NCIS Los Angeles s09e17 Episode Script

The Monster

1 MAN: Timothy? (footsteps approaching) It's time to wake up.
(breath quivering) We're gonna start.
(coughs) Welcome.
Not all people will get to know the nature and timing of their demise, nor would they want to, but for you to watch this very human condition, this face-to-face intimate interplay with death and unimaginable pain-- it can be an enlightening and informative experience that will tell you everything you need to know about this man.
The effectiveness of my method for human revelation does not come simply from my motivational tools.
The real secret is enabling this man to bear witness to his own suffering for as long as humanly possible.
That's what will lead us all to God's truth.
(panting) - What do you think I know? - And now for your edification and pleasure, we begin.
Eyes of a sideshow Teeth of a dog What? Wait.
(drill whirring) Talk to me.
What do you think you're gonna get from me? I think we both know the answer to that.
Somebody help me! Please.
My name is Lieutenant Commander Timothy Weir.
If someone can hear me, call 911! (drill whirring) Help me! NCIS: LA 9x17 The Monster Wait a minute.
I'm not saying that I don't care about the length of the tablecloth or color of the flowers.
That's exactly what you're saying.
I'm just saying it's the bride's day.
I don't want it to be the bride's day.
I want it to be our day, Deeks.
Listen, the day that you asked me that was my day.
All right? That was my week, that was my month, that was my year, that was my lifetime.
Forget about it.
Game over.
Drop the mic.
So the only thing that matters to me in this wedding is that I'm with you.
You really don't care about the tablecloth? Not at all.
You know what? Neither do I.
But I need help from you to organize this wedding, so, please, please, please can you do that? Absolutely.
I can do that.
Thank you.
I love you.
MOSLEY: It's not working for me.
HETTY: Well, I would I understand I was wondering how long the peace would last.
They've been going on like that for the past half an hour.
I keep hoping she'll drive Hetty to use one of her poison pens.
How is that possible? What do you think it's about? Two diametrically-opposed life views.
Hey, uh, we have a case up in Ops.
No whistle? No megaphone? No foghorn? Mosley wants everyone upstairs except Callen.
Well, at least we know what they're talking about up there.
(chuckles) She wants to fire me.
You guys head on up.
I'll be there in a minute.
(sighs) You know there's no way Hetty'll let her fire you.
She may lose that battle.
Then we'll both be out of a job.
So, what do we got? I don't know.
We're waiting on Hidoko.
I guess she gives the briefings now.
KENSI: That's interesting.
Do we know why Mosley doesn't want Callen up here? Not a clue.
If Callen goes, I'm next.
She's been trying to send me back to LAPD since they got here.
Yeah, she never did like you.
Okay, easy.
She just doesn't approve of our relationship.
The truth is, Hidoko may be here to replace me.
That's ridiculous.
That's No.
(Eric clears throat, Deeks mumbles) Hi.
Navy Lieutenant Commander Timothy Weir, who is currently assigned to DoD Intelligence Is Mosley firing Callen? I have no idea.
NELL: Are you here to replace me? - Excuse me? No.
Not that I'm aware of.
Okay, okay, look, let's all relax, take a deep breath.
Until we're told otherwise, we have a job to do, so let's concentrate on the case.
(sighs, clears throat) Navy Lieutenant Commander Timothy Weir, who is currently assigned to DoD Intelligence in a Special Access Program, did not report in last night or this morning.
He has access to some of DoD's most sensitive information concerning China and North Korea, so we need to find him quickly.
SAM: Okay.
We can concentrate on that.
All right, let's look at Let's look at his last communications.
Oh! I guess we can all be replaced.
You heard the lady.
What's going on? It's difficult to say.
Is this the part where you give me an answer that doesn't tell me a damn thing? We've sung this duet before.
So I should stop asking.
It would save time.
HIDOKO: Looks like his last call was to AAA.
(groans) Car was in a camera dead zone, but we'll keep digging.
I'm sending you information on the tow company that picked up his car now.
Anything before that? Uh, yeah, looks like he made a call to a Mandy Huang, a Chinese national from the Yunnan province.
Looks like she's lived in Los Angeles for the past ten years, and She works for the Chinese consulate.
DEEKS: Could be something.
Maybe Weir is selling intelligence to China.
Mandy Huang is his contact person? SAM: It could be a lot of things.
You and Deeks talk to Mandy.
We'll take the tow company.
Good morning.
We're gonna be changing things up.
Sam, you'll be teaming up with Kensi on this, and, Detective Deeks, you're Permanently going back to LAPD? - Yes.
- Wait.
Seriously, you're doing this? If you keep interrupting me.
Detective, you'll work with Hidoko.
- What? - What about my partner? Agent Callen will not be working on this case.
Keep me informed.
So, she's not firing me? Yeah, but she's breaking up our team, and yours.
Like I said, let's just do our jobs.
We'll take the mechanic's shop.
Deeks and Hidoko, you talk to Mandy Huang.
I'm sure the addresses will be on our phones, right? Of course.
(knock on door) Enter.
You wanna tell me what's going on? (sighs) It's clear you and I have had a difficult relationship.
And that's not a situation that's sustainable or good for anyone.
Look, I get that you don't like me, okay, but this is not about me.
This is about this team.
This team does incredibly valuable work, and I will fight to keep it together.
Hetty's not the only one around here that has connections.
I'm not breaking up your team.
Oh, you're just firing me? I'm not firing you either, Agent Callen.
In fact, it's quite the opposite.
You and I are gonna be partners.
CALLEN: Last I checked, you and I are not exactly partner material.
Then you should check again.
If this is your way of getting me to quit, I wouldn't waste your time, because I can do this as long as I have to.
Then we need to get to work.
What, exactly, are we working on? Assisting ATF to locate and arrest an international arms dealer.
Spencer Williams.
This will be the first time he's seen stateside since he fled the country in 2012.
That's when ATF discovered he was selling arms to Iran.
Why would Williams risk being exposed after so long? If ATF is correct, he's in the States to sell a huge cache of arms stolen from Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake over ten years ago.
I remember this.
It was almost $45 million worth of weapons and ammunition.
Hellfire and Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stingers This is all state-of-the-art stuff.
They found Williams and managed to get an undercover agent in his crew.
This is a big case.
Why just me? Why not the rest of the team? ATF is still collecting evidence on the Iran case.
Politically, that's the big one.
This is their bust.
The smaller our footprint, the better.
We're merely advisors on this one.
Okay, well, sounds like it's time for you and I to get to work partner.
(children shouting, laughing) What is it? You're giving me a look.
(chuckles): I don't have a look.
What are you talking about? What look? Is it 'cause of the Mosley thing? No.
But now that you ask, it's just I prefer it when I drive.
Oh, you're a control freak.
Whoa I get it.
I like to be in control, but I'm not a control freak, okay? I mean, you know how it is when you're at the mercy of somebody else's driving skills and directions and stuff.
Yeah, I can relate.
Okay, cool.
So, I can drive? - I can drive back? - That's not gonna happen.
- Hey.
You dropping off or picking up? SAM: Neither.
Agents Hanna and Blye.
How can I help you? We were hoping someone could answer some questions about a AAA tow from yesterday.
Timothy Weir.
Silver BMW 5 series.
I haven't seen him, but the past couple days have been crazy.
So let me get Al.
He's the owner.
He might have checked this in.
- That'd be great.
- Sure.
So you're saying I can never drive? (chuckles) You can drive if I'm shot, stabbed, or suffering from major blunt force trauma.
So you're saying you'd have to be wounded? And unconscious.
Then you feel free to take the wheel.
I'll think of something.
- How's it going? SAM: Good.
Albert Barrington.
Cindy says you're looking for the owner of the BMW that came in yesterday.
- Yeah.
Anything you can tell us? AL: I just did the paperwork, so it's not in the computer yet.
Yeah, Bobby brought it in, but the owner wasn't with him.
He's our only tow guy.
Well, he might be the last person to see Weir-- does Bobby have a last name? Allen.
Bobby Allen.
KENSI: Okay.
Can we talk to him? Is he here? He's on a tow at the moment.
Should be back inside an hour.
Okay, so in the meantime, we need to take a look at Weir's car.
Right back here.
SAM: Great.
DEEKS: So, Hidoko.
Family name, adopted or or what? What does it matter? I guess it doesn't matter.
Then why are you asking? Because it sounded Japanese, and I was just curious.
You ever here that curiosity killed the wild jungle cat? Did you just call me a wild jungle cat? Well played.
But if we're gonna be partners, don't you think we should know a little something about each other? Not really.
ERIC (over comms): Hey, is this a bad time? HIDOKO: Not at all, Eric.
No, it's great timing.
NELL: Okay, we found some security cam footage of Huang with Weir.
They were walking together, holding hands, eating dinner.
ERIC: Looks like a clandestine romantic rendezvous going back a few years.
Okay, well, send it to us and keep digging.
ERIC: Deeks, it's what we do.
We dig.
Come on.
(clicks tongue) So, you've deflected and you've avoided, Hidoko.
You're killing me.
Where is that name from? Kensi really agreed to marry you? Now you sound like my mom.
(doorbell rings) Hi.
Mandy Huang? I'm Detective Deeks, LAPD.
This is Special Agent Hidoko.
(Chinese accent): What is this about? Navy Officer Timothy Weir.
- I don't know who that i - Uh-uh.
Let me just stop you right there.
How do you think we knew to come here? You know what, better yet Hmm, maybe we should just call the Chinese consulate.
Wonder what they would think of this photo.
And there's more where that came from.
We're investigating the whereabouts of a missing naval officer, and you were the last person he called.
This is serious.
You're in a relationship with Lieutenant Commander Weir? Yes.
I'm an attaché at the Chinese consulate.
We are aware.
If they find out I'm dating somebody working for the U.
Navy, I could lose my job.
I'd have to return to China.
It could be very bad for my family back home.
What was the phone call about last night? I was supposed to see Tim tonight.
But I haven't heard from him since.
Do you think something's wrong? We don't know.
Any idea why he would disappear? No.
None at all? No.
I have no idea.
If you think of anything, here's my card.
Just, uh, give us a call.
(door opens) HIDOKO: Why'd you stop questioning her so quickly? The wild jungle cat lays in wait for its prey.
You want to stake her out.
Apply the pressure, let the bad guys do the work for you.
It is a classic.
(distant traffic sounds) (quiet chatter) Assistant Director Mosley.
Special Agent Callen.
Special Agent Cha'Risa Swan.
Nice to meet you.
Williams' men just drove into the garage and are headed to the lower level.
Is Williams with them? No, just his men.
Do we know if Williams was alone when he entered the States? Is there someone with him we should be looking for specifically? No, I'm just trying to figure out the big picture.
SWAN: The buyers are the three Filipino men on the right.
The one with the Fabio hair is our man, Special Agent Mark Hodges.
Williams' second-in-command, Thomas Jones, left with one of his security men 45 minutes ago, after the buyer transferred ten percent of the money.
Roughly 2.
7 million.
Now they're just waiting for Jones to get back.
If Williams shows, do you have enough to make a case? As big as Williams is, this is about recovering the weapons.
Until then, we have to stay in play.
(sighs) That's Jones right there.
(quiet chatter) JONES (on video): The transfer went through, we're good to go.
There's just one small matter.
Oh, my God.
AGENT: We got one down.
Special Response wants to move in? MOSLEY: If you move in now, you will never get Williams.
I've worked with Hodges for two years.
- They should go in.
- We have to stay in play until we see the weapons.
Hodges would have died for nothing if we do it now.
Tell them that we need to recover the weapons.
Do not engage.
Stand fast.
I repeat, stand fast.
We do not end this.
My man recognized him as a Dade County sheriff from ten years ago.
I confirmed it.
I don't believe this.
I'll text you the location of the exchange site.
Do not cross us.
Damn it.
Bobby Allen? Federal agents.
What do you mean, "federal agents"? NCIS.
We just want to talk.
All right.
About what? What is this? Eric, I need you to check out this picture I just sent.
His name is Bobby Allen.
Something's up with this guy.
Run a search.
- Who-who's she talking to? - Why don't you take a breath, and we have a conversation? Just relax.
Just want to ask you a couple questions.
ERIC: Okay, guys, nothing on Bobby Allen, but facial rec did get a match to a Robert Griffin, and is (computer beeping) He was convicted of a murder in '93, Katherine Sheridan.
She was cut up into pieces and left in an overgrown yard.
He did 19 years.
All right, what's up? You're scaring me.
Think it's time we talk, Bobby Griffin.
Same Bobby Griffin who mutilated Katherine Sheridan 20 years ago? That was a long time ago.
And he was scared of us? Sit.
All right, what's this all about? You tell me, Mr.
Or is it Allen? I changed my name when I got out of prison.
I was just looking for a fresh start.
All right, what's this about? You mean besides the brutal murder of an innocent young woman? I was a kid on meth.
All right, I had a psychotic break.
It was 20 years ago.
Timothy Weir.
Silver BMW.
You picked him up yesterday.
Your coworker said you were alone when you returned with his car.
He said he had to meet someone and he was gonna grab an Uber.
I gave him the info to the shop, told him he could call and get an estimate in the morning, then I hooked up the Beemer and took off.
Hey, look, I did a terrible thing a long time ago, and I served my time.
All right? But you look at me, and all you see is a convict, right? Truthfully, I don't know what I see.
AL: I didn't know about the name, but Bobby did tell me he spent time inside.
He was upfront about it.
- That didn't bother you? - I knew he had a drug issue, and he'd killed somebody.
I-I didn't know that's how it happened.
- Hmm.
I was just trying to give the guy a shot.
KENSI: How well did you know him? Uh, w-we've hung out.
I thought he was okay.
Cindy? Any problems with him? Anything inappropriate? He used to get a little too flirty, but he never crossed any line.
All right.
What about last night, after the tow? Yeah, he was here helping me install an engine, uh, till 10:30.
Then, we had a beer, hung out till around 1:00.
His work is all right, and the customers like him.
What do you think Bobby did? I hope you're tracking these guys.
SWAN: There is a tracker on the car.
We're on top of this.
I don't know that Agent Hodges would agree with that.
I have been working this case for over two years, and I just lost an agent with a wife and a child.
Look So now is not the We understand your loss.
But let's just stay on track.
Williams didn't show up for the meet, so I suggest we end this now.
Bring Jones and his men in for the murder charge, and make them tell us where Williams is.
You get Williams, you get the weapons.
That's not necessarily going to work.
Jones just killed a federal agent.
There is no scenario where he isn't brought in immediately.
I am sorry, EAD Mosley, but this is that scenario.
And I'll remind you, this is ATF's case.
You're here as guests.
So, if you'll excuse me? Can I talk to you a second? What is it, Agent Callen? You know this is bigger than just bringing in Jones and Williams, right? This is about an end of days cache of weapons.
Yes, but tracker or no tracker, unless there's someone on the inside, they will never recover those weapons.
ERIC: We might be able to help with that.
We traced Thomas Jones's sat phone as he left the garage.
It went to Cole Bingham.
MOSLEY: Am I supposed to know who that is? Bingham owns Blue Octagon security firm.
They contract ex-special ops with questionable pasts as private security.
NELL: It appears he's trying to replace Hodges with another operator.
How does that help us? Bingham is a CI that works for me.
Why haven't I heard of him? 'Cause I flipped him around the time of the mole.
I didn't think it made any sense to put him on the books.
- And you trust him? - Yeah.
You know, he's made some mistakes, but he knows if he screws up, he's going away for life.
So you want to use Bingham to get inside.
It's not a bad play.
We got lucky, we should take advantage of this.
Eric, starting working on Callen's backstop.
They're gonna be thorough.
Beale out.
Here's the deal.
If I'm going in there to do this, I need full disclosure.
'Cause there's obviously something you're not telling me, and I need to know what it is, partner.
Spencer Williams and I were in a relationship, but that was before I knew about the arms trafficking.
He betrayed you.
Well, I know a little bit about that.
I suppose you do.
So is this about justice, or is this about revenge? Why can't it be about both? I guess it can.
Let's get you inside.
DEEKS: You know, when I first met this team, Sam and I were basically in a steel cage fight to the death.
And you survived.
I thought so, you know, 'cause he weighs, like, 245 pounds, and I'm, like, 180.
That's not the point; the point is, I know what it's like to be the new kid on the block.
Especially when everyone else has grown up together, and it's tough.
You all seem to get along fine.
Yeah, now we do.
Now, they're my family, I love them.
One of which I love so much, I'm gonna marry her.
But my point is, that didn't happen overnight.
Look, I know I'm liked and respected.
But I'm a package deal with Mosley.
And it's very clear where the team stands on her.
Yeah, but you're two separate people.
We get that.
What I'm telling you is that you're only attached to her if you want to be.
I want to be.
She's mentored me.
She's gotten me this far.
I'm loyal.
I'll be happy to go down with her if that's what happens.
Fair enough.
Look at that.
Game on.
(engine starts) Okay, please, put it away.
I was in a really bad way, then.
All right, I was a mess.
All I cared about was staying high.
You did away with whoever got in your way.
I did 19 hard years for that.
All right? 19.
What else can I do? L-Look at me.
You have any idea what life in prison was like for a skinny 18-year-old meth head? Katherine Sheridan.
There's no coming back for her, and you did that.
So you'll excuse us if we don't RSVP to your pity party.
Believe me, I get it.
But I didn't do anything.
SAM: That may be.
But until we find Weir or verify your story, you'll be here a little while longer.
Get comfortable.
You tell my boss about this? You know, a lot of guys have killed people.
If they're lucky, somebody gives 'em a second chance.
Not for me, I guess.
That's the breaks.
DEEKS: Looks like Mandy's not who she said she was.
(over comms): Beale, she went into the Los Angeles Theater on Broadway and she's armed.
We're going in.
ERIC (over comms): Got it.
Freeze! Drop the gun! (gasping) DEEKS: Mandy.
Mandy, put it down now.
Drop the gun.
We won't ask again.
(crying) Secure the weapon.
Got her.
Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
(crying): Oh, my God.
(indistinct police radio chatter) You okay? This is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.
And they're saying it's body parts from at least five different people sewn together.
Coroner estimates Weir's time of death between 10:00 p.
and 1:00 a.
What the hell? Hey, Bobby Griffin, the guy Sam and Kensi are talking to, butchered a woman 20 years ago.
Could line up.
Let's find out.
You start talking now.
How did you find that body? Look, this needs to be handled discreetly.
Oh, because you're an attaché to the Chinese consulate? Something like that.
No, "something like that" is not gonna cut it.
We need answers.
We need them now.
You think that I did this? HIDOKO: If you didn't kill Weir, how did you know where to find him? Take me someplace secure and I'll tell you exactly what you need to know.
Close it.
Go ahead.
Now it's secure.
Start talking.
(sighs) (American accent): You need to speak to Jordan Davis.
What just happened to your accent? And who's Jordan Davis? Davis is an intelligence officer at the NSA and my handler.
Mandy Huang isn't my real name.
The real Mandy Huang is dead.
NSA used that opportunity for me to assume her identity.
DEEKS: Which means you're NSA agent and a U.
I provide intelligence from the Chinese consulate to the NSA.
Timothy was my partner in Los Angeles.
Call Jordan Davis.
He'll corroborate everything.
I just got off the phone with NSA Director Shaw and Officer Davis.
They've confirmed everything.
All right, Hetty.
Thank you.
So, how did you find Weir? (sighs) A tracking app.
We have implants in case we miss a check-in.
So why didn't the NSA activate them? They're not from the NSA.
I fell in love with my partner.
(crying): Timothy wanted us to have the trackers in case something went wrong with the op.
When you told me he was missing, I activated his.
Now can you please tell me what the hell I was looking at in there? What happened to Timothy? Been awhile.
There's a clock on this, Bingham.
We need your complete assurance that your man is clean.
BINGHAM: This is former Marine Sergeant Reid Yeager.
He's the best.
Force Recon out of Camp Leatherneck.
Helmand Province.
I was also in Kandahar.
Tell me what you did there? BINGHAM: We were both with Echo Company You do realize if Callen gets inside, this becomes much more of a joint operation.
- What does that mean specifically? NCIS is not handling any of the tactical MOSLEY: Williams shows his face, I get first shot at him, 48 hours before he's questioned by any other agency.
I'm good with that.
JONES: The Brits.
You remember their man Rearden? Had a thing about animals.
He almost adopted this little dog that used to run around the fields, right? I think you mean McAlester.
Wasn't the, uh, 3/5 out of Kings Bay? CALLEN: Kings Bay is a naval submarine base.
3/5 was out of Pendleton.
Sounds like they're buying Callen's backstory.
JONES: Good thing everyone got out, right? Uh, is that Spencer Williams? CALLEN: What are you talking about? WILLIAMS: Let's do this.
WILLIAMS: I've heard enough.
That's him.
He's good.
Pay him.
Always a pleasure.
Call if you need another man.
Sergeant Yeager, I checked you out.
I'm impressed.
You know what happened to the man you're replacing? Didn't work out.
No, it didn't.
So, what's the op? Just a buy.
All you got to do is have my back.
If you see anything, I'm more than happy to walk away.
I don't need this deal.
When and where? In two hours.
Whiteman Airport.
Let's go.
Do not lose that car.
I'm on it.
SAM: Someone took the time to dismember these bodies like this.
It's not too different than what Bobby did to Katherine Sheridan.
It can't be a coincidence, can it? Let's find out.
All right, can I go? You want to go, answer our questions.
Tell us about last night.
Again? I picked up a tow.
What time? Around 7:00 Check my phone.
All right? Guy took off, said he had to meet someone.
I towed the Beemer back.
That's all I can tell you.
And the rest of the night? I helped Justin restore and rebuild an engine.
Look, who is this missing guy? SAM: Doesn't matter to you.
I go out there, I talk to Justin, he's gonna tell the same story? Yeah.
Yes, 'cause it's the truth.
Why? What, is-is he saying something else? We were in the shop till like 1:00 in the morning.
(cell phones buzz) (line rings) What do you got, Eric? FBI pulled security camera footage from the mechanic shop.
I scrubbed through it.
His story checks out.
He was there till just after 1:00 a.
SAM: So he didn't kill Weir.
We're looking at this wrong.
Yeah, we're wasting our time.
ERIC: There's something else.
I tracked down security footage from the alley behind the theater.
You need to see this.
Is that? ERIC: Lieutenant Commander Weir.
Keep watching.
DEEKS: Okay, what the what the hell are they doing? What the hell are they watching? What's happening? What are they wearing? Eric, put her on the screen.
We just found out the FBI's been looking at a similar case.
KENSI: Special Agent Rand.
Tell everybody what you told me.
Over the last year, we found two Frankenstein bodies similar to the one that you've just discovered.
One in Juarez, Mexico; the other in Cleveland, Ohio.
Each body is made up of at least four or more victims.
How could someone do this to another human being? My profilers are telling me that it's more than one killer.
We've gathered evidence and have learned that they're working the Dark Web, selling these murder/dismemberments to individuals who want to pay to watch.
Wait a minute.
So, people are paying to watch them cut people up alive? And sew different body parts back together, evidently.
And they're making a lot of money at it, too.
The procedure of murders have become more elaborate each time, almost like performance art.
Until you found this third body, we weren't even sure they were all connected.
In the meantime, you're keeping it out of the press.
But for how much longer, we're not sure.
My agents are there now looking at your body.
But this all seems to be the work of the same group.
A team of serial killers.
This is just so twisted.
So this has nothing to do with national security? It doesn't seem so.
Lieutenant Commander Weir just appears to have been another victim.
SAM: Okay, well, it's in your court.
We'll let you know if we find something else.
I appreciate it, Sam.
- Guys.
- Bye.
I can't tell you how happy I am we don't have to investigate this.
Amen to that.
As agreed for 27 million.
Confirmed and ready for transfer.
It's all yours as soon as you deliver.
(line ringing) Bring it in.
- We're good.
- See if we can trace the transaction.
I want that money, too.
It'll be here in 15 minutes.
Check the weapons.
Transfer the money.
If you fool around at all, my men have orders to kill you.
Wait, where are you going? Don't worry.
I can check the transaction from the plane.
We are not letting him get on that plane.
The FBI will be tracking it.
The plane can't get out of U.
airspace in 15 minutes.
No one moves until we've recovered the weapons.
Take them now.
We can find out the location of the weapons from Williams or one of his men.
EAD Mosley, we have an agreement.
MOSLEY: Agent Callen, end this now.
SWAN: Belay that order.
Do not engage.
Agent Callen, stop the plane and take Williams.
SWAN: Agent Callen, stand down.
MOSLEY: Agent Callen, you work for me.
The mission is what I say it is.
EAD Mosley, you say another word, my agents will remove your comms.
(indistinct chatter) Go.
Get 'em open.
Open it.
Check all the crates, make sure they're all there.
Those cases match the ones stolen from Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.
Should we move in? We came this far.
I want to see them.
Zoom in.
Let me see what's inside.
That's as close as we can get on that camera.
The buyers are satisfied.
It's got to be them.
Get in tighter on camera two.
That's an AGM-114 Hellfire Missile.
ROSS: Don't see that every day.
SWAN: It's the weapons.
Take 'em.
Don't move! Execute.
Don't move! Show me your hands! Right there, on the ground! Drop your weapons.
Ground, down on the ground! Don't reach for it! MOSLEY: Nell, call FBI, and tell them to take Williams's plane down.
They've got to move.
If he finds out, he's gonna run.
NELL: I'm on it.
CALLEN: Thanks.
Yes, sir.
All the weapons from Naval Air Weapons Station have been accounted for-- every last one of 'em.
SWAN: EAD Mosley.
What's wrong? FBI tracked Williams's plane to LAX, where it landed.
Before they could get eyes on him, they lost him somewhere in the airport.
Did he leave LAX on foot? He take another plane? FBI is looking over all the cameras now.
They don't know.
You let him go.
I am not having this discussion because right now I have to go speak with my agent's widow.
Agent Callen, good work out there.
Assistant Director.
You want to tell me what's really going on here? We just lost a major felon.
I'm calling SECNAV.
I need all the resources we can get on this quickly.
You're still not telling me everything.
(line ringing) Agent Callen, that is it.
Office of the Secretary of the Navy.
Who's calling, please? Assistant Director Shay Mosley.
I need to speak with her as quickly as possible.
Welcome back.
What's up with that? That was a cold wind that just blew through here.
ATF just recovered all the weapons that were stolen from the China Lake theft.
I remember that theft.
That's great.
That's what you've been working on all day? Why doesn't she seem happy about it? I don't know.
What's happening here? DEEKS: Not much.
Just looking into a guy who likes to stitch parts of dead bodies together to make Frankenstein monsters.
You're kidding? No.
(footfalls approaching) Is this your office now? I was just sitting here trying to see things from your prospective.
Please, come, sit.
No, no.
I'm fine.
Have it your way.
We had Williams, and Callen let him go.
I heard.
I know you thought that it would be a good idea for Callen to assist me But you didn't let him.
And as a result, things took an unfortunate turn for you.
Williams could be out of the country now.
He may never come back.
You have to be honest with your team.
Do you really want to find Williams? You know I do.
This team can do that.
But you, I dare say have to trust.
Real bravery always starts in the heart.
(sighs) Good night.
CALLEN: Good night, Hetty.
Let me guess, she's being elusive.
Hetty and God work in mysterious ways.
In Hetty we trust.
(phone rings) (groans) Mosley.
Yeah, I'm not missing this.
(knocking) Enter.
I heard you enjoy whiskey.
I didn't even know you drank.
When I want to.
In the office? After hours with colleagues.
Would you join me? It's the least I can offer you.
Have a seat.
(sighs) Do you know why I chose you to be my partner? I have a few ideas.
They're wrong.
I chose you because you are the best agent I've ever worked with.
And I needed the best.
Thank you.
(sighs) You really wanted to find Williams.
Why? There was more to the relationship with me and Williams.
I thought there might be.
Spencer Williams and I had a child.
His name is Derrick.
(sighs) And when he fled the country, he took my boy.
I haven't seen him in five years.
Probably wouldn't even recognize him.
(sets drink on table) I will do everything I can to help you get your son back.
(sighs) Thank you.
ERIC: Everyone needs to come up to Ops now.
I'll see you in there.
(door opens) (sighs) NELL: FBI just ID'd some of the body parts from Weir's corpse.
Some belong to these four people: Anna and Peter Newman, Eduardo Gonzales, Michael Martinez.
Sorry I'm late.
HIDOKO: Anna and Peter own the mechanic's shop where Weir's car was towed.
Eduardo and Michael work there.
Whoa, hold on a second.
Who were we talking to? DEEKS: Yeah, wait a minute.
Didn't Agent Rand say there was more than one? KENSI: So this whole time, we were talking to The killers.
It was all four of 'em.
So let me get Al, he's the owner.
Cindy says you're looking for the owner Bobby brought it in, but We were in the shop till, like, 1:00 in the morning.
They staged the security footage to create Bobby Griffin's alibi.
We were talking to Bobby three hours ago.
We had him.
Why, why weren't they reported missing? NELL: Anna and Peter are married, so no one reported them missing.
And Eduardo and Michael, they live alone, so I'm guessing no one noticed yet.
Special Agent Rand is on her way to the mechanic's shop now.
We're closer.
Let's move.
My God.

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