NCIS Los Angeles s10e15 Episode Script

Smokescreen Part II

1 The Mashriq Army has only ever attacked live military targets.
I mean, we never even considered the possibility they might go after a museum vessel.
- Terrible - Watch out! (grunts) NELSON: Hey, are you okay? (gunshots) Nelson! DEEKS: Who is he? ERIC: Abbas Jalal.
NELL: Wasim Ghulam has met with him on multiple occasions, always in a different place.
I guess I missed something.
That's why I think we should bring in somebody else.
Her name came up while I was researching the Mashriq Army.
Special Agent Fatima Namazi.
If the Mashriq Army thought it was worth the risk to free Jalal, he must be important, huh? If they took Jalal, it's because they need him for something.
Another attack.
I got eyes on Jalal.
Federal agents! Everyone stay back! Show us your hands, Jalal.
FATIMA: You need to see this.
I've been monitoring the Mashriq Army's online presence.
They just posted this.
You have just felt the wrath of the Mashriq Army.
No one is safe.
DEEKS: We got two more exits wired with explosives.
They're checking the last one right now, but it's probably the same thing.
I don't think you're getting out of there any time soon.
There's got to be an exit somewhere.
- Elias, we should just go back.
- No way.
Just let me think.
MORALES (over speakers): Please gather in the lobby.
The police have directed us to not open any of the exit doors.
Move to the theater lobby immediately.
You heard them.
Come on, let's go.
Eddie, we shouldn't be at the movies-- we're supposed to be at school.
Mom's gonna kill us if she found out we ditched.
Hey! I see an exit sign.
MAN: Get what you can, boys.
(chuckles) It's all free today.
(screams) NCIS: LA 10x15 Smokescreen Part II Give me a sitrep.
Third bomb just went off at the backstage exit.
Callen and Sam still in there? Sam's in the lobby helping the wounded.
Callen just left to get eyes on that third bomb.
This whole theater could be wired to explode.
Well, that's a possibility, but the only thing we know for sure is that the exits are where people are dying, so everyone's got to stay inside for now, including Callen and Sam.
- Done.
CALLEN: Nell, talk to me.
No one has entered or exited backstage since the bomb went off.
Got it.
(distant clattering) Hold on.
I think I hear something.
Federal agent! EDDIE: Hello? Hello? Help us! Please! Hey.
How you doing there? I'm okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here, okay? My name's Callen.
Can you tell me your name? I'm Eddie.
You're Eddie? How old are you, Eddie? Nine.
You're nine, huh? Eddie, you got anybody in there with you? My brother Elias.
I can't wake him up, though.
- Just help us, please! - Okay.
I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna get you out of there.
Just wait one second, okay? You just hold tight.
Sam, bomb site's clear, but I got a couple kids trapped under some debris.
You need me to come to you? No, I'm good.
Stay out there with the wounded.
Copy that.
(weakly): Sam.
Baby, what's wrong? I can't breathe.
Listen-- stand back.
Don't move.
(pained gasp) Dan your left collarbone is dislocated.
It's blocking your windpipe.
Oh, my God.
Will he be okay? He will be if I can pull it in place.
(groans) All right.
Okay, now, Dan, we've come this far together, I'm not gonna start lying to you now.
This is gonna hurt.
But it's the only way.
Okay? (panting) Okay.
(groaning loudly) (gasps) Okay, one more, one more.
(straining) Hang in there.
Give me the shirt.
Give me your shirt.
Get it in place.
Hold that in place.
Hold that in place.
(gasping) Ready? (straining) (gasping) ANNIE: Thank you! Thank you so much! - Thank you! - We need to prep him to move.
We got to get him to the hospital.
Morales! Yes? A little help.
Oh, yes, sir.
(labored breathing) (crying) - We're gonna use this as a backboard.
- Okay.
All right? Uh-huh.
- Okay, grab his feet.
Grab his feet.
- All right.
We'll lift on the count of three.
Okay? All right.
Got it.
One, two, three, come on.
(groans) Okay, Eddie, you know how to do an army crawl? Yeah.
We do it at gymnastics class.
Well, that's good to hear.
'Cause I need a little room in there to get your brother out, and this is what I need you to do.
I want you to get down and army crawl towards me.
Okay? You think you can do that? Yeah.
Let's give that a try, all right? You just look right at me, and let's give it a try.
I can do it, but you're gonna help Elias, right? Of course I'm gonna help Elias.
But I need you to help me first.
Okay? Okay.
So come on down here.
Right through here.
There you go.
You're a brave guy.
A brave nine-year-old.
(debris clattering) There you go.
Just keep coming.
All the way.
There you go, buddy.
Watch your head.
There you go.
All right, listen, Eddie.
You're gonna stay right here, okay? I'm gonna get your brother.
(grunting) Kensi, Deeks, you guys out front? Excuse me.
Yeah, we're here, Sam, we're here.
When Callen and I moved in on Jalal, he looked scared.
Well, makes sense.
He knew what he came here to do.
No, that's the thing.
Right before the bomb detonated, he looked like Like what? Like he wanted our help.
You think somebody else forced him to do it? I don't know, but in that moment, I don't think he made the decision to detonate that bomb.
Someone else did.
A remote detonator.
They'd need a line of sight.
They wouldn't want to be in the theater.
They had to be posted up out front somewhere.
Beale, I need surveillance footage from that café's outdoor seating.
ERIC: Got it.
What am I looking for? Anything after the initial explosion.
Anybody acting suspicious.
Ooh, there.
Push in on that guy.
NELL: See, he's too casual.
It's like he knew what was about to happen.
Okay, guys, we have a man who was seated at the outdoor tables who casually walks away directly after the explosion.
Can't get a good look at his face, though.
Sam, we've got a direct line of sight into the lobby.
Jalal didn't detonate that bomb.
(grunting) (straining) (groaning) How you doing, Elias? My name's Callen.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Okay? Where is Eddie? Is he okay? Eddie's fine.
He's fine.
He's right out here, okay? My mom's gonna kill me if anything happens to him.
Nothing's gonna happen to him.
Okay? I'm gonna get you out of here.
(grunts) All right, now, listen.
I'm gonna have to lift this up so I can get your leg free.
Then I'm gonna pull you out of here.
Understand? It's gonna hurt.
Right? It might.
But you're Eddie's big brother.
Eddie's scared right now.
You've got to be brave for him.
So you're gonna be strong for your brother, aren't you? Yes, sir.
That's right.
Okay, you ready? Yes, sir.
(grunting) (Elias groaning) There you go.
There you go.
(grunts) I'm gonna pull you around.
You okay? Yeah.
Here you go.
Watch it, be careful.
All right.
All right.
You are being so brave, my friend.
(groaning) - You still there, Eddie? - EDDIE: Yeah.
(Callen grunting) There you go.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I got both boys.
NELL: Nice work, Callen.
Bomb squad has secured exit points west of the lobby.
Copy that.
(indistinct chatter, coughing) Mrs.
Cathy! (sirens approaching) Guys, we got to go.
Got to move, - got to move, got to move - SAM: All right, Dan, hang in there.
Hang in there.
We got you.
Come on, come on, come on.
Right here.
All right.
You hang in there, buddy.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're welcome.
Be strong.
Hey, Morales.
Good work in there today.
Why would someone do this? I ask myself that every day.
Excuse me.
Hey, guys.
Here we go.
- Watch his leg.
- Elias.
NEWSMAN: Yes, Paula, as you can see, this is the terrifying scene just outside Body count's up to seven, but all other civilians were safely evac'd.
Bomb squad's gonna be finishing clearing the theater in the next few hours.
Look, I know you're all running on fumes, but you saw this video.
The terrorist cell we believe is responsible, the Mashriq Army, has issued another threat.
And based on the weapons crates we found at the warehouse, it could be a bombing - or an active shooter scenario.
- SAM: If these attacks were financed by money that Jalal stole from Omar Azim Then we need to find Azim.
Eric and Nell found a last known location, an intersection in West L.
We'll check it out.
Wasim Ghulam, the suspect in the USS Iowa attack, has just regained consciousness.
So I'd like you to take Fatima with you.
See if you can get anything out of him.
Anything on that video, Beale? No, and I'm trying everything I can think of.
Well, breaks come when you least expect them.
The FBI found four undetonated bombs hidden within the theater, so as awful as the attack was, it could've been much worse.
I just got a hit on the search for known associates of Lethabo Khan, the shooter Callen and Sam took down at the warehouse.
Okay, apparently this photo was taken in Panama six months ago.
Now, that is Khan on the left, and facial rec just ID'd the man on the right as Moswen Basson.
Basson served in the same Special Forces unit as Khan, and, like Khan, he was discharged in 2009 for insubordination.
Discharged for the same incident? Well, it appears so, but the details have been redacted.
Intel records show Khan working for a private security firm - in Venezuela from 2010 to 2013.
- NELL: Ooh.
And lookee here.
FBI flagged Basson as part of a private protection detail in Costa Rica at that same time.
Looks like both men chose to go the paid mercenary route.
What are the odds that they've kept in touch? Maybe Basson is also working for the Mashriq Army.
NELL: Well, according to Fatima, Mashriq Army doesn't work with outsiders.
Well, based on the events of the last few days, the Mashriq Army's evolving.
(sighs) Tell you, those kids from the theater are something special.
I don't know many adults who could've held it together in a situation like that.
They got that warrior spirit.
You hear from the hospital? Elias is still in surgery.
Doctor said it's gonna be a long one.
We'll find the people who did this.
NELL: Hey, Callen? Yeah.
So, I got an update on Omar's car.
After it passed through that intersection, it looks like a gas station security camera picked it up about a mile down the road turning into an industrial park.
Gonna send you the location now.
All right, got it.
Oh, and, guys, Omar is not alone.
The video shows two others in his car.
Copy that.
(engine starts) (door opens) Wasim.
Nice to see you again.
(breathes heavily) You help the Americans? Betray your people, your country, and almighty Allah.
You wear a hijab, but you are nothing more than a spoiled American girl.
You murder innocent people for personal gain.
Your actions have nothing to do with Allah.
Why don't you tell us why the Mashriq Army attacked the L.
I will tell you nothing.
Easy, tiger.
Starting to think you don't like me.
Which is weird, right? 'Cause I'm incredibly likable.
Super likable.
In fact, it's probably the most common adjective used to describe me, is "likable.
" Maybe not the most common.
Just stop talking.
KENSI: It's amazing to me how in every culture on this planet, people have the same reaction to you.
Oh, it's not Deeks.
Wasim here is just a man who values his personal space.
(beeping quickens) DEEKS: Not being fond of tight spaces is interesting, considering your reward for trying to bomb the USS Iowa is solitary confinement.
KENSI: 23 hours a day in a six-by-eight windowless box.
At night, you know what they say? It is so dark in there that it's like being trapped in a black hole.
Okay! I can't do solitary confinement.
Back away.
(exhales) KENSI: Then I'll ask again.
Why did the Mashriq Army attack the L.
Theatre? What are you talking about? There was a bombing today.
The Mashriq Army does not attack theaters.
We seek to avenge the death of our families and the destruction of our homes by your cowardly military.
Tell us about Abbas Jalal and his role within the Mashriq Army.
(exhales) Jalal only manages our money.
He is not a soldier of the cause.
He is of little value to us.
KENSI: Really? He's of so little value to you that you manipulated him into wearing a suicide vest at the L.
Jalal was a fearful man.
He's not capable of something like that.
And even if he was, he would never pay the ultimate price for the Mashriq Army.
Well, he did, so tell us why.
I have no idea.
Who would Jalal sacrifice himself for if not for you and your cause? This man, Omar Azim.
Jalal loved him like a father, but Omar would not accept us.
He spoke poorly of the Mashriq Army and even tried to get Jalal to condemn us.
So you forced Jalal to steal that money from Bana and Omar Azim? Jalal proved himself loyal to the Mashriq Army.
But he did not kill himself for us.
CALLEN: We've found Omar's last known location.
SAM: No bombs, no wires.
We're going in.
Copy that.
Omar Azim.
The Mashriq Army flag.
SAM: This is where they filmed the threat video.
Then, whoever issued the threat of another attack is still out there.
CALLEN:Coroner's prelim placed Omar's death within the last few hours.
SAM: Hmm.
These two were killed over 12 hours ago.
Bana Azim said Omar disappeared last night, so he was kept tied up.
Maybe they restrained Omar so they could interrogate him.
Might have had something to do with Jalal.
SAM: And these two were stripped down.
Clothes gone, not anywhere in the building.
Maybe they were wearing some kind of uniforms.
Uniforms that give them access to their next target.
We need IDs on these bodies, find out where they worked.
FATIMA: So let's say Jalal didn't plan or want to carry out the bombing, and he didn't do it for the Mashriq Army.
Well, Omar's bound and executed, so it looks like he didn't force Jalal to do it.
Unless he did.
What do you mean? Jalal cared for Omar; he's like a father figure to him.
So what if somebody used Omar as leverage against Jalal? Okay, so Omar wasn't tortured and interrogated.
He was being used as ransom until Jalal executed the bombing.
If Jalal didn't follow through, they'd kill a man he cared for and respected.
We have to find who's pulling these strings, and fast.
NELL: Hey, Callen? What's the word, Nell? NELL: I've ID'd the bodies.
Uh, Graham Heller and Ray Donner, they were both baggage handlers at the West Harbor Airport.
That's their next target.
Have Kensi and Deeks meet us there, and alert the airport PD that we're inbound.
We don't want to trigger any action earlier than they had planned.
Yep, got it.
Those employee ID badges give 'em access to restricted areas.
That's not good.
Hey, guys? CALLEN: Yeah.
So, airport director said that Donner and Heller were part of the crew that was stationed at the main terminal.
I only see six baggage handlers.
No one noticed that Donner and Heller showed up to work looking a little different? We were told the airport uses lots of contractors, so there's lots of turnover.
Crews are accustomed to seeing new faces every day.
All right, we'll head in, we'll find out who's using the stolen ID badges.
And, Deeks, tell the director of the airport that we'll be on the tarmac wearing mechanics coveralls and vests.
That'll be cute.
Copy that.
Follow my lead out there.
I know tools aren't your thing.
Useful tools are my thing.
You know, guns, knives, things that'll save my life.
That stuff you use for your hobbies, like fixing old boats and cars, those aren't tools, those are toys.
And it doesn't bother you, knowing that if your car breaks down, you have neither the knowledge nor tools to fix it? Now, in this scenario, is every auto mechanic in the entire world already dead? (laughs softly) I'm just asking.
WOMAN: Bye now, thank you.
MAN: Thanks.
Have a nice day.
(camera clicking) Half the badges are obscured, but I'm sending you the photos anyway.
NELL: Copy that, Callen.
(metal thudding softly) What exactly are you pretending to do over there? I mean, it's ridiculous.
(laughs) Why does it bother you so much that we don't have the same interests and hobbies? 'Cause I don't want to get shot because you're over there tapping things with a wrench.
That's a good point.
NELL: Hey, Callen, I've got a match.
South African mercenary Moswen Basson, he's the guy with the beard.
FATIMA: We got a hit on Homeland's database.
The last photo you sent is another South African mercenary named Sanele Chetty.
He has ties with Basson going back a decade, when they were both arrested for smuggling military-grade explosives into South Africa.
That's three South African mercenaries since the warehouse.
The Mashriq Army would never work with mercenaries.
CALLEN: Yeah, well, either way, we got two shooters on site that are explosive experts.
Everyone's hustling from cart to cart but Basson and Chetty.
They're staying at the same cart.
Well, let's find out what's on the cart.
Kens, Deeks, we're moving in.
Heads on a swivel.
We don't know if they got backup shooters - on site.
- Copy that.
Hey, guys.
Is this the baggage cart with the bad axle? There is no problem here.
SAM: Look, guys, the sooner you point out the broken axle, the sooner I can get back to the bar to watch the fight.
There is no problem.
Look, I've been waiting a long time for the heavyweight division to make a comeback, so if you just point out the broken axle, we can all be on our way.
Please, we are very busy here.
Federal agents! SAM: On your knees.
On your knees.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
I got Chetty.
I got the bag.
(indistinct chatter) Nell, we have an unactivated bomb on the tarmac.
Alert Airport Police.
I'm looking for any antennas.
Copy that, Sam.
This is the NCIS Operation Center.
I need you to clear all runways and terminals immediately.
There is a live explosive on site.
I repeat: a live explosive on site.
(both grunting) Sam.
Chetty's secured, but I think he may have activated the bomb.
He did.
But I think I can disarm this.
WOMAN (over P.
): Attention, travelers, please immediately proceed to the main terminal and exit through the entrance doors, toward Parking Lot A.
Deeks, janitor has a gun.
Airport security will be waiting to provide further instructions.
Federal agents.
Remain calm and orderly at all times.
We appreciate your cooperation.
DEEKS: Now! Drop! DEEKS: Hey! KENSI: Secure the weapon! (both grunt) Oh! (grunts) You know I had him, right? Yeah, clearly.
(groans) You okay? Yeah, just kind of tweaked my neck on that hit.
That's 'cause you got to pop from the hips, flatten your back, keep your head up, and drive through your target.
Yeah, I'll think about that next time.
Callen, Sam, I got the guy in the terminal.
CALLEN: Everybody needs to move! There's a live bomb on the tarmac! Partner, how we doing? 40 seconds.
I'm almost there.
I just need a few more seconds.
Sam, we've just learned that there are 11 people still on that plane.
Nell, how's that west runway looking? NELL: Air traffic has been diverted.
Ground personnel is clear.
You are good to go.
Sam, you're cutting it too close.
The blast can ignite the jet fuel.
I need to get more separation.
Sam, you need to get off of that thing, now! I've got five seconds! Four Sam, get off! - Three - Sam.
Sam! KENSI: Oh, my gosh.
CALLEN: All right, thanks.
You good? Be better if I didn't see a bomb for a long time.
What do you mean? Bombs are your thing.
It's like your superpower.
I mean, Sam Hanna without a bomb to disable would kind of be like Aquaman without a No.
Based on your vast, extensive knowledge of comics, I'm looking forward to hearting this.
Aquaman without what? Aquaman without a I got nothing.
I got nothing.
I don't think the Mashriq Army's behind this.
I think those South African mercenaries are working for someone else.
Neither attack matches the Intel Fatima gave us on the Mashriq Army.
They don't target civilians and they don't use outsiders.
Right, so whoever's behind this showed us that fake video to keep us on the trail of the Mashriq Army.
I don't think it's another terrorist group.
They usually want to take credit for these attacks.
You know, a terrorist group wouldn't target an airport this small.
Or a movie theater midweek at noon.
They want high-density, soft targets where they can get as many kills as possible.
LAX, The Grove, you know.
More casualties, more publicity.
Well, unless they're not prepared for all the additional security.
Nah, these guys are pros, ex-military.
They're not gonna be deterred by private security.
All right, so these attacks aren't causing mass casualties, but they are causing mass hysteria.
Why would you want to set that atmosphere? Everyone in the city of L.
is in a state of panic.
They're wondering where the next attack will be.
These attacks are a smokescreen for something else.
Something more important that would warrant all this effort.
Important's another way of saying valuable.
Could be a high-level heist.
It would have to be the heist of the century to justify all this.
If these guys weren't dying for a cause, then they were looking to leave.
Looking to escape alive.
Eric, Nell, these guys probably had an escape vehicle here at the airport; see if you can locate it.
And alert LAPD to be on the lookout for potential hits on large banks, jewelry stores, museums.
ERIC: We're on it.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but your threats they have no value to me.
They're not threats.
They're promises.
You will spend the next forever in prison.
I do not fear the punishment that awaits me.
This is kind of a first.
Someone just completely brushing off a life sentence.
Well, there's a way in, we just got to find it.
Tell me more about this Dingane Naidoo.
Well, like his fellow cohorts from the airport, he is a native of South Africa.
Did he serve? Military, no.
Time, yes.
Though his record is largely unimpressive.
He's got a minor drug arrest in South Africa, a burglary charge in Saudi Arabia that he got off on.
It doesn't sound like the profile of a religious zealot.
FATIMA: Not at all.
And it definitely doesn't fit with what we know about the Mashriq Army.
Yeah, sounds more like a common street criminal looking for their next gig.
- Well, maybe that's all he is.
- What do you mean? Well, maybe this was his next gig.
Working with a crew of mercenaries to bomb the West Harbor Airport as cover for something else? He wouldn't come all this way to work without a hefty payday.
Well, and if he's willing to spend the rest of his life behind bars, it must be because he already got paid.
Yeah, but you can't spend that money in prison.
Which means it's for somebody else.
Callen, Sam, I got Basson and Chetty pulling into the main terminal parking lot this morning.
Got it.
What were they driving? ERIC: It's a gray van.
That van could be wired.
You're the bomb guy.
So, it looks like your theory holds water.
Naidoo does have someone back in South Africa.
Who? Wife? Parents? No, his parents died years ago, and he never married, but FATIMA: He once lived with a woman in Johannesburg, who now lives there with her five-year-old son.
So, let me guess.
They shared that apartment in 2013? Yep.
And it looks like this boy is Naidoo's son.
Oh, and get this.
The boy attends a private school that costs the equivalent of $15,000 a year, and his mother works as a waitress.
Yeah, she's not paying that tuition on her own.
Okay, so the money he's making as a mercenary is used for his child, which is why he doesn't mind going to prison.
And we've found our way in.
Shall we? Yeah.
Oh, Agent Ross.
Detective Deeks, Agent Blye, I understand that you detained Dingane Naidoo at the West Harbor Airport.
We're about to go and question him again.
You want to join us? (sighs) I'm afraid that's gonna have to wait.
I need to take Naidoo with me.
No, no, no.
I know that we're working this through the Joint Terrorism Task Force, but Naidoo is accused of planning and executing a terrorist attack.
Now, we got him.
He has information that could help prevent the next attack.
Look, if it were up to me, I wouldn't be here, all right.
But I have my hands tied.
I mean, this came straight from the top.
I've got personnel coming in on a plane.
Washington feels that their interrogators are just gonna be more effective.
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Did that just happen? Yeah.
That just happened.
No wires, no explosives.
Looks empty.
SAM: What you got? I got passports with the photos of Khan, Naidoo, Basson, and Chetty.
False names.
They were planning on exiting the country once this thing was over.
Fatima, has LAPD confirmed any threats against local banks or other high-value targets? FATIMA: Negative, Callen.
LAPD is still on alert, but they haven't noticed anything suspicious.
Oh, and, guys, the FBI took Naidoo from the boatshed.
They are taking over his interrogation.
I mean, I fully recognize that we're all on the same team here, but it's just It sucks.
We gave the FBI Naidoo's son, and now we're risking another bomb going off while they test this airborne interrogation team of theirs.
Did you say "airborne"? Yeah.
Why? What are you thinking? Sam and Callen found fake passports, which means that Khan, Naidoo, Chetty, and Basson were all planning on leaving the country.
Except nobody is airborne because all the airports are closed.
I mean, nobody's landing or taking off.
But what about a private flight? Nell, you got any private flights scheduled to take off from airports other than LAX or West Harbor? No, nothing.
And the flights that were scheduled to arrive at LAX and West Harbor have been rerouted to a regional airport.
They've all landed except for one, a noncommercial flight from Bangkok with only four passengers.
But hold on.
Guys, this flight is transporting a prisoner for extradition.
He's a South African arms dealer.
Jandre Els.
Jandre Els is extremely high-level and extremely well-funded.
And he's about to spend a lot of time in prison, which means he has the incentive to find somebody willing to help him escape.
Or, better yet, a group of somebodies.
Say, for instance, South African mercenaries.
My money says they're all working for him.
This was never about a high-value heist.
Jandre Els is the target.
NELL: Okay, guys, U.
Marshals were planning on transferring Els directly to a flight to Chicago, where he's being tried.
But they're now moving him to the Metro Detention Center until flights are restored.
That's why they wanted those flights grounded, so that Els' connecting flight wouldn't take off.
I mean, think about it.
He's much more vulnerable en route to the Metro Detention Center 'cause it's an impromptu transfer.
Yeah, but Khan, Basson, and Chetty are all dead, and Naidoo is on his way to Washington.
Yeah, but we never found those automatic rifles from the warehouse.
There could be a whole second team out there just waiting to take down this prison transport.
Guys, the Jandre Els flight has landed at Torrance Airport, and an SUV registered to the marshals just exited.
My God.
Those marshals are gonna be outgunned.
ERIC: Callen, we can't reach the marshals in the prisoner transport.
They're all off-line.
CALLEN: Got it.
Alert LAPD we may have shooters in the area with fully-automatic - assault rifles.
- NELL: Copy that.
The nearest SWAT team is 15 minutes out.
SAM: We're a mile out and closing.
Kensi and Deeks are five minutes out.
CALLEN: Yeah, well, tell 'em we need them there in two.
(tires squealing) That's Ross.
CALLEN: Kensi, Deeks, Ross is in on it.
They hit the marshals.
Shooters on site.
DEEKS: Ross.
That son of a bitch.
Moving! (gunfire continues) CALLEN: Kens, Deeks, what's your 20? (tires screech) DEEKS: Present.
SAM: Better late than never.
Yeah, well, never's sounding pretty damn good right now.
I can't get a clear shot.
Moving! Move! SAM: Ross, drop your weapon.
(rapid gunfire) CALLEN: Sam, stay down.
DEEKS: Ross, drop the weapon.
(footsteps approaching) There you are.
I was looking for you.
Should I not be in here? Oh.
No, no, it's totally fine.
I was just looking for someplace to I get it.
(laughs) My spot's usually in the burn room.
Um, you did some really great work today, Fatima.
You do that? What we just did-- you do that all the time? No, not all the time.
I mean, sometimes.
Okay, maybe more than sometimes, actually.
What if what if Callen and Sam didn't get to the theater and more people were killed by that bomb? Or or we didn't figure out that they were targeting the airport, and-and that bomb exploded in a crowded terminal? No, no.
Don't play the "what if" game.
I'm not built for this.
I'm not like you.
Do you think I'm built for this? You're so calm and - (laughs) - in control.
I mean, you can separate your emotions from Oh, Fatima, I barely hold it together most days.
No, I most certainly am not built for this.
When I first started here, this work was completely foreign to me.
I mean, I never even dreamed of having a job like this.
Then why? (smacks lips) (sighs) Well because I believe in the work we do here, and I really like being part of this team.
This team is pretty rad.
I mean, it's the raddest.
I I spoke with Omar's wife Bana.
God, she must be so devastated.
I'm gonna get coffee with her tomorrow.
She's been through a lot.
That's really nice.
All right.
I got to know.
Are you really a rich kid from Beverly Hills? Born in Mashhad, raised in Beverly Hills.
This Midwestern girl has so many questions.
Madeo for Italian food, Murat's for your tailoring.
What about pizza? Mulberry's.
Of course.
(laughs) Louis.
Madam Undersecretary.
Hell of a few days for your team out here in the City of Angels.
Yes, it was, ma'am.
But they're not my team.
It's quite a feat to expose a corrupt FBI agent, especially one as accomplished as Ross.
Ross was smart.
He knew that as long as the focus was on the Mashriq Army, no one would be tracking his moves to free Jandre Els.
That's where Abbas Jalal came in.
Yeah, once Agents Nelson and Yim had Jalal in custody, Ross had the cover he needed.
All it took then was tipping off the mercenaries.
So I didn't know you were coming to Los Angeles.
I didn't either, and then one thing led to another, and now here I am, booking a hot yoga class while drinking a kale pressed juice.
I'm almost a local.
- That's not something to aspire to.
- Ah.
You've been here a fair amount of time.
So let's cut to the chase.
Should this team be disbanded or not? You've wanted to know for a long time if this team is dangerous, operating outside of the lines, putting not only the citizens but our organization at risk.
Right? About sums it up.
You've sent a long list of people out here to get those answers.
A few, but only two that I trust.
Thank you.
You presume that you accompany Admiral Kilbride on that list? You know, they're a good team.
They're better than good.
They're tip of the spear, top-notch.
They only want for one thing.
What's that? Henrietta Lange.
I've never seen such loyalty in a command structure before.
Well, she handpicked them.
One of them, she practically raised from childhood.
But my ten-dollar juice is getting warm.
What's your official recommendation? (sighs) Don't break them up.
Let them do what they do.
They can operate without Hetty.
And without you? Very well.
(clears throat) And, Louis, I, um I truly appreciate you taking this assignment.
I know the timing has been less than ideal.
How is Mariana doing? I don't know.
She stopped letting me help her about a month ago.
I've dealt with addiction in my family.
If there is ever anything I can do for you or your daughter The worst part? The person in the world I want to help the most, I can do the least for.
It's time to go home, Louis.
You guys stop at the hospital? We did.
Elias's surgery went perfectly.
Only lingering effects should be a few scars.
He's a tough kid.
He's already talking about getting back on the wrestling mat.
Jandre Els put this city through hell for his own freedom.
Not just that.
I mean, he had Ross disguise his escape as an attack by Islamic terrorists.
Yeah, well, L.
is so divided right now.
He knew another attack would throw gas on the fire.
He didn't care.
The fire and smoke of the city burning would have hid his escape.
Except the city didn't burn.
It did not.
I will leave the light on I will leave the light on I will leave the light on And I know you're down and out now But I need you to be brave Hiding from the truth ain't gonna make this all okay I feel your pain, if you don't feel our grace And you've lost your way Well, I will leave the light on I will leave the light on 'Cause I will leave the light on.