NCIS Los Angeles s10e12 Episode Script

The Sound of Silence

1 WOMAN: Moving on, let's review the stats for 2018.
The metrics from December are now available.
Looking back over the year, we've loaded 48 ships with 3,200 tons of ammunition.
That's up nine percent from 2017.
Along with a 15% reduction in workplace injuries.
Not too shabby.
Keep doing what you're doing.
Next, we have an update on the pier replacement proposal (high-pitched ringing) and its, uh What's that? What is what, ma'am? Nothing.
(ringing continuing) Sorry.
Back to the proposal.
The - the pier - MAN: Is she okay? propo propo What's happening? Ma'am, can you hear me? Ma'am.
Get some pressure on the bleeding.
I'm calling 911.
NCIS: LA 10x12 The Sound of Silence How's this possible? How is every hotel room in Kauai booked? - Oh, I just found a suite in Maui.
- Oh.
For $4,000 a night.
Wow, that's fantastic, as long as it's buy one night, get 12 nights free.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
- Change tactics.
You check out Tahiti, I'm gonna check out Fiji.
So, uh, is this a case, or are we tracking down rum smugglers? (Kensi laughs) No, we're trying to plan our honeymoon.
It's getting kind of late, right? It's two months away.
(chuckles) Yeah, but isn't March the month when everyone goes on spring break? Families, college kids.
Super helpful.
That's what that is.
Just super - helpful.
- You know what, why don't we ditch our beach idea altogether.
Let's go to Italy.
We'll do, like, a gastronomy trip.
There's culture, there's history.
What? No.
That's what people do when they retire.
Baby, I want to do something active.
You want to surf.
- Maybe.
- You know, they say marriage is about compromise.
Sam, help us out-- where's your dream vacation? Hit me.
I want to take the kids to Egypt.
That's what I'm talking about.
They get to learn about the pyramids, about the Sphinx, about the cradle of civilization.
SAM: Actually, we're gonna keep it active.
We're gonna go scuba diving in the Red Sea.
Ha! See, that's what I'm talking about.
You know why he's doing that? He's not 107.
Callen, what's your dream vacation? - I don't know.
- I think you're asking the wrong guy.
He has 44 days of unused vacation time.
What?! What do you want me to tell you? - I happen to like my job.
- Mm.
Callen, everybody needs some time off.
I took a couple three-day weekends last year.
DEEKS: Three Buddy, that makes me sad, in my heart, for you.
You want to know where the happiest people on the planet are? - Where? - Denmark.
And you want to know why? Why? Because they have the shortest workdays and they have five weeks paid vacation.
I would love to go to Denmark.
T-That's not why I I don't want to go to Denmark.
That's not why I brought it up.
(chuckles) Wait, guys, have you considered Iceland? Okay, activity-wise, you could hike a glacier.
Or paddle a fjord.
And, culturally, there are these incredible Viking museums.
All righty, then.
We have a case.
There we are.
Reykjavik average temperature in March-- ooh, it's a balmy 28 degrees.
I hear the ice hotels are very romantic.
(moans) This is Commander Valerie Torres, head of logistics at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach.
- Ouch.
- Yeah, she didn't quite make it through her staff meeting this morning.
That looks like more than a bump on the head.
Uh, major concussion.
Still hospitalized and unconscious.
That sounds like a medical case.
Except, over the past week, she's been concerned someone's trying to kill her.
Someone in particular? Uh, it's all pretty vague.
She's requested security escorts to and from her car.
Could be related to a personnel issue.
Or it could be related to all the weapons for the Pacific fleet.
SAM: She's in charge of 500,000 square feet of ammunition storage.
Including Tomahawks for our guided missile destroyers.
Yeah, you disrupt command, you disrupt operations.
And you could use the diversion to steal from the weapons cache.
Which is why we got the Bat-Signal.
Well, the good news is it's no longer rush hour on the 405.
DEEKS: Well, the good news is also that, at low tide, the weapons station jetty's got this killer left break.
I could go surf.
Sam and I will take Seal Beach.
- Oh! - Why don't you and Kensi go down to see Torres in the hospital? ERIC: Which is in Los Alamitos.
Just a mere six miles from the beach.
KENSI: Yeah, someone's got to be there - when she wakes up.
- Which could be tomorrow.
Then you wait.
Like you do for the perfect wave.
That's not funny.
That's bullying.
That's not bullying.
It's not bullying-anything.
(indistinct announcement on P.
) Room 112, there, on the left.
Commander Torres? Good morning.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I took a red-eye from the East Coast last night.
No problem.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
Uh, Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD.
Emilio Torres, her husband.
Has she spoken to you at all yet? Not yet.
But the CT scan showed no fractures or internal bleeding.
That's encouraging.
Now we just have to wait, hope she wakes up.
Do the doctors know why she fainted? They said it wasn't a heart attack or a stroke.
Uh, we're investigating some of her concerns.
Did she mention or talk about anybody wanting to harm her? Not until I went to Boston.
- When was that? - Last week.
Here's one of her texts.
"Nausea, headache, fatigue, "trouble concentrating, insomnia.
"Don't want to sound paranoid here, but it feels like someone is poisoning me.
" Did she see a doctor for any of these symptoms? We decided to wait just a bit in case it was a virus that would pass.
Did they check her out for poisoning? Did a urine test.
Negative for drugs of abuse.
Well, we have Navy toxicologists that can weigh in on that.
Just to search for anything more exotic, like heavy metals or perhaps a nerve agent.
Nerve agent? Like when the Russians tried to kill the spy and his daughter in England? I think, at this point, we need to consider everything.
In terms of the food, I bought the cream cheese this morning.
Checked the expiration date.
Nobody else who ate bagels got sick.
Except, I nearly fainted when I saw all that blood, it's happened to me before.
Jerome, have you ever been on active duty? No, sir, I'm in the civil service.
That's good to know.
How long have you worked for Commander Torres? Two and a half years.
- You answer her calls? - I do.
And you attend all of her meetings? Every one, every day.
You ever heard anyone get mad, or say anything threatening to her? Never.
She's a very polite woman, even to the guys that vacuum the floor or pick up the trash.
We need a list of everyone who reports to her.
- JEROME: Consider it done.
- CALLEN: Huh.
We saw security camera footage that was shot from the back of the room.
Do these cameras record as well? JEROME: They do.
We teleconference with three cameras so we can cover whoever's speaking.
Can we see this morning's meeting from that angle? SAM: Who's that sitting next to your boss? Uh, Walter Purdue, ordnance officer, and Cynthia Zhang, command safety officer.
We'd like to speak with them.
Oh, right now? - Yeah.
- Absolutely, I'll be right back.
This time, don't look at Torres.
Focus on the other two.
SAM: He looks unsteady and she looks like she's about to vomit.
So whatever hit the commander probably hit the two of them as well.
I do remember that.
Uh, definitely light-headed, uh, could have been low blood sugar.
I went for a run and skipped breakfast.
There was food in the room.
I try to avoid carbs.
- Mm.
- After the meeting, I had a protein bar, I felt much better.
And you had an upset stomach? I was a little nauseated.
Before the meeting? After.
I had wine with dinner last night.
That can give me gastritis.
Any odors in the room? I don't think so.
Any powders or liquids on the table? Just coffee.
How about strange sounds? Not that I was aware of.
Uh, I had a little ringing in my ear, but not after she fainted.
Anything out of the ordinary? (grunts) Mm-mmm.
Well, thank you for your time.
We're gonna be here, so if you think of anything else, let us know.
What's the word from the hospital? She's stable for now.
We'll keep you posted.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Well, more people would be affected if it was in the air or in the food.
You had to be sitting right next to her to get symptoms.
What if something came in through the window? Hmm.
You mean, like, a directed energy attack? Like what hit our embassy in Cuba and in China.
Well, the symptoms fit.
At first they thought it was a sonic attack.
Now they're thinking it was microwaves.
That's a big building.
Microwaves pass through windows, not walls.
From any floor you have a direct shot into this room.
Lots of hotel rooms in Acapulco.
Great, go hang with our cartel friends, you can drag me through the desert again.
You know what we should do? We should just rent an Airstream and then just hit up all the national parks.
That sounds fun.
- Hmm? - Just not honeymoon-worthy.
(sharp inhale) I think we need to take this decision out of our hands.
Oh, yeah? How do you plan on doing that? I think we write down the name of all seven continents, we put it into a hat and then we pull one out and whatever that says we commit to it.
What if we get something like Antarctica? I mean, it's like Iceland but without the cool Viking museums.
We can go hug penguins.
- Fun.
- NELL (over comm): Kens, Deeks.
Yes? NELL: So, the husband's trip to Boston was for a conference at MIT.
He's a professor of astrophysics at Caltech.
Wow, he fancy.
Excuse me, she's waking up.
- Great news.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Val, these are the folks from NCIS.
Hi, I'm Kensi Blye.
Marty Deeks.
How you feeling? Fine.
- Except a headache the size of Texas.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Are you aware that you fainted? Yeah.
And I heard about the 12 stitches in my attic.
Can we please go home? Unfortunately, they want to, uh, observe you for a bit.
I'm fine.
I-I don't need to be here.
Let me find your doctor.
(clears throat) Uh, we just have a few more questions for you.
So, before you fainted, how were you feeling? Like crap.
There was this high-pitched noise but nobody else seemed to hear it.
And then the room was spinning and I don't know, I woke up here.
This past week, at home, y-you said you had other symptoms.
(high-pitched ringing) What is that? What's what? (monitor beeping rapidly) Commander Torres? Commander Torres? Kens.
Is she having a seizure? Commander Torres? - Hey, doc, I need some help in here.
- Commander Torres.
Can you hear me? Commander Torres.
Ready for an update, Eric.
Um, the incident at the hospital could be a progression of her head injury, so she's going in for a repeat head CT.
What about the building? Well, no suspicious tenants or businesses, but if there were attacks on the conference room and now at the hospital, that means that the bad guys are mobile.
We're not completely sure this was a real attack.
An inner ear infection could cause ringing, - nausea, vertigo.
- ERIC: Yeah, but so can microwaves.
Pulsed radiofrequencies, if strong enough, can cause oxidative stress to nerve cells, actual physiologic changes.
In Havana, they all heard something.
NELL: Right, and they still heard the sounds after they covered their ears.
It's called the Frey effect, or MAE-- microwave auditory effect.
I'm thinking we send monitors to the hospital.
If there's another attack, we can catch it.
That's a good plan.
- Any luck with the security cameras? - NELL: Yeah, I just sent you a shot of the parking structure roof outside your window, right after Torres fainted.
Can you fit a microwave weapon into a car? If there's enough space.
Well, we got a bunch of SUVs, minivans And it could be any one of them.
Back from CT? Yeah, everything's good.
Except that's not my wife.
Uh, we've moved her away from the window.
That is a special agent who will be in her bed, active and walking around.
We're just trying to bait another attack.
Where can I find Valerie? Uh, she's in room 209.
But before you go, I have a question which may sound odd and unlikely, but some researchers think that these symptoms could be psychological.
That's ridiculous.
Has she talked about maybe having more stress at work? No.
She always handles it.
What about home life? Kids? O-Our daughter's a junior at Harvard, I just got to see her in a play last night.
If anything, there's less stress now with an empty nest.
- Of course, okay, thanks.
- All right.
You know where to find me.
Yeah, thank you.
(sighs) All right, I'm just gonna say it: with his background in physics, maybe he's the person behind all this.
You think he wants to hurt his own wife? I mean, think about it.
The attacks at home didn't start until he left town, right? And then today he leaves the room and she gets hit again.
I mean, come on, he's a tenured college professor with a perfect family.
Brightest lights have the darkest shadows.
Well, also, on the flip side, he travels a lot.
She could be seeing someone else.
Maybe it's her ex, seeking revenge.
Wow, you have definitely been watching too many telenovelas.
Helps me keep my Spanish.
Well, if there is something fishy going on, I know just the meerkats to dig up the dirt.
While Commander Torres is off duty who's overseeing logistics? The C.
gave that to C.
The ordnance officer? And I've been assigned to assist him.
We requested an increase in security at the bunkers.
Uh, okay.
I'll make sure that happens.
You see any more unusual activity, you let us know.
Of course.
ERIC: Gentlemen, - can we talk? - Go ahead, Eric.
So, we've got security footage from outside the hospital - at the time of the presumed attack.
- I am sending that to Callen, and Sam's got the still from the Seal Beach parking structure this morning.
Compare and contrast.
Same minivans in each photo.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
It's a silver Dodge Grand Caravan.
License plate? Oh, we're still working on it.
That's got to be them.
Ready to take out more innocent people.
Can you scoot back a little bit, 'cause I can't see past the bangs and your fancy new haircut.
(laughs) How's it looking in there? Well, she's selling it.
Making it look like she's getting discharged.
What about the microwave monitor? In position, facing the window.
Ready for the next attack if there is one.
Homina, homina, homina, homina, homina, homina-- you ready? You want to do this now? We could be here all day.
Besides, every passing minute, rival couples are dashing our dreams by booking their honeymoon packages.
Let's get in there.
Okay, but if I pick something I don't like, - can I pick another one? - Nope.
How about you pick one, I pick one, and then we just decide which one we like best? That defeats the purpose.
Fine, fine.
I believe in you.
- Um - Big winner, no whammies.
Don't pick Antarctica.
(laughs) And the winner will be? What do you got? Gonna make the announcement after the break? South America.
- Oh.
- I can do South America.
I could do Rio de Janeiro.
Giant turtles.
We could swim with those iguanas.
We could learn to tango in Buenos Aires.
See? Huh? (squeals) We're making progress, we're living the dream.
NELL: Hey, Kens, Deeks, we've got your infidelity report here.
Uh, well, not your infidelity report.
You know, it's not like we think you're being - unfaithful or not getting along.
- NELL: Okay, Eric.
I think they know what I meant.
Well, it's important to chose your words carefully.
Don't you think? Hmm.
I would say.
- Moving on to Torres' husband.
- Yes.
He had no suspicious activity at the Boston hotel.
One key for the room, no extravagant charges, no room service alcohol.
He did, however, have breakfast at Denny's with a much younger woman.
His daughter.
Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to tell them that, Eric? KENSI: What about back at home? Yeah, so we checked neighborhood security cams to see if there was any deviation from her normal schedule.
She never got home late at night or at the crack of dawn.
There's no visitors coming and going, but there was this one thing.
Yeah, a Dodge Caravan parked outside her house every night.
Okay, Eric.
You started it.
No, what I did was unintentional.
DEEKS: Guys, was the same minivan outside the conference room and the hospital? Apparently so.
KENSI: So she was getting hit by microwaves every night.
Explains why her symptoms were worse.
NELL: Oh, and before you ask, I have not found a view of the license plate.
But I did.
I found it on a traffic cam four blocks - from the hospital.
- Wow, good for you, Eric.
There's no "I" in "team.
" But there is in "Eric.
" Just like there's a "U" in "obnoxious.
" DEEKS: Meerkats.
Lock it down.
(clears throat) License plate is registered to Reza Lajani.
He's a psychologist living in Santa Monica.
Well, we're stuck in Los Alamitos.
Well, Callen and Sam are on their way.
- All right.
- Hey, guys, whatever's happening today, can you please work it out? Please? DEEKS: Do some trust falls? Yup.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
You know with 44 days of vacation time, you could take almost two months off? Now, did you just do that math in your head? 'Cause I would've had to use a calculator for that.
Oh, that's extremely funny, except you're about to lose all but 30 days.
Well, then I'd better take a few days off.
To do what? - Well, play some golf.
- You don't golf.
Binge-watch? You don't own a TV.
Go to Russia? That sounds like work, not play.
- Hello.
- Hello, ma'am.
Agent Callen, NCIS.
Agent Sam Hanna.
We're looking for Reza Lejani.
My husband.
He's with a client in his office.
Uh, something wrong? His car was at the scene of a crime.
- His Lexus? - No, no, no, no.
Dodge minivan.
That's not his car, it's mine.
It's just registered in his name.
Do you know where that car is? In the garage.
Where was it this morning? In the garage.
What about last night? (sighs) On the street.
When we bought our house, this was a very safe neighborhood.
Now, you leave your car out, they break the windows, cut the tires, they even take the headlights.
Something happened last night? I was lucky.
All they did was steal our license plates.
- Did you file a police report? - I called.
They said I'd have to come in to the station, and I sent them - our home security video.
- Can we take - a look at that? - Sure.
Yeah? There's a guy in the shadows-- he's wearing a baseball cap.
Facial recognition can't do anything with that.
- Yeah, but we may be able to get a print.
- Maybe.
Do you mind if we take a look in the garage? No problem.
Thank you.
Got something.
Looks like a thumbprint.
That's a decent print.
This guy's got any criminal past, we got him.
Lunch is usually more than just french fries.
Only thing I could trust in that whole cafeteria.
They're ice cold.
Too bad we don't have a mirowave, huh? - Really? - Too soon? NELL: Hey, guys, the monitor in Torres's room is screaming off the charts.
It's another microwave attack.
Look for the silver minivan.
I don't see anything on the street or the parking lot.
- There it is.
- Yup.
- Lot of bystanders.
- Duly noted.
Gun! Well, whoever owns this car is gonna be a little upset.
- We need to be surgical.
- Agreed.
You first.
Oh Mm, okay.
Ah You think we got him? Either that or they're reloading.
Let's find out, shall we? Federal agents! Driver, roll down your window! (grunts) Oh! There's at least two men still inside.
(engine starts) Rear passenger, palms out the window.
Driver, roll down your window, throw out your keys.
(rapid gunfire) Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Down! Get down! Get down! - They never listen.
- Eric and Nell, they're headed north on Prospect.
Damage, side window.
Armed and dangerous.
Hey, Kens, we ID'd your dead guy.
Actually, Nell ID'd your dead guy.
She did all the heavy lifting.
Thank you, Eric.
You guys are sounding better.
You want to talk about what was going on? Oh, it was nothing.
Sounded like something.
(chuckles) Okay, it was lunchtime - And Eric gets hangry.
- No, I don't.
Last night Eric stayed up late making tuna salad.
Not just any tuna salad, all right? Well This is an award-winning blend of parsley, dill, Bermuda onions, capers, cranberries, almonds, and Dijon mayonnaise.
Sounds delicious.
Thanks, Angel.
Well, it could've been.
I said I would grab the sandwiches.
I was running late.
I forgot the sandwiches.
You know what? It took some time, but we worked it out.
(chuckles) Way to go, you two.
I got to be honest, if Kensi did that to me, I'd be back on Tinder.
What do we know about our guy? Okay, so, Daniel Barnet, he's an unemployed electrical engineer.
He's now lost two jobs due to hostile behavior.
So he has the skills to build an energy weapon and the anger to use it.
Was he a match to Callen's fingerprint? Uh, negative on that.
So why's he attacking the Navy? Well, on social media, he's got a ton of anti-immigration posts, and with all that hate, he and his buddies may be looking to-- I don't know-- acquire weapons.
Do we know who he's working for? Well, he made three calls to a burn phone today and sent a few cryptic text messages to another anti-immigration guy named Hayden York.
NELL: We got a Pasadena address coming your way.
York, it's the Department of Water and Power.
We got some complaints.
We'd like to check your faucets - for impurities.
- Who you looking for? Oh, my.
Uh, Hayden York.
Out of luck.
Dude moved out three days ago.
- And you are? - Tangerine.
Got a light? No, I don't.
Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
Whoa, was he, like, a serial killer or something? Not quite.
Did he leave a forwarding address? Maybe at the post office.
Did he ever have any visitors? No, guy was a loner, never looked you in the eye.
Had what they call a, uh, "lack of social skills," you know what I mean? - I do.
- No.
Weird thing was, he packed his apartment into a 26-footer from Move and Groove.
You could've fit a mansion in that thing.
- Really? - Whole mansion, huh? Yeah.
Tell us what you got.
Well, first off, Hayden York used a fake driver's license with a fake address to rent the moving truck.
That's big enough to cart off a ton of weapons.
They have a plan.
Notify Seal Beach.
They need to deny entry to any rental trucks.
That might not work.
The dead guy in the minivan-- he texted York and also called a burn phone today.
NELL: And we traced that burn phone to a mini-mall in Long Beach.
Buyer used cash.
And look who we have exiting the mall at 7:25 this morning, right after the time of the sale.
Walter Purdue, Ordnance Officer.
What's in the bag, Walter? Something bigger than a breakfast burrito.
Perhaps a box with a prepaid phone? We wanted Purdue to lock down all of the bunkers for us.
Well, I'm not so sure he's following orders.
- All set.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Hello again.
I'm curious to know what's so important.
There's been a new development in the case.
Yeah, we think we know who attacked Commander Torres.
Did you make an arrest? This one's at large.
This one-- he's dead.
Either of them look familiar? - They don't work at Seal Beach.
- Hmm.
Their accomplice does.
CALLEN: The dead one, Daniel Barnet, made three phone calls to that burn phone you bought this morning.
And? They said they wouldn't hurt Valerie.
It would just get her off duty for a day.
Why would they want her off work? So I'd take over logistics.
And you cooperated? I had to.
My son is 27.
No health insurance.
Got addicted to methamphetamine last year.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We tried county rehab.
It was terrible.
He relapsed.
I wanted him to get his life back, so I paid for the best 90-day residential program.
It worked.
- Sounds like you did the right thing.
- PURDUE: Yeah.
But it cost me about a hundred grand.
Money I didn't have.
And with my mortgage, I I couldn't qualify for a loan.
So how'd you pay for it? I borrowed it from a friend of a friend.
Not a bank.
A loan shark? I paid off half, and then he sold the loan to a guy who demanded payback in a week.
I couldn't do it.
He said either pay, or he'd hurt my family.
Or I could tell him.
You could tell him what? Something that only the chief of logistics knows.
Which is? The routes and schedules for cruise missile deliveries this week.
You gave that up? It's not a security breach, because they're stupid.
You can't steal a cruise missile.
They-they weigh 3,000 pounds.
They're tracked and escorted.
Any deviation triggers an immediate response.
I can have my guys add extra security to the convoys.
Well, that'd be a great idea, but I don't think you're going back to Seal Beach.
You mean today or longer? (quietly scoffs) That's a question for the lawyers.
NELL: Hey, guys, can we talk in private? We need you to wait in the other room.
Come with me.
So, a cruise missile truck heading for Seal Beach unexpectedly exited the 15 freeway while traveling through the Angeles National Forest.
Highway patrol is responding.
Kensi and Deeks are en route.
Both driver and passenger reported nausea and vertigo right before the detour.
They got hit with microwaves.
What about the security escort? Same symptoms.
And Seal Beach lost contact with both vehicles.
What do we know? Well, two drivers in each vehicle.
All four unconscious, bound and gagged.
Apparently assaulted after they jumped out to vomit.
- What about the payload? - Gone.
They worked fast.
They must have backed the rental truck right to it.
So, how many guys does it take to move a cruise missile? Two, if it's on wheeled tracks.
They also left a little something else behind.
SAM: Same device that hit Torres took out the caravan.
Well, I guess they're done shooting their microwaves.
Yeah, why use a slingshot when you have a weapon of mass destruction? - Could they even fire a cruise missile? - They don't need to.
Could set it off with a detonator, take down a high-rise with 200 feet of lethal injuries.
We know they have anti-immigration views.
That doesn't exactly narrow down their target.
DEEKS: Well, if they don't like Latinos, they go where they gather, so, Olvera Street, soccer games, downtown churches.
KENSI: It could also be an Islamic center, Coalition for Immigrant Rights, I mean, any consulate from the Middle East, Africa.
We need Kaleidoscope to find that truck.
before they pull off another Oklahoma City.
Eric, anything from Kaleidoscope? ERIC: Nada.
These country roads have, like, zero traffic cams.
Did you look deeper into that fingerprint? Yeah.
So, the guy who stole the license plate had no criminal record, so we took your advice, and we checked into all the administrative databases.
Got a hit.
He's a commercial truck driver - named Richard Matts.
- Address? Apartment in Pacoima.
(computer chirps) Oh.
And he also owns a cabin near Lytle Creek.
In the Angeles National Forest.
How far is that from us? Uh three miles.
That's where they're prepping the missile.
What do you see? DEEKS: They backed the truck into the driveway.
Nobody visible.
They're probably working in the back.
Callen, we got eyes on the truck.
There's only one road out from the cabin.
Be ready in case they run.
Copy that.
(raccoon chittering) G.
Raccoon's in bad shape.
What do you think-- rabies? What the hell? (high-pitched ringing) Block your ear.
(groans) It's still there.
You good? It's not too bad.
Kensi, Deeks, engage, but stay covered.
They've got another microwave weapon.
(gunfire) (grunts) It's coming from behind the wall.
(both panting) (high-pitched ringing) (gunfire continuing) (groans) Getting worse? Oh, a little bit of pain.
(groans) Okay, that's vertigo.
Give it a minute.
Maybe it'll pass.
(groans) (gunfire continuing) (high-pitched ringing) Aah! (groans) Aah! You hearing that? Yeah, it's like the morning after an Iron Maiden concert.
- It's microwaves.
- Well, maybe that means they're out of bullets.
(both groan) - Or not.
- Yeah.
Evidently not.
(sighs) (ringing continues) (gunfire) (groans) How's your vertigo? It's easing up a bit.
(grunts) Kensi, Deeks, give 'em everything.
DEEKS: With pleasure.
Yippee ki-Kay.
(groans) (grunts) Oh.
Let's do this! (gunfire) Oh, my gosh.
(groans) Aah! Are you are you spinning? Son of a bitch.
Where's that coming from? Think it's the microwaves.
Pretty sure this is how my mom spent the '60s.
Just keep your head down, okay? Are you gonna be pissed if I throw up? Just don't get shot.
Oh, no me gusta.
(groans) Two guys, two shots.
(grunts) (ringing stops) Microwave disabled.
(grunts) Shooter down! There could be more inside the cabin.
(truck engine starts) Kensi, Deeks, truck's headed your way.
KENSI: Got it.
(grunting) Serious firepower.
That could come in handy.
Like now.
Sorry, gentlemen.
We just didn't feel like paying for valet.
Guys, you need to clear away - in a hurry.
- How far? At least a hundred yards.
Let's go.
Why is he backing up? Probably trying to make a run at the Audi, knock it off the road.
CALLEN: I don't mean to be a back-seat shooter, but you might want to avoid the cargo space.
Moving target.
- You got it? - I got it.
Well, the Audi may be a little dinged up from the shrapnel, but, otherwise, I'd say it's pretty good.
Pretty good indeed.
One, two, three.
That could have caused some real damage.
Do we need to render it safe? No.
They didn't have time to rig the detonator.
Okay, thanks.
Commander Torres is headed home.
Purdue is gonna be downgraded to a non-classified position.
The U.
attorney will offer him a year of weekends in jail.
Well, that sounds reasonable.
Anybody else's ears still ringing? - Yeah.
- Oh, yeah, definitely.
Short-term effects should be gone within 24 hours.
We're lucky, unlike the diplomats who got hit every day.
Oh, we're still gonna have to have our hearing tested.
- What? - Hearing tested.
We'll have to have our hearing tested.
Well, in the meantime, I think I can offer some symptomatic relief.
- Shall we? - Shotgun! Thanks, Mama B.
This is like Star Wars, you guys getting shot at with particle beams.
Uh, they were microwaves.
Like my microwave oven? Any chance that could fry my brain? Only if you get inside.
(laughing) All right, round two if you're ready for it.
Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- CALLEN: You making any progress with the honeymoon planning? - Hmm? - DEEKS: Well, funny you should ask, because we got it all dialed in.
That was quick.
KENSI (laughs): Yeah, real quick.
We've decided on Peru.
They've got diseases in Peru.
DEEKS: Mama, they got diseases everywhere.
I watch this cable show-- Bizarre Infections.
Oh, God.
This woman came back from Peru with Zika, malaria, and river blindness.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
No, we'll be careful.
Just don't get pregnant down there, - okay? - Okay.
I know honeymooners.
You two are gonna be - doing it like bonobos.
- Oh, my - Mom! - I'm serious.
- (Callen laughing) Just think about two forms of contraception-- belt and suspenders, rubbers and a raincoat.
- DEEKS: Okay! - Oh, God.
You know what? That delivery in the back ain't unpacking itself.
You need help with that, or you good? - No, I don't need help with anything.
- Okay.
- Do you need any help? - No, I'm good.
Why don't you work on that cash register.
You know how to work it? I'll You know what, if something goes wrong, I'll call you.
It's not digital.
Oh, my God, I can't believe this woman.
This is the best idea ever.
- So, Peru, huh? - Mm-hmm.
What is that, uh, Machu Picchu? Hmm.
Uh, yeah, maybe, if we have time.
Yeah, we're actually making a volunteer trip.
We're gonna stay at a village.
- Huh.
- DEEKS: So we're building houses and digging irrigation ditches, and, you know, teaching English.
Oh, that sounds romantic.
(laughs) Good for you.
How did you finally decide? Oh, well, we picked it out of a hat.
DEEKS: Compared with the rest of the world, we have everything, so we thought this would be an amazing opportunity to make a difference.
We might have to hold off on it, though, because, um, this place needs a pick-up.
- Oh.
- CALLEN: Yeah, it is a little quiet tonight, but I think the solution could be karaoke.
Want to sing some Neil Diamond? No.
(laughing): No.
no, kar no karaoke.
How about lucha libre? Mexican masked wrestling? DEEKS: See, now, that is a genius idea.
I like it.
Put a ring right there, luchadores flying through the air-- this place would be packed in no time.
- Are you serious? - No! - Oh! - It's a terrible idea.
Stop! It's the worst idea I've ever heard in my I don't want any gimmicks.
I don't want trivia night, I don't want game night.
I just want this place to I just want it to feel like home, you know? Mm.
That it does.
That's because it is your home.
- You live upstairs.
- KENSI: Yeah.
And that is a good point.
Well, it feels like home to me.
Yeah, but you live on a boat.
I think that automatically disqualifies you.
You know what, how about a toast? To the bar with no name.
You can't stop - No Name Bar.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
KENSI: There's no place like home.
CALLEN, SAM and DEEKS: Mm-hmm.

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