NCIS Los Angeles s10e19 Episode Script


1 Special Agent Fatima Namazi.
Lance Hamilton.
- Who are you working for? - I am a one-man band.
I'd be honored if you came and partnered up with me.
CALLEN: I found my father, my sister, my nephew.
BUSH: Your father needs to come with us right now.
They can't do that.
I will go with them.
CALLEN: In two days, our father's gonna be traded to Russia.
Whatever you need to do to stop this trade, you just, you do it.
(grunting) (spits) I trusted you.
Stop talking and do what you're gonna do.
(sniffs) Your girlfriend looks bored.
Make it messy.
Make it hurt.
(breathing heavily) (grunting) Okay.
Go, turn around.
Got it.
Find the hard drive.
Got it.
(door opens in distance) MAN: Everyone downstairs! Now! (guns clicking) We got to move.
NCIS: LA 10x19 Searching FATIMA: Nell, Eric, we are live.
Copy that, Fatima.
FLIR is up.
Mapping the building now.
I got Kensi and Army CID Special Agent Evans in the basement garage.
They're heading for the stairs.
Kensi, multiple shooters closing in.
Back, back, back, back, back.
Watch out! (indistinct chatter) Check the door.
CALLEN: Federal agents! (gunfire) (indistinct shouting) (grunts) (bullets ricocheting) (groans) (grunts) Talk to me, Eric! We got one more on your floor, far pillar near the freight elevator.
Copy that.
Clear! Going after the shooters that ran.
- Copy that, Callen.
KENSI: Nell, we're headed to the back.
Kens, stop.
We have three shooters approaching that door.
(banging on door) Wait.
Take cover.
Go! (gunfire continues) Nell, we got to get out of here now! Where do we go? Find us an exit.
Okay, Kens, I've got a stairwell at the west corner of the building.
There's a stairwell in the west corner of the building.
There's a fence blocking the staircase.
(groans) We don't have enough ammo to keep these guys back in both directions.
We got enough to give me five seconds.
- Light 'em up.
I'm going for the gate.
- Okay.
- Got it.
- Follow me in.
One, two, go! (rapid gunshots) Go! - I assume we're out of ammo.
- Yeah, we're pretty much dry.
Good waves, great restaurants-- L.
's got it all.
I should come out here more often.
You should try the shopping-- the shopping's good, too.
(gunfire continues) Here.
Let's go.
(grunts) Move! Go! - Good? - Clear! Second floor is clear! Garage cleared! DEEKS: Callen? Your leg, man.
That's not good.
SAM: Nell, we need an EMT.
(indistinct radio chatter) The bullet grazed my calf, all right? Just give me a few stitches.
- Guys, this is overkill.
You know how much you mean to me, but if you don't make it, do you mind if I have these slip-on dad shoes that you're so fond of? - Hmm? - I'm glad you're enjoying this.
You'll be fine.
Use the siren! Fire it up! (siren wailing) (indistinct chatter) Take it Callen didn't want to ride in the ambulance.
No, not at all.
Where's Deeks? Briefing LAPD.
CID Agent Evans.
Our digital forensics team just verified that what we recovered were the stolen SR-72 spy plane plans from Lockheed Martin.
That's great.
How's Agent Callen doing? Guy's tough.
He'll be fine.
But those, uh, paramedics he's complaining to, you can light a candle for them.
I want to thank all of you.
We could not have recovered those plans without NCIS's partnership.
You're welcome.
Kensi, if I can ever return the favor, you know how to reach me.
You got it.
Thank you.
Okay, this is good, guys.
Thank you.
No, no.
I'm good.
I promise you.
Not necessary.
Thank you, guys.
You are excellent at your job.
(Sam chuckling) I got it.
Thank you so much.
They're acting like I'm on death's doorstep.
They're acting like they don't want you to die of sepsis.
- You good? - Yeah.
Like I said, it's a couple stitches, - I'll be good as new next week.
- Yeah, good.
Let's get out of here.
Do you need me to carry you into the Hellcat? (chuckles) Alex called me.
She wants me to watch Jake today.
Well, that's a good thing, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I mean, she hasn't responded to any of my calls or texts I haven't seen her or Jake since my father Yeah, it's good.
She's gonna drop him at the apartment.
Let's get out of here, sunshine, okay? - Maybe not ready for that, but - (chuckles) getting there.
It's okay, I got the door.
Can't wait to get to San Francisco! Yeah.
Um, so, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
- Yeah? - I think I'm gonna cancel the flight.
Wait, what? (groans) This interview is driving me crazy.
I have no idea why they contacted me.
I don't even know what they No.
You, Mr.
Eric Beale, are an amazing genius of a man, and that is why one of the world's top tech companies wants to meet with you.
I don't even know if I want a new job.
I'm training to be a special agent.
All right, what's this really all about? When I was in college, the dream was living in San Francisco and working at a tech company.
Then this job at NCIS found me Hmm.
Gosh, I did not like it at first, but I grew to love it.
And I grew to love you.
Did I mention cute? You're an amazing genius of a man who's also insanely cute.
But fine.
You know, if that's how you really feel, then yeah, you should probably just skip the interview.
Or Or? you just I don't know, go up there and hear what they have to say.
(exhales) Let's go.
Come on.
(exhales) (knocking) Come on in.
It's not the easiest place to find off the alleyway.
I like it that way.
How you doing, Jake? (sighs): Good.
I'm good.
Uh, sorry to call, it's just everyone who usually watches him was-- wait, why are you using a cane? It's nothing.
I got shot a little.
- Um Alex, - You got what? any chance I get to spend time with Jake, I'm gonna take it.
So thank you for calling me.
It's a work emergency.
I have to drive out to Pomona for the day.
- I-I have my cell phone It's fine.
And if it gets late and you're tired and you want to spend the night there That's not gonna happen.
(sighs) Just call me if-if Jake needs anything.
I will.
Hey, Jake, I'm gonna go, okay? - All right, I love you.
Mwah! - Bye, Mom.
(door opens) (door closes) (motorcycle approaching) (chuckles) You're not sneaking up on anyone, riding that thing.
So, what do you think? I dig it.
It's a 2015 with only 2,000 miles on it.
I got it for a steal.
You didn't forget about showing me how to change the oil, did you? No.
You totally forgot.
Maybe a little bit.
It's fine.
I understand.
You're probably tired and Let me go get my tool bag from the boat.
Sam Hanna! Oh! How you livin', man? Like Thanksgiving.
(laughs) Good to see you.
Special Agent Fatima Namazi, this is DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton.
Good to meet you, Agent Namazi.
Good to see you.
Living in a marina.
It's pretty nice, man.
Not nearly as depressing as I thought it'd be.
So, what brings you to L.
? Pretty much the carne asada.
Oh, that's my jam.
Well, if that's your story and you're sticking to it, you can help Fatima with her Harley-Davidson.
After that, she'll buy us tacos.
(chuckles) You know, it sounds like a great Saturday, but I am in town for more than tacos.
What's up? Home invasion in the Valley last night.
Got a family missing.
SAM: Why'd you pull this? Thought you only do high-level, special circumstance cases.
(exhales) James Wallace.
Border Patrol tactical agent.
On a drug raid, he righteously shot a gang member.
That gang member just so happened to be the son of Raul Ortega, leader of the largest gang in Dallas.
Ortega wants revenge, so he went after Wallace.
After the raid, Wallace and his family went underground.
SAM: The description of the missing family matches them.
- Yeah.
They were going by the last name Harris.
Do you think Ortega killed or kidnapped Wallace and his family last night? Well, that's exactly what we need to find out.
SAM: I've seen Ortega's name pop up in a couple of reports about the cartels.
He's been involved in some brutal gang wars in the States and Mexico.
LANCE: My superiors want to make sure that Wallace and his family are safe and to make sure that Ortega does not bring his beef from Texas to L.
If Wallace is on the run, he could use the help.
I've cleared your involvement with SECNAV, but I completely understand if you don't Hey.
How can we help? (engine turns off) (laughs) Now, that's what I'm talking about.
A Lenco BearCat.
(chuckles) (chuckles) Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
But that ain't ours.
This is.
Looks like I'm gonna get those carne asada tacos after all.
- But I ain't cooking 'em.
- Thank God.
I got a list of Ortega's known associates' vehicles.
- I'll go run them now.
- Okay.
(exhales) (trilling, lock clicks) What's in the bubble? High-res camera.
Eye in the sky.
CSU found no blood or gunshot residue at the Wallace house.
If Ortega wanted to kill Wallace and his family, why wouldn't he have done it there? Kidnapping them is dangerous.
A lot of ways to end up on law enforcement's radar.
Unless Ortega stayed in Texas, sent a team to L.
to bring Wallace to him.
Hey, man, that seam looks out of place.
Got something in there? You pay attention, huh? (trilling, click) Look at that.
Tactical gear.
- (chuckles) Supplies.
- Yeah.
Got to get me one of these.
Save your money.
I got a hit on an SUV registered to Ortega's enforcer, Ignacio Rodriguez.
On it.
(trilling) LANCE: Intel reports say this guy's been with Ortega since he was a kid.
Highly allegiant.
Tied to five murders.
Last known location is an intersection in Van Nuys.
The Suburban pulls along the curb, then slows before going out of frame.
I can't tell for sure, but it looks like he stopped there.
Address is in the GPS.
Your idea about Ortega staying back in Texas and sending his boys to L.
is looking pretty damn good right now.
Let's go see what Ignacio's got to say.
Let's do it.
Here you go, Jake.
You hungry? I could, uh I could make you something or we could order in sandwiches from Bay Cities.
I'm okay.
All right.
I got a TV.
We can order a movie.
Anything you want to see? Nah, not really.
How 'bout basketball? Bet you there's a Clippers game on.
I'm not into basketball that much.
(sighs) Okay.
FATIMA: That's the street Ignacio parked on, but his SUV's gone.
I don't have access to any of the cameras in that area to see when he left.
Looks like the only place he could have been going is in that bodega.
Shalom Bodega.
Run by Avron Berry.
He's got a criminal history.
Drug and gun charges.
I didn't know you knew how to do that.
- I thought Eric and Nell - Please.
Knowing how to do something and wanting to do it are two different things.
Hmm? Use that fancy camera you got and push in to the front of the bodega, left side, up under the awning.
It's a camera, but I'm not getting any wireless signals off of it.
Yeah, that thing's ancient.
Probably closed circuit, backed up to a manual hard drive.
We need to get in.
The Wallace family could be in there.
And we need to get that surveillance footage.
I'll go.
- Alone? - You're both way more experienced agents, but if you walk in there, in this neighborhood, looking like cops We look like cops? LANCE: Ouch, I thought I was wearing my dope streetwear fit today.
Don't ever say "dope" again.
I'm just saying that the odds of a physical confrontation might escalate.
("We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister playing) We're not gonna take it No, we're not gonna take it We're not gonna take it Anymore (exhaling sharply) No way (humming) (trills) Ow! Wow! Whoa! Okay.
You can't-- you can't just creep up on a dude like that, 'cause I could be - You could be what, shaking your beautiful blond locks around, donning your Twisted Sister costume? Okay, first off, it's not a costume-- it's Dee's performance attire.
And, secondly, the picture I showed you, I was ten years old.
And it was a picture I showed you believing that our love and trust would preclude you from making fun of me.
- Well, you were so wrong.
- Yeah.
Evidently, I was.
Note to self.
(laughs) - What is all this? - Well, I skated up, and I saw your sign that we're closed tonight, so I figured I'd just get started.
Started on what? Project Bar Modernization.
I'm putting up the bigger TVs.
I'm taking the speakers down.
I'm gonna put up all the big-screen TVs and the wireless sound system.
Oh, my gosh.
That's why those are down.
No, sweetie, no.
I got some other ones on the No, no, no.
Honey, no.
So we're not closed tonight for Project Bar Modernization? No.
So we have to postpone Project Bar Modernization? Stop saying "Project Bar Modernization"! P PBM? Sweetie, tonight is the Heal the Bay fund-raiser, Deeks.
I told you about this.
No, you didn't.
'Cause if you told me about that, I would know about it, 'cause it would be on our bar scheduling app, which I had you download.
You did download that, right? I don't know what a bar scheduling app is, Deeks.
It's fine.
It's totally fine.
'Cause you know what we can do? We can just put these back on the-- on the wall right there.
That's a very heavy speaker.
- Okay.
That was hard to get down.
I'll put it back up.
- Huh? And then we can host the fund-raiser, and it's gonna be fantastic.
We can heal the whole bay.
Then we can do Don't say it.
Please don't say it.
Project Bar Modernization.
Next week! We can do it next week.
Are you okay? I'm sorry, we're closed.
Come back tomorrow.
You need help.
Where's your first aid kit? Is it in the back room? Hey, hey.
I'll be right back.
Don't go back there.
- I'll be right back.
- You should've listened to my brother when he told you to come back tomorrow.
Yeah, you should've just listened.
'Cause now you got to stay.
Tre, search her.
Don't touch me.
Lady, stop moving.
Please put your guns down.
Stop moving.
And why would we do that? Because she's a federal agent.
And she asked nicely.
Drop your weapons.
Drop 'em.
Clear the rest of the space out and find the surveillance backup.
Move forward.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Challah, tortillas, and Wonder Bread.
- Put your hands behind your back.
Looks like you got all your bases covered.
Man, I'm just a small business owner trying to better myself and my community.
That's inspiring.
You should start a podcast.
Maybe a TED Talk.
Hands behind your back.
Found the surveillance hard drives.
I'm gonna take 'em to the truck.
(chuckles) Look at that, Avron.
We found the afikoman.
We get the prize this Passover.
(handcuffs clicking) Are you still playing baseball after school? Not really, but my friends and I, we all play Fortnite.
What is it with that game? I don't know.
It's cool.
It's got funny dances.
Dances? I thought it was a shooting game.
It is, but it's got dances, too.
How 'bout a card game? Like what? Uh, I don't know.
We could do, uh, Go Fish or War, Crazy Eights.
Those are little kid games.
How 'bout blackjack? Like real gambling? Sure.
Do you know how to play? No.
Well, then it's time you learned.
Come with me.
Come on.
LANCE: We know Ignacio Rodriguez was here.
Tell us what happened.
Look, we ain't got nothing to say.
You two are wrapped up in something so big that you're looking at federal agents from two different agencies.
How do you think this is gonna work out for you if you don't help us? It'll work out a hell of a lot better than me going to prison being labeled as a snitch.
You chose this life.
What happens to you in prison is on you.
Is that what you think? It's what I know.
Listen, I don't know where you grew up, but growing up here, Mm.
being a black and a Jewish dude, neither side's claiming you.
"Chose this life.
" (scoffs) Crazy.
Come on, man.
Most Jews don't look like you? Do you think they look like me? You didn't fit in, I didn't fit in.
It's time to get over it.
You want to help us so we can help you? Or you want to stay hard, so you can live a hard life? (exhales) Ignacio wanted to cop some ARs and a new ride.
How many rifles did he want? He wanted everything we had, all right? Six ARs.
What kind of ride? Denali.
Dark blue.
Tinted windows.
Listen, man, Ignacio played us.
He saw it was just me and Tre up in here and decided to come take everything.
It's a dirty game, isn't it? We'll tell the D.
you cooperated.
Shabbat shalom.
ERIC: I hope I packed right.
You're gonna be in a restaurant, then an Uber and a hotel.
It's not like you're swimming to Alcatraz.
Yeah, but there's the whole, like, checked bag versus carry-on anxiety, and Okay, Eric.
I have to tell you something before we get to San Francisco.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
I just don't want it to come out later or for you to think, like, I manipulated you or anything.
Nell, what's going on? Um (exhales) So My mom, um (sniffles) she hasn't really been feeling too good as of late, but she's not really the, like, you know, "go to the doctor" kind of gal, she's more of the, like, "tough it out until my dad makes her go" kind.
Um, anyway She was just diagnosed with, uh, coronary heart disease.
(sighs) It's pretty advanced.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
But, um, I think it might be okay, and this is what I wanted to tell you: We found this really amazing place that's called the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.
They treat diseases with both Eastern and Western practices, so that you don't have to lose out on the benefits of either one.
And the Osher Center is in San Francisco? Yeah.
My parents are moving there, and, uh, and I've been seriously thinking about moving there, too.
(crying): I want to be there to help her and take care of her, and I can't do that and this job at the same time.
It's just impossible.
Hey Nell, why didn't you tell me any of this? I don't know.
You've got this job offer, and I didn't want to pressure you to leave NCIS, it's just Hey, hey, hey.
(sobbing) It's gonna be okay.
This old thing's got to weigh, like, 25 pounds.
Sure would be nice if I could connect to the cord and hang it on the said wall.
Deeks, stop it.
It is not coming out any further.
- Well, then pull it.
- Oh, pull it? Yeah.
That's so interesting, because of all the choices that have been running through my mind about what to do about this cord, pulling it never occurred to me.
- Seems like a lot of talking, not a lot of pulling.
- (sighs) This is not getting lighter.
You know what? Ah.
Well, that is an unfortunate turn of events.
Looks like there's gonna be no music for the fund-raiser.
(laughs) You better not be blaming me for this.
Says the person still holding the broken cord.
I wouldn't have had to touch the cord had you not pulled the speaker off the wall, would I? All right.
That's fine.
You know what? It's cool, because we still have TVs, and that's more important for a fund-raiser where there's lots of surfing.
Everybody's happy.
All we have to do-- Ow! Oh! My gosh, are you okay? Wow! Are you okay? Yeah, I'm sure it's fine.
Lost a phalange.
Now we have no electricity.
Well, I'm sure it's fine.
It's just a fuse.
You know what, I'm gonna call Heal the Bay, and we're just gonna cancel the whole thing.
We're not gonna cancel it, because the bay needs to be healed.
This is crazy.
(exhales) I'll just flip the switches.
It's fine.
I'm not talking about the electricity, Deeks, I'm talking about us.
We have literally been through every stressful situation imaginable, life-threatening, and we're fine.
That's because life-threatening scenarios are kind of our forte.
But when it comes to this place, running a business together, I'm sorry, but it's not working.
Okay, well, that seems a little bit harsh.
Think about it, Deeks.
We can't agree on anything.
We can't agree on what to name the place, we can't agree on what to serve, we can't agree on who to hire.
It is a constant source of stress for the both of us, Deeks, and to cap it all off, it's also burning through our savings like a wildfire.
I mean you're not wrong.
Look, we're a perfect team in every aspect of our life.
Except for this.
So what are you saying? What do-- what do we do? (sighs) I don't know.
LANCE: You did a good job in the bodega.
You got the guys out in the open, put their backs to us.
Nobody got hurt.
I made a lot of mistakes.
It was my first impromptu undercover.
Undercover work is a lot like martial arts, you can't perfect it.
You just got to keep putting yourself out there time and time again, and getting better and better.
Thank you.
Got us away from the bodega.
Dallas Gang Unit says Ortega sent a team of shooters to L.
last night.
I got something.
Now we know why Ignacio needed those ARs.
He's arming the team that Ortega sent last night.
It's Cristina Wallace.
Ignacio didn't kidnap the entire family; he just took Wallace's wife.
Ortega's revenge plan isn't to kill Wallace, it's to kill someone he loves.
Ignacio's got Wallace's wife, but he could've just killed her.
Maybe he's under orders to deliver her to Ortega in Texas.
LANCE: Makes sense.
In Ortega's eyes, Wallace killed his son, so he takes Wallace's wife.
FATIMA: The thing is, is we don't even know if Wallace is still alive.
He might have been killed and we just haven't found the body yet.
Maybe, but Ignacio stole those AR-15s.
You'd need that kind of firepower if someone as well trained as Wallace was coming after you.
What about Amanda, his daughter? She wasn't in the SUV with her mom or in any of the other footage.
Think she's with her dad? That would be the safest place for her.
SAM: It would be if he was on the run.
I don't think he's running.
He's going after Ignacio to find his wife.
Got a hit on Ignacio's gold Suburban.
It triggered a Parks District camera on a rural road in Chatsworth.
It's on.
Let's do it.
See that? Now you win both bets instead of just one.
So anytime I have eights or aces, I split them? Right.
Don't even think about it, you just do it.
And what do you double down on? Eleven for sure, nine and ten depending on the dealer's up card.
You're a natural.
(knocking on door) DEEKS: It's Deeks.
Don't shoot me.
- What up, Jake? JAKE: Hey, Deeks.
Uh, you know the power's out, right? Yeah, I know the power's out, because the lights and everything else is off.
Yeah, I got that.
Got that good.
Everything all right? Yeah.
Just starting to think this business may not have been a great idea.
I don't even know if I can call it a business, 'cause businesses are supposed to make money and this loses money every single month.
And on top of that, Kensi and I constantly argue about it, so Well, it will turn around.
That's not the point.
The point is that Kensi agreed to-to host a fund-raiser for Heal the Bay, here, tonight, yeah.
And, uh, I can't get the streaming TVs to work, and I think I just blew up the electrical system, and I-I think I-- I think I got to cancel it.
I can get the streaming TVs to work.
I set up ours at home.
Y-You set up the streaming TVs at your hou Wait, are you serious? Really? Yeah, it's not hard.
That seems like salt in the wound considering my difficulties, but let's have at it.
I believe in you.
No, no.
Uncle Callen, you stay here, rest your leg.
We'll call you if we take out the entire Westside electrical grid.
Ignacio's gold Suburban's here.
Didn't see any movement at the house.
That house is a short-term vacation rental.
It's supposed to be vacant.
Yeah, well, Ignacio and his men may have been looking for a vacant or isolated spot to hole up in.
Let's move out.
Got a body.
LANCE (over radio): Got another one.
Here's a third.
House is clear.
It says Encino Mid-Valley Elementary School.
- That's where Amanda Wallace goes.
- Damn.
Wallace's daughter was here when this whole thing went down.
It wasn't Ignacio and his men staying here.
It was Wallace and his daughter.
Ignacio found them and came here.
Or maybe Wallace lured them here.
Wallace shot from there.
It was a trap.
Wallace set up a funnel.
This one was shot in each leg and once in the chest.
Wallace questioned him before he killed him.
LANCE: He's on tilt.
He killed those men and tortured this guy for information.
With his daughter here.
And he won't stop killing until he's found his wife.
Okay, I rebooted the Wi-Fi and reconnected it to the streaming device.
Try it now.
Try it now? (gasps) Oh! (gasps) This is streaming.
I think it's fixed.
Yeah, but what about my sound? I had a bunch of wireless speakers that we hooked up.
Sorry, it's on mute.
(music plays) Yes! (laughs) Yes.
This is amazing.
The fact is, you probably just saved my relationship with my wife.
You rock.
And you know what? You and I have learned a valuable lesson about our bar business here.
- Oh, pray tell, what's that? - (sighs) Well, if we want to reduce stress and not bicker anymore, then we need to hire professionals to do the job.
(whistles) $20? Really? You earned it.
That is a win-win.
'Cause we don't have to cancel our Heal the Bay event, you get $20, and I got to finish Project Bar Modernization Project.
I said it.
Project Bar Modernization.
(laughing) I found this Gilly virtual assistant hooked into the sound system on the patio.
These things have the capability to auto-record certain events and conversations.
So people voluntarily put these surveillance devices in their homes? It's a brave new world.
LANCE: Unreal.
Let's see if it picked anything up.
(sighs) (gunshots, man groaning) Here we go.
MAN: Listen to me.
Isolate that voice and run it against the outgoing cell phone message on Wallace's phone.
MAN: You want this to be over, you tell me where my wife is.
It's a match.
It's James Wallace.
INJURED MAN: He, he took her away to the Ventura house.
WALLACE: What's the address? INJURED MAN: It's on Ferro Drive.
That's all I know.
(gunshot) GIRL: Daddy, are you okay? WALLACE: Keep your eyes closed.
That's Amanda.
Let's go.
There isn't anything else after that till we get there.
Ventura, Ferro Drive.
Check for corporate-owned homes with ties to Texas.
Eight corporate-owned homes, none of them with Texas addresses.
In private homes with ties to Texas.
Check this one out.
Owned by Fort Worth resident Orlan Weiss.
And get this.
His brother Shannon is serving time for possession with intent to sell.
- Running cocaine.
SAM: Same business as Ignacio's boss Ortega.
- Makes sense.
FATIMA: That might be how Ortega's group crossed paths with the Weiss brothers.
That's the house.
We got to get up to Ventura.
Amanda? (breathing shakily) Amanda, my name is Fatima Namazi.
I'm a federal agent.
Amanda, I didn't mean to startle you, but you need to put the gun down.
Where's your badge? I'm NCIS.
I'm here with my partners to help you and your dad find your mom.
Throw your badge in here.
You need to trust me, Amanda.
Do it! I need you to trust me, Amanda.
My dad said to shoot anyone that came after me.
He said that they might pretend to be a cop.
He wanted you to be safe.
To be strong, to protect yourself.
Look, trust is the hardest thing in the world to earn, but I'm asking you to trust me, Amanda.
(crying) I just want to see my mom and dad.
Still breathing.
Mag from his AR is gone.
Got it.
He's still alive.
His weapon's been cleared.
Tough to take two shooters down simultaneously.
WALLACE: Let her go, Rodriguez.
IGNACIO: Look at you, big man.
You brought some friends, Wallace.
Drop your weapon and release the woman, Ignacio.
Why would you think you're in a position to give me orders, huh? Wallace.
Wallace, we got him.
He's going down.
Don't throw your life away.
They're gonna keep on coming after me and my family unless I end this.
We can protect you and your family.
You have my word.
Put it down.
I told you to drop the weapon.
Mule kick! (Cristina whimpering) Mom! - Dad! - Oh.
You did good, sweetie.
(crying): I missed you.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
(exhales) Am I officially old if all I want to do is tell them to wear a helmet? NELL: How do you rock a Supreme camp hat with a helmet on? (both chuckle) So, how'd it go? Nell, it was amazing.
- Really? - Yeah.
They want me to lead a team working on home surveillance and security systems.
But, like, top-notch innovation.
Funding up the wazoo.
The things that I could bring to life could protect millions of families.
I never thought I could have this kind of impact.
Um there is something else.
And it would drastically change our lives, and I need you to be okay with it.
Okay, then you should probably tell me.
We'd be rich.
What do you mean? Like, stupid rich.
What they're offering means that you could be with your mom every day.
Y-You wouldn't have to find a job right away.
No, Eric.
I told you, I don't want my situation impacting your decision.
I hate to break it to you, Nell Jones, but ever since I met you, you've been influencing every decision I ever made.
If you want to be in San Francisco, I want to be here with you.
(chuckles) Look, I know we didn't finish your Harley, but I'm still down for that carne asada.
Kensi and Deeks have food at their bar? You're better off with beers at the bar and Leo's Taco Truck after.
Sounds like a plan.
I got to get inside.
It's it's cold.
(chuckles) See you in there? Yeah.
How you holding up? I'm pushing through, man.
Yeah? Yeah.
I-I get up in the morning, I drink my pot of coffee, hit the heavy bag, hit the weights, and pray those bad thoughts stay out of my brain for another day.
And you? Weights.
I fight those demons, too.
Look, man, I'm just gonna come out and say it.
We work well together.
(chuckles) But not yet.
It's not time to leave yet.
Got you.
But it is time to grab some beers.
Yes, it is.
So, I'm solids now? Right.
You got to hit them all in, and then the eight ball for the win.
(door opens) DEEKS: Oh, Lance is back! What's up, dude? How's it going? Good to see you.
Good to see you, kid.
You know, Lance, p I, uh, changed up my workout.
Hitting the traps pretty hard.
Don't know if you noticed or not.
Yeah, man.
You're looking good, Deeks.
I'll take it.
Looking good.
Uh, you know, usually I would say that the first round is on us, but because it's a fund-raiser, I really think you should fork it over.
Yeah, I need a hundred bones for that beer.
That much? There you go.
Ooh, moneybags.
Look at that.
Who caught the shark on the wall over there? - Is it even legal to have that thing? KENSI: It's fake, but Deeks still thinks that I caught it in Mexico, so - What'd you say? - Shh.
Oh, the shark? Yeah, she caught that in Mexico.
You look beat.
(sighs) I'll fill you in over a beer.
How's the leg? It's good.
Yeah? I'll be fine.
Hold on.
Callen, when you said you had Jake downstairs from your apartment, I didn't think that meant you'd be taking my child to a bar.
No, no, it it's Kensi and Deeks' bar.
- Oh, and that makes it better? No, but DEEKS: I'm sorry.
Don't be mad at your brother.
It's my fault.
I needed Jake's help to fix all the I.
for this place so we could host this fund-raiser.
Heal the Bay.
This this is for charity.
Jake and I had a great day today, and it just made it really clear to me that Look, I need to be in his life.
A-And yours.
Callen A-And I know that I'm gonna have to earn my way back, but that's what I intend to do.
You two are family.
JAKE: Mom! Hi.
Hi, honey.
Can Callen come over this week? I want to show him Fortnite.
Uh Callen, will you come over and play it with me? CALLEN: Well, that is up to your mom, but I can promise you one thing.
I'm gonna be a lot better at shooting than I am at dancing.
What night can he come over, Mom? I don't know, Jake.
You got a lot of homework and three birthday parties in the next couple weeks.
- (chuckles): So - Okay.
See you, Uncle Callen.
Be good, Jake.
Let's go.