NCIS Los Angeles s10e09 Episode Script

A Diamond in the Rough

1 LUANNE: I hope you packed your patience.
I have to go to therapy to talk about how long it takes me to drive to therapy.
(chuckles) Well, we're just happy to have a chance to take in the sights.
Well, they say the Getty's a must-see, opened up by one of those famous Gettys.
I think some oil tycoon.
Overhyped, if you ask me.
The only Getty I ever cared for was Estelle, may she rest in peace.
- Okay, wine? - No, thank you.
- That's fine, I always drink for two.
- (both chuckle) Oh, Dean, I told you one man's rare book collection is another man's Ambien.
We should eat.
This all looks lovely.
We appreciate everything you're doing for us.
I am glad you came.
I'm serious.
You stay as long as you need.
I promise, one more day.
Two, tops.
Really, it's no trouble.
Well, speaking of trouble, I'm gonna go get some more wine.
(Luanne gasps) Nobody move! - Luanne, are you okay? - Sit down, shut up! Please, nobody needs to get hurt.
Yeah, I'll be the judge of that.
Give me your jewelry.
All of it.
Come on, the watch.
Come on, give me the watch or you're dead.
Come on, let's go.
Hurry up.
You, all your jewelry, now.
Lady, I said everything, or I shoot them both.
Come on.
Come on.
(grunts) (gunshot) Damn it, what did I say?! We have to move.
Now! NCIS: LA 10x09 A Diamond in the Rough COOPER: Tell me what you're drinking, and I'll tell you who hurt you.
I got a degree in mixology, but I do a bit of psychology, if you know what I mean.
Yeah, it's like how I'm a detective, but I also dabble in open-heart surgery on the side.
- Yeah.
- (Kensi laughs) What is your availability? - Wide open.
- Okay.
Except Tuesdays.
I cannot work Tuesdays.
My mind is, like, blah Tuesdays.
"Blah" Tuesdays.
Got it.
Spelled out with a B-L-A-H And Fridays.
No Fridays.
I'm an entrepreneur.
So, Fridays are for that.
DEEKS: Ha, well, that must have been my problem here.
I've been doing all my aspiring on Saturdays.
Yeah, that's a problem.
Do you have any questions for us? How long until I'm vested? Oh, I've always thought of us as more of a suspenders place, but I guess we're open to it.
Well, except flair; we draw a hard line at flair.
- Know what I mean? - (chuckles) No flair.
(laughs) I'm talking retirement.
401Ks, IRAs.
I'm gonna need to see your whole portfolio.
BOTH: Our port folio.
We're gonna need to see some, uh, references.
Why? Who's asking? W-W-We are.
The ones that you want the job from? How about a résumé? You got a résumé? (laughing) What, do you think I was born yesterday? (continues laughing) What-what is happening? I don't know, but you know what, we're, um We got to cut this short.
Thank you so much for coming in.
Wait, did I get the job? - Did you get the-- - W-W-We'll call you.
How'd you get my number? (mutters indistinctly) CALLEN: Crazy world we live in.
Yeah, that's why I'm constantly saving your life.
You think I still have time to sell my possessions and move into a bunker? (chuckles) And leave Beale to stop the terrorists? Oh, terrorists are easy.
It's my neighbors I'm worried about.
You don't have any neighbors.
But I'm gonna have neighbors, and that's why I have this neighborhood watch app, so I know what I'm getting myself into.
- Oh, so you're spying.
- I don't need to spy.
No one's hiding anything.
Reports of vandalism, streaking.
Susan Reynolds thinks that Helen Doland is running an illegal laundry operation out of her basement, and I got to tell you, I'm kind of on Team Susie for this one.
Apps are bad news, they can turn into mob mentality really quickly.
You're telling me.
(phone chimes) Who knew an auction on a La-Z-Boy recliner could turn so ugly so fast? We got a case.
Home invasion at the house of a senior naval officer.
They sent the address to our phones.
Do you see what happens when you don't know your neighbors? That's what I'm talking about.
Huh? I speak the truth.
Got to get the app.
- Hmm, this isn't right.
- Tell me about it.
Our game table was supposed to arrive this morning, but it's stuck at a processing center in La Crosse, Kansas.
- And I have questions.
- Oh, so did I, so I did some research.
Turns out La Crosse is the barbed wire capital of the world.
Might explain the holdup.
(clicks tongue) Wait, did you order the "Ticket to Ride" game table? Yeah, it's gonna look good in our new living room, when we get one.
- Eric, we talked about this.
- Nell, you love games.
Yeah, and I love tables, but ne'er the twain shall meet.
Did I mention it's decoupage? Did I mention that's déclassé? Touché.
BOTH: Deputy Director Ochoa.
Nice to see you're still in town.
Keep this up, I'll have to rent a room here.
Well, if you're in need of some furniture, give me a shout, because I might have a table you would like.
Or love, depending on your appreciation of crafts.
Deputy Director Ochoa, Wow.
Fancy meeting you here.
I hear we have a case.
That we do.
Captain Dean Hadlow.
He was critically wounded last night after being shot during a home invasion.
The burglars made off with cash, jewelry, but most importantly, Captain Hadlow's laptop.
I'm guessing that cash and jewelry were just bonus prizes.
What was Hadlow's current assignment? Uh, he heads the Navy's new unmanned underwater vehicle squadron.
It's a highly classified group.
They're currently developing advanced payload delivery systems.
And now his stolen laptop can be used as a key to access and compromise all of their research.
KENSI: UUVs are being developed to deliver anything from surveillance systems to weapons.
You know that information would be highly valuable on the black market.
We get IDs on those gunmen? Uh, no, not yet, but this is interesting.
During the time of the invasion, Captain Hadlow and his wife Luanne were having dinner with General Omar Abidi, of Pakistan and his wife, Sahar.
Here on official business? Uh, none that we can find.
But General Abidi got his undergrad at UCLA.
He was roommates with Hadlow.
Talk to Hadlow and his wife.
See if they noticed anything that could help us track down who did this.
Uh, Callen and Sam are on their way to the crime scene now.
In that case, we'll take the hospital.
To the hospital.
This is why I don't go to class reunions anymore.
- Keep me posted.
NELL: Mm-hmm.
(indistinct chatter) CALLEN: Thanks.
SAM: Thank you.
CALLEN: LAPD has General Abidi's wife inside, but the general took off before they were able to question him.
Took off where? They don't know.
She's not speaking.
At least not yet.
I asked Nell to try and track down his rental car.
Innocent people don't usually run from the cops.
No, they don't.
Any signs of forced entry? No.
And I think I know why.
The gunmen didn't break in.
They used the key.
The Abidis were staying with the Hadlows.
They could have had access to the lock box.
Plenty of time to case the place.
Okay, so they hire the thieves and give them a key.
But if you're organizing it, why do you run? Maybe the plan went south.
Captain Hadlow gets shot, Abidi panics, takes off.
Great, so we're either working with a burglary gone bad or an inside job of international proportions.
Better alert the neighbors.
(laughs) Yeah.
Hadlow? Oh, please, Mrs.
Hadlow is a relentless old lady who will no doubt find a way to blame this on me.
Call me Luanne.
Uh, Luanne, we are NCIS, and we would like to ask you some questions.
Well, it's about time.
I can't look at one more of these magazines.
- Spoiler alert, no one wore it best.
- They never do.
How's your husband doing? He's still in surgery.
Meredith Grey over there told me it's looking good, but I'll believe it when I hear it from someone who doesn't look like they're going to the prom.
We heard you gave them a run for their money.
I just wish they didn't end up running away with ours.
Well, we're doing the best we can to find them.
Did you notice anything about the men that did this; hair color, eye color? Anything like that? They wore masks.
It happened so fast.
Your husband, he close with General Abidi? Hardly.
As far as I know, Dean hadn't even talked to Omer in years.
Do you know why he and his wife were at your house? Two days ago we got a call.
They were at the airport.
Their hotel reservations had been cancelled.
So you offered to let them stay with you? Well, Dean was hesitant, but I love to entertain.
Did the general and his wife have access to your lock box? Everyone has access to that thing.
Handyman, housekeepers.
We're lucky when my daughter remembers to put the key back.
Just to clarify, that's Captain Hadlow's stepdaughter? Emily.
Mine, from a previous marriage.
I had invited her to dinner last night, and she declined.
Well, we're gonna need to speak to her at some point.
Good luck if you can find her.
I've been trying to call her, but she isn't answering, and she's not at home.
Oh, God, you don't think she's in danger, do you? Not sure of anything right now, but I promise you we'll do everything we can to find her.
Thank you.
DEEKS: Of course.
Thank you for your help.
Thank you.
So, uh, her stepdad almost dies, and she doesn't bother to call 'em back? She really must have hated him.
Or she's actually in danger.
You want to find out which one it is? You know I'm a sucker for a good "Choose Your Own Adventure.
" Uh-uh.
Abidi, we're from NCIS.
Have you found my necklace? Please, it's very valuable.
We were hoping to find your husband first.
Why don't you start by telling us where he is? IBRAHIM: Gentlemen, sorry to interrupt.
I'm Ibrahim Alvi, consular attaché from the Pakistani consulate, and this is my assistant Rebecca Sadat.
Agent Hanna, this is Agent Callen.
We're NCIS.
It's a pleasure to be working together.
Wasn't aware this was a joint investigation.
As an ally of the United States, the crimes against one of our citizens falls within our purview.
And for now, I have to ask that you refrain from speaking with Mrs.
Abidi or any other Pakistani citizen associated with this case.
She's a witness to the shooting of a U.
Navy captain.
And her husband is a criminal in our country with a warrant for his arrest.
Looks like we both have our own cases to solve.
A warrant? For what? IBRAHIM: Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to share that information with you at this time.
I don't know about any warrant.
What are you talking about? REBECCA: The sooner we can find him, the sooner we'll be able to clear this up.
- I promise.
SAM: If you catch up with General Abidi, we have a few questions for him.
My friends, if I find him, he'll be returned to Pakistan immediately.
Now, if you'll excuse us, I believe Mrs.
Abidi could use with some rest.
It's been a long night.
(speaks Urdu) Let's go.
What just happened? I think we were just given a time out.
Eh, I don't like that guy.
I've seen better allies on Survivor.
Yeah, and if Abidi had something to do with the theft of Hadlow's computer, his home country's gonna silence him before we can prove it.
Unless this whole thing was just a ruse to whisk him and our technology out of the country, no questions asked.
Then let's find him before they do.
Let's do it.
DEEKS: You think Monster.
com deals in barkeeps? Oh, stop it.
We've barely interviewed anyone.
So hard to find good help these days.
Just a whole generation of freeloaders.
Maybe we lower our expectations a little bit.
You say "we," but in Blye-speak, you mean "you," because you think that I need to lower my expectations.
I'm just saying that I don't think anybody's going to tick off all of your boxes.
Mm, I think I have a reasonable amount of boxes.
Oh, you think you have a reasonable amount of boxes? Yeah.
Because I would imagine that the 18 dog walkers that we interviewed last month would disagree.
Okay, well, that's not fair, because none of them would agree to take me on a trial walk.
That's because they walk dogs, not people.
Okay, all right, Mon Amie.
Why don't we just keep our voices down in that glass house of yours? - What? - What? I have no idea what you are talking about.
Oh, yeah? So the personal trainer that ran, nay, sprinted away in tears Okay.
There are only so many times that you can hear the phrase, (high-pitched): "tiny up, tiny down" (regular pitch): in that decibel.
Yeah, she did have Monty heading for the hills, too.
Ugh, well, shame he didn't have someone to walk him there.
Ooh, touché.
At least now we're on the same page.
(laughs): We're not on the same page.
Yeah, we are.
(dance music playing) I think maybe we just need to find a whole new pool of applicants.
- I think we just did.
- Yeah.
Well, Nell tracked Hadlow's stepdaughter's phone to this house, but it does not appear like anyone is in danger.
Well, maybe she had something to do with the robbery.
I mean, that's a pretty rich circle of friends to keep up with.
If we go in hot, she's just gonna run and lawyer up.
Okay, well, I think it's time you dust off your short shorts.
Dust them off? Whatever do you mean? I wear them underneath just in case.
Ha-sha! That's so weird.
Quick release! No No Velcro pants.
Straight to the paint.
KENSI: No! NELL: #beautiful, #popular, #blessed.
So, wait a minute, is she blessed to be beautiful or blessed to be popular? I personally like to think the two go hand in hand.
- Ah, you do? - Mm-hmm.
So you found Captain Hadlow's stepdaughter, huh? NELL: Allow me to virtually introduce you to one Emily Conway.
Everything you need to know about her has been conveniently broadcast online.
Ah, according to her various feeds, she fancies herself a celebutante/philanthropist with a penchant for bottle service and filtered selfies.
And despite being in massive amounts of debt, she somehow manages to maintain a life of red carpets and fancy French champagne.
Ooh, uh, speaking of which, did you manage to take a look at that, uh, trash can I sent you? You mean, the one that speaks 15 different languages? Yeah Uh, oui.
Mais - non merci.
(chuckles) - Oh.
- Let me guess, you ordered that, too? - Well, yeah.
I thought it would go really nice in our new kitchen, which we don't have yet, but we will.
It's supposed to arrive tomorrow, unless that's also stuck in La Crosse.
Ooh, it's downtown.
Huzzah! Barbed wire be damned.
No, no.
I just got a hit on General Abidi's rental car.
It was ticketed ten minutes ago outside Grand Park.
- I'll let Callen and Sam know.
- Yep.
He's smart to pick a public place.
Sometimes it's easier to hide in plain sight.
I got eyes on Abidi.
We may have company.
He's got a gun.
Federal agents! I got Abidi.
Hey! (people screaming) Get down! Get down! Down! (bullets ricocheting) (screaming) Uh, please.
Don't kill me.
CALLEN: Thanks, Nell.
Gunman had no ID on him.
Looks like he was using a burner phone.
It's time to find out what Abidi was doing downtown.
Who are you? Robert Fenton, State Department.
What's the opposite of a pleasant surprise? I need to speak to General Omer Abidi immediately.
Well, get in line.
He's a suspect wanted in connection with a crime against the U.
This is our jurisdiction.
He didn't steal Captain Hadlow's computer, if that's what you mean.
Then why did he flee the scene of the crime? Because I asked him to.
He was downtown to meet me.
Now, that's the opposite of a pleasant surprise.
(indistinct chatter) (dance music playing) Well, we can call off the search, 'cause evidently, nobody in this city works.
KENSI: Well, you wouldn't either if you got to do this every day.
Well, that's where you're wrong.
These people may think this is paradise, but I'm pretty sure this is Dawn of the Dead.
Except for all these zombies are wearing deep Vs.
Well, you know, not everyone's idea of fun is sitting on a couch all night, binge-watching reruns of This Old House.
Oh, how dare you? We both know that Bob Vila's voice is a sound bath from heaven.
Ha! Dude, snap me.
I'm sorry, I don't speak frat.
Well, let's go, brah.
I want to get the sun while it's on my good side.
While it's on your-- you gonna flex your tricep and? Definitely do that.
(laughs) That's actually a really good picture.
Yeah, we got it.
What's this? Oh! Oh, good, we got a card.
(gasps) Nice to see we don't have a shortage of entrepreneurs.
- What? - What? Oh! Yeah.
Slide that photo into my DMs.
Yeah, that's definitely not gonna happen.
You'd probably have to buy me a drink first.
- Oh, look at you.
- (Valley girl voice): Hi.
Can you snap a shot at me? Yeah.
Got to be honest, in a sea full of meatheads, I'm starting to feel like the biggest piece of meat here.
Well, you definitely are the biggest piece of meat-- behind me, Deeks.
Emily Conway is behind me.
Ooh, looks like we got some trouble in paradise, huh? (camera shutter clicking) Yeah.
She does not look pleased.
Well, you know what they say.
Keep your friends close, keep your frenemies closer.
I don't think anybody says that.
- No, they do.
- Nope.
- No, they really do.
- You just made that up.
I've heard it.
FENTON: Captain Hadlow gave my number to General Abidi, he called me, he said he had information for me.
Well, it must be valuable if you agreed to meet with him.
He claims to have the location of five prominent Taliban camps located throughout Northern Pakistan, as well as the names of everyone who works there.
has been after that information for years.
Pakistan was never willing to come to the table with it.
And in spite of us withholding millions of dollars in military aid, they still aren't.
They have no intention of sharing with us.
And they don't want General Abidi to, either.
CALLEN: Well, they must've gotten wind that he was gonna leak the information, so they issued the warrant for his arrest to keep him quiet.
Abidi may be trying to trade Intel for asylum.
He wants to defect.
But he wanted to do it quietly.
He wasn't behind the robbery.
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and his cover was blown.
That alerted the consulate that he was here.
Now Pakistan wants to arrest him, and someone else wants him dead.
The general and his wife are to be on a plane back to Pakistan in three hours.
We're gonna need more time than that.
And I need George Clooney's head of hair.
Some things are beyond our control.
First off, I want you to know this little plan of yours has nothing to do with us.
I never asked for your help.
Well, technically, you did.
If they get me on a plane back home, I'm going to jail.
It makes sense.
Your country thinks you're a traitor.
They'd be right about that.
Why turn against them? They turned on me.
For 20 years, I served my country.
For 20 years, I did what was right by my people.
Are either of you fathers? I am.
As am I.
At least, I used to be.
That all changed five years ago when my daughter was slain on the streets of Islamabad by the Taliban.
She left our house to meet friends for dinner.
Barely made it to the end of the block when a bomb exploded, destroying her life story and my heart in a flash.
Another victim in a war my country is too weak to fight.
We're sorry for your loss.
Don't be sorry for my loss.
Be sorry for the countless other mothers and fathers who will see the streets lined with their children's blood.
I have an allegiance to my country, but I have an obligation to my daughter.
And I tried to convince my country that they do, too, but they disagreed.
That information is their only bargaining chip.
If they give it to us, all their cards are on the table.
They are also afraid of the Taliban.
And rightly so.
But if my country will not fight the battle, then I need to bring the battle to someone who will.
Then why haven't you turned over the information? I lived a very fortunate lifestyle back in my country.
But we were forced to leave all of it behind with nothing but the clothes on our back and a smart watch that my wife had given me for my birthday.
Said it would count my steps.
It also read texts and stored documents.
You uploaded the location and names of the Taliban camps to that watch.
Let me guess, the watch got stolen along with Captain Hadlow's laptop.
It doesn't matter what they do to me, but you need to protect my wife.
This isn't our case.
Yeah, but finding Hadlow's laptop is.
If we find it, we may be able find that watch and then she wouldn't need any protection.
Any luck IDing the, uh, gunman from Grand Park? Facial rec hasn't turned up any hits.
Hm, let me guess, he bought the burn phone in cash.
If only they'd leave a trail.
Lucky for us, Emily's entire life is a trail.
Yeah, who needs a warrant when everything we're after is up for public consumption? Seriously, I've never even met this girl and I know where she shops, where she eats, and who she splits her groceries with.
Hey, it's not just the Emily Conways of the world.
My Aunt Gertie is literally incapable of having a private thought.
(chuckles) She's very opinionated about urban gardening.
Maybe there's a silver lining here after all.
Who knew you could grow turnips off the side of a fire escape? Oh, not that, though highly interesting.
I just ID'd the tattooed man who was arguing with Emily.
He was tagged in one of her photos.
Say hello to a Lucas Walker.
Hello, Lucas Walker.
I'm guessing you don't have a criminal record.
Not yet, but the two men standing next to him in this photo he posted two days ago do, and they are no stranger to breaking and entering.
If General Abidi isn't behind this robbery, we may have just found out who stole Captain Hadlow's laptop.
Well, looks like our celebutante might be hiding something.
We got to do this quietly, otherwise it'll end up on the Internet faster than these people spray on tan.
Sorry, excuse me, but your hair looks amazing.
I woke up like this.
Are you serious? She wakes up like this? That's crazy.
Anyway, I really want to take a picture with you, but this light is way too harsh.
We could just Okay, we are in the middle of something.
- Oh, sorry.
- Brah.
If your ladybird isn't insta-famous now, she will be after we take this photo.
- Let's go.
Let's do it.
I suggest you back off very quickly.
Okay, you know what, how about this? I suggest you do what we say very quietly.
We are NCIS and we have to ask you a few questions.
So just take it easy and come with us, okay? Get over here.
(grunting) (screaming) Oh! Wow.
(sighs) Oh, yeah.
(laughs) That's gonna get a lot of likes.
Let me get this straight.
General Abidi is willing to give us the location of five Taliban camps spread throughout Pakistan? So he says, but we still don't have any proof.
And may I remind you we still don't have the whereabouts of Captain Hadlow's computer.
What I do have is SECNAV breathing down my neck to find it.
Well, Kensi and Deeks are questioning Hadlow's stepdaughter now.
She may be able to lead us to it.
And if we find it, we also find the Intel on those Taliban camps.
We're running out of time.
State Department just picked up General Abidi from the boatshed.
They're on their way to pick up his wife next.
Hold on.
He's willing to give us information that could save our men and women on the ground, okay? Not to mention the citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
I remind you that we are allies.
Knowingly taking that information from Abidi could change that.
The State Department's not gonna take that chance.
They're overruling us.
Then go above them.
Well, in order to do that, I need hard evidence, and right now you two have very little time left to find it.
How about you start by telling us what the hell is going on? (scoffs) What's going on is my hair is a frizzy mess because of the humidity down here.
You may be okay with that, but I'm not.
All right, sweetheart, listen.
You and your One Direction boyfriend here need to start talking.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- Oh, well.
Your mother and your stepfather are in the hospital.
They're in the hospital? What are you talking about? Oh, don't play dumb.
DEEKS: You knew they were having that dinner party and you knew it was with their rich friends.
- I-I didn't go to that dinner.
- Oh, no, but you sent your boyfriend in your place.
DEEKS: Are you not listening? She said that NSYNC here is not her boyfriend.
My bad.
Lucas, what are they talking about? What did you do? You already blew it with her, don't blow it with us.
I just wanted to take care of you.
But you have expensive taste.
You told me you wanted me to start showing initiative.
I meant get a job.
No one would hire me.
Yeah, well, not everyone checks all the boxes.
DEEKS: So you found out about the dinner, you got your buddies together, and you took the Hadlows and their friends for all they were worth.
And you almost killed one of them in the process.
LUCAS: I never meant for that to happen.
We were only supposed to take the things we knew we could sell.
DEEKS: Then you and your pesky friends would've gotten away with it, but one of those things compromised highly-classified government intelligence.
And another one of those things caused a diplomatic nightmare.
But I bet you didn't mean for that to happen either, huh, Backstreet Boy? Name, address of who you sold the stuff to.
Billy Friedman.
He has a place in Mid-City.
Nice work, Harry Styles.
Proud of you.
Ready? One, two MAN (on video): Hello, welcome back to all of our believers out there.
Uh, just joining us (video continues indistinctly) DEEKS: One, two, three Federal Agents! Billy Friedman.
Hands up.
Move away from the desk.
Nice and easy.
I knew you'd come.
Oh, yeah? What tipped you off? You live like an outlaw, you go down like an outlaw.
Lot of outlaws live in their pajamas, huh? (Kensi laughs) Yeah, I'm thinking Billy the Kid wasn't fluent in Excel.
What exactly are you doing here? You heard of eBay? Same thing.
I'm guessing you're harder to find.
DEEKS: Well, let's hope this stuff that you bought from Lucas Walker isn't harder to find because we need it.
No! G No, Billy.
(Billy groaning) Wow, that looked like it hurt.
Would you consider that a good decision or a bad decision? (straining): A bad decision.
All right, flipping over.
I found Captain Hadlow's laptop.
You got General Abidi's smart watch? Bingo.
You may have just bought him and his wife a little bit of time.
One of our boys can take this to Hadlow's house.
If they hurry, they can cut them off.
Hey, Saunders, can you give this to Callen and Sam, please? Yep.
Thank you.
How you doing? How's that head? - Not good.
(grunts) - That's right.
That's the sound of a bad decision.
Just to clarify.
Thanks, Saunders.
Just who we wanted to see.
- It's too late.
CALLEN: What do you mean? There's an hour until their plane leaves.
My assistant is taking them back to the consulate as we speak.
From there, they'll head on to LAX and be on a plane to Pakistan to answer for their actions.
I see you have the General's watch.
I'll take that off your hands.
Agent Hanna.
The information on this watch will help save your people and ours.
It can, but it'll have to be released the right way, on our terms.
We will not be intimidated or bullied by your country.
So you are harboring terrorists.
We're fighting the war on terror alongside you, and have been for years.
We play by your rules.
Sometimes you need to play by ours.
Fenton, you can't seriously be letting this happen.
We don't steal secrets from our allies.
Not officially.
My hands are tied.
This isn't right.
His hands are tied.
Ours aren't, yet.
You said you were gonna help them.
No, I said I'd try; this is above all our pay grades.
General Abidi is trying to do the right thing and you know that.
- I know that he's doing it unethically.
Just because that flies in here doesn't mean it does out there.
Speaking of unethical, we weren't able to get an ID on the man who tried to kill General Abidi at Grand Park and the store we traced the burn phone to, dead end as well.
Is there a good part coming, Ms.
Jones? Oh, yes, there is.
So, we traced all the numbers from his cell phone.
Turns out he received a call an hour before he tried to kill General Abidi.
That call was from Rebecca Sadat.
Assistant to the consular attaché.
The same Rebecca Sadat that is driving General Abidi and his wife to the consulate.
She's not driving them to the consulate.
Pakistani consulate can't get ahold of Rebecca Sadat.
What do we know about her? Well, she's a British national, she's got her degree from Oxford, Masters in International Relations from Cambridge.
She transferred here from the High Commission Office in London five years ago.
When did she go off track? Well, her father was an anthropology professor.
He taught at several universities throughout the Middle East and he would take Rebecca with him on assignment when she was very young.
She would have been impressionable back then.
Taliban might have been grooming her since she was a child.
Could have been spying on Pakistan for years.
NELL: She was brainwashed.
Which means she believes what she's doing is right.
Rebecca Sadat just got off the 405.
Okay, where is she headed? I checked flight manifests at all nearby airports; there's a private plane at Van Nuys headed for Pakistan.
NELL: Oh, God.
It's probably waiting to deliver General Abidi and his wife to the Taliban.
Thank God for L.
She gets on that plane, they're as good as dead.
Nell, contact FAA, TSA, DoT, whoever it takes to delay that plane from taking off.
- Yep, I'm on it.
- Kensi, talk to me.
KENSI (over comm): We're following parallel on Balboa.
All right, I want you on board that plane when Sadat arrives and plan on taking her down as quietly as we can.
Copy that.
I got dibs on the hot towels.
CALLEN: Got eyes on Sadat's van, we're on her tail.
SAM: Change of plans.
CALLEN: It was a good plan.
Yeah, until they started shooting at us.
We'll go around, cut her off from the front.
DEEKS: That's a stop sign.
Okay, I should have driven-- Whoo! Oh, my lord! - Oh, my God, I should have drove.
- Stop talking! (Deeks laughs, whoops) Let's get married.
Let's get married right now! KENSI: They're not gonna stop; we're not gonna stop.
- Okay, that's plan "A," what is plan "B"? I don't like plan "A.
" Son of a rat bird! She's not stopping.
KENSI: Hold on, babe.
Oh, God.
They're not stopping.
Kens! On the ground, now! Drop your weapon! Rebecca Sadat, it's over! Come out with your hands up! Stand back! (Rebecca panting) This isn't gonna end well for you.
You don't get to decide my ending; I remind you, I have diplomatic immunity.
We may not be able to touch you, but you'll be punished the moment you get sent back to your country.
Now put the weapon down.
(panting): If I let her go, she'll be hunted for the rest of her life.
That's no way to live; I'm doing her a favor.
Abidi, stand back! You'll pay for what you're doing to our country.
I have allegiance to no country or government.
At least not one that you'd recognize.
I don't have a shot.
The people you answer to took my daughter's life.
Please, don't make me watch as you take my wife's.
If you insist.
(gasps) Hey, I need to tell you something.
Oh, let me guess: you ordered the strobe light Carpet Bot.
Um, no, but I love vacuuming and you love voguing and perhaps one day the twain shall meet.
But until then, I cancelled all pending furniture deliveries.
You did? Well, technically, no.
But once the good people of La Crosse find them all, I will, I promise.
No more.
No, no, I don't want you to promise me that.
I just would like to fill our lives with things that we both love.
So how about we just focus on finding an apartment first? And then we can worry about you know, how we fit in it together.
And then we'll fill up the space.
I kind of like this space right here.
DEEKS (Irish accent): Oh, my virgin eyes! - Oh, get a room! - Hmm.
(laughs) We're working on it.
Uh, so, how are you kids doing? We're okay.
How's Captain Hadlow? Oh.
Just out of surgery and expected to make a full recovery.
Speaking of which, did we get a full recovery of everything that was stolen from his house? Uh, everything except Mrs.
Abidi's necklace.
By the way, how are they doing? Well, Ibrahim Alvi is working with the State Department to grant them asylum.
He is very embarrassed to have had a Taliban spy working under him, so he wants this swept under the rug as soon as possible.
Well, on that note, we are gonna find a way to chillax.
I got three words for you: This Old-- wait for it-- House.
Oh, my God.
Bob Vila's voice is like the sound of slowly sliced butter.
That's what I said.
I didn't know you loved him.
I love that show.
What? It's my ringtone.
Really? Oh, my God, that beard Okay, guys.
Cool, we're gonna Get the DVR, we - That sounds like a lot of fun.
- Love you.
You know what I'm talking about there.
See you, bye.
We could do a Bob Vila date.
Time to go.
We've got a flight to Montana to catch.
ABIDI: Thank you.
You didn't have to help us, but you did.
Well, you didn't leave us much of a choice, but it was our pleasure.
I'm sorry we didn't find your necklace.
It was my daughter's necklace.
Barely worth a dollar.
She wore it all the time.
And I thought it was all I had left of her.
But I was wrong.
I have her memories and her strength and now I must have her optimism.
I am only sorry you were unable to use my information.
Sorry for you, for me.
For all the future victims we could have saved.
It turns out, we were too late.
It was posted on a dark net auction site before we could stop it.
The United States won that auction.
Now we have to monitor those camps very closely.
You two take care of yourself.
(Callen chuckles) It's amazing how doing the right thing can get so very complicated.
It's not easy.
Starting over.
New lives, new town.
I may have to recommend a certain app to help them settle in.
That reminds me; are you in the market for a single red sock? Because I just saw someone post that they're selling one.
Not two, just a single red sock.
They're gonna have to post a missing persons report if you keep talking.
I don't want a red sock.
You're out on the sock? I'm out, thank you.
Then I'm not gonna tell you about anything else.
If that's how it's gonna be.
You gonna get in the car? Yeah.
(sighs): Oh, I'm so glad we didn't grow up in this day and age.
I mean, just the pressure, you know? It's a miracle these kids even make it through DJ academy.
I'm talking about, like, the need to be perfect all the time.
What are you talking about? We are perfect.
We would have been fine.
What are you drinking? Ah.
Let's do two Sazeracs.
Two Sazeracs.
That sounds delicious.
Quick question: What exactly is in a Sazerac? WOMAN: Rye, absinthe and bitters.
Kensi, why all of a sudden does it sound like you lived a hard life of menthols and disappointment? WOMAN: Save it for my eulogy.
Oh, my God.
Mama! Your father made a mean Sazerac.
He also made a mean drunk.
But I'm not here for family therapy.
So why are you here, exactly? I heard there was a job opening.
I thought you were retired.
I got bored.
So pick up golf.
You know I look terrible in plaid.
You do.
Honey, I'm going stir-crazy at home.
Guy used to entertain me and boy, did he entertain me.
But there came a time when I taught him everything I could, and I had to let that baby bird fly free.
Please stop talking.
KENSI: Okay, you know what? You've been looking for somebody who could talk to just about anybody, right? Yeah, but And I DVR The Talk every day.
- That doesn't - So I'm completely caught up on trending topics and current events.
KENSI: But also, also, you don't even need references, because, you know you're them.
And I'm available all the time.
And I mean all the time.
That's painstakingly obvious by the ten times you try to FaceTime me a day.
(Deeks takes deep breath) I can't believe I'm about to say this.
This is a terrible plan.
One week.
No promises.
Trial run.
- Aw, that's my boo-boy.
- Ooh.
- I'm not your boo-boy.
- Hey.
How about if I start today? All right? What are we drinking? (groans) Okay.
Yeah, that's Aah! Mom! Margarita.
Just double double margarita, please.
Aw, honey.
All that sugar? Not before the wedding.
How about a vodka water? How about a double vodka rocks? Well, how about water? This is already a terrible plan.
DEEKS: What could possibly go wrong?
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