NCIS Los Angeles s10e03 Episode Script

The Prince

1 Agent Callen.
Brian Bush, State Department.
These men are with the Diplomatic Security Service.
Will you please send your father out? What is this about? I'm not at liberty to discuss that.
But your father needs to come with us right now.
He's not going anywhere till you answer my question.
We have a warrant to enter the premises and remove him.
Please stand aside.
No one is going any - Agent Callen! NIKITA: Grisha! I will go with them.
CALLEN: In two days, my father's gonna be traded to Russia via Iran so that you can bring back a couple of freelance photographers.
I'm afraid this is gonna be a very short conversation.
From where I'm standing, we've been more than fair.
But if you persist, that will change.
And I have a feeling that won't end well for you.
I found them, Hetty.
My father, my sister, my family.
Now I've lost them.
Hot one today, huh? (chuckles): Well, look who I'm talking to.
Probably feels like winter compared to Saudi Arabia.
(motorcycle approaches) BRIAN: What the hell? Collins, get us out of here! Our escort is down.
Requesting immediate backup.
(horn honking) Don't worry.
We're safe in here.
This vehicle's armored.
Bomb! Stop the limo! Stop! (brakes screech) Get out.
(sirens wailing) NCIS: LA 10x03 The Prince Ugh, so we've been engaged for a year and half.
- Who cares? - That's what I said.
And then she said, "Well, an average couple would be married by now," to which I replied - We are not an average couple.
I mean, last week, we basically fought a cyborg.
This bothers you.
I mean, it doesn't bother me so much as it bothers her.
Which bothers you.
I mean, Kens, she's my mom.
She's crazy as a loon, but I love her.
And she's terrified that we are gonna push this wedding out so far that she's not gonna be able to see it.
Oh, my gosh, that's ridiculous.
She's not even that old.
Oh, no, s-she means she's literally not gonna be able to see it, 'cause our family has a history of glaucoma.
You know what? Just please tell her this: we are gonna getting married, and we're gonna get married soon.
Oh, so you guys picked a date? Well, no.
But we're going to.
- Soon.
- Soon.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
KENSI: No, we are.
We are.
- Sure.
- No, we-- for real.
We are.
We're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna do it soon.
KENSI: We are.
DEEKS: Soon.
Still going over all those cases you missed? It's taking a little longer than I thought.
Agent DeChamps writes very thorough reports.
(chuckles) At least she writes them.
(chuckles): Oh, oh, oh.
I write reports.
No, you summarize and you bullet point.
Then I come in and flesh them out.
Yeah, that's our system.
Works very well.
For you.
Hey, guys, we got a case.
Is Admiral Kilbride running this one? Uh, no.
We're on our own.
He flew back to D.
this morning.
DEEKS: Does it have something to do with Hetty and Mosley? No idea.
We are completely in the dark.
I'm starting to have a bad feeling about this.
ERIC: Deputy Crown Prince Kamal of Saudi Arabia landed at LAX this morning.
He's the minister of defense and third in line to the throne.
But on his way from the airport to his hotel, an attempt was made on his life.
CALLEN: (whistles) Attempt? It looks like the assassin had a clear shot.
- Why'd he stop? NELL: Well, the camera is a little too far away to show this, but that's actually not Prince Kamal.
It's a decoy.
ERIC: The real prince was safely in his hotel.
He took a helicopter.
So once the assassin got close enough to see it was a decoy, he aborted the hit.
Any word on the condition of the LAPD escort or the driver? They are fine.
The assassin only stunned them with a Taser.
NELL: And if that's not weird enough, he also placed a sticky bomb on the window.
I didn't see an explosion.
That's because bomb disposal says it was a fake.
Just a block of clay with some wires sticking out of it.
SAM: Seems like its only purpose was to get the target to expose himself.
No collateral damage.
That's, uh, surprisingly bizarre.
How can we help? Well, Diplomatic Security Service will be protecting him while he's in town, but SECNAV and the defense secretary want to be extra careful.
Saudi Arabia is one of our most important allies in the Middle East.
ERIC: Now, the FBI will be taking over the investigation, but they've asked us to help where we can, especially when it comes to the safety of the prince while in-country.
NELL: Mm-hmm.
If anything happens to him It would be a major international incident.
Who's the DSS agent in charge? Uh, that would be Brian Bush.
(sighs) Any leads on the bike? ERIC: Uh Mm-mm.
lost it in traffic cams, but we're looking.
Kensi and Deeks, why don't you check out the scene of the crime.
Sam and I will go over and coordinate with DSS at the hotel.
You sure? Yep.
Good luck.
See you.
Thank you, Lynae.
So the great news is the FBI said we could process the scene for evidence.
We just got to "run it by them.
" KENSI: Copy that.
Hey, so you think we're really gonna meet this crown prince? Well, it's deputy crown prince, actually.
And if we do, I have a few choice words for him about his country's treatment of women.
What are you talking about? They're letting you guys drive over there now and calling it progress.
Progress is fine, but equality would be great.
Amen to that.
Up top.
That's okay, we'll get that later.
So are we looking for something in particular? DSS changed the route at the last minute, so I was wondering How the assassin knew where to find him? Eureka.
- Ooh.
- GPS tracker.
DEEKS: Oh, wow.
You know what we should do with that? - Run it by the FBI.
- Run it by the FBI.
I got my glove on, I can help now.
- Hey.
- I'm ready.
Don't tell me it's over All right, I already see a big problem.
We got multiple points of entry, no agents at any of them.
DSS is gonna have to rethink this whole setup.
Yeah, well, there's the guy to talk to.
You gonna be okay working with him? He was just doing his job.
We'll find your father, G.
Hell, for all we know, he escaped and he's hanging out on a nude beach in the Black Sea.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? BRIAN: Have them there, just in case.
Agent Hanna.
Agent Callen.
I appreciate you guys coming so quickly.
We can use all the help we can get.
What security measures do you have in place? BRIAN: The prince and his entourage have taken over the top floor of the hotel.
The elevators are programmed only to let those with key card access up.
The stairwell doors are locked with agents posted at each one.
We only have ten agents, including me.
That's not enough.
Does the prince have his own security? He has four men stationed at the penthouse at all times.
And what exactly is the purpose of this visit? Business meetings.
This year, Saudi Arabia has finally opened the doors to Hollywood.
We have all the biggest producers coming in to kiss the ring.
We're talking billion dollar deals.
(elevator chimes) WOMAN: Ow, ow, ow, watch the dress.
MAN: We're sorry.
- Don't push me! - He's pushing me, Harry.
- We just wanted a photo with the prince, you know, to bless our union We've had a few breaches, okay? Mostly from idiots like that.
But no one's made it even close to the penthouse.
You guys need to think about moving the prince to an undisclosed location.
Well, I already proposed that.
He refused, said it would disrupt his schedule.
What about shutting the hotel down to the other guests? BRIAN: Prince doesn't want the bad press.
It's starting to sound like the prince is calling the shots.
Agent Hanna, when you're a major oil producer and a-a multi-billion dollar client of the arms industry, people tend to let you do what you want.
Problem is, it may get him killed.
(indistinct chatter) Your Royal Highness.
- This is Special Agent Callen.
- Pleasure.
BRIAN: Special Agent Hanna.
Assalamu alaikum.
What can I do for you, gentlemen? Actually, it's what they can do for you.
They're here to supplement your protection detail.
Agent Bush, we talked about this.
It is not necessary.
SAM: With all due respect, Your Royal Highness, this assassin is motivated, organized.
We can't take this lightly.
You have a military bearing, Agent Hanna.
What branch did you serve in? Navy, SEALs.
The warriors who took down bin Laden.
He's from my country, you know.
That is a past we are trying to put behind us.
You need to be alive to do that.
(laughs) Ah, okay, very well.
I accept.
But I prefer for my security to blend in as to not intimidate my guests.
My tailor, Rashid, he will outfit you in something a bit more formal.
Uh, f-forgive me, Your Royal Highness, you don't seem very worried.
Agent Callen, I am very accustomed to receiving death threats.
My brother was assassinated.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- My grandfather was assassinated.
- Thank you.
- I will not let this interfere with my life or my country's future.
When my time comes, I will be ready.
But inshallah, my time will not come today.
Excuse me.
No pressure.
The ayatollah, the Houthis, Canada.
Wow, turns out being a crown prince makes for a whole lot of enemies.
Yeah, especially when you're trying to disrupt decades of policy.
- Hmm.
DEEKS: Special delivery for Mr.
I got the GPS tracker from the limo.
- Sweet.
Prints have already been processed.
I love hacking these things.
It combines my passion for maps with my hidden voyeuristic fantasies.
- Hmm.
It's not so hidden now.
They're just fantasies.
Everyone has fantasies.
Stop saying fantasies.
You're freaking me out.
Do you really want to move in with this guy? Eh.
I'm gonna go, okay? Just go.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Anything new on the assassin? Well, no luck tracking the motorcycle, but in the meantime, I've been working up some threat assessments.
Oh, okay, do you need some help with that? Oh, I do appreciate the offer; however, if GPS trackers are Beale's weird fetish, then prioritizing death threats is mine.
Which is why you're perfect for each other.
(giggles) In that case, we have some downtime.
Should we make some, uh, wedding plans? Yeah.
Ooh! You guys are doing that again? Uh KENSI: I don't know what you're saying, we never stopped.
Oh! Sorry, I just - I-I knew you were making, like - Yeah.
lots of plans last year, and then nothing really happened.
So I thought it was postponed.
Nope, nope, didn't get postponed.
Not postponed.
Not gonna be postponed.
It's going through with it.
We are going through with it.
It's gonna happen, and we're gonna pick a date right now.
- Okay, we'll do that.
- Kensi! No! - I'm sorry.
- She's fine, she's fine.
You know I didn't mean it like that, though, right? - I know.
It's fine.
- Because I want you to get married.
And I'm happy you're getting married.
I want to get married.
And (sighs) I just hope it happens sometime this century.
That Rashid is a miracle worker.
Are you worried about looking too good? - Not really.
- I didn't think so.
What's going on in there? SAM: The prince is having a busy week.
Every power player in town wants to meet with him.
You'd think that an assassination attempt would make people think twice.
Not when you have to finance the remake of Apocalypse Now.
You're joking.
This one takes place in space.
It's gonna be a long week.
Let's hope Kensi and Deeks find a lead.
KENSI: Eric.
What have you found? So, as you can see, the only data points on the tracker were the route the limo took from LAX to the location where it got attacked.
That's not really helpful.
Mm, but there was another data point hidden in the tracker's deleted history from last night, as if someone, like, turned it on to test it and then wiped the data, only-- spoiler alert-- nothing's ever really gone.
So where was it? ERIC: Here.
A motel in Hollywood.
I can pinpoint it to within three feet.
We're on our way.
ERIC: Sending the address to your phones.
Ready? On three.
One, two, three.
- Kens?- Clear.
- Clear.
Beale, we need an ambulance at the motel.
(gasps) Oh, hey.
It's okay.
We're federal agents.
We're here to help.
Is-is she gone? Is who gone? The woman that called me here and tied me up.
Wait, why-why am I still? It's okay.
We have to verify your identity first.
(camera clicks) What's your name? Sarah.
Sarah Lombard.
Beale, I just sent you a pic.
You getting this? ERIC: Running it now.
That is Sarah Lombard.
No police record.
I apologize for this.
It's just the woman we're looking for is very dangerous.
Yeah, you got that right.
She drugged me and left me here.
Do you know what she gave you? No.
It's okay.
You want to stand? Yeah.
Nice and easy.
I got you.
I got you.
You all right? SARAH: Yeah.
What do you do for a living? I'm a massage therapist.
That's why I'm here.
I-I got a call about an in-room massage.
I should've turned around when I saw the place, but I need the money.
Do you have your own table? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
It's, um Wait.
Did that bitch take my table? Okay, Sarah, focus for a second.
Do you have any more appointments today? SARAH: Just one.
Sarah Lombard.
Where is she? The masseuse? I just sent her to 1418.
Oh, that was quick.
Lock the prince down now! Go! Go! Federal agents! Move out of the way! Need agents in the lobby and the loading dock.
G, I don't have her.
Got her.
Headed to the loading dock.
Keep that door open! Joelle, stop! Federal agent.
Open the door.
Where are you going? There was just an attempt on the prince's life.
This isn't what you think it is, Bush.
You can't build up a wall and think that will deter her.
She will just keep coming.
How do you even know this? Tell the prince to cancel all his meetings for the day.
- I told you, he won't do it.
Convince him.
His life depends on it.
We will keep you posted.
Will you? 'Cause it sure sounds like you're not telling me something.
Look, Agent Callen, I know we've had our differences in the past This is not personal.
I'm asking you to trust me.
I'll talk to the prince.
Not personal, huh? Least not with him.
So, FBI said paramedics are checking on Sarah, but they suspect it was just a sedative.
- Did you talk to the motel manager? - Yes.
No security footage, and no I.
on the woman that checked in, which is probably why she chose this place.
- Bingo.
- What'd you find? USB drive? Okay.
Make a forensic image? Coming right up.
Hey, we're gonna need this uploaded right now.
- Thanks.
- Right.
Come on.
Big winner.
No whammies.
- Yeah.
- Got it.
Hey, Eric, we found a thumb drive at the motel.
Gonna send it to you now.
Got it.
All right, no detectable malware.
I will start sorting through it.
How about the boys at the hotel? How are they doing? NELL: Just got off the phone with Callen.
He wants you two back at the boatshed right now.
Did he give you any more information than that? Mm, he said he'll explain when you get there.
All right, on our way.
(sighs) (clicks tongue) So, Callen I.
'd the assassin.
That's great.
That's not great.
Who is it? Joelle.
Okay, I'm confused, because I only know one person named Joelle, and that person is dead.
Mm Isn't she? Callen and Sam helped fake her death for the safety of her family.
Are you kidding me? Wait, why didn't they tell us? We can keep secrets.
We could have helped them.
Mm, one of us kind of did.
You knew? I'm sorry.
You knew, and you didn't tell me? I was going to tell you, but things got kind of crazy around here, you know, with Hetty and Vietnam and then Mosley and Mexico and I just Nell.
Nell, how long does it take to say, "By the way, "Joelle's still alive.
We faked her death "to protect her family.
Can you pass the potatoes?" Honey, oh.
I I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
(chuckles) Should we get cracking on this? - Let's do it.
(clears throat) - Okay.
- (clears throat) - Mm-hmm.
You didn't have to keep this from us.
It was safer this way, for Joelle's family We wouldn't have told anybody, Callen.
and for you.
The fewer people that knew, the better.
This organization, this syndicate that she was going after, they're responsible for the rogue CIA group that's been trying to take us down.
The attack on Granger's life.
Even your kidnapping.
Look, there was no reason to risk your lives, too, not again.
Well, if you haven't noticed, that's kind of our job.
Well, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.
DEEKS: It's all good.
Can't really blame you, anyway.
You were raised like this, thanks to the Hetty Lange School of Mischief.
KENSI: Okay.
So what's the plan now? Joelle is after the deputy crown prince.
Have we had any luck tracking her? Nell was not able to get anything from the cameras in the surrounding area.
We need to understand why she's doing this.
Try to anticipate her next move.
Nell said she's going after the syndicate.
We have to at least entertain the possibility that Prince Kamal is involved.
Or at the least, she believes he is.
And what the hell is this syndicate, anyway? It sounds like a Bond villain.
More like Mission: Impossible.
The fifth one, to be exact.
Although this particular group does not call themselves the Syndicate.
What'd you find? Okay, so we've been going through the thumb drive recovered from the motel room.
What Joelle has put together on there is damning.
It details the activities of a company called Gulf States Geologic Survey, or 2GS.
ERIC: In public, they claim to specialize in mining and oil exploration, but, according to these documents, what 2GS really is is a bunch of shady businessmen, government officials, and former CIA officers.
NELL: Joelle has amassed financial and operational records of the company's use of paramilitary tactics to exploit and profit from war-torn countries.
These are places that legitimate businesses are not allowed to operate.
Well, they at least have a guy with metal teeth and a razor-sharp hat? What's the deputy crown prince's involvement? NELL: He doesn't seem to have any.
In fact, everything seems to indicate that 2GS would see his modernizing policies as an obstacle to their operation.
(beeping) Guys, the east motion sensor was just tripped.
You've got company.
JOELLE: Callen? It's me.
Slowly, Joelle.
Nice helmet.
We really need a new secret hideout.
I know how this looks, but I'm not here to kill the prince.
I'm here to save him.
Fate keeps throwing us back together, doesn't it? Fate? You walked through our door.
I didn't have another choice.
You raided my motel room.
For all I know, every agency's looking for me.
If someone's gonna arrest me, I'd rather it be you.
(chuckles): Oh.
You thought I'd go easy on you, huh? I-I didn't mean to involve you in this, Callen.
I really didn't.
I didn't know you'd be at the hotel.
I'm glad I was.
Otherwise the prince might be dead.
I was there to protect him.
That's not what this looks like, Joelle.
And that was the point.
I went after the prince's decoy on purpose, Callen.
Do you really think I'd make a mistake like that? 2GS wants the crown prince dead.
Eric and Nell confirmed it.
Those documents are authentic.
They are being verified.
Where did you get them? I have a source inside the company.
He told me the assassination would take place during the prince's visit to L.
Can we talk to the source? No.
He stopped responding.
- Mm.
- He's either in hiding or Look, my intention with the decoy was to scare the prince enough that he'd cancel his trip.
Just turn around, go back to Saudi Arabia where he's safe.
Apparently, he's more stubborn than I thought.
What about the hotel? What was your intention there? Well, 2GS uses former CIA officers to do their dirty work.
You mean people like yourself.
I snuck in to see if I could I.
I disguised myself so they wouldn't I.
Well, you will be happy to know that your plan worked.
After he found out that you had strapped one of his aides to a massage table, the prince decided to cancel the rest of his trip.
He's leaving in one hour.
- No, it's too late.
Moving him now will just put him at greater risk.
I agree.
Which is why we don't have a lot of time to stop this assassination.
Wait, what? You you believe me? No (sighs) no big fight? No raised voices? Is that what you want? Then let's go.
Brian Bush just called.
He wants an update.
Then let's give him one.
Go back to the hotel with Kensi and Deeks.
Tell Bush everything.
You trust him? I think that if we want to keep the prince safe, we have to.
KENSI: Okay.
What are you gonna do? (clears throat) No.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Eric - No.
- Wait.
- I have a weapon.
Stand back.
What's going on here? Joelle's here.
I know.
I brought her here.
Callen, are you insane? She'll-she'll see everything.
She'll see the big board! CALLEN: She's already seen everything.
You remember her colleague, Carl Brown, worked here for a couple years? None of this is new to her.
Besides, we need her to help I.
the assassin.
It could be a member of the prince's entourage.
It could be one of the DSS agents.
I need you to run all of them by her.
Hold on.
Us? Wait, where are you going? I'm going back to the hotel.
Well, take me with you.
I can do more from there.
Not up for discussion.
the assassin.
We will take care of the rest.
(whispers): Wow.
(sighs) Sorry I scared you.
You didn't scare me, okay? (quietly): Should we at least, like, tie her up or something? I don't know.
That might be excessive.
(sighs) I don't even know where to begin.
Not only do you believe this woman's insane story, but you're actively using her to protect the very prince that she tried to kill today? Yeah, technically, she didn't try to kill him.
Technically, she didn't try to kill anybody.
- That we know of.
SAM: Agent Bush, look, we didn't have to tell you about any of this.
You asked us to keep you informed.
In less than a half an hour, the prince is gonna come out of this hotel.
You can either accept our help or not.
The prince likes you.
I'll stay with him the whole time.
What's your plan for moving him? It's the same as this morning.
We chopper back to LAX.
The decoy leaves through ground transportation.
Switch it up.
Let the decoy take the helicopter.
Are you running this, Agent Hanna, or am I? We don't even know what to expect.
Once that helicopter's in the air, we can't protect it.
We can protect the prince on the ground.
I'll go with the decoy in the chopper.
I don't like heights, okay? We all make sacrifices for the job.
KENSI: Speaking of heights, I'm gonna go get set up.
I'll go coordinate with LAPD escorts.
Look, Bush, we're gonna get the prince through this.
Yeah? What about us? 'Cause if the secretary gets wind of how this played out, we can kiss our careers good-bye.
NELL: Last up, Agent Sean Collins.
No, not him either.
Well, that was the last one.
So now we're out of suspects.
Hey, I've been going through more 2GS documents.
In the last decade, they've been responsible for half a dozen assassinations.
And if you don't let me go help, you can add another one to that list.
Okay, we've been over this before.
Callen said stay, so you stay.
Well, then get him on the phone.
Hey, hey, don't talk to her like that.
Okay, listen, I like you two.
Okay? But if I really wanted to leave here, you wouldn't be able to stop me.
Okay, let's let's try this again.
Please, will you get Callen on the phone? Please? Callen, do you copy? (horn honks) - Thanks, Nell.
- Yep.
Still think this is a bad idea.
Hey, Joelle, I'll be watching you from Ops.
She's, um scarier than I remember.
That's why we call her the Nellverine.
How much time do we have? Prince's ETA is ten minutes.
Will I be on comms? Won't need to be.
You'll be right by my side the whole time.
What about a gun? Last time I gave you one of those, I regretted it.
Well, then, what am I doing here, Callen? You're still the only one that can I.
the assassin.
That is all we need you for.
What happens to me after that? Just keep your eyes open.
It's time.
I'm gonna head up to the prince.
Do you trust her? SAM: I trust Callen.
Yeah, but what if she's playing us again, you know? Like, what if she just turned herself in so she could have another shot at the prince? Then we take her out before she gets that shot.
(door opens, closes) Forgive me, Your Royal Highness, but it's time to go.
It's far too short a visit.
I love your city, Agent Hanna.
It's so, um green.
(laughs) It's all relative, I guess.
If I have to die here, I would not be disappointed.
Although I'd prefer to die in my home country.
We'll get you home.
I know only God can make such a promise, but, uh, somehow, I believe you.
What of you, Agent Hanna? Where would you prefer to die? The sea.
I've always felt most at peace there, even during wartime.
I suppose it is a shame then, we cannot take a boat to the airport.
Moving to the elevator.
Moving to the roof.
All right, LAPD's in position.
I'll be following in the Audi.
Fire it up, boys.
Just be careful, sweetheart.
Once you leave that loading dock, I'm no longer covering your ass.
No, no, no.
Don't worry.
My ass is gonna get home safe and sound, 'cause we still have a wedding to plan.
CALLEN: Ah, so you two actually are getting married, huh? I mean, theoretically, yeah.
KENSI: Okay, you know what? Callen, one more comment like that, I'm gonna start shooting.
Hey, guys, let's clear the airways and keep our eyes open, huh? Copy that.
Anything? (sighs) No.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe it won't be someone I recognize, or maybe they recognized me already, and they aborted the hit.
- Just try to relax.
- I can't relax.
These people took my life from me, my family.
(sighs) I need to stop them.
We will, okay? Just focus.
We're coming out now.
You ready, Your Royal Highness? Take me home, Agent Hanna.
Callen, they're coming out.
Collins, is the pilot ready? Hey! (groans) Bush, what happened? (groaning) Shooter on the roof.
He's not alone! It's the bride, Callen.
The bride! This car here.
Joe! I have a shot! Behind you! Kensi, baseball cap! (speaking Arabic) - I am in your debt, Agent Hanna.
- Yeah.
Okay, well, let's get you to the car, all right? Then we can talk about that Apocalypse Now remake.
CIA? A few years under me.
Never liked her.
You know, that was pretty stupid, running in like that.
Well, the way I saw it, I figured I was gonna save the prince, or Kensi was gonna shoot me.
Figured I had a 50-50 chance.
Callen! Wait a minute.
I'm sorry.
For what? - You saved the prince and his decoy.
- No.
Not talking about that.
I'm sorry about your dad.
It was wrong what happened.
I just I couldn't see another way.
Neither could I.
I hope you find him.
Thank you.
What was he talking about? What happened with your father? So, you save a guy's life, he doesn't even let you keep the suit? Oh, he's letting me keep it.
- Oh.
- It just needed a few more alterations.
His tailor's sending it back to me when it's ready.
Speaking of which, I got to get a tux for this wedding.
I need to get my dress.
Well, first, we should probably pick out a venue, right, maybe a date.
KENSI: Yeah, but also a guest list and our wedding vows, and Should probably do a registry, right? Catering, too.
There's so much to do.
Guys, stop.
Don't force it, okay? And don't listen to anyone else.
Do things on your time when you're ready.
Three months, three years-- we'll all show up no matter what.
Well, thank you.
- That's wise words from a wise man.
- Yeah.
But don't wait three years, okay? - No.
- No, definitely not three years.
- Definitely not.
KENSI: Yeah.
My mom will be blind.
Hey, so more good news.
Joelle was able to get in touch with her contact inside 2GS, and he's willing to testify about their illegal activity.
ERIC: And paired with the documentary evidence she amassed, federal agents across the country are currently executing warrants for the company's entire board of directors.
That's amazing.
Does this mean that Joelle can go back to her family? - Seems like it.
- Mm-hmm.
Actually, Callen is taking her there now.
ERIC: Yeah.
(both sigh) What do I say to them? Where do I even start? You're asking the wrong guy.
I can't even get my sister to talk to me.
I'm sorry about your family, Callen.
You don't deserve this.
Neither do you.
And neither do they.
But that can be fixed.
You need to go in there and say something, anything.
Eventually, they'll understand.
(engine starts) There is no one who will Take me by that shore Close to the smoke Far from the fire of your harbor And if I am awake this time I'll know All over your eyes A storm is rolling over Rolling over, rolling over.

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