NCIS Los Angeles s09e15 Episode Script


1 ERIC: Maybe Lieutenant Naomi Elder was staying with Keith and Lynn Stiger of Silver Lake.
Uh, she wasn't here.
I didn't see her till dinnertime.
(grunts) Why is this happening? Thank you.
I-I don't know how I'll repay you, but I will.
MOSLEY: Do we know if this is restricted to Lieutenant Elder or if this is part of a larger espionage ring? CALLEN: This isn't over for us.
We follow up on every case and every lead.
Granger, I want out.
GRANGER: I'll protect you.
I'll help you cut ties with the North Koreans and I'll work with Justice on your incarceration.
CALLEN: No sign of Keith Stiger.
(phone buzzes) Place looks empty.
Warrant's in.
We're good to go.
SAM (over comms): I'm on the cabin.
Nothing here.
CALLEN (over comms): Looks empty.
(electronic whirring) CALLEN: Camera.
(phone vibrating) It's a cell phone trigger.
Bomb! (panting) You dropped something.
Thank you.
NCIS: LA 9x15 Liabilities Hello.
Operations Manager Lange.
I'm Special Agent Harley Hidoko.
I know who you are, Ms.
Please, don't let me interrupt you.
It's refreshing to see someone take such pride in the care of their weapon.
Preventative maintenance is kind of like my yoga.
My yoga generally comes in the form of a nice single malt these days.
(chuckles) How are you liking your new duty station? Los Angeles is great.
It's just It's a lot bigger than I was expecting.
It's I don't know.
It's a hard city to make your own.
You're from, um Baltimore, and that's very different.
You read my file.
Your accomplishments within the female engagement teams is excellent.
Thank you.
Are you coming back to work today? Oh, we were having such a nice conversation until you brought up my uncer employment situation.
(chuckles) Understood.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
In Baltimore, you had friends and family, and in Los Angeles, you have? I bought a ficus at the farmers market.
Well, then, you have a ficus and me.
I did read your file, Ms.
Hidoko, and I am so sorry for your loss.
Your husband was a true hero.
Yes, he was.
(phone buzzes) I'm needed up in Ops.
Ah, go.
Thank you.
Go, go.
Hello, all.
Good morning.
I hear that that Sam and Callen got an early start.
That they did.
They're at the crime scene now.
MOSLEY: And this is related to the murder of Lieutenant Naomi Elder, correct? Yes.
The fishing cottage was jointly owned by two different corporations.
Both had ties to Keith Stiger.
HIDOKO: They were the husband and wife that the lieutenant was staying with when she was murdered.
NELL: Yep, that's them.
KENSI: Callen and Sam interviewed Keith Stiger.
He checked out, but they got an odd feeling from him.
They think he might have something to do with the lieutenant's murder.
So they're looking into the case outside of their scheduled hours.
- Well, I like that.
- I thought you might.
NELL: Well, it seems their hunch was correct.
LAFD found Lynn Stiger's body shoved in a closet in this house.
Prelim report shows she was dead even before the explosion courtesy of two gunshot wounds to the chest.
DEEKS: Yikes.
So she was shot and then blown up.
I mean, seems like a tad overkill.
Overkilling the Yeah.
You get it? Nothing? Fair enough.
Moving on.
- (chuckles) HIDOKO: So, are we thinking that Keith Stiger killed Lieutenant Elder? Or he hired the shooter who did.
MOSLEY: Right now the focus has to be the murder of Lynn Stiger, which includes bringing in Keith Stiger for questioning.
So, if Stiger killed Lieutenant Elder and his wife, he must have known eventually we'd find that fishing cottage, which means that bomb was rigged to take us out.
Yes, it was.
(electronic chime) NELL: Well, we've traced another concealed real estate holding to Keith Stiger.
This time, it's a warehouse downtown.
You two go.
I'll have Sam and Callen meet you there.
- On it.
- Okay.
And be careful, because you may be walking into a similar situation.
- Fantastic.
- Okay.
Of all the alleys in all the towns in all the world, you come wandering into mine.
What do we got? No movement in or out of the warehouse, Mosley got us our emergency warrant, and your instincts were right about Keith Stiger.
Yeah, but it took finding his wife's body to prove he was hiding something.
Yeah, but hiding what? Like, what's his endgame here? Lieutenant Elder's murder was planned.
Hired shooters, the whole nine yards.
The fishing shack was professionally rigged, but Stiger's, like, a high finance guy.
This just doesn't add up.
It's all part of an exit strategy.
The warehouse, the place by the pond, killing his wife-- this was all planned years in advance, and it's looking like the lieutenant's murder is what set things in motion.
Let's find out why he wanted to kill Lieutenant Elder.
No visible windows on the ground floor, only up top, so we're blind.
What do you think about throwing the long ball, huh? Easy money.
We'll see.
Let's go.
That's the only opening, and it's not big.
SAM: Yeah? Cover me.
(ball bounces distantly) I have to say, I had my doubts.
It's okay to be impressed.
CALLEN: What are we looking at, Kens? I don't see any movement.
It looks empty.
I don't see any bomb wiring around the door, either.
Ready? Let's move in.
CALLEN: Clear.
KENSI: What do you got? Oh.
Ammonium nitrate.
KENSI: That's what McVeigh used in Oklahoma City.
His truck was filled with 40, 50-pound bags of this stuff.
DEEKS: And look at all these pallets.
I mean, if this whole place was filled, that's a lot more than 40 bags.
Now we know what Stiger's planning.
KENSI: Yeah.
- A massive bombing.
- After the explosion at the fishing cottage, he knows we're onto him.
He accelerated his timeline.
Except we don't know where he is or what his target is.
What do we have, Eric? ERIC: Still nothing on Keith Stiger's location.
NELL: Yeah, we sent a team to his office.
Of course, he wasn't there, but they're bringing in his two business partners to the boatshed for questioning.
All right, Kensi and Deeks will meet them there.
- Copy that.
All right, it looks like there's a network of surveillance cameras in the area.
Might show how Stiger moved all this ammonium nitrate.
Yeah, I tried to tap into them.
Must be a closed circuit system down there.
The feeds would be recorded at a central on-site location.
CALLEN: You have any idea where that'd be located? All right, I got a security office listed for the building across from you.
Southeast corner.
(distant footsteps) So, you have no record of that name being registered at any schools in the area? Okay.
Um I'm sorry.
You know, I'm gonna have to call you back.
Thank you.
Well, Henrietta.
Shay Mosley.
You've sure moved up in the world.
Well, I'm just grateful for the opportunity I've been given.
- No.
I meant literally.
You have come up directly over my office.
The construction hasn't altered your space, has it? The construction, no.
Your stilettos.
Oh, they must be drilling a hole in your head.
I'll be sure to have another rug brought up.
Please, Henrietta, have a seat.
Thank you.
It appears that this man, Keith Stiger, has enough ammonium nitrate to take down several large buildings.
It's a huge load to move about the city.
Finding out how they transported it is certainly the key.
Anyway, I came to welcome you.
Well, thank you.
How do you like my team? I find them extremely loyal.
To you.
Hetty, I'd like to speak with you about your role here.
Is it okay if I call you Hetty? Yes.
I am the Executive Assistant Director, Pacific, and I was given the task to run this office in your absence.
You are the operations manager, which means you work for me.
Well (stammers) I-I am.
I do.
I just want to be sure that we're not stepping on each other's toes.
We must define our roles.
And although there may be some redundancy, you have to know, I mean no disrespect.
Yes, you do.
Just a little.
(chuckles) To answer your question, I-I don't know what my role is going forward.
Well, would you like me to help you get clarification from the director or SECNAV? No, thank you.
- I've already spoken to SECNAV.
- You have? - Yes.
- Huh.
And what did she say? Oh, well, um, she expressed her sympathy to my recent hardships in Vietnam.
As do I.
Well welcome.
Thank you.
Oh, and do bring up another rug.
Yes, ma'am.
Thanks for showing us the surveillance room, Rocky.
Not a problem.
And maybe stop calling it a surveillance room.
Best to set proper expectations.
It's more like a closet with some old-school recorders.
Not VHS, but not of this decade either, you know? Mmm.
Hard-boiled egg? Bacon? I'm good, but I think my friend Sam will probably take advantage of this mobile brunch.
(chuckles) I'm good.
But keto will change your life.
- Keto.
- Please don't ask.
What is keto? Ketogenic diet.
I basically eat fat all day, and the pounds just drip off.
I can eat what I want, whenever I want.
In-N-Out Double-Doubles with extra cheese twice a day? Yes, please.
Just hold the bun.
CALLEN: Come on.
Eh, that's not exactly how it works.
It kinda is.
It really isn't.
You need discipline and consisten Nah, not really.
It's pretty easy.
Sounds like the kind of diet I could get behind.
How long does it take to work? Right away.
Couple of days and the LBs just start falling away.
How long you been on the diet, Rocky? About two years.
Here we are.
Uh Can you hold that for me? Thanks.
All right.
(beeping) Oh.
Here we are, at either the world's most low-tech surveillance room or the world's most high-tech closet.
Looks like all the feeds are labeled by address.
Makes it easy.
Okay, well, we're looking for the security feeds from, uh, buildings 1992 and 2110.
1992 and 2110.
Right down here.
The recorders are gone.
Any idea where they might be? They must have been stolen.
Well, do you have cameras in this room? No.
We should look into that.
(door shuts) CASTOR: Hey, guys, this is Barbara Silva and Patrick Griffin.
- They're Keith Stiger's business partners.
- Thanks.
Good to see you, brother.
Hi, I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye.
My partner, Detective Deeks.
How are you? Special Agent Castor said that you have some questions about Keith? Yes, we do.
GRIFFIN: That's good, because we've been worried.
We haven't heard from him in two days.
Is it rare for him to be out of contact for a couple of days like this? Very.
We're a private equity firm and we work with strong companies in the middle market economy.
It's a constant contact kind of business.
I mean, the three of us are usually e-mailing and texting straight through Christmas, birthdays.
Do you know where Keith is? That's actually what we need your help with.
Uh, any friends he might be staying with? No, he was very much focused on his family.
And work.
What about local getaways? Any hotels in the area he likes to stay at? Keith's not into the whole staycation thing.
Nah, me neither.
I get time off, I'm heading straight to Hawaii.
Uh, you mentioned family.
Does he have family that lives in the area? No, just Lynn, his wife.
I assume you've already spoken with her.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but, uh, Lynn was murdered.
Her body was found this morning.
Oh, my.
Keith must be going crazy.
He was so in love with her.
Every time he looked at her, you could just tell, you know? Mmm.
I do.
You don't think Keith's in danger, do you? Could the person that did this to Lynn We don't know yet.
Oh, man.
Keith's parents-- do you know where they live? Uh, they died when he was very young.
Keith was raised by a wonderful couple, the Harrells.
They'd been good friends of his parents.
Do you know how we could contact the Harrells? I don't know where they live.
- Out of state, I think.
But I might have their number in my phone.
That'd be great.
Thank you.
CALLEN: Still no word on how Stiger got all that ammonium nitrate in and out of the warehouse? No, but the NCIS forensic team contacted us.
They found major amounts of residue from two different chemicals from the Stiger facility.
They were Nitromethane and Tovex.
(quietly): Look who always has to be the smart one.
- (chuckles) What was that? What? What? Oh, I-I just said You said something? Yeah.
I said, uh, “Book new always has to bleed the smart bun.
” NELL: Okay, uh, ammonium nitrate, nitromethane, and Tovex.
That is the same cocktail as Oklahoma City.
So, Sam, you were right about Stiger's plan.
But if that warehouse was filled with this stuff It'd be OKC times five.
(tablet beeps) Huh, this is interesting.
It's in relation to the Harrells.
The couple that cared for Keith Stiger after his parents passed away.
We have a location on them? No, not yet, but it looks like they purchased a house three years ago, and it was paid for by a corporation called Oxnard Seaside Ventures.
Interesting, because that is the same corporation that purchased the airline tickets Jennifer Kim flew into the United States on.
SAM: Hmm, Jennifer Kim.
That tiny female North Korean spy who kicked Callen's ass? That never gets old for you, does it? No.
All right, so Stiger was either a spy or he was somehow working with the North Koreans.
Well, if he was a spy, they were playing the long game.
Real long.
North Koreans placed Stiger with the Harrells when he was just a kid.
Well, there was always rumors that the North Koreans were using captured American soldiers to breed spies.
Lieutenant Elder must have seen something suspicious when she was staying with the Stigers.
Figured out that Keith was a spy.
SAM: Jennifer Kim would know how Stiger was trained, who his alliances are in the States.
Where is she now? Well, she made a deal with the intelligence community to work as an asset.
And Granger set her up in a remote location.
We need to get to her fast.
Yes, we do.
Stiger is mobile, and he has everything he needs to carry out a major attack on Los Angeles.
Talk to me, meerkats.
What do we got? Well, since there's no surveillance footage in the immediate area surrounding Stiger's warehouse, we've expanded our search radius.
ERIC: Searching only for vehicles that could carry the weight of the ammonium nitrate.
Now, there are lots of trucks down there, but this one has counterfeit plates on it.
And it was about a half mile out from the warehouse.
KENSI: Great.
How do we know that it's carrying the chemicals? The potholes told us.
I'm sorry, what? Keep talking.
The truck is traveling at around 25 miles per hour when it went over these potholes.
You can see by the way the trailer's moving the truck is loaded down to max capacity.
So it's worst-case scenario confirmed.
If this truck is loaded to capacity with ammonium nitrate, nitromethane and Tovex, it could decimate several high-rise buildings downtown.
Where's the truck now? We tracked it to the Little Tokyo area, but then we lost it.
All right, we're heading down there now.
We'll continue the search from here.
(engine shuts off) First they give me Wi-Fi and now I get real human visitors? An embarrassment of riches.
What about your friends in the intelligence community? (sighs) No personality.
I tried to make friends, but they aren't having it.
I take it the rural life isn't your thing.
It shouldn't be anyone's thing.
Human beings started out in places like this, but then they became smarter and built things, like restaurants, malls and theaters.
Well, nothing says innovation like a good mall.
(Sam chuckles softly) So, what brings you two out here? My next interrogation isn't until Monday.
We need your help.
That's what I'm here for.
That's what's keeping me from being locked away in federal prison.
SAM: Mm.
Do you know this man? No.
His name is Keith Stiger.
We believe he is a North Korean spy.
And you thought to yourself, “Hey, I know another North Korean spy.
” How long has he been in America? Since he was a child.
He looks half Korean, half Caucasian.
The plan would've been to raise him in the States, but with allegiances and ties back to North Korea.
He's basically American.
Doesn't have to fake it like I did.
Well, it's looking like he's planning a bombing here in Los Angeles.
Any idea where we could find him? How long has it been since he ditched his cover and went underground? We found his wife's body this morning.
Coroner says she's been dead a couple of days.
He killed his wife? He was activated.
Whatever he's planning is the culmination of his entire mission.
And by “mission,” you mean, basically, his entire life.
He'll be highly motivated to succeed, and they'll give him every asset at their disposal to help him.
Then where do we go to find him? There's a network of people in L.
that are in place to help an embedded spy when something like this happens.
But I'm gonna need something from you guys first.
Something more than no federal prison time and a beautiful house of your own? Pizza.
A good, New York-style slice.
They bring me groceries, but I don't cook.
And cold cereal has grown really tired.
Nell, we're here.
NELL: So, the truck turned down that street earlier today, but then nothing.
And I'm not picking it up on any of the surrounding streets.
So, guys, it's got to still be in that area.
All right, we'll check it out.
Well, at least we're looking for a giant semitruck of a needle in a giant haystack.
As opposed to a Prius on the Westside? Exactly.
You think Jennifer Kim's gonna help us? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
She was raised from a young age to harm the U.
What makes you think she's gonna help our team now? Well, 'cause it's not really about her.
I mean, Granger trusted her.
I trust Granger; therefore, through proxy, or transitive property, I'm on Team Jennifer Kim.
Or Team Jen Kim, you know, 'cause it sounds better.
You can put it on a T-shirt.
Granger really stuck his neck out for her, didn't he? It seems to me that brokering that deal with the Justice Department and the State Department was pretty much his primary focus right until, uh, you know.
Anyway, if she double-crosses us, she disrespects him.
If she does that, I'll take her out myself.
Fair enough.
All right, well, we're not seeing Stiger's massive mobile bomb anywhere.
Yeah, but it's gonna be here.
We're gonna find it.
(door bell chimes) (security system beeps) Take the train big rush Big rush Wind tunnel, everybody on the bus On the bus (joystick beeps) (music stops) What you doing here? I thought you were arrested.
They had no idea who I was.
Thought I was just another American criminal.
I was released a week ago.
Hey, were you followed? No.
I just need some cash and a clean gun.
(scoffs) You know I need to call in for verification.
I'm sure you understand.
I understand that you have never done any of the things that I've done for our country.
I understand that you sit here playing video games, handing guns and money to people that aren't like you.
People that aren't weak and lazy and scared.
(door closes) All right, look.
I'll give you the gun and the cash, but what are you even doing here? When you were arrested, you were the last asset.
You were a target.
Didn't you think we were still under orders to kill you? I gambled.
I'm tapped out.
I need that cash and gun.
Besides, I knew that if you tried to take me out, I could kill you.
(laughs) That's fair, I guess.
Last person I heard was killed was Aaron Kim.
Any other clean up teams been sent? No.
No, look, you gambled correctly.
Your name hasn't come up as a target, not once.
Any of the newer assets still in play? Uh, yeah.
Anyone gone under? Man, I got to call this in.
Where is Keith Stiger? I don't know.
He's gone under, so it's your job to know where he is.
Look, my bodyguard's gonna be back here any I only need three seconds to kill you.
All right, look.
Stiger's in L.
He's planning something big.
- Help me! - Hey! - He's gonna kill you.
- Shut up.
Federal agents! (grunts) Guys, I told you I got this.
You're welcome.
Man, you are lower than pond scum.
You turn your back on your country to work with these pigs.
(Jennifer grunts) SAM: Hey, hey.
Hands to yourself.
- What is Keith Stiger planning? - Look, I don't know.
All I know is if I'm taken, they will have me killed in jail.
You know that.
Jennifer, please.
Then give us something.
You help us, we'll see that you get put in solitary.
Was this an assignment or is Stiger working freelance? I'm a dead man.
You might be, but if you help us, you may buy yourself some time in jail.
All right, look, it's not sanctioned.
What he's planning is freelance.
Why do you say that? 'Cause I was told to have him killed if he surfaced.
Stiger's got a plan of his own.
And he's recruited many men here to help him.
Did he have anyone fly out to Los Angeles to help him? Who is it? Jin Woo.
Through the use of facial rec, we've been able to determine that he flew into Las Vegas from Osaka, under a false name and passport.
He then must have driven the rest of the way to Los Angeles.
Who is he? NELL: Well, we're still trying to put the pieces together, but it looks like he was a member of a Korean People's Army Special Operations Force that went rogue.
Have the North Koreans tried to bring him in for questioning? Oh, yeah, but he's avoided capture.
I was searching the area where we last saw the semitruck, and I got a hit on a DWP motion sensor camera near the L.
Check it out.
Jin Woo.
Where are these tunnels leading to? That specific tunnel is an out of service storm drain.
Looks like it was put out of use by the construction path of the new Metro Rail line.
NELL: Well, there it is.
That tunnel allows him to move through the entire length of new construction.
MOSLEY: Unlike the Oklahoma City bombing, they might be planning on detonating the bomb directly under the target.
How is the construction crew bringing their equipment into the tunnel? Um, the entrance is right off Los Angeles Street.
Right here.
That could be where they're bringing the bomb supplies into the tunnels.
That's two blocks from Kensi and Deeks' position.
Get them over there, and get me the LAPD chief on the phone right now.
ERIC: Copy that.
One, two, three.
We got two dead security officers.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
(both grunt) That's not good.
MOSLEY: Yes, Mr.
I will keep you apprised (knocking) of the events as they evolve.
Ma'am, the semitruck was empty.
No explosive material was found on site.
But there are tire tracks suggesting that they used a Polaris utility vehicle to haul the materials into the Metro Rail construction tunnels.
Kensi and Deeks went back for their tactical gear.
LAPD SWAT is in route, ten minutes.
And how far out are Callen and Sam? - Two minutes.
- And the REACT Team? They are 40 minutes out.
However this thing plays out, it's gonna be quick.
(sighs) Let's go.
Heads on swivels.
We have no idea how many people Stiger's got down here.
SAM: Got four fuel cans.
About 20 gallons' worth.
I don't know if they're empty or not.
There's got to be more than one Polaris down here to move all these chemicals.
I got two men, AR-15s.
CALLEN (over comms): Coming to you.
(grunts) (choking, gagging) STIGER: Come in.
Do you copy? Where are they? Find them right now.
I got eyes on Keith Stiger.
Well, we got to get to 'em before he finds those bodies.
They're coming right at us.
We're gonna have to go loud.
Federal agents! Drop it! (motorcycle engine revving) Moving.
(grunts) (weapon clicking) (grunts) You good? Good.
Keith Stiger took his motorcycle deeper into the tunnel.
There's no explosives up to this point.
They're moving it all further down in the tunnel.
We got to move.
MOSLEY: Stiger's been hauling explosives down the tunnel all day.
Do we have any idea what his target might be? Well, that tunnel passes under three buildings that are all over 20 stories tall.
What else? From this position, they could blow up three or four strategic water mains.
Massive flooding and sinkholes.
Disruptive and mass chaos, but those are also soft targets.
That's the kind of statement ISIS would value.
Jin Woo and Stiger have gone rogue.
I bet that they're looking for a hard, non-civilian target.
That tunnel also goes under the 500,000 square foot LAPD headquarters building.
MOSLEY: A symbol of authority in America, that's it.
Oh, God.
Get me the LAPD chief immediately.
Tell Callen where the target is.
(sighs) He must be too deep in the tunnels.
- We've lost comms.
- Yeah.
ERIC: We won't be able to get them any information.
Yeah, but that also means that they won't be able to communicate with each other.
NELL: Not good.
NELL: Team's comms are still unresponsive.
And there's no Wi-Fi or cell towers down there that I can hack into.
What's the sitrep? NELL: Well, the team had a visual on Keith Stiger.
No eyes on Jin Woo, yet, and we've lost all communication with them, once they advanced down the tunnels.
And they have no idea that LAPD headquarters is the target.
Well, they know their objective and they have the training to accomplish it, so I think we have to leave it up to them now.
I just spoke to LAPD, Homeland and FBI.
They're setting up a command center.
I'm staking my reputation on your team.
As you should.
You don't ever doubt them? No.
Why not? Because I handpicked each and every one of them.
Well, if that's the proven playbook, then my decision about what to do with this team may have just gotten a little easier.
KENSI: Comms are out.
We're too deep in the tunnels.
CALLEN: Oh, it gets wider up here.
You two take the left side, we'll get on the right side.
Do whatever you have to to take them out.
KENSI: Copy that.
(both panting) (speaking Korean) That's quite the explosion they're rigging.
DEEKS: Hey, do me a favor.
Don't shoot that det cord.
I got Jin Woo.
(speaking Korean) (Deeks whistles) (grunts) (grunts) DEEKS: Damn it.
Cover me! (gunfire continues) (grunting) (grunting) (gunfire, grunting) (grunting continues) (grunts) (both groaning and grunting) (Deeks groans, winces) (groans) (knife squishes) (Deeks pants loudly) I don't like knives.
I do not like them at all.
(groaning) Oh.
You okay? Yeah.
No, I think I just I think I pulled a hammy.
The barrels are daisy-chained together.
If one goes, they all go.
They got motorcycles for an exit.
This is no suicide mission.
SAM: They must be putting a time delay on the prima cord.
I clock Stiger and one other.
There's three bikes.
(Sam gasps) (grunts) CALLEN: Cover! (groans) (detonator beeps) I've got Stiger! I got the bomb! (engine starting) (tires squealing, engine revving) (blows landing) (grunting) (grunts) (blows landing) (grunting) (groans) (sighs) It's over, Stiger.
I, uh You should have left well enough alone, Callen.
Elder's murder was solved.
You did your job.
You didn't have to keep going.
Good job, all-star.
Do not move.
You have options, you know.
We can bring you in to talk.
You don't have to die here.
No, I won't die here.
Not on American soil.
(grunts) Sam! Sam.
Last one.
Delay's about to run out.
(panting) (explosive popping) (sighs) You guys okay? We good? Yeah.
Well, those are the first bombs you have correctly disarmed in quite a while.
(laughs) What did you do? (sighs) What did you do? You know.
Got in a got in a knife fight.
Pulled a hammy.
Pulled a hammy.
So, Stiger and Jin Woo were operating independently, as a rogue team? Yes.
The bomb materials have been disposed of, and Jennifer Kim is back at the safe house.
Well, it was a pretty good day.
The team performed today.
Yes, they did.
They worked for you.
They responded to you.
(sighs) Yes, they did.
Hetty, I'm guessing you know why I was sent here.
I have my ideas.
It's not personal.
It's not an attack on your accomplishments here in Los Angeles.
You do know that these teams are never designed to permanently work together.
I understand.
Team members become too familiar, walls go down, relationships develop.
(clicks tongue) Sounds like a family to me.
Good night, Hetty.
Good night.
Haven't heard any big booms.
Guess you guys didn't drop the ball.
Our turn to say thank you.
You're welcome.
You still want your payment in pizza? Only Mulberry's and only their eggplant Parm slice.
I think we can do that.
You okay, Sam? Yeah.
You don't have to answer this question, because I don't know how personal it is.
Why did Granger go through all this trouble to help you? To set you up through the State Department and Justice? I think because he felt guilty.
Granger was a good man, and I think he knew he would have been a great father to me, but he never really tried.
When he left the hospital, he came here.
Came here to see me.
We talked, I tried to cook, we laughed.
I got to know my father, and he got to know me.
It was a wonderful week.
Where did he go when he left? Come on.
Hollyleaf cherry grows wild out here.
Every morning, Granger would wake up early, take a short walk around the house and pick some berries.
He was off his meds, getting really weak.
When I woke up that day, I couldn't find him in the house, so I went outside.
Wasn't where he usually walked.
I don't know why, but I looked up the hill at this oak tree.
Found him there.
(sighs) He died leaning up against the tree, looking out at the valley.
(inhales sharply) Oh, as soon as I find the time I'm gonna run right to you, girl Guess I felt like he should have that view forever.
Oh, yeah If I give you all I got Would you give me all you have to give? If I give you all I got Would you give me all you have to give? If I give you all I got If I give you all I got Yeah.

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