NCIS Los Angeles s09e21 Episode Script

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

1 Once you clock in, you're on my time.
- Okay.
- No iPacks.
No Beats by Bey.
No Snapflipping your who-knows-what to your God-knows-who.
I don't know what any of that means.
- Personal life stays outside.
- Oh.
Fair enough.
You 20-somethings come in here thinking you have problems.
I'm 32.
I got two kids in high school, a dog with OCD, and a husband that recently decided to take up Latin.
Now, that's a problem.
Do you think we should cover departmental procedures? Do you think I look like a handbook? Well, I just figured you'd be giving a rundown of the job.
What do you think I'm doing? Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
(grunts) Third floor's Physical Therapy.
- Never let 'em get dirt on you.
- Oh, uh, does that mean we need to sterilize first? Oh, that means those hens can stretch the truth more than a hamstring.
(chuckles) You gonna write this down? Uh, yes ICU? Don't even get me started.
Think less McSteamy, more McFrumpy.
(chuckles) God, this place is creepy.
Who works down here? Oh, wait.
Let me guess.
McLives With Their Mothers? (chuckles) Show some respect.
(clears throat) Yeah, absolutely.
I will.
(switch clicks) There you are, handsome.
NCIS: LA 9x21 Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Chopin's "Funeral March" playing) (gasps) (gasps) Oh, my God.
We're late.
Zelda is the princess! Eric, costume party on a school night? Such a bad idea.
All your fault.
Hey, hey, hey, we're not late, we're not late.
- It's just a reminder.
- A reminder? Of what? (song stops) - That I'm gonna die.
- Ooh, this headache is all the reminder I need.
Hold on.
I'm just processing what you said now, and I'm left with one question: what the hell are you talking about? Can We Kick It? Well, of course we can.
I mean, yes.
But no.
(clears throat) It's this new app that I have.
It's called Can We Kick It? And it reminds me three times a day that the end is nigh.
Oh, God.
You need a reminder that the world is coming to an end? I thought that's what Twitter was for.
I figure we're intellectuals, right? We live in our heads.
We get paid to analyze things, almost to the point of exhaustion.
Leaving us swimming in a pool of our own anxiety and self-despair.
Yeah, I'm following.
We spend so much time thinking, it prevents us from doing.
- Hmm.
- This reminds me to change that.
- Aha.
The Grand Gamer's Garment Gala.
I've skipped it every year for the past five years.
And for what? So that I could sleep more? We're gonna die.
We might as well live our lives while we still can.
(alarm beeping) It's time.
Yeah, it's time.
- Let's carpe Diem this thing.
- No, um, that's my actual alarm.
If we're not at work in an hour, we won't need a mortality reminder.
Hetty will kill us.
Move, move, move, move, move.
(grunts) You're right.
About what? I didn't say anything.
We should have a live band at the wedding.
(chuckles) Thought you said you couldn't bear the idea of a wedding singer butchering Air Supply.
And you said that "Even the Nights Are Better" was an assault to your eardrums.
Ha! Well, it's like being in a fever dream where it's 1985 and I'm trapped at a Sandals.
Point is, we both said things we didn't mean.
Oh, I meant it.
(exhaling) Another thing-- chocolate fountain? I'm into it.
Oh, so now you're okay working for your food? Not only am I okay with it, I think the combination of endless champagne and a waterfall of hot mocha lava (grunts) makes total sense.
(exhales) What are you doing? I call this the Fosse's Revolt.
Get to know it.
No, no, no.
What-what is all this change of heart about everything? (sighs) #Truth? #Yeah.
Baby, I want a bar.
- Like-like you want to go to a bar? - No, I want to bring a bar to me.
Moreover, I want to bring a bar to-to us.
I mean, think about this.
This is the American dream.
Like, you love hot appetizers, I love a good dive.
In case you hadn't noticed, Guy Fieri, we can't afford a bar.
See, that's your first mistake.
You got to think about this less as an expense and more as an investment opportunity.
An investment opportunity.
You know what, you're right.
We'll have the wedding.
Right? And then we'll buy a bar.
Right? And while we're at it, how do you feel about lake houses? I feel like they bring out the best in me, 'cause I get to wear my short shorts.
Okay, so we'll build one of those, and then we can get Air Supply to come to the ribbon cutting.
That was all sarcasm.
(grunts loudly) Yeah.
Uh, back to the bar.
Is this a bad time to tell you I've already scouted out a few locations? Cool! Good talk.
"Pull over for a pour-over"? It's alliteration.
It's an abomination.
Change is good.
Change is necessary.
There is nothing necessary about having an overcaffeinated teenager tell you to "be well" at 7:00 in the morning.
(chuckles) What happened? You forgot his birthday? SAM: New coffee shop replaced his favorite hole-in-the-wall.
There goes the neighborhood.
You, too, Mosley? I'm surrounded by Nimbys.
Well, somebody took over my local greasy spoon.
Now, when I walk in, I'm accosted by subway tiles while four guys named Geoff with a "G" ask me how I want to "rock my eggs.
" (chuckles) SAM: You know what, you both should learn to adapt.
Trust me, you'll be better for it.
(sighs) The only way I'm gonna adapt is if I buy a Fiat and learn how to pout.
I'm pretty sure you just need the Fiat.
(phone rings) (Mosley chuckles) Hello? How could I forget? I will have to get back to you on that one.
Okay then.
That was Agent Zoe Morris, the FBI's shining new star.
The genetic hybrid between, uh (as Hannibal Lecter): Clarice Starling and Tinker Bell? Mm-hmm.
What does she want with us? They have a dead body.
Former Marine.
They are offering to work the case together.
MOSLEY: A joint task force.
Well, FBI isn't normally the communal sandbox type.
SAM: Well, their reputation's been taking a few hits lately.
Maybe they're trying to play nice.
MOSLEY: Well, then maybe they should play on our playground.
Have her meet you at the boatshed.
I know a place on the way.
And it only takes one person to pour the coffee.
Be well, be well.
(Sam chuckles) I only listen to three people, you sorry son of a bastard.
Me, my mom, and the Honorable (door opens) Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
So the only way this ends is you in handcuffs.
I mean, (door closes) long story short, that's how I took down the other Butcher of Bakersfield.
Props to me.
(quietly): She takes tax evasion very seriously.
(sighs) You know, it seems like just yesterday you were standing in the way of our investigation.
Well, I took an oath, gentlemen.
But, for reals, I hope we're cool.
We'll see about that.
Why don't you tell us about the case.
There's not much to tell.
(clears throat) (chuckles) The dead Marine? I still don't have a name for him.
Well, how'd he die? Hell if I know.
(chuckles) CALLEN: Millennials.
So much talking, so little actually said.
- I'm starting to see your point.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I'm a little uneasy on the water.
Long story short, almost drowned as a kid saving my brother from a lazy river.
I wrote a blog about it.
I can send you the post.
Hard pass.
ZOE: Okay.
So, I just came from the morgue.
They've got a John Doe they found on the streets of Hollywood two days ago.
Now, the morgue's backed up, so M.
hasn't done the autopsy yet.
But I think he was a Marine exposed to some kind of chemical nerve agent.
And how do you know about this? Let's just say I have a connect.
Why don't we go take a look.
You're in? This is perf.
Did you hear that? It's perf.
Yeah, it is.
It's perf, G.
This is perf.
It's perf.
(horn honks in distance) (muffled shouting) (shouting continues) (whimpers) Are you okay? What happened? The body.
(shivers) They took him.
All right, so let me get this straight.
You're telling me that when you were here last night Technically, it was early this morning.
I don't need much sleep.
M-My mom says it's gonna make me age faster, but I'm like, "Fine lines? Bring it.
This is who I am.
" CALLEN: Right.
So, when you were here earlier this morning, there was a John Doe under that sheet.
With a big-ass Semper Fi tattoo on his shoulder.
Let me tell you, whoever did it, not known for his fine line.
Uh, so then the medical examiner on duty was drugged, gagged, and left for dead in that gurney drawer.
You are officially in the know.
- Zoe, what have you gotten us into? - Hmm? You know what, Agent Hanna, you are so welcome.
I told you this was a case.
Oh, it's something.
Okay, fine.
We're in.
- Yes.
- We'll take that sheet down to our lab.
We'll have it tested.
We will see if there's any residues of the chemical that you think may have killed him.
Think may have killed him? Let me just remind you that, when he died, he looked like the love child of Nick Nolte and the creature from Stranger Things.
We should get that photo to Eric and Nell.
- Have 'em run it through facial rec.
- Yeah.
And send any personal effects to NCIS.
It's gonna be tough to find this guy if we don't know who he is.
No kidding.
Personally, I love a challenge.
Good news.
This is sad.
This is so sad.
Maybe he was a huge Marie Kondo fan.
That just makes me even sadder.
DEEKS: Our John Doe has no I.
, no debit cards and no credit cards.
So he was robbed.
Or he preferred cash.
A lot of people do.
Yeah, those that are dealing drugs, arms or lemonade.
No keys, so probably no house or car.
He was a staunch supporter of public transportation.
He preferred the bus.
He wore jeans and a plain white T-shirt.
(chuckles) Man with a timeless sense of style.
He has no jewelry, no watch and no ring.
So he's a free spirit.
He didn't want to be bogged down by love or time of day.
- What? - "What?" No.
You don't get to "what.
" We get to "what.
" I can "what" if I want to "what.
" Yes.
"What" all you want, but you sound wack.
What? Seriously? Seriously? Okay, guys, listen, we don't know who this guy is, but if he was a Marine, then I am rooting for him the whole way, which means that until we know details, I'm filling in the blanks in the best way possible.
Simple as that.
Well, whoever he was, he's very lucky to have you on the case.
Thank you.
Found something.
What you got? It's a napkin for a coffee truck off of Figueroa.
I'll drive.
Shotgun! Seriously? You'll understand why when you ride in the backseat.
Not pretty.
Hey! - I just think she's a terrible driver.
(gasps) There's a way you can get two seat belts on.
Probably your best bet.
KENSI (laughs): You're such a jerk.
There were two of them, so, I wa-- I was, I was totally outnumbered.
Uh, and they-they were they were huge.
Which is-- phew-- like, the only reason why I ended up in the (clears throat) drawer.
I don't even I don't know if you could have taken 'em.
Is that so? So what else do you remember about these guys? Not much, to be honest.
Um, they both had ski masks.
SAM: Any idea how they got down here? No.
I was listening to my jams.
You know? Your jams? Yeah, my jams.
I was getting in my embalming groove.
SAM: You were in your embalming groove? Yeah.
So, I I didn't actually hear anyone come in.
This is going nowhere.
I'll do it.
I'll honeypot myself.
It doesn't work if you call it that.
Watch and learn, gentlemen.
Sounds like we're gonna watch and learn here.
Scoot, scoot.
This'll be interesting.
Hi, Corey.
What up, girl? ZOE: Hmm.
I really love what you did with your hair.
ZOE: Super cute, right? Yeah.
It's a little business down below, a little party up top.
You know what? We're going to, uh, we're gonna take it from here.
So what else can you tell us about these big, scary masked men? To be clear, I never said "scary.
" Well, to be clear, your face did.
COREY: Uh Oh They had accents, sir.
Spanish accents.
You did good.
Real good.
But dude, you need to stop creating fake profiles and stalking me online.
I-- no, that would, I would never I would never! That's not There was nothing.
Zoe, okay, it's completely harmless, though.
I swear.
I swear it was.
Yeah, okay.
Come on, boys.
We're done here.
I think I prefer Arkady.
What are you doing here? - Agent Callen, Agent Hanna.
- Hey.
And you must be FBI Agent Zoe Morris.
You probably recognize me from the FBI homepage.
I get that a lot.
That's not it.
- No? - No.
I just got off the phone with your special agent in charge.
Is there an issue? Not only is Agent Morris working an unsanctioned FBI case, she's convinced the two of you to go rogue with her.
You got to be kidding me.
So I would say "yes.
" There's a bit of an issue.
I can explain.
- Can you? SAM: Because it's pretty cut and dry from where we're standing.
You have to understand.
(clears throat) It's not my fault.
I'm-I'm out of here.
No, fine.
Fine, fine, fine.
It's kind of my fault.
(sighs) Okay, whatever.
I take full responsibility.
Blame the victim.
But just at least let me explain.
- You have one minute.
- Okay.
So, a few weeks ago, the FBI received an anonymous tip that someone was moving a large quantity of carfentanil from China through the Port of Los Angeles.
Carfentanil's a synthetic opioid.
It's 100 times more potent than fentanyl.
Yeah, it puts law enforcement at risk just by touching it.
And if you have enough of it, carfentanil is just as destructive as nerve gas.
What does the carfentanil have to do with our John Doe? Maybe nothing.
But I asked Corey to let me know if any bodies came into the morgue that showed signs of opioid overdose.
John Doe came in, Corey called me.
He calls me a lot.
We really need to have the friend talk.
Oh, wait.
He said that John Doe had pinpoint pupils, and his face was jacked up.
And I thought, "Shazam.
" But surprise, surprise.
Nobody at the FBI was interested, so I went to the morgue myself.
And then someone came back and stole the body a few days later.
I know I lied, but I did it with a clear conscience.
Is she serious right now? - Yes, I am.
CALLEN: She's for real.
And so is this case.
Okay, I think I've heard enough.
Take her to the boatshed.
My thoughts exactly.
You give me a ride back to Ops? Of course.
You two have fun.
G? Come on, G.
I'm glad that's over.
Now, your thoughts on Meghan Markle's wedding gown.
(car door closes, engine starts) It's a bold choice.
I respect it.
(engine revving) Oh, that's what I'm talking about.
Cold brews on me all around.
I'll take mine with some steamed Dramamine.
(chuckles) How may I help you? Hi.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
This is my partner, Agent Hidoko and LAPD Detective Deeks.
Oh, that bastard.
Excuse me? Is this about the health inspection last week? DEEKS: The what? No.
Should it be? Because those rat feces were not ours.
DEEKS: Uh I hope not.
DEEKS: Poop from a what? I don't want poop in my coffee.
I'm telling you, that weasel of an inspector planted them.
Yeah, we can get drinks someplace else.
We're on the clock.
Yeah, um, awkward segue, but I need to show you a somewhat disturbing picture.
Well, can't be worse than rat feces.
HIDOKO: Uh, you, you might want to stop saying "feces" and "rat.
" Yeah.
Do you recognize this man? Oh, my God.
What happened? That's what we're trying to find out.
Do you know him? Of course.
That's Gabe.
He's here almost every day.
Is he okay? DEEKS: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Gabe is dead.
Oh Do you know Gabe's last name? Uh no.
Not even from a credit card? Uh, he always paid with a fiver, let me keep the change.
Nicest man.
Do you know what he did for work? Uh, handyman, I think.
Random odd jobs, that sort of thing.
He, uh, lived around the corner, and when our chairs were falling apart, he fixed them in his apartment.
So, we're gonna need that address.
Of course, yeah.
Zoe's a crafty one, isn't she? Crafty is one word for it.
So she played you? Uh, she lied.
The case was presented as a joint task force with the FBI.
You don't think that's a problem? Oh, no.
I do.
But? But, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you that you've done the same.
(laughs): Hetty Multiple times, I might add.
Look, I just don't think we should be partnering with her, that's all.
Well, it's difficult to meet someone who reminds you of yourself.
I know.
(laughs) Zoe Morris and I have nothing in common.
You wouldn't have done the same thing in the same situation? Not likely.
I see.
And what if you'd been in Anna's situation? NELL: Excuse me.
We just got the lab results back on the sheet that was covering the John Doe.
I think you're gonna want to see this.
(sighs) (door closes) Your ride's here.
- Frederick.
- Come on.
And you know I prefer "Fred.
" I prefer your support when pursuing a case.
(sighs) Zoe, you know I can't do that.
You're the agent who cried wolf.
That's good.
ZOE: So what if I chase down the occasional dead end? So that costs money.
You think every tip is a lead, and every lead is a case.
You're still green.
You don't have instincts yet.
This time, her instincts were spot-on.
FREDERICK: Who are you? Agent Callen.
This is Frederick.
It's just Fred.
Fred Munger, FBI.
I could tell by the suit.
SAM: What's going on? Lab results are in.
The residue on the sheet confirms that our John Doe was, in fact, exposed to large amounts of carfentanil.
Did you say carfentanil? - I did.
- Oh, you're interested now? (imitates explosion) (Frederick clears throat) Well, then, given the fact that this case originated with the FBI, we, of course, would be happy to continue working it with NCIS, so long as we continue to run point.
Oh, no, he didn't.
I think he just did.
SAM: Listen, uh, thanks for coming by, Frederick.
- It's just Fred.
Oh, yeah, well Fred, uh, there's no way the FBI is taking the lead on this.
CALLEN: Besides, we already have a joint task force here.
Agent Morris is all the help we need.
Really? Totes! Yes! SAM: Hang in there, Freddie.
This is awesome.
- High five.
SAM: (laughs) Okay.
This is where our John Doe Gabe lived, apparently.
You guys take the top.
I've got down here.
All right.
(door opens) See what I see? Yeah.
Federal agent! DEEKS: He's gonna run.
And he ran.
They never listen.
Federal agents! Shortcut.
Ooh, shnikes.
Whoa, Nellie, Nellie, Nellie, Nellie.
Nice work.
Yeah, well, my shoulder just called me an idiot.
And you, huh? Oh.
How did you think this was gonna end? Oh, well, you see, I actually didn't know that you were talking to me.
You see, I like to run to my car.
- It's kind of been my thing since I was a - Mm-hmm.
a kid that could drive.
Son of a bitch! Oh, that's it.
Permanently damaged my serving shoulder.
Ugh, please don't take the bait.
It's the, uh, shoulder I will be throwing a towel over while I ask Schmitty if he'd like another.
Who's Schmitty? I don't know yet.
But I'm buying a bar, and I'm imagining that every bar comes with a regular named Schmitty.
CALLEN: I see that you've gone public with your latest business venture.
KENSI: Oh, yes.
Very public.
And let's not forget the time that he also went public with the idea to launch a French running class.
DEEKS: Okay, just to be clear, this was not a class that taught you how to run like the French.
This is a class that taught you how to speak French while running.
Two birds, one stone.
Genius idea.
Genius idea.
Genius idea.
Much better than that, uh, oak tree farm he scouted in Idaho.
(chuckles) Man, those acorns are begging to be milked.
- (groans) Weren't you gonna be a weekend docent at LACMA? Who doesn't want to spend their Sunday saying "rococo"? KENSI: Okay, you know what, the point is, there's been a lot before, and there'll be a lot more after.
A greatest hits of greatest misses.
Uh, speaking of greatest hits.
Schmitty would never be this mean to me.
Maybe it's time we find out what our guy was doing at John Doe's apartment.
CALLEN: Mm-hmm.
Hmm, here's what I'm thinking.
Sam, you go in as good cop.
I mean, look at you.
He'll eat it up.
And I swoop in as bad cop, because, you know, duh.
(chuckles) And Callen, we'll call you if we need you.
You brought us this case under false pretenses.
Well SAM: As a rogue agent.
Long story short, we'll take it from here.
That's a better plan than mine.
I'll just stay here.
We'll just hang out.
Watch and Oh, hey.
Please, please, gentlemen, show some mercy.
My-my brother is sick, and if I'm not home to give him his medicine, he-he'll die.
We read your file.
You're an only child.
That's the real tragedy.
It was such a lonely childhood.
And now I'm a lonely adult.
A roamer.
A wanderer.
I don't even know how I got into that apartment.
You picked the lock.
Maybe I did.
Maybe I didn't.
The important thing is that this was supposed to be my last job.
One big farewell.
My pièce de résistance.
You speak French.
And he's a runner.
- It's too bad he's retiring.
- Yeah.
And he's going to prison.
You assaulted an officer.
Combine that with breaking and entering, you're looking at at least minimum ten years.
CALLEN: Mm-hmm.
And that's before the murder.
Murder? I Di I didn't murder anyone.
I am a lover, not a fighter.
Well, the apartment you were in was owned by a man who was killed.
In fact, his body was stolen from the morgue.
Stealing dead bodies? I am not into that.
Look, someone stole drugs from my boss, so he sent me to the apartment to find them.
Then I will need to know your boss's name.
He's not gonna find out I told you, right? Not if you tell us where we can find him.
He owns a nursery in Glassell Park.
Plants, not, uh, babies.
Place like that is constantly ordering chemical supplies.
Wouldn't be hard to hide the carfentanil.
Can I, uh, make a phone call? I have, uh, three kids, and they miss their-their dad when I'm not home for Great.
(clears throat) Doesn't make any sense.
Tell me about it.
I minored in art history.
Can we just skip to the part where we're both on the same page? I mean, I've studied the greatest paintings on earth, and I've never even been to the Sistine Chapel or to Spain to see the Prado.
Your death alarm really got me thinking.
Okay, I prefer to think of it as a life reminder, but I'm listening.
It's just I've put off so much for this job.
What if I run out of time? Hey, hey, you won't.
We got plenty of time.
How about this.
What do you say we go to Spain? Huh? Hmm.
HETTY: I certainly hope you'll help us solve this case before you leave.
(clears throat) (clears throat) Hetty.
Um, allow me to introduce you to our John Doe, Gabe Schroeder.
What's his background? Um, German, I believe.
- Oh, Berlin.
Add that to the list.
- Oh, yeah.
No, Mr.
Beale, his military background.
Um, (clears throat) Schroeder was a Marine squad leader in Operation Phantom Fury.
Second Battle of Fallujah, the heaviest urban combat the Marines have ever seen.
He was injured trying to rescue four of his men during an insurgent attack.
Two of them didn't make it.
Says here that he's been in and out of rehab ever since.
A string of odd jobs and a whole lot of debt.
It's a sad but familiar tale.
NELL: Wow.
His last gig was working security for Raul's nursery.
I'm sorry, but how does this happen? I mean, he's a decorated war veteran who died with nothing.
No friends, no family.
No community.
Not even his own identity.
But thanks to you two, he now has his name.
And his story will be told.
It's up to you to figure out with which ending.
Oh, and Ms.
Jones, let me know when you make it to Spain.
I have a villa in Majorca that I believe will inspire you.
It's what kept Pablo from another blue period.
Did-did she mean? She always does.
Holy smokes.
A Rose of Sharon should not cost 80 bucks.
Maybe they got a cheaper version.
Like a Rose of Tammie, for, like, seven.
(chuckles) ZOE: Workplace romance.
I had one of those once.
Summer of 2012.
We were young college students trying to make ends meet.
I worked register.
He worked inventory.
What happened? Long story short, I had to hog-tie him in the middle of an Office Depot parking lot.
Caught him trying to steal a crate of printer ink.
That tracks.
Held him at bay with a staple gun until the authorities arrived.
(sighs) I'll never forget him.
- The one that couldn't get away.
- Hmm.
(clears throat) Heads up.
Follow my lead.
That should make everyone nervous.
Oh, no.
DEEKS: Oh, that just broke.
Are you okay? What happened? Sorry.
It's just, we are building a garden, gets really overwhelmed with everything.
EVIE: Well, you're in the right place for that.
Maybe I can help.
DEEKS: Uh, yeah, I just recently, I got my-my paws on some very promising seeds.
And I think once we plant those suckers, we are guaranteed to feast like royalty.
Sounds like a good start.
KENSI: As you know, we are in the middle of a drought.
Uh, honey, scientists agree the drought is nearly over.
Honey, I think scientists would agree that your drought is just beginning.
Well, that suck Succulents! Great for gardens, great for droughts.
I'll show you.
You can just clean up all the broken stuff.
(clears throat) How we doing back there? ZOE: There's no sign of Raul or the carfentanil.
Well, guessing this truck's been here for days.
KENSI: We should track it anyway.
That carfentanil is a threat to public safety.
And this might be our only chance of getting to Raul.
Consider it done.
Perfect timing, gentlemen.
Hidoko, go ahead.
Raul Villaseñor.
On paper, he seems like an above-board plant and garden business owner.
Everybody looks good on paper until they get caught.
Or maybe Victor's telling the truth for a change.
CALLEN: Maybe Schroeder stole Raul's carfentanil so he could sell it.
Got himself killed in the process.
SAM: He owed a lot of people a lot of money.
Carfentanil fetches top dollar on the streets.
It would make a lot of problems go away.
Well, he's got no family, no close friends.
There's nothing to lose.
It wouldn't be that much of a stretch.
(alert beeps) HIDOKO: Oh.
This is interesting.
So Schroeder always made his paychecks out to cash, but last week the bank cut him a check.
Payable to whom? A storage facility in Hollywood.
Now, that's a place to hide the goods.
Send the address to our phones.
Will do.
SAM: We've got company.
Federal agents! (man shouts) (grunts) You catch that duffel bag? Must have been the carfentanil.
Eric, I got a BMW I need you to track.
CALLEN: Looks like Schroeder was living here.
He must have been hiding from Raul.
Or hiding drugs.
He did take the drugs, but instead of selling the carfentanil, he sat on the product.
Schroeder was keeping the drugs off the street.
That's why he stole it in the first place.
He probably tipped off the FBI.
They dragged their feet, so he took matters into his own hands.
The only problem was, he didn't realize how dangerous it was.
His body was found on Sunset and Vermont.
That's two blocks away from the hospital.
He was probably trying to get there.
Yeah, he wasn't murdered.
Exposure to the carfentanil slowly poisoned his body.
He fell on his own sword.
Honorable till the end.
Now the poison that killed him is gonna go wide.
A lot of people are gonna die.
Recognize anyone? Never seen them in my life.
But are you sure there's not a photo missing? Positive.
Your boss Raul is on the run.
He knows you turned on him.
CALLEN: And if he finds you, I can't say you're gonna be as lucky as your friends.
SAM: But we may be able to help you.
That is, if you tell us where he's taking the drugs.
Raul's a businessman.
Plants, drugs, anything that can make him money.
Cut to the chase.
He's opening a restaurant.
Some warehouse downtown.
We did a drop there for him last week.
How about an address? I don't know.
I'm not from L.
Everything down there looks the same.
You're from Boyle Heights.
I don't know where it is.
I was just a passenger.
You want an exact address, maybe you shouldn't have killed the driver.
I mean, every warehouse downtown is being renovated.
And Nell didn't find any restaurant license under Raul's name.
ZOE: If we don't find Raul, it's over.
Gabe Schroeder will have died for nothing, and I won't be able to forgive myself.
You're the only reason we're even close to the carfentanil.
Yeah, I should have pushed harder.
I wasted two days while the FBI just dragged their feet.
Please tell me you have something for us.
Yeah, I'm searching all restaurants and restaurants-to-be within a four mile radius of downtown, so it's gonna take a sec.
DEEKS: Well, that kind of competition, Raul's gonna have to be in the corner handing out flyers just to stay in business.
Or menus, whatever pops.
No, the truck in the back of the nursery had menus under its wipers.
Uh Oy Gevalt.
Come on.
You're so close.
You can do this.
No, that was the name of the Jewish deli.
There was, uh Panini For Your Thoughts.
Super clever.
And one more Um something to do with poké.
I'm Okay, You're Poké.
That's it.
NELL: Okay.
Searching now.
The three restaurants are on the same block in the Arts District.
So Raul's place must be nearby.
Worth a shot.
You coming? I thought you'd never ask.
CALLEN: That's Raul's BMW.
This must be the place.
Kensi, Deeks, we're going in front.
You two go around back.
KENSI: Copy that.
(grunts) (indistinct chatter) I got eyes on Raul.
Federal agents! MAN: Whoa.
Take the bag! Federal agent! Drop your weapon! (rapid gunfire continues) DEEKS: He's coming.
He's coming! Raul's making a run for it.
KENSI: Cover me.
SUV's headed in your direction.
CALLEN: Ready? (tires squealing) Federal agents! Out of the car! Slowly.
Drop the bag! Drop it! Drop it now! Drop the bag! Zoe, move! Found Gabe Schroeder.
Raul had his men, uh, steal the body to cover the evidence.
He's in the restaurant.
He didn't deserve to die like this.
CALLEN: You're right.
He doesn't belong here.
Then let's find a place worthy of a Marine.
("Taps" plays) Fire! Fire! Fire! ("Taps" continues) Order arms.
(exhales) Thank you.
Hey, uh, uh Hey, I just wanted to say thank you.
It was really cool of you guys to let me stay on the case, even after I left out relevant information.
You mean even after you straight-up lied to us? SAM: To our faces.
With no shame at all.
Guys, we were having a moment.
It was like a real SAM: Yeah? Yeah, I'm sorry.
Anytime you have anything, call us.
How's that? That sounds perf ect.
(sighs) All right.
Anybody else need a drink? Yeah.
Hell yes.
Me, too.
Hetty? Do they serve whiskey older than you? (chuckles) Huh.
I didn't think so.
MOSLEY: Okay, kids, have fun.
- Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
HETTY: Bye-bye.
- Rain check, then.
HETTY: Yeah.
Bye, ladies.
Where to? I know just the place.
And I promise you guys are gonna love it.
SAM: Interesting.
DEEKS: All right, hold your applause until we get some candles lit.
(Kensi coughs) - Can you help me with that? - Yeah.
Some lighters right there.
Don't say anything.
KENSI: Okay.
I need to get the ambiance.
So, what do you think? Uh Huh? Well, definitely never been here before.
Yeah, that's because it's been condemned.
CALLEN: You know, I got some pretty simple tastes, but this is I don't know what this is.
I think it's a bomb shelter.
(laughter) It's warm.
That's 'cause the refrigerator's not running, or HVAC, or any electricity, for that matter.
Hence why we're all looking at each other over candlelight.
SAM: Mm, well, not much of a bomb shelter.
KENSI: Sweetie, my moon, my stars, where have you taken us? DEEKS: Well, my sugar bear, we, uh (clears throat) we're at our bar.
Huh? I'm sorry, you paid money for this? Well, I guess you can't take it with you.
Remember that Ethercoin I bought? It went back up? Oh, it went back up.
Not that I had to use it for the bar, because the, uh, person that owns this place is letting me take it for a spin.
Oh, my God, this is serious.
You're not just making some fleeting plan again.
I mean, think about today.
Think about Gabe Schroeder.
There are literally hundreds of Gabe Schroeders out there just looking for a place to hang their hat once in a while.
You know? Like a place to see a familiar face, and we can give that to 'em.
I mean, hell, we can give that to ourselves.
Right? Hmm.
Right? Baby? What? Why are you not saying anything? You're freaking me out.
Baby, talk to me.
(Kensi clears throat) You're circling me like a shark.
Baby, what are you thinking? - I'm thinking we're buying a bar.
- Really? DEEKS: What?! Oh, I thought you were going a different direction.
I thought for a second, 'cause I That's why I brought everybody here, to protect me in case you tried to stab me with a fork.
Deeks, you have a bar.
Uh, correction.
Actually, we have a bar.
Oh, my God! Yeah! I think this calls for a toast.
NELL: Yes.
Kens and Deeks, huh? I'll drink to that.
NELL: Come on.
Toast, guys.
ALL: Cheers.
SAM: To their, uh, bomb shelter/bar.
- Hey.
To Schmitty! - Ho-ho! Oh! Oh, God.
Ah, that is unfortunately bad.
Eek! Hold on.
In all seriousness though, to Gabe.
To Gabe.
To Gabe.
To Gabe.
To Gabe.
To Gabe.
SAM: One more? - It'll get better the second time around.
Just trust it.
Why would it be any better? (all groaning) - It isn't better.
- No.
- Ugh! NELL: Still bad.
Not doing that again.
DEEKS: That did not get better.
I think it got worse.
CALLEN: It's a bit gamey.
DEEKS: Tastes a little bit like a, like a skunk.
NELL: How old are these?