NCIS Los Angeles s10e20 Episode Script

Choke Point

1 ALONZO: Hey, what's the nav telling us for this route? - Six hours, 42 minutes.
All right, that means we'll pass Harris Ranch about noon.
- Feel like a steak? - Yeah, maybe.
Ugh, don't sound so enthusiastic.
The doctors put me on this statin thing (gunfire) Don't stop, don't stop!   - You seen these miniature horses? - Yeah.
N-Not ponies, these really tiny ones.
I mean, l-look at this.
How can this be real? - S-Seriously, look at this.
- I've seen them.
Well, how is this even possible? Selective breeding.
It's the size of a dog, a small dog.
It's unnatural.
I'll say.
It's like Valley of the Gwangi.
You know what? I could see your lips moving, but I'm starting not to understand what the hell's coming out of your mouth.
That's becoming a problem.
Don't tell me you've never seen Valley of the Gwangi.
The '60s sci-fi movie about the cowboys and the dinosaurs.
I'm asking you as a partner and a friend, please, make a concerted effort to get some sleep.
This is unhealthy.
I don't like that look.
He means you seem concerned.
You actually look great.
I mean, in a business attire appropriate way.
- Right? Quit while you're ahead, Gwangi.
What's up, Agent Namazi? Well, two masked gunmen ambushed a marijuana dispensary SUV in Torrance early this morning.
The driver's still missing, but the passenger was an off-duty SEAL, moonlighting as hired security, Petty Officer Alonzo Garcia.
Garcia engaged the attackers, but was shot several times.
Was he killed? No, but he was airlifted to the Redondo Beach Trauma Center for emergency surgery, and he remains in critical condition.
And there are no cameras in the area of the attack and so far no witnesses.
Did Garcia's CO know he was moonlighting? Yes, he had permission, and his wife just found out that they're pregnant with their second child.
How much marijuana did they steal? None, but the gunmen made off with $250,000.
Why were they carrying so much money? SAM: It's legal here, but marijuana is still a federal crime.
Dispensaries aren't allowed to open bank accounts that are federally insured, so it's a all-cash business.
No, I get that, but why were they carrying that much cash? Once a year they drive to Sacramento to pay the Bureau of Cannabis Control.
That's a serious fee.
It's based on revenue.
The company that the truck belonged to, Crescent Bay Herb, has ten shops.
We are so in the wrong business.
Why don't they use armored cars? Because of the federal legalities, armored car companies won't deal with the cannabis trade, either.
So they use military personnel to protect them.
Any leads on the attackers? Not yet, but the FBI and local law enforcement are on the scene.
Okay, we'll head over.
Tell Kens and Deeks SAM: G.
Alonzo's a SEAL.
Tell Kens and Deeks to head to the crime scene.
Sam and I are going to the hospital.
Find out everything you can on Alonzo and tell Nell and Eric to hit this hard.
Copy that.
They're already on it.
Find anything? Well, gunmen were smart, possibly military trained.
I mean, they picked this spot 'cause it's a perfect choke point.
Well, let's not jump to conclusions there, Nancy Drew.
I was not military trained, although I did spend time in the Salvation and Kiss Army, even I know this is the perfect check point.
- Choke point.
-What? Choke point, as in Thermopylae.
You know, Battle of Agincourt, William Wallace at Stirling Bridge.
Oh, yeah, Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart.
(Scottish accent): You can't read, can you? That's something I'll have to remedy.
I know you can fight, but it's our wits that make us men.
Yeah, same guy.
Uh, he and his men beat an English army six times their size, and then the bridge collapsed.
(normal voice): Six time their size? No wonder the bridge collapsed.
What were they, giants? How come that wasn't in the movie? That'd be a way better movie.
(Scottish accent): Uh, every man dies, but not every man lives, and very few get a chance to kill a bloody giant.
- Six times the number of men.
- (normal voice): Oh.
Why do I bother? I'm joking.
I know what a choke point is.
- Uh-huh.
- Thermopylae, the-the hot gate.
Deeks, what does the FBI know? Well, I got to be honest, they don't know a lot.
Think the, uh, driver could've been kidnapped, or he's in on it.
Either way, the gunmen came in hard and fast.
They were pros, gathered their brass.
Did they? What's that condescending "did they"? What is that? That is a 5.
56 NATO round.
Where'd you find this? Well, must've rolled into the sewer grate.
Assuming it's from this morning, the shooters either didn't see it or they just didn't have time to pick it up and hoped we wouldn't find it, but alas, I did.
It was hard to get it, barely got my hand in there, so, uh (chuckles) had to use your lunch toothbrush to grab it.
(laughs) No, you didn't.
- (laughs) Give that to the FBI.
- Okay.
And I also don't know what you want to do about that.
My mom gave that to me.
- You're a grown man, Deeks.
- Yeah, whose mom is very serious about oral hygiene.
How am I supposed to brush my teeth? Guess I could make a shiv.
LAURA: And this is our daughter, Elena.
CALLEN: Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Do you want to get a snack with Nurse Pearl? Yeah? Come on, honey.
They say his first surgeries went well, but he's gonna need several more if he They say he's lucky he lived long enough to get to the hospital.
SAM: He's got a long road ahead of him, but he's team tough.
Only easy day was yesterday, right? He's in good hands here.
LAURA: Yeah, well, he woke up a couple times, but he can't talk because of the tube.
Well, just you being here is all that matters.
Alonzo? Can you hear me? There are NCIS agents here to see you.
One of them was on the teams.
SAM: Petty Officer Garcia, I'm Special Agent Sam Hanna, NCIS, former SEAL.
Special Agent Callen.
We're very sorry about what happened to you, but believe me when I say we're gonna get these guys.
What's wrong? Alonzo, are you in pain? His eyes, he wasn't doing this before.
- Sam.
- Yeah, I see it.
No, no, no.
It's okay, Mrs.
He's blinking Morse code.
- S.
- Okay.
Save your strength, sailor.
Do you remember what happened? "Y" for yes, "N" for no.
Do you know who shot you? No.
What's he saying? Jason.
That was his driver.
We don't know where he is, but NCIS, FBI, local law enforcement are all after him.
We will find him.
(monitor beeping quickens) If they wanted to kill him, he would've been dead (monitors, alarms beeping) CALLEN: Hey.
Nurse! Nurse! Seizure.
I need two Lorazeam.
I'm gonna have to ask you folks to step out for a second, please.
- Fight! - You fight! - Come with us.
Okay, come on.
When will he wake up again? He's been through a lot.
It's better if he sleeps.
But he's going to wake up, right? It can take some time after a seizure.
Even when he does, it could be difficult for him to respond.
I'll have Dr.
Ramjeen come back and speak with you again.
- Thank you.
Can we call anyone for you? A friend, family member? His swim buddy is on his up from Coronado, and my sister flies in from Denver tonight.
That's good.
Well, if you need help, food, getting a coffee, hotel room I'm the wife of a Navy SEAL, Agent Callen.
- Understood.
- I'll be fine here.
Yes, ma'am, and, uh, please keep us informed, let us know when he wakes up.
Will do.
Thank you.
And Agent Hanna Hooyah.
Hooyah, ma'am.
(kisses) I'm angry, G.
I know, so am I.
SAM: It's a SEAL thing now.
I know that, too, and there will be a place for that, I promise.
You, um, checking out your new office? Maybe this could be it? Uh, if you want it, you know, not that, not that you need it.
You have, you have your own office, right? Which I-- I-- That's such a great I love your office.
I wish that were my office.
Not that, not that I'm I would want your job or anything.
That's not what I'm saying, like, but, like, in a hypothetical, kind of non-threatening way, I would be thrilled with that little space there Not that, not that it's Li-- not that it's little.
It's not lit-- I mean, you're lit-- Well, um, uh, it-it-it's great, it's great.
It's a great space.
Are they not feeding you? Uh, I've actually been bulking up, so I don't know if you could tell.
Um, my shirts are fitting a little bit snugger.
This isn't an office, it's an aquarium.
Actually, flag on the play, 'cause, uh, it's-- would be a terrarium, then, because if it was filled with water then it, then it would be an aquar-- but you know what? I get it.
I get what you're trying to say.
Sp-- story still applies.
Right, so-- You know, Rogers seems to like it, so That's all that matters, right? Maybe we should get him a, a sun lamp and a rock for basking.
Where is Mr.
Rogers now? Uh, I don't know.
Uh, going out and finding friends in his neighborhood? (laughs) 'Cause of Mr.
Roger M-Mr.
Rogers is his name.
Yeah-- I, I actually don't know where he is.
He doesn't come in every day, and then he doesn't share his schedule with us, unless we're on it.
So that's Anyw-- You know, I think I'm, uh, just gonna, I think I'm just gonna go back to my office.
So-- um, but by "office," I don't mean I mean the Ops Center, which is Like, it's-- Who needs an office, right, when you have a whole operation center and-- which is, I'm in charge of that, so I'm gonna with a computer.
I'm sorry that I was gone for so long.
Me, too.
But, um, I'm glad you're back.
I am, too.
CALLEN: We have spent hundreds, probably thousands of hours working on drug cases, and now there are ten stores from this one company that probably have more weed than some of our busts.
Yeah, well, things change.
And yet, you cannot keep a hedgehog in the state of California.
Did you know you can't keep a hedgehog in California? Why would I care? Well, don't you think that's a little odd? As odd as this conversation? Seriously? When's the last time you got some sleep? I get sleep.
I'm thinking about getting a pet.
That's a terrible idea.
Why is that a bad idea? I could keep a pet.
Pet rock, maybe.
Okay, now you're just being mean.
Agents Callen and Hanna? Callen.
I'm Kelly James.
Right this way.
Thank you.
I just spoke to Alonzo's wife.
I feel so helpless.
Still no word on Jason? Not as of yet.
How long did they work for your company? Well, Jason's been here since the fall; October, maybe.
I can get you the exact date.
And Alonzo started in January.
Did they always ride together? No.
But they had a few times.
Nothing like this has ever happened before.
I always knew that it was a possibility-- that's why we always had security-- but I never imagined something like this happening.
I feel sick to my stomach.
So who all knew about this morning's run? Just Alonzo, Jason and myself.
I don't share this information with anyone else.
You don't have an assistant or someone doing your scheduling for you? Oh, I have an assistant and a lot of people involved in scheduling the many aspects of our operation, but none of them are privy to the money runs.
I call the drivers and the security escort myself directly the night before.
What if somebody isn't available? I keep two drivers and two security people on hold for the entire week.
I never tell them what day it'll be or how much money they'll be carrying.
How's the turnover? (exhales): I don't have any.
Admittedly, it was tough finding good people in the beginning, because of the Grey area of the legality, but people want to work, especially in this environment.
We offer full medical, maternity leave, you name it.
Uh, some people think we're a bunch of stoners, but we're legit.
I left a highly successful law practice to start this company.
So no disgruntled former employees? None.
Certainly, none that I know of.
We'll still have to run a background check on all your employees.
- Well, every new hire gets one.
- Hmm.
I can share the files with you, save you some time.
Thank you.
What-what else can you tell us about Jason? Um, family, friends, former employer? No family.
Um, good guy.
Good employee.
I copied both his and, uh, Alonzo's personnel files for you.
Do your drivers take the same route every time? No.
That was one thing that Alonzo insisted on.
Even I don't know their route.
KENSI: Any luck on Jason Reed's apartment? Well, his roommate is a law student at LMU, so he's demanding a search warrant.
Damn lawyers are pit vipers.
Why did the shooters take Jason? Hostage? No.
Why? They got away clean.
Yeah, but they wanted to be sure, so hopefully, he's just tied up someplace.
There was no blood on his side of the SUV.
Well, he was a driver, not a SEAL and he was unarmed.
Hopefully, he would've surrendered, especially after what happened to Alonzo.
What if Jason was tied in to the shooters? Well, I mean, there's no sign of that, and also, Callen and Sam mentioned that Alonzo's the only person who knows the route and he changes it every time.
Yeah, but Jason could have put a tracker on the vehicle without Alonzo ever knowing about it.
I mean, hell, he could have been following his cell phone.
Yeah, but a SEAL never would have make that mistake, and even if he did, the shooters still wouldn't know where the chalk point is.
Or, what would you call it, a check-check point? - You are such an idiot.
- Yeah, but I'm your idiot, and I'm right and you love it.
All right, well, think about this, genius.
Genius is strong, but your words.
How many ways are there to get to Sacramento? - I feel like this a trick question.
- Mm.
If you want to get there safely, but also as quickly as possible, then you would have to, of course, take the I-5.
Well, yeah, but you could also mix it up a little bit, get off and on at different points, you know, to avoid a pattern.
- That is true.
But the shooters know that the SUV is leaving from the Crescent Bay corporate office.
So if they know what the departure time is, then that would put them a-right there.
Agreed, but they still wouldn't know the route.
No, they wouldn't, but the shooters do know that the SUV has to head north, so the options of randomness increase with time and distance.
But in those first few miles, it is pretty limited, so Jason could lead them straight to the choke point.
- Yeah, it would be, though, if it deviated from Alonzo's directions.
But if I'm smart - Like me.
- Like you, but for real.
- Hurtful.
- Then, you could funnel them by setting up roadblocks or any other impediment that would guarantee you would head to the choke point.
- Dear God.
- Nell! I need you and Eric to look at the streets between the corporate office and the crime scene for any roadblocks or anything that would've funneled their route.
Uh, and keep in mind that they could be bogus, so Caltrans would not have a record of them.
Copy that.
We also got a hit on your shell casing print.
- Mm.
- Ooh, that's exciting.
Meet Brian Booker.
Assault, weapons, breaking and entering, grand theft auto.
Ah, those are all the Boy Scout badges you get if you're gonna be a supervillain.
- Mm-hmm.
He's been in and out of jail since juvie.
Well done.
Okay, send us a list of his, uh, known criminal associations, as well as his work and home address and, uh, let Callen and Sam know about all of this.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
You know what I'm feeling? - What are you feeling, girl? - I'm feeling hot.
- Are you? - You know why? - Why? - Oh, 'cause Kensi's on fire.
Yikes, you just referred to yourself in third person.
That was a little creepy, right? I mean, it is L.
The kids are doing it.
Are they? Are kids doing it? I'm gonna give it a shot.
Deeks is coming! Mr.
Booker? Mr.
Booker, are you home? Federal agents, open up! I was gonna lure him out with my Publisher sweepstakes bit.
You know, if I had balloons, you had a big giant check.
The day you put a balloon in my car is the day I put you in a car seat.
Oh, right, 'cause you think of balloons and then you think of clowns, and you don't like (clattering) SAM: Federal agents! What are you guys doing, huh? You chasing somebody? We're on it! - The serpentine! - This guy's got all the tricks.
Coming in hot.
I got him.
I got him.
I got him.
Oh Ooh, my God.
That's a cheap surfboard.
CALLEN: You think now that Hetty's back, we could get a dog? A K9 unit would really cut down on all this running around.
Titanium teeth? Not in my car.
No dog, no balloon, what-- where's the joy? (grunts) Sit down.
You're gonna need more than a lawyer if you don't tell me who shot up that Crescent Bay truck this morning.
No, you don't smile at that.
- And you sure as hell don't smile at me.
- Sam.
Come on.
Partner? (panting) - There's a code, G.
- Yeah, I know that, and you know that, okay? But this is not the time, all right? Please, grab a coffee.
BOOKER: Bye-bye.
That's right, walk away, you little bitch.
And get my frickin' lawyer.
You got him well trained.
The United States Navy trained him, and that is the only reason that you're breathing right now.
(scoffs) (laughs softly) So, uh, is it just me, or does everybody want to hit him in the face with a shovel? You guys okay? - Yeah.
KENSI: Sam? What do you think? I think you want to kill the guy.
I think we all do, but right now, he's our only option, so let's just focus on finding the weapon and the ballistics match Oh, is that how it works? - Sam.
- Hey, hey, I am just trying to calm everybody down, man.
I don't want to be calm.
Yeah, but we need you to be, and so does Garcia and his wife.
Do you want us to take a stab at him? Only if you're really gonna stab him.
Look, this waste of skin is never going to talk, so our time is much better used turning his place upside down.
We'll have Eric and Nell go through every little detail of his miserable life.
NELL: Hetty, you wanted to see me? Hi.
(chuckles) How's Mom? Oh, wow.
Unexpected pop quiz.
Okay, uh, well, the surgeons are recommending a triple bypass, which she is refusing, because why would you do something to try and save your life? I mean, I understand that she's scared, but she's also a very intelligent person, so little confused here.
Maybe you need to be with her.
Well, I I tried.
I mean, I was there.
My whole family was there.
But she insisted that we all go, aside from my dad, or she would leave the hospital.
And, you don't know my mother, but the woman does not make idle threats.
She was halfway to the car before could stop her.
She is the most stubborn person I have ever met.
Present company aside, obviously.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
That was intended to be a compliment, but that came out all kinds of wrong.
And now, I'm saying I'm sorry.
I am jacked up on enough caffeine to take down a wildebeest.
It's so frustrating, because I'm supposed to be a grown-up, right? I mean, you see.
I-I've had to do some really badass stuff at this job, but whenever I'm around her, it's like (scoffs) the minute I see her, I just turn into this eight-year-old again and you know, Sydney-- (scoffs) Forget Sydney, I mean, she is just a mess around my mother; all she can do is cry.
So then, I'm there mopping that up and it's just fricking (sighs) Why don't you sit down? Uh I'm, I'm fine.
And we have this whole (exhales) Mm-hmm.
(inhales sharply) (chuckles) You just do not take no for an answer.
(exhales, groans) God.
(sighs) (chuckles lightly) (laptop beeps) (groans) The team's looking for me.
I really have to upload this document.
You know, family is important.
In all its disguises.
And also very challenging.
(laptop beeps) O-Oh, God.
Now Callen's looking for me.
I-I now I really have to get back to work, so Okay.
But we need to leave at 2100.
I'm sorry, what? I've arranged a flight for the two of us to San Francisco.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Well, I don't know your mother, I've never met your mother.
But some have told me that I can be very persuasive at times.
Hetty you do not have to do this.
(inhales deeply) (exhales) But I'm glad you are.
Can I give you a hug? Oh! (laughs) Hmm.
(chuckles) Oh I love you so much.
I thought I was never gonna see you again.
Oh you never have to worry about me.
(laughs) Only the good die young.
- (laughs) Of course.
- (chuckles) - Anything? - Drugs, unpaid bills, a collection of wands from the Harry Potter movies, which doesn't really track with his profile but who am I to judge? And, wait for it, you ready? Boom! Amish porn.
Not sure if it's real, not sure if it matters, not sure why I care so much, although I did love the movie Witness.
Yeah? What I haven't found is any assault rifles or any ammunition.
We need something.
Otherwise, he could say he sold ammo to some guy he met online.
That buys him reasonable doubt on the print.
What about all the stolen cash? Nope, but maybe he spent it all on an interior designer.
KENSI: I got something.
- Right here.
- (Callen exhales) What is that, a artifact? (laughs) Well, I walked his whole failed escape route and found this in the bushes right before you boarded him.
He had a phone in his pocket when we arrested him.
This could be a burner he tossed.
Still charged.
Oh, what?! Kensi comes up big again.
That's two for two, boys.
That's two for two.
Are you familiar with the word "gloat"? Gloat.
Now is that Latin for jelly? What are we looking at? The phone Kensi recovered was purchased at a liquor store in Irvine three weeks ago.
But the store owner has no record of the purchase.
Well, if they were smart, they used cash.
Most liquor stores have security cameras these days.
They do.
And I'm trying to get them to let us look at the tapes.
But the store owner is (sighs) trying to get his lawyer to weigh in, probably afraid we'll see him selling to minors.
Send me the address.
Maybe if I pay him a personal visit Might not have to.
These are the last numbers dialed on the phone.
They were all to three other prepaid phones purchased in different locations.
Are any of them still online? Mm, no.
They just go in and out.
They must be pulling the batteries and SIM cards between calls.
These guys have some spycraft.
But this one phone was used in the same location twice.
When was the last time it was used? Mm an hour ago.
And nothing since? No.
If you send the address to the team and put a track on the other two phones, I'll see if we can get permission to disable their service.
The longer we keep them from communicating with each other, the better.
- Cool.
I know how badly you want to go in there, but we have to be smart about this.
We have a driver that's still missing.
He could be in trouble.
Or he could be the one behind this.
SAM: The guy's a driver, not a shooter.
CALLEN: Doesn't mean he's not involved.
So there's no car in the driveway.
Could be in the garage, I can't tell.
All right, well, we need to at least talk to some of the neighbors.
We don't know what we're up against here.
There's only one way to find out.
We'll get around back.
I don't suppose I can convince you to take a knee, huh? I saw a little fruit stand back there.
Federal agents! Open up! Get you a spicy lime con todos, my treat, consider our options, huh? Not hungry.
CALLEN: Tried the burn phone number and his cell.
Nobody's answering.
SAM: Yeah, that was his second mistake.
The next one's gonna be his last.
Eric, how are we doing with turning those phones back on? ERIC: Not yet.
But I'm trying.
Guys, REACT team's in position.
FBI's letting us go in first.
Do we have any idea what we're walking into? Yeah, we're working on it.
Where are we? House is owned by Edward Morrison, 36, single, white, male.
It was left to him by his mother, who died eight years ago.
His father died in '92, when Edward was nine.
Looks like he's lived here his whole life.
This is our best guess of the, uh, layout from the original blueprint the city has on file.
Unfortunately, it's 90 years old.
A floor plan is nice, but I'd rather not have to use it.
I need to get whoever's inside to come out.
Eric, where are we with traffic or security cams in the house? I need eyes inside.
Um, sorry, I got nothing.
I mean, if there was a security camera in the neighborhood, someone's probably stolen it.
I mean, we need to consider that Edward Morrison wasn't the person who used the burn phone in this house.
There's nothing about this guy that says he has the skill set, let alone the conviction to pull off this sort of operation.
I mean, the guy does seem like a bit of a loner.
Not to mention just plain lonely.
Maybe someone's taking advantage of that? Using him as a cover or someplace to hide out? Or to hold our missing driver.
Look, whatever the case, somebody inside fired on us.
You know, it might not even be Edward Morrison.
I mean, he could be a victim.
I'm gonna go try and talk to whoever's inside.
Eric, keep trying to turn on that phone.
I need eyes on in there.
G! Holy crap.
It's okay.
It's built like a tank.
Trust me.
G! It's only getting worse by the minute.
It's now or never, partner.
Fatima? Send the REACT team in back.
FATIMA: Copy that.
MAN: Go! Go, go, go, go! CALLEN: We're in.
MAN: Go, go, go.
- It's clear.
MAN 2: Clear! I can tell you what this guy never quit-- he never quit hoarding crap.
Looks like a rat's maze in here.
Yeah, and we're the rats.
First floor's clear.
There's an outdoor stairway off the kitchen.
Let's go.
(Morrison crying) Edward Morrison? You in there? (groans) We're federal agents.
MORRISON: I'm hurt.
I need an ambulance.
CALLEN: We can get you to a hospital.
I need you to lay down your gun and come out.
I can't.
(groans) I-I can't move my legs.
(crying) Is that crying? Oh, my God, is he crying? There's no crying in baseball.
Pretty sure that's a full-on sob.
There's nothing I hate more than a crybaby hoarder.
Edward, I'm going to open the door.
(Morrison crying) Edward.
Edward, you still with us? The door's locked.
You're going to have to break it down.
Please, you have to help me.
We're gonna need to hear the sound of your rifle hitting the floor.
I can't! I can't reach it.
Oh, I think I'm dying.
You will not replace us! Is everybody okay? CALLEN: Sam and I are good.
- We're good.
- Yeah, everybody's good.
What about Edward Morrison? He's not so good, but he is dead.
(siren approaching) I wish we'd had a chance to question him.
Oh, yeah, it's a shame he couldn't hold on longer.
He deserved at least a decade of living in excruciating pain before he died.
Was that Gandhi? Sorry.
It's the Dalai Lama.
I was gonna say that.
Did you hear what he yelled before he opened fire on us? "You will not replace us.
" Now, that I know is actually from The Terminator.
It's a white nationalist mantra.
DEEKS: Oh! (exclaiming) Jay Z, Mother Mary, and Jessica Simpson, it is so bad in there, guys.
- It is so bad.
- You find anything? Well, that's one good thing about hoarders.
They don't throw anything away.
(siren wailing) God, this is disgusting.
Morrison has enough white nationalist propaganda to open up his own hatred museum.
Which is despicable, for sure, but I found the stack of Highlights magazine equally disturbing.
You know, Booker spent a lot of time behind bars.
I'll bet you a goldfish he was in a white prison gang.
- Goldfish? - Yeah.
- You want a pet, you got to start off small.
- (laughs) Check out the time stamps on these receipts we recovered.
These guys were buying weapons and ammunition for the past week, including gun shows in Arizona.
Wow, that's brazen.
Yeah, why the hurry? Maybe they're afraid they'd get caught.
Or they're up against the clock.
It just seems like we're missing something.
Yeah, lunch.
Sorry, that's my low blood sugar talking.
FATIMA: More like 12 new assault rifles, 16 new handguns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition still unaccounted for, according to these receipts.
So our trailer park princess and our Hoardie McPack Rat, they just bonded together with a brotherhood of xenophobia, maybe even Xena: the Warrior Princess.
The TV show.
It's got the "Escape from Helicon and Back"? I'm an island.
The point is, these guys are not working alone.
They're not capable of doing this by themselves.
They don't have the guns, they don't have the money.
So who does? They also don't have the missing driver.
Maybe Petty Officer Garcia wasn't worried about Jason Reed when he blinked his name to us.
KENSI: What do you mean? Maybe he was trying to warn us.
But I'll tell you this, Edward Morrison had a lot of different jobs over the years.
What are the chances that he tried his luck at being a truck driver? NELL: Well, funny you should ask.
So, from April to June of 2018, Morrison worked for Bancroft Transport and Shipping.
Now, guess where Jason Reed worked prior to driving for Crescent Bay Herb.
Survey says Bancroft Transport and Shipping, at the very same time as Edward Morrison.
Three little fanatics sitting in a tree, P-L-O-T-I-N-G.
ERIC: Uh, actually, uh, "plotting" has-has two Ts in it.
NELL: Well, obvi.
But it didn't really go with the rhyme, so - Oh, creative license.
I like that.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, I hate to interrupt your Def Jam poetry session, but we need a list of potential targets.
Jason Reed is armed and dangerous, and he's on the clock.
They have any rallies planned? (sighs) Well, there is one planned for next month in Arizona, but CALLEN: Yeah, but those gatherings are for people that share the same beliefs as Jason Reed.
He doesn't need guns for that.
He wants to hurt people who he thinks are a threat.
There's an immigration reform rally in Pershing Square.
- When? - Today at 7:00.
Well   Need a sitrep, guys.
Okay, so LAPD alerted the organizers.
They're sending out a cancellation notice, but if the people don't see it They're turning people away as discreetly as possible.
Kensi? I can't be sure, guys.
Baby, trust your instincts.
Okay, okay, okay.
- Baby? - Okay.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Roof of the southwest office building.
Great sight line.
Good concealment.
Sun's behind you.
Multiple exit strategies.
But I don't know, guys.
Kens, Deeks, tac up.
Fatima, you got anything? Tapped into traffic and security cams.
Ops is running facial rec.
Still no sign of Jason Reed just yet.
We don't have a choice.
Federal agents.
We need to get to the roof.
Elevator's out.
Stairs are right over there.
Guys, elevators are out.
They probably disabled them to slow down the first responders.
We're in the service stairs.
(clicking) (Deeks panting) I never should've got rid of that Stairmaster.
- You called it, Kens.
- You got eyes on him? Yeah, he's up here, around this raised section.
SAM: And it's all open, no cover.
Can't get to him or even move to the other side without full exposure.
Well, what about an airship? It could distract him.
Yeah, but it could spook him.
He'd start shooting everybody.
Eric, what about the burn phone? Um, it's still not online.
Wait, wait.
His cell phone is.
We call him.
Momentary distraction.
Yeah, if he answers.
Guys, come on.
We're running out of time.
Eric, any chance you can do a spoof call? Make it look like it's coming from Brian Booker's phone? Uh, I think so.
Wait, do you want me to call him? You guys really want to distract him? (phone ringing) FATIMA: Hey, Jason.
How did you get this number? Who the hell is this? I'm a friend of Brian's.
Is this a joke? Where is he? He said you guys were supposed to meet at some immigration reform rally today, but he's running late.
Y-You're lying! We're not in position.
- Son of a bitch.
- Hey! What are-- Deeks, what are you doing? One distraction coming up.
Are you crazy? Crazy's my middle name.
Do me a favor, huh? Don't let me get shot.
Copy that.
DEEKS (Scottish accent): That can't be William Wallace! I'm prettier than that man.
What's that, Father? I don't know, I'll ask him.
Problem is, I'm not on me island.
Huh, what are you doing on me island? (cries out) Clear.
Kens? We're okay.
DEEKS: Oh, my God.
This could have been really bad.
Not today.
(elevator bell chimes) As-salaam alaikum.
KENSI: Nice.
Let's go.
I don't know about your guys's internal clock, but mine is saying it's generic beer time.
We'll go check on Petty Officer Garcia.
CALLEN: Well, I guess I see Jell-O and hospital coffee in my future now.
Nice job today.
You, too.
I know this really cool tea shop on Flower.
Tea? Sounds great.
All right.
You mean like dried dead plants in hot water? How is this the same day? (sighs) I feel I've aged.
Do I look older? Hmm, maybe a little wiser.
Ooh, that was pretty damn exciting.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Miss Jones, I believe there's a flight we have to catch.
I am gonna go grab my go bag, and I'll meet you down there, thank you.
All right.
(sighs) Thanks again for doing this.
It, uh, means a lot.
No, I'm looking forward to a girls' night out.
Uh, but when I get back, I'm looking forward to a long chat with you.
Oh, yeah, about what? Oh, love, life.
Your new job offer.
What? Nell did How did you know? Oh, no.
Night-night, Mr.
I (sighs) HETTY: Before you leave, remember to turn out the lights, hmm?