NCIS Los Angeles s10e24 Episode Script

False Flag

1 Hello? What's this about? We actually want to talk to your husband.
Michael Baird.
Agents Hanna and Callen.
My husband didn't kill himself.
I understand that this is hard You have to find out who did this.
Well, it looks like SFC Michael Baird may have been aligned with ISIS sympathizers.
So we got an ISIS sympathizer tied to the killing of a National Guardsman? Baird was playing Viking War Blood.
A game? Can you I.
his teammates he played with? That's odd.
Check out their IP addresses.
Those are Naval addresses.
- What base? ERIC: It's not a base, it's the USS Allegiance.
HARM: Captain Harmon Rabb.
Welcome aboard, gentlemen.
This way.
We're searching for a missing crew member.
Is Special Agent Afloat Brian Lee involved with the search? Unfortunately, Special Agent Lee is the crew member we're looking for.
ISIS is playing the long game, which takes, what? It takes time, it takes money.
Volkoff was using a sat phone in Cuba, and exchanged a call with Olivia Baird.
I think we just stumbled upon a Russian state-sanctioned operation.
Search team thinks they found Agent Lee in the ocean.
He was stabbed six times.
Captain, you've got a killer on your ship.
(overlapping shouting in Arabic) NCIS: LA 10x24 False Flag   Are they on? Coming up.
What'd you find? Can we speak freely? We've cleared CIC of all personnel who haven't had a Single Scope Background Investigation in the last three years.
Everyone in here has top secret security clearance.
All right, go ahead.
(clears throat) I pulled traffic and security cameras around Olivia Baird's office, and I cross-checked with license plates and found this.
That's a diplomatic license plate.
ERIC: Yeah, registered to a car from the Russian consulate.
Then I found this.
Who is he? Anton Yashnikov.
He works for the Russian State Department.
He travels from Russia to the United States almost monthly.
If she is a Russian operative, he could be her handler.
Olivia's husband was Chechen.
This doesn't make any sense.
The Russians don't work with the Chechens or ISIS.
SAM: If the Russians are involved, that explains how a large, long-term op like this was financed.
ERIC: Uh, checking phone records, looks like Yashnikov received calls from a motel near LAX.
That could be Olivia Baird looking to him for help.
- Check it out.
- On it.
- On it.
- Good job.
- Yeah.
Eric, we need the I.
s of anybody who was in the area of the ship where Lee was last seen before he was killed.
Uh, that's a lot of people.
We know, but security's compromised on this end.
We need you to do it.
(clears throat) Have you heard from Nell? Um, not since she's been up to San Francisco.
This has been keeping me busy.
Thanks, Eric.
Let us know if you hear from her.
Manager I.
'd Olivia Baird from the photo.
Room 116, first door on the right.
All right.
You hear anything? One, two, three.
Federal agents! KENSI: Easy, easy DEEKS: This is two on one.
This does not end well for you.
Someone killed my husband.
I don't know who to trust.
It wasn't us, Olivia.
We're just trying to figure out who it was.
So why don't you just put that gun down and we'll talk about it.
- Yeah? - Put it down.
DEEKS: Nice and easy, just put it down.
You're fine, just put it down.
There you go.
There you go.
Put it down.
It's okay.
We're just gonna talk.
All right.
You have the right to remain silent.
Why are you cuffing me? Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.
- Hey, what's going on? - Get the hell off me! You have the right to a lawyer.
Or you have the right to freak out and yell about that.
Seven down, 300 to go.
Holy cheese and rice! (laughs) Hello, Mr.
Yeah, sorry, I was a little-- I'm a little Mm.
- How are you holding up? - Um (clears throat) It's a lot.
I understand.
I spoke with Nell.
- And? - I hate to tell you, her mother's not doing well.
I met her and she is a fighter.
Yeah, Hetty, um, I have to keep working.
Well, you need some help.
Well, I-I was thinking maybe Fatima could come in No, she's already got an assignment.
But help is on the way.
Well, uh, who is it? - 'Cause, uh, if it's Fang, I'm - No.
Let's see, three, two, one.
And You must be Eric.
Uh, yeah, you're, uh, Jasmine Garcia, right? Now NCIS Special Agent Jasmine Garcia.
- Out of the San Diego office.
- Oh.
Play nice, you two.
Bye, Hetty.
Well, it's nice to meet you.
Oh, that's-that's Nell's.
You shouldn't probably You're matching Allegiance security footage to personnel records? Uh, yeah.
How did, how did you know that? Hetty got me access to Ops so I'd be ready to roll when I got here.
- Oh.
- I've been watching you.
- Really? Oh, yeah.
I can speed this up.
Wrote a little app on the helo that scans video footage looking for full faces with two eyes pointed at the camera, pulls the face, then dumps them into facial rec and starts matching them with personnel records.
Uh, okay, so, um (clears throat) this is, this is my What? Well, this-this is, this is my special Special what? This is my special Ops.
It's my very special Ops.
Last I heard, the taxpayers paid for it, and we've got to find a covert operative on a U.
aircraft carrier, which is super bad news that really ticks my anger box.
You don't want to see me angry.
No, I-- no, I don't.
So this really needs to take priority over your little insecurities 'cause that's what they are.
Insecurities, right? Uh, I guess.
Yeah, this investigation requires your full brain power right now, so squash down those feelings.
Olivia (clears throat) was communicating with operatives on the Allegiance using coded messages sent to the ship via the online game, so I think that we should My app's got it covered.
Facial rec then runs the names against all the seamen that played Viking War Blood in the USS Allegiance's computer room.
And we have our first winner.
Agents Callen, Hanna.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Wait, you-you guys are friends? They're my mentors, convinced me to become an agent.
Drank them both under the table.
We have a person of interest.
He was in the vicinity when Lee was murdered and one of the sailors playing the MMORPG game.
- Yeah, his name is, uh - His name is Petty Officer Second Class Vincent Davis.
Good work.
You wanted to say the name.
That's cute.
Squash them down.
National security's at stake.
Let's catch some bad guys.
MAN (over P.
): Last call, last call.
All engineering and deck division not on watch fall in for chow, fall in for chow.
There he is.
We got a runner.
I hate when they do that.
SAM: NCIS, gangway! Gangway! Where you running to, sailor? You're on a ship.
They always run.
Why? Mystery of the universe.
GARCIA: Okay, Petty Officer Davis is married to an American, Holly Davis.
ERIC: Davis took his wife's surname.
His pre-married name is Shishani.
He wanted to hide that he was Chechen.
It follows the same pattern as Olivia Baird and her husband.
Track Davis's movements just before and just after Lee was killed.
You got it.
We need to know what his mission was.
If it was intelligence, I'll have to track what information he had access to, and, uh, if it was a terrorist act against this carrier Something could already be in play.
In which case, I would like to observe his interrogation, if it's all right with the both of you because if it is an attack against my ship, I need to know.
Of course.
Stand down.
Explain why you were running.
I don't know this guy.
He was moving towards me in a threatening way.
There's 5,000 men and women on this ship, you know all of them? No.
Then why'd you feel threatened? It was just a vibe.
Look, the agent afloat was just murdered.
Everybody's scared.
Why do you think someone would want to kill you? Look, I knew NCIS Special Agent Lee.
You knew him? You were friends? We talked a few times.
He was a good guy.
We know you're Chechen, Muslim.
So? Why'd you change your name? Maybe to avoid harassment like this.
Is it a crime to be Muslim now? I'm Muslim and proud of it.
And there's no crime in it.
But if you're an operative for another country or an organization, that is a crime.
Carries a life sentence.
Not to mention murdering an NCIS agent.
I didn't murder Lee.
What, are you crazy? You think I'm a Chechen spy? There's a lot of those, huh? Not a Chechen spy.
ISIS, maybe.
Okay, I'm done now.
I need a lawyer.
Sorry to interrupt, we've been requested back in combat.
Hey, I'm a lawyer, so let me give you a piece of free advice.
If you're attacking my men and my ship, a lawyer is not gonna be able to help you.
What's going on? We are investigating the murder of Ellie Sims.
We believe that she was killed by Chechen spies put into place in our military by Russia.
And we know your husband was one of them.
Is that true? Yes, Olivia, that is true.
He was a good and kind man.
We were talking about having children.
- It can't be.
- Yes, it can.
And not only that, we also know that you are working with Russian intelligence.
That's insane.
We know about your relationship with Anton Yashnikov.
He works for the Russian State Department at the consulate here in Los Angeles.
- Yeah, I've spoken with him.
- About what? I'm a movie and television producer.
With zero credits? It's a hard business.
KENSI: So you, uh, just moonlight as a spy? I was doing research for story ideas.
Your husband was just murdered, you disappear, and the one phone call you make from your motel room is to Yashnikov? I mean, come on, Olivia.
KENSI: We also know about your connection to Vincent Davis on the USS Allegiance.
We know how you used the online game to send him messages on board the ship.
KENSI: So the bottom line is this: game over.
And your best bet now is to help us.
Uh Ticktock.
(sighs) (Russian accent): I don't know very much.
Full knowledge of the operation was limited by design.
But I can't help you without Yashnikov's blessing.
And why is that? All I will say is something has gone wrong with the mission.
- Yeah, we caught you.
- No.
It is something far, far worse.
SAM: What do you want, guys? We're in the middle of interrogating Davis.
I know, but I found footage on the ship's security cameras of Lee's body going over the side.
I also found footage of Davis 200 yards away from the place where Lee went over, at the exact same time stamp.
Could it have been manipulated? No.
I checked.
Davis didn't do it.
He's involved.
There's no way he's not.
Which means there's at least one more operative on board.
Captain on deck! As you were.
Is there any indication that my ship is in danger? We don't know, Captain.
Take a look.
We just received information from the Joint Chiefs.
There are unconfirmed reports of troop buildup on Iran's western border.
And they have also picked up chatter indicating an Iranian attack on Israel and Saudi Arabia.
We've been ordered to sail the battle group off the coast of Iran to hopefully deter the attack.
DOUGLAS: That's the order.
But if there's any doubt as to our readiness or safety, they will pull us out.
We need to find those agents fast.
If that Iranian aggression isn't put down quickly, Saudi Arabia and Israel could retaliate, and we'll find ourselves in a multinational conflict within hours.
This ship needs to move.
Well, we're gonna need a lot more agents for this investigation.
There are dozens of sailors that need to be screened.
The question is: who do we trust? Well, let's make it simple.
I saw a SEAL team on board.
That's right.
You have a secure place where I can speak with them? Good.
HARM: Gentlemen, thank you all for coming down.
I'm aware it's 0300, so sorry to wake you, but we need your help.
XO, you understand we're here on a classified mission.
- That's our priority.
- Now this is NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna.
Formerly Senior Chief Sam Hanna of SEAL Team Six? That would be me.
What do you need? SAM: We believe that NCIS Special Agent Afloat Brian Lee was killed by an undercover foreign operative, and we suspect it's part of a larger operation that has infiltrated several branches of the military.
To find the other operatives on board - Other operatives? - Yeah.
How many do you think there are? Special Agent G.
Uh, we have one in custody.
We know there's at least one more on board and possibly more than that.
They're of Chechen descent with ties to ISIS.
- What's their objective? Possible terrorist act against this vessel, like the Cole.
Really? God help 'em if we find 'em.
It could also be long-term intelligence gathering.
We just don't know at this point.
- Give us a mission.
SAM: We have over 80 sailors we need to investigate.
We can't trust anyone unless they have high-level security clearance.
That's why we came to you.
CALLEN: We need you to pick up and secure the suspects until we can interview them and clear them.
HARM: Now you've been briefed about the Iranian aggression and our movement into the gulf as a deterrent.
- We cannot allow this to affect that.
We'll pick 'em up, just show us where to put 'em.
Thank you.
Anything from Olivia Baird? Yes, we are definitely making headway.
She has admitted to being a part of this, but she will not help us until Yashnikov gives her the okay.
It was weird, she indicated something went dreadfully wrong with the operation, but that's as far as we got.
KENSI: Uh, yeah, also trying to pick up Yashnikov might prove difficult because he has diplomatic protection, meaning one misstep, he's out of the country.
Callen, Mr.
Hanna, I can take care of that part of the investigation.
Why am I not surprised? Kens, Deeks, it's just too big.
We're gonna need you here ASAP.
- I'll arrange the flight.
- Love it.
I'll see you on the other side of the world.
HETTY: I have a friend who can help us with Yashnikov.
She's the Marine liaison to the Secretary of State.
Yes, Captain, and she's right here in Los Angeles.
Hetty, it's so good to see you.
It's been way too long, my friend.
(both laugh) So you haven't seen Harm? Not in nine years.
(chuckles) Wow.
Yeah, he passed up a JAG position in London and came with me to San Diego.
But then, uh, he needed to get back in the fight.
We were engaged, but we were living completely separate lives.
It's an old story in the military, isn't it? Yeah.
Well, he's done great.
He's an XO, he's on track to getting his own ship, maybe even becoming an admiral.
And you? The opportunity to work with the State Department came up.
I had to take it.
Just meant that the pretense of our marriage was over.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
Don't be, my life is good.
Some things just don't work out.
But the final chapter isn't written yet.
(chuckles) Oh, our guest is arriving.
That's Yashnikov's mistress.
They eat here almost every afternoon.
From what I hear, he's got, um, exotic sexual tastes.
Would you introduce us? - My pleasure.
- (chuckling): Oh.
Miss MacKenzie, what a surprise.
Good to see you.
They let you out of Washington.
On a leash.
- (chuckles) Don't tease me.
- Mm.
You know, there's a friend of mine I'd like you to meet.
Henrietta Lange.
You, uh, you might've heard of her.
Yes, I have.
For most, it is not a good day when she shows up.
Maybe another time.
No, Anton, now's a perfect time.
At least that's what Olivia told us.
And I'll have the filet mignon.
Uh, I'd like it burned on the outside and bloody on the inside, like my enemies.
(chuckles) She's so funny.
So where were we? You accused me of running a network of spies inside the U.
So why Chechens? Last I heard, Mr.
Putin wasn't very fond of your neighbors to the south.
YASHNIKOV: If it were true, it has to do with plausible deniability.
If they're caught, they're dirty Chechens, not honorable Russians.
We had nothing to do with it.
That sounds like the lies you tell your wife.
MAC: They sound good, but they don't really hold up.
If your president has done nothing else, he has proven that lies don't have to be good.
(chuckles) Ha.
What else did the lovely Olivia tell you? Oh, that there was a problem with the operation.
What if I told you our Chechens are under the influence of their ISIS leaders? Hmm.
You recruited them, you trained them, you waited patiently as they were accepted into the military.
And then they double-crossed you.
MAC: What are they planning? We have no idea.
I want the names of the agents.
It's all double-blind.
I don't have them.
All communication went through the online game.
This conversation is over.
Would you order Olivia to cooperate with us? No.
Enjoy your bloody steak.
Enjoy your diplomatic immunity While it lasts.
(sighs) We make a good team.
Yes, we do.
Seaman Marlo? You're wanted for questioning.
Come on, wake up.
SEAL: Sir? - Get Agents Hanna and Callen down here and seal off the passageway.
SEAL: Aye, sir.
Wake up.
Don't you guys ever sleep? Who is that? Name's Marlo.
Yeah, well, I don't know him.
And I'm clearly not responsible for it, so Well, I bet you know who is.
SAM: Mm.
My guess? There's more than one of you, and whoever's running this is killing off the others to maintain the integrity of the operation.
CALLEN: Like a rat eating its babies to survive.
Yeah? So what does it have to do with me? I'm the one with the alibi.
So you'd be okay to just walk away? SAM: It's kind of dangerous out there, huh? Sailors being killed every few hours.
Oh, that's funny.
He's not leaving.
SAM: You can walk or you can talk.
Your choice.
I don't know who any of the others are on the ship.
All communication was done through the game or dead drops.
I-I can't help you.
CALLEN: Is it true all the Chechen agents have gone rogue? Yeah.
Well, why don't you expound on that? I received orders that we were no longer working for the Russians and that we were joining our brothers in the fight in Syria.
That would be my guess, yes.
What's the mission? All the communication said was that when the great jihad commenced, we would be contacted.
CALLEN: Y-You seem very calm for someone who's about to spend the rest of his life in prison.
Guys, I-I'm not going to prison.
I have a deal.
A deal? I-I explained all this to Agent Lee before he was killed.
That's why you were scared? You thought someone might have seen you talking to Lee? Hell yeah.
So you have a deal to give information to NCIS? N-No, Lee was just my temporary handler.
The deal was with the CIA guy.
Who is this CIA guy? His name was Williamson.
David Williamson.
HARM: Here, this is David Williamson on the ship's passenger manifest.
He was a civilian contractor, he was on board for one day, and we got orders to drop him in Iraq.
This is how the Agency works.
"Williamson" is not his real name, and he's not a civilian contractor.
Well, this is footage of him arriving on board.
SAM: Wait a second.
Bring up his photo I.
I don't believe it.
That is not Williamson.
That is CIA Agent Vostanik Sabatino.
You know him? (chuckles) Yeah, we know him.
We got the order.
The battle group is moving to Iran, right off the coast of Bandar-e Bushehr.
Well, that's five acres of the United States in their backyard.
That ought to give them pause.
Let's hope.
DOUGLAS: CIA is running a double agent on my ship, with NCIS facilitating, and I'm not made aware? I understand, Captain, but in all likelihood, Special Agent Lee was gonna brief you, but he got killed.
There's a big part of this that we're missing.
CIA needed to keep Davis in play for a reason.
There could be something bigger going on here.
Bigger than the safety of a U.
aircraft carrier? Yes, sir.
The ship may not be the target.
OFFICER: Captain, they found the flight plan, and we have an incoming transmission from NCIS.
ERIC: Sam, Callen.
Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie.
Hello, gentlemen.
SAM: Agents Hanna and Callen.
Hetty speaks very highly of you both.
XO, it's good to see you.
The lieutenant colonel and I worked together at JAG in D.
for nine years.
SAM: So what do you got? I spoke to the CIA and, um They deny any knowledge of Sabatino's operation.
As expected.
Agent Hanna, Callen, take a look at this.
You look great.
You haven't changed.
Life at sea suits you.
(exhales) This is a difficult situation.
The Israelis, and the Saudis are, uh, very on edge.
It's, uh, it's understandable.
DOUGLAS: We tracked Sabatino's flight plan, and we found that after Al Asad Airbase, he was dropped by helo in this area.
SAM: Yeah, that's just desert.
What's this? Yeah, looks about 30 klicks to the south.
Mobile operation units.
Somebody could have picked up Sabatino from the helo, moved him there.
Would have been harder to trace him.
We need to get Kensi and Deeks on this.
There's been a change of plans.
Tell Kensi and Deeks when they get in to Al Asad Airbase, they will not be coming to the ship.
We're gonna send them a location inside of Iraq.
They need to find Sabatino.
Okay, they're still about four hours out.
I'll let them know.
And I'm sending in a SEAL, his name's Wallace.
He's gonna meet them and aid in the search.
- Copy that.
- Uh, I had a thought.
The agents on board will want the Russian handlers to continue to think that nothing is wrong.
And so they'd be routinely checking in.
- Right.
CALLEN: Well, if we could get Olivia to monitor the game, she could tell us when the agent is online.
She's not gonna do that unless Yashnikov tells her to.
Well, I might be able to convince him to help us.
Let us know.
Will do.
SAM: Thank you.
(lock clicks) (door opens) Freeze.
(gasps) What is this? LAPD.
We received reports of a prostitute robbing hotel guests.
No one is robbing me.
I am from the Russian consulate.
Where's my phone? Untie me.
Oh, no.
Just a snapshot to let everyone back home know you're safe.
(exhales) Is your wife on Instagram? What do you want? I need you to talk to Olivia, get her to monitor the game, and tell us if an agent goes online.
Now, remember, these are Chechens, not Russians, so you need to know their mission as much as we do.
I could be persuaded if perhaps you'd put this leash on.
She does have an Instagram account.
Are those your kids? Agent Blye, Detective Deeks? - You Wallace? - That's me.
Helo's running.
Got to move.
This is all over the Internet.
Still trying to identify the source.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appears to be addressing the Iranian parliament.
Play it.
Petty Officer, will you translate, please? Because of the United States, the so-called "nation of Israel" and U.
puppets in Saudi Arabia, we must proactively protect our nation from the direct and indirect attacks against us.
Two of our nuclear scientists have gone missing.
We believe this is the work of this Western coalition.
Conflict with Israel and Saudi Arabia is now unavoidable and imminent.
There she goes.
All right, let's move out.
(shouting in Arabic) (speaks Arabic) Well, well, well Of all the gin joints in the world Ah.
Heard you guys were looking for me.
You realize you pissed off the entire crew of the USS Allegiance, right? Eh, it's what I do.
Chief Wallace, SEAL Team Seven.
This is Sabatino, he's a-an acquired taste.
Nice place you got there.
Covert tax dollars at work.
Listen, we need to talk.
About how you guys didn't invite me to the wedding? No, about what the hell you're doing here.
Just trying to stop World War III.
You're kidding, right? Wish I was.
Come on inside.
Alexandra Duvivier, journalist for French television.
She made contact with a Chechen ISIS defector named Muhammad Pliyev.
Duvivier's producer was trying to get them out of Iraq.
Turns out ISIS had already sent a hit team to go after both of them.
They had to escape into the desert.
The last contact was a GPS location near here.
Why are these guys so important? Well, Pliyev told Duvivier that ISIS had more than 13 ballistic missiles that they'd purchased or commandeered over the last several years.
The idea was to use them in a false-flag operation by creating the impression that Iran was firing into Israel and Saudi Arabia.
So just to clarify, all that saber-rattling had nothing to do with Iran? No.
ISIS has been flooding the Internet with fake news, leaking made-up Intel.
Like this video of President Rouhani-- digitally manufactured.
To what end? ISIS is on its last legs in Syria.
The idea is to use the missiles to create a larger conflict between nations that are already itching to fight.
They're planning on turning that whole region into a war zone.
And the chaos and devastation that follows ISIS has another chance to establish their caliphate.
The missiles are the last bullets in their guns.
Smart way to use 'em.
But if those missiles launch, and we can't keep Israel and Saudi Arabia from retaliating, it's not gonna matter that it was all made up.
And how do the Chechen operatives play into this? ISIS wanted to use them in any way possible to spread disinformation.
Even if that information didn't hold up, it wouldn't matter.
All they need is a few hours of false reports of troop movements.
WALLACE: Anything to get the Israelis and Saudis to shoot first and ask questions later.
So Duvivier and Pliyev, they've got proof that would get Saudi Arabia and Israel to stand down? Mm-hmm.
Photos, names, communications.
If we can produce that, it will change everything if the bombs start falling from the sky.
So we've got to find Duvivier and Pliyev.
Before ISIS does.
And exfil them.
That's the good news.
World War III is the good news? What's the bad news? The bad news is: I've got Iraqi Intel that an ISIS platoon has been dispatched to find us and take us out.
Welcome to Iraq.
I'm here.
I'm here.
How's-how's she doing? It's not good.
Um, they had to intubate her.
They think there's an infection now in the lining of her heart.
Um, I'm-I'm coming up to be with you.
I'm leaving now.
(crying): No, Eric, you can't.
Our team is in the field, and they need you.
You need me.
(exhales) You can't just leave, Eric.
This is bigger than the two of us, okay? Lives are at stake here.
HETTY: You most certainly can, Mr.
- Hetty.
- The United States can muddle through without you for a few days.
- Hetty.
- No, that's an order.
Thank you.
Go on.
Thank you for everything.
Your mother is so strong.
You are strong.
What am I supposed to do with that, Hetty? She can hear you.
Tell her something that I tell myself every morning.
Keep punching.
(computer beeping) DEEKS: That's not a good sound.
Who the hell are these guys? Iraqi intelligence.
Guy getting out of the car in the white is Fadhil Sarraf.
I asked him to help out.
Let's see if he found anything.
You trust this guy? I don't trust you, why the hell should I trust him? This about the wedding? Did you find them? You couldn't bring a tent? It's got a sauna.
Good for my complexion.
Always over the top.
I guess this means you didn't find Duvivier and Pliyev.
It's only been two days.
I have leads.
Just sit tight.
If you're seen in this area, ISIS will descend down like bees to honey, and you'll never find your French lady.
Six hours, we go out on our own.
It's stupid and impatient, my friend.
We don't have time, and I'm not your friend.
MAC: What now? You watch me kill people, in the game, of course.
So we get lucky, the operative on board begins playing the game, he chats with the other players OLIVIA: Says a coded phrase letting me know it is him and he is safe.
If I have nothing for him, he logs off.
What's the code? It could be any of a hundred different phrases.
Hopefully, I will recognize it.
We're in for the long haul here, Harm.
Copy that.
SABATINO: This is Duvivier and Pliyev's last GPS location.
There are caves here in the northeast.
I say three of us stay back, and three of us head on a little reconnaissance.
(computer beeping) Sarraf's back.
(indistinct chatter over monitor) Come on, come on.
Come on out.
- We found them.
DEEKS: Okay.
So then, where are they? He may want something in exchange for them.
Hey! You home? - Should we go? - No, wait.
I don't recognize any of his other men.
(gunshot over monitor) KENSI: Oh, oh, no.
ISIS found him.
Probably killed the rest of his team.
Anyone see the shooter? Yeah, I see movement there and there.
DEEKS: I'm counting four to five guys, which means there's probably a dozen.
They're surrounding us.
Door's secure.
(alarm sounding) KENSI: Uh-oh.
Son of a bitch.
Whiskey Two Bravo, this is Charlie Seven Victor.
We're under attack, need immediate QRF.
We're losing visuals.
- They're trying to get in.
SABATINO: Whiskey Two Bravo, this is Charlie Seven Victor.
We're under attack, need immediate QRF! Oh, my gosh, they're putting explosives on the door.
- Wallace, get out of there! DEEKS: Go, go, go, go! MAN: Charlie Seven Victor, your coordinates are classified.
We need your lat and long.
33 degrees, 36 minutes, 15.
8 seconds north! OLIVIA: "You can't kill me, I'm Iron Man.
" That's one of the codes.
He's on.
XO, he's on right now.
Which terminal is he on? Terminal 19.
He's got brown hair.
Running facial rec.
He's Gunner's Mate Second Class Michael Skinner.
You heard her, let's pick him up.
Patch me through to interrogation.
(phone rings) So your father was Chechen? Yeah.
Moving to him now.
He's online.
(indistinct announcement over P.
) Move.
Petty Officer, report.
Two gunshots, third deck.
(Skinner speaking foreign language) With me, now! Up the ladder! CALLEN: Gun.
He's got two more guys with him.
(grunts) It's gonna blow! (yells) Kens! Deeks.
I love you.
I love you, too.
SKINNER: Turn right! DCC! (grunts) Down on the floor! You look up, I shoot you! (panting): You move I shoot you.
What is this? It's the Damage Control Center.
They have access to all of the ship's communications, firefighting capabilities, alarms.
And now they have hostages.
Captain on deck! As you were.
Put it up on screen.
JCS say they just launched.
- Targets? - Trajectory estimates somewhere inside Israel and Saudi Arabia.
(men yelling indistinctly) DOUGLAS: That's two more.
How many minutes to target for the first one, sir? It's approximately seven minutes.