NCIS Los Angeles s10e13 Episode Script

Better Angels

1 (breathing heavily) (tires screeching) (grunts softly) (crying out) (groans) That's not-- That's not it.
We'll see.
(panting) Good.
A good man would put a bullet in your head, put you out of your misery.
Leave him.
Let's go.
NCIS: LA 10x13 Better Angels You sure every camera, all the microphones, they're off? Yes.
I checked twice.
Let's go, come on.
I'm not messing around, Beale.
You're positive? Deeks I'm here to help.
Say it.
(exhales) Okay.
(clears throat) "I vow with all my heart "to always be there for you "in every way that you might need, and I vow" Okay.
I'm just gonna-- I'm gonna stop you right there.
I'm just gonna say a little louder.
Right? The vows are-are a public proclamation of your love.
Public and love, not exactly my forte.
But, uh, if she can't hear it, kinda defeats the purpose.
- So, uh, try again, with gusto.
- Okay.
So, from the diaphragm.
(chuckles) (loudly): "I vow with all of my heart "to always be there for you "in every way that you might need.
And I vow to be by your side in sickness and in health and--" Oh, my God, I am gonna kill myself if I have to say this out loud.
- No, no, no, it's good, it's good.
Keep going.
It's good, really? 'Cause it doesn't feel like it's good.
No, well, it's-- You know, it's like, um How do I say this? It's ordinary? Ordinary is good.
Is it? 'Cause it doesn't feel good.
Is that what you would say with Nell? Me? Yeah.
Hell no.
Are you kidding me? Okay, so then what would you say? Um Um? Huh.
It's tough, right? You want to know why it's tough? It's because everything has already been said.
I taketh my lady into my soul, and vow to defend thee savagely with this sword Okay.
as if it were my own beating heart.
- For thou art, from this day forward - "Thou?" Okay.
mine own heart.
Seems a little excessive.
- Thy love, the blood in my veins - Yeah.
thy joy, the air in my lungs.
You obviously haven't put any thought into this at all.
For without thy love and joy Should I write this down? I surely wouldst wither and-and die - Uh-huh.
- as swiftly as without as without air, and-and blood.
Uh, yoo-hoo.
- Hi.
- How-How's it going? Uh, uh, did you hear any of that? Mm, no.
I didn't hear anything.
So we have a case.
Kensi's heading to the Audi, and the address is on your phone.
I have never been more happy to hear those words.
And Beale-- good work.
(clears throat) Are you sure you didn't hear any of that? Nope.
Why do I feel like you're lying to me? Eric, I would never lie to you.
(chuckles) My lord.
(whimpers) (indistinct radio chatter) DEEKS: Alex Elmslie.
- It's been a long time, brother.
- Good to see you.
Yeah, good to see you as well.
I wish it was under better circumstances.
- Yeah, what are we looking at? - Uh, wait a moment.
What's wrong? I was supposed to meet David Sarraf.
He's a Syrian working for the Global Criminal Tribunal.
So you're still with GCT? Yes.
David told me he had video of Assad ordering a chemical weapons attack that eventually killed 19 civilians, seven of them children.
It could change everything if GCT had that.
You're still doing God's work, Elmslie.
Thank you, but I don't feel like the Big Man's on our side right now.
David never showed up last night.
The police found him here.
A car had driven into him, crushing him against the wall.
DEEKS: Assad could have people in the country.
Were there any witnesses? David didn't die last night.
So, what, is he conscious? David is still trapped between the car and the wall.
Oh, my God.
His lower half was completely crushed, but the SUV's pressure is preventing any blood loss.
Are they gonna try and move him? As soon as they move the car, he'll die almost immediately.
- Do you want to speak to him? - Yeah.
David, this is NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye and Detective Deeks.
- You can trust them.
- Hi, David.
How you doing? Aside from not feeling my legs, I'm just wonderful.
Can you tell us what happened? I received the encrypted file.
As I was downloading it from the laptop, I heard men trying to break into the room.
I grabbed the flash drive, and I left through the fire escape.
I sent people to his room, but the laptop is gone, so there's no copy.
I was followed.
There were six or seven of them.
KENSI: Did you know any of them? No.
They were Syrian.
My guess, Mukhabarat.
That's the Syrian military intelligence directorate.
Yeah, Assad's secret police.
Currently, Syrians are not allowed in the country.
I'm gonna see what Eric and Nell can dig up.
Thank you.
So, when they left, did they leave on foot, or did they get into another vehicle? They got into an SUV.
It was, uh a Highlander.
It was black.
I can't believe I remembered that.
(shudders) (exhales) It's getting hard to breathe.
I need to talk to my wife.
We're trying.
It's tough to get her on the line.
Damascus I need to speak to her.
I-- David, everybody at GC is working on it.
(shudders) - This is, uh, a little scary.
- It's okay.
Hang in there.
We're right here.
We're here for you, okay? - We're right here.
DEEKS: So, Eric ran facial rec of all immigrants and visitors currently in the U.
against names of known members in Mukhabarat.
According to his Lebanese passport, his name is Rashid Mourtada.
- That's him.
- All right.
Well, his real name is General Joram Naser.
He's Syrian, but he's here on a Lebanese diplomatic passport.
We're gonna get this guy.
You did good.
Eric, Nell, black Highlander.
Joram Naser's the man.
Kaleidoscope, facial rec, throw everything we got at him.
I want this guy.
The flash drive is vitally important.
It could save hundreds of thousands of lives.
It could get the West to intervene and possibly end the war.
We both know they probably destroyed that two minutes after they took it from him.
Maybe not.
It was encrypted.
Naser would need to know he actually had it.
He won't destroy it until he's sure he got what he came for.
So there's still a chance.
Hey, we got the Highlander driving away from the alley, and an hour later, sitting in the parking lot of the Sheraton in Studio City.
Callen and Sam are on their way.
All right, tell 'em we'll meet 'em there.
We gotta go.
- Kensi, please.
- Yes, David? Don't leave.
- Deeks? - Absolutely.
You should stay.
See if he can ID any of the men with Naser.
- Thank you.
DEEKS: We got this.
You did good.
(tires screeching) (lock beeps) Federal agents! - Clear.
- Clear.
(Callen sighs) Hey, uh, Eric just found hotel security footage of Naser and the team leaving their room 20 minutes before you got there.
He's looking for the black Highlander now.
- Copy that.
- He's gonna try to leave the country.
If he doesn't have the skills or the tools to break the encryption code on that flash drive, he might try to take it with him.
Check out the gray SUV behind me.
- Tinted windows? - Mm-hmm.
CALLEN: It's been sitting there since we arrived.
If we make him, he's gonna run.
(scoffs) (tires screeching) (horn honking) Put your hands on the wheel! Do not lower 'em out of sight.
Now, get out of the car slowly.
We could have shot you.
So now you're following us? You sound paranoid.
Well, it's either that or you're on a staycation here all by yourself.
You're looking for Joram Naser; so am I.
- Why are you on this? DHS facial rec pinged Naser and a group of his guys going through immigration.
Problem was, the alert came in about four hours too late, and now they're in the country under aliases, using Lebanese passports, which can't be a great.
- Why are you on this? SAM: Slow down, Opie.
You saw us.
- Why'd you try to run? - Because if you knew that I was on the case, I might get pulled, and I got nearly a month in on this trying to find these guys.
So now, one more time, with feeling: why are you on this? He stole a flash drive from a human rights worker.
It was video evidence of Assad ordering a chemical weapons attack on civilians.
Well, now I know why he's here.
We gonna work together on this? For now.
Love you, too.
He looks like you.
You find my Instagram? Yeah, I did.
Your son is so beautiful.
Sur-Surray? "Surray" means "river.
" The flow of life.
That's what he was for me and my wife.
Go two photos down.
Assad's chemical weapons attack.
He was eight.
I ran to his school and I carried him to the hospital, and then I watched him die.
- I'm so sorry - It was horrible.
Blood was coming out of his nose and his mouth and He was in incredible pain.
Fighting to breathe.
(sniffles) That's why you joined the GCT.
We are fighting a beast.
He murders children.
And the world just looks on like it's YouTube.
They do nothing.
I was most certainly not going to do nothing.
Well, you're a hero, David.
That flash drive is truth dragged into light.
If we don't get it, my life will have no purpose.
Surray's life will have no purpose.
All there will be is darkness.
(phone ringing) I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
(sniffles) DEEKS: Hey.
No Naser.
- Yeah, I heard.
- How's David doing? Okay.
I mean, he's conscious.
It's just all really surreal, you know? His son died in a chemical weapons attack.
Oh, my God.
Honestly, I don't know how you come back from that.
I don't think you do.
Um Does he remember anything else about Naser's men? Uh, yes.
He said one of them had red shoes, like basketball shoes, a red T-shirt under a black sweat suit with a red stripe, like it all matched.
Red shoes, black sweat suit.
All right, got it.
I'm gonna call Beale.
ERIC: That's Red Shoes.
All right, I got him at the hotel.
Got his vehicle, plates.
It's a white Camry.
Traffic cam picked him up on Hayvenhurst just outside Van Nuys Airport.
He's trying to get a private plane out of the country.
CALLEN: Let us know if he makes a move.
ERIC: All right.
NELL: Yep.
All right, we can't seem to get David's wife on the line in Syria.
There's almost no infrastructure left.
It's most likely not going to happen.
No, no, no.
You have got to keep trying.
- Elmslie, this is not an option.
- We will.
Look, right now, you're the person closest to him that we've got.
He trusts you.
He seems to be calmer talking to you.
I was just speaking with the doctors just now, and it seems like it might be best for you to tell him.
What does that mean? What are you trying to say? That when they move the car, he's gonna die.
He doesn't know? We were trying to get his wife on the line.
We wanted to see how that was gonna be handled.
No, Elmslie, I am not the person Just-just think about it.
Okay? It would be a good thing.
(engine revving, tires screeching) CALLEN: Federal agents! SAM: Do not run! CALLEN: He's not listening.
(tires screeching) G? Watch it, watch it! (tires screeching) Out of the car! Put your hands where I can see them.
DEEKS: Put your hands up! Slow.
Nice and easy.
Get out of the car.
- Get out of the car.
Move, move! - Hands up.
SAM: Turn around.
DEEKS: On the ground, now! TURK: That's him.
Let's go That's him.
CALLEN: I got you covered.
No weapon, no flash drive.
We need that drive.
I got him.
Check the car.
Hey, where's the drive? Hey.
Where's the drive?! Where's the drive? What the hell? Turk.
Come on, let him go, man.
I'm just letting him know who he's dealing with.
Let him go! Talk to me! Hey, come on.
I said that's enough.
That's not close to enough.
So why'd you run? I am not familiar with the United States.
I thought we were being, uh, robbed.
You think thieves yell "federal agent" when they rob you? I didn't hear that.
I, uh, my English is not so good.
You didn't hear it or you didn't understand it? Clearly, neither.
And you got no idea where the flash drive is, huh? Hmm? So sorry.
I don't really know what you're talking about.
CALLEN: And just to be clear, you're not Syrian general Joram Naser? My name is Rashid Mourtada.
I am Lebanese.
And I am traveling under a diplomatic passport.
Right now, no one knows you're here, so don't get too excited about that.
CALLEN: Yeah, we lose you in the federal system 'cause, say, we got your name wrong, it may be weeks before someone finds you.
I don't know how else to tell you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm here as an adviser to a diplomatic team in the Lebanese consulate.
You know, your English seems pretty damn good to me.
The clock is ticking on this guy.
State finds out we got him, he could be released and out of the country within hours.
Let's just keep building a case against him, make it that much harder for them to cut him loose.
CALLEN: We'll see what we can get out of Red Shoes.
You guys take Naser over to David Sarraf.
Let's at least get a positive ID out of him while we still can.
So we're gonna have David ID the man that killed him before he dies.
TURK: And you thought I was too rough on him.
(door opens) TURK: Get up.
CALLEN: Something's going on with him.
Keep your eyes open.
On it.
KENSI: They're here.
- Are you ready to do this? Yeah? - Yeah.
- Definitely.
- David, if you're ready, we're gonna record your statement.
All right, you good? TURK: Rolling.
I'm Detective Martin Deeks, LAPD.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
DEEKS: This is being recorded by NCIS Special Agent Arlo Turk.
It is January 14, 2019, 10:04 a.
Please state your name, date of birth and nationality.
David Sarraf, November 10, 1981.
- I am Syrian.
DEEKS: And please tell us what happened last night.
I was chased by this man.
From NCIS's investigation thus far, we believe this is Syrian general Joram Naser.
Please tell us what happened next.
I was cornered into this alleyway, and this man drove his car into me.
DEEKS: Please show how Mr.
Sarraf is pinned between the wall and the car.
Then he left me to die, but I didn't die.
- This is crazy.
I have never seen this man before.
He took flash drive from me that shows security footage of President Bashar Al-Assad ordering chemical weapons attacks on his own citizens.
And you're sure that this man, Joram Naser, is the one that did this to you? Absolutely, with 100% certainty.
DEEKS: Well, then, we're done.
- And so are you.
DAVID: You've destroyed Syria.
You and Assad killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians.
You murdered children.
I am Lebanese.
I don't have to listen to this.
Yes, you do.
And when the U.
courts are done with you, you'll be tried in front of a world tribunal for crimes against humanity.
- You are all clearly mistaken.
- Let's go.
You and Assad killed my son! Hey, it's okay.
Just breathe.
(exhales, sniffles) What is this? Detective Martin Deeks, Special Agent Arlo Turk, Anna Iloka, State Department.
You want to tell us what this is all about? - You are currently illegally holding Rashid Mourtada.
He's Lebanese, here as part of a diplomatic team.
You are to hand over Mr.
Mourtada immediately.
I'm sorry, you got to be kidding me.
ELMSLIE: This isn't Mourtada.
This is General Joram Naser, and he's wanted for crimes against humanity by the Global Criminal Tribunal.
TURK: Not to mention, in all likelihood, murder here in the U.
This is a State Department issue.
It should have been brought to our attention immediately.
Uncuff him.
ELMSLIE: Hang on a second.
ILOKA: He'll be returned to his consulate and we'll begin investigating his identity and the allegations against him.
And if he should leave the country in the interim? That's between us and the Lebanese government.
Come on.
Let's go.
We should have been made aware.
This is our purview, and you know it.
(engine starts) (siren wails) We cannot tell David that Naser was handed to the State Department.
I mean, how did they even know that we had him? Look, I don't know.
Um, I have a problem.
Talk to me.
Elmslie wants me to be the one to tell David that he's gonna die.
- What? Nobody told him? - No.
I think they're waiting for his wife to get on the phone with him or something, but I just I-I I don't know what to do.
I mean, deep down inside, he's got to know he's dying.
And if he knows that, and his wife can't be here, then you're the person he wants to be with, 'cause you're his connection to life.
Listen, baby.
Your kindness, your humanity, your beauty (sighs) Gosh, this is not how I saw my day going when I woke up this morning.
Some days we put bad guys in jail, right? - And those are the good days.
- Yeah.
And days like today, the tough days, if you want to help, if you want to do some good in this world I should be the one to tell him.
Baby, you're all he's got.
But then, that means he got pretty lucky today.
DAVID: I wish something I did or said to Naser would change the way I feel.
(grunts) But all I want in life is to have my son back.
I know.
Putting Naser in jail doesn't help that.
Yeah, but it might prevent somebody else from getting their son killed.
You do know how to say the right thing.
What's wrong? I have to tell you something, David.
When they move this car, you're going to die.
And there's nothing they can do about it.
The car is the only thing stopping you from bleeding out.
I'm sorry.
(exhales) I understand.
(sniffles) I'm so sorry, David.
I'm so sorry.
Could you try and do one thing for me? Oh, my gosh, of course, of course.
What-what do you need? Anything.
What do you need? Please help me hear my wife's voice one more time.
If I can just have that Ab-Absolutely.
David, of course.
I promise you, I promise you I'm gonna get this done.
Her name is Karima Sarraf.
(faintly): Okay.
(chuckles softly) I guess I like people whose name starts with "K.
" Kensi.
Karima Sarraf.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Thank you.
For being the one to tell me.
(sniffles) (line ringing) Guys, I need to find somebody in Damascus who's gonna put David's wife on the phone.
Her name is Karima Sarraf.
(groans) Uh, I have a friend, his name is Dr.
Malcolm Smith.
I'm pretty sure he's with Doctors Without Borders in Syria right now.
Also get Special Forces, get journalists, get Red Crescent, anybody that can put a satphone in Karima's hands.
- Got it.
We don't have a lot of time.
Thank you very, very much.
Heard you wanted to talk to me.
I just spoke with my contact at the State Department.
Turns out they were made aware that NCIS had custody of a Lebanese national here on a diplomatic passport by NCIS agent Arlo Turk.
- Turk? What? He just left 15 minutes ago.
(line ringing) - He sold us out.
- Eric, I need to find Turk now.
(Deeks groans) DEEKS: So, what no good-byes? - You wanted a hug? I mean, detectives have feelings, too.
I'll buy you some flowers later.
I love petunias.
Lebanese consulate? We're too late.
DSS turned him over; Lebanese let Naser walk immediately.
My guess is they're trying to get him on a flight before we're able to intercept him.
Well, there's a good chance we're not gonna find him and he's gonna get out of the country, which just begs the question to be asked Why'd I tip the State Department? Yeah.
I mean, you screwed up the whole operation.
NCIS Special Agent Ronnie Williams.
He was my partner for six years.
I'm godfather to his kids.
Naser was running weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Naser made Ronnie, swiped him off the street.
A week later, I found his body.
He'd been electrocuted and burned.
I still can't talk to his wife without her breaking down in tears.
There's not a conversation in six years that woman doesn't cry out in pain.
I've been hunting this guy ever since.
That's why you were at the hotel.
- You saw what he did to David.
- Yeah.
What kind of human being does that? Which is why you don't want him in the system.
I want him gone from this earth.
- Yeah, no, I can see that.
- So I suppose it'd be silly to ask you not to mention this.
You know that's not gonna happen.
We need him alive.
We need that drive.
The drive's been destroyed, and you know it.
As if I needed any more indication you're completely out of control.
I'm in complete control.
You don't have to do this.
He's not worth your career.
There's career and then there's living with yourself.
- I get that.
- No, you don't.
- Yeah, I do.
- No.
You don't.
(door closes, engine starts) Beale, I need you to keep tabs on Turk's car, and need you to connect me with Callen, quick.
Oh, and order me a frickin' Uber.
DAVID: Did you recover the drive? - Not yet.
Keep working on Naser.
Do what it takes to get him to talk.
You're gonna keep working on Naser, right? - Don't give up.
- No, we would never do that.
Just give us a minute, okay? Guys Please.
Look, if Turk kills Naser, this has all been a waste.
- We need the flash drive.
- I know.
The evidence could save lives and possibly end the war.
We're gonna find Turk.
Sam and Callen are on it.
Assad will pour money and men into getting Naser and the flash drive back.
Alex, we understand that.
It was a selfish act.
You should have been ahead of this.
We didn't know what was going on.
Turk is NCIS.
He's your agent.
David has given his life for that drive.
Assad has killed children in their sleep.
This is on you and your team.
Find Naser.
He's not wrong.
No, he's not.
I haven't gotten a hit on Turk's phone in the last 30 minutes.
SAM: He must have turned it off.
He stopped two blocks up.
Looks like it's a parking structure.
I've got his car on a security camera on the lower level-- it's parked halfway down on the right.
ERIC: Looks like he hasn't gotten out.
SAM: Copy that.
- That's his car down there on the right.
- I'll block him in.
- Maybe he'll let this thing end peacefully.
- That's wishful thinking.
Turk, get out.
There's nowhere to go.
Let's talk it out, Turk.
Uh, uh, I have no money.
We're not robbing you.
We're federal agents.
- What's your name? - Zahid.
- This isn't your car, Zahid.
- I drive Uber.
A guy hit me on the app and gave me $300 to drive his car around for an hour.
Wasn't supposed to stop.
Can I still keep the money? DEEKS: So you're telling me we have no idea where Turk is? SAM: Uber driver started off at Staples Center, but that was over 30 minutes ago.
- Did you lose him? - Hold on one second.
CALLEN: Let's think this through.
Turk cut Naser loose, but he's not gonna lose him.
- Right.
He must be tracking him somehow.
Well, if he was smart, he would have tagged Naser with Overwatch spray.
Hey, Eric, check all the Overwatch trackers in L.
, see if there were any around the Staples Center about an hour ago.
Uh, there were two.
One's currently in Pasadena, and the other one's in Inglewood.
We got Pasadena.
I'll take Inglewood.
I need your car.
Thank you, thank you.
Just stay right there and please hold.
NELL: Hey, Kens? Yeah.
I'm here.
Your Doctors Without Borders friend, he made it to David's apartment and located his wife.
- He found Karima? NELL: He's there with her now.
I have them both on the line.
- Just dial in.
- David, we found your wife.
(line ringing) Okay, Kens, I'm patching you in now.
Karima? (crying quietly) I love you so much.
Just listen to me, my love.
- There's something I need to tell you.
- You know what, guys, if you could give us some privacy, please? Thank you.
I don't want this conversation to be about what I'm gonna tell you.
I want this to be about us.
Our love.
Please listen.
Just listen.
There is so much to talk about.
(sighs) (grunting) (fire alarm ringing) (speaking Syrian) (alarm continues ringing) (gunshots) (gunfire) Federal agent! (cell phone ringing) Yo, what up? - Hey, is that you? - Yeah, it's me, Raggedy Ann.
Mind telling them to stop firing and have a nice, little conversation? - I don't think they'll listen.
- Then we should shut them up.
- I'd love to.
One, two, three.
(gunfire continues) What's up there, Carrot Top? Looks like that lifesaving's officially paid back.
- You got this? What do you mean "do I got this"? What're you talking about? You're doing great.
Confidence is high.
Where are you Turk! (gunfire continues outside) (gunfire continues) Ah (gunshots) (empty chamber clicks) Uh, that's not how this goes.
How does it go? You remember Ronnie Williams? Lebanon.
You burnt him, electrocuted him.
Left his body in a junkyard.
You do remember.
He was my partner and my friend.
You gotta be kidding me.
Ah! Son of a bitch.
Ah Ah! Yah! Come on! (choking) I just wish I had more time to make you suffer.
- Clear.
- Clear.
You guys know I had this, right? - Yeah, sure.
- Where's Turk? He went after Naser.
Turk? So how you want to play this? Turk's a good man.
Did save our lives.
I don't know.
CALLEN: Turk? I could use a hand.
- What happened? - He tripped.
He took a bad fall.
Yeah, he's going to be okay, though.
Are you gonna be all right? Yeah.
You did good.
You did amazing.
Especially the part where you just left me at the Alamo.
Found this in his pocket.
How you like me now? That's gonna mean a lot.
Kens? KENSI (on phone): Yeah? Is he still alive? Yes.
Tell me something good, babe.
We got the drive.
I got the drive.
I got the drive.
(chuckles) David, I've got great news.
Eric checked the drive.
It's all there.
It's a good recording.
We've got him.
The world will see what Assad is doing to his own people.
Praise be to Allah.
You did it, David.
You did it.
I'm happy, but the thing is, when I spoke to my wife, I realized that my life did have meaning Yes.
whether you recovered the drive or not.
And the meaning was our love, my love for my son - Mm-hmm.
my father and my mother.
Those are the precious gifts.
And even if I didn't have them for as long as I'd hoped I had them.
That's the important thing.
I lived, I loved, and I was loved.
What more can I ask from life? Not much more than that.
David? (exhales) I'm ready.
I'm ready.
It's just a sedative, in case there's pain when we move the car.
(exhales) Kensi Yeah? You're my angel.
Hiding In the rose petals Holding Only what you know I'm sorry, I can't watch.
You don't have to.
(crying) Oh, my God.
(exhales) (crying): I'm sorry.
Was there anything on the drive? It was erased.
- Wow.
- Eric said it's not recoverable.
Oh, my gosh.
Thank you for all you did.
Is he Hiding Hey.
You okay? (crying) Oh, baby.
Kens, look at me.
You did good today.
Hmm? You did good.
I love you.
I love you, too.
That's all that matters.

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