NCIS Los Angeles s09e23 Episode Script

A Line in the Sand; Ninguna Salida

1 (automatic gunfire) Can't stay here! We got to get rid of that sniper! Cover me.
Ready? Let's go! (screams) (gunfire continues) (panting) (grunts) DEEKS: Guys, I could use a little help.
Aah! SAM: Gonna have to wait.
We're a little busy here.
Ah! Son of a bitch.
Cover me! Aah! (exhales) MAN: Aah! (groans) Deeks, we're on the move.
MAN: Go, go, go! I got three making a run for it.
(man groaning) (thud) - Clear.
- Clear.
You keep moving, and you're dead.
Put your hands behind your head.
Nice and easy.
CALLEN: Sam, talk to me.
(siren wailing) I'm hit.
CALLEN: Coming to you.
DEEKS: Eric, I need an ambulance.
I'm hit.
I need names of the other members of your gang.
I give you names, I don't live one What do you got? Anything from the hospital? Nothing yet.
They must still be working on him.
- It was bad.
- Yeah, I know.
He's gonna be okay, though.
CALLEN: All of this comes down on you.
Arms trafficking.
Attempted murder of a federal officer.
International trafficking of illegal weapons.
I can't do it.
Talking life in prison.
Bad air, bad food, no sex-- well, unless your cellmate's into it.
Or maybe one of the gangs will say that he looks like a pretty good blow-up doll.
Now, wives and kids, they don't stick around for lifers.
Two, three years, the visits, the phone calls, the e-mails, all of that goes away.
It is game over, and you are left alone to die in misery.
I need names, Miguel.
I need the hierarchy of your gang.
Go to hell.
Well, if I do, I'm sure I'll see you there.
I can't give you the gang.
But I can give you the name of the broker we were gonna sell the weapons to.
That better be a hell of a name.
(door closes) I'm here.
What is it? Go ahead, Miguel.
Why don't you tell me that again? We didn't have a deal.
Juan knew there was a broker who put out the word.
He was looking for fully automatic weapons.
- And this is Juan? - Yeah.
We knew there were modified AR-15s here in the U.
we could get cheap.
Just didn't know they were being sold by an undercover fed until we found out we had a snitch.
Well, that snitch was our C.
You cut his guts out.
You talk to the cops, that's what happens.
- So, where is this broker? - I told you.
I don't know anything about him.
Juan was handling that.
And tell me the broker's name again? Spencer Williams.
DEEKS: Spencer Williams.
Callen said that's the arms dealer from the case you were working on with ATF? That was his name, right? The one that got away? (sighs) That's his name.
You may get a second chance at this.
Clear the room.
He's mine.
NCIS: LA 9x23 A Line in the Sand Explain to me how you were gonna make a deal if you knew nothing about Spencer Williams.
Juan had made the contact with Williams.
I didn't know anything about it.
And where was this deal gonna take place? We had no deal.
I think Juan had only spoke to Williams once.
Juan is dead.
That doesn't help me, so that doesn't help you.
That's all I got.
I gave you a name.
Now you owe me.
We have a deal.
We don't have a deal.
And the only thing that matters in your universe is me.
KENSI: Wow, okay.
Care to explain? Spencer Williams got away.
Things got personal.
Yeah, clearly.
Very personal.
(phone vibrates) Sam's good.
They got the bullet out.
He's recovering.
(chuckles) Refused anesthesia.
(exhales): Of course he did.
That is great news.
It wasn't good.
Could have been any of us.
(door opens, shuts) MOSLEY: He's not giving anything up.
I spoke to ATF.
I'm gonna send him over there and see if they can get anything else out of him.
KENSI: Okay, we'll drive him there now.
Yeah, we can do it.
We got time.
I'm taking him to ATF.
I'll go with you.
I'm gonna go alone.
That was a major shooting incident.
I'm sure you have lots of paperwork to handle.
(door opens) MOSLEY: Get up.
Let's go.
I'm gonna need you two to follow her.
You want us to follow our boss? Sorry, I'm just looking for some clarity here.
You have to give us something more.
No, I don't.
Sometimes it's about just doing it.
This look like ATF's offices to you? Not so much.
Get up.
Callen, we're here at Bell Gardens on Garfield.
So, what's there? DEEKS: Looks like absolutely nothing.
Any evidence of ATF in the area? No.
She took Miguel Reyes to what looks like a nondescript industrial building.
What do you want us to do? If she's not out in 15 minutes, I want you to go in.
Are you kidding me?! Mosley's gonna kill us if she found out we followed her.
It was my call.
You were just following orders.
Callen, what are we walking into? I don't know.
That's why you're going in.
Ending our careers now.
I'll see you all on LinkedIn.
KENSI: Whoa.
It's us, it's us! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't shoot us.
What the hell are you doing here? Um, well, I gotta be honest, I am not exactly sure.
Well, I think the question is: what are you doing here? I wanted to talk to him a little bit more before ATF got him.
(exhales) He ran, we fought.
You fought? Mm-hmm.
Seems a little one-sided.
And then I restrained him.
And then you restrained him.
This is a nice place you got here, huh? Is this your, uh, home away from home? Something like that.
Did you follow me? Callen's orders.
Did you find anything else? A phone number.
Williams? I don't know, we'll see.
DEEKS: So, do you want me to note the prisoner's condition in my report? Of course.
Minor scrapes.
Minor scrapes.
Yeah, minor scrapes due to his re-apprehension.
KENSI: While under the custody of EAD Mosley.
But now he's in your custody, so you can take him back to the boatshed while I do a little research on this phone number.
Start with European carriers.
Sat phones, burn phones - Faxes, landlines, okay.
- Yes.
Williams has made arms deals all over the world.
Governments, insurgents, terrorists.
Check Syria, Indonesia, Myanmar, Congo.
Also see if there are any matches with Unlisted military and intelligence numbers.
- Got it.
- Correct.
If you ever have agents follow me again, I will have you arrested for interfering and impeding a federal investigation.
You gonna do that from prison? Kensi told me what you did to Miguel Reyes.
We're not having this conversation, Agent Callen.
And I would have to ask that you leave this operation center.
Look, I understand why you're doing this.
Then you understand why I don't have the time to have this discussion.
So please leave.
You heard? Yes.
This is not just about Mosley anymore.
Okay, she will bring down this entire office with her.
Well, she's in a very, very difficult situation.
Yeah, I get it.
But she beat a prisoner to extract information, then she dumped him into our chain of custody, making all of us complicit.
- Yes.
And I'd do the same thing if it was my child.
And so would either of you.
What are you doing here? It's good to see you, too, partner.
You should be in the hospital, Agent Hanna.
I mean, you shouldn't be standing, let alone climbing stairs.
- I'm good.
She's fighting for her child.
And I promise to help her, okay, but she is out of control.
Look at what you were ready to do for your father, G.
Yeah, but we always have each other's backs.
Well, EAD Mosley has had our backs, too.
But she doesn't now.
We'll watch her.
And I'll remind her that we're watching.
That is not gonna make a damn bit of difference.
She would drag us to hell if she thought she could find her son.
ERIC: There are a lot of numbers in the world that match the one you got from Reyes-- different country codes, different prefixes.
But this one right here is associated with a cell phone located inside the second home of General Arturo Vásquez.
It's in Sinaloa, right outside of Los Mochis, Mexico.
Okay, I just got a hit from the CIA on General Vásquez.
They do have a file on him.
MOSLEY: Take a look.
See what you can find.
I flagged this number because General Vásquez is in charge of armament acquisitions for the Mexican army.
Vásquez buys weapons.
And Williams sells them.
NELL: Boom.
CIA surveillance footage from 2015: Williams with Vásquez.
ERIC: Vásquez's home is the last location of the phone.
It was used three hours ago, then shut off.
Tap the phone.
We'll submit for the warrant.
No warrant.
Assistant Director, without a warrant, we won't be able to make a case against Ms.
Jones, I know how federal prosecution works, so just tap the damn phone.
There will be a chain of evidence showing that I was the one who hacked Mr.
Beale, let me be clear.
If you don't tap the phone, you're fired.
(phone vibrating) MOSLEY: Yes.
HETTY: I'd like to have a word with you if you have a moment.
And I with you.
I'm coming down now.
There's no need for that.
I'm in your office.
Please don't sit in my chair anymore.
Oh, I'm sorry.
This is just such a wonderful view of this entire office.
All these brilliant people working together.
It's such a powerful machine.
- Are you gonna get up? - No.
I think it's important to hold on to this view of things.
Hetty, I am trying to find my son, and I don't have time for games.
I need you to call the State Department and get them to convince the Mexican Federal Police to raid the home of a General Arturo Vásquez.
I think to proceed recklessly might compromise everything.
It could cost you your career.
I don't give a damn about my career.
This is about my son.
Without him, I have nothing.
I need you to call the State Department.
You don't have your son, but you do have the tools to get him back-- this powerful office.
If you were to lose that, then you will have nothing.
You can have your desk back.
Enjoy the view.
You should get him cleaned up.
KENSI (over comm): That is him cleaned up.
Also, he's had ice on his face for an hour.
CALLEN: Okay (sighs) no photos, no lawyers.
Hold him a couple days if we can, give him some time to heal.
Fellas, this is that "come to Jesus" moment where you need to tell us what's going on.
This is on a need-to-know basis.
My partner and I have become party to assaulting a prisoner.
I think I would classify that as "need to know.
" KENSI: Deeks.
- What? If you guys need us to trust you, then we will do that.
What about them trusting us? SAM: G tell 'em.
Sam, you're bleeding.
I'll change it later.
The bandage is leaking.
KENSI: Sam, you should not be on your feet.
- Please sit down.
- I'm fine.
Tell them.
Mosley and Spencer Williams had a relationship before he was a fugitive.
She has a child What? with Williams.
Five years ago, when he fled the country, he took the boy.
KENSI: Oh, my God.
His name is Derrick.
She hasn't seen her son since then.
He'd be about ten years old now.
(footfalls approaching) Agent Callen.
You and I had a private conversation.
And I expected you to keep it that way.
Hetty told me that I could trust you.
All of you.
- But apparently, that isn't the case.
- I mean, as far as I can see, he's just trying to explain why you did what you did.
- He's trying to help us understand you.
- Yeah, maybe if you would've asked for help instead of just throwing us under a bus Deeks! What's she gonna do? Is she gonna fire us? She beat a restrained prisoner, and then she made us a part of it.
Excuse me? Oh, what, you didn't know that? Look behind you.
Look at his face.
She did that to expedite an interrogation.
You know what, I didn't even need you to trust us, but it sure as hell would've been nice if you stopped threatening us.
Detective Deeks, this is between me and Agent Callen.
Apparently, it's between all of us now.
I asked him to keep this in confidence, and he didn't do that.
This is about his character.
DEEKS: Oh, my God, you've got to be kidding me.
See, that's the difference right there, isn't it? He's trying to help you, and what do you do? You question his integrity.
You've questioned all of our integrity since you got here, and what has it gotten you? It hasn't made us a better team.
It sure as hell hasn't made us more loyal.
- So what is it? Is it the power? - I am sorry, Detective Deeks, but I don't have time for this conversation.
You just need that power? You just desperately need that power? You are fired, Detective Deeks.
Go back to LAPD.
You're done at NCIS.
You sure about that? Oh, I'm positive.
You want to fire the person that can testify against you for what you did to Miguel Reyes? You better get out of my face.
You know what, this has gone far enough, you two.
You leave this boatshed, you go gather your things, and you get the hell out of here.
And I can promise you this is not a threat.
(scoffs) Now.
EAD Mosley, the phone was turned on seven minutes ago.
It's still inside the compound.
Was there a conversation? - Yeah.
- Play it.
WILLIAMS (on recording): 3.
2 per crate.
35 pieces per crate.
50 crates.
MAN: Sí, claro, it's what we agreed to.
WILLIAMS: I repeat details.
I like to be clear.
MAN: Is the merchandise in country now? WILLIAMS: That's not your concern.
Let me call you back.
15 minutes.
That is definitely the voice of Spencer Williams.
The man who took my son.
WILLIAMS (on recording): Only bring three men.
You can check the crates, then I'll give you the keys to the truck.
MAN: Sounds good.
The money will be in U.
WILLIAMS: Circulated cash only.
MAN: When? WILLIAMS: Thursday, 11:00 a.
I'll call and give you the location an hour before.
The deal's gonna go down in roughly 36 hours.
We also have a conversation talking about how his plane will be ready Thursday afternoon.
That's our window.
Send the recordings down to the FBI in Sinaloa and see if they can help us I'm sorry, we can't do that.
NELL: The taps were illegal.
To move forward with the FBI or the Mexican authorities, the source of the recordings would have to come out.
I said send the recordings to the FBI.
And that is an order.
Can I speak with you outside? (sighs) Any arrests, any information gained from those recordings is legally useless.
It's fruit of a poison tree, Agent Callen.
I have a degree in criminal justice.
Do not insult me.
This case does not fall under NCIS's purview, so you don't even have the authority to request those warrants.
I don't care.
Or is that not abundantly clear to you? That is very clear to me.
If I can't rely on your help in this, then you can go home.
Look, I said that I would help you get your son back, but you're going all-in on Williams without even knowing where your son is.
Williams is the key to finding my son.
Yes, but you're making it all or nothing.
In two days there could be a federal prosecutor bringing an indictment against you.
We need to do this the right way.
And then, if we locate Derrick, I stand by my word, I will do whatever it takes to get him back.
Uh, Hetty needs to see the executive assistant director in her office.
She's on with the FBI in Sinaloa.
Here she comes.
Agent Gonzalez, this is Executive Assistant Director Mosley.
EAD Mosley.
This is a personal favor.
Everything I say is off the record.
You're gonna have a very difficult time getting the Mexican Federal Police to go into General Vásquez's home.
In Sinaloa, the Federales are in bed with the cartels and the military.
All right, Sinaloa is not Mexico.
It's a different beast.
Even if they said they were going in, they will drag their feet and give warning So Williams and his men would have time to get out.
So you can't come at this on the ground.
Word gets out to the cartels, the Federales, or the military, Williams becomes a ghost.
Sorry I couldn't be more help.
EAD Mosley.
Thank you.
Not good news, I'm afraid.
Will you continue to pursue this higher up the food chain? DoD, State Department? Of course.
I'd like to feel free to tell the whole story.
There's no shame in it.
It doesn't feel that way, Hetty.
But I guess, at this point, it doesn't really matter.
So go ahead.
Tell 'em.
Whatever it takes.
That'll help.
Please don't give up, Hetty.
Oh, I won't give up.
But you need to slow down.
I won't stand by while you coerce Agent Callen into doing something dangerous and stupid.
He promised me.
A few words, months ago.
He's a grown-up, and he can decide for himself.
The only reason he's doing what he's doing now is to keep the others from getting involved.
I understand that you are trying to protect your agents.
But you have to understand this, Hetty: I am fighting for my son's life.
And there is a difference.
Then you understand this, Shay.
Agent Callen is as close to a son as I've ever had.
You want to tell me why you're not in the hospital? I'm okay.
How bad could it be, right? Bullet wound nicks one of your major arteries? And how do you know that? Well, if you hadn't noticed, I have some investigative skills.
What-what are you doing here? That's a map of the area, latest sat photos of the compound where Williams is.
There's lots of men-- military, mostly-- but it's not really being strategically secured.
That's General Vásquez's home base.
He's being protected by the Mexican military, the cartels, federal police.
Meaning? Meaning it's bad numbers for us.
But they think they're secure.
That makes them vulnerable.
We could get to Williams.
And do what? We can't extradite him, not unless we falsify the reports and say that he was taken in the U.
We can do that.
All right, look.
I agreed to help Mosley, okay? That doesn't mean you have to.
It's her son.
I'm kind of not down with losing family members these days.
I'm sure you can understand.
This isn't about her son, okay? This is about Williams.
And arresting him is one big step in getting the child back.
Maybe, maybe not.
We don't know where the kid is.
Look, i-it doesn't matter.
Okay? You're wounded.
You can barely walk, let alone run.
I've been in worse battles with more serious wounds.
I can do my job.
This isn't your job, okay? This is an off-the-books mission.
Well, then, I guess you really have no say in whether or not I'm going on this.
In fact, I could call it my mission and tell you not to go.
This isn't a joke.
Do I look like I'm laughing? Now, you want to go over this, so at least you know what you're talking about? You need to come up to Ops quickly.
What is it? Just come up here before Mosley does.
Try to keep up.
What is it? Eric, can you give us the room, please? CALLEN: This recording was done 30 minutes ago.
Eric worked on the audio to make it more intelligible.
Listen to the background voices.
MAN 2 (over recording): It's a G550.
WILLIAMS: Needs to be fully fueled.
MAN 2: Yes.
Destination? WILLIAMS: Destination will be determined in flight.
DERRICK: Where's the sandwich? Juana said it was on the table.
WOMAN: It's in the refrigerator.
DERRICK: I looked, it's not there.
WILLIAMS: Get him out.
WOMAN: Come out, Papa's working.
(recording stops) I know it's been five years, but do you know if that's Derrick? That's the voice of my son.
I didn't think he was alive.
SAM: Well, he is alive.
And he's inside that compound.
I need the room, please.
(door closes) (crying) Send me all current satellite images of the compound, and keep me posted.
Got it.
What are you doing? - Going to get my son.
- And do you have a plan? I'm headed down to Sinaloa.
I'm putting together a team, and I'm bringing him home.
Detective, you are taking too long to pack.
If I see you in this building again, you will be escorted out.
CALLEN: Hold on.
Wait a second.
You have no idea what you're walking into.
Even the satellite images will be days old by the time you get down there.
I'm sorry, Agent Callen, aren't you coming with me? Isn't that what you said, that if we found my son, that you would do whatever it takes? So are you gonna help me, yes or no? Yes.
We both will.
He is injured, okay? He is not going on a tactical mission.
Don't speak for me, G.
We've been through this already.
Figure it out, gentlemen.
I don't have time.
SAM: Hey, I'm going to Mexico.
Just hold on a sec.
I'm going.
So either we can stand here fighting, or we start to figure this thing out.
You are a liability.
- I'm a liability? - Yes, you are.
I don't know whether you're trying to protect me or make me laugh.
If this was reversed, you would knock me out before you'd let me go down there with a cane.
Yeah, well, I can leave the cane here.
All right? I'm going to get that child.
Her child is not in imminent danger.
We're parachuting into a custody battle.
Let me talk to her first.
How about I see you on the plane? Good talk.
(sighs) I don't think you should go to Mexico.
Hear me out.
You are better utilized here, dealing with State, DoD, FBI.
The distraught mother of a kidnapped child is a lot more useful here than on the ground in Mexico with a gun.
Who's gonna get my son? I am.
By yourself? I have contacts I can call.
What about Sam? Sam is wounded.
It would be dangerous for him to participate in this.
Sam can do this.
I trust him.
I'm not gonna get either one of us killed when there are others that can do the job.
What about Kensi? No.
No one from NCIS.
Give me time to put a team together.
Callen, we have less than 48 hours to do this.
Arrange the flight to Los Mochis.
I'll do what I have to do on the plane.
You and Hetty stay here and work your side.
You just got to trust me on this.
SAM: We got a break.
Oh, look who found his cane.
I'm here, Eric.
In one of the conversations, we heard Williams talking about an Agustin Garcia.
Kind of an unusual name, so I did some cross-checking, and I found an Agustin Garcia, served in the same Marine unit as Williams.
He lives here in North Hollywood.
Do we know it's the same person? This Agustin Garcia traveled to Los Mochis seven times in the last four months.
If he works for Williams, he could tell us a hell of a lot about what's inside that compound.
I was able to hack into his phone.
He set an alarm for 8:30 a.
, so Garcia's most likely asleep now.
Let's wake his ass up, and do it fast.
I mean, the truth is, even if we know how many men are inside, it's still gonna be a nightmare to get close undetected.
This is, this is just a wide-open desert.
Deeks, you should leave.
What are you talking about? I'm trying to save her son.
I know, but she's serious.
Okay, so am I.
So go home, let her calm down.
All right? I-If we end up going to Mexico, I will call you, I promise.
I don't know, maybe getting fired isn't necessarily a bad thing.
You know? I mean, we keep talking about trying to find a time to get out.
Yeah, I know.
But I like working with you.
It's part of who we are.
It is a part of who we are.
A part that I happen to love.
Come on, Kensi, you heard Callen.
He's not wrong.
This kid is flying around in Learjets with nannies; this is a custody case.
He was kidnapped by his dad, a violent felon who ordered the murder of a federal agent.
Let's not forget that.
Sam almost died today.
And anything can happen down there.
Okay, so what are you saying, that we shouldn't go? No, I'm just saying we're about to be married.
I think we can have this conversation, don't you? I mean, the truth is, this kid could stay down there, and he could go to private schools and college and have an amazing life, or my soon-to-be wife could be killed while trying to get him on a helicopter, and for what? For a woman who I'm pretty sure doesn't even like us.
Why? I had absolutely no idea, because everybody loves us, because we're kind and we're-we're generous Because we're happy.
Because we're living our lives, because we have joy, because we have a future.
That woman has nothing but anger and pain.
Can you imagine (clears throat) If you've come to apologize, I accept.
That's the last thing I would do, Deeks.
Fair enough, okay.
I'll do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry because you are in an extraordinary situation that I cannot begin to imagine.
And I wouldn't 'Sup, fellas? How's it going, Deeks? Confiscate his security badge and escort him to his car.
LAPD will be waiting for you outside the parking structure to accompany you home.
Really? I don't have a choice right now, Kensi.
I know this is your son.
And maybe, just one day, I will understand I pray to God you never do.
(whispers): Okay.
(thunder rumbling) KENSI: Deeks! Deeks! Deeks, wait.
Hold on a second.
Hey, could you just give us a minute, please? Go fast.
She wants to be notified when he's off-site.
I understand.
Thank you.
All right.
Let's go.
You believe this? Mosley's having me escorted to my house to cool off.
I know.
It's all pretty crazy right now.
All right, listen.
If this is really happening, like, if we're really doing this, then let's do it.
Let's go down there, let's save this kid, and then let's be done.
One last mission and we're out.
I'm not ready to do that.
That's okay.
Then talk to me.
How much time do you need? Do you need a year? That's okay.
What-what Then, like, t-two years? Probably longer.
The longer that we stay in, the better chance this ends really poorly for us.
I mean, you know that, right? But if we get out-- look at me, baby-- if we walk away right now, I swear to God, we can have the most amazing life together.
I promise you.
Just me and you and-and all the things that we should be doing with our lives.
(thunder rumbling) Are we talking about five years? But what about when we're, when we're, when we're having kids? What about when we have kids? - I wouldn't do this if we had kids.
- Okay, great.
That's it, then, right? I just knock you up.
I can do that.
What if we don't have kids? What-what do you mean, "What if we don't have kids"? As in, like, we can't have them or 'cause you don't want them? What are you saying to me? I don't know, but there's a million reasons why it doesn't happen for people sometimes, Deeks.
And if we don't have kids, then I'm gonna want to stay in this job.
Okay, but wh I-I asked you.
Baby, we talked about this.
We talked about this, and I said, "Can you please just think about it?" I know that you asked me to think about it, and I know exactly what you want.
I can't give that to you Then what are we doing? without lying to you or compromising who I am, and I will not do that to either one of us, ever.
(sniffles) Say-say something, please.
I mean, I don't think we should be getting married.
Y-You're choosing to do this now? To call off the wedding? I mean, Th-these are big questions, don't you think? I mean, don't you? Whether or not we're gonna have kids.
Some sort of agreement of what our future looks like.
What you're saying to me is that if I don't leave my job, you are leaving me.
That's not fair and that's not what I said.
- That is exactly what you just said to me! - Baby, that's not what I said.
- Baby, that's not what I said.
- Are you kidding?! - Mosley's checking to see if you're gone.
- I just Hold on a second.
I am gonna go get that kid, and I'm gonna bring him back to his mom.
Come on.
- 'Cause that's what I do, Deeks.
- I understand.
- That's what I do! - Hold on a second, baby.
Don't-don't get on the plane, baby.
Just hold on for a second.
Let's just finish the conversation! - Come on, let's go.
- Hold on! Kensi! We got to go.
Just hold on a second.
I'm okay.
All right? I'm okay.
All right.
CALLEN: Eric, we're here.
Did Garcia turn his alarm off? ERIC: No.
He's probably still asleep.
Water and Power.
We think there might be a leak.
Federal agents! (woman shouting in Spanish) I got him! What the hell?! Federal agent! Hey, take it easy! (dog barking) (tires screech, horn honks) Stop! (officers chattering urgently) DRIVER: Oh, my God.
I didn't even see him.
He ran right out in front of me.
(sirens approaching) Okay.
Without Garcia, we have no information on our target.
My suggestion is Sam and I go down to Los Mochis.
We do some reconnaissance.
Hidoko's already down there.
She just landed.
You tell her what you're looking for.
This isn't gonna be a reconnaissance mission.
And if you don't agree with me, you can tell me right now and I will find someone else.
You sent her alone? She left on her own.
I didn't know until she was in the air.
I've arranged a plane.
It will be fueled and ready to go in less than an hour.
Now you tell me who's gonna be on it.
I will.
So will I.
You were a lot of help on that chase, by the way.
That's how it's gonna be? KENSI: Count me in.
I know Deeks would be I don't want to hear his name, Agent Blye.
You need to be ready to leave for the airport in the next ten minutes.
And thank you.
Thank you all.
And I will do whatever I can to repay you for this.
SAM: Okay.
Let's do this.
(phone vibrating) Yes? HETTY: I need to see you in the gym.
I'll meet you there.
You've gotten what you wanted.
What I want is my son back.
I have sympathy, but I am not blessing this mission.
They're getting on that plane, Henrietta.
Not if I say otherwise.
Why would you do that? Because you are out of control.
You would send them to their graves if it would get your son back.
You tell me, what is my option? Let me run the mission.
That's not happening.
I will remind you that there is no difference between this and what I did for you in Vietnam.
You didn't initiate that mission.
They did.
Well, they might surprise you and do it regardless of your blessing.
I can have that plane grounded.
In one phone call.
I have learned much about the history and the operations of this office since I've been here.
I know where the bodies are buried, and I will call the FBI.
That means their careers are over.
For some of them, prison time.
Don't you dare stop that plane.
CALLEN: Bandage is leaking again.
I'll change it once we're in the air.
Are they in the air yet? NELL: Lining up for takeoff.
Thank you.
(sighs) Charlie 4-1.
Runway 0-1, clear for takeoff.
Charlie 4-1, ready for takeoff.
(seat belt clicks) (sirens wailing) (tires screech) PILOT: Charlie 4-1.
There are two black sedans on our departure runway.
TOWER OPERATOR: Charlie 4-1, hold for federal authorities.
Looks like feds.
It's Deeks.
Open the door.
We good? Awesome.
PILOT: Tower, Charlie 4-1.
Cars are clear.
Yeah, one big happy family.
Let's go! TOWER OPERATOR: Charlie 4-1, you are clear for takeoff.
Deeks I'm still your partner.
At least one last time.
(Mexican folk music playing over stereo) NCIS: LA 9x24 Ninguna Salida (music stops) (whimpering quietly) (whimpers) Who are you working for? (whimpering) (screaming) MOSLEY: Okay.
Beale, give me some good news.
I'm afraid I don't have any.
Hidoko hasn't checked in with anything new.
What about the compound? The satellite feeds have not shown your son outside the villa; and inside, the security system is air-gapped, closed-looped and encrypted.
No easy way to tap into it.
I gave up on easy a long time ago.
Well, General Vásquez and Spencer Williams left at the crack of dawn, which I suppose is helpful, but even when they're not there, several armed soldiers are, in addition to what appears to be a roving patrol, as well as state-of-the-art security measures.
Hey, there are no dogs.
You know how our guys hate guard dogs.
I want an update in 20 minutes, and it better be good.
- Yeah.
-You got it.
(Mexican pop music playing) Gracias.
CALLEN (over earpiece): What's the word? KENSI: (sighs) Not good.
Beale has no way in.
There's always a way in.
DEEKS: Not on the sly.
Lots of men with guns inside and out.
KENSI: You guys find anything? Locals are very helpful if you want to go zip-lining or go to a casino.
Otherwise, not so much.
Well, they're smart.
Keep their mouths shut.
We should do the same.
Ask too many questions, you could pop up on the wrong person's radar.
Hey, guys, where's Hidoko? She hasn't shown up.
You-you didn't talk to her? KENSI: No.
Hang on a second.
(line beeps) (recorded male voice speaks Spanish over phone) Phone's not working.
(line rings) Go for Bulletproof.
Really? I knew it was you.
How's it going? It's not.
Well, at least you don't have Mosley breathing down your neck every 20 minutes, and by that, I mean literally every 20 minutes.
It's like my back is sweating.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Hidoko has not shown up, and her phone is not working.
Did you try her room? Not supposed to know each other.
Oh, right.
Let me see if I can find it.
That's not encouraging.
Uh, I'll turn it on.
It's not responding.
What about her secondary tracker? Nothing.
And when did you have her last? 22:34.
A few miles northeast of you.
I'll send you the coordinates.
We got a location for Hidoko's personal tracker before it went off-line.
Where? A few miles from here.
Sam and I will check it out.
You guys check out the room.
Copy that.
When were you gonna tell me that Deeks was in Mexico with the others? He is? Yes.
He's such a rascal.
Well, that's one name for him.
You seem awfully calm, Hetty.
Do I? - Yes.
- Hmm.
I find meditation helps.
There has to be something that you could be doing.
Oh, but I am.
I'm thinking.
Thinking? Yes.
I find it's helpful, too.
You know, sometimes I wonder how you've survived this long.
Well, that makes two of us.
Is this your way of distancing yourself from this operation? No, not at all.
You already did that for me.
(knocks) (clears throat) Yeah.
(phone trilling) (static hissing) - Anything? - Nothing.
All right, she picked this up at 20:42.
Logged out at 2100 hours.
So she leaves this untouched, takes off? Not according to what she said to Ops.
Well, maybe she got a hot lead and took off in a hurry.
Yeah, except Hidoko is completely by the book.
She should've been a lot more careful, being here alone.
Well, that's the bigger problem, isn't it? Is that none of us should be here.
Okay, you know what, Deeks? Do me a favor and don't jinx this.
This was jinxed long before I came on board.
No sign of a struggle or forced entry.
All right.
So where is she? SAM: Hidoko was out here? It says we're right on top of her.
Leg okay? Apparently so.
Try again.
(line beeps) (recorded male voice speaks Spanish over phone) Still out of service.
You don't think we're being set up, do you? We'll find out soon enough.
There's a lot of tracks.
Somebody was up here.
Yeah, several different vehicles.
G? That's one hell of a campfire.
With bone fragments.
MOSLEY: What am I looking at? This is the last known position of Hidoko's personal tracker.
Callen and Sam are there now.
There is no evidence of Hidoko or her tracker.
Well, maybe she had to dump it to avoid being made.
She may be off-line for her own safety.
Hidoko is a combat-tested Marine.
CALLEN: Who was out here without backup.
You still have nothing from her? NELL: Not since last night.
MOSLEY: Okay, what about traffic or surveillance cams? (camera clicks) ERIC: Uh, we don't have access to those systems unless they're public, but we do have a request in to the Mexican authorities for assistance.
Hold on.
What do you got? Got a heel print; it's small enough to be hers.
Should be able to match it.
MOSLEY: Even if it does, all that proves is that she was there and isn't now.
All I know is somebody burned something last night.
I just hope it wasn't her.
MOSLEY: Agent Callen, unless you have real evidence, I would appreciate you saving the speculation, and focus on finding Agent Hidoko and extricating my son.
Cut the call.
And you let me know the minute you find her.
Yes, ma'am.
She hung up.
This just got real for her.
She needs us to find Hidoko.
I'm not sure we haven't.
Beale, give this name to our team.
This is someone who might be able to help them.
Miss Jones, with me.
KENSI: You haven't said much since we got here.
Not a lot to talk about.
No? Listen, I just want to save this kid and get the hell out of here.
And then what? I have no idea.
Where's Hidoko? You didn't find her yet? Let's hope not.
What does that mean? Means we'll need forensics to confirm if what we found Forensics? KENSI: What are you saying? - This is exactly what I was talking about.
CALLEN: Deeks, settle.
We don't know what we found.
All we know for sure is that her cell and her tracker are off-line.
Did you find anything? KENSI: No.
Nothing yet.
Nobody saw her with visitors.
Nobody saw her leave.
No calls to her sat phone or her room, but Hetty did give us a guy down here that might be able to help.
Who? His name is Turk.
All we have is a name and address.
Let's get to it.
Deeks, you cool? What do you think? Yes? Well, I thought I should stop in.
Does that mean you're done thinking? I've given the team someone who may be able to help them.
And you waited until now to do that? I was hoping it wouldn't be necessary, but under the circumstances And just because he can help doesn't mean he will.
You've never lost an agent, have you? No.
And I still haven't.
Hidoko's been radio-silent for less than 12 hours.
And is that what your gut tells you? (clears throat) (inhales sharply) Well, I hope you're right.
Nell is waiting for you in the armory.
Waiting for me for what? Hetty? You guys rent out these ATVs? Yes, sir.
How many for how long? Uh, four, couple hours.
That's no problem.
They can help you out inside.
We got this.
You Arlo Turk? I am.
And you are? We're friends of Hetty.
Henrietta Lang.
Yeah, I get a lot of people coming through here.
What, she promise you a discount or something? She said you might be able to help us.
How so? We have a friend we're supposed to meet.
She's gone missing.
Well, she didn't turn up, or missing missing? The latter.
Did you contact the police? No.
I see.
Well, as much as I'd love to help you out, I keep my nose clean.
You'd be wise to do the same.
Anything else I can help you with? Uh, yeah.
Actually, I was wondering if you could help us find a trail.
All the trails are marked on the map there.
Yeah, but we were thinking about doing a little off-roading.
You know, maybe in, uh, this area right there.
I wouldn't do that.
Why is that? Well, one, if you get stuck, it's a bitch for me to get my truck in there and tow you out.
Two, it's private land.
They shoot first and ask questions later down here.
Gives new meaning to the term "tourist trap.
" This ain't Disneyland, boys.
Between the cartel, the federales, the army, there's a million ways for things to go bad down here, so you stick to the tourist areas, and you'll enjoy your vacation.
Excuse me.
(sighs) You got something for me? Uh, sort of.
What the hell is that? I need you to make a video for your son.
He has no idea that we're coming.
What we see as a rescue, he will see as a stranger abduction.
So, if we have a video for the team, explaining that these are the good guys, that you're telling him it's okay to go with them, that could be the difference between success and failure here.
All right.
You want to do that right now? Sooner rather than later, right? Yeah.
Let me know when you're ready.
(camera beeps) Whenever you are.
Hi, Derrick.
It's me, your mom.
I'm sorry we haven't seen each other in so long.
I miss you more than you can imagine.
I'm sending some friends over to come and get you and bring you home to me.
You can trust them.
Do what they say.
And I promise we'll call your father once you come home.
I want you to know that I love you so much.
(voice breaking): And I have missed you so much.
And I can't wait to see you.
Ah, it's pretty wide open.
It's gonna be harder to approach without being spotted.
Maybe we should go at night.
Looks like they have surveillance cameras, motion sensors and roving patrols.
Wouldn't be surprised if they had heat sensors, too.
I'm surprised they don't have their own drones.
Who says they don't? Well, that didn't take long.
We've been made.
Let's get out of here.
(ignition sputtering) What's wrong? Won't start.
You guys get out of here.
- No.
No way we're leaving you.
- Yes, you are.
You and Deeks go.
I'll stay here with G.
- No.
CALLEN: Go! You may have to get us out of here.
It's not gonna work if you get caught with us.
Just leave it.
I'm gonna ride with you.
Go, go, go! We're just tourists, out for a ride.
We just had a little engine trouble over here.
Los Mochis.
- ¿Dos Pueblos? - Sí.
(speaks Spanish) Arlo.
¿Paco, Ignacio, qué pasó? (speaking Spanish) TURK: Bien.
(truck engine starts) Thank you.
I told you not to do this.
You should have listened.
My bad.
I'll load up your ride.
You're on your own.
Don't get lost.
How long you been down here? Long enough.
Okay, I'm just a little bit curious.
How did you know we were in trouble? Sometimes you find yourself at the right place at the right time.
Look, Hetty said you could help us.
You two are alive, aren't you? But that won't last.
Go home now, all of you.
Get your butts to the airport, get on the next flight out of this hellhole, or you will end up like your friend.
How's that? For the remains, the State Department contracts with a lab in Mexico City for DNA testing.
How fast can we get some results? At least 24 hours.
(sighs) Hidoko's emergency contact is her father in Baltimore.
This is just a normal day for him.
He has no idea.
We're not even certain it's her.
She's a year younger than me, Eric.
- Nell - Even Sam was shot yesterday.
Nell, stop.
(computer beeps) More troops at the villa.
I really hope our guys stay safe today.
I don't think I can take any more bad news.
Maybe Turk's right.
Maybe we should just get the hell out of Dodge.
Not an option.
KENSI: We've been through worse.
This villa's got more firepower than the North Korean border.
Right now it does.
It could change.
After the arms deal, they'll let down their guard.
When Williams leaves the compound with his son, there's a window of opportunity.
Be easier than going in now.
CALLEN: Unless, of course, Williams has an armed escort or a private chopper, in which case, we came down here for Nada.
Maybe we could get the kid to leave the compound.
KENSI: Nah, it's unlikely.
Ops has had their eyes on the compound for 24 hours.
Derrick hasn't even stepped outside.
What about a Trojan horse? (sighs) Deeks, please.
What? I'm serious.
They're not letting anything in there without a major search.
I'm talking about real horses.
What do we know? This kid is all alone, his dad and the general off dealing with the cartels.
So I show up with horses.
I say they're a gift.
I take the kid for a ride.
A little fresh air, right? KENSI: You could take the kid off the compound.
- Right, where you guys are waiting to whisk him away to the exfil site.
There is a chance that could actually work.
I like to call it thinking outside the barn.
SAM: Hmm.
But you shouldn't bring the horses in.
Why? It's a job for Kensi.
No, no, no, no.
SAM: Her Spanish is better than yours, and she'll draw less suspicion.
I should do this because we need Kensi as a sniper.
CALLEN: Sam's right.
They'll be more inclined to give the boy to Kens.
Guess we're gonna need two horses.
(Mexican rock music playing) What are you doing here? Not exactly a huge fan of Señor Frog's.
Besides, I like to hang with the locals.
You know, when somebody gives you good advice, you should take it.
So why don't you go find another seat in another bar? Gracias.
(sighs) We still haven't found my friend.
You're not gonna find her.
Not here.
Just one thing, and then I will disappear.
Can you get me two horses and a trailer? You're talking to the wrong guy, pal.
If it doesn't have an engine, I can't help you.
Anything? CALLEN: Nothing.
You lost something.
What is this? Stay the hell away from me.
(door closes) CALLEN: Real-time video inside the villa will allow Eric and Nell to guide us through a nighttime extraction.
I thought their security system was air-gapped.
Yeah, so how does Ops tap in? It's a mobile transceiver.
Get it within 50 feet of the DVR, it infects by Bluetooth, receives video images and transmits them to the cloud.
(knock on door) Marco.
De Nada.
What are these? "Their names are Símbolo and Mattila.
" Wow.
(horses neighing) Looks like Turk came through.
All for the small price of a sucker punch.
You up for this? Of course I am.
He must have really felt bad about that punch.
Some guys send flowers.
NELL: So, Kensi takes the boy on a half-mile loop, in plain sight of security.
Once they relax, she'll ride over this ridge, where Deeks is waiting in an SUV out of sight.
And Callen and Sam provide cover should anything go wrong.
So, this plan has Mosley's blessing? Well, we'll run it by her as soon as she gets in.
She's not here? NELL: Mm-mm.
Find her.
NELL: As far as we know, she left after making the video for her son yesterday afternoon.
ERIC: Her cell phone is off-line.
Last tracked at the Santa Monica Airport.
Do you think she's heading for Mexico? HETTY: Oh, Lord.
Alert the team.
They need to execute their plan before Mosley has a chance to do something stupid.
Copy that.
(alarm beeping) (engine starts) DEEKS: All right.
Callen, I'm in position.
Ready to roll.
Copy that.
(engine starts) Okay.
That went pretty well.
So, last night, Mosley used a peer-to-peer sharing service that lets you book empty seats on private jets already scheduled to fly.
- Hmm, like Airbnb.
- Yeah.
Except you're actually in the air.
Okay, so, where is she headed? Mazatlán.
It's 200 miles from Los Mochis.
And after she landed? No idea.
No credit card activity at hotels or rental car companies.
She must be dealing in cash and using an alias.
It's a three-hour flight, and then a four-hour drive.
Plenty of time to muck the whole thing up.
(Kensi speaks Spanish) JUANA: Buenas tardes.
Oh, God.
What if she tries to call him? CALLEN: Eric, any chance you could jam the nanny's phone? Not from here.
Disable a cell tower? Not without a hand grenade.
Guys, we need to get her out of there.
Kensi, abort.
We'll think of something else.
Kensi, do you copy? CALLEN: Kensi, you need to get out of there now.
CALLEN: Kensi, listen to me.
Get in the truck and drive away now! (quietly): Oh, crap.
Spencer Williams is here.
Don't let her leave! (man speaking Spanish) What's happening? Kens? (speaking Spanish) Who are you? Callen? Callen.
Stand by.
WILLIAMS: That's funny.
The general didn't say anything to me about this.
DEEKS: Callen? Callen, what's the plan? Callen! (engine starts) That's it, I'm going in! Deeks, stand down.
Kensi's in trouble.
I'm going to get her.
Deeks, you do this, you'll both get killed.
Deeks, stop! All right, then, guys, we need to get her out of there now.
How many bogeys in the compound, Eric? Uh, six that we've identified, plus the two-man roving patrol.
CALLEN: Any sign of the general? Not yet.
NELL: Hey, guys, this probably isn't the best time to tell you this, but Mosley hopped a jet last night to Mazatlán.
What, are you serious? What does she think she's gonna do? Not a clue.
This could go seven different ways of bad.
Yeah, Sam, I heard that.
ERIC: I could call in a bomb threat, try to flush out the compound.
Kensi's already put them on alert.
Anything else will put them on total lockdown.
We need to be smart about this.
We need to be fast about this.
Callen, what are we doing? Give me a second.
DEEKS: I'm done talking about this.
We need to get her right now.
Give me the camo stick.
Got a knife? What are you doing? Something I learned from watching too much wrestling as a kid.
Okay, that hurt.
(alarm beeping) Clear? Roving threat is neutralized.
Nicely done.
Now what? Now we get inside.
(groaning) You ready to roll, Deeks? Yes.
Let's go, let's go! Kensi, sit tight.
We're coming.
So, what was the plan? Kidnap my son? Hold him for ransom? Hmm? You look like a flaka girl.
You a sicaria sent here to kill me? - Hmm? - No hablo inglés.
You will be speaking in tongues by the time the general and his men are done with you.
They'll probably peel that pretty face right off your skull.
(horn honking) What the hell?! (tires screeching) (men shouting in Spanish) Guys, I'm free.
I'm going after Derrick.
Stay quick about it, Kens! (coughing) (grunts) I'm still looking for the kid.
(Juana speaking Spanish nearby) Derrick, I'm here to take you to your mom.
Watch this.
It's okay.
MOSLEY: Hi, Derrick.
It's me, your mom.
I'm sorry we haven't seen each other in so long.
I miss you more than you can imagine.
I'm sending some friends over to come and get you and bring you home to me.
You can trust them.
Do what they say.
And I promise we'll call your father once you come home.
I want you to know that I love you so much, and I have missed you so much.
And I can't wait to see you.
All right.
You heard your mom.
You got to come with me, okay? Okay.
Put that over your mouth and nose.
Don't breathe in the gas outside.
Let's go.
Deeks, we're coming out.
I have Derrick.
(coughing) Go, go, go, go, go! Over the wall! Over the wall, Derrick! Okay.
Good boy.
(tires hissing) (tires screech) Get in, get in, get in.
Stay down, kiddo.
Stay down, stay down.
All right, we got him.
We're out of here.
Hold on.
Come on, baby.
DEEKS: You good? KENSI: Yeah, yeah, we're good.
(gunfire continues) You had about enough of this? Oh, yeah.
We're gonna need another way out of here.
Come with me.
KENSI: Hang in there, buddy.
We're almost there.
Where are you taking me? We're gonna go see your mom.
Where's my dad? Your dad's busy at work right now.
I need to talk to him.
Okay, maybe later.
Maybe later, all right? Just hold on tight.
DEEKS: Beale, you better tell that pilot we're coming in hot.
CALLEN: Deeks, we need some help getting out of here.
I hear you.
Just give me a minute.
DEEKS: We got to go.
Got to go now.
Come on, hurry up! Come on, let's go.
I need to talk to my dad.
There's no time.
We got to go, buddy.
Come on, let's go.
Leave me alone! Hold on! Derrick! Derrick! MOSLEY: Derrick! Derrick! Mom? Derrick! Mom! Mom! (crying) Mom.
Come on, we got to go.
We got to go.
We got to go.
Come on, right now.
Get him on the helicopter.
Go, go, go, go, go! We got to go.
We got to go.
Get in there.
Get a seat belt on.
Let's go.
Kensi! Baby, there's room.
Get on the helicopter.
No! I'll go pick up Sam and Callen.
Get on the helicopter! We stay together! Let's go! Kensi! You good? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let's get them in the air! Let's go! Let me see you.
That was a mistake.
That was your ticket home.
Hold on.
(horses snorting) (neighing) Go, go! Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! DEEKS: We got Callen and Sam.
(sighs) Thank God.
NELL: All right, Callen, I just sent you GPS for the second exfil site.
CALLEN: Copy that.
We're on our way.
HETTY: Tell the pilot to get ready for takeoff, Mr.
Our team will be leaving in a hurry.
Kens! SAM: Stop, stop, stop! DEEKS: Oh, my God.
SAM: They're waiting for us.
DEEKS: Back up, back up, back up! Son of a bitch.
Get us out of here, Kens! Is that a rocket launcher? Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Rocket! Everybody out! NELL: Oh, my God.
What the hell was that? Callen, are you guys all right? Callen, Sam? Can you guys hear me? Kensi, Deeks, anybody?