NCIS Los Angeles s10e21 Episode Script

The One That Got Away

1 Anna, where's his gun? Where's Sokolov? He get away? CALLEN: No, Anna got him.
The ATF suspended me.
Thanks to you, it's just a matter of time before my lawyer calls me for an arraignment.
Does anyone really think it's gonna go that far? ANNA: I'm going to be here for a long time, that's a fact.
And for me to survive these years, I have to become someone else.
JUDGE: Will the defendant please rise.
Anna Kolcheck, because of your exemplary service, I sentence you to seven years, with the possibility of parole after three years served.
This court is adjourned.
(bird cawing)     Shh.
(exhales, chuckles) (quietly): Don't worry about her.
She never wakes up.
Then how about we make some more noise tonight? (giggles) You're bad, Alvin Bell.
That makes two of us.
(chuckles) (grunting) (choking) ANNA: He's out.
Get the other one.
You did great.
You ready? Lead the way.
NCIS: LA 10x21 The One That Got Away   You coming, G? You do know that there were parking spots right next to the coffee shop.
Walking's good for you.
Walking near trees, even better.
Well, that's quite a Zen attitude for the guy that just gave the full brush-off to that woman in line.
Who was she? Met her a few years ago when I was undercover as an arms dealer.
She clearly wanted to reconnect with you.
That girl is trouble.
You could have played along, right? I was only cruel to be kind.
Like the guy in the song, huh? Like Shakespeare.
- Well, him, too.
- Yeah.
I've got to start making my own smoothies.
This another one of your buddies? MAN: Agent Callen.
Will Reyes, U.
What's this about? Anastasia Kolcheck.
She escaped from Alton Women's Correctional Facility early this morning.
I need you to come with me.
She escaped? What-what the hell are you talking about? How did this happen? This is a time-sensitive matter, Agent Callen.
Call Ops.
Get them on this.
I'll follow you there.
How'd you find me? I'm a U.
It's kind of my job.
(sighs) What do we got? Alton still hasn't issued a statement, but we got the name of the inmate that escaped with Anna.
Kate Miller, 26 years old.
She was born in Barstow.
She was arrested last year on charges for solicitation and sale of a controlled substance.
That's not on Anna's level.
Yeah, it reminds me of some of my old clients.
- Did they escape prison? - Not that stupid.
Smartest thing to do is just serve your time.
Yeah, but Kate Miller got two years.
She was nearly halfway through her sentence.
Well, that doesn't make any sense.
Well, Anna got seven years.
Maybe that gave her motivation to escape.
That makes less sense.
We're talking about Anna here.
Or, there could be another Anna Kolcheck that we don't even know about.
Like a clone.
Or two.
This could be an Orphan Black situation.
I'm afraid not, Eric.
You might want to turn on the national news.
Do we get TV on this thing? Yeah.
Let me adjust the rabbit ears.
ZNN has just learned the identities of the two fugitives.
Kate Miller and Anastasia Kolcheck.
Authorities consider them armed and dangerous.
They are asking residents in the area to remain alert - This is unbelievable.
Authorities have told us Anastasia Kolcheck was a former ATF agent, convicted of shooting and killing an unarmed man.
Unarmed? He wasn't unarmed.
He was an arms dealer.
DEEKS: I hate to say it, but a lot of these manhunts end up with a body.
Maybe we should be there to help take Anna in alive.
I'm afraid this isn't your jurisdiction, Detective.
Uh, it may not be, but she is our friend, so Which is immaterial to my role here, Agent Blye.
- Rogers - But in the interest of apprehending known fugitives, and in the absence of any current cases, I will make an allowance.
As long as you stay within the law and out of the Marshal's territory, I will not impede your search for Ms.
Thank you.
You're a good man, John Rogers.
You're a good man.
Don't make me regret it.
(dog barks) (indistinct radio chatter) (siren chirps) (gate buzzes) Any issues with this one? He looks surly.
All good.
He's asking a lot of questions, though.
Still waiting for answers.
Check in with the command post.
We've got another one coming in.
Tisha Long, Deputy U.
- Special Agent - I know who you are.
I sent for you.
Follow me.
Your man stonewalled me.
If you don't want my help, why am I here? Step inside.
Agent Callen, our investigation has uncovered evidence that the fugitives had outside help with their escape.
So I'm only gonna ask you this once.
Where were you this morning between 3:00 and 5:00 a.
? I know, Gary, it is crazy.
I don't know what to tell you.
Yeah, I got it, Marco.
All right, next round at the Squid & Dagger is on me.
All right, bye.
Okay, got to go.
That was Gary, um, her former ATF partner.
He is as shocked as we are, and he hasn't heard from her for a year.
My buddy at L.
County Sheriff is on patrol by the prison.
Said he's never seen so many K-9 units in his life.
Sam just called from Alton.
- Things are worse than we thought.
- What? - How is that possible? - It seems that Anna and Kate Miller had some outside help with their escape.
They're now treating Callen as a suspect.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- What? Obviously Callen did not do this, but we do have two other potential suspects.
NELL: First up, Phil Carmona.
He's a consultant for an energy company.
Now, Kate Miller has called him several times from prison over the last year, most recently just a few days ago.
She's received no other calls, no other visits.
Is he being questioned by the Marshals? Doubtful.
I just spoke with their office.
The Marshals are working under the theory that Ms.
Kolcheck was the driving force behind this escape.
They're prioritizing anyone with a connection to her.
ERIC: Well, the window to question Carmona is closing.
He's booked on a flight to Costa Rica, leaves LAX in one hour.
Pick him up, see what he knows.
- I'll deal with the Marshals.
- Done.
- I'll text you updates on his location.
- Right.
Uh, not so fast.
I believe you said there were two suspects.
Who is the second? - Well - Right (shouting in Russian) You're wasting your time.
My Anna is clever girl.
Quick and cunning.
You think you can catch her? Ha! - I tell you, she is already gone.
- Arkady! What are you doing? Sam! Tell this (speaks Russian) how skilled my Anna is.
Time out.
Did you advise him of his rights? - Yes.
He waived them.
- I do not need lawyer.
- I have truth on my side.
- Arkady! Stop talking.
And truth is, Anna is probably in Argentina by now.
Arkady That would be physically impossible.
Let's go! Arkady, get a lawyer.
(mutters in Russian) Okay.
Let's go back to last April.
You testified against Anna in her ATF inquiry? I did not testify against her.
I told the truth.
Anna made a mistake.
She did not deserve to go to prison.
- So you felt responsible.
- No.
Enough to want to rectify this miscarriage of justice? Like I said, I was asleep this morning.
Well, too bad your girlfriend can't corroborate that, seeing as she was escaping from prison at the time.
Deputy Long, I know Anna.
She is resilient and strong, and she was fully prepared to serve her time.
So, for this to happen, she had to have had a damn good reason.
It says here that, uh, she transferred from federal to state prison in December.
You helped facilitate that? No.
I did ask why, but I never got a straight answer.
Okay, let's move on to your visits to Ms.
Kolcheck in the hospital.
(sighs) During those visits, did she ever discuss plans to escape from Alton? Well, she was on a morphine drip, and there were guards everywhere.
So no, she didn't.
And since then? I have not seen or spoken to her since then.
Then I'm guessing you didn't know she regularly saw the prison psychiatrist after her hospitalization? For a brief time, she was even put on a self-harm watch.
I did not.
Anna asked that I stay away, and I respected her wishes.
You know, I've been a U.
Marshal for a long time, Agent Callen, and I can keep my people in line.
But the locals get trigger-happy.
And so do the fugitives.
Sometimes they shoot at us, sometimes they shoot themselves.
If there's any scenario here where your girlfriend comes out alive, you might be the key to that.
(sighs) I never thought you were a suspect, but I had to check you out.
I'll clear your involvement with your director, of course.
Of course.
Thank you.
NELL: That's great news, Syd.
Just, you know, let me know and I'll fly right up.
All right.
Love you.
Your mom? Yeah, they're just gonna do some more testing before prep for surgery.
(sighs) I-I still can't believe that Hetty somehow Jedi mind tricked her into going through with this, but The Force is definitely strong with that one.
Hey, this is good, Nell.
Your mom's gonna get better.
Good news.
Marshals have eliminated Callen as a suspect and have now asked for our help with the investigation.
- That's a relief.
- Tell me about it.
I did not like the slippery slope I put us on by going after Carmona.
I was talking about Callen.
Of course.
All right.
You know what to do, people.
Go do it.
ARKADY: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! No! (chuckles) REYES: He's clear.
At least ten witnesses place him at an all-night gaming parlor.
Still hanging out with Vladlena, huh? She gets me.
Kick him.
(stammers) I want to help.
Callen, tell her I can help.
Arkady, go home.
You can't interfere in this.
I promise, you will never even know I'm here.
Make sure he gets home.
Copy that.
Come on.
(quietly): Remember our conversation.
There is more going on here.
SAM: What did Arkady mean back there? Just a feeling we had.
First, Anna gets transferred.
Then she's attacked.
Now she escapes? Something's not adding up.
Eric, Nell.
What's up, Callen? CALLEN: Anna's transfer from federal to state custody, who ordered it and why? - Okay, I Agent Callen, a transfer of that nature is highly unusual.
The circumstances would have to be extraordinary.
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
ATF does a lot of long-term sting operations.
Maybe Anna never stopped working for them.
Kate Miller is hardly sting material, but you've piqued my curiosity.
I'll make some calls.
Thank you, Rogers.
(sighs) What? (indistinct radio chatter) There's a simpler explanation.
Tell me.
Anna's law enforcement, G.
She's surrounded by criminals.
After she was attacked, maybe she saw the writing on the wall and realized if she didn't do something, she couldn't survive in here.
- It's that simple.
LONG: Agents.
Warden, these are Agents Callen and Hanna.
- Warden.
- John Newton.
How can I help you gents? Why don't you start by showing us how they escaped? (keys jangle, lock clicks) What kind of prisoner was Anna? Confounding.
And aggravating, too.
When Kolcheck first got to Alton, I thought she'd keep her head down, being law enforcement and all.
That's why I put her on the Honor Block, with the other model inmates.
But after she started that fight four months ago, I couldn't justify it any longer.
Anna didn't start that fight.
Sure did.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Pounced like a tiger.
I transferred her to this block after she got out of the hospital.
I put her in her own cell.
I figured that'd be safer, for everyone.
So how'd she end up bunking with Miller? (laughs) Someone set Miller's cell on fire.
It happens.
Never did find out who.
It seems that Miller's cellmate was the target, so we moved her off the block, and the only space for Miller was Anna's cell.
Fuse, meet powder keg.
(indistinct chatter) Newton.
Anna's not the type to start fights.
Or fires.
(chuckles) Am I crazy, or did Anna go to a lot of trouble to end up in the same cell as Miller? LONG: This door is closed during the night.
They used the guard's keys to access it, then slid down the chute into the trash room.
Yeah, Kolcheck worked trash detail for the past few months.
She would have had access to it during the day.
Was she assigned to it or did she request it? I don't exactly remember.
Uh, I'll have to check with the day shift on that one.
LONG: Already did.
She requested.
Kolcheck knew exactly what she was doing.
You're not crazy.
NEWTON: Uh, usually not so messy down here.
I pride myself on maintaining a pristine facility.
Check it out.
Oh, she must have stashed some clothes down here.
- Looks like it.
LONG: Take a look over here.
(sighs) It's a maintenance tunnel.
Goes about 50 yards and then it dead-ends at one of the original prison walls.
At least, it used to.
NEWTON: I've been on the state for months, trying to get them to reinforce these walls with concrete.
- Timing is everything.
- You said Anna had trash duty.
Was there a guard assigned to watch her? Agent Hanna, I've got one guard for every 15 prisoners.
So, no.
The truth is, no one was watching her.
She was unattended for at least two hours a day.
They only had to make the hole big enough for the two of them to get through.
We'll have to go the long way around.
Someone cut the chain and broke the lock from the outside.
The guards patrol it every two hours.
It was fine at 3:00 a.
But not at 5:00.
Let's go.
It's close enough to the prison that the guards in the tower would have seen any vehicle pull up.
Must have left on foot.
If this is an op, it's a reckless one.
We need to find her before she's killed.
Better luck next time, boys! Yeah, let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Oh, please, we're practically home free.
Wait! If it still runs, it might get us across the state line.
- We'll get points for style.
- Come on.
I'll hot-wire it.
I'll be right back.
Kate! NEWSCASTER: Authorities consider them armed and dangerous.
They're asking residents in the area to remain alert.
Authorities have told us Anastasia Kolcheck was a former ATF agent convicted of shooting and killing an unarmed man.
- Damn.
The second fugitive, Kate Miller, was serving a sentence (tires screeching) Who the hell were you calling? Don't worry about it, just drive.
Hey! Hey! (whooping) (exhales) Son of a bitch! Ugh, 10,000 apologies, Mr.
Carmona, for making you wait.
My clients are not gonna be happy about this.
And we apologize for that.
Also, there's the matter of your alibi this morning? - You talked to my wife? - We did.
Then it sounds like we're done here.
Actually, we've got a few more questions about your conversations with Kate Miller.
I'm not saying a word until my lawyer gets here.
Oh, I'm not so sure about that.
KATE (over phone): Hey, babe, do you miss me? CARMONA (over phone): Kate? Why are you calling me? KATE: I wanted to hear your voice.
DEEKS: Turns out, they records all inmate phone calls at Alton.
CARMONA: What do you want? - Who knew? KATE: I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you.
I know I'm locked away right now, but that doesn't mean anything's changed between us.
- You're still mine, babe.
- Yikes.
Remember that.
CARMONA: You are one sick bitch, you know that? Well, and the other ones are pretty much in that fashion, but you already knew that.
Except for the fact that the name-calling gets, uh, you know, a little more specific.
KENSI: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
So I'm just reading between the lines here, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that you were one of Kate's clients? DEEKS: Well, my instinct is it was a little bit more than that.
I would agree with that.
It also kind of sounded like she was threatening him.
Like she's gonna boil his bunny? Oh, yeah, totally.
So, Phil, if you're in danger, we can help you.
But you do have to tell us why Kate is a threat to you.
My lawyer should be here in about an hour.
(groans) Okay, okay.
So Phil didn't help Anna and Kate escape from prison, but there's definitely something else going on here.
There's more to Kate than meets the eye.
We should look into it.
NELL: Hey, guys, we're actually already doing that.
Callen and Sam have already asked us to.
- And we found something else.
Alton prison confiscated a burner phone from Anna.
She made several calls from it, all to the same number.
NELL: Unfortunately, it's also a burn phone, and we have no idea who's answering.
But three months ago, she did send one text.
It was the same day Kate moved into Anna's cell.
It simply read, "Made a new friend.
" Another way of saying she's starting to work her new cellmate.
Yeah, look into Kate Miller, find everything you can.
- Yep.
We'll dive deep.
- Yeah.
So Phil's lawyer's gonna be here soon.
We're definitely gonna lose him.
You want to try rattling him a little more? God, I love your persistence.
Oh! No, no, no.
Arkady Good, you are here.
We have work to do.
- No, we don't.
- What are you doing here? Callen tell me, "Go home.
Be good boy and wait.
" Do I look like good boy? Please don't make me answer that.
I cannot sit idly by while my Anna is being hunted like bear.
- I must do something.
- No.
You don't have to do anything.
Look, I know it's terrifying that Anna is out there and we don't know where she is, but Callen is right.
Okay, Arkady? You got to go home and let us do our job.
I know this guy.
DEEKS: You know this guy? Yes, I met him before.
Not even close.
- Desmond.
- Herschel.
- All right.
It is on tip of my tongue.
Carmona! Phil Carmona.
I told you I know him.
And I tell you something, he is not good boy.
Thanks, guys.
Just let me know what you find.
Eric's gonna trace the call that Kate Miller made from that pay phone.
Okay, so you travel five kilometers over rough terrain, then you steal a car? I-I've been thinking the same thing.
I If they've got outside help, why not have someone pick them up somewhere? Could be something went wrong with their plan.
This whole thing just seems random, improvised.
That-that is not Anna.
She may be losing control of the situation.
- She just might FRAZIER: Like I said, I didn't know anything about fugitives when I saw the brunette at the pay phone, but then sure enough, (whistles) there goes Elsie.
His '67 Bonneville.
(chuckling): Yeah, well, uh, maybe they couldn't find a '66 T-Bird.
But I got to be honest with you, you know, I-I'm not sure Elsie's transmission will get them to the Grand Canyon.
What makes you think they were headed to the Grand Canyon? (laughing) Thelma & Louise.
The movie about two female fugitives.
Oh, I don't see a lot of movies.
Can you give us a call if you think of anything else.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
Tell you what, I'll tell you what, if you find Elsie, you can keep her.
From the day I met her, she's been nothing but trouble.
Carmona, what Special Agent Blye has just placed in front of you are phone records of conversations between you and several Russian oligarchs who have been sanctioned by the U.
Unless you have a warrant, that's inadmissible.
I'm a special prosecutor.
I don't leave the house without a warrant.
By themselves, these are not incriminating but your financial transactions with a number of known shell companies linked to said oligarchs-- those, I'm afraid, are.
So here's the deal: you tell us about Kate Miller and I will advise federal prosecutors to take your cooperation into account when they file charges.
My lawyer should be here any minute now.
Ah, yes, you mean the lawyer who was also on the phone with the sanctioned Russian oligarchs? You're right, we'll be arresting him any minute now.
(sighs) DEEKS: So let's try this again, shall we? Kate Miller, tell us everything.
She just made me feel like I could take on anything.
But then she sent me the videos of us.
I have unusual tastes when it comes to, uh well, in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.
I don't, and I would prefer you save those details for the grand jury.
So she was blackmailing you? She threatened to send the videos to my wife, business partners, and my kids.
It would've ruined me.
What did she want? Money? What she wanted was confidential information about my business deals and associates.
Ah, yes, those pesky oligarchs.
You want to know who Kate Miller is? I have no idea.
But whoever she works for, they're not people I want to cross.
Russian blackmail.
Very effective.
Personally, I have not been victim of such tactic.
I am not easily shamed.
Oh, I know, we've seen you in a towel.
ERIC: Uh, hey, guys, I managed to trace the call Kate made from the pay phone.
You are not gonna believe this, it went to the Russian consulate.
Question: why would a convicted prostitute from Barstow, California be calling the Russian consulate? Um, maybe because she's Russian.
So I've been digging into her past and, surprise, surprise, she doesn't really have one.
At least not her own.
So Kate's medical, school, and family history all belong to a girl who looks like this.
Thing is, she's dead.
She died in a bike accident in Fresno two years ago.
Okay, so Kate Miller is blackmailing Phil for Intel on his Russian contacts She's calling the consulate And she's got a forged identity.
If it walks like (speaks Russian) and talks like (speaks Russian), is (speaks Russian).
I'm guessing that's Russian for "spy.
" ROGERS: Problem is, ATF doesn't do stings on Russian spies.
That was the ATF director.
They cut ties with Ms.
Kolcheck immediately following her conviction.
Okay, so if Anna isn't working on an ATF op, what the hell is she doing? (imitates gunshot) Katya.
Anna is the reason I escaped.
I would not be here without her.
She's federal agent, Katya.
Not anymore.
I trust her, Sergey.
You should not have brought her.
(grunts) Kate.
What's going on? Sergey, stop this.
I have my orders.
(speaking Russian) (gunshot) I give the orders now.
A hiker spotted the Bonneville and called it in.
CHP responded and they found the body hidden over here.
Found a driver's license on him.
Daniel Gorman from Sylmar.
These ladies just graduated to a "death penalty level" crime.
Whoa, whoa, hold on.
What's this guy doing out here? - He's not dressed to go hiking.
- What does it matter? They killed him to steal his car.
Or he could've been here to pick them up.
Look, Kate Miller isn't who we thought she was, I bet you this guy isn't either.
All right, you two want to play conspiracy theory, do it somewhere else.
The only reason I let you tag along was to help me bring them in safely.
I don't give a crap about that now.
The fact is, Kolcheck and Miller just killed an innocent bystander.
I know Anna.
She wouldn't do this.
Agent Callen, I think at this point, it's safe to say the Anna Kolcheck you know is gone.
Can I still count on you to do what needs to be done? Yes.
She's right, G.
I hate to say it, but this has happened before.
Anna is not Joelle, all right.
You thought you knew her, too.
We all did.
Let's assume Gorman is some deep cover spy, sent here after Miller called the Russian consulate, why kill him? I don't know, Sam.
Okay, well, let's think about what we do know then, all right? Whatever the reason, it doesn't change their primary goal: get out of the country.
That's their only option.
Well, on their own, they would either have to walk or drive across the border.
But if they had the help of the consulate They could get a private flight.
Okay, we're over here.
Over there's a private airfield.
That's where I'd go.
ERIC: Agua Cielo AirPark.
In the past, the consulate has used a private hangar there.
Callen and Sam are on their way.
Great, we'll meet them there.
I'm coming, too.
- No, he's not.
- No, you're not.
Kensi, Deeks, we're friends.
BOTH: No, we're not.
He's bloodsucking lawyer.
Yeah, we actually like him now.
Okay, fine, go.
But you think that mouse can stop this bull? Arkady Kolcheck, you will remain in this boatshed until I see fit to release you.
If you attempt to leave, I may begin to wonder why an upstanding American citizen like yourself knows so much about the inner workings of Russian intelligence! My life is open book.
Do your worst, Mr.
Thank you, Agent Blye.
You're welcome.
Don't let them hurt my Anna.
We'll do everything we can.
Not bad for a mouse.
(grunts, laughs) You keep staring at me.
Just trying to figure you out.
The new you.
You thought I was a silly little prostitute like everyone else.
I was trained to make them believe it.
(chuckles) What are the odds that a Russian like me gets put in a cell with you? You're right.
If I didn't know better, I'd think you were playing me.
Who says I'm not? (laughs) There's a reason we found each other, Anna.
We are the same.
We have been through too much to abandon each other.
I want you to come with me back to Russia.
There is a place for you there.
People who need our skill sets.
Together we will be unstoppable.
MAN: Katya.
What is that? It's a police checkpoint.
Can we go around? There's only one other road.
We'll lose half an hour and they've probably established one there, too.
I need a cell phone.
- Why? - Trust me.
(speaking Russian) Hello? Hi, I'm calling about the fugitives.
I think I just saw them leave the checkpoint on Sierra Highway.
It was a yellow Challenger.
I didn't get the plates, I'm sorry.
Sure, I'll hold.
(engine starts) (siren wailing) That got rid of one of them.
We still have the other one.
Anna! Copy that, Officer Jones is pursuing.
(indistinct radio chatter) Hey.
Stay in the car! (grunting) (coughs) Please, don't! Unstoppable.
Right? (giggles) Go! (laughing) (panting): Fugitive Kolcheck just drove through Checkpoint Bravo.
All available units respond.
(panting) Kensi, Deeks, Anna just blew through a checkpoint on Sierra Highway, heading east toward Agua Cielo.
- Copy that.
- She's headed for the airpark.
ROGERS: Understood.
- Thank you.
-Tell me.
Is Anna okay? ROGERS: She attacked a police officer and overran a checkpoint.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
There it is.
Go, go, go.
Sheriffs, Marshals and our agents are all in pursuit.
It'll be over soon.
(siren wailing) Heads up, on your right.
ROGERS: Arkady the team will do their best to bring Anna in safely.
  I lost her once before, my Anna.
We had terrible fight.
She was always stubborn girl.
Proud, fierce.
Just like her grandmother.
She was hard woman my mother.
Had to be.
But she had a light to her.
A kindness.
What little good I have in me, I got from her.
  The day Anna was born I felt that same light again.
No, they won't.
ARKADY: So when I lost her I lost part of myself.
The best part.
Your call, G.
I cannot lose her again.
  We need an ambulance! KENSI: On it.
Anna! Anna, it's Callen! I need you to come out.
Show me your hands! The hell are these guys doing? Tell them to stay back! Stay back.
Get back! - Stay down! - We got to do something.
We'll cover you! I'm going after Anna.
Go, go, go, go.
You have to leave.
I know about Kate.
I know you've been working an angle.
You got to tell me what it is.
Just go.
Someone helped you escape.
Who are you working with? I have to go.
My team, your friends, are out there under fire.
I didn't ask for that.
You have to trust me.
Trust? Drop your bag and put your hands on your head.
I can't.
Stop, Anna.
- I'm sorry.
- I said stop.
Don't make me do this.
(panting): Anna.
DEEKS: Heads up.
  ROGERS: Thanks for the update.
Air traffic control just confirmed they lost the plane over the Pacific.
But last known heading had it on a path to Russia.
(Arkady laughing) She is alive.
I was right.
No one can catch my Anna.
I never doubted it.
- Never.
- I'll get him home.
- I got him.
- No.
It's the least I can do, Agent Callen.
Besides, I'll need your reports ASAP.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Federal Bureau of Prisons finally called me back.
They said that the order to transfer Ms.
Kolcheck came from the Justice Department.
But as you know, there's been a lot of turnover lately.
No one at Justice seems to be able to find where the order originated.
(Arkady muttering) Okay, Arkady.
I'll get you home.
(groaning) (grunts) He may be bloodsucking lawyer, but this one is all right.
(Arkady chuckles) I'm glad you two found each other.
ROGERS: Good night, Agents.
Good night.
You good? Not really.
You want to talk about it? Not really.
(Nell clears throat) Hey, guys.
What are you doing here? Well (clears throat) After we learned about Kate Miller, I, uh, I sent her file over to a contact at Langley and he finally got back to me with this.
That's Pavel Volkoff.
ERIC: Head of Russia's Security Service.
These were taken last year.
Other sources have verified the photos and confirmed that Volkoff was in Moscow at that time.
(exhales) There's only one reason why Anna would go after Volkoff.
She's trying to find my father.