NCIS Los Angeles s10e04 Episode Script

Hit List

1 MOSLEY: Spencer Williams and I had a child, and when he fled the country, he took my boy.
I'm gonna go get that kid, and I'm gonna bring him back to his mom.
Let's go.
You Arlo Turk? - I am, and you are? - Friends of Hetty.
Let's figure out what's best for our son.
Stay down.
All right, we got him.
We're out of here.
- Derrick! - Mom! (phone ringing) (”Thunder & Lightning” by Chi Coltrane playing) Ooh, what a good thing I've got Yeah? Oh, just finishing up.
Oh, it's such a good thing I've got I don't think I can stand it Thunder and lightning Oh, yeah I tell you it's frightening, ooh! Thunder and lightning, oh, yeah I tell you it's frightening, ooh! Thunder and lightning And you're in control Fresh lemonade.
Did you say lemonade? - Yes.
- Is it cold? Of course.
All right.
Thunder and lightning, ooh! I tell you it's frightening, oh yeah Thunder and lightning (screaming) It reaches everywhere.
NCIS: LA 10x04 Hit List Mmm, mmm, this one is so good, too.
Oh, that is good.
It's exciting.
It's coconut.
Oh, yeah, no, I-I-I believe you.
You should try it.
- I know what coconut tastes like.
- Come on.
For real, just try it.
I don't need to try it to-- Baby, ah.
Isn't it so good? How good is that? Oh, my God, it's so, so good.
Huh? Mmm.
So tasty.
I just want to (spits) Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what did you just do? What do you mean, what did I just do? I ta-- I tasted it.
It is cake.
It is not wine.
You don't spit it out.
You do if your blood sugar's about to redline.
Are you kidding me? I'm gonna spend the rest of the day sweating out Skittles.
I'm done.
(gasps) Well, you better get your act together because we have four more to go.
- Four more? - Yeah.
I'm gonna die.
Why can't you just pick out what you like? I want to know what you like.
I like when you choose.
Well, that's not fair, you have to participate.
I am participating.
I'm about to go into a sugar coma to pick out something that ultimately doesn't even matter.
(groans) What? I'm sorry, our-our wedding cake doesn't matter? No.
No, no.
That's not what I'm saying.
I mean, symbolically, yeah, but realistically, no.
No, because if people really liked wedding cake that much, it would be available everywhere.
You could go in and get it off a dessert menu.
You could walk into Starbucks and be, like, “Yeah, Randy, give me that latte and a-a slice of the wedding cake.
” - You know why it's not? - Why? Because people don't like wedding cake.
Brownies, yeah.
People love brownies.
Rice Krispie treats? Ugh, those are the best things in the planet.
Apple pie? You betcha.
Wedding cake? Ah Be quiet and don't spit it out.
(muffled): Okay.
Oh, my God, is that, is that mango? Baby, this is delicious.
You following me? (chuckles) No, but I have been looking for you.
Or, more specifically, her.
- Where is she? - Hetty? No, Cher.
Last I heard, she was in Vegas.
I was sorry to hear about Sonny.
I don't know about Hetty.
When was the last time you talked to her? Couple months ago.
Where did you see her last? Outside that hospital, Los Mochis.
Hetty was in Los Mochis? With you? Of course she was.
You haven't seen her since? No.
She didn't come back with you? She said she wanted to see the country.
ERIC: Yeah, no, I appreciate that.
It's just that I'm gonna be asked these very same questions, so You know what, they don't normally respond to that, but I will pass on the request.
What's that about? LAPD is requesting Callen and Sam to report to the scene of an MVA.
- Why? Apparently, it's sensitive.
Maybe Deeks can help us out with that.
Technical Operator Eric Beale and Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones, Deputy Director Ochoa.
To what do owe the pleasure? I'm afraid there's nothing pleasurable about this visit, Miss Jones.
This is John Rogers from the Department of Justice.
Where's Executive Assistant Director Mosley? (gunshots) You're back.
I'm back.
How'd you make out with Hetty in Washington? I didn't even see Hetty in Washington, so that should tell you something.
I wouldn't read too much into it.
How's Derrick? Derrick is good.
Actually, he's amazing.
We're, um, getting to know one another again as mother and son.
Glad to hear it.
He misses his father.
Not much I can do about that.
You did what you needed to do to protect him.
It wasn't gonna end well for him if he stayed with his father.
We both know that.
Hm, yeah, we both know that.
If he ever wants to spend a day on the water, I could always use another set of hands on my boat.
Thank you.
I actually think he would like that.
This is, um This is harder than I thought it would ever be, Sam.
Nothing of value comes without effort.
Yeah, I-I think I thought we would just go back to the way things used to be between us.
Oh, you'll get there.
Give it some time.
I've already lost a lot of time with him.
The past is gone, there's nothing we can do to change that.
All we have now is the present and the future.
It's what you do with them that matters the most now.
What's the matter? Deputy Director Ochoa is here to see you and he's brought a special prosecutor.
This can't be good if they brought in a special prosecutor.
CALLEN: Why didn't Hetty give us a heads-up? Probably because she didn't know this was coming.
I don't suppose any of you know where she is? She trained you well.
What the hell-- Is this flavored coffee? Cinnamon Surprise.
Don't worry, it's, uh, fair trade and sustainably harvested, cage-free.
- Cinnamon.
- And you wonder why the rest of the country hates California.
Wait, is that true? How do you think Mosley's gonna play this? - She'll do the right thing.
- For who? KILBRIDE: Yeah, I see you, too, you beady-eyed bastard.
I take it you know that guy.
DEEKS: I take it you're not besties? KILBRIDE: Well, he doesn't like me, but he really hates Hetty.
Oh, that's a real confidence builder.
Um, just so we're all on the same page, what should my level of panic be at this point? I'd say, on the panic spectrum, some place between mild apprehension and blind hysteria.
I can do that.
Uh, we have a case, I think.
LAPD wants Callen and Sam to come to a motor vehicle collision site, but they won't say why.
Well, I love a mystery.
What do you want us to do? You read lips, don't you? Terrible gift to waste.
So, undercover again, huh? What are you supposed to be this time, one of the Von Trapp children? Oh, uh, my wardrobe.
It's a funny story, actually, um, but I am needed in Ops, so, uh, Th-there's-- I'm ROGERS: At what point did you alert your agency about your involvement with Spencer Williams? (sighs) Do I really have to answer that? No.
ROGERS: Refusing to answer only makes you look more guilty, especially in a congressional hearing, not to mention the court of public opinion.
Okay, don't get ahead of yourself, Counselor.
You're only here on a fact-finding mission.
So, then, tell me the facts, EAD Mosley, about your relationship with Spencer Williams.
What relevance does that have? You had a son with a known arms dealer.
Yeah, some might see that as operational commitment.
(laughs) ROGERS: I'm glad you can still find some humor in this, Deputy Director.
I just hope your people have their stories straight.
Well, I tend to find that the best stories are the true ones.
When did you first tell this office of your situation? I'm sorry, what situation are you speaking of? That you considered your son the victim of kidnapping? He was a kidnapping victim.
That's been well-documented.
A Mrs.
Patricia Lexington is here to see you.
Let her in.
I'm sorry, who are we letting in? My attorney.
If you will excuse me, gentlemen.
Nice tie.
Is that Zara? KENSI: Oh, snap.
- What? - Well, Mosley just lawyered up.
Oh, that's a double snap.
Now Rogers is alone with the deputy director.
- Okay-- sorry.
Oh, geez.
- What? - All right, just stop.
Well, then, tell me what's happening.
I can't see.
He keeps turning his back to me.
Inconsiderate bastard.
Okay, he says he's gonna drown Hetty in her protective moat of lies.
Wow, he's also an eloquent bastard.
I don't know if I should love him or hate him.
“Along with everybody else involved in Mexico.
” Definitely leaning towards hate.
(indistinct radio chatter) SAM: You think Mosley's really gonna protect us on this? You don't? I'd like to think so, now that she's got her son back, but she let us risk all of our lives to save him.
Well, she never asked any of you to be involved.
Still makes you wonder what she's willing to do to save herself.
It's two different things.
Are they? I've got some locals working on it.
Well, this day just keeps getting better and better.
It's been a while, Sabatino.
No kidding.
Can't remember when I saw you guys last-- oh, wait, yes I do.
You choked me out and left me handcuffed to an ATM.
Well, he has a tough time showing affection.
Looks like you boys survived Mexico.
Nice work.
- Oh, you heard about that? - Oh, yeah.
Heard you also burned Arlo Turk.
That guy was probably the biggest source of cartel Intel in the country.
Heads are gonna roll.
Hopefully, they won't be yours.
CALLEN: You wouldn't happen to know where Hetty is right about now, would you? Nope.
And I don't want to.
Know this guy? Nope.
Who is he? Lonny McKay, career criminal and a CI of mine.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed, today being no exception.
Texting tourist T-boned his car with two bodies in his trunk.
Try saying that three times fast.
Yeah, we picked him up on, like, an electric scooter about six blocks from here.
Olga Tusova, still waiting on a green card, profession listed as “actress.
” This guy, however, is Brian Collins.
He was the youngest West Coast director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
He was.
This is his house.
I don't get why we're here.
I mean, other than the fact that maybe you miss us.
We found this on the killer's phone, which he left in the car.
Okay, so when you say “we,” who is it that you're working for? Because I know the CIA isn't allowed to work domestically.
Who said anything about working? - Well, now, this sucks.
- Right-- what? It's a cartel hit list.
Was Collins on it? Yeah.
He's not the only one.
SABATINO: They haven't identified your team, but they have provided security photos and descriptions that match all of you.
Turk isn't so lucky, and neither is your Executive Assistant Director Mosley.
They know who she is, and they got a million dollars on her head.
Along with her kid.
CALLEN: If it's a cartel hit, why bother moving the bodies? Because Lonny McKay's an amateur and an idiot, out to make a quick buck.
Can we question him? Sure.
But it's not gonna do you any good.
He's got no cartel connections whatsoever.
Well, he will as someone pays him for the hit.
That's not gonna happen now.
What if it did? Well, play it out, where does it land? An offshore wire transfer to his account from a country that has no disclosure laws? Well, maybe we get lucky, maybe someone pays him in cash.
They're not that stupid.
And even if they were, they're not.
They get a nobody local courier, some kid who doesn't know anything, who gets his orders from another disconnected nobody.
Well, if you turn over enough nobodies, eventually, you'll get a somebody.
When did your partner turn into Matlock? I actually prefer Baretta.
We need to shut down that site, and every other site with the hit list.
I've got the NSA cyber nuts already working on that.
Unfortunately, it's already been out there on the dark Web for at least two weeks.
What if we got Mosley and her son off the list? - How? - Well, there's only two options: either we hack the site or we kill them.
CALLEN: Mm-hmm.
If they think Mosley and her kid are dead They'll take them off the list.
You two are adorable.
ERIC: Yikes.
- I know.
But the good news is, we go to great lengths to keep our people off any data sites susceptible to facial rec software.
Yeah, that's not gonna help Mosley or her son.
Can we trace the original source of the hit list? Oh, I am way ahead of you, cowboy.
So who posted it, partner? Well, not that far ahead, Tex.
(Southern accent): Well, the cartels are increasingly more tech savvy, my little doggies.
- No.
- Nope.
(normal voice): Didn't feel right.
KENSI: Does Mosley know about any of this yet? Um No.
Nobody's told Mosley? Great.
Can we help you? Yeah, I think this needs to be seen by a lawyer.
And I'm LAPD.
I'm the tech op.
This looks like Intel.
This is way above my pay grade, so no can do Okay.
It's good-- good talk, though.
I'm hungry.
Oh, for the love of George Dewey, I know she's small, but somebody must know where she is.
Well, then, she's up to something, because she would never abandon her people.
All I know is that we need a comprehensive narrative of what went down in Mexico that's shared by everyone.
Including Mosley? Good luck with that.
This is a formal request for all communication records and satellite images from the Mexico operation.
There was no official operation.
I also need the personnel files of all involved parties and a secure area for my people to set up.
Want a pedicure while you're at it? OCHOA: Ms.
Jones? Um, would you see to it that Mr.
Rogers and his people get situated in the in the gym? Mm.
Copy that.
And Ms.
Jones Please make sure that everyone knows that the gym and the shooting range are to remain in operation during our guests' visit.
As a matter of fact, both areas should remain active today.
Very active.
Aye, aye, sir.
LEXINGTON: Rogers has an axe to grind against Hetty, and from what I gather, it goes back several years.
Are you suggesting that I should sacrifice Hetty for myself? What would she do if the roles were reversed? You think she's survived this long without getting blood on her hands? It's a strong play, I know, but she is at the end of her career, if that makes it any easier.
In fact, rumor is they don't even know where she is.
Ah-- that's it.
She just, yep.
No, don't look now.
(clears throat) DEEKS: She just saw me staring at her.
KENSI: Are you sure? - Yeah, 'cause now she's coming.
- Okay, I'll tell her.
- No, no.
I'll tell her.
- We'll both tell her.
- Well, then, you should probably tell her.
- Okay.
Oh, perfect timing.
Why, what's going on? - Well - We all need to talk.
We've got it under control.
We alerted the school, we have two agents outside of Derrick's classroom, they're posing as teachers.
SAM: And we sent a team to your house.
What the hell are you talking about? We were about to inform the assistant director.
Inform me of what? Your name is on a cartel hit list, along with Derrick's.
ERIC: Hey, we got a hit.
Uh Sorry.
Poor choice of words.
We have an address for a server that posted the list.
- On your phones.
- We got this.
Hello, we're from NCIS We're not open! That's okay.
We're not here to eat.
We're from NCIS.
Who? NCIS.
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
Navy? You're sailors? No.
Well Look, we need to take a look at your computer.
Computer? This is a restaurant, and we're not open.
(speaking Thai) Noy Na! You couldn't have led with that? YOUNG WOMAN: Hi.
Can I help you? Hi, I'm Agent Callen, this is Agent Hanna, we're from NCIS.
We need to take a look at your computer.
Oh, um, the restaurant doesn't have one.
We just use my laptop.
But I'll get it.
(liquid boiling) G.
You smell that? I smell deep-fried fritters.
Hey, all I smell is grease.
Well, you say grease and I say heaven.
Maybe it'll help absorb some of that sucrose that you force-fed me this morning like a baby bird.
CALLEN (over comms): Kens, Deeks, Asian woman, 20s, making a run for it.
KENSI: Copy that.
- She's out front.
- Take the back.
He's trying to abduct me.
He's trying to abduct me! NCIS.
Listen, listen Hey Hey, listen, buddy, let's-- All right, all right, all right.
Hey, hey, hey Come on.
Hey, calm down! All right, all right.
Son of a DEEKS: They always run.
They always run.
Okay, all right.
On the car.
That's right, kids, varsity ultimate Frisbee captain right here.
How was that even a thing? Thanks for your help back there.
I don't speak Thai.
As your friend and a mother, I understand your need to do this.
But as your attorney, I think that we need to take a moment.
I don't have a moment, okay? And neither does Derrick.
You're playing into everything they've accused you of.
It's my job to protect you.
Let me do my job.
And it is my job to protect my son, so you need to let me do mine.
I have to do this.
Her son is in danger.
I was told he was assigned a protection detail.
My son won't be safe until he's with me.
You launched a private war in a foreign country to get your son back.
See, I'm not gonna allow you to do the same here.
If you really want to protect your son, you will cooperate with this investigation.
I am cooperating with this investigation, and I will continue to do so once I have my son back.
We'll have him brought here.
- I'll go and get him.
- No, you won't.
Please don't try to stop me.
I don't do well when I am cornered.
Are you threatening me, EAD Mosley? I need to protect my son.
You won't be able to do so from jail.
Now stand down.
You put out the list that got all these people killed.
YOUNG WOMAN (over speaker): Look, I didn't hurt anyone.
Those people aren't from the list.
Wait, so you're saying that Callen is lying? Huh.
Really? Then why do we have 20 dead bodies, huh? Look at this one.
SAM: She was a 12-year-old girl.
Geez, where the hell is that from? Eric took a screen grab from his favorite slasher movie.
Welcome to Hollywood.
Smoke and mirrors, Sabatino.
Smoke and mirrors.
Your list makes you an accessory to over 20 murders.
We call that a serial killer.
(whispers): Oh, my God.
It's not my list.
CALLEN: You post it.
You update it.
- They paid me to do it.
- Who? I don't know.
Look, I'm sorry.
My grandmother's getting older.
Her business is struggling.
This guy asked me to do some computer work for him.
I didn't even know what it was.
Yeah? Well, that computer was in your grandmother's restaurant.
She'll be charged as an accessory.
She didn't do anything.
Oh, God, this is a nightmare.
CALLEN: Madee it only gets worse from here.
(sobs) He meets me once a week at Echo Park with the stuff he wants me to post.
- Anything? - Not yet.
I'm scanning through social media, ATM, traffic, Metro Link, you name it, in and around Echo Park.
(sniffing) No.
No, no, no, no.
No, there is no way that they expect me to retrieve anything off of that.
It smells like a churro.
Well Ooh, there.
On the screen.
ERIC: Great.
Now we just need a shot where he shows his face.
NELL: Exactly.
Uh, can we help you? Special Counsel Rogers would like to ask you a few questions.
“You” plural, mean-meaning both of us? No, “you” singular, meaning one of one of us.
(Nell chuckles) “You” singular, meaning me.
Um, okay.
Questions about about what? Mexico.
(clears throat) Our neighbors to the south.
“México,” the word, comes from the Nahuatl language, which was once referred to as “Aztec”, meaning “Home of the Mexica”.
- Major exports include - Okay.
Thank you.
(laser gun sound effects) You like sports? Some.
Feel free to elaborate.
(sighs) Baseball? Nope.
- I like playing football.
- Oh, yeah? What position? Goalie.
You mean soccer.
It's called football in most of the world.
Hey, sweetie.
Derrick? Hey, Mom.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Why? What's going on? I'll just, um Excuse me, I'm, uh So, we've got a name and address for the man who's been providing names for the, um the list.
And who is he? Oh, that would be Hector Leyva, aka “El Cuchillo.
” - “The knife.
” - Yeah.
Apparently Mr.
Leyva has an affinity for well-honed cutlery.
The team's on their way to his last known address as we speak.
- Thank you.
- You got it.
DEEKS: I mean, have you noticed the statistical anomaly of how often we're relegated to, like, backyards and alleys? That's because somebody has to be here in case they run.
Yeah, but that's my point, is that they always run and then we always have to chase them.
We're like Sam and Callen's Labrador Retrievers.
And it's you know what it is? It's starting to become a bone of contention.
What's a bone of contention? DEEKS: It's like the catalyst and subsequent subject of a continuous argument.
KENSI: No, no, I know that.
What I'm saying is, like, why isn't it a stone of contention or a fiery coal of contention, or just something, you know CALLEN: Would you two please shut up? How you doing? Hector home? Hector Leyva? SAM: ¿Hector está aquí? Nada? We're federal agents.
¿Federales? Kind like ICE.
Don't patronize me.
I'm an American citizen.
And I probably speak English better than you two.
I just choose not to converse with the storm troopers of a fascist regime that marginalizes people of color.
You know, I actually wish they'd let us wear storm trooper outfits.
I mean, you would look amazing in storm trooper armor.
Kind of like a Transformer.
This is where you invite us in to take a look around.
And why would I do that? Well, the alternative is that we start asking for identification, which we cross-reference with outstanding warrants, and hopefully, none of you are holding or packing.
(chuckles) So, being profiled as drug-using gun-toting criminals, huh? Record this law enforcement harassment.
Yo, Hector.
You got company.
We're in.
(cartoon playing on TV) (gun cocks) (cartoon continues playing) What the hell, man? I'm taking a bath here.
Although you are not under oath, I still expect you to tell the truth to the best of your ability, Mr.
You do not need to give me Veritaserum.
It's, uh, from, you know, remember when-when Professor Snape was threatening Harry Potter and it was, uh It's The Goblet of Fire.
It's a very popular Just try and relax, Eric.
Don't you, don't you worry about me, Deputy Dawg.
I'm (clears throat) I'm ch I'm cool.
I'm s I'm sup-super chill.
I'm March 19, 2017.
You discharged a firearm at an SUV that resulted in the deaths of two people.
- Where are you going with this, Rogers? - Hi.
I would like to know why I'd like to know why a technical operator was in possession of an agency weapon.
This has nothing to do with why you're here.
I'm trying to understand why I'm try I'm trying to understand why I'm trying to understand Mr.
Beale's role within the agency, in this office, specifically.
I was on assignment.
An assignment given to you by Henrietta Lange? Yes.
But you're not a special agent? Uh, well It's a simple question: yes or no? Um, no.
And yet, two people are dead because you OCHOA: Okay, that's enough.
Our people agreed to questions regarding what recently transpired in Mexico.
If your line of inquiry is not directly related to that, then I'm gonna have to suggest they stop cooperating.
You provided technical support to five members of this office who were on the ground in Mexico (grunting loudly) knowing full well that it was an unsanctioned and illegal operation.
What?! Don't answer that.
(gunfire continues in the range) I've just been informed that your people were involved in a shoot-out that has left four people dead.
You're almost making this too easy.
How long have you been working for the cartels? You entered my house without a warrant.
We were invited in.
Not by me.
You posted a cartel hit list.
No idea what you're talking about.
- I don't even own a computer.
- -hmm.
What I do know are my rights, which are being violated.
This is an unlawful arrest and a forcible confinement.
You ever heard of murder for hire? It basically makes you guilty by association.
CALLEN: One of the people on your hit list was assassinated this morning, along with another person, which means you can be charged as well.
That little hit list of yours, that makes it premeditated, so we're talking first degree times two.
That's 25 to life times two.
Well, if you get a good lawyer, second degree, they'll get it down to 15 years.
Times two.
That's if it doesn't go to a foreign cartel targeting Americans because that's domestic terrorism.
And that is the sound of you being dropped into a black hole never to be seen or heard from again.
Need a lawyer.
- Mm-hmm.
- Of course.
But, uh, in cases of domestic terrorism, we get to hold you for 14 days without telling anybody.
So we'll get back to you on that in a couple weeks.
Come here.
Okay, so, our male is a local gangbanger.
Nothing special.
Our two lovely ladies were carrying fake IDs, which in and of itself isn't compelling, but Thelma and Louise were both packing Belgian FNs 5.
Mata policia, AKA Cop killers 'cause they pierce body armor.
And also the chosen weapons of cartel hit men and women.
There's a good chance they're both sicarias.
Sounds like the general decided not to put his faith in headhunters.
Decided to bring in some pros to finish the job.
Well, the good news is we stopped them.
Well, this time.
Kensi's right.
This isn't over.
There'll be others.
(Otis barking) (chuckles) DERRICK: Was that a sea lion? Uh, that's Otis.
He's sort of like my guard dog.
You remember Agent Hanna, don't you? Sam, please.
It's good to see you again.
Ready to get your sea legs? I guess.
Are we going out tonight? Ah, we got to see what happens with the storm front first, but, uh, in the meantime, go inside, make yourself comfortable.
There's a hammock right off the galley.
It's the kitchen.
Hey, hey, hey.
Where are you going? You got to give me a hug first.
I love you, baby.
Love you, too.
All right, go get yourself settled while I talk to Sam.
Aye, aye.
Thank you for this.
I need time to put a few things in place.
Happy to help.
It's good to get to know him.
- (sighs) - He'll be safe here.
Yeah, I know.
As someone who's been through a few things myself, I can promise you that this, too, will pass.
And don't worry about Derrick.
Kids are way more resilient than you think.
I hope I am, too.
It's been a long time since I've been a mother.
You two weren't together, but you never stopped being his mother.
That's why he's here.
I could've done this sooner.
How? His father abducted him to another country.
No one can blame you for that.
And you can't blame yourself.
Mexico's a different matter.
You've never had to choose between your family and your career, Sam.
Most men don't.
It's different for women.
Even Michelle gave up her career for your kids.
I'm sorry.
I I'm not judging you.
(clears throat) I'm really good at what I do, Sam.
I just don't know that I'm gonna be good at being a mother again.
What if I screw this up? You won't.
He's got a bounty on his head.
Not for long.
We're taking care of that.
And if something happens to me, then who Nothing is going to happen to you.
We'll keep him safe but you have to fix this.
You have to fix it for Derrick, you have to fix it for yourself and you have to fix it for the team.
(thunder booming) Where's your lawyer? I'm here off the record.
This is between you and me.
What do you want? I want to know what I need to do to make this all go away.
Where is everyone? Your executive assistant director's been placed on administrative leave for the time being-- and your operations manager as well, not that it matters because nobody seems to know where she is.
I understand you two are close.
Have any idea where she might be? I stopped second-guessing Hetty a long time ago.
Does this mean you're staying? No, I'm going back to Washington to do some damage control.
You're gonna be acting supervisor until we hear otherwise.
- Okay.
You and your people need to be extra careful.
The special prosecutor's looking for blood from Mosley, Hetty and everyone else involved and don't think for a minute that he's gonna limit his investigation to Mexico.
He's gonna dig deep into all of you.
In your case, Agent Callen, your associations with an ATF agent who's currently under investigation, Anna Kolcheck, and rogue CIA Officer Joelle Taylor aren't gonna help any.
Any advice? You might want to consider celibacy until this is all over.
(cell phone ringing) Hello? DISTORTED VOICE: Good evening, Mr.
Who is this? Do you know the story of the lady and the tiger? Why the voice changer? For everyone's protection.
And how do I know this isn't a trick? Try me.
(speaks foreign langauge) (replies in same language) Where are you? Nowhere I want to be.
How is everyone holding up? We're fine.
Just tell me where you are.
I need you to forget about me and focus on keeping the team safe.
I'm afraid things may be getting worse for both of us before they get any better.
And I won't be there to help for quite a while.
Why not? Enough with the riddles.
What the hell is going on? Hetty.
Hetty? (line beeps)
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