NCIS Los Angeles s09e18 Episode Script


1 HIDOKO: The JTTF intercepted a phone call this morning between Abram Sokolov and Phillip Nelson.
NELSON: Phillip Nelson's bank, West Valley Venue, is a boutique firm that scales with the big dogs.
CALLEN: So with Nelson out, who's steering the ship now? Leigha Winters.
CALLEN: So you're doing these mirror trades to launder his rubles into dollars because he's blackmailing you? - That's right.
ARKADY: Vladlena, these are my friends.
They would like to ask you some questions about your little brother Abram.
I know a way out! Let's go! - Move! Move! - Watch it! CALLEN (over radio): Eric, did we get it? Success.
Hidoko put Overwatch spray on Sokolov.
Good work.
(lively jazz music playing) HOSTESS: Vladlena Sokolov.
Follow me.
- Your table is right this way.
- Good.
That's such a gorgeous color on you.
Mm, Rybka, you need a new line.
That's what you always say.
Because it's always true.
(Vladlena chuckles) Abram.
SOKOLOV: Don't be cross at Yvgeniy.
I made him tell me where you were tonight.
You changed your hair.
You like? Tell me, how are you? Catch me up.
Business is good.
Of course is good.
You are strong, capable woman.
I want to know about you.
Are you happy? Are you seeing somebody? No.
No, you're not happy, or no, you are not seeing anyone? No.
Well, you should go online.
Meet someone who make you laugh.
I don't like to laugh.
Neither do I.
It's complete waste of energy.
You should not have been hiding from me, Vladlena.
It make you look very guilty.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I had smart, clean operation here, turning rubles into dollars.
And no one has to get hurt.
But someone decide to get in my way.
And now I have no choice.
A lot of people are going to get hurt.
Your problems are not my problems.
(gasps) (Yvgeniy choking) Yvgeniy-- he don't even put up a fight before he tell me where you would be tonight.
You can thank me later.
First we eat.
What do you think? Calamari to start? NCIS: LA 9x18 Vendetta (quiet knocking) (groans) (quiet knocking continues) You still in bed? Is Anna here? Wait, don't tell me.
I don't want to know.
What do you want, Arkady? Okay, tell me, is my daughter here? No.
What, you came to check up on Anna? Well, it's been long night.
Are you going to invite me in, or what? I'm freezing my ass off out here.
Don't make me beg, please.
Come on.
Interesting design concept, yes.
Maybe you could buy a little furniture or something.
So, what's this about, Arkady? You remember Vladlena Sokolov, yes? Beautiful face, looks like she could kill rabid coyote with bare hands? Yeah.
Her brother Abram was using an investment bank to launder rubles into American dollars.
I remember.
Well, last night, she-- Callen, she text me.
Women like Vladlena Sokolov do not text, they do not call, they do not bake cherry cheesecake and come over for a visit.
If you want to talk to her, you have to go to her place of business and spend ridiculous moneys on poker and vodka.
Is this a joke? Callen, this is serious.
I went over to her poker parlor and waited for her.
She was gone entire night.
This is unheard of.
What did she text you? "I need you.
" Really? Yeah.
You woke me up to brag about a little booty call you got? Get your head out of gutter, guy.
Something spooked her.
Trust me, this is woman that does not spook easy.
This text is cry for help.
And you think it involves her brother? I think he is not thrilled you spoil his perfect little money laundering operation.
Even if Sokolov suspected that she helped us, we've been tracking him.
He's in Chisinau, Moldova, right now.
I'm telling you she is in trouble.
Which means you and your posse are in big trouble.
(door closes) CALLEN: Good morning.
Good morning.
But that does depend on why I'm here.
Well Excellent water pressure.
I didn't even need my loofah Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley, - I would like to introduce - Arkady Kolcheck.
ARKADY: Aha, look at that.
You already hear about me and the vital assistance I provide your team here in Los Angeles.
Do not thank me.
It is my absolute wondrous pleasure.
Though possibly you could look on me fondly if I ever land in American jail.
You want to know what will land you in American jail? Drunk and disorderly behavior.
What did you do now? Nothing, I swear.
Oh, that.
This was a couple weeks ago.
You don't want to hear the audio.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Abram Sokolov.
You helped us locate him when he was trying to arm Ukrainians with American weapons.
Correct? Or if I am ever deported.
We put a tracker on Sokolov.
Is he back in L.
? Unfortunately, the Overwatch spray that we put on him has worn off.
The last known location was Moldova.
There's an unconfirmed sighting in London.
Yeah, but his sister Vladlena, she text me last night.
Yeah, apparently, that is a very unusual behavior from her.
And the fact that she hasn't returned to her poker club since yesterday evening.
There's a chance that Sokolov knows that she is responsible for breaking up his money laundering scheme, as well as preventing the arms deal.
So you think he's coming back to finish what he started.
Or worse.
Yeah, I've had an agent sent to the investment bank where Leigha Winters works.
Uh-huh, the woman he blackmailed into helping the last time.
For Leigha Winters, it'll be business as usual.
The agent will be there for her protection in the event that Sokolov shows up.
If that's okay with you.
So let me get this straight.
You want to use NCIS resources to locate a Russian criminal you think might be in town, even though you have no proof and he's been banned from entering the country, because his sister sent Arkady a text message? Well, when you say it in that tone, is Okay.
Agent Callen, let me know what you find.
Will do.
And thank you.
" SAM: What's going on? Sokolov might be back in town.
Hetty, he's the Russian oligarch who, um HETTY: Mr.
Deeks, I was locked in a cage with a starving tiger, not under a rock.
I know exactly who this bastard is.
Morning, everyone.
Oh, my God.
Aah! HETTY: Ooh.
Oh, God! Ooh! What? Arkady? Is that you? You are a sight for sore eyes.
Henrietta, hello.
Did you see? Oh, yes, I did.
I saw that security video.
Really? "Hetty Davis eyes"? She's got Hetty Davis eyes and she Well, Mosley was right.
I did not need to hear that.
KENSI: In other news, (clears throat) why do you think Sokolov is back in L.
? Well, Vladlena, she text.
She's been missing since last night.
Sokolov may or may not be involved.
Mosley has given us the green light to pursue the case.
Wow, look at you two playing nice.
KENSI: What's the game plan? If Sokolov's back, he might be looking for American money.
ARKADY: Or Sokolov wants revenge on schmuck idiots who botched his operation last time.
That would be us.
And his sister, Vladlena.
And Leigha Winters.
SAM: She'll need protection.
She's Sokolov's only connection at the investment bank.
Yeah, 'cause he killed the other guy.
Vladlena Sokolov knows that Leigha helped us.
Well, I've already sent an agent to look after Leigha, but I would feel more comfortable if we had one of our own there.
Sam, you think you could go under again? No.
It'll raise too many flags.
Everyone at the bank thinks my alias already moved to Chicago.
Well, she knows that Kensi, Deeks and I are NCIS.
If she's compromised, this might be an issue.
Well, we could send in Nell as the I.
Better yet, let's send Eric.
He's due.
You think he's up for it? Well what's the worst that could happen? NELL: So, the Overwatch Spray we put on Sokolov has worn off by now, but according to our tracking information, he hasn't returned to the U.
MOSLEY: Doesn't mean he's not here now.
Let's use what we know.
Nell, see if you can find out which hotel he stayed at the last time he was here.
Men are nothing if not creatures of habit.
NELL: So, if the bar made stiff drinks and the sheets had a decent enough thread count, chances are he's staying there again.
All right, ladies.
I'm on it.
MOSLEY: Uh, Eric, Nell's got this.
You're going undercover.
Hmm? Me? Now? Yeah.
Hidoko, I need you on Overwatch.
Yes, ma'am.
(exhales) Go on and get.
(inhales sharply) (chuckles) Have fun.
Guys, guys, I'm going undercover.
Word travels fast.
Yeah, well, apparently, not fast enough.
What's my mission? What's my backstory? What's my caffeinated beverage of choice? What's the first rule of going undercover? Um You do not talk about going undercover.
Of course.
(clears throat) But, seriously, what kind of lion's den am I walking into? You're gonna be our eyes and ears at the investment bank where Leigha Winters works.
Her safety is your number one priority.
CALLEN: You're gonna slow down the servers in the building, then spend the day fixing them.
But actually not fixing them, right? Because I'm the one who created the problem to begin with, so I wouldn't actually be fixing it, 'cause I would know how to do it.
And-and, Beale.
Absolutely no caffeine.
Good call.
Good call, good call, good call.
Good call, good call.
(clears throat) Good call.
(groans) Of all the gin joints in all the towns What? What? What did you say? I didn't say anything.
Why are you being weird? You're being weird.
I'm being normal.
Have you, have you been here before? No, I have not been here before.
HOSTESS: Deeks! - Oh, God.
It is so great to see you again.
And you must be Kensi.
Agent Blye, actually.
You were right.
She is all business.
Excuse me? You have no idea.
- Excuse me? - All right, listen, I have been here before.
But it's not what you think.
He came for dinner, but stayed for dessert.
See? I came for-- What? Did you, now? That doesn't sound good.
Okay, just-- Here's the deal.
I've been here before, because I was scoping out a potential venue - Mm-hmm.
for our wedding.
Yeah-- What? Our wedding.
Oh, my God.
You have the Spiraling Circle of Death face.
I literally just melted your brain.
Your brain broke.
Got to do a hard restart.
Just reboot that.
Did I mention I'm a cop? Several times.
All right, so we're here looking for Vladlena Sokolov.
She was here just last night.
And the last time she used her phone was at this restaurant.
Can you take us to where she was sitting? Of course.
Right this way.
Thank you so much for being so wonderful.
Thank you.
So helpful.
(stammers) This is where Vladlena ate last night.
Do you know who she was with? We get paid to not ask questions.
You got to be kidding me.
(sighs) I think you're gonna want to see this.
(sighs) Well, I hate to admit it, but I think Arkady's right.
I think Vladlena really is missing.
And if it's her brother who's got her Leigha Winters is in some serious trouble, too.
(quiet chatter, phones ringing) (clears throat) Excuse me.
Uh, I'm the I.
guy you guys asked to come out.
Um, do you know where I could find Leigha Winters? You know why the servers slowed down, don't you? Um, I'm I-I need to assess the situation first.
My working theory is one of the college campuses.
The radical element there is trying to disrupt our entire economic system.
- Huh.
- Victor, is there a problem? Not at all.
Was just about to introduce you to this nice young man who's gonna save our Internet.
- We really appreciate the help.
- Uh, anytime.
Uh, Leigha Winters.
Thank you for coming so soon.
What seems to be the problem? Okay, follow me.
Yeah, I could handle this.
Sokolov does not skimp.
ARKADY (over comm): Eh, I've stayed in nicer.
That better be water you're drinking.
ARKADY: Sam, who do you think I am? I'm on the clock here.
CALLEN: Oh, you are? 'Cause we sure as hell aren't paying you.
Yeah, feel free to leave anytime you want.
(Arkady chuckles) Very funny.
No, I am working.
I'm trying to find Vladlena.
I'm trying to get Russian thug off the street.
And cross whatever I have left of this heart, I swear on my daughter's life most of this is water.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You recognize anyone? Not yet.
Just wedding planners, tourists and florists.
Well, then I think we should do our very best to make ourselves at home.
Are these baked in-house? Mm-hmm.
(chuckles) "Baked in-house.
" Huh.
Here's the Uh-huh.
Uh, how long has the problem been going on? I'm sorry.
Uh, what did you ask? Um, when did the problem start? Okay.
Um, let me think.
So, everything was fine this morning when the markets opened.
And then the servers started slowing down sometime around 9:00.
ERIC: Hmm.
That's exactly what I thought.
The whole building is affected.
I'm gonna have to install the new security protocols office by office.
Okay, so how long will this take? You won't even know I'm here.
Oh, um, can I get you anything? Coffee? Thank you, but, no, I'm not allowed to have caffeine.
Uh, strict orders.
All right, um, I'll leave you to it.
(exhales) Okay, Nell, I'm in.
NELL: Great.
How does Leigha Winters seem? Not good.
She's distracted, concerned.
All right, let's look at her bank's equity trades.
Have they made another mirror trade for Sokolov or one of his shell companies? I don't see anything that resembles a mirror trade since the last time Sokolov was in town.
And, um yeah, no new activity in Sokolov's accounts either.
Damn it.
Maybe he hasn't reached out to her yet.
Or maybe he's being extra cautious after what happened last time.
Or maybe Sokolov is pulling a changeup.
Last time, he exchanged his money first and then went for the weapons.
Maybe this time, he's doing the whole thing in reverse.
He's trying to get his hands on whatever it is he wants and then worrying about how to pay for it later.
Which could make Leigha Winters expendable.
If she thinks she's having a bad day now It's about to get a lot worse.
I'll call Callen.
You and Hidoko guard Leigha Winters with your lives until the cavalry arrives.
Copy that.
(sniffs) Thanks.
That was Nell.
ARKADY: Yeah, listen, I've been meaning to ask you serious question.
Is she natural redhead? Bank hasn't made any mirror trades or any trades of any other kind for Sokolov since the last time he was in town.
Yeah, he knew better than to go back.
Or whatever the real reason is he's in L.
, he doesn't need dollars to pay for it.
G, 12 o'clock.
Recognize him? SAM: No, but he's definitely not a tourist or a florist.
I see what you mean.
I'm right behind you.
I'm coming.
(mutters) (Arkady humming upbeat tune) (knocking) WOMAN: Of course you're back.
What'd you forget this time? (woman speaking Russian) Anna.
Callen? It's nice to see you.
You, too.
What are you doing here? Working.
What are you doing here? Same thing.
Is it just me, or is it extremely uncomfortable in here? Oh, yeah.
Anna, who are these guys? I got this.
I am Anna's father, this is her boyfriend, and this is-- Well, I don't know what you two are to each other.
- Boyfriend? - Um (clears throat) Callen and Sam are NCIS.
And my father is Why is my father here? Not by choice.
NCIS? Cool.
Gary Baker.
ANNA: Uh, yeah.
Gary and I are working an alcohol and tobacco case.
I doubt it has anything to do with NCIS.
You guys are looking for Abram Sokolov, aren't you? (chuckles): Oh, snap.
You guys are good.
ANNA: Wait, what are you saying? Callen, are we working the same case? It sounds like we are.
I wanted to talk with you about Mr.
Beale is most definitely up to the task.
I, um I read his file, Henrietta.
It's thin.
As was yours at one point.
As was mine.
Very true statements.
I'm just wondering, how do you know when someone like Eric is ready? Oh.
(chuckles): I suppose Mr.
Beale is a bit of an outlier, I mean, compared to the others.
You think? But make no mistake, he's just as important.
You leave one ingredient out of a recipe, and the entire cake crumbles.
And exactly which ingredient is Eric? Depends on the day.
ANNA: Last week, someone stole $3 million worth of whiskey and cigarettes from the Port of Los Angeles.
Now, we don't know where the product went, but But you honed in on Abram Sokolov.
ANNA: We think he's the buyer.
He not only has the resources, he also has multiple business associates Which is a polite term, let me tell you.
We know, Gary.
tied to alcohol and tobacco distributors.
CALLEN: So Sokolov is not here for weapons.
He's here for cigarettes? ARKADY: In Ukraine, American cigarettes are worth more than American dollars.
He can turn the smokes into cash, and the cash into whatever the hell he wants.
And whatever Sokolov wants can't be good.
He's still gonna have to pay for the alcohol and the tobacco.
I don't care how many business associates he's got, they're not gonna accept rubles.
Well, if he's not using Leigha Winters' bank, then he has to find a new source of cash.
Enough with the conspiracy theories.
What are we doing to help Vladlena? CALLEN: We're doing everything we can.
First, we need to have Eric warn Leigha Winters.
We'll let you know if we find anything.
Hey, nice meeting you guys.
Hey, have you seen Leigha? What up, bro? Hey.
Nice chinos.
Are you here for the HR job? VICTOR: Berkeley.
Have you found any link to Berkeley? Those Bo-no-bos? It's actually pronounced Bonobos.
Because you seem very balanced.
You know, chemically.
Please tell me you're here for the HR job.
Where is Leigha?! Uh, okay.
Why don't you just check her office? And don't yell at me! She's usually in her office.
She used to come to lunch with us, and now she pretty much just hangs out in her office.
I checked her office, already! I cannot find her anywhere! Hidoko, I've lost Leigha.
I'm sorry.
I have no idea where she went.
Eric, relax.
She just stepped outside.
(exhales) Thank you.
It's what I'm here for.
One of the things I'm here for.
Winters? Oh.
Um, how's it going up there? Uh, problem solved.
Because you never actually had an I.
issue to begin with.
Um, the server slowdown this morning was fabricated by me, so that I could have a reason to come to your office.
This is all a very long way of saying that I'm with NCIS.
Uh, you work with Agent Callen? I do.
(sighs) He-he promised you guys would look out for me if and when Sokolov figured out I was helping NCIS.
Wait a minute.
That means Sokolov is back, doesn't it? Um, we actually can't confirm that yet, but maybe.
(sighs) That's why I'm here.
And-and, also, that's why Special Agent Hidoko is also here.
Two more NCIS agents will be here any minute to bring you to our boatshed, bring you into protective custody, just to be safe.
I thought all this was behind me.
Not yet.
But we're working on it.
Who you think he's talking to? Probably someone we don't want to know about.
What? Anna and I have not seen a lot of each other lately.
Okay? We've been busy.
She's got a new gig at the ATF.
And Glendale, where she works, Hmm.
might as well be Nevada.
G, you think everything east of La Brea is Nevada.
- My point exactly.
- Mm.
(door opens) We meet again.
Agents Blye and Deeks brought you up to speed? Yeah, unfortunately.
How you holding up? Honestly, I have no idea.
Okay, well, you're safe now.
Make yourself at home.
You find anything at Vladlena's? Unfortunately, nothing that may tell us where she is now.
DEEKS: We went to her poker place and she hasn't been back since yesterday and her driver's MIA.
Well, that's not good.
Feel free to leave whenever you want, Arkady.
We have plenty of agents working this.
Stop trying to get rid of me.
I'm not leaving till we find Vladlena.
She may have helped you guys, but I'm the reason she got dragged into this mess.
So you do have a heart in there after all.
Don't tell anyone.
I've got reputation to protect.
So, this phone call was with my barber.
He has client whose sister is very talented psychic.
She sees all Kardashians, except Khloe, my favorite.
Anyway, this psychic has other client that sees Sokolov this morning in L.
, coming out after massage.
I'm sorry.
We're supposed to treat this as a real lead? Call me Spider.
Oh, but I'm not eunuch.
That makes me feel weird.
CALLEN: We'll check out the spa, or whatever this place is.
Keep her safe.
And keep him out of trouble.
The Spider? We'll try.
Eunuch, yeesh.
SAM: How did Sokolov get a massage here this morning? Place is closed.
Why do we even listen to Arkady? What other choice do we have? Here they are.
Thanks for including us.
No problem.
SAM: You know, why don't you and Anna take the front; me and Gary will take the back.
CALLEN: All right.
SAM: Come on, Gary.
Let's go.
CALLEN: So, uh what's Gary's story? His story? Yeah.
Is he ex-military? Is he former law enforcement? Maybe spent some time as a game show host? What? If you're gonna have a partner, I got to make sure that he's up to the task of having your back.
Gary's solid.
Just say it.
What? It's been a while since we have hung out.
I know.
It's just that work and Glendale and Gary.
Don't read too much into it, okay? If you tell me not to, I won't.
In position.
Sam, this door is open.
This one is, too.
All right, let's go on my count.
One, two, three.
GARY (over comm): Clear.
CALLEN: Clear.
(doorknob rattles) Oh, my God! Vladlena! (groaning weakly) (groaning) Ambulance is on its way.
My brother, the sick, sick man.
(groans) ANNA: You're safe now.
And very lucky your brother didn't kill you.
VLADLENA: I don't think he was planning on anyone finding me here.
I have to apologize.
CALLEN: No, you don't.
You don't have to apologize for the horrible things your brother did.
No, it's not that.
Abram, he broke me.
I told him everything.
He knows it was you who ruined his money laundering operation.
And he knows Leigha Winters helped you.
I'm sorry.
MOSLEY: So I just received a call from L.
's ATF thanking me for the hot tip.
I was I was just coming to tell you.
Though, I figured if we could find the missing cigarettes and alcohol, we could probably find the missing Sokolov, who, might I add, would need a sizeable storage facility to make that much product disappear into thin air.
So I conducted a search, and I found a warehouse just a couple miles outside of the Port of Los Angeles that hasn't had any activity for months until, of course, the day the product was stolen.
Now, Kensi and Deeks, they're stuck at the boatshed with Leigha Winters, and Callen and Sam are at the spa with Vladlena.
And ATF had a team on the ground near the port, so I called them.
Nice work.
Let me know what they say.
Will do.
Whew! Vladlena, I am here! ANNA: Our agents just raided a warehouse Nell tipped us to by the port.
They find anything? Nothing but empty sunscreen boxes.
Do you have a picture of those boxes? The alcohol and tobacco was there.
So was Sokolov.
It's the same packaging he used last time he tried to launder his money.
Which means we're too late.
Sokolov already has everything he wants.
Not everything.
Leigha Winters.
Where is she? In our protective custody.
Can we speak to her? Sure.
I'm going to go to hospital with Vladlena, okay? Of course you are.
And thank you, for everything.
Give me a moment.
What? I'm seeing a whole new side, and I must say, it's not completely disappointing.
(scoffs) Anna, you're too young to be going soft.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) ARKADY: Watch it! We have precious cargo back here.
You're not talking about me, are you? (both laugh) Oh, God.
Guys, ATF Agents Kolcheck and Baker.
This is Leigha Winters.
They have a couple questions they'd like to ask you.
(phone ringing) It's Arkady.
He's your friend.
Mm, he's your dad.
Hello? Who is this? Where's my father? (line rings) I-I don't know a Leigha Winters or even where to find her.
Nell, trace the number calling Anna's cell.
ANNA: Okay.
Okay, listen to me.
I'm gonna need more time.
Hello? Hello? He hung up.
Scratch that.
What's going on? That was Sokolov.
He has Arkady.
Must have jacked the ambulance.
What does Sokolov want? He wants to exchange him for her.
Wh KENSI: It's okay.
It's all right.
When and where? Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
30 minutes.
At least we know where he's gonna be.
Any sign of Sokolov? Not here.
Or here.
I got nothing.
Me neither.
This doesn't feel right, G.
DEEKS: I'm with Sam.
You don't schedule a meet and then show up late, even in L.
Maybe they made us and spooked.
Maybe he was never coming.
He doesn't need Leigha.
He only needs her bank's money.
(line rings) We're on Leigha.
(phone rings) Hello? CALLEN: Eric, I need you to get everyone out of there.
What? Why? What's going on? Sokolov may be headed your way.
Leigha's not here, though.
But the money is! Now, get those people out of there now! Okay.
All right, people, listen up! I'm gonna have to ask you to vacate your offices immediately.
Why? Uh, I can explain later, but it's for your safety.
Dude, we got work to do.
Uh, yeah, I'm actually not the I.
I'm with NCIS.
What is that? Uh, Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
(people murmuring) (clears throat) Uh, it's a federal law enforcement agency.
Do you have a badge? No, I don't have a badge because I'm working undercover right I'm calling security.
No, please don't call security.
I am your security.
Hidoko! What is a Hidoko? I'm coming.
ERIC: Okay, people Hey, let's go.
No, no, no, sir, I am not leaving the premises without everybody else.
You don't even have the proper work order to be here, pal.
What? No WOMAN: We should call the police.
We don't know what he's done with Leigha.
That's right, man.
Come on, let's go.
Everybody stand down.
I'm Special Agent Hidoko with NCIS, and you need to clear these offices immediately.
I need you to help evacuate everyone out of this building through the nearest emergency exit.
Okay, come on, come on, everybody.
- Move! Out of here.
- Let's take the stairs.
- Use the stairs.
Let's go.
- Thank you.
No worries.
GUARD: Down the stairs, guys.
HIDOKO: Come on, quickly.
Let's go.
All right, thank you.
All right, Eric, we're good down here.
ERIC: Copy that.
SOKOLOV (over comm): Where is everybody? They went home.
Computer problems.
So who are you? I'm the I.
Left in bank alone.
HIDOKO (over comm): Be cool, Eric.
I'm cool.
He's cool.
That's good.
I'm cool, too.
(chuckles) We're all cool.
So, Mr.
Cool I need you to help me make a transfer.
Callen, where are you? CALLEN: We're two minutes out.
(alarm blaring) Sit.
$30 million.
Wire now.
ERIC: Um, like I said before, I'm the I.
I-I'm just the I.
guy, so I don't know how to Just the IT guy.
You're smart enough to fix computers.
Therefore, you're smart enough to add zeroes to my account.
(alarm continues blaring) It's possible.
(tires screeching) We're headed in.
Everyone from the bank gone? It's just Eric, Sokolov and his men.
I don't know how many.
I didn't see them enter.
It sounds like a fair fight.
Let's go.
(alarm continues blaring) Cover me.
Sokolov! Put your hands up.
Now, very slowly, drop to your knees.
If you say so.
But I will still kill you all.
On your knees! Now! (gunshots outside) Anna.
Anna, you okay? Anna? Where's his gun? Anna, what happened? Hey, good job getting those people out of there.
That was Hidoko.
He stayed behind to keep Sokolov busy.
That takes guts.
Bulletproof Beale.
Where'd you find him? Well, the ambulance was found ditched in a parking lot.
This guy was in the back.
Vladlena's on her way to the hospital.
The EMT's were shaken, thankfully unharmed.
I never thought I'd be happy to see you, Arkady.
(chuckles) Everyone comes around.
Is that right? (chuckles) And you, how are you? I'm, um cool.
You are cool.
Anna? - Anna? -What's going on? Where's Sokolov? He get away? No.
Anna got him.