NCIS Los Angeles s10e10 Episode Script


1 What's in the box? - Touché.
OCHOA: This is John Rogers from the Department of Justice.
CALLEN: Where's Mosley? - She's off the grid.
How about Hetty? I don't know where is or what she's up to.
Says he's gonna drown Hetty in her protective moat of lies along with everybody else involved in Mexico.
I just hope your people have their stories straight.
This was a serious international incident.
Why were you in Mexico? You will be pleased to know that your strikingly corroborative statements and EAD Mosley's insistence that she ordered you into Mexico without informing anyone of the mission ahead of time essentially exonerates the rest of you.
Greetings and salutations.
(crowd screaming) Hands where I can see them, pretty please.
Very good.
Keep walking.
Keep walking.
That's right, just get nice and cozy.
We're all in this together.
It's another gorgeous day here in Los Angeles, and, frankly, I see no reason why we can't keep it that way.
Listen to what my friends and I ask of you, and I swear no one gets hurt.
Now, please, take out your cell phones nice and slowly and hand them to one of my associates.
- Right here.
Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, thank you.
This is going so well, wouldn't you say? I absolutely would.
Next, lower yourselves to the ground.
Not too quickly, though.
Wouldn't want anyone to sprain a back or twist a knee.
- Oh, my goodness.
Please, let me help you.
- There you are, ma'am.
- Oh.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Now, where is our manager? Ah, there you are.
Hop on up, please.
A pleasure.
Would you mind terribly opening up the back? Is that a question? That's entirely up to you.
(gasps) We're almost out of your hair, I promise.
Just sit tight.
(lock clicks) You, too.
You've all been so cooperative this morning.
(crowd screams) - We good? - We're good.
An hope this hasn't inconvenienced you too much.
But maybe gives you something to talk about at the dinner table this evening.
NCIS: LA 10x10 Heist KENSI: All right, let's see what you have done with this place.
DEEKS: So excited to show you.
Ready? KENSI: Let's see.
(gasps) Don't touch that! (screams) (laughs) (laughs) Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
You finished it.
- I know.
I - It's ready.
Over the years, you had to put up with a lot of talk, a lot of hot air, but, uh A lot of hot air, yep.
But I finally did it-- pulled the trigger and I did it.
You have a bar.
And it's ready.
Correction: we have a bar.
- We have a bar.
And it is well, it's almost ready.
What are you talking about, it's almost ready? I mean, you have a golden hammerhead shark on the wall.
Oh, yeah.
I saw that.
I had to have it.
And you have this beautiful red felt pool table.
Well, they say that red felt is the new black.
And above all, you have a vagabond living upstairs.
- Oh, you mean Callen? Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
He's agreed to bounce for me on the weekends.
Okay, so what's left? You did it all.
Well, I have got to think of what to call it.
Well, that's easy.
Name writes itsel Is it? Yeah, name writes itself.
What are you thinking? Well, I was actually kind of nervous to tell you.
- You were nervous to tell me? - I mean, just 'cause, you know, it's a big deal.
You got to put it across the front.
- I was - Okay.
I'm ready.
- You ready? Okay.
- Yes.
You know, 'cause Schmitty When I first bought it, - I was like, "To Schmitty," and then we all, like, cheers.
- Right.
- And it was this beautiful moment of, like - Yeah, I remember.
Anyway, it's just Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(inhales) Wasn't I wasn't You know, wasn't sold on that.
- Do you have a backup? - Yeah, no, I got a backup.
I got a Um, I was thinking, also, that I could call it Monty's.
'Cause my dog.
Do you have a backup to the backup? A second backup.
So, like, a third choice.
What would you what would you do if you just (exhales) Um, I was also considering Roberta's.
Roberta's, 'cause my mom's Like-like Mama D.
It's pretty.
Pretty, yeah? You know what, though? We don't No, we don't have to rush.
We don't have to rush, sweetie.
We can just we can we can brainstorm.
- We don't have to open it now.
- S-So, you-you hate all those, huh? No.
It's just, we can just We can It's okay.
Slammin' Salmon? And time.
(panting) Sam, time.
I heard you.
What, you trying to show me up or something? - It's not always about you, G.
That's interesting.
So sometimes it is about me, huh? (chuckles) You're hilarious.
And you're still in a plank.
You know, if somebody walks in here, I'm not gonna look so good.
No one's stopping you.
Uh, except before you do whatever it is you were going to do, we have a case.
Oh, and just to be clear, it is the case and not me who would be stopping you, so You heard that, right? We have a case.
Did you hear that? There is a case! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I heard you.
What we got? Bank robbery this morning.
The Westwood branch of Trust National.
- Ooh.
Do love a good heist.
KENSI: I'm sorry, what? Yeah, no, that's When it's pretend, I'm on my couch eating popcorn and - Stop.
snuggling with Monty.
- In my Slanket.
- Stop.
- Sorry.
- Thankfully, no casualties or injuries were reported.
How much cash did the robbers make out with? That's the thing.
They didn't touch any of it.
What they did do was detonate an explosive device and steal one of the security deposit boxes.
I'm sorry, I'm a little confused.
Why are we investigating this? Isn't this FBI terrain? Uh, it is FBI terrain, but the security deposit box belonged to a Veronica Stephens, a former Naval Intelligence officer who now runs CCG, a management consulting firm that still does defense contract work for the Navy.
- The plot thickens.
- Indeed.
Kens, Deeks, why don't you check out the bank? Sam, what do you say about going to Veronica Stephens and finding out what's in that box? Let's do it.
"What's in the box? What's in the box?!" (laughs): Hey, remember when you gave me that box? Whatever happened to that thing, huh? - You lost my box? - No.
- What? - You don't know where my box is? No, of course I know where the box is.
I was joking.
That was a joke.
I was kidding.
Of course I know where your box is.
Like I'm gonna lose the box? I mean, oh, my God.
Why would I ever? Oh, my God.
We'll find it.
- He doesn't know where the box is.
- No, he has no idea.
Casual Monday, gentlemen? Thought we had this place sprayed.
KENSI: Special Prosecutor Rogers.
- What are you doing here? - It has come to the attention of those in Washington that this office requires some adult supervision.
And perhaps a dress code.
We were in the middle of working out when we were called to a case.
- Working out? At work? Well, this is awkward.
Strength and endurance isn't required for pushing a pencil, but it is for being an agent.
- Uh-huh.
And how many hours would you estimate that you spend in the gym each week? Why weren't we informed that you were "visiting"? What? Spoil the surprise? In addition to a retroactive review of your past cases, I will be observing and assessing the performance of this office.
Hmm, I see.
And how long you planning on staying? Until further notice.
But I work fast.
I should be gone by June.
- What? - Yeah.
Good luck out there.
Excuse me, please.
Well, this officially sucks.
ANDREA: I'm sorry.
We're closed for business today.
Actually, we're with NCIS.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye.
This is my partner, Detective Marty Deeks.
Oh, sorry about that.
Andrea Nelson, branch manager.
That is, unless I'm fired over what happened here this morning.
Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Can you take us in the back where the robbers stole the, uh, safety deposit box? Of course.
Follow me.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Oh, wow.
Well, color me impressed.
Did the explosion damage any of the other security deposit boxes? No.
I had each one examined an hour ago, and the others are all completely fine.
Well, these guys obviously knew exactly what they were doing.
How long did it take them to pull it off? They were in and out of here in under three minutes.
(exhales) That's not even enough time for LAPD to show up even if they didn't take everybody's cell phones or if someone hit the silent alarm.
How about you? Are you doing okay? - Must have been pretty scary for you.
- Oh, I was terrified.
At least, at first.
But they were so polite.
I'm talking extremely good manners.
And it turns out there was nothing to be afraid of, anyway.
Why is that? Because before the robbers took off, they left our cell phones and their guns behind.
LAPD just told me that the weapons were all fakes made of plastic.
And they didn't touch any of the cash on hand? They didn't even take anything from the teller registers.
So, what's in that box? (elevator bell dinging) I'm gonna have an aneurysm if Rogers keeps showing up at the office every day.
You don't think that's a little extreme? No.
Not at all.
We run a tight ship, G.
Nothing to worry about.
We both know Hetty gave us a long leash.
And Granger knew how to work the system to keep the bureaucrats out of our hair.
Yeah, well, maybe he'll get bored and go home.
Let's at least give the guy a chance.
Whose side are you on? It's not always about you, G.
Good morning.
How may I help you? Agent Callen, Agent Hanna, NCIS.
We're here to see Veronica Stephens.
Of course.
She's expecting you.
Follow me.
(laughing) Yes.
Oh, right, of course.
Can I get you some water? We have still, sparkling, room temp, iced, lemon, lime, or pink grapefruit.
We're good, thanks.
And I promise Capri is on the is on the calendar.
(whispers) All right, we'll talk then.
God, I'm so sorry about that.
Um, it's Bono.
He's such a sweetheart, but he's so hard to get off the phone.
I've heard.
(chuckles) I'm Agent Callen, this is Agent Hanna.
- We're from NCIS.
- Oh.
Is this about what happened at the bank? God, I'm so sorry you guys have been dragged into this.
- It's not a problem.
- Yes, but I'm sure you have more important things you can be doing.
Well, as long as we're already here, why don't you start by telling us what you were keeping in that safety deposit box? Ugh.
Gosh, you know, I am I'm just so upset about it.
You know, you put things in the bank for safekeeping because you're worried that something might happen to them at home, and meanwhile, it all would have been safer under my mattress.
What would have been safe under your mattress? What? My jewelry.
I mean, the box was filled with antiques that have been in my family for generations.
I don't even think any of it was particularly valuable, but, uh, well, the pieces meant something to me, and and now they're gone.
Makes me sad.
I'm sorry.
And the worst part of it is just I mean, I-I know how impossible it's gonna be to get it all back.
Might get lucky at one of these local pawnshops or online auction like eBay.
I'm just sorry you guys are involved.
I mean, isn't this more LAPD's job? Well, we're here in more of an overlay capacity.
So, do you have any idea why you were targeted? I mean, do you have any enemies? You ever been threatened by anyone? Excuse me.
Claire? Claire! Ah.
Agent Callen and Hanna would like to know if I have any enemies.
Should I bring them the binder? I think you should bring them the binder.
What is this? That's the last 12 months.
So you've been keeping a record of all the people that have been threatening you for the past 12 months? Well, let's just say it kind of goes with the territory of the job.
When you advise on the impact of trade wars and make the economic argument to combat climate change, you tend to ruffle some feathers.
I mean, I'm only ever trying to help, but always end up pissing someone off.
Any one of these people ever follow through on a threat? Never.
Always just a lot of hot air.
You mind if we take this binder with us? No.
Be my guest.
We keep extra copies around the office just in case.
And because they're a great read on a slow day.
(laughs) Wow.
(typing) (buzzer sounds) (typing) (buzzer sounds) (sighs) I'm not making you nervous, am I? No, not at all.
Are you sure? You know, it's fine, 'cause, um, you know, we have to keep this room really cold because of all the electrical equipment, and, um, because you insist on sitting so very close to me, I'm kind of benefiting from that, uh that body heat of yours, so that's a bonus.
And also, you know, who am I to stop you from choosing this chair as your favorite chair, out of all the chairs in the building full of chairs, when this chair clearly belongs to my girlfriend and coworker Nell Jones? - It's fine.
- Well, all righty then.
Because I'd really love to start looking through your team's past cases, try to establish patterns of behavior, calculate the property damage incurred.
Well, look forward to that.
(buzzer sounds) You know, I dabble in I.
Around the office, whenever anyone has an issue, I'm their guy.
Oh, yeah, I-I don't I don't really do I.
Well, you kind of do.
Um, with all due respect, Special Prosecutor Rogers, I know slightly more than your average I.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
No, I was being modest.
Why? Because no one likes a braggart.
Why? Because it's not looked upon favorably by society.
Why? Eric, Eric, a little life lesson free of charge.
It's not bragging if it's true.
(buzzer sounds) Oh.
So, what's in the box? - Jewelry.
- Hmm.
Like Heart of the Ocean-type jewelry? I don't know what that is.
Titanic? The big blue stone worth millions? The necklace that the whole movie was about? Okay.
All right, Sam, that is not what the movie's about.
- No? - No! Titanic is a love story about the American class system told through the lens of the passengers on an ill-fated ocean liner.
And? And now that I'm saying it out loud, yeah, I guess the necklace did tie the whole thing together.
Okay, well, I've never seen it, and, no, it's nothing like that.
Veronica said that it was all family heirlooms and probably worthless.
- Wow.
Well, if that's the case, Th robbers are gonna be pretty upset when they learn that.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- Something's not adding up.
- Huh.
- Agreed.
Nell, why don't you and Eric look into Veronica Stephens' consulting company? Want to see if everything they're doing is actually above board.
- You got it.
This may help.
- What's this about? - Hate mail.
I mean, when I look at this stuff, all I can think of is: how do people have the time? What a waste.
Okay, here's the record of everyone who's accessed their security deposit box.
And if you need to go back further than this, I have all the prior books in storage.
- Thank you.
That's very helpful.
All right, there-- Veronica Stephens, two weeks ago.
Okay, so it looks like Veronica Stephens came in a couple weeks ago to access her security deposit box.
Sounds about right.
Do you know who helped her that day? We're just trying to figure out if something happened then that could explain what happened this morning.
Hold on, Kens.
She came in a week prior to that.
And there-- what is that? Two weeks before that.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
Veronica's in here all the time.
To do what, deposit checks or? No, to access her deposit box.
You know what? Actually, we would love to see those previous log books if possible.
- Could you grab those? - Be right back.
Thank you.
So, Veronica Stephens is accessing her safety deposit box multiple times a month.
- Which is fine.
- Totally fine.
Unless, of course, you're sticking to your story that the only thing in there is fake antique jewelry that just sits there.
What are you boys doing in here? Just working.
He's hiding from Rogers.
I don't know if "hiding" is the word.
I'd say more like "avoiding.
" NELL: It's cool.
I get it.
Rogers took a liking to my chair, so I bailed and set myself up in the gadget room.
- What do you mean you bailed? - You left Beale alone in Ops with him? Um yes? Damn.
Nell don't play.
Where's your sense of loyalty? (chuckles) In other news, I found some interesting information on Veronica Stephens' consulting firm.
It looks like CCG has a pretty creative approach to accounting that I'm pretty sure won't hold up to an audit.
How creative? Oh, you know, some black holes in the balance sheet here, some tax evasion there.
It's interesting.
The financial crimes part or the misleading federal agents part? No, the fact that the heist this morning may end up being a blessing in disguise.
(sighs) You're right.
I mean, we never would have looked into Veronica Stephens' company if someone hadn't stolen her security deposit box.
What are you thinking? I think there are coincidences and then there are coincidences.
I'm just saying.
So you're saying, whoever stole the security deposit box knew federal agents were gonna get involved and wanted us to look into her books? But that's not what I'm worried about.
I'm worried that we might be playing right into someone's hands.
Let's start at the beginning.
It's a decent place to start.
We need to figure out who stole Veronica Stephens' security box from the bank this morning.
And what was in that box.
Why someone wanted us to look into her consulting firm in the first place.
And how deep and how far Veronica's financial crimes really go.
(both sigh heavily) That's a lot.
You read my mind.
- Yes, it is.
- But we have climbed bigger mountains in the past.
Have we, though? 'Cause I'm not really sure that we have.
This is feeling pretty steep to me.
You know what I mean? Like, Meru steep.
Have you guys seen Meru? Oh, it's incredible.
Everything about it's amazing.
And then you realize that she used to be married to the other guy.
My mind was like boom! Meru? The mountain-climbing documentary? KENSI: Oh, boy.
You all are taking another break from this case, and that's the topic of this hour's tête-à-tête? DEEKS: No.
What you overheard, Rogers, was an analogy.
In long form, which I tend to do.
I was using the visualization Do you guys ever get any work done? All the time.
KENSI: We're actually pretty good at it.
We have a unique process.
And what, if I may ask, is the next step in your unique process? Going back to see Veronica Stephens.
Sam? Right behind you.
Gentlemen, I think I'll tag along.
- Ah.
- No.
You have a problem with that? Hell yeah.
Besides, I'm driving the Hellcat today.
There's no back seat, so even if we wanted to KENSI: Safety first.
Can I get either of you a tea? We have mint, Earl Grey, English breakfast, red rooibos, and citrus chamomile.
- Iced or hot.
- We're fine.
And matcha.
I always forget the matcha.
No, thanks.
Agents Callen and Hanna.
Didn't expect to see you again so soon.
You don't already have news, do you? Why don't we sit down? No.
Let's do this on our feet.
Wh-What's this about? Your box.
We want to know exactly what was inside it.
I already told you.
We know what you told us, but we looked at the bank's logs, and they say you access your security box a couple of times a month.
- And your point is? - Well, we're just wondering if maybe you were keeping something in there that you failed to mention to us before.
Agent Callen, I don't appreciate your tone or whatever it is you're insinuating.
- I'm simply asking questions.
- Which, as far as I'm concerned, I've already answered.
Now, thank you for your time and your service, but I really ought to be getting back to work.
Of course.
If you'll excuse me.
Think she'll lawyer up? - We'll find out soon enough.
- Hmm.
You wanted to see us? Yeah.
Hey, check this out.
So I went through the bank's security footage, and I noticed this guy.
He showed up every Monday morning for the last six Mondays like clockwork.
He never spoke to anyone, never deposited anything.
- So is he casing the place? - Yeah, he was probably counting foot traffic, so when he'd hit the bank, it'd be as empty as possible.
Well, no wonder they got in and out in under three minutes and didn't bother carrying real weapons.
I mean, they thought of everything.
What we know about the guy in the video? Mm, unfortunately, not much.
It's a grainy image.
Looks like a dead end.
That's a bummer.
(chuckles): Just kidding.
I already ran his picture through facial rec.
He is enjoying a burrito in Venice as we speak.
I like it.
- - Like that? Funny.
Little switcheroo.
- It's clever.
- So excited about delivering that to you.
Oh, my God.
Eleven o'clock.
See him? DEEKS: Yep, I see him.
What's our play? I could ask him where the nearest gas station is.
While you're on foot? That's creepy.
- Also, what Google Maps is for.
- Okay.
Well, then why don't you just go ask him how his burrito is? While he's actually eating it? That's intrusive.
And what Yelp is for.
Oh, my gosh.
Okay, maybe I just go and ask him what his number is.
While he's just sitting there? (laughing): That's super sketchy.
- And also literally what Tinder is for.
- Okay, I think you and I both know that that is not what Tinder is for.
I don't know what to tell you.
I think the Interweb has made our jobs impossible.
KENSI: It doesn't matter.
He's on the move.
DEEKS: Hey, Greg? Hey! No.
Federal agents! Stop! Oh! Sorry, I need this.
I'll bring it right back! I'm a federal agent! Federal agents! Oh, God.
I got to go save the world.
Oh, hey-hey, Ba-ta-ha, Ba-ta-hey, Ba-ta-ha.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh! Okay.
Oh, oh, okay, sorry.
(clamoring) (baby crying) Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hi, kids.
Come on.
Don't do drugs.
Oh, where are my wrist guards when I need 'em? (exclaims) Look out! What?! Oh! I know it looks like he's my friend-- he's not my friend! I'm sorry! You son of a bitch.
(grunts) All right.
Nice and easy.
Wow! Skateboard.
Good call.
Where'd you get that? Oh, you know, just asked a guy for his number.
I went down some steps.
It was pretty awesome.
(chuckles) (phone ringing) I'm not a horrible person, am I? CALLEN: Well, it depends.
Is Eric still fending for himself? - Eh, maybe.
SAM: You know what? I respect that.
Yeah, exactly.
I am doing this for Eric.
This is a completely selfless act on my behalf.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, am I right? It's too far, way too far.
Yeah, I kind of felt bad.
I mean, I could hear myself saying it, and I was like, "Ooh, so 2011," but then I just couldn't stop.
We think Veronica Stephens may be hiding something.
That could be why CCG is using creative accounting.
Why don't you go through her company's projects and try to figure out what it is? Wait, isn't that exactly what the robbers would want us to do? SAM: Maybe.
We'll deal with that later.
You got it.
One order of dark corporate skeletons coming right up.
Thanks, Eric.
(clears throat) All right, Greg.
(clears throat) Hold on.
How'd you know my name? What? (laughs): That's not even the impressive part.
You see, it's on this driver's license.
You know, the one you just gave me.
But how'd you know it was mine? Your picture's on it.
DEEKS: Oh, my God, Kensi, how hard did you hit him in the head? Oh, she didn't hit my head at all.
You know what, let me see if I get your story straight.
So, you dropped out of high school in Florida because you took one drama class and you figured, "Well, "Clooney did it, so I'm gonna ride my looks all the way to Hollywood.
" That seems like an excellent life plan.
What could possibly go wrong? So you leave behind everybody you know and love to come out here to act, but the only jobs you've actually gotten are just lame bartending jobs.
Moonshine Cantina? - Well, they were hiring.
- But this is not the reason you're handcuffed to the back of my car.
It's not? Where were you this morning, Gregory? I don't know.
Sleeping? How early we talking? Were you at the Westwood branch of the Trust National? No.
We know you're casing the place every single Monday 'cause your pretty little face is all over the security footage.
- Casing the place? No.
I may have been there the past few Mondays, but not today.
So, what were you doing there? Counting.
That's it.
They wanted me to hang out at the bank and tell them how many people showed up.
And what time the tellers got their coffee.
Who did? I don't know.
It was all done over text.
I'll tell you one thing, though, easiest Mission Monkey gig I ever got.
Mission Monkey? Okay.
Well, this has obviously been a giant misunderstanding, and for that I profusely apologize.
Feel better? Hey, look, Gregory.
Right there.
A squirrel! Look at that.
- Okay.
- Hi.
I can go? Either that, or you can stay here and we can keep asking you questions.
Oh, my God.
(clears throat) Okay, so somebody hired Greg to go to the bank and count people and then most likely text them to an untraceable burn phone.
Now, he's either telling the truth and didn't know anything about the robbery from the beginning Or we can track him, and he's gonna lead us straight to the snake's head.
What'd you find? Well, CCG does a lot of off-book business with countries that are, let's just say, patrium non gratain the U.
Okay, so what are we talking? North Korea? The Russians? Iran.
Veronica Stephens has been doing consulting for them for years.
Well, I bet the Navy doesn't know about that.
No, they wouldn't keep hiring her as a defense consultant.
And there's more.
We found a pattern.
Every time CCG does defense work for the Navy, Veronica deposits $75K into her personal bank account.
Maybe she's selling government secrets.
And been doing it under our noses the entire time.
You guys managed to exercise, discuss documentary films, and identify an alleged traitor to the United States.
And it's not even lunch.
Look at her.
She doesn't even seem nervous.
Veronica Stephens is a traitor.
I'm sure she made peace with her politics a long time ago.
Yeah, you're probably right.
I still don't like that we don't know who's behind this.
That makes two of us.
I get wanting to take her down.
But whoever set this thing in motion, whoever was behind that robbery this morning, I don't believe they think this thing ends with her being led away in handcuffs.
There's got to be more to this.
Let's go see what she thinks about your theory.
SAM: Let's do it.
CALLEN: All right.
Anything you want to get off your chest before we begin? (door closes) SAM: Mm.
You sure you don't want to get out in front of this? Well, actually, it may be too late for that.
Yeah, you're right.
How long has it been? How many years? - How many years has it been since what? - Since you've been selling government secrets to Iran.
(sighs) You know, I tried to warn you.
You tried to warn us? Several times.
I'm sorry I told you that LAPD could handle this and that there was no reason for NCIS to get involved.
Why is that? Because I didn't want it to come to this.
SAM: You didn't want it to come to this? No kidding.
You didn't want to get caught.
Easy there, tiger.
You seem surprisingly unfazed by all this.
Well, thank you.
I didn't mean that as a compliment.
Well, I'm taking it as one, because I'm a professional.
SAM: Professional what? Traitor? CIA officer.
And, Agents Callen and Hanna, I haven't been selling government secrets to Iran.
I have been risking my life to feed them bad Intel since I was 26 years old.
There's our guy.
Sweet, sweet Greg is very angry.
Could be 'cause he knows more about the bank robbery than he's letting on.
And maybe she's a part of it.
Do you recognize her? No.
But I bet Eric and Nell can figure out who she is faster than you can say "Moonshine Cantina.
" You're a tease, Veronica.
CALLEN: I thought we had an actual spook in our little boatshed here.
SAM: Yeah.
Spoke to the CIA.
They deny they ever worked with you.
Well, of course they did.
It's the CIA.
Which is why we spoke to our contact.
He's never heard of you either.
Yeah, well, that doesn't surprise me.
Yeah? Why is that? You spoke with Vostanik Sabatino, am I right? Gentlemen, Sabatino doesn't know me from Monica Lewinsky.
I spent the last decade working outside the Agency, on my own.
- Well, isn't that convenient? Veronica, who do you think stole your safety deposit box this morning? I don't know.
But whoever it was knew I worked for the CIA.
Why do you say that? Because that safe deposit box was the only link I had to the Agency.
It was where I collected my assignments and delivered my Intel.
So what was really in the box? I don't know.
I was supposed to go to the bank this morning at 11:00 to collect my next assignment.
Now, whoever did this knew it was gonna be waiting there and beat me to it.
Well, this is quite a story you're spinning.
I don't know what I'm supposed to believe.
On the one hand, you could be telling the truth.
Maybe you're above Sabatino's pay grade at the CIA.
Which isn't hard.
Which is why he didn't know who you were.
Maybe you really are selling secrets to Iran and you're playing us.
Or maybe you're just a pawn for whoever set this case in motion.
That's a lot of maybes, G.
You're telling me.
(phone rings) Eric, hit me with something good.
Our mystery woman is Nour Abar.
She's been living in Los Angeles for the past five years.
What about before that? NELL: Well, she was born and spent her entire life in Saudi - Saudi Arabia.
- Oh.
NELL: Sir.
You stole my line, sir.
You're right.
I got caught up in the moment, for which I apologize.
And now you know how it feels.
(chuckles) DEEKS: Well, all you kids are guilty of burying the lede.
ERIC: All right.
Okay, if Nour Abar and Greg are standing here, arguing about the bank heist this morning DEEKS: Which, based on their body language, they clearly are.
Then it could mean that Saudi Arabia's actually behind the heist.
ERIC: Which could also mean they're the ones who wanted us to look into Veronica Stephens' company.
And figure out that she was selling government secrets to Iran.
NELL: It makes sense.
Saudi Arabia and Iran have been in a bitter rivalry for decades.
Exposing something like this could tip the scales.
Well, and make the cold war in the Middle East burning hot.
DEEKS: You seeing what I'm seeing here? ERIC: Guys, what's going on? KENSI: Wait, was that a syringe? Agent Blye, Detective Deeks, is everything all right? It most definitely is not all right.
Hold on a second.
ROGERS: Detective Deeks, what is your status? Oh, my Lincoln.
What's got you two worked up? Those guys who pulled off the heist this morning, we think they're from Saudi Arabia.
Which is why they wanted us to find out about your backroom dealings with the Iranians and go wide with it.
- No.
- Oh, yeah.
- You still haven't told us what was stolen from your deposit box.
The Saudis aren't going through all this 'cause they want to create world peace.
- Because I don't know.
- Luckily, they think you're just a corrupt traitor.
They don't know you're CIA and you're giving bad Intel to Iran.
CALLEN: That's assuming, of course, that you are CIA and this isn't just another one of your lies.
(sighs) - What can I do to help? -Oh, believe me, you've already done enough.
No, actually, there is one thing.
Give us the name of your Iranian contact.
- Gentlemen - If the Saudis find him by what's in the box, they're gonna kill him.
I suppose we could hand her over to our allies at the Saudi consul, see if they want to question her.
Oh, yeah.
That's a great idea.
You get a free trip to Riyadh, stuffed inside several diplomatic pouches.
His name is Farzan.
He works at the dry cleaners down on Wilshire and La Brea.
I'll send a security detail there now.
(line ringing) (door opens) Talk to me.
ERIC: I got eyes on a van and a motorcycle.
Both headed toward the Warehouse District.
Kensi and Deeks are in active pursuit.
All right, we're on our way.
I looked at the schematics, and the Hellcat does have a back seat.
- For kids.
- I'll squeeze.
(tires screeching) Hold on.
Watch it.
Damn it! Kensi, watch it.
They just threw a smoke bomb? (tires screeching) Eric, you got eyes on the van? We lost it.
Hold on a second, there's some kind of signal delay.
DEEKS: Hello.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, no, you didn't.
(shouts) Kens, gun! (tires screeching) Go, Beale, talk to me! All right, I got eyes on the van.
It's moving toward you, one block over.
- Where are Callen and Sam? - Almost there.
Get Is that a real almost there, like a minute away, or like an L.
almost there, like 15 minutes away? You called? It's about time you showed up.
KENSI: Van is one block north.
- On it.
Rogers, you doing okay back there? I'm cool.
You don't have to do this to impress me.
(chuckles) DEEKS: Whoa.
(screams) SAM: We got eyes on the van.
(tires screeching) Ooh.
Eric, we need an ambulance.
(groans) - Kens, you good? - Yeah, yeah, we're good! Oh, what happened? (pants) Well, of course, you're fine.
Who's there? Where am I? (grunts) Wait a minute.
Guys? SAM: What? You're never gonna believe this.
The Saudis never even opened it.
That's because it was never about what was in the box.
It was about convincing Americans that Iran had a spy in the government.
To make sure we stayed on Saudi Arabia's side.
You think this was an official Saudi operation? We're gonna find out who they were working for.
One of the robbers is expected to make a full recovery.
So, what's in the box? Wouldn't you like to know? Look, I'm sorry that, uh, I wasn't more up front with you before.
We understand.
You had a cover to protect.
Which I am grateful that you didn't tear apart.
Well, you're gonna need it.
It's very clear there's a leak in your agency.
And my guess would be that it's a lot bigger than what happened today.
Which means heads are gonna roll.
And somehow NCIS has been dragged in the middle of it.
Yeah, well What? I mean I did try to warn you.
(sighs) You did.
(chuckles) - Love it.
- Hey! - Hey! - Boys! - You made it! What do you think? Soak it in.
- That shark is awesome.
- Right? - Right? (chuckles) Really ties the room together.
Where is Eric? You two okay? Oh.
We found out, uh, Rogers is a real Fortnite freak, so they're geeking out up in Ops.
So you're telling me right now Rogers is playing video games on government property, on the taxpayers' dime? Mm, technically, no, because it was after hours and he grabbed his own console from his car.
- Of course he did.
- All right, so, what are we drinking? I think we should start with some beers.
Yeah, are they cold? God, I hope so.
I bought that fridge on Craigslist.
"Are they cold?" Are they cold? One for you.
For you.
Yeah, they're cold.
(chuckles) - Cheers, y'all.
- Cheers! - Cheers.
Congrats, guys.
Well done.
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm.
So, Deeks, what are you calling the place? It's good.
Uh, glad you asked.
So glad you asked.
- Mm - Been doing a lot of workshopping.
- Mm-hmm.
And so far I've come up with the Blowhole.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
NELL: Yikes.
SAM: Wow.
KENSI: It's a work in progress.
DEEKS: Is it? I thought that was pretty great.
CALLEN: Blowhole.
DEEKS: Blowhole.
(Kensi laughing) Come down to the Blowhole.

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