NCIS Los Angeles s09e16 Episode Script

Warrior of Peace

1 Who is Anatoli Kirkin again? Deeks's bathhouse buddy.
He'd rather sell out his own gangs than join them in prison.
Anatoli Kirkin, you've won a 30-day head start from the Russian mob.
Marty, when I get set up, I will send for you.
CALLEN: Pavel Volkoff poisoned Katarina 'cause he knew he could lure my dad out.
- You're a grandfather.
- You're an uncle.
Agent Callen.
I made lasagna for dinner.
I should probably Why don't, why don't we come back? - Do you want to stay? - That sounds wonderful.
We'd love to.
NIKITA: Please stop.
I surrender.
Just spare my family.
I am your family, Grandpa.
Jake you must remember-- never drop your guard.
(clicking) (grunts, laughs) Oh.
(both laughing) Honestly, I can't tell how much is play and how much is training.
Now reload.
I'm timing you.
The point is he cares.
(sighs) Yeah.
And Jake loves him.
He does.
Yeah, I didn't know what to expect when you two first showed up, but (Jake laughs) he's happy.
And what about you, huh? - When am I gonna get to see Anna again? - Hmm.
(laughs): You only brought her over for dinner once.
I know.
I know.
ATF has her completely tied up.
Well, I like her.
- She kind of reminds me of my mom.
- Okay, that's not weird, is it? (laughs): Why? It's not like it's your mom.
Besides, my mom was a hottie, so just take the compliment.
- Okay? - All right, I'll pass that on.
I know she likes you as well.
Oh, shoot.
Jake, you're gonna be late for school.
- Oy.
- Yeah, I should probably go to work.
Um okay.
NIKITA: Alexandra, I will take care of it.
Thank you.
Okay, buddy.
Bye, Grandpa.
All right.
Thanks, Dad.
See you tonight.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Later, buddy.
See you.
Okay, bye-bye.
Nothing from my only son? I'll see you later.
Be safe.
I will.
MAN: Ma'am, will you please send your father out? ALEX: I don't understand.
Has he done something? Excuse me.
Is there a problem? Agent Callen.
Brian Bush, State Department.
These men are with the Diplomatic Security Service.
Will you please send your father out? What is this about? I'm not at liberty to discuss that.
But your father needs to come with us right now.
They can't do that.
Callen Hold on.
He's not going anywhere till you answer my question.
We have a warrant to enter the premises and remove him.
Please stand aside.
No one is going any Agent Callen! Mommy It's okay, it's okay.
NIKITA: Grisha! I will go with them.
NCIS: LA 9x16 Warrior of Peace Kens? Did you just leave the locker room? We finished working out 20 minutes ago.
(sighs) I need you to look at something, and I need you not to freak out about it.
I don't like where this is going already.
I'm serious.
I'm losing my mind here.
I need you to look at this.
Will you do that? Yeah.
What? What's going on? All right, just don't freak out.
What (groans) what is that? Ew.
That's a hair.
Yeah, I know it's a hair.
What color is that hair? Well, it's kind of gr Yeah.
And I am too young and I am too full of life to be turning gray.
Sweetie, it's just one hair.
It's no big deal.
Doesn't mean anything.
Okay, well, tell that to Clifford Jeremiah Deeks.
I'm sorry, who? My Grandpappy.
He was gray at 30, he was bald at 40.
I've seen my future-- it's gray and then it's bald.
And then he also has these weird creepy earlobes that hang down really low like this, and just kind of flop around when he walks.
I don't want that! Okay, well, if-if You know what? All good to know before we get married and procreate.
At this rate, I'm gonna be bald by the time we get married.
I mean, this little dude just fell right out.
Wait, it fell out? Yeah.
You didn't pull it out? No.
No, no.
It just fell, like the first leaf of autumn.
Babe, this is a dog hair.
Okay, now you're just being mean.
No, no.
I'm-- look.
This is, this is Monty's little gray hair.
I found him sleeping on your pillow during the night.
This is Monty's hair? Yes.
See? No big deal.
Your hair is safe for now.
But, but if those earlobes do this thing, wedding's off.
CALLEN: Yeah, it just happened.
I don't know where they took him.
I don't know.
That's why I'm calling.
Are you gonna help me or not? SAM: Okay, but why is Iran involved? Well, we're not exactly sure.
What's going on? Callen's father was picked up by the State Department this morning.
They took him from Alex's house.
Why? ERIC: We were just going over that.
(clears throat) This is Ann and Jeremy Tyler.
They're husband and wife freelance photographers.
Yeah, I've seen them on the news-- they got picked up while traveling through Iran last month.
Well, the Iranians claim that they are CIA spies.
They're not.
Who is he talking to? Sabatino.
ERIC: It wouldn't be the first time Iran made false claims about captured U.
So what does this have to do with Callen's father? Well, here's where things get weird.
According to our contacts at the State Department, Iran has agreed to release the couple, but they've made a rather unusual request.
They want Callen's father in return.
What? I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Was he operating out of Iran while he was working for the KGB? What's the connection here? This has nothing to do with Iran; they're merely pawns.
The real player is Russia, specifically Pavel Volkoff.
ERIC: Volkoff is currently the head of FSB, Russia's Security Service.
He's the second most powerful man in Russia.
CALLEN: And an old enemy of my dad's.
Volkoff must see this capturing of the Tylers as an opportunity to get some revenge finally.
Maybe he even ordered the capture.
But how did he get Iran to cooperate? Well, according to Sabatino, Volkoff is leveraging a shipment of Russian missiles to the Iranian military.
Iran relies on those shipments to maintain its armed forces.
He's got 'em where it hurts.
Okay, how do we stop this? I mean, does Hetty have contacts at State? Can she pull some strings? Agent Blye, Hetty is not the only one who has contacts at State.
Where do you think this information came from? All right.
Well, we need more than information.
They need to know what's really going on, that we are being played by a major foreign player.
MOSELY: They already know that, Agent Callen, but it doesn't matter.
The trade has been approved and scheduled for two days from now.
The decision came from the highest level of our government.
I can't stop it.
Hetty can't stop it.
You can't stop it.
And any attempt on our part will be considered an act of treason.
I'm sorry.
Callen went to try to see his father.
So how we gonna stop this trade? What's the plan? SAM: There is no plan.
KENSI: So we're supposed to just sit here and do nothing? - Did you talk to Hetty? - I did.
- And? - She agrees with Mosley.
- (Kensi groans) - It's out our hands.
Nothing she can do.
We have a case.
You got to be kidding me.
Stolen weapons from Pendleton.
A Lieutenant Chambers will be meeting you in the boatshed.
(sighs) Duty calls.
(bell dings) Can't get away from me that easy, Brian.
Yes, I heard you wanted to see me.
So you snuck away.
(chuckles) Well, that tells me a lot about you.
This is pointless, Agent Callen.
I've already told you, I can't discuss the circumstances of your father's detention.
Okay, then I will.
In two days, my father's gonna be traded to Russia via Iran so that you can bring back a couple of freelance photographers.
Is that about right? Take the next one, please.
I'm afraid this is gonna be a very short conversation.
See, the Tylers-- innocent Americans with two daughters waiting for them at home.
Now, Nikita Reznikov-- he's a former KGB officer, residing in the U.
on a conditional visa.
Now, I'm sure if this wasn't a personal matter, Agent Callen, that you'd make the same choice.
He has a family, too.
It's not fair to them.
We disagree.
You know, up till now, the Bureau has chosen to ignore the fact that your father was KGB.
It also had chosen to ignore the fact that the son of a KGB officer somehow became an NCIS special agent.
Now from where I'm standing, we've been more than fair.
But if you persist that will change.
And I have a feeling that won't end well for you.
Or the little lady that hired you.
I want to see him.
I can't allow that.
Look, go be with your family, Agent Callen.
There's nothing to be done.
(bell dings) Listen, I get it-- stolen guns from Pendleton.
It's just this is bad timing.
Let's just get this over with.
Lieutenant Chambers is gonna be here any minute.
She already is.
Trudy Chambers was an old alias of mine.
Although she never achieved the rank of lieutenant.
So no stolen weapons then? I'm glad to see that you've retained your detective skills in my absence, Mr.
What? No, I knew it the whole time.
I was just talking about Sam over here.
You should've seen the look of surprise on his face.
It was priceless.
It was so funny.
Who do you think set this up? Yeah? Ah.
I called Hetty.
Had Eric provide an official cover.
Hold on a second.
Does this mean we're gonna help Callen's dad? This is great.
What's the plan? Wait, you do have a plan, don't you? Do you not have a plan? We will, Mr.
Deeks, we will.
You are going to sit here, drink this tea, and work the problem.
And also, there's $100,000 in here, in case you should need it.
Courtesy of, uh, my recent liquidation.
Mosley could be a problem.
It's only a matter of time before she checks on our case.
Let me worry about the assistant director.
You just find a way.
Failure is not an option.
He has so many toys, and these guns are his favorite.
Right? Why-why does, why do they have to like guns so much? Why can't he play - Alex.
with his-his Lego pieces, right? Or-or his his rockets? Why is it always all about guns, huh? Alex, do you understand He never played with them until he met you and Dad.
Did you know that? Do you understand what I just told you? Uh Yeah.
Sorry, I-I didn't It's okay.
I didn't mean that, I It's okay.
It's not.
I'm I'm grateful for you, for Dad, for coming into our lives, but it-it hasn't been easy.
You weren't even there for the really painful part.
Those months after Jake lost his grandmother, he was (exhales sharply) He didn't eat.
I mean, what what kind of seven-year-old boy doesn't eat? And now you're telling me that he might lose his grandpa, too? I mean, he's up there-- he cried himself to sleep.
I had to lie to him, and tell him that Alex, I promise you, that I No.
No promises.
People break promises.
Just, you get this done, Callen.
Whatever it takes, whatever you need to do to stop this trade, you just, you do it.
Don't make me regret letting you in.
Hey, Eric, I'm looking at the case control log, and I don't see an ROI open for the Pendleton theft.
Where are Beale and Jones? Hidoko's calling.
What should I do? Don't answer.
Where are we going? Eric, you're supposed to be trying to figure that out.
Come on, let's go! And do it quickly, because this thing guzzles gas faster than my Uncle Ned and his bottle of brandy.
Here we go, option number one, let's hear it.
KENSI: Number one, we drop into Iran, rescue the Tylers before they make the trade.
That's a long shot.
And it could start a war.
DEEKS: Plus, treason.
SAM: Uh, option two, we-we fake Nikita's death.
Doesn't help the Tylers.
Again, treason.
Option number three, we infiltrate the FSB, and assassinate Volkoff.
Which still leaves the Tylers out of luck.
Oh, yeah, and treason.
Yeah, with a side of nuclear winter.
Guys, let me just float this once more KENSI: No.
No, we are not going undercover as a science-fiction film crew.
That was a movie, Eric.
That was based on true events.
Won Best Picture.
Okay, how is this helping? I'm just stating that All right, I'm gonna stop talking.
Thank you.
We have been going at this for two hours, and we still don't have a solution.
Kobayashi Maru.
No-win scenario.
I don't accept that.
We'll find a way, or make one.
That's very Captain Kirk of you.
Hey, Callen.
Did you get to see your dad? No.
DEEKS: What about Alex? How is she holding up? Okay.
How much of that did you hear? Enough.
Look, we're looking at this all the wrong way.
Every one of these scenarios, we get what we want, the Russians don't.
We need another scenario where both sides walk away with something.
It has to be something they want even more than your father.
Well, this is personal for Volkoff.
How on earth do you compete with that? Anatoli Kirkin.
What? It sounded like you just said “Anatoli Kirkin.
” As in, the Anatoli Kirkin that crushes on me hard every time we cross paths.
KENSI: Last time that happened, he was on the run for selling out his gang connections back in Russia.
Those gangs are practically one and the same with the Russian government, as well as the FSB.
If we can apprehend Kirkin, we can try and get the gangs to pressure Volkoff to ask for Kirkin instead of my father.
Politically, he'll have no choice.
Sounds like a plan.
Kirkin's been hiding for two years.
We'll have to find him first.
Um, I can put together a list of all the gangs that want Kirkin dead.
Maybe we can piggyback off their efforts.
Get your focus on the ones that still may have a grudge against him.
Copy that.
Listen, Callen, not to play the devil's advocate here, but I think this needs to be said: even if we find Kirkin-- which is a big if unto itself-- we're essentially handing him over to be tortured and killed.
What do you think Volkoff is gonna do to my father? No, I-I get that I'm not gonna force you, Deeks.
I'm not gonna force anyone.
The only other option is doing nothing, and that is not an option for me.
This isn't about right and wrong.
This is about his family.
Don't have to ask me twice.
Let's get to work.
I haven't seen you all week.
I was starting to think we lost you again.
(chuckles) Well, I needed a few days to settle my personal affairs.
Ah, well, if you ever need more time, please know that you should feel free to take it.
I realize I never thanked you for what you did during the Vietnam operation.
You didn't need to stick your neck out for me, and I'm grateful.
Well, I may not always agree with you, Hetty, but you are NCIS.
Unfortunately, SECNAV is reviewing your actions during my rescue.
Yes, I heard.
I broke protocol, I failed to secure authorization, and I'm sure I violated several treaties.
Not my finest hour.
She and I are close.
I could help.
And in return, should I look the other way while your team runs behind my back, interfering with an executive decision? Come on, Hetty.
Stolen weapons from Pendleton? I expected so much more from you.
I suppose after three months of living in a cage, I'm a bit rusty.
But I'm curious.
Why haven't you shut them down? Maybe I'm just waiting for the right moment.
So when I do shut them down, they stay down.
If that's true, maybe you're more dangerous than I anticipated.
ERIC: Callen and Sam are on their way.
So, question is, which gang owns this barbershop? This is the Grozny Mafia.
They're Chechen arms dealers, but, in their spare time, they cut heroin.
Get it? “Hair-oin”.
Yeah, no, it's-it's really very clever.
I'll be here all week.
Anyway, Kirkin's snitching basically decimated the gang.
So this barbershop is all they have left.
Speaking of old Kirkin, didn't he suffer from some chronic back pain due to an old bullet wound? Yeah.
That's why Deeks first met him at that Russian bath.
Yeah, and Anna kidnapped him from the massage parlor.
You know what I hate? Tell me.
Finding a new doctor.
Everyone hates that.
According to the files from when Kirkin was under house arrest, he was being treated by his longtime doctor, Gerhard Sorensen.
It says here Sorensen specializes in alternative stem cell therapies.
That is definitely not FDA-approved.
Doesn't even have an office.
House calls only.
So maybe Sorensen is still making house calls to wherever Kirkin is.
Okay, wait, wait.
This is assuming that Kirkin is in the same area, which he probably isn't.
I mean, this is a long shot.
I mean, the whole plan to save Callen's dad is pretty much a long shot, so - Okay.
I'll try to pull up his GPS records, see if we can get something to jump out.
Ooh, Callen and Sam just pulled up.
Let's see if the Grozny Mafia has any leads on Kirkin.
Shall we? We shall.
(door bells tinkle) Come in.
You Anzor Daudov? Who are you? Someone who has something in common with you.
A former associate.
Anatoli Kirkin.
You could use a shave, my friend.
Sit down.
We will talk.
(grunts) I can do nothing for you.
You done with that? Thank you.
So, Mr.
Friend of yours? Was.
My colleague and I moved some money for him through our accounting firm.
Then one crisp October day about two years ago, the feds showed up.
I spent the next 18 months in prison.
You would not be alone in your grievance, my friend.
But, uh, why are you telling me this? Because he did the same thing to you.
And from what I hear, you are not a man who forgives his enemies.
Neither am I.
You've been told wrong, my friend.
Kirkin is gone.
So, if you, uh, cannot forgive, I would suggest that you forget.
I can't.
Kirkin may have stolen my freedom, but fortunately, the feds did not take all of my money.
I'd say that this shop could use a little upkeep.
Maybe hire a few more employees.
Maybe restock the armory.
Follow me.
Your colleague stays here.
(sighs) We grabbed him last month, one of Kirkin's (speaks Russian).
But he won't talk.
And believe me, we've tried.
Whoop, there it is.
Sorensen started travelling to a new residential address just two months after Kirkin went into hiding.
That's almost three times as far as his other patients.
That's worth a shot.
All right, I'll tell Kensi and Deeks.
Sword of Grayskull.
What? Ah, crikey.
Uh, Agent Hidoko.
Look, we can explain.
Don't bother.
I can't believe you two.
After everything we've been through, you still don't trust me enough to ask for help? So you're not going to drag us back to Mosley's office right now? She doesn't know I'm here.
Let's keep it that way.
How can I help? Welcome to Shadow Ops.
CALLEN: You think he knows where Kirkin is? I believe so.
But even if he doesn't, he's an abomination.
(spits) (laughs) (both laugh) (grunts) Hey, I'm a federal agent.
I'm gonna get you out of here, all right? But I need to know something.
Where is Kirkin? Uh Look at me.
Where is Anatoli? Eric, Nell, you there? Yeah.
Callen, we read you.
We got a problem.
Grozny Mafia's kidnapped one of Kirkin's ex-boyfriends.
He may know where Kirkin is, but we're gonna have to break him out of here.
Taken care of Anzor.
(quietly): I can handle these two in here.
(coughs) Guys, two more of Grozny's finest just pulled up; they're headed your way.
Oh, God.
Are Sam and Callen armed? No, too dangerous.
Where are you going? To get a haircut.
All right.
Incoming, G.
(coughs) I'll be back.
On my mark.
Three, two Hey.
You guys do fades here? (Russian music playing) (grunting) (man yells) You just happened to be in the neighborhood? (panting) DEEKS: So this is where Kirkin's doctor's been making house calls.
The owner is a Dan Hendrick.
- Hmm.
Looks successful.
- Yeah, his parents were.
He inherited a fortune.
(doorbell rings) Trust fund.
- Hi.
- Uh - Hi.
KENSI: Are you Dan Hendrick? That's me.
Can I help you? KENSI: Yeah, Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
This is my partner, Detective Marty Deeks.
Do you know a Dr.
Sorensen? I don't think so.
W-What does he treat? Uh, back pain, mostly.
Oh, yeah.
He treats my fiancé.
But I thought his name was Dr.
Rick? (laughs) Speak of the devil.
Here's my fiancé now.
Should have seen that coming.
(Kensi chuckles) (sighs) Marty.
I can explain.
(siren chirps) (indistinct police radio chatter) There's no way Mosley's not gonna hear about this.
No, there's not.
She's gonna come down hard on us.
Especially you.
I made a choice.
I can live with it.
Jesse Smith.
That's him.
NELL: Okay, according to Kirkin's FBI file, he and Jesse were romantically involved for several years.
Jesse disappeared a month ago.
Huh, a month in that room? Yeah.
No wonder he ran after you untied him.
We need to find him.
Already pulling up traffic cams.
(knocking on door) SAM: G.
Kensi just checked in.
They found Kirkin.
Let's go.
HIDOKO: Oh, no.
Well, I guess Hetty bought us all the time she could.
Well, we'll buy you some more.
Get Kirkin.
Save your father.
You know, when I imagined Kirkin on the run, it never really looked like this.
Oh, you imagined Kirkin? You imagine Kirkin, do you? No, I mean, like when he would pop into my head.
How often does that happen? (laughs) Late at night, when you're alone? - When you're with me? - Okay.
I just-- I meant that it's a, it's a, it's a nice house.
It's an ornate, nice Oh, my friends.
Uh, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Um, my fiancé, he is not used to visits from law enforcement.
(laughing): It's very confusing for him.
Very confusing for us, too, Stewart.
Uh, obviously, I could not keep my name.
There are people who want me dead.
(laughs) But you two mmm.
Mmm, let me look at you.
I think you're looking at me plenty with my little creepy doppelganger here.
Oh, that.
That-that is a coincidence, Marty.
It doesn't matter.
What is your angle here? Sorry.
My-my angle? Uh, I'm not familiar with this term.
You don't expect us to believe all this, do you? That you've settled down? Put your criminal past behind you? It is true.
I love my Dan.
Together we have turned over a new leaf.
You said you were not here for me.
That you had just questions about my old contacts.
Was that a lie? Please.
I know we have had our troubles in the past, but I beg of you, don't ruin this for me.
(speaks Russian) (sighs) How much have you told him? Nothing yet.
No, Marty, please.
Tell him I've changed.
Callen, just, let's think about this for a minute.
I have.
Listen, we're law enforcement.
We don't do this.
CALLEN: He's a fugitive.
DEEKS: I understand that, and if we were arresting him, it'd be one thing, but that's not what we're doing.
Marty, open your eyes.
I'm in cuffs.
He's had people murdered, Deeks.
I understand that, but does that justify what you're about to do? No, but I have to do it anyways.
You two go get in your car.
Don't follow me.
KIRKIN: What do you mean by that? Please.
KIRKIN: Please, Callen.
We can make a deal.
CALLEN: You knew where he was? I told you not to come here.
It's too dangerous.
They found me anyway.
A month of torture and you never gave him up? KIRKIN: A month? Jesse, is this true? I love you, Anatoli.
I'm sorry.
Who-who is this guy? (tires squealing) Anatoli! We've been looking for you! KENSI: Get down.
This is for my brother! (gunfire) I need light I need fire That's Anzor's twin brother, Artur.
Believe it or not, he's the evil one.
Eric, we're under attack at the Hendrick house.
We need backup.
What's going on? Were those gunshots? (gunfire continues) Get down! I need love Backup is on the way, 20 minutes out.
KIRKIN: Uh, are you sure you told them nothing? Yes, I'm sure.
They must have put a tracker on you.
They cut me a few days ago.
I passed out.
I woke up and this bandage was on my arm.
Yeah, that's a tracker.
I don't see anything.
Baby, I need love Hey, they're-they're coming in the back.
Kens, Deeks! Love Take me down, everybody down I'll find you.
Down to bottom, take me down Stewart? Stewart! Down! Come here.
Down to the bottom (grunts) (grunts) I need love I need your love Hey, yeah (tires squealing) Yeah, hey, ah Ah, ah-ah-ah Ooh-ooh.
Welcome back, Agent Callen.
Save your breath, Mosley.
You were right.
You want me to clear out my desk, just say the word.
I'm not sure I follow.
According to Agent Hanna, you have a promising lead on the weapons stolen in Pendleton.
Or I don't know.
Maybe there is a reason why I should be asking you to clean out your desk.
She bought the Pendleton story? SAM: Hell no.
Not for a second.
But she played along as if she did.
Even handled the LAPD at the barbershop.
I don't understand.
What did you say to stop her from shutting us down? Maybe I'm just waiting for the right moment, so when I do shut them down, they stay down.
If that's true maybe you're more dangerous than I anticipated.
(sighs) But I don't think it is.
I think you empathize with Mr.
Callen's situation.
And knowing what happened to your son, I can understand completely.
Reading my file and knowing my motives are not the same.
You do what you have to do, Assistant Director, and my people will do what they need to do.
The offer to help with SECNAV still stands.
You know where to find me.
(door opens) I didn't have to say anything.
It was her choice.
She understands what you're going through, Mr.
Callen, more than you know.
To that end, she was able to call in a few favors at the State Department.
She got you access to see your father.
I didn't have to choose you.
You do know that? Ma'am? For this assignment.
There were other candidates more qualified, more experienced, but I took a chance on you.
(sighs quietly) And I'm grateful.
But it wasn't right what they were doing to Callen's father.
I couldn't just stand by and I don't think I asked you to.
Next time, you come and talk to me, but don't ever go behind my back again.
Can you give us a moment alone? We'll be watching.
Don't speak.
And don't move.
All right.
Chatty family.
(phone beeps) We don't have a lot of time.
Grisha, what are you doing? I activated a playback loop so they won't see you escape.
- Escape? Grisha - Don't worry.
I'm going with you.
You'll never get out of the country without me.
They'll hunt you down.
I don't care.
I'm not letting them take you like this.
It's not your decision to make.
The hell it isn't.
Get in the water.
Damn it, Dad! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! (panting) I will not let you sacrifice yourself for me.
I chose this life long ago.
If I can save another family, then it is a good trade.
The right trade.
Oh, geez.
What are you doing? Monty slept on your pillow again.
Monty, we talked about this.
Hey, don't blame him.
Maybe if you tried washing your hair more often? What, with your shampoo with all the chemicals in it, and lose my natural oils? Don't be jealous.
Natural oils, baby, are what keeps my hair vibrant and strong.
Too much shampoo, too many chemicals-- that was Uncle Grandpappy Cliff's downfall.
Be still my heart.
You got to be kidding me.
KENSI: How are you still alive? You asked me what was my angle.
I, uh, have been siphoning money from Dan's inheritance.
So, you bought your freedom from the gang? Oh, no, Marty.
I bought the gang.
They're only here, uh, in case you try to arrest me.
I'm just gonna be honest here.
I'm, um I'm glad you're okay.
I know you're flirting with me, Marty, but I'm afraid it's too late.
- Not flirting.
I thought it was only fair to tell you, I've moved on.
So should you.
You ready to go, babe? (speaks Russian) Good luck with the Do svidaniya.
You gonna be okay in here? Yeah.
(sighs) I would die I wouldn't sleep (sighs) She just needs time.
I would cry, I would weep When the night is coming And I'm missing my babe It is not as bad as you think, you know.
I was captured by the Russians once before.
I escaped.
Who says I cannot do it again? So what name you gonna take now? I've always liked Igor.
When the night is coming You don't approve? No, it's just You know, the name's never really gotten a lot of respect in America with the whole the Dr.
Frankenstein assistant, the hunchback? I am not familiar with it.
It's nothing.
In Russian, it means “warrior of peace.
” Knowing never what went wrong I think that's perfect.
So, babe, while I'm lying here Grisha Thoughts that still linger in my head This time with you and Alexandra and Jake I know.
I know.
When the night is coming And I'm missing my babe Knowing we're all in the same boat Agent Callen, it's time.
When the night is coming Come on.
When the night is coming (indistinct chatter) When the night is coming And I'm missing my friends (laughing) Knowing we're all in the same boat (sniffles) When the night is coming (exhales shakily) And I'm missing my babe Knowing we're all in the same boat.

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