me know.
She deserves all the help we can give her.
I want to bring Hetty home any way we can.
Yes, ma'am.
(door opens, closes) SAM: Talk to me, Eric.
Well, they haven't made any calls, and I haven't been able to turn on the phone remotely.
These guys are pros; they probably only put the battery in when they need to make a call.
Yeah, but several of the calls have been made from one location; it's a hotel.
And I just sent you the address.
All right, we'll check it out.
Let us know if they appear anywhere else.
ERIC: Will do.
We'll check out the three amigos.
DEEKS: What do we do about those pesky escorts? SAM: Yeah, they been with us long enough.
Gonna need the angry girlfriend.
KENSI: Got it.
Two more beers.
(Kensi and Deeks arguing loudly in Portuguese) HIDOKO: Any luck? Not yet.
Who's Maggie? That's one of Hetty's aliases.
It's from the right time period.
It's a birthday card from a Kim Nguyen in Rancho Park.
Let me see.
I'll see if I can track her down.
Yeah, check it out.
Mystery Team to the rescue! Only this time, I'm gonna be Nancy Drew.
Oh, but you're such a good Togo.
You know, I really don't like Togo doesn't talk, remember? (grunts) - What the hell? - Anytime, G.
I know.
It's jammed.
All right, give it to me.
Hand it over.
Oh, okay.
Why don't you be my guest.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
It's my specialty, boys.
Just give me a second here.
What is happening? DEEKS: How's it working out for you? Are you done? Not so much, huh? Okay, you know what, smart-ass? You do it.
Well, if you kids are done messing around.
(sighs) The key is to become one with the device.
It's not so much a lock to be opened, it's a puzzle to be solved, to be understood, to be tender.
There's something's wrong with this lock.
Know what? Let me pick the lock.
I got it.
Oh! That works.
Well, you get ten points for efficiency, and screw it, ten points for style.
All right.
- Clear.
- Clear.
They know we're here.
DEEKS: How? They knew we were coming for Hetty.
I found her.
(tablet beeps) Kim Nguyen came to this country in 1978 from what was then Saigon.
Guess who sponsored her.
- Yup.
- Did you - Did you contact her? - Yes.
She's agreed to meet us at the boatshed.
What's the boatshed? Well, it's It's classified.
Wait up.
Margaret helped my family to come here after the war.
NELL: Do you recognize any of the people in this photo? I remember some of them.
Do you remember a young man who may have also been part of the group? He may have even been the one who took the picture.
His name was Harris or Harrison.
What is this about? Margaret returned to Vietnam a few months ago.
We haven't heard from her since.
We don't know where she is or even why she went.
We think she was in this bar.
Sorry, that means nothing to me.
I've never been back to Vietnam.
Did you try the monastery? Um, I'm sorry? You do know that Maggie is a Buddhist? Of course.
That's where she met my brother.
He helped her and others find people.
And in return, she helped me and my family.
We never would have been able to come here without her.
Um, where is your brother now? He was killed, long time ago.
But Margaret always stays with the monk when she can.
(birds chirping) SAM: This place is beautiful.
No wonder Hetty loved it here.
Yeah, it'd be great if they had a Starbucks.
Could really go for a chai tea latte right about now.
I told you to sleep on the plane.
Easier said than done.
Beale lent me his entire Ren & Stimpy collection.
CALLEN: All right, thanks, Eric.
Let us know if you find anything else.
SAM: They find something? Well, they may have I.
'd another member of Hetty's unit.
Guy named Harris or, uh, Harrison.
They're looking into it.
(speaks Vietnamese) How may I help you? We're looking for a friend of ours.
BAO: Ah, yes.
She has stayed here many times over the years.
- Recently? - Few months back.
Till the man came.
What man? Older.
He brought a gun and had to be removed.
- Do you still have that gun? - No.
We destroyed it.
Where'd she go? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
What's it say? I don't know.
It's written in Vietnamese.
(reading Vietnamese) (Rio speaking excitedly in Vietnamese) DEEKS: Wow.
The band's back together.
Oh, dear God.
It's beautiful out.
I don't know why you guys are so angry.
I told you my real name, Jeff Carol, I work for the CIA.
DEEKS: We thought you were lying.
Why would you think that? 'Cause nothing you ever said was true.
That's really hurtful.
I worked on that money laundering case for about six years, man.
I'm not gonna blow it up 'cause you guys show up.
You went to a cosmetic surgeon to look like David Hasselhoff.
I had a lot of enemies, all right? And everyone loves the Hoff.
Well, he's got a point there.
All right, listen, we're here to find Hetty.
What is your excuse? Same thing.
All right, that's it.
Back off, buddy, all right?! I'm Special Activities Division.
I will kill you all with my finger, all right? My finger.
(screaming) All right, all right, man! All right.
We heard some chatter an American agent got captured and is being sold to the highest bidder.
KENSI: And you only thought to tell us this now? We didn't know who or even what the situation was, okay? Until your people showed up.
What people? Wow.
Golden Girls go to Saigon.
Not these guys.
Damn it, JC.
Why'd you bring them here? It's for their own protection, and you can use their help.
We don't need protection.
And we damn sure don't need their help.
You guys are so adorable.
I love you guys.
Don't even think about it.
Come on.
All right.
(sighs) We are so doomed.
So, what's your plan? - My plan? - With my sister.
What are your intentions? I'm not sure if that's any of your business.
You two are a thing, aren't you? I mean, she even brought you home for Christmas one year.
That was more as a friend who was away from his family, and I'm not sure if I feel comfortable discussing You know she's my younger sister, right? Yeah.
So you know I'm watching you.
And I am very, very protective of my little Togo.
You should probably know that Nell never really liked being Togo.
Sure she did.
Pretty sure she didn't.
It's a private sister joke.
Yeah, well, it's not funny.
Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the Ender Dragon? Hmm? What's harshin' your mellow today, code monkey? Huh? Come on, spit it out, Rickets.
Come on.
You're a bully.
Look, I'm protective of Nell, too, but you got to stop bossing her around like she's a kid.
No, you're right.
I'm not a good person.
I'm not saying that.
Then why did everybody in school call me Sydney Vicious? What? Sydney Sydney.
Please wait.
Syd? What's up? What happened? I called your sister the “B” word.
- You called her a bitch? - No! I called her a bully, which she is.
Eric, no.
- What? I said I was sorry.
- (sighs) - Wait, Nell SAM: So where's Hetty now? We don't know, but we think we know who has her.
He's a poacher/smuggler by the name of Dang.
CHEGWIDDEN: We think he lured her here with Keane.
Who's Keane? Harris Keane.
CALLEN: He was in their unit.
Apparently, he died in a helicopter crash after the war.
We think Dang convinced Hetty that he was still alive.
So she came to see for herself.
And when she did, Dang grabbed her.
Now he's trying to sell her to the highest bidder.
How do we get her back? So, Dang operates in here.
It's pretty isolated, which allows for his poaching and poppies, human trafficking, you name it.
Okay, so what are we waiting for? No one goes in or out of there without Dang knowing.
So why don't we call the police or the army? CHEGWIDDEN: He has people in both.
They'd know we were coming before we left.
Then how do we get in there? Hope you brought comfortable shoes.
What? We're walking? That's, like, hundreds of miles.
We're not walking all the way, genius.
We're getting dropped in by chopper.
How'd you guys get access to a helo? We brought some spending money.
Yeah, I bet you did.
What about weapons? RIO: You mean like these? Yeah, that's right, baby.
Who's your daddy? Wink at me again and I will rip out your eye.
I can respect that.
Syd? What what's going on? I shouldn't have come here.
What? Why? You're helping us.
Yeah, but I always say the wrong things and I hurt people's feelings, even when I'm not trying to.
Oh, come on.
Nobody's perfect.
(chuckles) You are.
What are you talking about? You were always the most popular, you made the best grades, you were the most athletic.
Okay, just stop.
I have wanted to have this conversation with you for my entire life, but now is just not the right time.
I am sorry that Eric called you a bully, I really am, but right now I need to focus on finding Hetty, and you need to focus on sucking it up and getting your butt back to Ops to help.
And if you're incapable of doing that, then please get the hell out of my way so I can do it myself.
And I am never being Togo again.
(computer beeping) Hello? CALLEN: Eric.
What else you find out on Dang? He's a nasty piece of work.
He specializes in the illegal exotic animal trade, and has his fingers in just about every black market you can think of.
SAM: You got a location for him? You sent us a pretty big area.
Any chance we can get our hands on a satellite photo? I put in a request, but I doubt I'll hear back.
And even if we do, it'll probably be a couple weeks.
Did you speak to Sabatino? Yeah.
He confirmed that Rio is the alias of CIA Officer Jeff Carol, which is probably an alias in itself.
Oh, he was quick to add that Rio/Jeff is borderline insane.
Borderline? Guy's got a condo in the middle of crazy country.
Hey, what about a drone? Any chance we get a flyover from Subic Bay? Callen, I don't even think we have drones on the island.
Well, find out.
I want to know what the hell we're walking into.
I will see what I can do.
CALLEN: All right, thanks, Eric.
Isn't this great, working together again? We never worked together.
Hey, in the spirit of cooperation and full disclosure, just so that there's no surprises, if we find your girl and it turns out we can't get her out alive, then I have my orders to neutralize the threat.
I'm sorry? Not my first choice, just in the interest of national security.
You lay a finger on Hetty, I will kill you.
We both will.
Several times over.
This is what I get for sharing? I mean, you guys are so closed off, I mean, it's hard to talk to you guys.
I'm trying not to, but I can't guarantee you I'm not gonna kill him.
CALLEN: Don't let me stop you.
RIO: I'm trying my best! MOSLEY: A flyover? Unless we can get satellite images.
Without one or the other, our team is going in blind.
Duly noted.
You're dismissed.
I just allowed four agents into a foreign country to rescue a former NCIS legend without any authorization from the government or support from local authorities.
I don't know if I'm an altruist or suicidal.
You're human, ma'am.
That's the best we can ever hope to be.
You can tell them that when this costs me my career.
(door opens, closes) CALLEN: Sam and I will walk point.
Kensi, Deeks, you trail.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
First off, kid, you don't give the orders here.
That's right.
We were actually here before, remember? Like when you left a man behind? Hey, you don't go there.
- Maybe it's not my place to say - Then shut up! Guys, don't make me choose sides.
Wait a minute.
(whistles loudly) What the hell? Was that necessary? I'm just impressed you three can still hear that.
Let's not forget we're here for the same reason, okay? Fine.
You walk point, we'll cover our six.
We can take any tunnels we find.
We're not gonna find any tunnels.
- We might.
- We're not going in any tunnel! Let's move.
Watch out for booby traps.
My God, this is gonna be great.
Bunch of babies.
(thunder rumbling softly) Do you like whiskey? Cannot find this in America.
We try to keep road kill out of our liquor.
(speaks Vietnamese) Where is Keane's body? (thunder rumbling) (sets down glass, sighs) What does it matter? He's still with the tiger.
Not much left now.
You're too hard on yourself.
Nobody even knew he was still alive.
You should drink.
It only gets worse from here.
(thunder rumbling) (sets down glass, coughs) (sighs) You mad at me? Dogs go mad, people get angry.
You angry? Not really.
I mean, you've done something I've never been able to do, so thank you for that.
How's Sydney? Don't worry about her.
She'll be fine.
How are these guys doing? (sighs) They're on the move to an isolated area where Dang, Hetty's kidnapper, is believed to be, but we still have no idea what they're walking into.
Where are you going? I'm gonna see what I can do.
(sighs) (knock on door) Enter.
I just wanted to personally thank you for bringing my sister in today.
Well, we could use a few extra hands, and she has proven to be helpful in the past.
And also for the search warrant with Hetty's mail-- very helpful.
Anything else? Do you play poker, ma'am? No.
I don't consider myself much of a gambler.
I am.
Or was.
Until they put me in the Griffin Book.
Like it's my fault I'm lucky and exceptionally good at math.
The thing is, ma'am, you're already at the table, from the moment you provided plane tickets for the team.
If this thing goes south, you are most definitely going to take the fall.
In fact, the only real chance you have of surviving this whole thing is if our team can pull it off.
And that is just not going to happen if they have no idea what the hell they're facing.
So, ma'am, at this point, I say you go all in.
WOMAN (over phone): Secretary Davis's office.
Yes, I have an urgent call from Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley.
Hold the line for Secretary Davis.
(clears throat) (thunder rumbling) Where's Bridges? He was right behind me.
You got to be kidding me.
What are you doing? I had to take a leak.
Again? When you get to be my age, kid, you'll probably be wearing a diaper.
At least we won't have to stop every ten minutes.
Hey, you want to go with me, Mr.
Hippie? I'm sorry, did you say “Hippie”? It's 2018.
You having a flashback? KENSI: Deeks.
What? Please.
Both of you, knock it off.
Kensi, fall back and trail with me.
The rest of you, move on.
All right, moving on.
Come on, Pops.
BRIDGES: All right, son.
SYDNEY: It has come to my attention that, apparently, I can sometimes come across as a bit abrasive, and I just wanted to apologize to anyone I may have offended with my behavior.
There you have it.
Well, I am sorry for calling you a bully.
NELL: And I, too, am sorry for being overly blunt.
I'm not sorry for anything.
MOSLEY: Beale.
Can you get this to our team? What is this? The satellite images of the area you requested.
Thank you.
Alert me before they go in.
Hidoko, with me.
(thunder rumbling) (radio static crackles) Go for Golf Charlie.
ERIC: Hey, it's me, Echo Bravo.
Oh, that does sound cool.
What do you got, Echo Bravo? The lady in the glass house has come through.
You should have pictures of the playground.
(tablet beeps) How many tangos we talking? Close to a dozen, from my count.
Thank you, Echo Bravo.
Golf Charlie out.
The safest way to come in is following this stream.
Gonna get dark soon.
I'll tell the others.
(thunder rumbling) It's time.
I'll be right there.
(upbeat pop song playing in foreign language) (Dang laughing) (murmuring drunkenly) (shouts) (murmuring drunkenly) (Dang laughs) One, two, three.
(coughing) (sighs) (grunting) Where is she? (grunting) (speaks Vietnamese) Harris Keane.
Oh, damn.
You guys got old.
(laughs) We got Keane.
He's alive.
(groaning) (stick strikes) (gasping) (groaning) Open your eyes.
Still with us? I thought you said she was tough.
(crying softly) (thumping outside) I've got it.
(gunshot) (Hetty yells) Hetty! (gasping) Here you go.
(groaning) Are you okay? Oh, it's about bloody time.
We got her.
(sighs) (laughs) (laughs) Wow.
(panting) (grunting) You good? Mm.
I am now.
Chopper's five minutes out.
Get Keane on first.
I told you this was gonna end with a bullet in your head.
I lied.
(laughs) I lied.
(laughing) (laughing) You're too old, Maggie.
You don't have the stomach for this anymore.
See you in hell, Dang.
I'll be waiting for you.
Oh, I certainly hope so.
(tiger growling) (snarling) (Dang screaming, cell bars clattering) (tiger roaring) Hi.
Thanks for helping out today.
Yeah, well, thank you for letting me.
Of course.
I'm just glad everything worked out for Hetty and everybody.
Me, too.
Hey, I'm sorry for always making you be Togo.
(sighs) Why didn't you say anything? You're my big sister.
I just wanted you to spend time with me, even if that meant having to play a dog to do so.
(chuckles softly) So I love you.
I love you, too.
(chuckles) Plus, Togo solved way more crimes than Nancy Drew ever did, so (laughs) Got ya.
You out of here? Yes.
I'll see ya.
See ya later.
(doors open, close) (sighs) Thank you.
HETTY: You've done more for me than I can ever pay back.
So the least I can do is take you home.
I've been in Vietnam for most of my life.
I I-I don't even know what home is anymore.
It's with us now.
(grunts) (snoring)
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