NCIS Los Angeles s10e14 Episode Script


1 Closer! Seriously? If I get any closer, you're gonna be roadkill.
Just for the record, this is a terrible plan.
Closer! Deeks, what the hell was that? That? No-no, don't worry about that.
How you doing, buddy? I cut the remote detonator so they couldn't trigger the bomb with a cell phone.
Well, that's great! But now we got a countdown.
There's 60 seconds left.
Yeah, well, that is not great, 'cause we are close to that target.
How's my girl? Just working out some issues.
What about G? Oh, he's good, but he's about to do something really stupid.
(footsteps thumping) (grunts) (grunts) Oh! Little heads-up on that one, maybe? (grunts) G, we're running out of options.
We've got 15 seconds left.
SAM: Seven seconds.
Brace yourself! (tires screeching) Guys, get out of there! Let's go! The bomb's defused.
You okay? Yeah.
That was too close.
You think? NCIS: LA 10x14 Smokescreen Massive head trauma.
Internal bleeding.
Tell them to prep the OR.
DISPATCH: Copy that.
We'll set it up.
God, what'd you do to him? Well, inertia's a bitch.
Actually, he had me on the ropes there towards the end.
That's 'cause you haven't slept in 48 hours.
None of us have.
I'm lucky I didn't drive the Hellcat into that harbor.
Oh, yeah? Well, if you had, my advice would've been you stay in the vehicle.
Maybe we get one of our own.
- Yeah? - You know, trade in the Audi for a red one with some flames on the side? How about no? Agent Ross.
Agent Hanna.
Agent Callen filled me in on what you guys did here today.
You saved a lot of lives.
No, we couldn't have done it without your team.
The Mashriq Army has only ever attacked live military targets.
I mean, we never even considered the possibility they might go after a museum vessel.
It was symbolic.
It wasn't strategic.
Sometimes that's just as effective.
(phone ringing) It's the director.
I need to take this.
I'll make sure Washington knows what you did today.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Maybe this'll get us out of the doghouse.
We should get out of here.
Ochoa wants a full report.
- I'll drive.
- Like hell you will.
Give me the keys.
What? No.
Hold up.
Deeks? Give me my keys.
DEEKS: Oh, come on, dude, did you see me driving that thing? 'Cause I was on fire.
- I got you.
- Thank you.
We packed an arsenal.
(sighs) Did you even fire a shot? I was on that bomb; I didn't have time to take a shot.
Well, I mean, you had one second.
If we're being honest.
(chuckles) If we're being honest.
Do you have a problem with how I defused the bomb? I don't have a problem.
I just-- I don't know, it's a little suspicious, that's all.
What are you talking about? Come on.
One second? Really? Two seconds, fine.
Um, I get that.
Three seconds, no problem.
But-- One second? That's just you trying to cut it close for dramatic effect.
I'm glad you think I'd be so cavalier with our lives.
Callen's right.
You've defused a lot of bombs.
- I think you're getting bored.
- Thank you.
Sam, your relationship with bombs is like any relationship.
You got to keep it interesting or the spark goes out.
Are you guys finished saying thank you for me saving your lives? Yep.
- Yep.
- Yep.
You're welcome.
Hey, guys.
I'm so glad you're all okay.
Yeah, me, too.
We got a hit.
But-- N-- What? What do you mean, a hit? The case is closed.
Oh-- You didn't-- I-I thought you were gonna Oh, I thought that you were going to Guys.
What's going on? While you were stopping the bomb, we got a hit on one of the terrorists working for the Mashriq Army.
Wasim Ghulam.
KENSI: No, no, no, no, this guy's not a problem.
I just put him in the hospital.
That's true, but this other guy might be.
Ghulam has met with him on multiple occasions, always in a different place.
SAM: Huh.
It looks like he's passing something off to Ghulam.
Who is he? ERIC: Abbas Jalal.
He's a student from Iraq.
He's currently enrolled in Boyle Heights Community College and scheduled to be in class right now.
NELL: I'm so sorry, guys.
You must be exhausted.
No, no, it's okay.
That's what we do.
OCHOA: Not tonight.
I just spoke with David Ross, FBI.
They're on Jalal.
They expect to make an arrest any moment now.
Okay, and we'll provide the backup.
It's not a problem at all.
You've all been working two days straight now.
You need the rest.
Hell, you've earned it.
Take tomorrow off.
That's an order.
Well, you heard what he said.
Go home.
Sam and I will finish up here.
No way.
I'm not even tired.
That's your adrenaline rush.
When it ends, you'll crash.
Go ahead.
We got this.
All right.
Fair enough.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
- Thank you.
So, uh, adrenaline.
We should probably find some creative way to utilize that.
What do you have in mind, Detective? AGENT: Hey, boss.
Yeah, we got Jalal.
Picked him up outside the community college.
Didn't run, didn't fight.
Hasn't said a word.
Yeah, that's what we figure.
He's got no one else to turn to.
We're on our way to the safe house now.
Thank you, sir.
(phone beeps off) (sighs) He said I did good work.
And what about me? Hmm, funny, he didn't mention you.
We both did the same work.
Hey, next time we catch a terrorist, you can call Ross, and I'll drive.
- Oh, hell, no, you are a terrible - Watch out! (tires screech) Hey, you move, I shoot you.
Hey, are you okay? Nelson! (grunts) You know, in some cultures, it's considered creepy to watch someone while they're sleeping.
(scoffs) It's a good thing you're not sleeping, then.
Yeah, but you didn't know that.
Mmm Kinda did.
You do this cute whistling thing in your sleep.
(chuckles) No, I don't.
- Wait, I whistle in my sleep? - Yes, you do.
From your nose.
(clears throat) Sounds a little something like this.
(clears throat) (snoring) (laughing) (continues snoring) My God, that sounds like a dying swan.
No, don't do that, it's-- I'm horrified that you have to listen to that.
I'll go sleep in the garage, it's fine.
- I'll sleep on the porch.
- No, I love it.
I couldn't sleep without it.
Well, that is simultaneously the sweetest and weirdest thing anyone's ever said to me my whole entire life.
(sighs) What's going on? (exhales) Well I've been thinking.
We really can't keep doing this forever, can we? No, we cannot.
I mean, one more second and we would've been gone, you know? How many times can we cut it that close? Well, I haven't exactly hidden my feelings on the subject, but I also want to be respectful.
So, when you're ready to stop, so am I.
I know.
And I appreciate that.
(exhales) Yeah, but then I, um I just think of people like David Sarraf, and how he just needed someone in that moment.
He needed you.
He needed his wife.
Yeah, but his wife wasn't there, baby, so he needed you.
I just want to keep helping people, Deeks.
And I love what I do.
I love it so much.
And I love it even more that I get to do it with you.
(sighs) I'd be lying if I didn't say me, too.
But we also don't have to make these decisions right now.
I mean, the truth is we don't have to do anything, right now.
Let's just stay in bed all day.
That sounds wonderful.
I love you.
I love you.
You get the tackle, Tom? Yeah, we'll be there soon.
I'm just at G's place to pick him up.
(Callen speaking Russian) (Callen continues speaking Russian) (object breaks) You know Deeks just put that door in.
(scoffs softly) What are you doing down here? I don't have a coffee maker yet.
So I come down here.
You get any sleep last night? I'll sleep on the boat.
Fishing is supposed to be relaxing, right? We'll find your father.
You know, I don't need a pep talk.
I'm all good with those.
And oddly enough, that call was about Hetty.
Previous ten were about my dad.
All dead ends, by the way.
The next one doesn't have to be.
You know, sh-she doesn't even want to be found.
So why do we keep looking? A-And as far as my dad goes, I'm probably not gonna like what I find anyway.
Doesn't mean we stop trying.
(phone buzzes) Deputy Director, good morning.
Of course.
We'll be right in.
Yes, sir.
He's here with me.
He's having problems with his phone.
We'll be there soon.
All right.
The fish are gonna have to wait.
Sounds like it.
When did this happen? Last night.
FBI Agents Nelson and Yim picked up Abbas Jalal outside of City College.
Couple of hours later, their bodies were found under an overpass in East L.
Their car and Jalal were gone.
Naturally, SECNAV wants us back on the task force.
These are traffic cams from the overpass.
On this first one, you can see the FBI vehicle heading under.
And here it is exiting the other side.
SAM: That's only a 30-second delay.
CALLEN: Stop a car, take out two agents.
These guys are well-trained.
Yeah, we're only assuming multiple killers.
Unfortunately, no cameras under the overpass.
They chose this place deliberately.
FBI's been processing the scene all night.
- They still have nothing.
- What about the SUV? It's got to have LoJack or something.
Disabled 200 yards down the road.
And an hour later, someone called 911 to report an SUV on fire in a vacant lot in Frogtown.
FBI has confirmed that it's their vehicle.
I already sent Kensi and Deeks to the lot.
Meanwhile, the FBI is rounding up everyone with a connection to Jalal.
I offered to help with the interrogations and they're sending one our way.
Well, we should also talk to Wasim Ghulam.
He's the only surviving member of the attack yesterday.
Unfortunately, he's back in surgery.
He won't be out for another four hours.
Well, JTTF should increase security at the hospital.
If the Mashriq Army went to all this effort to spring Jalal, they may go after Ghulam, too.
I'll call Special Agent Ross.
Until Ghulam wakes up, we need a better handle on this Mashriq Army.
Clearly, we underestimated their presence here.
(sighs heavily) No one saw this coming, Nell.
Not even the FBI.
I've analyzed the Intel on the Mashriq Army for over a week.
All signs indicated that they had an extremely limited network.
I mean, I guess I missed something.
Hey, you did everything you could.
(sighs) Yeah, tell that to Agents Nelson and Yim.
No sense beating yourself up.
NELL: I know that.
That's why I think we should bring in somebody else.
Her name came up while I was researching the Mashriq Army.
I really think she could help.
- Bring her in.
NELL: Okay.
Nobody else dies today.
(indistinct radio transmission) ROSS: All right, guys, come on, let's wrap this up.
AGENT: Yes, sir.
DEEKS: Agent Ross.
So sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
They, um they were good agents.
And Yim, he was, um Ah, he was a new father.
Still have to inform his wife.
(sighs) Look, uh I think you may have wasted your time coming out here today.
There's not a single camera within five blocks.
We've got no tire tracks, and the fire's gonna take care of any any prints or DNA.
We'd still like to take a look, if that's all right.
Be my guest.
But if you find anything, you tell me.
I want first crack at these bastards.
Sure thing.
Gonna hunt you down I've heard of this place.
A lot of good fighters come out of here.
Nell's contact has good taste.
MAN: Let's keep it higher.
(woman grunting) That's her.
Who's the bravest? (grunting) Solid left hook.
I've been having dreams of winning That's not exactly what we need her for.
(grunting) (whistle blows) - Ooh.
INSTRUCTOR: That's illegal! - Carrie, you good? CARRIE: Uh-huh.
INSTRUCTOR: Hey! Hey! Hey! (stammers) That's enough! I warned you about this, Carrie.
You're done.
Grab your things.
I'm not putting up with your crap anymore.
I'm-a take your crown And you, don't think that I don't know that you meant for this to happen.
Uh, I'm a killer, call me a cannibal Uh, I'm-a take your crown Hey.
What did she mean by that? Carrie's had a problem with me since I joined the gym.
She also has a temper.
I might've used that to get her booted.
Why's she have a problem with you? (sighs) I don't know.
I think it's 'cause I'm prettier than her.
Special Agent Fatima Namazi.
You must be Callen.
The deputy director gave me a heads-up.
Sounds like you have a Mashriq Army problem.
Gonna hunt you down, yeah, I ain't playin'.
So Ross wasn't wrong about the SUV.
FBI techs couldn't pull a single print, not even Nelson's or Yim's.
You know what this is? Yeah.
Sadly, that's somebody's house.
It's got a direct line of sight to the SUV.
Probably couldn't even see this at night.
Which means if we find the person that lives there, maybe we don't need a print.
- Maybe we just found ourselves a witness.
The Mashriq Army is unique among terrorist groups that formed after the invasion of Iraq.
They have no desire to implement Sharia law or establish an Islamic state in the Arabian Peninsula.
They leave that to the other dozen entities already trying.
They prefer to wage war on the "far enemy.
" Hence the attack on the USS Iowa here.
They're all about taking the war off their home turf and bringing it back to us, to the people they believe started it.
Most analysts see this as a strategic choice, but after interviewing former and current members, I'd say there's an emotional component that's gone unexplored.
You're talking about revenge.
They believe the U.
military has ravaged their home, killed their women and children, destroyed their way of life.
The Mashriq Army is more than a group.
They're a feeling, and feelings are contagious and hard to wipe out.
This cell member, Abbas Jalal-- he wasn't on your radar yesterday? We believed that we had accounted for all the members.
If the Mashriq Army thought it was worth the risk to free Jalal, he must be important, huh? In my experience, no M.
member ever has all the information.
That's just standard operating procedure.
So, if they took Jalal, it isn't to keep him from talking.
It's because they need him for something.
Another attack.
And at the rate at which they've acted, you can bet whatever they're planning, it's imminent.
ERIC: Nell, you did what you could.
I should have brought her in sooner.
Maybe those agents would still be alive.
Nell, Agent Namazi is barely out of FLETC.
Yeah, where she received some of the highest marks of the year.
Hey, you earned high marks, too.
Yeah, and before that, she was a Naval Intelligence specialist, working high-level investigations of terrorist networks.
Hey, you know what, she grew up in Beverly Hills.
I mean, what is she gonna be like? (Valley girl accent): "Oh, my God, a terrorist.
As if.
Like, gag me with a spoon.
Barf me out.
" Eric, please stop doing that.
All I'm saying is that she may be a very helpful resource, and maybe I should have called her in here sooner.
Plus, that's a Valley girl, not someone from Beverly Hills.
And-- oh, good, here she comes now.
Jones, Beale.
Special Agent Fatima Namazi.
- Hi.
- Hi, welcome.
Thank you.
It's great to meet you, Agent Namazi.
It is so great to meet you, Nell.
Sorry, is it okay that I call you Nell? I feel like I know you.
Um, you do? I've been following your career since I started Naval Intelligence.
Your white paper on the Comescu crime family was unparalleled in its scope and so insightful.
And you wrote it while working here, which is insane.
(Nell chuckles) It's just really great to meet you in person.
Well, that is really very kind of you.
And, uh, of course you can call me Nell.
Call me Fatima.
You can call me Eric.
- Okay.
- I've got a video conference with Homeland.
I'll let you to it.
Thank you for bringing me in.
Oh, of course.
After what had happened, I thought we could use a fresh set of eyes here.
Honestly, I-I don't know what more I can provide.
It looks like you had every angle covered.
This Jalal subject just came out of nowhere.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate that.
Hey, Callen and Sam just arrived at the boatshed.
The FBI brought us a new suspect.
Someone who knew Jalal.
(clears throat) There you go.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Just so you know, I helped out a little bit with those Comescu papers.
Mostly font selection.
Can't go wrong with grotesque, right? Hmm.
You know, personally, I prefer a good serif.
All right, cool.
Uh, hey, guys.
So, that is Bana Azim you've got there.
She and her husband own a small currency exchange on Wilshire, and Jalal was a teller there.
Uh, illegally.
His student visa didn't allow him to work off-campus.
Yeah, but aside from that, Bana and Omar have no criminal records.
Where's Omar? Uh, Bana claims not to know.
The FBI couldn't find him and we didn't have any luck either.
The Azims were born in Iraq but haven't been back since they left 23 years ago.
They've both held steady work since then, raised a family.
They don't fit the profile of a cell recruit.
That could've changed since they met Jalal.
Yeah, Sam's right; we have to consider the possibility that he may have turned them.
Have you found my husband? Have you found Omar? How long has he been missing? S-Since last night.
That's not so long.
He comes home every night.
Last night he did not come home.
Please, are you looking for him? You two own and work at the currency exchange.
Don't-don't you drive home together? I leave a-a few hours before him to prepare dinner.
Last night I was making shorbat rumman.
He loves it in winter.
But then he did not come home.
And when the other agents picked me up, I thought He's he's not as strong as he once was.
He had cancer last year.
He's in remission, but the treatments were difficult.
Maybe he fell down somewhere.
- Uh - Hmm.
Were you aware that your employee, Abbas Jalal, was unauthorized to work? Yes.
We both were.
Abbas came into the exchange last summer.
He was about to start school.
He had some dinars he needed to exchange for dollars.
We don't see lots of people from our home, so me and Omar got to talking to him.
And he seemed like a good boy.
Kind, polite.
He became part of our family.
He even joined us for Eid.
But, uh, he was poor.
Couldn't afford meals on campus, always hungry.
So we told him, if he could help out at the exchange, we would pay him.
We should have never done it.
You're not under arrest, Bana.
That's not what I mean.
The exchange started losing money.
At first we couldn't figure out why, but Omar took a closer look at Abbas' transactions, and he was stealing it.
So he fired him a few days ago.
(exhales) How did Abbas react? He was upset, but, uh You don't think Did Abbas hurt my husband? Please, you have to find him.
DEEKS: How long are we gonna wait? We're not even sure this person saw anything.
Bet she gets really cold at night.
She? Or he.
I only saw a couple blankets in there.
Well, we got some thermal blankets in the kit in the back if you want to, you want to leave 'em for her.
Yeah, I mean you're right, we can't stay here all day.
So, why don't you call Ops and get a surveillance team and I'll go drop off the blankets.
DEEKS: Kens.
What are you doing? Get away from there.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm just leaving some blankets in there for you.
- Who's he? - It's okay, uh, he's my partner.
We're, we're federal agents, and I-- n-no, no, no.
(gasps) You're not in trouble.
You're not in trouble.
We just want to know if you were here last night.
I don't have to talk to you.
No, you don't.
But I'm really hoping you will.
I'm Kensi.
This is Deeks.
Those are weird names.
Well, what's your name? I don't have to tell you my name.
It's not weird, though.
It's a good name.
It's okay, you don't have to tell us your name, then.
Can you at least tell us if you were here last night? There was a fire and that SUV burned.
Whoever did that killed two colleagues of ours.
So I was really hoping that you saw something.
They drove off in a different car.
That's the plate.
You got the plate? She got the plate.
Nice work.
I'm gonna call it in.
There's a lot of us living in this neighborhood.
We look out for each other.
When we see something suspicious, we spread the word.
I know.
Thank you.
Y-You got any more of them blankets? For the others? Absolutely.
What'd you find? So we've analyzed the accounts from the currency exchange.
It turns out, Bana Azim was telling the truth-- Jalal was cooking the books.
How much did he take? More than enough to fund the Iowa attack, with enough left over for another big operation.
I got a hit on the plate that Kensi and Deeks sent us.
This is from a nearby security system downtown, 10:30 last night.
Send the address to our phones and to Kensi and Deeks.
- You got it.
FATIMA: Mm-hmm.
On my mark.
Ross, we shouldn't go in until we have eyes inside.
I don't want to tip them off, Agent Hanna.
We're going in now.
SAM (whispering): Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go.
- FBI! - Federal agents! Clear.
(man grunts) Clear.
ROSS: Damn.
There's no way this guy took out Yim and Nelson himself.
Your man okay? Vest took the round; he's fine.
(sighs) All right, look, I jumped the gun.
I let my anger make the call, it's not gonna happen again.
Oh, guys.
I think I got something here.
(exhales) You could pack a lot of assault weapons in these.
Mashriq Army may be planning a mass shooting.
So we don't have any footage of them leaving the way they came in.
They may have gone out of the side, used another vehicle.
(sighs) - You find anything? - No, it looks like the guy he took down was left here to clean things up.
- He did a good job.
All right, people.
Let's move out.
Hey, so, uh, Ross said they had leads on vehicles leaving the area this morning.
We could help track 'em down.
No, they got the manpower to do it.
Take these drives back to Eric, see if he can get anything off 'em.
All right, what about you guys? I want to check out that van.
- Make sure we didn't miss anything.
- Need to move fast.
If this cell is on the move, an attack could come at any moment.
(indistinct radio chatter) Let's roll.
Ooh, got him.
Lethabo Kahn.
Former South African Special Forces.
South African? What's he doing with the Mashriq Army? Well, according to his service documents, it looks like he was discharged in 2009 for insubordination.
Hmm, that's strange.
There's no record of him entering the country.
I thought he might be Yemeni or Egyptian.
The Mashriq Army doesn't take in outsiders.
They have to be pure, from the Mashriq region.
I'm gonna keep looking into Kahn's history after South Africa.
Maybe we can make this puzzle piece fit.
ERIC: They're tile coordinates.
- What does that mean? - All right.
Unfortunately, all the files on this drive have been corrupted, but because it was used inside a laptop, it kept a record of all Internet activity.
Now, the last page view used a map API, so I can extrapolate the tile coordinates Uh-huh? - I'll do that now.
- Yeah.
- You should-- Thank you.
- Okay.
They were looking at this intersection downtown.
Okay, so, the Mashriq Army chooses military targets.
Are there any recruitment centers nearby? Um no recruitment center.
Well, they were looking at something.
Callen and Sam aren't far from there.
- Send them this, I'll grab Deeks.
- Okay.
(exhales) We're downtown, Eric.
How much longer before Kensi and Deeks get here? Uh, they're five minutes out.
Why aren't you guys wearing tactical gear? SAM: Wouldn't want to tip off the shooters or cause a panic, Eric.
Yeah, but if we're right, these guys have crazy firepower.
CALLEN: We're fine, Eric.
Right now we need to focus on what they're looking at this intersection for.
(exhales) Well, they're definitely interested in something down there.
I found the same map coordinates on two other drives recovered from the warehouse.
(indistinct chatter) Hey.
There's no military target down here.
Maybe they're looking at a civilian target.
Movie theater.
It's the only soft target I see around here.
Sorry, I just couldn't take another minute of that.
I totally get why they released it in January.
I knew we should have seen the one about the dog.
Always go with the dog, babe.
I got to use the restroom, be back in a minute.
We need to start evacuating.
Excuse me, you work here? Yeah, I'm the manager, Sonya Morales.
How can I help you? - We're federal agents - Oh, sorry.
We only have senior discounts.
We're not looking for a discount.
We received a credible threat about this theater.
Do you have an evacuation protocol? Is this a joke? We need to get people out of here.
(alarm blaring) Okay, great.
Thank you.
I just informed the FBI.
They're heading to the theater.
Sir, with all due respect, the target doesn't fit the Mashriq Army pattern.
It doesn't follow their revenge ideology.
Well, revenge isn't an ideology.
It's a feeling, like you said.
And feelings can be chaotic, messy, unpredictable.
They don't necessarily follow a pattern.
Maybe stopping their attack forced them to improvise.
Okay, they're desperate for a win no matter what it is.
Tell Sam and Callen to evacuate the theater.
They've already started.
(alarm sounding in distance) DEEKS (over radio): Sam, Callen, we're here.
Where do you want us? Cover things out there.
They might try to hit people on the way out.
WOMAN: That's right, keep moving.
Got it.
(alarm continues) I got eyes on Jalal.
MAN: Everyone, this way.
Come on, guys.
MAN: Everyone, can you please exit the building? Federal agents.
Everyone stay back.
(panicked screams) Show us your hands, Jalal.
You don't have to do this.
(car alarms ringing) NELL: What was that? Agent Callen, Agent Hanna, what just happened? What's going on? Callen.
Callen, Hanna, are you there? You have to (Callen groaning) (woman gasping) M-My boyfriend, he was waiting for me at the entrance.
I'm sure he's okay.
Just stay here.
It'll be okay, I'm sure of it.
CALLEN: Kensi? Deeks? Eric, Nell? Blast must've overloaded the comms.
Might take a minute to reboot.
(gasps) Dan! Hey-- hey! Oh, my God.
(sobbing): Oh, my God, baby.
Hey! Look, hey-- Don't move him.
Oh, my God.
Don't move him, don't move Everybody stay back.
Stay back.
It's not safe here.
Stay away from the exits.
Move back.
It's gonna be okay.
He's still alive, but his pulse is weak.
There's C4 wired above that door.
Enough to take down the whole exit.
- Other doors might be wired, too.
- Well, we got to get all the injured away from this door.
- Morales.
Do you have a P.
? Do you have a P.
system in the theater? - Yeah, in the office.
- Okay.
I need you to go to it right now, I want you to tell everybody it is not safe to exit the theater, okay? - Okay, yeah.
-Do you understand? Hunker down where they are, help is on the way.
I'm on it.
- Go now.
KENSI: Callen, Sam.
- Do you copy? -Kens, Deeks.
Are you okay? We're okay, but there are victims outside.
We're coming in.
No! Stay back, do not come in.
Why, what's going on? There are explosives above the entrance.
We don't know about the rest of the exits.
And we can't eliminate an active shooter scenario, so stay alert.
How do we get the first responders in there? They're not.
We'll do the best we can with the injured.
But nobody else is coming in here.
You need to keep people back, do you understand that? Okay.
I got the north side.
- Guys, stay back, please.
Stay back.
- I need everybody back.
It's okay, but I need everyone to stay back.
Sir, hold on, I need you to stay back.
My wife is in there, please let me go.
Please let me go.
Cathy! Please let me go, please.
Do not go in there-- sir.
- Cathy! - Okay, all right, all right.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, give me your arm.
I got you, all right.
Hey, walk with me, okay? All right, my-my friends are in there, too.
(sobbing) I understand, and we're gonna do everything we can to make sure she's safe, but you have to stay out here with me.
Turn you around.
I'm gonna sit you right down there, okay? All right, and what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna apply a tourniquet to your arm.
'Cause you're bleeding here.
We got to stop the bleeding, okay? Can you tell me what your name is? Can you tell me what your name is? All right, there we go, we're just gonna keep that nice and tight, okay? Just informed SECNAV I'm sending additional agents from the San Diego and Pendleton field offices.
FBI, bomb squad, and first responders are all on the scene now and they're setting up behind the theater.
- Fatalities? Two so far, but we do expect that number to rise.
I thought this was supposed to be a mass shooting.
How did we miss this? Callen and Sam have not ruled that out.
This bombing may be a precursor to a secondary attack.
Start looking through traffic and security cams for anyone who may be waiting to ambush the first responders.
On it.
Is she okay? I, I think she just needs a minute.
All right, I'm gonna head to the scene.
- Keep me posted.
(door opens) (door closes) Hey.
I'm sorry, I'm fine.
You know, it's okay not to be.
I can handle this.
I can-- I've interviewed dozens of bombing victims, bombing perpetrators But you've never experienced a bombing yourself.
I just don't know what to do.
I get it.
How about you help us sort through some of this footage? Yeah? Okay.
(grunting) There you go.
Agent Callen.
- This woman needs help.
- I'll be right back.
(Dan coughing) Baby.
Baby, are you okay? Annie (coughing) Try not to talk, okay? (gags) Hey.
Oh, my God.
You hang in there.
- Please - (sobbing) It's so hard to breathe.
- Here.
Just keep the pressure on it, okay? - Okay.
Some of these people in here are not gonna make it if we don't get 'em to a hospital soon.
Kens, Deeks, what's going on with the bomb squad? DEEKS: Yeah, it's not good.
We got two more exits wired with explosives.
They're checking the last one right now, but it's probably the same thing.
I don't think you're getting out of there any time soon, Callen.
Nell, Eric.
You need to see this.
I've been monitoring the Mashriq Army's online presence.
They just posted this.
Citizens of Los Angeles.
You have just felt the wrath of the Mashriq Army.
A mere taste of what your government has inflicted upon our people.
(sirens wailing) But do not begin your grieving just yet.
For this is not the end of your pain.
There is much more to come.
We promise you before this day is over you and your city will know only death and destruction.
No one is safe.

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