NCIS Los Angeles s09e22 Episode Script


1 ERIC: Earlier this morning, Secret Service used a covert team to pick up Claudia Diaz and brought her to the boatshed.
NELL: Agent DeChamps has been undercover, targeting the Marca family.
Who is this guy, Michael Silva? DeCHAMPS: An American with Peruvian ties.
It looks like he also helps vet the deals.
They're expecting financial genius, not drug dealer.
Reclusive, nervous.
I got this.
Kids are awful.
Guess that's why I'm like this.
Sokolov! Put your hands up.
(gunshots) Anna, where's his gun? Hell I'm running From the sound of my own Two feet These dreams, they tell me No matter where and why I won't be free (shouting) (alarm blaring) NCIS: LA 9x22 Venganza Oh, wait a minute.
You won't take home Post-it notes from the office, but you'll take parts from the boatshed? First of all, these parts have been here forever.
And second, Hetty said I can have anything in here I needed.
Are her gold bricks from Vietnam in here? That's funny.
I just picked up a raw water pump for my boat, but they didn't have a bracket.
Thank you.
Well, don't get used to this kind of service.
Turned out the new coffee place had smoothies.
It's good.
And you're out of the house early today.
- Yep.
- Why? Mm, no reason.
Early workout? No.
Couldn't sleep? I actually slept like a rock.
So you just felt like we needed a little more one-on-one time? Like us being together over 300 days a year isn't enough.
I got up this morning to try meditation.
Come on.
Let's hear it.
What do you got? Nothing.
I think it's great.
What made you decide to give it a try? I don't know, critical mass.
When everyone from Hetty to my accountant to the guy that sells oranges on the freeway off-ramp tell me that meditation's the truth, I thought, I'm open-minded, I'll-I'll give it a try.
Did it change your life? I kind of like my life the way it is.
But, like I said, I'm open-minded, so I downloaded the app, I got into a quiet room, and I went for it.
Well, good for you.
Meditation takes a lot of work, and you have to put in some time.
I'm kind of finished already.
Finished? Well? Mm-hmm.
I guess I'm a natural.
How long did you do it for? Two minutes.
Yeah, I got that clear, empty mind, and I fell asleep, like a rock.
Kind of like before I did meditation.
I'm not sure two minutes is considered “meditation.
” You might need to try and give it a little longer.
Do I? Or did it only take me two minutes to master meditation? Is this boat ready for the open water yet? It's a work in progress, okay? I want things nice for when Kam and Aiden come home from school.
You still gonna take it up the coast? Carmel.
That's where Michelle would want to be.
Well, if you need help getting it ready for the kids, you let me know.
I swing a pretty mean hammer.
Yeah, well, we'll see.
I saw what you did to the dining room table.
- Easy.
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks for the smoothie.
KENSI: Three.
(gunshots) Three.
(Kensi whoops) I'm not gonna lie, that's some moves right there.
Ow! (clears throat) Choreography's a beautiful thing.
(sighs) Wow, you're just not gonna let this go, are you? No, I'm not gonna let this go.
Why can't we have a choreographer for our wedding? - No, thank you.
- Wha-- Look, you've had salsa class and waltz lessons; why is this any different? Baby, this isn't about my skills, and it certainly is not about your skills.
I just, I just want this thing to be Our wedding? Right, our wedding-- I want our wedding to be natural, okay? I want it to be like us.
I don't want it to be too forced or too planned out.
Because the truth of the matter is, baby, it doesn't have to be perfect, because we are perfect together.
And that's what this is all about.
That's all I'm saying.
So you're saying we can't do the overhead lift, a la “I've Had The Time of My Life”? Listen, at the end of the day, I'm gonna do whatever it is that you want me to do.
If you want me to do the whatever it is that you just did, I'll do it.
I'm just trying to tell you where I'm coming from.
Fine, no overhead lift or jazz hands.
(phone vibrates) For as long as we both shall live.
We got to go.
We got a case.
Actually, you know what? If you want to do that scene where you're sitting on the chair, and you pull the cord, and all the water comes cascading down on your body Pretty sure that's a different movie.
Mm, no.
I've seen the movie.
I think I would know.
Hail, hail, the gang is partially here.
Uh, Mosley will arrive - Morning.
- Now.
Hidoko is on her way back from firearms training, Callen and Sam are headed to the hospital.
Allow me to explain.
You do remember Claudia Diaz, Alfonso Marca's Peruvian counterfeit princess? Of course.
We locked her up in federal prison.
(sighs) Please tell me she didn't get early release.
She did not.
She was murdered last night by another inmate in a violent incident.
ERIC: According to the responding corrections officer, Claudia attacked an inmate with a shiv, then another inmate overpowered her, shanked her in the kidney.
What do we know about the other inmates? Well, we have Ariane Vilca and Lorena Rosado.
Both have connections to Peru.
DEEKS: Yeah, well, Marca runs his counterfeiting business out of Peru, and then two women with Peruvian ties kill Claudia, who is the woman that he raised as his daughter.
This may be an escalated prison beef, or someone attacked Claudia to get to Marca.
Or Marca took her out himself.
He didn't want to risk her talking to other inmates or law enforcement about his business.
Either way, this is our chance to get close to Marca and shut down his operation.
Well, obviously, Claudia did some damage with that shiv if it put Vilca and Rosado in the hospital.
Callen and Sam will speak to them there.
I'd like the two of you to locate the corrections officer who responded to the incident.
- Got it.
- Done.
Thank you.
Special Agent Callen, this is Special Agent Hanna, NCIS.
We need to talk WOMAN: Help! Somebody killed them! Sam.
Stop! Federal agent! Gun! Gun! I'm going around.
I'll head him off.
(gun clicks) Sam, he dropped his weapon.
Federal agent! Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Freeze! (shouts) (body drops) Gravity's a bitch.
(indistinct radio chatter) What do you got, Hidoko? We're working to I.
the suspect using his fingerprints and hospital surveillance footage.
Kensi and Deeks just landed at the boatshed now to speak to one of Claudia's prison guards.
So, Claudia was killed in the prison by two women, and then those two women are killed here in the hospital by a pro.
- It's no prison beef.
- No, it's all tied to Alfonso Marca.
Either he orchestrated this or he knows who did.
Yeah, we need to talk to Secret Service Agent DeChamps.
She's been on Marca for months, she knows him well.
ERIC: Uh, actually, no longer Secret Service Agent DeChamps.
Looks like she's now a fellow NCIS special agent.
- NCIS? ERIC: Yeah.
She recently completed NCIS training at FLETC.
She's out of the San Diego office, and looks like she's working on an undercover operation in Orange County and South Los Angeles.
All right, well, see if you can get her current location without compromising her operation.
NELL: Copy that.
Officer Mitchell.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Kensi Blye.
Detective Deeks.
KENSI: Thank you for bringing her in.
- No problem.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
I rowed crew in college.
This place feels like home.
I can practically smell the Icy Hot and Gatorade.
Ah, it's probably just Deeks.
It probably is me.
So, Kensi and I interrogated Claudia several months back.
Yeah, she was pretty composed.
Didn't seem like the type of woman who would stab somebody in the gut.
The kind of woman that would pay someone to do it, yes, but do it herself, no.
She's exactly the kind of woman that would do this.
Claudia and her two attackers, all three of them were well-trained.
How could you tell? I was posted just outside the day room.
I heard commotion in the southeast corner.
Claudia was near Rosado when she was tackled by Vilca.
They all knew how to handle themselves.
It took me nine seconds to arrive.
In that time, Vilca stabbed Claudia in the kidney with her own shiv.
Nine seconds seems pretty exact.
I ran the route and timed it after the incident.
Claudia was bleeding out when I arrived.
Then the lockdown alarm sounded, and emergency protocol went into place.
They don't seem like the only ones who are well-trained.
I was MP in Afghanistan from 2011 to '13.
Now I work correction during the day, and I go to law school at night.
Got my sights set on the FBI.
Well, that is very impressive, and they would be lucky to have you.
- Thank you.
Did you notice any gang affiliations between Claudia or her attackers? None.
We're pulling Claudia's visitor log up right now but as of MITCHELL: She only had one.
Last week.
I escorted her to the room.
Is this the guy who visited her? No, it wasn't.
Security office will have his photo and I.
- Thank you, you've been really helpful.
- Mm-hmm.
CALLEN: Over there on the left, that's it.
SAM: What's she working? CALLEN: Says it's a weapons for drugs case.
Involves a Naval munitions officer.
Club is supposed to be a front for the operation.
DeChamps just went under.
This neighborhood's changed a lot.
Shops got torn down, condos going up.
is going vertical fast.
How do you know this neighborhood? Uh, what, do you got a little little gem of a shop around the corner where you get your MCT oil for half price or something? My cobbler's around here.
Your cobbler? (chuckles) Layers of an onion, Sam Hanna, layers of an onion.
Been going to him for years.
Every man should have a cobbler.
I know I shouldn't do this, but I'm gonna do it anyways.
Why do I need a cobbler? To resole your shoes.
Oh, that's interesting, because I always took it that if the soles of my shoes were worn out, I should go and buy a new pair of shoes.
See, that's the problem.
Perfectly good pair of shoes get sent to the dump, a new pair needs to get made.
Takes a toll on the planet.
Besides, a cobbler is a tradesman.
They're experts in their craft And there it is.
(laughs) What? You are enamored with anyone who has mastered a craft or a trade.
I mean, t-this cobbler is just one in a long line behind your-your custom knife guy, your boxing instructor, the woman in Hawaii who makes your spearguns, your jiu-jitsu instructor-- am I missing anyone? My wetsuit tailor.
Your wetsuit tailor.
Is that even a real thing? Do I look like a guy that can just walk into a store and buy a wetsuit off the rack? Please.
All right, just like you like it.
Double vanilla nonfat latte with two sugars, one dash of cream.
Wow, really? No, it's essentially dirty bath water.
- Enjoy it.
- Oh, okay, thank you.
NELL: Hey, guys.
So we just got the photo and I.
of Claudia's mystery visitor.
Yeah, he signed in under the alias “Son Goku,” (laughing): which, if you liked anime, would be hilarious, because that guy's like Eric, Eric.
ERIC: (clears throat) Needless to say, it was a fake name.
Anyway, we were able to match his photo to a customs photo of Oscar Mori.
He's a Peruvian businessman who flew into Seattle just days before the visit.
NELL: And Amtrak records show that Mori took the train down the coast and arrived in L.
a couple days later.
Check this out.
I ran Mori through the Peruvian National Police database.
The Peruvian authorities have Marca's Lima compound under surveillance.
Mori was photographed exiting the compound two weeks ago.
And he came to visit Claudia not long after that photo was taken, and then she was killed a few days later.
Maybe he thought Marca was gonna come after her, so he went to warn her.
Or maybe Mori brought Claudia a message from Marca.
And whatever was in that message caused her to go on the offensive, and make that shiv.
Well, you may be able to ask Mori what he told Claudia yourself.
Looks like he just used his credit card to pay for parking in Malibu.
On it.
CALLEN: Here we go.
SAM: When these two clear, we'll follow her someplace where we can talk.
Maybe we can go to your cobbler's place.
She might need new soles for her boots, you know? Kill two birds.
You know, that's some good material.
Thank you.
Yeah, maybe you should put together a set, hit an open mic.
Yeah, that's actually something to think about.
I may actually meditate on it.
(chuckles) (laughs softly) She saw us.
(tires screeching) Shooters.
(engine starts) Long guns! DeCHAMPS: I don't have a gun! I'm moving to DeChamps.
I got you.
Go! Loaded, ready to go.
I'm pinned down over here! Yeah, so are we.
We can't play this game much longer.
I can't get a good shot; I need a better angle.
Go, I got you.
(gunfire continues) I still don't have a clean shot.
(knocking on door) Come in.
You've heard that Callen, Sam and DeChamps are safe? Yes.
And thank goodness for that.
My Secret Service counterparts are trying to talk me out of our continued involvement in the Marca case.
But you are holding your ground.
Of course.
They've implied that I'm unnecessarily putting the team at risk.
I think they want the Marca case to themselves.
Ah, well, you could be correct.
They are notoriously territorial.
Callen and Sam encountered a group of trained shooters, who are now dead.
Well, better the shooters than our people.
Of course, Hetty, but this means that we have no additional leads.
Well, a “standstill” is just that.
You stand still for a while.
Take stock of the road you're traveling.
Fair enough.
It appears Claudia's death has hit Marca hard.
So it makes sense that he'd want to go after anyone who was responsible for her incarceration.
If that's the case, he's already gone after DeChamps.
Sam, Kensi and Deeks may be next on his list.
Exactly my point.
(knocking on door) Yes.
So, uh, a preliminary I.
just came back on the shooters that went after DeChamps.
It turns out, they do have ties to Marca's team in Lima.
Additionally, Kensi and Deeks located Oscar Mori, the man who visited Claudia in prison, and they are surveilling him now.
Thank you.
We stand still no longer.
(exhales) (seabirds chirping) I got Oscar Mori, and two creatine freaks I can only assume are bodyguards.
Maybe this Mori guy didn't fly all the way from Peru to do something for Marca.
Maybe he just wanted the best clam chowder in Malibu.
(chuckles) Maybe.
I have the most amazing idea.
Does it involve vacation time and Diamond Head? What about here? What do you mean “here”? We've been talking about surfing in Hawaii for months.
What about if we did the wedding here? In Malibu, on the beach.
Baby, we talk about doing a beach wedding.
Why not do it here, on our beach? Why fly to somebody else's beach? That's their beach.
You're right.
I'm-I'm sorry, what? I could just-- if I could just record that, maybe, and use it as my outgoing voice message, just to let everyone know how right I am.
I'm just saying that it is a beautiful location, and that patio is huge-- it could fit, like, what, 150? Oh.
No, no.
Not-not so much the restaurant.
I was talking about the beach, and 150 people? (laughing): Okay, that's way too many people.
I was thinking, like, ten people.
Just the people that mean the most to us, by our side.
There are way more than ten people that mean the most to me.
No, no, no.
Obviously, more than ten.
Like, fif-fifteen, twenty? Deeks, I grew up on bases.
I was the agent afloat for an aircraft carrier.
The people that mean the most to me add up.
It's not just the people that mean the most to me right now.
And, for you, that makes sense, and that's totally right.
It's just, for me, I'm a little bit different, you know? When I move on, for better or for worse, I move on.
It's not like I'm keeping track of, like, my buddies that I played Little League baseball with.
Little League? Not that-- and, but with you, it's different.
And these people love you, and you love them, and they should be at your wedding.
(laughs): Our wedding.
Our wedding.
I love you.
I love you, too.
But just to clarify, that means you're okay with the reception being here? Yeah, I'm sure they could do a wonderful fixed menu of clam chowder and fish and chips.
Okay, it sounds like you're being sarcastic, but I'm serious, like, that's my kind of party.
Our kind of party! Our kind of party.
Oh, my gosh.
Gonna be so much fun.
I know.
KENSI: Looks like our boy just ordered two more beers.
I'm guessing they're here for the long haul.
He's surrounded by civilians and his bodyguards.
We need to get him alone.
I have a plan.
You have so many plans.
I do.
What could possibly go wrong? If this is tied to the original Marca undercover op, we need to talk to his man in L.
That suit from the yacht.
Michael Silva.
Yeah, he was vetting all of Marca's deals in America.
This guy can give us insight into Marca better than anyone in L.
Well, he's been on the Secret Service's watch list for a long time.
Well, there might be something in his file we can use.
I'll call and have them sent up to Ops.
All right.
HETTY: That's a good idea.
I'll get Eric on that.
Agent DeChamps, Henrietta Lange.
It is an honor to meet you.
Well, I'm sorry to cut our introduction short, but I'm afraid you and Sam need to carry on with the investigation yourselves.
I need to talk to Mr.
Hetty, we're-we're right in the middle of this.
I can't I realize that, but I think you two go off and find Silva.
What's going on? The, uh, day that we knew would come has arrived.
The ATF Internal Affairs board has an opening this evening in their schedule.
They want to interview me about Anna and the Sokolov shooting.
I suggest you head for Glendale, stop in and see Anna.
See where her head is at, and yours.
MAN: Oh, delicious.
Excuse me.
Um, which one of you gentleman had the prawn special? I did.
This is super uncomfortable and I'm not sure how to tell you this.
Out with it.
What's happening? Our supplier just called and the prawns we received have (whispering): parasites.
Parasites? Large ones.
What? Are you kidding? This is not funny.
No, it's not.
They're really big and pretty slimy.
They're actually really Enough.
What should I do? Um you should probably, um get them out as soon as possible.
The closest restroom is right around the corner.
Stay here.
I have to do this alone.
(groaning) Yeah.
You need to get out of my way right now.
I got to go to the bathroom.
I got parasites in me.
They're-they're big and slimy.
Wait, so you're saying I-I don't have parasites? I mean, you may, just not from this restaurant.
Who are you? We are NCIS.
We know that you're Oscar Mori and that you have close ties with Alfonso Marca and Claudia Diaz.
If you say so.
Why did you go and visit Claudia at the prison three days before she was killed? Claudia's dead? Thanks to two of her fellow inmates who, coincidentally, were also murdered.
(sighs) Okay, look, I was doing some deals with Marca in Lima and we-we-we had a falling out.
Well, that is someone you do not want to have a falling out with.
Yeah, I know, right? So I owed him.
Which means I have to do what he says or he's gonna kill me, so I had to come here and give Claudia a message.
What was the message? You know, how come I don't just get up and leave? What-what responsibility do I have to help you guys? You're right.
He totally doesn't, except for the fact that, you know what, our partner has photos of you meeting with us in private, which I'm sure Senor Marca would love to see.
Come on, man, no.
This sucks! Not as much as parasites.
Yeah, 'cause those are big and slimy.
(sighs) Una súpernova Te hizo una pregunta.
A supernova asked you a question.
What the hell does that mean? That was the coded message for Claudia.
- What else did he tell you to do? - Nothing.
You sure about that? Okay, okay.
I had to buy some resin and I brought it to this garage in Van Nuys.
That's it, I swear.
Now I really feel sick.
Oh, maybe you do have parasites.
- I'm gonna go.
- No.
Just You can stay here and observe that view for a little longer while LAPD gets here.
I thought we had a deal.
Oh, yeah, no, we have a deal.
We're good.
- Except for, LAPD, they - Yeah, no.
They know about the Escalades that you moved last time you were here.
Oh, no! No, no.
Did the UPS guy bring my spirulina? Spirulina? What is that? A type of pasta or something? Algae supplements.
Helps endurance.
What a coincidence, so does pasta.
Can we talk? About my workout and nutrition? No.
I thought I'd hear from you more often.
I mean, I know I moved, but you do own a car and a phone.
I know.
And I have been worried about you.
I I wasn't sure if you wanted some time alone.
I should've called.
Or stopped by.
So are you here to see me? Or are you here to make yourself feel better about the conversation you're about to have with my colleagues at ATF? If I could make this go away, I would.
(scoffs) I don't need you to be my hero or my protector.
I need you to understand that what I'm going through has nothing to do with you and this isn't about how this makes you feel because I'm going through this, not you.
You're right.
I'm I'm sorry.
It came out a lot harsher than I meant it to.
I get it.
I mean, your job and your-your future are at stake here, so (sighs) Do you want to take a walk? Sure.
(lock buzzes) (indistinct announcement over P.
) Hello, Michael.
Do you know why we're here? If you have something to offer me, offer it.
If not, leave.
Claudia Diaz was murdered in prison today.
My younger brother has a severe learning disability.
He struggled his entire life with bullies.
High school was impossibly difficult for him.
He never recovered.
Does this story sound familiar at all to you? - Sit down.
- Did you know about my brother? Is that why you pushed that persona that you did? Michael.
That is so low.
After I met you in the condo, I studied you.
I knew all about your little brother, played into it.
This the next level, Michael.
You feel me? Silva hasn't given anything up on Marca.
Pull up the rest of the surveillance photos in Lima outside Marca's residence and run them.
I am on it.
I want to know if anyone else who visited Marca has ties to L.
It turns out that Mori was telling the truth to Kensi and Deeks back at the restaurant.
He dropped off what looks like 200 pounds of resin to a garage in Van Nuys two days ago.
Five hours later, a van picked up the buckets.
I'm tracking it now.
Powdered resin is brushed onto metal printing plates in a technique called “intaglio”" which is used to print Japanese yen.
Marca only counterfeited U.
bills and euros.
I mean, he doesn't have any history of printing fake yen.
Is this a new business venture? I mean, it makes sense.
Peru has a large Japanese population.
Maybe Marca thought fake yen would be something he could easily offload.
Yen are notoriously difficult to counterfeit, but if anyone could pull this off, it would be Marca.
(tablet beeps) Hey, I picked up the van carrying the resin in Topanga Canyon.
Where's it headed? It passed through the intersection of Paseo Miramar and Topanga Fire Road, but I lost it there.
Okay, so that road leads to three ranches.
The van must've went to one of them.
There are no cameras in that whole area.
Tell Kensi and Deeks they need to get a visual on the area, and they need to do it quickly.
- Mm-hmm.
- On it.
Maybe we can speed this along.
I got SportsCenter at 2:00.
What are you authorized to give me? Another year or two on your sentence for attacking two federal agents.
That work for you? It wasn't personal.
Oh, sure it was.
I knew word would get out that I met with you.
These bruises on my face, they back up my story.
I didn't tell you anything.
Claudia's dead.
Marca wants revenge.
We think he killed the women who attacked Claudia, then came after me because I helped put her in jail.
Sounds like you two have it all figured out.
Am I free to go? Not afraid that Marca's gonna take you out next? Why would he do that? I've been nothing but loyal.
Nothing but loyal? (chuckles) Claudia was here in L.
to evaluate you.
Marca didn't trust you.
When we confiscated Claudia's laptop, we got the whole picture.
She knew you were skimming off his profits.
Marca is going to kill you.
How's solitary sound now? All right, we're here.
We're gonna go to higher ground, see if we can get a better view of the three ranches.
ERIC: I was able to secure use of a Forest Service satellite, so we'll be your eyes as you move higher.
Copy that.
ANNA: That statue up there? CALLEN: Anna - There was this actor in the '20s.
His fans loved him so much that they paid for that statue to be built.
I may not be able to help you through this, but I can at least try to not make it worse for you.
I know.
I'm not the best at letting people in.
Look who you're talking to.
My best friend, Katia, she lived down the street from me in Moscow.
Since she was six, she wanted to be a ballerina.
That's all she wanted.
And she did it.
Years of hard work, but she made it into the Bolshoi.
One day in rehearsal, she leaped, and it was the same leap she'd done a thousand times before, but this time, she tore her quad muscle from her bone.
She never recovered, never was the same.
What is Katia doing now? She drank herself to death.
I'm sorry.
Um, the thing is, when it happened, I completely understood her.
Ballet was her life.
She had no plan B.
It was her dream, her passion.
And it was taken away from her.
You are not her.
This job is my dream.
But my story will end differently.
The outcome of this investigation will not define me.
It will not break me.
Anna, listen to me.
I can tell You tell them the truth.
You weren't there when I shot Sokolov.
Anna You didn't see anything.
He was already dead when you came through that door, and I was holding my gun.
That's all you saw.
And that's the truth.
Anna Bye, Callen.
ERIC: All right, we have visuals of the three properties in the area, but the only one with vehicles present is directly to your southeast.
No confirmation that the resin truck is there, but we are picking up heat signatures of what appear to be recently driven cars parked under the carport.
Copy that, Nell.
Claudia knew you were skimming money from Marca and told him.
Sounds like a motive to me.
I had nothing to do with her murder.
Give us something.
We think we found one of Marca's production facilities.
I'll tell you what I know, if you do something for me.
You want a transfer or you want solitary? Nothing for me.
It's for my brother.
What about him? Andrew's always wanted to live alone.
He's incredible.
He lives in a group home in Santa Monica-- a place for adults with disabilities.
He's got a job at a burger joint on Venice.
That's all he's ever wanted, make his own money.
He's so proud.
He should be.
He just told me that the guy who runs this group home is taxing him.
Every night, this dude takes most of the money that Andrew earns.
He's scared to say anything because I'll take care of it.
I'll do it myself.
You didn't find one of Marca's production facilities.
He pulled all of his counterfeit production out of California after your team took out his downtown facility.
The place is isolated.
They had supplies for making counterfeit bills.
- We think - Isolated? - Like a ranch? - Yeah.
Out past Topanga? Sometimes supplies are stored there before shipping out, but that's not what the ranch is for.
Marca travels with a tactical team.
They're highly trained.
When they're here, they work out of that ranch.
If you have people going in there, they better bring a lot of firepower.
SAM: Nell where's Kensi and Deeks? We're tracking them now, Sam.
They're surveilling one of the ranches.
ERIC: Let me get out of heat signature mode.
Shooters moving in directly behind you.
Kensi, Deeks, do you copy? DEEKS: Go, Kens, go! (Deeks shouts) We're gonna have to move.
That is way too steep for cover and move.
If by steep, you mean a sheer cliff.
This rock is not gonna be my Alamo.
Really? So you want to do this? No, I don't want to do this.
But I don't want to get shot in the head more.
On three? Uh, let's make it two.
- One - Hold on, hold on.
Let's make it four.
Let's go on four.
Two three.
Three - Four! - Four! (Deeks shouts) (both grunting) (groaning) (coughs) Kens Kens, you okay? Yeah.
You okay? (groans) Well I think we bought ourselves some time.
(gunfire) Son of a bitch.
Go, go, go, go (groans) Ow.
(shouts command) KENSI: Eric and Nell, we found cover.
Where are they? ERIC: I still have five shooters.
None of them followed you straight down the hill.
They took a path to the south of you, so you did buy yourself some time.
Look at that.
Told ya, huh? NELL: Now, there is a stable up ahead.
It's about a mile from your current position.
It looks sturdy.
Callen, Sam and DeChamps are inbound.
Okay, if we can make it to that stable, we might stand a chance.
Yeah, that sounds like a more suitable Alamo than that stupid rock.
You do know how the Alamo ended, right? I sure do, Sundance.
Butch and Sundance were not at the Alamo.
I mean, I've seen the movie, I think I know.
Okay, you definitely have a concussion.
Kensi and Deeks just landed at the stable.
Five shooters are closing.
The shooters will keep their distance.
Stay behind cover, then light up the stables.
We come in from the east fast, they won't know what hit 'em.
Let's do it.
DEEKS: Go, go, go, go, go.
I got about one and a half mags left.
Well, you beat me by a half a mag.
There's five shooters.
Eh, that seems fair.
ERIC: Kensi, the shooters are closing in.
Callen, Sam and DeChamps are moving in from the east to flank them.
Guys, you're gonna have to draw their fire.
(sighs) KENSI: All right.
One, two, three.
Sleep all day Out all night I know where you're going Drawing fire.
You don't think it's showing Federal agents! Well, they emerge from the Alamo and live to fight another day.
Ain't that right, Sundance? KENSI: Really? DEEKS: I think I have a concussion.
KENSI: I'm sure you have a concussion.
- Thanks, guys.
- You're welcome.
Nice work.
Assistant Director.
Shay Mosley.
We trained together in Glynco a few years back.
Yeah, I remember you.
Congratulations on your move from Secret Service to NCIS.
It's a good choice.
MOSLEY: Search of the ranch reveal anything? Just the buckets of resin.
No other equipment used in the production of counterfeit bills.
And Marca must have got word that we talked to Mori.
He knew about the resin delivery, so we showed up at that ranch, and those guys were waiting to ambush us.
I just got a prelim I.
on the shooter from the hospital.
His name is Ricardo Ferrera.
He's a head security officer for the Cordobas.
The Cordoba family's been trying for years to move in on Marca's Peru operations.
Well, and they figured after they took out Claudia, he would start a war in America and take his eye off the ball in Peru.
Well, there's no way Marca's gonna let the Cordobas out of his sight once he realizes what they've done.
And I'm not gonna let Marca out of mine.
Callen, thank you very much for the background information on the incident and on Agent Kolcheck.
Now, this panel is very much interested in what you saw when you came through the door.
Did you see Mr.
Sokolov pull a weapon on Agent Kolcheck? We both knew that Mr.
Sokolov had a weapon.
Your report stated that you think you saw Mr.
Sokolov reach for his weapon before he was shot.
But you never saw this, did you? Like I said, we both knew he had a weapon, so he We're not interested in whether or not he had a weapon at some point before he was shot.
Callen did you see Mr.
Sokolov in possession of or reaching for a weapon of any kind directly before he was shot by Agent Kolcheck? Special Agent Callen, please answer the question.