NCIS Los Angeles s10e16 Episode Script

Into the Breach

1 - Think he's gonna show? - MAN: Be patient.
She said he comes out at 8:00 like clockwork.
Am I shooting or you? No, you lost your shooting privileges after that INDO in Van Nuys.
So, what, I make one little mistake and that's it? This one's too important for another little mistake.
Well, if he don't show soon, I'm gonna burn down this whole hillside.
It's "burn up," not "down.
" What? Sure, it's a nuance, but no, you're gonna light the place on fire, are you? Now I got to deal with semantics, too? Shh, shh, here he comes.
Oh, look at that plumage.
I told you he'd be worth it.
This is me eating my words.
(shutter clicking) (tires screech in distance) (crash in distance) The hell was that? WOMAN (weakly): Find the candy.
Are you all right? Find the candy.
Call 911! Don't move.
NCIS: LA 10x16 Into the Breach Bill, bill, bill.
Oh, look at this! Another late wedding RSVP.
Oh, just barely three months past the deadline.
Yours or mine? Survey says Cousin Mortimer, House Blye.
How well do you know this guy? Can we just pretend - we didn't get it? - It is not a problem, because my Great Uncle Oliver canceled, so I will just put - Mortimer right in there.
- That's not the point.
These things just they keep showing up like this.
And they're late.
And-and the to-do list just keeps getting longer.
And I-I And the time - Honey.
just keeps ticking and tocking and ticking and tocking and we haven't even begun to start.
There's 13 things - we haven't even What? What? - Deeks.
Deeks, stop.
Inhale, exhale.
(both exhale) Now say it with me.
It's gonna be okay.
It's going to be okay.
It's amazing how you do that for me.
- That's why you're marrying me.
- That's why I'm marrying you.
- Wedding emergency! - (squeals) - Oh, my God! I just got my dress back from the tailor, who I told to take one inch off the bottom, and he definitely took more.
And now I'm worried that it's borderline inappropriate.
What do you think? I'm guessing it's totally Can't unsee that.
- ROBERTA: I knew it.
- Ah! (clears throat) You said "inch.
" Looks more like a foot.
ROBERTA: I knew it.
Now, do I dare take it back and trust him to do it right or do I just scrap the whole thing and buy a new one? I don't have time to hem it myself, which is what - I should have done in the first place.
- Do you see where I get it? - It's okay.
- It's not okay.
- She's freaking out.
- ROBERTA: How's the rest of the party's tailoring? And what about the speeches? - Not great.
Do not let Uncle Bob grab the mic.
Shouldn't you be studying for the health inspection? 'Cause they're gonna be asking us all sorts of questions.
Who needs to study? I've seen every episode of Kitchen Nightmares.
You're watching a show? - That's not preparation.
- Yeah.
Is this your to-do list? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I got it under control.
- Oh, my God, honey.
It's so long.
- No, it's okay.
DEEKS: Are you sure you don't need me to come to work today? - Because I could come to work today.
- You have had this inspection scheduled for weeks.
We can do without you for a day.
Don't know if that's true.
(phone vibrates) Speaking of which, I am needed at the boatshed.
Are you sure-sure you don't need me? #SorryNotSorry.
I could come with you.
Just sit in the car, like a Labrador Bye! retriever.
I can help you with one of these.
"Choose song for the mother-son dance.
" Unnecessary.
Why did you just cross that off? - 'Cause I don't want to do it.
- No, no, no.
No, we are absolutely doing a mother-son dance at my wedding.
I don't think so, honey.
Wha N Mama.
- Talk to the hand.
- Mother! Don't you walk away from me! CALLEN: You joined a secret society of mathletes and you're honor-bound - not to reveal their existence.
- Nope.
You decided to go full L.
and try that goat yoga class that Nell told us about? No, again.
And why is it that you're so concerned with what I did last night? Well, 'cause it's not often that we roll into Lakers tickets, especially now that LeBron is in town.
And it is certainly not often that you would pass on such an opportunity, citing vague preexisting plans.
No elaboration.
Just plans.
Which you conveniently never mentioned to me before.
So, yeah, color me curious.
Agent DeChamps.
Agent DeChamps.
What brings you to town? Testified at a sentencing hearing yesterday.
Sam mentioned Deeks would be gone, so I figured I'd stick around, lend a hand if I could.
When exactly did Sam mention that? Last night.
We met for drinks.
Drinks-- really? - Interesting.
- ERIC: (clears throat) Is this - a bad time? - Couldn't be better, actually.
I think.
(clears throat) Uh, we have a case.
(softly humming a tune) Don't start.
I got nothing.
Jazz hands.
Special Prosecutor.
You hide your disappointment well.
No Fatima? ERIC: She finished the last of her paperwork and was sent down to San Diego.
NELL: Which is a real bummer because I wanted to take her to the Women in Technology panel tomorrow.
She hasn't been officially stationed yet, and did say that she really liked Los Angeles, so - Fingers crossed.
- ERIC: Yeah.
SAM: I thought you said there was a case.
(Nell and Eric clear throats) Sorry.
Okay, we have a car accident in the Hollywood Hills.
One dead.
That's not our usual jurisdiction.
Well, this isn't your usual car accident.
Or at least, it might not be.
NELL: The deceased driver, Rebecca Frazier-- she was a writer for the L.
Ledger and she was working on a story about a classified Marine op from last year.
Good road conditions, single vehicle-- could just be a random car accident, or Could be something more.
ROGERS: Due to the sensitive nature of Rebecca's story, SECNAV wants extra scrutiny on the investigation.
Any signs of foul play? Well, according to the two men who found her, her last words were "Find the candy.
" ERIC: We're not exactly sure what she meant by that, but we're looking into it.
How about the classified operation she was writing about? (sighs) No, nothing on that yet, either.
But I may be able to help.
Emphasis on "may.
" Information requests often get answered much quicker when they come from the special prosecutor's office.
NELL: Uh, Kensi has been briefed and she is talking to Rebecca's editor now at the boatshed.
DeChamps, why don't you join her? Sam and I will head to the site.
I'm sorry, again, for your loss.
God, I still can't believe this.
I mean, I was just having lunch with her yesterday.
Did Rebecca tell you anything about the story she was working on? Hannah, I'm here to help.
I know it had something to do with the military, but I promise you, all I want to do is uncover the truth.
I believe you.
But I'm not so sure I believe in the system.
Just because you don't want this story buried, that doesn't mean it won't still happen.
Did Rebecca have any enemies? (scoffs) We all do.
Comes with the territory.
Okay, but had she received any recent threats? One.
It was mailed, no return address.
Nothing to identify the sender other than the postage mark from Los Angeles What? She had been trying to reach a retired Marine named Odell Ikande.
Seemed like he didn't want to speak with her.
If I was gonna start anywhere, it would be there.
Find the candy.
Witnesses said Rebecca's last words were "Find the candy.
" I think she may have been trying to say "Find Ikande.
" So, you, DeChamps, drinks.
Are we really not gonna talk about this? There's nothing to talk about.
She had a rough day at court, she needed to vent, I was happy to hear her out.
Well, in some cultures, they would consider that a date.
It was absolutely not a date.
Where'd you go? I just need to have the whole picture here.
- Spire 73.
- Spire 73.
- Yeah.
- Well, that is very upscale.
And? What kind of shoes were you wearing? What do you think, I wore certain shoes 'cause I wanted to impress her? Well, welcome to ten years of partnership.
(chuckles) You're something else, you know that? Mm-hmm.
Single set of skid marks, no signs of braking.
CALLEN: Hmm, maybe they were trying to avoid something in the road and they lost control.
No sign they tried to correct.
Mechanical failure? Opens up the possibility of sabotage.
Well, hopefully, the car can tell us more.
Looks kind of muddy down there.
Good thing you're not wearing your Air Jordan 11 Space Jams.
(cackles) Huh? Am I right? NELL: Sergeant Odell Ikande.
He's a former MARSOC Marine, multiple tours to Afghanistan and he received the Purple Heart.
- Hmm.
Looks like he was ready to reenlist when he abruptly withdrew his paperwork after being wounded during a classified mission.
That could be the one Rebecca was looking into.
What can you tell me about the op? ERIC: No more details.
They've been redacted, but we'll look into it.
However, HQMC has his last known address listed in Hancock Park.
DeChamps is on her way.
We'll check it out.
NELL: Sending it to you now.
All right, thanks, Nell.
We got a new person of interest.
Sergeant Odell Ikande, former MARSOC.
I'd feel a lot better about this if we had solid evidence of foul play.
(sighs) You and me both.
It's a lot of damage.
I mean, sabotage or not, it's gonna be tough to figure out if this was mechanical.
Or maybe the sabotage wasn't mechanical at all.
What is that, a homemade cell site simulator? Newer cars use cell connections for entertainment and navigation systems.
If someone used this to access the car's computer They could've hijacked control of the automated steering and sent it off the road.
Hackers have been warning about these techniques for years.
Ikande went through electronic warfare training.
It wouldn't be a stretch to think that he could've made this.
And if he did We have a highly-trained Marine on the loose, willing to kill to cover something up.
So what would you say the range is on this thing, Eric? ERIC: It's homemade, so it's hard to say.
Maybe, mile, tops? Whoever planted it had to be closer than that.
They had to know when to send her over the edge.
Well, they could've been following her.
Well, there are limited ways into the canyon, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find where she entered and see if anyone was tailing her.
SAM: Yeah, well, let us know what you find.
We're on our way back.
Mama, come on.
How come you won't want to do a mother-son dance for the wedding? There's no good songs.
If you really look, all the usuals are about romantic love.
It's inappropriate and creepy.
Okay, then we find a deeper cut that's appropriate and not creepy.
How about "Mother," by Danzig? I'm joking.
It's a joke.
How about "Forever Young"? It's about nuclear war.
No, the other "Forever Young.
" You hate Rod Stewart.
The other other other "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan.
Meh? Really? Okay, now I know you're just being difficult, because you love Bob Dylan.
I did love Bob Dylan, before he decided he was too good for the Nobel Prize.
You know who's too good for the Nobel Prize? - Tell me.
- Not Einstein.
Good enough for Einstein, good enough for Dylan.
- Who's in charge here? - That's a great question.
Considering it's my wedding we're talking about.
Jeffrey Kelly, Department of Public Health.
- Oh.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Come on in.
- Interesting.
Interesting? This isn't over.
Hey, um, Mr.
Kelly, can I get you a cup of coffee? Never touch the stuff.
Really? How about a drink? Sorry.
(mouths) KENSI: So your testimony was related to the Marca investigation? - DeCHAMPS: No, before that.
- Oh.
My last protection detail.
- Oh, Congressman Guzman, right? - Right.
Well, you know, I've had my fair share of time on the stand, so if you ever need somebody to talk to.
KENSI: Yeah, I see it.
(knocking) Odell Ikande? It's NCIS.
(knocking) Ready? Yeah.
Federal agents.
No signs of distress.
Yeah, I got fresh groceries here.
(door creaking) Federal agents.
Identify yourself.
I'm Ruya Ghanem.
How do you know Odell Ikande? He's my roommate.
ROGERS: Major Perkins, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.
Sorry to hear Sergeant Ikande may be mixed up in your case.
He was a great Marine dealt a tough hand.
We have reason to believe that our deceased reporter was looking into Sergeant Ikande's final mission.
Can you tell me something about it? I'm sure you're aware that information's classified.
And I'm sure you're aware that I have advanced clearance.
But it is an ongoing operation.
I'm on the same team, Major.
I'm not asking you to jeopardize your personnel, but you must be able to give me some kind of a context.
Going secure.
If your reporter was interested in Sergeant Ikande's part of the mission, they wouldn't find much.
In the broadest terms, we had Intel on a high-value target in Afghanistan.
Sergeant Ikande and his fireteam were set in, to report back if they made a positive ID.
But before they could, HQ received an emergency phone call from civilian contractors under attack in a nearby village.
So they were pulled out to rescue the contractors.
Wasn't uncommon.
Rebels didn't want us getting too close with the locals, target slipped away before we could get another team on-site.
Been in the wind ever since.
What about the rescue? Once the objective changed, the op was out of my hands.
All I can say for certain is that it went sideways.
It was bad.
Sergeant Ikande was able to rescue the contractors, but lost his four men in the process.
He never returned to duty.
I've reached out to him several times, but no response.
Tough hand's an understatement.
Sergeant Ikande went through hell.
I can't begin to imagine where his head's at.
He was one of the best Marines I had ever commanded.
If you have to take him in, try to keep him safe.
We will.
Thank you, Major.
Ruya Ghanem.
Recently immigrated from Tajikistan, - everything else checks out.
- KENSI: Thanks, Eric.
Here you go.
Sorry about that.
It's okay.
When did you last see Odell? This morning.
He went to work, just like normal.
He does maintenance at the mosque on Glendale Avenue.
Did Odell ever speak to a reporter named Rebecca Frazier? Why? Because, unfortunately, she was killed in an accident this morning.
What does this have to do with Odell? DeCHAMPS: Maybe nothing.
But we think he might have information that would help with the investigation, and we'd like to talk to him.
KENSI: I just have one more question.
Did Odell ever tell you anything about his time in the Marines? No.
He's very private about this time of his life.
SAM: Got to feel for the guy.
Lose one man, it sticks with you the rest of your life.
You lose four? Well, if he still felt guilty about his guys, and Rebecca was gonna go public with that, he might not have taken it well.
But enough to kill? We got to find out what happened on that rescue mission.
We are working on it.
Well, in the meantime, a street cam caught Rebecca's car turning onto the canyon road.
ERIC: And a moment later, this white van makes the same turn.
But if we skip forward The same white van returns only 15 minutes later, which times out perfectly with the location of the accident.
Kaleidoscope got a hit on the van.
It got off the 170 in North Hollywood eight minutes ago.
We're on it.
(sighs): Okay.
ERIC: Looks like they pulled into an alley just ahead of you.
CALLEN: Copy that.
Federal agents! Show us your hands.
Don't do it.
Looks like these guys were about to torch the van.
Yeah, but still no Ikande.
Looks like your dead men are Diego Marin and Felix Gamero.
A couple of misdemeanors between them, but nothing of note.
NELL: However, both men have reported ties to a gang called Imperio Azteca.
- And get this.
After leaving the site of Rebecca's accident, the van headed towards Ikande's mosque.
Maybe Ikande hired them to do his dirty work, keep his hands clean.
What do you have on Aztecas? NELL: Not much.
They're relatively new players, so we don't even - have any known hangouts.
- SAM: We got a bunch of parking tickets from the 3500 block of San Fernando.
What's there? Uh, looks like a strip mall We got a liquor store, laundromat, donut shop.
We have a winner.
I'm in the mood for a cheat day.
Thought you said that yesterday.
Let's do it.
Just sent you the after action reports from Sergeant Ikande's rescue mission.
Apparently, they were only able to escape under the cover of a drone strike, which caused collateral losses in the village.
NELL: Okay, well, that could be something else Ikande wanted to keep quiet.
Whoa, there's a lot of information here.
It's gonna take us a while to sort through.
It looks like the civilian contractors Ikande rescued were working for a Schenley Electrical.
They're no longer operating abroad, but they do have an office in Inglewood, and that is run by a Phillip Beckett.
He's one of the men Ikande saved.
Now, Ikande's phone records show the last call he made was to Beckett's number.
Send Schenley's location to Kensi and DeChamps.
Hi, we're here to talk to Phillip Beckett.
That's ideally the way I'd like Phillip Beckett.
- Can I help you? - KENSIE: Hi.
We are NCIS.
We are hoping you could answer some questions about Sergeant Odell Ikande.
Uh uh Could you give us a minute? - Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry, it's a a sensitive subject.
- We went through a lot over there.
- Sure.
Uh, why-why do you want to know about Sergeant Ikande? He may be connected to a case we're working on.
We were just hoping you could fill in some of the blanks about your rescue.
Well, it all happened fast.
Um, one minute, we're repairing the village's generator, the next we're pinned down under heavy fire.
I mean, i-if it wasn't for Sergeant Ikande and his team, I wouldn't be here today.
Did you stay in touch with him afterwards? Not really.
But then, this morning, he calls out of the blue.
Only, he's not making sense.
He's-he's rambling.
You know, something about a car crash.
I was worried, but he hung up before I could get any more info.
I was hoping it was just an episode, you know, PTSD or something.
Did he say anything about where he was or where he was going? No, he didn't.
I-I'm sorry.
(sighs) I wish I could help more.
I owe the guy big-time.
It's okay.
Thank you.
If Beckett was really worried about Sergeant Ikande, he would have called him back.
Well, according to the phone records, he didn't receive any more calls.
Would be hard to turn down someone down who saved your life if they asked for help.
You think Beckett's covering for him? Check it out.
Let's see where he goes.
He might lead us right to Ikande.
(exclaims) You know, when I said you had to be present, I didn't mean quite this present.
Can I ask you a question? Of course.
If you went to a wedding and there was no mother-son dance, would that be weird? Depends.
Do the mom and son hate each other? They're starting to.
That's not the point, Mom.
It's gonna be weird if we don't do it.
Weirder than if we dance to an inappropriate song? There's plenty of great songs.
Jeffrey, help me out here.
Somehow, I don't think this is really about the music selection.
All right.
Mama, talk to me.
What's going on? Kensi's a great dancer.
Her mom's a great dancer.
Me? I got two left feet, honey.
How am I gonna compete with that? All right, first off, it's not a competition.
Of course it is.
All weddings are, especially in our family.
Who looked the best, who gave the best speech.
I don't want them talking about me behind my back, Marty.
I don't want to look like a fool in front of everybody.
Wait, are you serious? Is that what you think is gonna happen? Mama I don't mean to interrupt, but the supply closets are where? Oh, yeah, sure.
Let me just show you.
It's right here.
CALLEN: If, in your opinion, this high-scale drink between two single people does not constitute a date, what-what exactly does? You're not gonna let this go, are you? Not any time soon.
Going on dates is about more than just where you go, or what you wear.
It's about intent.
And what was your intent? To be a good friend to someone who's been a good friend to me.
Well, you know, sometimes good friendships can evolve into more.
That's right.
You and I-- we're just gonna stay friends.
- I'll try not to take it personally.
- (chuckles) (Sam sighs) Can I help you? Hope so.
(door opens) Huh.
Something we said? Let me ask you a question.
Recognize either of these guys? Tough to say.
This is a busy place.
I-I see a lot of faces.
What about those guys who just left? Oh, they mostly just hang out and drink our crappy coffee.
You ever listen to what they're talking about? Uh (scoffs) Not good to be eavesdropping, man.
You need, like, warrants and stuff for that.
You know what you don't need a warrant for? Health violations.
And I see plenty of them.
Improper use of gloves, no hair restraints.
You know, our colleague is actually with the inspector right now, so if you'd like, we could just call him A-All right, all right.
They mostly speak Spanish, but I've picked up on some things.
They roll with a crew called the Imperio Azteca.
Write that down.
Mental note.
Between you and me, I think they're planning a race war.
They're angry dudes.
And I've heard them say blanco a lot.
I mean, my-my grade school Español is a bit rusty, but I know that means white.
The Man.
(chuckles) But, uh, you didn't hear that from me.
Definitely not.
Of course not.
(chuckles softly) Wow.
Got a future.
Well, should we get a donut? I wouldn't let Otis eat here.
He loves donuts.
You can't feed donuts to a sea lion.
I mean, let alone the beer you give him.
It's light beer.
Everyone deserves a cheat day.
(indistinct conversations) KENSI: Looks like he's stopping.
Let's wait here.
Was it hard for you? What? - Testifying? - You kidding? Reliving all those decisions? It was hard to feel like I was not on trial.
I've felt on trial since the day it happened.
Protection's an assignment of split seconds.
Some agents go an entire career without seeing a credible threat in the field, but if you do, the rest of your life, you're judged by what you do in those fractions of a second.
If you get it wrong You didn't get it wrong.
You saved your protectee.
At the cost of his son.
Look, every good agent makes mistakes.
And you are a great agent.
You got to forgive yourself.
That's easier said than done.
Beckett's on the move again.
That's Ikande.
Don't spook him.
Knife! Hey! I got Ikande! Federal agent! Don't make me do it! (groaning) Eric, I'm gonna need an ambulance.
Out of the way.
Out of the way.
Where's Beckett? So the man with the knife died en route to the hospital, but we've ID'd him as Juan Hernandez.
He's a suspected assassin with ties to any guesses? What is Imperio Azteca? Ding, ding, ding.
That's the Daily Double.
Or triple, in this case.
But at the boardwalk, Hernandez was going after Ikande.
Which means if Sergeant Ikande was working with Azteca, something may have gone south between them.
Or maybe they were never working together at all.
Well, either way, there is one person who can set the story straight.
Sorry I ran.
I just didn't know who to trust.
I swear, I want to help.
CALLEN: Why don't you start by telling us your connection to Imperio Azteca? I have no idea what that is.
So you didn't hire them to kill Rebecca Frazier? Kill her? I was working with her.
I'm not a violent man.
Since I left active duty my faith has been the most important thing to me.
That's why I took the job at the mosque.
But that wasn't always the case.
Innocent blood has been on my hands.
The drone strike that allowed you to escape with the contractors.
Because of my team's involvement, those villagers' stories were never properly told.
I was working with Rebecca to change that.
So what happened? You tell me.
All I know is someone tried to abduct me from the mosque.
I was able to escape, but then I saw what happened to Rebecca on the news.
It seemed like it couldn't be a coincidence, so I contacted the only other person I could think of who was connected to the story.
Phillip Beckett.
CALLEN: Somebody's trying to keep the story from getting out.
The only other people with something to lose are the contractors.
Beckett did bolt from the boardwalk.
Was there anything strange about the rescue? It was a nightmare.
Some tiny village in Farah, not even sure it'd show up on any maps.
Awful approach, no good cover.
We reached the contractors, but getting out was another problem.
The enemy was much stronger than reported: well-armed and well-trained.
Certainly didn't seem like the ill-equipped rebels we usually dealt with.
Maybe they weren't.
The main crop in Farah is opium.
The poppy trade is controlled by the warlords.
But why would they have attacked the contractors? CALLEN: Our friend from the donut shop might be onto something.
Blanco is also the nickname for heroin, which is made from Opium.
So there might be something to this, guys.
Uh, Schenley lost their contract in Afghanistan shortly after the rescue, but the company's spending practices certainly did not reflect that.
And from a glance at social media, neither did the lifestyles of their execs.
Even more incriminating, the generator that Schenley was supposedly repairing during the attack had failed once a month like clockwork over the past year.
While the other 27 generators Schenley installed over that same period of time had three collective failures.
That's a start, but how would they get the drugs back here? After every time that specific generator was repaired, Schenley sent back equipment listed as broken.
It was mostly trucks.
Empty the gas tanks, you could fit a hell of a lot of opium in there.
Do it once a month for a year, you got a serious stockpile.
But then their deal with the local warlord goes south.
He tries to take them out, but Ikande's fireteam comes to the rescue having no idea about the drugs.
KENSI: And no one's any the wiser until Rebecca starts digging into Ikande's story.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Guys, it looks like all of Schenley's broken equipment was routed to a warehouse near their office in Inglewood.
SAM: It would be risky to move it again.
It's a good chance they're refining the heroin there.
It still amazes me how you people can pull something like that out of a hat and yet still be so you.
I'll get a warrant authorized.
Armed guard out front.
Got him.
In position.
On your mark.
Go, go.
Federal agent! Drop your weapon! Federal agents! (grunts) DeChamps! No shot.
You? No.
Callen, Sam! Where are you guys? Never mind.
DeCHAMPS: Looks like we were right.
They were processing it right here.
Something's off.
Not enough protection.
So where's the rest of the gang? ERIC: Guys, you got to see this.
Beckett must think Ikande escaped at the boardwalk because he just sent this video to his cell.
Why'd you have to start digging, Odell? Look what you made me do.
- SAM: Who's this? - KENSI: That's Ikande's roommate, Ruya.
Ruya's not just my roommate.
She's a survivor of the drone attack.
She's the one who brought Rebecca the story.
Ruya came over from Tajikistan, but her family's originally from Afghanistan.
They were visiting her aunt in the village when the contractors came under attack.
She lost both of her parents and her brother in the drone strike.
How did you find her? I didn't.
She found me.
Her family had been trying to immigrate for years and was finally was granted a spot.
She arrived alone and contacted Rebecca, who tracked me down.
I avoided her at first.
But once I learned who Ruya was, I knew I owed her something.
So I agreed to take her in and give Rebecca my side of the story.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her before.
She's she's already been through so much.
(phone vibrates) CALLEN: Is that them? They want to meet at the old zoo in an hour.
Well, we better act fast.
If Beckett finds out that Ruya's a survivor of the drone strike, he's gonna kill her.
CALLEN: It's risky putting Ikande in play.
We could use a double, but No.
Use me.
It's the best way to keep her alive.
We can't force you to do this.
If you're willing, you'd be operating of your own accord.
If it is my time, then I leave my fate to Allah.
I'll gladly give up my life if that means Ruya gets hers back.
Once a Marine Always a Marine.
NELL: The REACT team's almost done sealing the perimeter.
Copy that.
What do you got, Eric? Uh, only about half the zoo's security cameras still work, but I'm seeing a few figures between you and Callen in that clearing.
KENSI: I got Beckett and a few other gunmen.
I count five.
Any sign of Ruya? No, not yet.
ERIC: Uh, hold on, there's a sixth guy.
He's hanging out by the old enclosures.
DeChamps, there should be an accessway to your left.
DeCHAMPS: Got it.
CALLEN: Moving closer.
SAM: Okay, we're in position.
Ikande, try to get Beckett talking.
Get Ruya out while he's distracted.
Thanks for coming, Odell.
How could you? What-- decide to make a little extra money from that godforsaken country? Everyone else was.
(grunting) (grunts) I lost four good men rescuing you.
I thank you for that, I-I really do.
Have you thanked the villagers who died? That was regrettable, but unnecessary if we could have just negotiated a new deal.
Ruya's secure.
Let's go.
Why couldn't you just let it go? Some things can't be let go.
Ain't that the truth.
Federal agents! Drop it! (grunts) Go ahead.
Do it.
You're not mine to judge.
Semper Fi.
RUYA: Odell.
DeCHAMPS: Rogers says it looks like Schenley Electric was the money and brains behind Imperio Azteca all along.
So they created a Mexican street gang to hide where the drugs were coming from.
- Shrewd.
- Not shrewd enough.
Schenley's offices are being raided and Rebecca's editor is gonna finish her story with the help of Ikande and Ruya.
That's a nice ending.
Thanks for last night, Sam.
I needed that.
And if I can ever do the same for you, let me know.
Hopefully it won't take another trial to get us together again.
I have a feeling it won't.
Good night, Sam.
Good night.
Good night, Callen.
Don't start.
(door opens in distance) I'm not in the mood.
(door closes) I know you said that whatever happened last night wasn't a date Because it wasn't.
But if it was you know that's okay, right? I appreciate that, G.
But I don't know what I'm looking for right now, and I'm not in any rush to find it.
And there's nothing wrong with that.
I mean, even the big man's got to take baby steps once in a while.
(chuckles) See? And you were doing so well.
One for two with heartfelt moments? Come on, that's not half bad.
That's exactly half bad.
That's one for two.
We can't all be mathletes, all right? For the last time, it's Junior Math Olympian Never heard of it.
(sighs) Finally finished.
Only one minor violation, exceptional for new owners.
Thanks, Mr.
Kelly, I'll tell Martin.
On a personal note if given the chance to dance, always dance.
(chuckles) ("Upward Over The Mountain" by Iron & Wine plays) What are you doing, Marty? You, me, dance floor, right now.
We're doing this.
Everybody's looking.
Don't worry about them, don't worry about anybody, 'cause the truth is that I will look like a fool ten times over before I ever let you look like a fool in front of anybody.
Even if that means I have to accidentally trip and Huck my carcass into the chocolate fountain at my own wedding.
Nice and easy, it's not so bad, right? Speak for yourself.
It doesn't matter who's watching.
Doesn't matter what dress you're wearing.
It doesn't matter what we're dancing to.
'Cause the only thing that matters is you did a great job with me, Mama.
And I want everybody to know that.
More importantly, I want you to know that.
You know that, right? Oh, thanks, Boo.
Do you think you can manage that at the wedding? I love you so much.
I love you, too.
You ready for the big finish? What big finish? Trust me.
(laughing) Come here.
Oh, wow.
We're gonna dance like we're in the '60s, like we're hippies? I was a good hippie.
DEEKS: I bet you were the best hippie.