NCIS Los Angeles s10e22 Episode Script

No More Secrets

1 NIKITA: Grisha, you deserve to know why I wasn't part of your life.
Or my sister's life? No more secrets.
In two days, our father's gonna be traded to Russia.
Whatever you need to do to stop this trade, you just, you do it.
I think you may have punctured your lung.
(air hissing) (gasps) I need to go in there and say something, anything.
NELL: Callen and Sam helped fake Joelle's death for the safety of her family.
REYES: Anastasia Kolchek.
She escaped from Alton Women's Correctional Facility.
NELL: Anna and Kate Miller had some outside help with their escape.
- Who are you working with? - You have to trust me.
Trust? NELL: This is Kate Miller with Pavel Volkoff.
ERIC: Head of Russia's security service.
SAM: There's only one reason why Anna would go after Volkoff.
She's trying to find my father.
(man grunts) (man grunts) How are they treating you, old friend? If they are abusing you, please tell me.
I will have them rewarded.
Something has happened.
It seems my plan to torture and imprison you must change.
Now, you are going to help me.
I prefer the original plan.
(Nikita grunts) You will help me, old friend.
Of this, I am sure.
(panting) Lucky for you, it requires that we travel to a much warmer climate.
NCIS: LA 10x22 No More Secrets   (footsteps approach) "We grow accustomed to the dark when the light is put away.
" Where is she, Hetty? Not Emily Dickinson.
Someone had to move a lot of chess pieces around to get Anna in a position where she could infiltrate Volkoff's inner circle.
And nobody plays chess as well as you.
- Mr.
Callen, I understand you - What I can't figure out is why you didn't tell me.
Before he was traded away, I made a promise to your father never to let you go after him.
That wasn't your promise to make.
He wanted to keep you safe.
That's all he's ever wanted.
So once you discovered Volkoff's relationship with Kate Miller you had Anna transferred to Alton.
You then forced her into a mission I didn't force her into anything, it was her choice.
And believe it or not, Mr.
Callen, this operation didn't originate with me.
There are other, far more powerful people who wanted to know what Volkoff had been up to.
Were they the CIA? - You're working for the CIA now? - No.
My role was over long before she escaped.
Look, Anna was communicating with somebody on the outside, someone that helped her escape.
If it wasn't you, then who? The person who came up with this plan, if anyone knows where Anna is it's her.
When I approached the Agency with this operation, I didn't expect much of a reaction.
To my surprise, they jumped at the opportunity.
Apparently, chatter around Volkoff has been at an all-time high.
Bottom line, he's up to something and the Agency wants to know what it is.
So this had nothing to do with Callen's father? Well, not officially.
But, unofficially, it was a powerful motivator to get Hetty and Anna on board.
And your team as well.
Now, currently, I'm running this show solo I thought you said the CIA jumped at the opportunity.
They did, but this is high-risk.
And they love plausible deniability.
If this thing goes sideways, - I'm the one who takes the fall.
- And Anna.
And Anna.
Which brings me to 6:00 this morning when she e-mailed me this image.
- Oh, it's a pigpen cipher.
- That's right.
Nell, show 'em what it says.
KENSI: Havana? As in, Havana, Cuba? Hold the teléfono.
Wasn't Anna trying to get to Russia? Plane doesn't have the fuel capacity to make it to Russia.
- They must have diverted.
- After we traced the message, we determined it was sent from a public computer at the Hotel Marabana.
And so was the second message.
She sent it an hour ago.
Things have officially gone sideways.
So we think that Kate-- sorry, Katya-- figured out that Anna was playing her? There's only one way to find out.
Head to Cuba.
All-expenses-paid trip to a Caribbean Island? I'm in.
I'm afraid the CIA only springs for coach.
That's not a problem.
I'll stop at the duty-free shop, get my own champagne, no biggie.
You're dressed for it.
Guys, I was right.
There was something else embedded in Anna's last message.
Zoom in on that back window.
How old is this pic? Time-stamped four hours ago.
He's still alive.
Okay, you are booked on the next flight to Havana.
And I've backstopped the five of you for legal travel under the Cuba General License.
Flight leaves at 8:15 from LAX.
Gets you into Havana first thing tomorrow.
Okay, that gives us 24 hours until Rogers arrives Monday morning.
- Wait, I thought we were on better terms with Rogers.
Isn't this an official op? No, it's a black op.
The CIA gave me loose authority to infiltrate Volkoff's inner circle, but they didn't exactly authorize me to mount a rescue mission.
Remember, what happened to us in Mexico was why Rogers was assigned to us in the first place.
If there's even a chance he may shut this down, I don't want to take it.
All right, 24 hours it is.
Go ahead, go home, get packed, we'll meet at the airport.
All right.
Well, Hetty has outdone herself this time.
Anything for family.
I got to make a call.
(line ringing) (sighs) (beeps) Alex, it's me, um Actually hoping to talk to you.
Look, uh, I found him.
That's all I can tell you right now.
I just, I wanted you to know, and I'm gonna do everything I can to get him back here.
Uh Tell Jake I love him.
So no sign of Anna or Kate.
Got a look at the hotel ledger.
If they did check in, it was under a different name.
What about security footage? You'd need security cameras for that.
- Welcome to Cuba.
- Okay.
I just talked to an Agency contact of mine in Cuba.
Lionel Fernandez.
He's a local.
- Born and raised.
- Your man in Havana.
Nothing happens here without him knowing about it.
Volkoff travels to Cuba frequently, and Lionel's provided intel on a lot of those visits.
- He knows about your operation? - He does now.
Can he get us weapons? Anything you want.
- All right, set up a meeting.
- Already did.
He wants to meet me at a restaurant in La Rampa.
- I should go alone.
- Yeah, that's not happening.
I'll be there, too.
- Callen, he doesn't know you.
- And I don't know him.
I'll be there.
We'll keep an eye outside the restaurant.
Kensi and Deeks should be here by now.
Well, this is subtle.
Kensi's idea.
Yeah, they all drive these things around here.
Might as well blend in.
Been on boats smaller than this.
Yep, all aboard.
- Squeeze on in here.
- Life jackets on.
- Ready to go.
- Rock and roll.
Rock and roll, baby.
Nell, we're monitoring them.
They've got airtight backstops, courtesy of you.
Nothing's gonna happen to them on our watch.
Yeah, well, pretty soon it might not be our watch.
I just, I can't help but think, you know, if you take this job in San Francisco and I move up to help my mom, you know, what if? Hey, h-hey, we don't play the "what if" game, remember? I know, but what if? You know, what if something goes terribly wrong and we're not there to stop it? I wish I could be there for both of my families.
- This isn't fair.
- Hey.
Come here.
- I thought I heard voices.
NELL: Oh! - Oh, trying to - Oh, hi.
Rogers, what-- are you grabbing some files from your office? Uh, checking things off the old to-do list? I use the gym on weekends.
- You do? Oh.
- Oh.
You do.
- Mm-hmm.
- You don't say.
And you? I used to use the gym on weekends, too, but, um, then Nell got me that membership to that rock climbing gym, so I'm-I'm pretty much there exclusively.
NELL: That's right.
I'm asking why you're both here on a Sunday.
NELL: Right.
Well ERIC: On a Sunday.
- It's funny you ask.
- Eric and I were celebrating the anniversary of Our first mutual flirtation.
NELL: We come back here every year To the old coffee station where it all began.
Over a steaming cup of oolong, and, uh, we even celebrate if it falls on a weekend.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
Well, then, congratulations.
High-intensity interval training awaits.
Ooh, go get your Tabata on.
(chuckles) - We're in trouble.
- Oh, yeah.
It's bad.
Remember that Cuban place we used to go to? El Cerdo.
Wow, haven't been there since I moved.
Best mofongo in L.
God, I miss those dinners.
Why are you here, Joe? I mean, why are you doing any of this? You could've gone back to your family.
They were safe.
No, they weren't, not from me.
This is who I am, Callen.
I finally know that.
I can't be anyone else.
And they deserve better than that.
SAM (over comms): Heads up.
Lionel's headed into the restaurant.
(Lionel speaking Spanish) Well, that just happened.
Fedora incoming.
JoJo! Thank you for meeting us, Lionel.
- Lionel.
- G.
I like that.
I could use that as a character name.
I'm writing a spy novel based on my life.
I haven't started writing it yet, but, uh, I've seen some crazy things, you know.
We hoped you could help us find her.
Her name is Anna.
She was staying at the Hotel Marabana yesterday.
I don't recognize her, but I know some of the bellhops there.
I'll ask around, see if they know anything.
- Is she in trouble? - She's part of the operation I was telling you about.
We haven't been able to get ahold of her.
- Ah, well, service here is slow.
Cell service, Internet service, restaurant service.
We need some drinks.
I'm afraid we don't have time for drinks, Lionel.
We think she might be in trouble.
Can you talk to your people now? JoJo, I'm sure she's fine, and the bartender here makes the best mojitos in Havana.
(chuckles) G, you may have company.
G, get out of there.
Get out of there now.
Where are you going? The drinks haven't arrived yet.
Out the back.
What the hell did you do, Lionel? - Guys, what's the plan? - We're unarmed.
Stay back.
Agent Callen, good to see you again.
(engine starts) KENSI (over comms): Eric, Nell, we lost Callen and Joelle in traffic.
Tell me you have another way to track 'em.
Well, Callen's GPS was deactivated just east of the restaurant, and the problem is, there really aren't any other traffic cameras in Havana.
The satellite we've been using keeps getting redirected.
DEEKS: Keep trying.
We're heading back to the restaurant.
Hey, should we tell Rogers about this? Maybe he could help.
I mean, see what he's up to.
(Rogers panting) Okay.
- Or not.
- Mm-hmm.
Still clear over here.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
I like la pelirroja.
It it's just how the game is played, uh, y-you understand.
(chuckles) Can she interrogate me? (scoffs) Trust me, you don't want that.
I'm-a ask you one last time.
Where did Pavel Volkoff take our friends? Do you know what the CIA would do to someone like you? You'll be walking along someday, just a normal day.
You'll see a pretty girl, you'll turn around to look.
You won't even hear the shot or feel the blade.
One minute you're here (snaps fingers) Next minute you're gone.
You get it? Do you get it? You think that I'm afraid for myself? I'm afraid for my family.
Mi-mi madre, mi hermano, mis sobrinos.
Volkoff made me a few months ago.
Threatened to kill them if I didn't work for him.
I've seen him kill.
I'm not afraid of fast, Agent Hanna.
He makes it slow, and he enjoys it.
So, um Sounds like we got something in common.
We both want Volkoff gone.
Maybe we can help each other out.
(gasps) Dad? (sighs) They gave me something when they brought me in.
How long was I out? Couple hours.
Here, drink this.
We are underground in an old facility about an hour outside Havana.
You did not come alone? I swept the room, no bugs.
My team is here.
Where's Anna? I saw her yesterday when I arrived in Cuba.
Well, did she seem all right? Grisha, it looked like she was working with them.
She's embedded herself.
It-It's a long story.
Alex and Jake, they are safe? Yeah, yeah, they're okay, Dad.
Where have they been keeping you? Russia.
I finally made it to the gulag.
I thought Volkoff might've killed you by now.
(chuckles) Too quick for the greedy bastard.
He likes to get his money's worth.
Why-why did they bring you here? What is What is, what is the purpose? I have never seen Pavel like this before.
Something has scared him, Grisha.
And that means he's more dangerous than ever.
What the hell was this place? It was a school, Agent Callen.
KGB once trained their greatest spies here.
So not you.
NIKITA: As a young KGB officer, Pavel could not even get field work.
No one trusted him to watch their back.
And what has happened to all those officers, old friend? Hmm? Dead, missing, imprisoned.
Whereas I have prospered.
If you ask me, trust is overrated.
(grunting) Hey.
They call this the "Little Elephant.
" It is a favorite of Pavel's.
Yakov, stop.
(gasping) Now you understand why I have brought you here? I do not know this man.
It is not possible.
Who is that? Take him back.
Dad, who is that? Dad.
You and I have business to discuss.
What's inside? Hell if I know, and I'm not dying to find out.
There are stories about this place going back decades.
It was abandoned until about six months ago.
Men going in and out.
Vehicles, equipment.
Volkoff has made several trips.
There's something going on down there.
They have a lot more weapons than we do.
We got to find another way in.
(guards speaking foreign language) Who was that? He stole something from Pavel.
Now he wants me to talk to him, get him to reveal what he did with it.
I don't understand.
Wh-Why you? That tattoo, that was a Romani tattoo.
Both of you here at the same time makes no sense.
What are you not telling me? It's a trick, Grisha.
Part of Volkoff's torture, nothing more.
We made a promise.
Do you remember? No more secrets.
Now, who was that? Have you reconsidered my offer? Your word is worthless.
There is nothing to consider.
Recently, an asset of mine returned from some time out of commission.
Katya Mironova.
I believe you knew her as Kate Miller.
At first, I was impressed.
Thrilled, even.
Until I realized she brought an enemy into our camp.
I sent Katya back to Russia to be dealt with, but I had not yet decided what to do with Anna.
And then you came along, Agent Callen.
The CIA officer was just a bonus.
No, no, no.
Volkoff (stammers) - Let's-let's talk about this.
- Oh, with pleasure.
But that depends on your father.
Do as I ask, and I will spare your son the pain of watching them die.
Grisha, he will kill them anyway.
He will kill us all.
You have lost, Pavel.
I can see the fear in your eyes.
This is the last act of a dying man.
CALLEN: No! No! Sam, we found something.
Declassified KGB schematics for a bunker almost identical to the one you're looking at.
NELL: If this is the same structure, there should be two ventilation shafts a hundred meters from the bunker in opposite directions.
All right, it looks like we'll fit.
You two go south, I'll take Lionel north.
- Or I could just stay here.
- Hey, knees up, let's move.
(Callen grunting) (grunts) Yakov says you have record for the longest without air.
But something tells me your son might beat you.
(grunts) (coughs) - (fingers snap) (gasps) What makes you think Darius will even listen to me? You're the closest thing he has to a father.
That's right.
He never told you.
Perhaps your father was too ashamed.
That's his name.
Darius Reznikov.
But before he went by Reznikov, he went by another: Comescu.
The family that killed your mother.
Nikita hunted them for years.
Did you know that? And then, one day, he killed a husband and wife only to realize too late that there was a child sleeping upstairs.
A boy.
Not even ten.
How terrible it must feel, knowing that your father sent you away, but then chose to raise your enemy's son.
(speaks Russian) Stop.
I will do what you ask.
You know, this whole experience has inspired me to get back in shape.
I'm gonna do it.
- Keep moving.
- Okay, give me a minute.
There's a cool breeze right here.
Okay, I'm coming, don't hurt me.
That's not the wind.
Look at that.
I found it.
Kensi, Deeks, I found the exhaust shaft.
KENSI: Great, we just found the intake.
Nell, Eric, we're going in.
ERIC: Once you're down there, you can meet up in a boiler room halfway between your entry points.
But, guys, it is a long way down.
You're definitely gonna lose your comms.
I'm handing you off to Lionel.
You keep them informed if anything happens up here.
You've shown me the light, Agent Hanna.
I won't let you down.
I'm pretty sure you will.
Hello? Check, check? - Hello? Check, check? - Hey, uh, Lionel.
It's-it's Eric and Nell.
We'll be in your ear while the team is down below.
You guys can't see me, can you? Uh, no, we cannot.
Great, 'cause I really need to take a pee.
I came up to ask if either of you had any tiger balm, but now I think I want some answers.
You must be disappointed, Otets.
Why do you say that? You trained me to die rather than be captured.
Those were different times, Darius.
I was a different man.
Alive is always better than dead.
I am sorry.
- You didn't know.
- I thought the KGB had killed you when they raided our home.
I should have known better.
I should have tried to find you.
You did eventually.
Right where they brought me, in fact.
They brought you here? To continue my training.
Until I was ready to serve.
What changed? You thought I was dead, I thought you were dead.
But recently I was informed otherwise.
By whom? What did you take from Volkoff? His life.
More or less.
He's been overseeing a special project here in Cuba, but he's lost control.
If they knew of this back in Moscow, he would be hanged.
You uncovered evidence of his failure.
I planned to use it to blackmail him into releasing you.
(chuckles) And how is that going so far? CALLEN: So, Yakov Did I hear that right? Yakov? You ever think of changing your name? I mean, just 'cause of the whole Yakov Smirnoff thing? You know, the Soviet comedian, pride of Branson, Missouri? No? I mean, I'm not saying it's a bad name, it's just, you know, with the whole torture thing you got going here, you might be happier with an Ivan or a Vlad or a (strains): Okay, I got a little pain there in my I had a punctured lung last year.
(coughing) I can't get I can't breathe.
I know he sent you here to get me to talk.
Do you really think I will? NIKITA: What do you have to lose? The evidence you stole is useless.
We are both prisoners now.
Get him out.
Pull him out! NIKITA: No! (gasps) Go, find Grisha.
Don't worry about me.
(coughing) It sounds like we're late to the party.
This place is a maze.
We move together.
No splitting up.
- Let's go.
This way.
- Okay.
(panting) Volkoff.
Did he come this way? Where's Nikita? He's back there.
He needs help.
(man grunts) (man grunts) (thud) (panting) Squibs and electroshock.
Volkoff just wanted you to think we were dead.
I thought I was until I woke up a couple hours ago.
Why would he do that? I don't know.
Let's go ask him? And then shoot him.
We got to get to my dad first.
You mean the guy who got us killed earlier? - Come with me.
- Fine.
(panting) (yells) I always wanted to visit Cuba.
I heard great things about the underground scene.
I've got eyes on Volkoff.
I got your back.
Eric, Nell, the guards are reacting to something.
One of them just headed inside.
Maybe this is a good thing.
(gun cocks) Or maybe not.
NELL: Lionel.
Are you there? Hello, hello? Lionel? We lost comms.
This is bad.
Our options here are limited.
Kolcheck and Reznikov are persona non grata.
The CIA most certainly will disavow any knowledge of this operation.
I don't see any possible way this ends happily within the boundaries of federal or international law.
- There must be something we can do.
ERIC: Oh, no.
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Eric, stop freaking out.
Tell me what's going on.
That, right there.
- Care to translate? - Chlorine gas.
It's a dispersal system.
NELL: You think it's active after all these years? God, I hope not.
Volkoff! (groans) Can you stand? He needs a hospital.
(panting) I could have killed you both.
But I knew you would be more valuable alive than dead.
So am I.
Oh, yeah? How's that? The things I know? CIA would kill for that information.
I could be greatest asset.
I hate to say it, but he is kind of why we're here.
(gun clicks) Not me.
Listen to her, Agent Callen.
Don't let emotion cloud your judgment.
NIKITA: Grisha.
He is not worth it.
He is a dead man walking.
"Trust is overrated.
" Isn't that what you said? If you only knew the dangers heading your way, you would beg for my help.
(laughs) SAM: Hey.
We're in trouble.
We got to go, now.
No, please, don't leave me.
Please (yells) Don't leave me.
Don't leave me here.
No, wait.
No! No! (grunting) (beeping) (alarm blaring) What the hell is that? Chlorine gas.
Keep moving.
(alarm continues blaring) You guys want to hit the gift shop on the way out? (coughing) - This way.
(screams) You okay? Let's go! I'm okay.
(grunting, coughing) - Okay, this way.
- Yeah.
Let's go! (grunting) (all coughing) -Uh, guys? - What? I think we're dead.
It's okay.
I paid them off.
The CIA doesn't even keep track of how much money they give me.
Give me my earwig.
(helicopter blades whirring) Guys.
ERIC: Hey, guys, you still there? Yeah, Eric, we're here.
Tell us that chopper's for us.
Courtesy of Admiral Kilbride, who enlisted the help of a carrier strike group in the Straits of Florida.
Who called Kilbride? HETTY: I did, Mr.
But Special Prosecutor Rogers called me.
I'm beginning to understand this gray area you so often claim to work within.
DEEKS: It's like I said, you're a good man, John Rogers.
And you definitely made me regret it.
All right, guys, hurry up.
The chopper can only stay off-radar for a few minutes.
We need you to get out of there before the Cuban military realizes what the hell is going on.
Let's move.
Let's move.
What? DEEKS: I got him.
- Thanks.
I got you.
SAM:! We got to move.
I'm staying.
What are you talking about? We got to get you to a doctor.
They have doctors in Cuba.
Pretty good ones, I hear.
You know I can't go back, not after my escape.
Anna, the CIA will sort all that out.
Can they remove my face from the national news? I knew when I signed up for this, I wouldn't be coming back.
Your father needs you.
I'll stay with her, and make sure she gets to a hospital.
We'll be all right, Callen.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Tell Arkady Tell the big oaf I love him.
SAM: Let's move! You just missed Alex and Jake.
Jake must have been excited to see his grandfather again.
He woke for a moment, I I think he knew it was them.
How is he? He's tough, but, um you know, he's been through a lot.
(clears throat) Uh, he has an infection in his lungs, and the doctor says if it spreads, it, uh Listen, why don't you go home, get some rest.
And I'm on overwatch.
(monitor beeping) (groans softly) I hear I have you to thank.
You told Darius I was still alive, gave him the mission to target Volkoff.
Why did you not tell Grisha about him? Not that it matters.
- He knows everything now.
- He knows you regret your actions, and he admires you for trying to make amends.
- He told you that? - Yes.
Yes-- uh, not with words.
I wish I could have helped Darius more.
You don't think he survived? He did it once before.
If I learned anything from my studies, it's never to underestimate a Comescu.
(panting) Oh.
What are you doing? You got to stay in bed.
I want to see my daughter.
Okay, I'll call Alex.
Just, please, don't do anything.
My other daughter.
I don't have much time left.
(whispers): Okay.
  I'm the sparrow on the roof I'm the list of everyone I have to lose Thank you, Grisha (crying): for bringing me home.
I am who I was And how much I can hurt I will look for you In morphine and in dreams I will look for you In the rhythm of my bloodstream Westward leading, still proceeding To the world unseen.