NCIS Los Angeles s10e11 Episode Script


1 (whooping) Jingle bell, jingle bell HAWKINS (laughs): What are you doing? What are you doing, man? (laughs) Stop it, bro! Cut it out, dude! (laughs) Come on, Hawkins! Jingle bell, jingle bell Bro, stop it! Jingle bells chime GARZA: Hawkins! Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square That's the jingle bell rock (grunts) (groans) (sirens approaching) Garza? Where'd you go, man? Get back here! That's the jingle bell rock.
Get back here! Put your hands where I can see them! NCIS: LA 10x11 Joyride Gotcha.
(grunting) There you are, my little mountain goat.
(chuckles) Third climb this week.
Aren't you supposed to be going up? Oh, uh, no.
This right here, it's called bouldering.
It's good for strength and balance, but the real thing about this sport is strategy.
It's like playing chess with your whole body.
Like Mountain Twister, only, no one's ever plummeted to their death playing Twister.
Or chess.
Actually, my Uncle Gord (phone vibrating) he didn't die, but he did wind up in a coma from a very aggressive game of KerPlunk.
(laughs) Sorry, uh, Sidney just texted me a photo of a French bulldog wearing a Santa hat.
Santa hat? Hey, put that away.
Do not want you-know-who to see it.
He's Rogers, he's not Voldemort.
He banned the holiday party from the office.
He may as well be.
(scoffs) I tried to talk to him about decorating the bullpen last week, he got a mysterious phone call and had to leave the room.
Lord of the fake phone call.
- Speaking of holidays - Yeah? What's up with you, Beale? Hmm? Why are you avoiding our usual Christmas fun? You've rescheduled cookie making for rock climbing twice.
The rock climbing wall will be here after the holidays.
What do you say we start in with our annual Christmas-adjacent movie night, huh? Oh, how's tomorrow for your rock climbing schedule? I believe it is all clear.
Now let me see that Santa pup.
All over it.
(gasps) ERIC: Oh, the squishy face on this little boy.
(both laugh) Hey, Kensi? Where is the tinsel? Mama said the tinsel was in here.
Yeah, your mom did a little pregaming before her flight to Miami, so, you know what? Honestly? She said a lot of stuff.
Well, then we should probably add tinsel to the list, along with, you know, food.
Oh, my gosh, you are stressing out so much.
Well, that's because our whole entire office is gonna be here in a few hours.
Well, we didn't have a choice.
You read Rogers's memo last night.
He was citing some sort of obscure regulation about no drinking next to explosives.
Well, that's an easy fix.
We all become teetotalers, and don't have booze at the holiday party.
That sounds so much fun.
Or we could do what the FBI did and rent out the back room at Sizzler.
You have a bar.
Why won't you share it? Because it's brand-new, and I've got a golden frickin' shark.
Right? They're gonna come here and just mess it all up and break all my stemware.
They're not gonna break all your stemware.
The office needs a party.
You know Nora from accounting.
She always needs, you know, to get her drank on.
God, she's such a liability city.
Maybe Rogers was right about shutting this thing down.
This is very simple.
We're gonna start with the garlands.
And then we're gonna do the tinsel.
Sounds good.
Who are you calling? Nobody.
Deeks, who are you calling? Hello? Are you calling Sizzler? - Can you take 50 people - Hey! - at, like, 7:00? I got to go.
All you need is this: Deeks the halls.
I'm sorry, what? You got to Deeks the halls.
Are you having a stroke? (laughs): You're freaking me out.
Deeks the halls with Okay, listen.
Stop doing that.
I need you to unravel this.
And I'm gonna go.
And I want you to think about what you just did.
It made you laugh.
Good morning, guys.
Morning, DeChamps.
You're here early.
Did you chopper up from San Diego? Just a sedan from Oceanside and a 5:00 a.
Nell? Yeah, so, security cameras caught this at a Christmas tree lot in El Segundo at 2:00 a.
last night.
LAPD was all over it.
CALLEN: 'Tis the open season.
SAM: It's ridiculous.
These your guys? DeCHAMPS: The driver's my guy, active duty at Pendleton.
SAM: The passenger's in a lot of trouble for firing his weapon.
Odds are, he still has it with him.
So you came up here this early from San Diego because of a couple drunk Marines? I know it's not your normal case, or mine.
Hear me out.
The guy who ran is Ernie Garza.
He's in the reserves now, but he did two tours in Afghanistan as a sniper in his unit.
Since Garza transferred to the reserves, he's bounced from job to job.
He's currently at a waste management site in Vernon.
I got permission to pull his medical records.
He did a stint in rehab a year ago.
He's currently being treated for posttraumatic stress.
So we have a highly trained reservist with a history of substance abuse and PTSD.
And he's armed.
We need to find him before he hurts someone else, or himself.
The holidays are a tough time for all service members, let alone ones with issues like this.
Well, let's start with his family.
He have any nearby? Uh, his girlfriend, Maia.
Most of his relatives are in San Antonio.
CALLEN: What about the driver? ERIC: Uh, that's, uh, Marine Staff Sergeant Brad Hawkins, uh, stationed out of Camp Pendleton.
He's got a fairly clean record until this.
Uh LAPD has turned him over to us at the boatshed.
He's been treated for his injuries and given a blood alcohol test.
Results will be in soon.
And I sent Kensi and Deeks over to Garza's girlfriend's place.
Good call.
All right, why don't the three of us head over to the boatshed and talk to Hawkins? Callen.
Can you come to my office, please? On my way.
(knocking on glass) You wanted to see me? Do you know a former ATF agent, Anastasia Kolcheck? Now serving time for shooting an unarmed suspect.
Agent Kolcheck, uh, has worked with this office on occasion.
So I'm learning.
We just received a call that she sustained an injury at Alton Prison.
Alton's a state prison.
Why would she be there? I'm still trying to wrap my head around the marijuana dispensaries on every corner and that spot in Beverly Hills where Wilshire and Santa Monica cross.
Why would they do that? Where is she now? She was taken to a hospital.
Saint Anne's.
I didn't know what you and your team's relationship was with her at this point.
I figured I'd pass it on.
For what it's worth.
Thank you.
NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna.
Special Agent Nicole DeChamps.
Sit down.
(sighs) Made it all the way to staff sergeant without talking to you guys.
Sorry to break your streak.
We just want to know what happened last night so we can find Garza.
So do I.
Garza and I went to Tony's for a couple of beers.
Next thing I know, Garza's firing his Beretta and I'm driving my Jeep through a shed.
Did you know he had a weapon on him? No, ma'am.
What time did you get to the bar? Maybe 9:00.
Do you guys drink together often? Only when we play Madden.
Nothing crazy.
Besides, I wanted to have a real talk.
And Garza doesn't listen to anything when he's running his West Coast offense.
A real talk about what? Uh, he'd been acting kind of strange, like maybe something was wrong.
I just wanted to make sure he was all right.
Strange, like he may have been abusing drugs again? You know about that.
I was afraid he'd lose his job, and get kicked out of the reserves.
SAM: Something's not adding up.
You guys weren't doing drugs? No.
No, sir.
Not my thing.
Could Garza have slipped you something? No.
He wouldn't do that.
(phone vibrating) Hmm.
So your blood alcohol results came in.
You had alcohol in your system, but it wasn't enough to make you black out.
Something made you lose your memory last night.
I got my bell rung pretty good when we crashed.
Not enough for a concussion.
Maybe Garza's not the person you thought he was.
I was told Anastasia Kolcheck was here.
Let me check.
Are you immediate family? He is not.
But I am.
I'm Anastasia's father.
Looks like your daughter's still in emergency orthopedic surgery for another hour.
What happened? What kind of surgery? Anastasia suffered two broken ribs and a serious forearm fracture.
I'm sorry.
There's a waiting room down that way.
We'll come get you when she's out of post-op.
Thank you.
Maia? Hi.
You're not carolers.
Uh, no, actually, we are NCIS.
I'm Kensi Blye, this is my partner Deeks.
It's about Ernie Garza.
What happened? Sorry, this place is a mess.
I was just finishing up in here.
You're fine.
So, Ernie ran from the cops after destroying a Christmas tree lot? That could be why he didn't text me back last night.
When was the last time you saw him? A few days ago.
We went to a holiday craft fair.
Our friend Jen was selling some jewelry there.
Then we had a big fight.
But you reached out? Yeah.
I wanted to meet up, talk things through.
The morning of the fight, I'd found some hydrocodone in his car.
I asked him about it.
You were worried because of his rehab.
Ernie was doing so great with his recovery, and then he hurt his shoulder kayaking.
When I saw the pills, I was afraid he'd relapsed.
What happened when you confronted him? He got mad and started making excuses.
You were just trying to help.
Just trying to follow his lead.
I mean, he helped anyone who needed it.
Couple weeks ago, he pitched in and helped make scones for my baking blog.
I just want him to be okay.
So do we.
And we will keep you posted, I promise.
Actually, if you think of anything, please contact us.
I will.
KENSI: Yeah.
Thank you.
Hey, um, I don't need all this gingerbread for my photo shoot.
Do you guys want to take some with you? I mean, do you-- do you think you have enough for an office party? KENSI: Really? What? She offered, and I saw an opportunity.
Sweetie Actually, you know what, maybe we should go all out and just make the whole party a potluck.
Oh, my gosh, you know what? I hope you like green bean casserole, 'cause somebody always brings green bean casserole.
I don't like it, but you know what I do? What? I love it.
So, it looks like Garza's phone was last on a few miles from the Christmas tree lot.
What are you getting on his finances? Ugh, nothing out of the ordinary.
Looks like he hangs out near the water on the weekends.
I'm gonna try to go further back.
Sounds good.
Hey, what about Die Hard for our movie night? Ooh, a modern holiday-adjacent classic.
Oh, Three Days of the Condor.
That is the perfect Christmasy spy movie.
That is a movie that I always say that I have seen.
That is a movie that I have never seen.
ROGERS: Unbelievable.
Just being honest.
I find it interesting, smart as you both are, that you forgot that it requires a warrant to track Garza's phone and check into his finances.
Well, of course.
I mean, we're definitely not doing that.
That's nothing that we have ever done.
Whatever you have started, shut it down.
I've decided not to move forward into those lines of inquiry.
Really? Even if we find him by way of his phone? This office goes way too far looking into the lives of private citizens.
Phone records, bank statements.
It's preposterous.
Sir, may I speak candidly? It's a free country.
In fact, that's the point I'm trying to make.
But right now, we're not worried about finding evidence that can hold up in court.
We just want to save Garza's life and prevent anyone else from being hurt.
Garza's financial records are off-limits.
I have to take a call.
He said nothing about pinging Garza's phone.
Hurry, before the Grinch returns.
(indistinct radio chatter) Can't believe this is someone's idea of holiday fun.
(scoffs) Speaking of holidays, what are your plans? Spending time with your kids? No, I told my oldest to go to Brooklyn and spend time with his girlfriend and her family.
I think she's good for him.
Sticking around L.
? No.
Taking my daughter to D.
, check out the Navy museum.
- Can't wait for her to see the sights.
- Well, it's years since I worked there, but I could give you guys recommendations if you like.
You're daughter's name is Kammie, right? It's Kamran.
I almost had it.
We call her Kammie sometimes.
What are you up to? I'm flying to Baton Rouge to visit family tonight.
Oh, a little étouffée and andouille.
You know it, and maybe a Tigers bowl game on the side.
On the side, huh? Sounds good.
(phone rings) Mm.
What's up, Nell? Hey, we pinged Garza's phone to a marina in San Pedro.
It looks like he stayed there a while.
On our way.
Kensi said Garza did a lot of kayaking.
Could have taken off down the marina for all we know.
Guys, check the registration on a boat named Diddy Bop.
That's Marine Corps slang for sloppy marching.
ERIC: Okay.
Father Christmas.
All right, the Diddy Bop is registered to Reggie Hyland.
He's a Marine that Garza served with, currently deployed.
All right, thanks.
SAM: I got him.
(grunting) Happy holidays.
Sit down.
So what made you decide to go Rambo on the Christmas lights? If I knew, I would have told you by now.
So you don't remember anything between leaving the bar and when the Jeep crashed into the tree lot? No.
And I won't the next time you ask me, either.
Don't do that, man.
Garza, you're safe here.
I've blacked out before, but never like that.
Did you take anything when you went out last night? No.
We know about your relapse on hydrocodone.
My rotator cuff-- it was killing me.
The pills were an easy fix.
But I stopped and got myself together, I promise.
And you're sure you didn't take any pills last night? And you didn't give any to Hawkins? I'm sure, sir.
Garza needs a ghost of Christmas Past.
More like a DeLorean.
Hey, guys.
So, Brad Hawkin'' blood tox results just came in.
It looks like he had a high concentration of a drug called scopolamine in his system.
That's an anti-nausea med used by scuba divers and fighter pilots.
Well, in the high quantity, it probably means that somebody drugged him.
That's what it's looking like.
We'll let you know as soon as we get Garza's blood tox back.
Thank you.
Whoever drugged him is a real Krampus.
Anyone who drugs someone is a joy-stealing Christmas demon.
Except that they were out for more than joy.
In South America they use it to rob people.
Victims empty bank accounts and hand over jewelry willingly.
How to you explain them going crazy in the Jeep? Well, you can still drive and move on scopolamine, But it can make your behavior more erratic.
Plus the memory loss.
You know what-- Hawkins also exhibited the same physical symptoms and memory loss as Garza.
Which means whoever drugged Hawkins also got Garza.
Probably at the bar.
ARKADY: Anna Kolcheck's room.
What are you doing? We've been waiting for hours.
(indistinct announcement on P.
) Can I help you? I am her father.
Is she okay? She fractured her forearm and ruptured some tendons, most likely from a direct blow with a hard object.
It's called a Monteggia fracture.
During surgery, we set it together using pins and wires.
Is she in a lot of pain? At the moment, no.
She came through the surgery beautifully, but healing is going to take some time.
You did surgery? Yes.
Uh, I had some help, but I was the lead.
(sniffs) I smell vodka.
All right, ig-ignore him.
When can we go in and sit with her? Let the nurse get her settled first.
You'll be able to go in there soon.
MAN (over P.
): Dr.
Paging Dr.
- Excuse me.
What the hell's your problem? I did not trust her.
Maybe she sees patient handcuffed to bed, she phones it in a little bit.
You've never heard of the Hippocratic oath? (chuckles) I took oath to protect Mother Russia, and here we are.
You really believe she's going to be okay? Of course I do.
Otherwise, how'd you be able to sleep tonight? Really? What? You still think it's my fault that she's in prison, huh? All I did was tell the ATF the truth.
That is what she asked me to do.
It is your fault.
Why? Is that a real question? That was a real question.
Why would I want her hurt? Because hurt people hurt people.
Did you ever hear of that? I saw it in a book.
This isn't a joke.
Why would I intentionally want her hurt? Who knows why you do what you do? I care for her, deeply.
You said you tell truth on stand.
I do not believe you tell truth now.
Next time people tell you L.
is full of fancy cars and ridiculous people, remember this place.
Don't think I'll forget it anytime soon.
Oh, sorry about the wait.
My beer delivery guy is a chatty one.
What can I get for you? NCIS.
Oh, is this about Jim? I told him not to sell his power tools in the parking lot.
Do you know these guys? Yeah.
He's a regular.
What'd he do? Were you working last night? Nope, but we can see what the cameras picked up.
We got a new system.
It's back there.
Jim's not gonna like that.
No, he's not.
There's your guys, right there.
Who's this? No, don't recognize him.
Rewind it to before he approaches.
This wasn't a random encounter.
Garza and Hawkins were being watched.
I saw Rogers downstairs at the copier.
He says he's coming up here to talk about something personal.
You did call him a Grinch.
(sharp inhale) He probably heard.
You know what, I bet you're right.
You haven't seen me.
- (whimpers) - Oh, but Eric.
The Grinch's heart grows by three times its size at the end of the film.
Plus he returns half the presents he stole.
Nell, no one has ever told anyone they're a Grinch and meant it in a positive way.
(exclaims) NELL: Oh, hello, sir.
I'm glad you're here.
Where's Eric? Oh, you know.
He's he's around.
I want to speak with you about a holiday-related matter.
Okay, shoot.
I have some people coming to town this evening.
I'd like you to recommend a seasonal activity.
Preferably one that does not involve watching movies or talking about movies.
Hey, uh, sorry to, uh Just happened to overhear.
I was fixing this uh, monitor, here.
Hey, we love this question.
We do.
It is a rather big question, and really depends on your guests.
What are their seasonal preferences-- Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day? What do you like to do? Ooh, lights or caroling? - Maybe markets? Markets.
- Markets The Farmer's market on Fairfax.
They do the whole thing with the with all the decorations.
Rose Bowl Flea Market-- big crowd-pleaser, lots of unique gift ideas.
It's a good one.
You could also try downtown Okay.
Farmer's market and the flea market.
Thank you, Nell, Eric.
I'll consider that and maybe consult TripAdvisor.
Carry on.
ERIC: Yeah, but I had, like, 14 more ideas for that guy.
Howdy, boys.
Kensi got something to show you.
When you guys met at the bar yesterday, do you remember talking to this guy? Yeah.
Yeah, for a little while.
We talk to people in there all the time.
They're friendly in there.
Okay, well, you do you remember a conversation with him, specifically? Small talk.
He asked about Garza's job.
Most people aren't that interested in waste management.
Hold that thought.
We'll be right back.
So this guy sits with Garza and Hawkins, buys them a round and slips scopolamine in it.
Scopolamine makes you talkative.
To everybody else, you're just having a conversation.
Well, and once it takes effect after a few minutes, this guy could have been asking Garza to give up information on the waste management facility.
We need to figure out why someone would go to all that trouble.
DEEKS: Should we draw straws? See who goes to waste management, 'cause I bet it smells like pine needles and cinnamon.
We'll go.
Oh, we will? Well, ask Garza to tell you everything he could have told this guy about his job, including how to bypass security.
All right.
Kens, we're getting back in there.
You know what's up? Lighting round.
You go first.
There she is.
(groans) I thought I told you to stay away.
Well, you didn't say anything about hospitals.
(chuckles) Looks like your new neighbors are bullies.
Don't worry, I took care of them.
Maybe not as well as I could have, but Want some water? And I promise not to make any Bionic Woman jokes about your arm, considering two of the nurses already did.
Appreciate that.
(chuckles) Callen, I No.
You don't need to talk about what happened.
Your only job right now is to get some rest.
I can manage that.
And I'm actually gonna enjoy the quiet.
Considering I've been sitting with your father.
Listening to him chat up some Russian couple.
He does, in fact, have plans for New Year's Eve now.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Sounds about right.
Get some rest.
I'll be right here.
MAN: Okay, this right here is where the magic happens.
It's a tight system, you know? We process hundreds of shipments a day.
If we didn't schedule everything in a tight way, it'd just be chaos.
I believe it.
Ernie Garza has the same job as you.
You know why anyone would approach him? No, I'm He's a pretty good dude, you know? Talks about Madden a lot, but What's this about? Did-did something happen? Do you guys process any hazardous waste that could be weaponized? No, man, n-nothing like that.
I mean, we-we process standard household stuff, you know? Used paint, oil, uh, expired medicines.
Expired medicines? You mean, like, unused pills from pharmacies and hospitals? Yeah, they come in from all over.
- We process about three loads a week.
- (phone chimes) You know? We're gonna burn one later today.
Tell me when.
Uh shipment came in at 10:00 a.
, we're incinerating it in half an hour.
Is the far side of the dock visible with cameras? Yeah, of course it is.
I mean, I'm-I'm pretty sure.
You guys want to hang out here, - I can go check.
- No, no, no.
Show us the dock.
Yeah, just right over here.
What the Someone got away with a truck full of meds that could be sold again out on the street.
Even a tight system can have cracks.
- There you are.
- Yeah.
- I'm watching out for Rogers.
- Hmm.
I don't want him asking us for any more "seasonal recommendations" I can't take it.
Ooh, I hear you.
All right, anything on the facility? Uh, yeah.
A weakness in the security system.
Someone drove a truck in, loaded it with drugs waiting to be incinerated, and drove off.
So where's the footage? Well, Sam says the waste management company's claiming security malfunction.
They're not handing over any footage of the loading docks without a warrant.
All right, so we get one.
Rogers will like that.
You can tell what he likes? (chuckles) (computer beeps) NELL: Ooh, there's our guy from the bar.
All right.
Maze Cooper.
Years ago he had some low-level misdemeanors.
His name pops up on a DEA watch list for doctors shopping to get prescription meds.
And facial rec puts Maze in the background of some party photos on social media.
(computer beeps) You mean Joe Jirani's social media feed? Okay, this guy is supposedly a real estate mogul, but it looks like he's got tons of downtime to post pics of his, uh, off-road vehicles, his wow, several lady friends, and, uh, an extremely festive Persian cat.
(chuckles) (computer beeps) Oh.
Okay, get this.
So, it looks like Jirani is also a known drug dealer who has somehow managed to evade the law.
All right, pulling up real estate records.
Jirani owns a massive ranch in Agua Dulce.
There's a lot of room for his off-road vehicles.
Not to mention a truck full of pharmaceuticals.
- Yep.
- I'll alert the team.
We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you A merry Christmas We wish you a merry SAM: Kensi and Deeks, get a visual on the pharmaceuticals, then we'll locate Maze and Jirani.
Copy that, Sam.
Wait for it.
Drone's in flight.
Up, up and away.
Drone footage is online.
We got eyes on the compound.
Any sign of the drugs? KENSI: Wow, okay, well, from the looks of it, Jirani's already given some magic elf dust to his guests.
Maybe I can borrow their tinsel.
Okay, guys, we've got a truck.
It's a quarter mile northwest, over the hill.
On the move.
NELL: Okay, I'm sending you these photos.
These are the guys you're gonna want to chat with.
Got 'em.
Raise your hands out in the sky We got the chestnuts roasting all over the fire Merry Christm (grunting) (thud) Whoa.
We fought each other.
We had a fight club fight.
Now I'm gonna fight you.
You know the first rule of fight club is you don't talk about (grunts) Well, there's another example of why we shouldn't do drugs.
(clears throat) So, uh, Sam, we have a visual confirmation on these pharmaceuticals.
SWAT is 15 out.
What do you do? I don't see any heavy security.
DeChamps and I are gonna go in.
Mama cooked the food, I'm-a scrape the plate Making sure I don't Bet your Christmas party in Baton Rouge is nothing like this.
I'm not gonna take that bet.
Let's split up, see if we can find our guys.
Christmas, what, Merry Christmas, what Merry Christmas, yeah, and the Christmas cheer And if you're feeling it, raise your hands Out in the sky, we got the chestnuts roasting All over the fire, Merry Christmas, what Merry Christmas, what (clears throat) Merry Christmas, yeah, and the Christmas cheer And if you're feeling it, raise your Seen Maze? Maze? There's a maze here? I want to do a maze.
Really? Amazing.
(both laughing) Yeah.
You want to take a ride? No, thanks.
I'm good.
DeCHAMPS: Got Maze.
She was in the club, dropping that (music continuing in distance) It's Leila, right? Nicole.
Yeah, you look familiar.
First time here, actually.
I want you to meet my friend.
I think you'll like him.
Come on.
I got eyes on Jirani.
'Sup? This is Nicole.
Haven't seen you here before.
Heard about your place from a friend.
You don't look like you're having fun.
I just got here.
With your friend? Haven't seen him before either.
You both can eat something from the table up there.
It's free.
We got lots of brownies, lollipops.
Go ahead.
Let's talk in private.
Let's talk right here.
(clears throat) Heard about your shipment.
I think we can make a better deal.
I don't know what you're talking about.
(grunting) I'm a federal agent.
That was stupid.
Ow! And to all a good night.
Eh, I think I saw some Christmas candy and some brownies over there.
Should I grab 'em? - No.
- I mean, we could party.
I can't believe you didn't want any of this kutia.
Is delicious.
I can't believe you told that lady it was for your sick daughter.
I forgot Anna doesn't like it.
I don't like to waste food.
You need to be somewhere? I need to be here.
What about you-- got big plans with your people tonight? Eh, they'll understand.
But if you need to leave, I got this.
Nurse said Anna's gonna need a few more days to recover before they take her back to Alton.
That place.
Lately, I have an idea.
And after today, idea is clear.
Keep talking.
This business with Anna.
She was sentenced many years in federal prison, then moved suddenly to state prison.
And then she has a horrible injury.
You get feeling somehow none of this makes sense? Yeah, Arkady.
I do.
Singing carols Hello, guys.
DeCHAMPS: Don't worry, we're here for a good reason.
Hey, Hawkins.
Hi, Ernie.
Hey, Maia.
You look nice.
Brought you some gingerbread.
Not too sweet, just the way you like it.
Looks like you've got a lot of work to do.
I do.
Well, we're gonna head out.
Thanks for the ride.
Take care, Maia.
Oh, I spoke to your C.
They know what happened.
You won't be punished.
I appreciate that, sir.
Agent Hanna.
Thank you both.
Come December, and I remember Get yourself right, Garza.
Every Christmas I will, sir.
I've known.
Wow, I knew it.
Elves are real.
Mm, especially elves named Tiffany, Kat, and Mandy.
Oh, cannot believe you called for backup right underneath my nose.
Did you pull the bride card? No, I pulled a friend card.
And they did all this? Got to love those elves.
Got to love this barkeep.
Oh, you're cute.
Hey, guys! Welcome.
You look great.
What do you think of the bar? The bar is I mean, it's a winter wonderland in here.
(chuckles) You know what, I actually think the Grinch might regret not being here.
What do you mean-- Rogers isn't coming? (snaps fingers) Oh, no, he has people flying in.
Well, that sounds mysterious and creepy.
All right.
I think we're gonna take a lap.
Take a lap.
Do it.
Okay, go.
Have fun.
Do it.
Bye, kids, have fun.
NELL: Bye.
They're so cute.
I know.
Like, the cutest.
In case you were looking for a little change of scenery.
Oh, what, uh Check it out.
Membership to a rock climbing gym.
"This Place Rocks.
" That's the name? I know, right? You are seriously the best.
(chuckles) Jingle Nell Rock.
(chuckles) So, I'm thinking Yosemite in one week.
You? Rock climbing outside in the winter? No, no, no.
We are going to a hotel inside the park, where they present you with a Christmas feast Mmm.
in the style of a 17th century English manor.
My Lord.
Mistletoe, stat.
No mistletoe required.
I'm liking this new bold Beale.
Keep it up.
All right, will do.
(chuckles) It's crazy.
I mean, I just remember him starting middle school, and now he has a girlfriend in Brooklyn.
That's insane.
When are we gonna see him? Hopefully he'll come by in the spring.
Really? Have you met her? Yeah.
Do you like her? Yeah, of course.
Yeah, she I like her.
She can't cook.
Evidently, Nora from Accounting just stole a bottle of tequila.
I'm gonna go wrestle her to the ground again.
I will help you.
Hey, Sam.
Hey! Thought you had a flight to Baton Rouge tonight.
Found a flight out in the morning.
My grandma said she'd keep a plate warm for me.
Your grandma.
Well, that's a good grandma.
Sorry Callen couldn't make it.
Yeah, I am, too.
He told me to tell you thank you for helping out.
We do what we have to do.
We get lucky if it's fun and with good people.
Lucky? Mm-hmm.
Oh, so you think it's luck? (laughs) All right.
So I want to thank everybody for coming.
We're very honored that our bar is now part of the Office of Special Project'' long and proud tradition of throwing together last-minute holiday parties.
Um but that's how we roll, right? We work hard every single day, and we look up, and another season has passed.
I don't want to cut too much into everybody's party time, but I feel like that something needs to be said.
I feel like you've done that already.
I feel like I maybe have.
Do me do me a favor.
Everybody just grab a glass, and we're gonna raise a toast to those that are not with us today.
And, um we're thinking about, uh, Harley Hidoko and Owen Granger.
And we want them to know that they are loved and they are missed.
And to Henrietta Lange, wherever she may be, that she, too, is loved and missed.
And, uh that she comes home soon (clears throat) with great stories and, hopefully, some great scotch.
MAN: Hear, hear.
Oh, yeah.
So, to all of us, and to all of them, Merry Christmas.
ALL: Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.