NCIS Los Angeles s10e02 Episode Script


1 KILBRIDE: Henrietta? Admiral Kilbride.
If you think I'm no longer capable of the job, just say so.
ERIC: No longer Secret Service Agent DeChamps.
She's now a fellow NCIS special agent.
MICHAEL: I'll tell you what I know if you do something for me.
It's for my brother.
He lives in a group home in Santa Monica.
Place for adults with disabilities.
He just told me that the guy who runs this group home is taxing him.
- Every night SAM: I'll take care of it.
I'll do it myself.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Your husband was a true hero.
He was.
You got confirmation? The lab just called.
The remains were Agent Hidoko's.
I will need to speak with her family.
SHOOTER: The door is hot, we are live.
RACHEL (over comm): I've got you.
Full video and sound.
Surveillance and alarms have been overridden.
We are good to go.
SHOOTER: Copy that.
Going in.
("The Trooper" by Iron Maiden playing) (guard shouts indistinctly) GUARD: We will fire on you if you do not stop moving.
GUARD 2: Don't come any closer, or we'll shoot.
- Targeting is live.
What the hell? Stop right there.
RACHEL: What are you doing? Don't let them shoot you.
SHOOTER: Just testing the capabilities.
Do that on your own time.
Take them out.
You'd better stand, there's no turning back The bugle sounds, the charge begins LYNNE: This is Security Officer Lynne.
Armed robbery in progress.
Shots fired! Please come quickly! We get so close SHOOTER: I'm at the vault.
No alarms went off.
Guard was on the phone with 911.
Then you've got three minutes.
Takes my horse below And as I lay there gazing at the sky My body's numb and my throat is dry And as I lay forgotten and alone Without a tear, I draw my parting groan Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.
(beeps) Beverly Hills PD is 90 seconds out.
(song ends) NCIS: LA 10x02 Superhuman (indistinct chatter) Hi, Sam! Super Drew, what's up, man? My name is Andrew.
It's just Andrew, Sam.
What's wrong with Super Drew? I thought you liked it.
It's a nickname.
My name's Andrew, Sam.
Got it.
Well, anyway, uh Those are Jordan 1s.
The box is black and red, and only Jordan 1s come in a box like that.
They're size ten, and that's my size.
You're size 14, so they're not for you.
You got me Jordan 1s? I did.
I did.
Hey, open it.
I'll open it later.
I'll film the unboxing for my brother Michael.
He loves that.
Have you seen Michael lately? Nah.
He been calling you? Every other day.
Hope he comes home soon.
Uh, how's things going at the job? Oh, they're great, Sam.
My manager says that he's never had someone who cares as much about doing their job well than me.
Oh, that's Bill.
He runs this transitional house I live in.
Yeah, I know Bill.
How's he been treating you? Oh, Bill got real nice all of a sudden.
- Did he? - He even gives me extra ice cream.
Has he been asking you to borrow any of your money? No.
Oh, well, he did, but ever since he started giving me extra ice cream, he hasn't needed to borrow any more money.
He even gave me back all the money he borrowed before.
But I have too much now.
Do you want some money, Sam? No, I'm straight.
But remember: that's your money.
You work really hard to earn it, okay? I want you to save it and buy the things you need and the things that you want.
I got to go to work, Sam.
- All right, I'll see you, Drew.
- Okay, maybe.
- Bye.
- All right, buddy.
(grunting) Carry on.
Don't want to interrupt.
Admiral Kilbride.
Looks like the rehab's going well.
You'll be able to join your team back in the field soon.
I'm almost back to feeling human.
Better than the alternative.
I didn't realize you were coming back to Los Angeles.
I didn't, either.
How's the team operating in your absence? Very well.
Special Agent Nicole DeChamps is filling in for me.
And she's capable? More than.
Sir, we have had radio silence.
There's been no way to contact Hetty or Mosley.
Do you have any Intel on the situation in Washington? (sighs) I, um I read the statement you gave the ATF regarding Anna Kolcheck's shooting.
What about it? Well, from what I gather, you told the truth.
I did, but what does that have to do with? I was sent here to disband this team.
I'm an old man, Callen Okay.
You didn't have to agree with me.
You are very young and vibrant, sir.
As an old man who has accomplished what I have in life, I don't do a thing just because someone told me to do it.
So, when I was given this assignment, I did my own research on all of you.
And? Well, I'll level with you, Callen.
Your team does not have a good reputation.
Reports of insubordination, unauthorized missions, excessive use of force Sir, it is not the team.
I am the one that has been Easy.
Nobody is gonna die on his own sword today.
Besides, that's Hetty's move.
You get your own moves.
Don't disband this team.
Like I said, I don't do a thing simply because someone told me to do it.
I like what I read about this team.
You guys get results.
You realize they're probably not ever gonna let Hetty or Mosley set foot in here again.
What I want to know from you, before I invest any more time here is is this team capable of continuing on without Henrietta Lange? Yes, sir.
There it is, then.
What do we got? NELL: Within this office building is a large, highly secured steel vault.
Eight Rodeo Drive businesses use it to store high-value overflow inventory.
Two security guards were killed last night, two more are in critical at Cedars.
They've yet to regain consciousness.
$12 million in jewelry, loose diamonds, and watches were stolen.
Why are we pulling this case? Yeah, I feel like LAPD Robbery-Homicide should be all over this.
RHD did respond, although their preliminary report of the crime scene revealed the hallmark of military-grade explosives.
Do we have footage of the heist? Mm.
Conveniently, the building's security cameras as well as alarm system went down just before the robbery.
Any 911 calls go out? Uh, the head of security, an Officer Lynne, called it in during the attack.
Beverly Hills PD responded in under four minutes.
So these guys took out four guards, they got in and out under five minutes? I mean, that's a tall order.
DeCHAMPS: We're looking at a tight crew.
Yeah, that could explain why they used military explosives.
The heist team could be a unit on active duty.
Or a civilian team of pros that stole military explosives.
Oh, and Lieutenant Commander Gomez, an explosives expert from the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, is on her way now to the boatshed now to review the forensics report.
Well, Kensi, Deeks, you guys talk to Commander Gomez.
See if you can find out what base the explosives came from.
DeChamps and I will hit the crime scene.
- On it.
- Yep.
DeCHAMPS: LAPD Forensics prelim report just came in.
There were two guards with 9mm handguns in this hallway.
They shot a total of 15 rounds at the thieves.
Two bullets were recovered from the walls.
15 shots, 13 hits.
Zero dead bad guys.
This heist team must have had some good Kevlar.
This hallway's kind of narrow.
I'd say four shooters max.
Anything more than that'd slow 'em down.
Check this out.
It's huge.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Shaq and Charles Barkley teamed up for one last score.
What? I expected more from you.
(laughs) This is where things got real.
Two guards with M4s in this vault room.
21 rounds fired before the guards were dropped.
Look at where they set the explosives: door hinges and the locking mechanism.
But that door would have stayed in place.
It was moved after the explosion? Maybe.
It's real heavy, though.
My theory about Shaq and Barkley's not looking so bad now.
(sighs) It doesn't add up.
There's one set of boot prints, but how did they move that door? NELL (over comm): Hey, Sam? What's up, Nell? I just found a camera that caught the end of the heist.
How many were there? I think you're gonna have to see this footage for yourself.
There was only one shooter? Yeah.
What kind of body armor is that and where do we get it? You can't.
This is next-gen, full-body, ballistic armor created exclusively for the TALOS project.
TALOS? It's a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit.
After a firefight in Afghanistan, Admiral McRaven made the suit a priority.
ERIC: Yeah, this was to be full-body, ballistic, and blast protection mated with a powered exoskeleton, targeting, and body temperature regulation.
This suit has all that? No, this does not seem to be the end product.
The crime scene makes sense now.
It was all done by this one shooter.
Now, the suit's various technologies are all in prototype stage, but from what I can gather from crime scene reports and this footage, what was used last night was the full-body, ballistic protection prototype.
How many prototypes were reported missing? None.
Kensi and Deeks are following up with the Navy on that.
- Right.
Oh, so it's looking more and more like the suspect's gonna be current active duty.
Now, the van that he got into had fake dealer plates, but it's probably also their mobile ops center used to knock out the surveillance and alarm systems on the target building.
Any hits on the van? NELL: Just one.
Gas station cameras caught it passing through this intersection in Sherman Oaks last night.
Well, that's something.
All right.
Well, stealing the suit is a big task.
This isn't gonna be one and done for them.
They have other targets in mind.
Either in L.
or somewhere within driving distance.
Now, if the van is their mobile ops center, it's got a ton of tech in it.
I'm guessing that's where they also recharge and repair the suit.
So, if we can find the van, we most likely find the suit.
Well, keep searching for the van.
And start a list of potential targets.
Based on what they stole last night, they're looking for cash, not terrorist goals.
My God.
Can you imagine an active shooter scenario with this type of ballistic armor? I don't want to, but I can.
We'll go hit Sherman Oaks.
Copy that.
We'll keep you updated.
I can't believe I'm seeing this.
None of our TALOS technology prototypes are missing.
Well, obviously one is missing, but nothing's been reported.
Do you have any idea which base something like this would come from? That's above my pay grade, but what I can tell you is I reviewed the forensics report on the explosives used and they were a highly classified ordnance, which is good for us.
- In what way? Explosives like these have markers in them.
Like a code, it allows us to determine exactly where they were stored.
Okay, so where are these from? The Naval Surface Warfare Center in Port Hueneme, and like that ballistic suit, none of these explosives have been reported missing.
So, Ops had the van coming down from that intersection.
Could've ducked into one of these alleyways.
Well, this alley looks especially nice to stroll down.
You take a stroll with me, Sam? (chuckles) Don't mind if I do.
Callen's got one more eval with the docs and then he thinks he'll be ready to come back.
And he addresses the elephant in the alley.
(chuckles) You give any thought to what you're gonna do when he comes back? I've kind of been avoiding that.
This team, working in L.
, it's been fun.
And you fit in.
Trust me, not everybody does.
Thank you.
San Diego's still at the top of my list, though.
Hetty says she'll give a strong recommendation that you get your first choice assignment.
With all due respect to your boss, what exactly does Hetty's recommendation do for me given her tenuous status right now? Oh, you have a point.
Would you prefer Beale writes up your letter of rec? I think I'll take my chances with Hetty.
Hey, guys.
I just got off the phone with Captain Walker, the commanding officer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Port Hueneme.
It looks like the suit and explosives were both stolen from their classified test laboratory.
The man in charge of the secured storage facility, Master Chief Lincoln Briones, he should have recognized that the inventory was missing and reported it stolen.
KENSI: So where is Master Chief Briones now? He's missing.
They've searched the base, his house.
They're now trying to reach out to his family members.
He's a Navy SEAL.
He specializes in explosives.
Yeah, he'd definitely have the training to pull off something like last night's heist.
He's also six-three, roughly the same size as last night's shooter.
We are looking into everyone Briones served with.
Maybe someone was in the van trying to help him out.
(tablet beeps) Ooh, Eric just found something.
Looks like Briones rents an apartment for his nephew Jordan Abalos in Torrance, California.
Send us the address.
We'll check it out.
- Will do.
Oh, and, guys - Yeah.
Captain Walker said that the amount of explosives used in the Beverly Hills heist was only a third of what was actually stolen.
Which means they're planning another hit.
Question is where? - Thanks.
- Nice work.
Sam, I've got the van.
Footage from yesterday shows the van entering the alleyway you're in.
(hip hop playing) What's up, guys? You guys, uh, do work on classics here? Like put TV monitors in a Chevelle, stuff like that? Yeah, we could do that.
You don't think TV monitors in a Chevelle is, like, a major foul? Hey, man, it's your car.
You know, I'd, uh, have to think twice about someone who would put modern junk in a classic.
Then move on.
What about vans? You guys work on vans? You know, the big, modern ones? Didn't you have one here last night? Who are you? Yo, what are you doing? You can't go back there.
Federal agents.
Where's the van? Gun! Whoa, whoa! Don't.
Your move.
Cuffs or a body bag? The van was here.
Now it's gone.
What did you do with it? Man, I'm dead.
The guys I work for run the show in the prisons.
You should've just shot me back there.
That option's not off the table.
Hank, we're federal agents.
We can help ensure you do your time in a prison where they can't reach you.
You'd be safer locked up in Utah, right? Are you kidding? You don't think they got people in Orange County? Utah.
The state.
I didn't pay no attention in geology class.
Where's the van? I don't know.
Enjoy prison.
No, no, no, no! It's not like that.
Look, I want to do my time in Utah, it's just, look, they took the van.
I don't know where.
I'm still waiting to hear something that helps us.
Look, we run a cleaning service.
People roll vehicles through here that have been used in not so So legal activities.
That'll work.
We dismantle them, we burn what needs to be burned.
You dismantled their van? Nah.
There was some special equipment in the back.
We just painted it.
What does it look like now? Well, it's black now with a limo company logo on it.
Who brought it in? A man and a woman, but they just talked to Ron.
Homie dead now.
That it? Yeah.
Actually, no.
They said they're gonna bring the van back in for us to totally dismantle and dispose of tonight.
Yo, do they got good food in Utah? The same TV shows that we got? Stop talking.
The van and the shooter will be back here tonight.
Yeah, but a sting's out of the question.
We got to find them before they make that next heist.
Nell, they're gonna be moving in the next few hours.
We're gonna come in and look at potential targets.
NELL: Copy that, Sam.
We're tied into LAPD and doing joint targeting analysis.
Let's ride.
Huh? I think it's a great idea.
It's great.
Really? Not too cheesy, not too on the nose? No, it's no, I think it's cheesy and on the nose, but if you want to do your bachelorette party in Napa doing wine tours with your girlfriends, then bring on the cheese and bring on the noses.
I mean, it's your deal, and you're 100% never having a bachelorette party again, so enjoy it.
- Oh, really? All right.
Yeah, you're right.
I don't care that other women have been to Napa before.
Okay, that's me.
What about you? What are you doing for your bachelor party? (laughs) - What? I'm sorry, have we met? No, I know you don't like going to bachelor parties, but I figured if it's your own Baby, I dislike bachelor parties like I dislike the guys that use the phrase "hall pass" when talking about going out with their guy friends at night or saying that they have to babysit even though the kid is their own.
And you know what hall-pass guy and babysit guy love more than anything in the world? BOTH: Bachelor parties.
So I'm gonna let them carry on their tradition.
I'm going surfing with my friends.
Deuces! (chuckles) KENSI: Yeah.
Yeah, we got a body.
Kens? - One - Mm-hmm.
two, three.
(muffled shouting) I got something.
Federal agents.
You Jordan Abalos? Yeah.
Is my uncle okay? Master Chief Briones-- not our shooter.
Kensi and Deeks found him shot dead.
And the list of potential targets in L.
would be massive, so we worked with LAPD and narrowed it down to potential targets where the shooter's ballistic protections would be valuable, aka places with armed guards.
Let's remove all terrorist and active shooter scenarios and stay with valuables and cash targets.
Here you go.
This is beyond a needle in a haystack.
We need to find that van.
Now, clearly there are a ton of opportunities for them at banks and stores, but check this out.
The King Tut exhibit.
Granted, they'd need contacts in the art world, but if you're looking at a ratio of dollars to amount of armed guards, this is your top target in the city.
Those artifacts are literally priceless.
Black market dealers, collectors, certain governments even, a lot of people would be willing to pay a whole lot of cash for those items.
The King Tut exhibit is near a commercial bank with the highest cash reserves in the city and the L.
Federal Reserve.
We should work with LAPD on setting a perimeter.
Yeah, okay.
DeChamps and I'll assist LAPD.
Find that van.
Yup, we're on it.
Did you guys find my aunt and cousin? Our team are searching for them right now, and the Navy has been looking for them ever since your uncle went missing.
You think they're in danger? I know they are.
The guy that took them is Rob Durant.
It was Rob and his girlfriend.
He told my uncle that if he didn't work for them, he'd kill both of them.
Uh, explain to me why these people would target your uncle.
My uncle gave me everything, and I got him killed.
It's all my fault.
I just loved racing.
And I was winning.
I always won.
Until you didn't.
I lost my car.
And you tried to buy it back? Yeah.
I borrowed money from Rob Durant.
A guy I never should have brought into my life.
So Durant calls in the debt and you don't have the cash.
When I couldn't pay him, he found out that my uncle was paying the rent here and that my uncle worked at the Navy base.
Hold on, Jordan, your uncle stole highly classified equipment.
How would Rob Durant even know that that equipment was there? I don't think he did know.
He just told my uncle to get him the best weapons he could and that if he didn't like what my uncle brought him, he'd shoot my aunt and cousin in front of him.
So, please, you got to find them.
- We will find them.
We have our best people on it, I promise you.
Rob's a beast, but his girlfriend is straight crazy.
They're gonna kill 'em.
My cousin's only eight years old.
ERIC: Kensi, I may have a location on Master Chief Briones' wife Nancy.
Her phone is located at a mall in Burbank.
We're in the south lot, fourth row.
ERIC: Silver Ford, right in front of you.
Got it.
Where? Eric says Briones' wife's phone is on and pinging in this car.
School said she picked her up as usual.
There's nothing inside.
I got no wires.
It looks clean.
Kensi, trunk.
Come on, don't do this.
Come on, God.
(grunts) Oh, bingo.
DEEKS: Come on.
Come here, baby girl, come here, come here.
(sighs) You're okay, sweetie, okay.
Okay, come here, come here, come here.
All right, come on, Mama.
I got a pulse.
Got you, Mama, you're okay.
(grunts) I got you.
I got you.
(gasps) Okay, breathe, breathe, good work.
Okay, breathe.
That's right.
Good, breathe.
I'm a federal agent.
You're okay.
NANCY: Where is my daughter? DEEKS: She's right there, she's right there.
She's working on her.
- (crying) Hold on.
She's got to work.
Come on, Callie.
Come on, sweetie.
Callie, don't quit.
Come on.
(coughs) There you go.
Open your eyes.
There's Mommy, there's Mommy.
(crying) Hey, Beale.
Go ahead.
We got Nancy Briones and her daughter Callie.
They're alive.
Please send an ambulance.
Sending now.
Oh, I like that.
It's strong.
And I've never had a girlfriend give me a pet name before.
- It's kind of hot - Shut up, Beale.
Admiral Kilbride.
I see you've upgraded your wardrobe to include trousers.
Well, I, um I'm no longer undercover with that killer surf gang, so I You have the identity of our shooter? Thought you'd never ask.
(clears throat) That would be Rob Durant.
Grew up in Culver City, decorated high school and college wrestler.
He spent five years on Sacramento PD's SWAT team, until he was fired in 2012 for insubordination.
NELL: Two years ago, he was a person of interest in a bank robbery in Camarillo, though the FBI was unable to make a case on him.
He'll know how to make the most of that ballistic armor.
- Mm-hmm.
- His accomplice? That would be his girlfriend, Rachel Conway.
She's been in and out of jail from the time she was 18.
Her arrests alternate between assaults and cybercrimes.
Nice couple.
Hope the Times has space for their engagement announcement.
Let me know when you find that van.
Will do, Admiral.
Okay, LAPD's got a perimeter set up around the California Science Center and Federal Reserve.
I told them we'd handle the commercial bank.
I checked out the Science Center.
If the King Tut exhibit is the target, I'd say they're going in loud and aggressive, right through the front door.
It's the most direct path.
Should it be shut down? Nell's talking to the LAPD chief of police.
It's his call.
No evidence pointing to a specific target, he'd have to shut the entire city down.
We need to hit the commercial bank.
Let's do it.
So, one day soon, entire SEAL Teams will be outfitted with this ballistic armor? The armor is one thing.
But if they continue to make advancements in the exoskeleton technology, if they can amplify an operator's natural strength and speed We'll have a team of Sam Hannas.
Yeah, exactly.
Whoa, check this out.
Hey, Sam, we just got the van exiting the 91 Freeway in Gardena.
All right, send the top ten targets in Gardena to my phone.
Yup, on it.
ERIC: Sam, based on info from Port Hueneme, beyond the full-body ballistic protection, this suit has pneumatic and hydraulic enhancements made to two joints, the left shoulder and left elbow.
Now, to what extent those are functional, in this particular prototype, is unclear.
Copy that.
Thanks, Eric.
NELL: Sir, I've located the heist van.
It got off the freeway in Gardena.
Now, Sam and DeChamps are headed over to Gardena Casino and Card Room, while Kensi and Deeks are routed over across town to Gardena West Savings Bank, which happens to be the largest cash reserve in that city.
Is LAPD preparing to go on full tactical alert? That would be a yes.
Tell them now might be the time to pull the trigger on that, and inform Gardena PD that this suit has extreme ballistic protection and that we have plainclothes agents on the ground.
- Copy that.
- And, Nell.
Mm-hmm? Tell Agent Hanna that his primary concern is to contain the shooter.
We cannot have a replay of the North Hollywood shootout.
Yes, sir.
SAM: There it is.
DeCHAMPS: Nell, we have eyes on the van.
The target is the Gardena Casino and Card Room.
Repeat, the target is the casino.
Reroute all LAPD and Gardena PD assets to our location.
Copy that, DeChamps.
LAPD will set up a perimeter around the casino.
Kensi and Deeks are six minutes out.
LAPD SWAT is eight minutes out.
SAM: Tell casino security to lock down.
Nobody in or out.
All right, firing from a distance won't do the damage we need.
Got it.
Where do you want to engage? Best bet is to get him after he exits the van but before he enters the casino.
Use the casino wall to our advantage.
Keep him on the ropes, boxed in.
Got it? All right.
Soon as you see an opening, you hit that van.
We don't know what kind of firepower his girlfriend has in there.
DeCHAMPS: Copy that.
SAM: We're gonna approach on a "V.
" Stay behind the cover, make your shots count, look for seams and joints in the armor.
We got this.
Federal agent! Stop! Drop your weapon! Stop! (rapid gunfire) Cover me! Stop the car! Stop the car! Federal agent.
Get out, stay low.
Moving to the van! Copy! (explosion) - Don't shoot! - Drop your weapon.
Hands behind your head, on your knees.
Hands behind your head! (gunfire continues) (both grunting) (grunting, shouting) (siren wailing) (choking) Tell PD to get back! Hey, so we were just in the neighborhood, thought we'd roll in for some pai gow.
His ballistic armor's no joke.
I hit him center mass, head shots-- nothing.
So what's the play? I don't think guns are the answer.
So what, like, mediation, arbitration? I could rent us out a conference room.
(gunfire) Rifle clear.
Are you sure you want to do that? Got to get him off his feet.
All right, what do you want us to do? Just light him up.
Give me a chance to get close to him.
All right, on it.
One, two, three.
(grunts) (whirring) (grunts) (Sam groans) (siren wailing) All right, all right.
Stay down.
- Stay down.
- I'm good, I'm good.
(helicopter blades whirring) Okay.
(Sam exhales) Stay down, tough guy.
Stay down.
All right.
Hey, I was, uh, I was actually just coming to look for you.
So, I just gave Admiral Kilbride the after action report while walking to his car.
So, wait, what was, uh, Rob Durant's endgame? Yeah, so CSU found a list of potential dates and targets on the computer in the van.
It looks like it was just all about the money.
Durant had always been a heist man, and with that sort of ballistic armor It made him feel, like, superhuman.
You know what we need? A little Grand Central Market.
Beer, brats, McConnell's Ice Cream.
What do you think? (grunts) Um - Good.
- Cool? Sounds good.
Ac-Actually, you know what? That sounds-- that sounds great, 'cause I've been wanting to incorporate more, um, beer and brats into the dietary motif (singsongy): Beale.
What's-what's going on here, Beale? What? Um, nothing.
I don't-- what do you mean? Like, with you and the level of awkwardness.
It's more than usual.
A situation has come up, and it's a business thing, but not, like, a business business thing.
It's like the universe or Yoda or whatever higher power you believe in telling me to do something that I have wanted to do for a while.
But I don't know if I can, because I don't want you to think that it's just a financial decision and not because Because what? Because I've never been this happy, and I never want to be somewhere where you aren't.
That is ridiculously cute, but I'm still pretty confused.
- Yeah.
I get that.
- Yeah.
Maybe I should just blurt it out.
You should, just blurt.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
My landlord is selling my place, and I need to move out.
Ah And I want to find a new place but, like, a nice place, right? But I don't want you to think that I'm asking you what I'm about to ask you I know.
just because my landlord got a sweet deal on a condo in Ala Moana and needs that money to move to Hawaii.
I would love to move in with you.
Really? Really.
Where should we live? (gasps) Should we get a dog? Beale! - Brats, beer.
- Okay, wait.
We work long hours.
Maybe we should get a cat.
A cat! (Deeks caws) You're still limping? Man, I'm the one with the broken back.
Can't you just say hello? We have the best tacos in all the land.
Uh, yeah, no, that's not true.
If they were the best tacos, they would be Tito's Tacos, but he didn't want them, so we have truck tacos.
Yes, Mariscos Jalisco serves tacos off a truck, but no, my friends, these are not just truck tacos, these are little culinary masterpieces.
Besides, babe, everybody knows: the best tacos in L.
come off of a truck.
They asked to choose the food, I said yeah, and now here we are.
They haven't stopped talking since we left the office.
(laughs softly) Are you still living upstairs? My place is compromised.
I won't go back.
I was actually gonna look for a new spot, but this rehab schedule's been a little rougher than I anticipated.
(grunts) What? - This is perfect.
- What is perfect? You can live above the bar.
We have an apartment above the bar.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no - Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Callen, this is not a good idea.
That room above the bar is not an apartment.
What are you talking about? We get free security.
He's like the last American ninja, and he gets a off-the-grid undisclosed location for him and all his aliases.
- Yeah, I don't know - It'd be free.
- why I wouldn't check that out.
You'd consider living above the bar? It wouldn't be the first time.
- This is a great plan.
SAM: Interesting.
Well, I heard your paperwork came back from the doctors and you're cleared to come back to work, so welcome home, partner.
- Thank you.
- KENSI: Cheers.
To Callen.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- And to his new apartment.
- Yeah.
You guys don't want a where you going? Want a shrimp taco? We got to do something.
You want some help with that, or? No, no, no, no, no! Well, you go have fun.
We'll eat the tacos.
Bye, boys.
I got these.
Hidoko? Yes.
You must be Callen and Sam.
Would you like anything to drink? No, thank you.
Thank you for inviting me here.
Harley spoke so highly of the two of you.
Thank you for being so kind to her.
Well, she was a superb agent, and she had a very bright future.
I'm very sorry for your loss, Ms.
It's Shirley, please.
Shirley, look, if there's anything that Sam and I can do for you, just ask.
Harley was the one who came to my house to tell me that my son had been killed in Afghanistan.
I learned that day that I lost a son and gained a daughter-in-law.
We don't have to talk about this.
Wayne never really wanted anything except a career in the military.
He was very close to his grandfather.
I read his file.
His grandfather served with honor in the 442nd under Colonel Bert Nishimura.
Yes, he did, but that wasn't the grandfather I was speaking of.
Wayne was very close to my father.
Um, before the war, my father helped run the family gas station in West L.
on Sawtelle.
They did very well.
They owned a house, cars.
It was all taken from them.
All of it, everything.
They were rounded up, put on trains, with just a suitcase and the clothes they wore.
Sent to an internment camp in Wyoming to live in sheds.
It's awful.
My father was very angry.
Others at the time, they fell in line, persevered, made due.
But my father held onto that anger.
He fought, they beat him, he fought again.
He almost died in that camp.
My father hated them for taking away the family house, their business, their future.
Well, he had every right to feel that way.
Wayne loved my father.
When he died, Wayne told me he was going to enlist.
He was going to excel in the military, rise up, then politics.
He was going to make sure that what happened to my father never, ever happened to another person in America again.
The son you raised was an exceptional human being.
An exceptional American.
I know that.
And I came to learn that Harley loved him with every ounce of her being.
Can we do anything for you? How about the next time the three of us meet at a restaurant, have a dinner with real, actual food? Shirley Hidoko, you have a deal.

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