NCIS Los Angeles s11e01 Episode Script

Let Fate Decide

1 Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles" An attempt was made on his life.
I am in your debt, Agent Hanna.
It's the USS Allegiance.
Captain Harmon Rabb.
Welcome aboard, gentlemen.
You've got a killer on your ship.
He's Gunner's Mate Second Class Michael Skinner.
Down on the floor! You look up, I shoot you! You move, I shoot you.
They have access to all of the ship's communications, firefighting capabilities, alarms.
Now they have hostages.
Alexandra Duvivier, journalist for French television.
She made contact with a Chechen ISIS defector, Muhammad Pliyev.
He told her that ISIS had more than 13 ballistic missiles.
The idea was to use them in a false-flag operation.
So Duvivier and Pliyev, they've got proof that would get Saudi Arabia and Israel to stand down? Photos, names, communications.
So we've got to find Duvivier and Pliyev.
Before ISIS does.
- They just launched.
- How many minutes to target? It's approximately seven minutes.
They're putting explosives on the door.
We're under attack, need immediate QRF! - Wallace, get out of there! - Go, go, go, go! It's gonna blow! Moving! Put that in the doorway.
One, two, three.
All right.
The blast took out the computer and the exterior surveillance.
Rebooting now.
That's not gonna stop the next group of shooters from getting in here.
Stop them? We'll be lucky it even slows them down.
Are you gonna tell me this thing can fly? Oh, God, please tell me this thing can fly.
Is the Missile Defense System operational? It is online and tracking the four missiles now.
Skinner's got six of our people held hostage in the Damage Control Center.
We need to get them out.
After Skinner entered and locked down the room, I heard two shots fired inside.
I want that son of a bitch.
Sir, we have him.
Skinner just opened a line from the Damage Control Center.
Put him on the speaker.
This is Captain Douglas, and I or Neither you nor your government may order me to do anything.
That gunshot just killed an American.
His body joins the other two on the floor.
What do you want? What do you want? Sir, the line went dead.
Threat neutralized.
Uh, correction.
You got one threat neutralized.
We launched a surveillance drone.
We've got a convoy of reinforcements headed our way.
How many, how far? Looks like five jeeps and a pickup truck.
They're five miles out.
Another RPG attack from up on the ridgeline? Judging by their route, it looks like they're gonna drop down into the valley and bring the fight here to the trailer.
How long do you think we have? Uh, given the terrain, eight, maybe ten minutes until they're at our front door.
You mean our front metal cabinet? Geez.
So how do we access that room? Floor panels, air ducts? - That won't work.
- Skinner chose wisely.
The Damage Control Center only has one way in and out, and that's through a watertight door.
Has he accessed the ship's firefighting capabilities? No, not yet.
You're thinking he may foam the deck to prevent our jets from taking off and landing? Well, does the door have an electronic lock we could override? It's a manual lock.
Possible explosives breach.
If that door blows, we stand a good chance of killing all the hostages due to overpressure.
Those aren't just any hostages.
They're trained Navy sailors.
They'll fight.
No, if we try and drill the locks or the hinges, he's gonna hear us coming a mile away.
Sir, Intel is reporting that Missile Defense has brought down two of the four missiles and that they are locked onto the remaining two, which they estimate will be brought down within the minute.
The system worked as it should.
That's great news, Petty Officer Nakagawa.
There's a secure video communication coming in from NCIS Operations Center.
- Put it up on the large monitor.
- Agent Garcia.
Gentlemen, Henrietta Lange has asked me to inform you that she, Lieutenant Colonel MacKenzie and Special Agent Fatima Namazi are en route to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
She is gathering information and will brief you shortly.
Any update on Kensi and DEEKS? They're currently at the CIA trailer with Agent SABATINO and Senior Chief Wallace from the SEAL team, but But what? What is it? They're currently under attack from an undetermined number of ISIS ground forces.
All right.
Got the four go-bags ready to roll.
I got ISIS fighters half a mile out and closing in fast.
- How you doing, Wallace? - Almost there.
This better work, SABATINO.
What's that? What'd you say to me, Spicoli? Ah, Spicoli.
I get it.
It's hilarious.
Because of my hair and I surf.
You're really pushing your comedic boundaries on that one.
I hear a lot of words coming out of your mouth, DEEKS, but none of any value.
When you come up with a plan to get us not killed, - let me know.
- I'm sorry.
"Get us not killed"? Is that even a sentence? I mean, I don't want to be the grammar police here, but "Get us not killed"? Kensi, are you not hearing this? D-Does this not bother you? Oh, I just learned to ignore it.
Guys, we got company.
Five light vehicles, and they're stopping about 50 yards out.
All they got to do is put on their big boy pants and bring the fight to us.
Right here.
This is it, they should be right below here.
- Right here.
- Okay.
I'm drilling a hole for that fiber optic camera over there so I can see in there and possibly end a hostage situation.
You're making fun of me because I'm concentrating? - I didn't say a word.
- Good.
- Do you want some help? - No.
Do you want me to wipe the sweat off your brow? - I'm not sweating.
- Do you want me to get rid of that moisture or whatever that is that's kind of - accumulating above your eyes? - When this mission is accomplished, fellas, feel free to drown this man.
All right, boys, look alive.
I got a dozen of them coming in on foot from the front.
How's that toy coming? Oh! Man, don't point it at me.
Toy's good to go.
How's the escape hatch? We are ready.
When we rabbit, we'll head straight southeast.
We got cover in that area.
You got it.
All right, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
They're coming up the driveway.
All right.
Let's get this party started.
Let's go, let's go.
Yo, grab that.
Eight more of them coming with a head of steam.
We're good to go.
Skinner's got all the hostages up against the door.
Okay, Doc, you're up.
But just to confirm, 70% nitrous, 30% oxygen, right? - Yes, sir.
- That should do it.
Put them to sleep.
That's all she's got.
Talon's out of ammo.
We're good to go.
Let's roll.
When you said the trailers were pre-wired, I figured a couple of charges, but damn, the CIA don't play, huh? Yeah, we can't let the Intel or equipment fall into the wrong hands.
I love it when a plan comes together.
Did you just quote The A-Team? You quoted The A-Team.
You boys got a problem with that? Not at all.
Strong choice.
- Shall we? - We shall.
All out cold.
Send in the hull tech, have that door removed.
Secure Skinner and his men for questioning.
Copy that.
The door is being removed.
As soon as Skinner and his men are secured, I want the hostages immediately checked out by the flight surgeon.
Understood? Sir, I have a secure video conference link coming in from a Henrietta Lange.
Put her on the large monitor.
Hetty, I see nothing changes.
I live my life in crowded, cramped quarters, and you fly private.
How are you, Steven? I've seen better days.
Well, haven't we all.
Your men, Agents Hanna and Callen, just secured the hostages and Skinner.
What's the status of Kensi and DEEKS? They were with SABATINO at the CIA trailer and came under attack from ISIS fighters.
They escaped.
They're now searching for the French journalist Alexandra Duvivier and the Chechen defector Muhammad Pliyev in the desert.
Do Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran know that these missile attacks were carried out under a false flag? They do not, sir.
Well, if retaliatory strikes are launched We'd have an all out Middle East war.
The State Department is working at the highest levels through ambassadors, diplomats, and station chiefs to stop retaliatory strikes.
But the only ones with solid proof that these were false flag attacks are Duvivier and Pliyev.
That's correct.
We've been given the unofficial authority by State and JCS to ease this situation through back channels.
Real diplomacy will take months.
The entire Middle East will be blown to pieces by then.
Well, let's find out what Skinner knows and do it quickly.
Yes, ma'am.
Last GPS position for Duviviert and Pliyev is over this hilled.
And a mile to the other side of a small valley.
Let me, uh, let me figure out a route here.
Listen, I think we should keep moving.
I don't want to get caught out here.
All right, well, this place is crawling with ISIS fighters.
It's not so much ISIS I'm worried about.
They got guns, I got guns.
I'm more worried about the wolves.
I mean, the wolves out here are no joke.
Like, six and a half feet long, they run, like, 40 miles an hour.
Sweetheart, you don't have to worry, okay? I'm sure they're more afraid of you than you are of them.
I just don't want a pack of wolves to drag me to a bush and murder me, you know what I mean? Like, that's got to be the top ten worst ways to die.
Please stop with the wolves.
You want to talk about jackals? I'll talk about jackals.
They hunt in packs, too.
What if the wolves and the jackals teamed up like the Avengers - and murdered us all? - Did you actually know this guy before you decided to marry him? Yeah, I made a semi-informed decision.
- I got a route.
Thank God.
- What's that? Oh, my God, that looks like a Persian leopard.
- Let's go.
- Guys, hold on, I'm seeing some fur.
We should probably talk about this.
You guys seen Persian leopards? They're like the modern-day saber-toothed tiger.
They got these big inci incisors that Guys? Kensi? SABATINO? Wallace? Anyone? Guys? You know nothing.
We know you're a Chechen spy working within the U.
You worked with the Russians and now you're aligned with ISIS.
There is no way you don't spend the rest of your life in a cell.
Now, what type of cell that is, that's really up to you.
We spoke to your comrade Davis - He's a coward.
- Mm.
He told us A coward who knows nothing of our plan.
You killed my men.
It was an honor to do so.
We're searching the ship and conducting interrogations.
We will find who you're working with.
My money says they turn on you.
You'll never breathe fresh air again.
I will stop at nothing to ensure that the rest of your life is a living hell.
The great jihad has commenced.
I've trained my mind and am prepared.
Are you? We relax, you get in a workout.
It's a great little body weight circuit.
I can show you two if You know, living the life I live, sweetheart, that's all the cardio I need.
Ugh, I wish I had your discipline, Fatima.
I need my gloves, my mouthpiece, trainer waiting on me to get moving.
So you box? - Muay Thai.
- Oh, sick.
Let's train someday? - Done and done.
- Cool.
You know, I think I'll go ask our pilot if he needs any relief.
You could ask Mac what she knows about D.
Wait, Washington? How did you Sometimes I think she knows more about me than I do.
You get used to it.
So she said you put in for a position at the Washington Field Office.
Yeah, I mean, it's a total long shot, but The District is great, especially for someone your age, the restaurants, the parks Yeah? What about the guys? I'm not really the Bumble type.
You're with someone, of course, I-I just meant No, I'm-I'm not.
Not right now.
- What is it? - It's just Well, Hetty may have mentioned that you were once engaged to Navy Captain Harmon Rabb who's on the USS Allegiance with Callen and Sam, and I'm so sorry, I-I shouldn't have No, no, no, don't be sorry.
We were engaged, but, um life got complicated.
How long has it been since you've seen each other? Nine years.
And you're probably gonna see each other when we land? Yup.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
We got six ISIS fighters and one truck.
Where they are is the exact GPS coordinates of Duvivier and Pliyev's last known location.
Right to the left of the fighters is a big, bush-looking tree thing, they could've stashed them behind there.
- "Big, bush-looking tree thing"? - Yeah.
Oh, you know what? The truck looks empty.
I don't see anybody in there.
Then the only thing left to do is to head down there and have a look.
Let's flank 'em.
Opposite sides of the hill.
- Copy that.
- I'll take the frog man.
Wolves and jackals and leopards, oh, my.
That's not funny.
That's not funny.
It's not funny.
Skinner's a dead end.
He's a complete zealot.
He will never talk.
I need to know if there are other sleeper agents aboard my ship.
Then that's what we'll find out.
Skinner doesn't want to help his cause, there's nothing we can do about that, except make his incarceration as solitary as possible.
- Aye, sir.
- We'll reconvene the SEAL team, see if we can smoke out any other sleeper agents.
I don't think you're gonna be able to do that.
Why's that? Ring 'em back up, will you? Aye, sir.
Where's Hetty? She wanted to get in some flying hours.
Of course she did.
What's the update? The CIA has uncovered two people that may be able to help us back channel our message that this was a false flag attack.
In Tehran, there is a woman named Laleh Ayari, her father is an influential mullah.
The Agency believes that she would be receptive to getting our message to her father.
The second contact is Eliana Sapir in Tel Aviv.
She's a Mossad.
They want you and Harm to go to Tel Aviv to see her.
- Will that be a problem, Agent Callen? - No.
And, Sam, they want you and Fatima to go to Tehran and make contact with Laleh Ayari.
When we make contact, they have to take our word for it that it was a false flag attack.
We have no proof.
We're working on it.
Kensi and DEEKS have to find the French journalist and the Chechen defector.
We've set up flights for all of you out of a private airstrip in Riyadh.
Where are you going, Mac? Uh, Hetty and I will be, uh, making inroads with the Saudi leadership.
Uh, we've secured a place to meet in Riyadh.
Then we will see you in Riyadh.
Uh, and for the record, Hetty is better at flying planes than she is at landing them.
Wait, what? In position.
Here we go.
Special Agents Callen and Hanna, meet Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie.
- How you doing? - Good to meet you in person, Mac.
You, too.
- Harm.
- Hey, Mac.
Uh nice to Come here.
Truck's empty.
I got nothing.
Looks like somebody had a campfire back there for a few days.
I got four sets of footprints.
We know Duvivier and Pliyev were here, we got to find out where the other two are.
Maybe the journalist hired locals to help her.
None of the Intel says she knew anybody in the region.
Well, somebody brought her two ATVs.
I got tire tracks.
Yeah, but there's no sign of struggle, no gunfire.
Maybe Duvivier and Pliyev saw ISIS coming and took off.
Where'd they get the ATVs? And who are the other two people with them? How do you boys feel about taking a stroll with me? Only easy day was yesterday.
Eliana's supposed to be somewhere in the back.
Really? What? Look, I just saw my ex-fiancée for the first time in nine years And I didn't ask you one question about that.
But I'm not you.
What is it with you and this woman Eliana? We worked together, then we were together.
Then we weren't.
What about you and Mac? We worked together, then we were together, then we were engaged, and then we weren't.
To be clear, we were never engaged.
I get it, guys like us, we're not that easy to be with.
Speak for yourself.
You know who is completely emotionally available at all times? This guy.
G, I know that if you're standing in a place like this, then whatever you're here for must be important.
Eliana Sapir, this is Harm Rabb.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
How have you been, G? Are you seeing anyone? Uh, that's complicated.
Lot of information in that answer.
He's emotionally available.
He always has been.
This is fun.
You know, I didn't have to travel halfway around the globe to experience this, I could've just gone to work.
I'm not seeing anyone, either.
Thank you for asking.
Oh, that's good to know.
I assume you're here about the missile launch.
Yes, we are.
Let's talk in private, then.
I see two people.
A man and woman in their 40s.
No visible weapons.
You're telling me these two saved the journalist and the Chechen defector from an ISIS team? They look like Patagonia models.
Patagonia doesn't use models, they use ambassadors.
Again, lot of words, no value.
ATV tracks led us right to them.
Definitely doing something down there.
What's that basket for? Plants? Vegetables? The region's got opium and marijuana farms.
Maybe they're not Patagonia ambassadors after all.
All right.
Let's go have a chat with them.
There she is.
Laleh Ayari.
Just on time to start her shift.
There's no other customers in there, so once the other salesperson leaves, we'll head in.
Sounds good.
You like it here.
Yeah, I mean Look, don't get me wrong.
I'm ride or die Beverly Hills.
I don't even like going east of La Cienega, but I do love it here.
You're the majority.
It's more than that.
I mean, these women, they're, they're all my age, and they're just living their lives.
You know, when they put their hijab on in the morning, they don't have to I don't know.
Worry that they're making an overt political statement when all you're doing is going to In-N-Out for a double-double? Yep.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
And that's why you're the man, Sam Hanna.
I know.
I hear that a lot.
We're up.
All right.
It is a pleasure to see you, Hetty.
Likewise, Your Royal Highness.
This is my friend, Mac.
Oh, hello, friend Mac.
- Your Highness.
- Please.
Come and sit.
Thank you.
Has she told you how her team and I have met? She is the grande dame of secrets.
Last year, when I was in Los Angeles, an attempt on my life was made.
Hetty's team saved me.
I'm not surprised.
Her team is the best at what they do.
How's Sam? Oh, Sam is good.
He sends his regards to you.
I will remain indebted to him and to you for all time.
If there's anything I can do to help you, you only need to ask.
You are here with regards to the missile launch.
We need you to circulate a message to your family.
What message? The missile attacks were conducted under a false flag.
ISIS is trying to draw the region into an all-out multi-nation war.
Do you have proof? We are working on that as we speak.
I'm going to need facts.
I cannot just go to my family and tell them this.
I need to bring them hard proof.
So much for opium.
We've got enough truffles for days.
What does one use truffles for exactly, anyway? You shave it onto pasta.
What are you, an animal? No, I'm much more a man of the people than you are.
Salt of the earth, they might say.
I don't spend my evenings shaving expensive and fine fungi onto my mac and cheese.
You are an animal.
He may be one, but they're not the kind of truffles that you're describing.
These are actually called chimay.
They are a delicacy here, and families take a lot of pride in how they prep them.
My God, who is the animal now? Stick to the chicken fingers and let the adults talk.
What do you got? He's a store clerk and she's an accountant.
They come out camping, hunt truffles for fun and extra income.
They heard that ISIS has been kidnapping truffle hunters for ransom.
Gosh, we must've scared the crap out of them.
For sure.
They were on their ATVs when they came across Duvivier and Pliyev, who were dehydrated and starving.
When they spotted the ISIS truck moving across the desert, they decided to help them.
Got them out on ATVs.
So where are they now? - Gave them the ATVs and some water.
- Damn.
They could be just about anywhere.
They only had about five miles' worth of gas in the tanks.
Go for Kensi.
Agent Blye, this is Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie.
I'm with Hetty now, and we need a sitrep.
Uh, we are Duvivier and Pliyev's trail.
- We think that they - We need proof of the false flag missile launch, and we need it now.
Are the Saudis, Iranians and Israelis ready to retaliate? Yes.
Just a second.
Blye, do whatever you need to do to stop this war.
Copy that.
I get that you believe that this was a false flag attack conducted by ISIS, but without proof, you will not be able to stop Israel from retaliating.
Proof is coming.
- You just have to trust me.
- Trust you.
Like I did in London? That is not the same thing.
You told me in London that I only needed to Look, I don't know what Hugh Grant movie you two role-played back in London, but when we do have the proof sent to us, what's the plan? Israel is like anywhere else; the people at the highest levels all have their own agendas.
We need to get this information to someone who does not want Israel to retaliate.
If we choose wrong, the information could end up buried, and we'd have stopped nothing.
And you know where we can find someone like this? Yes.
I went to college in America.
We know.
I just didn't want to assume that you'd want to speak English.
You know? Laleh, I am Fatima Namazi.
This is Sam Hanna.
We're from the United States.
What's going on? You know of the missile attacks, right? - Of course.
- Well, we have information regarding them that needs to reach the highest levels of the Iranian government.
This information will save thousands of lives.
Yes, I-I agree, that information should get to the government, but how can I help? I know no one.
Your father.
He is a mullah who frequently counsels two men with deep ties to both the president and the supreme leader.
You want me to get this information to my father? - Yes.
- Uh, my father and I haven't spoken in two years.
He does not agree with certain choices I've made.
Oh, I understand that.
Where is the information that I am to give to him? Do you have it with you? Hold up.
I see something up ahead.
A reflection.
That's an oasis.
You're hallucinating a large body of cool water.
It's not an oasis.
If it was an oasis, you know what we could do? We could float around on those large inflatable swans.
- Like a Kardashian at Coachella.
- It's the ATVs.
- I don't see Duvivier or Pliyev.
- Probably ran out of gas.
Which means they're on foot.
We can catch them.
Let's double-time.
Why does everybody suddenly have swans? Noam.
Have you been avoiding me? Eliana.
You need to leave now.
That's not gonna happen until we speak to Noam.
That's not gonna happen.
Don't come any closer.
Why? What you gonna do? Obviously, whatever you need me to do, Eliana, I will do.
I am not built to sustain whatever it is you just did to my men.
You're okay.
- Who are you? - We're Americans.
We're here to take you to safety.
- I want to go home.
- Thank you.
We're gonna get you home, but we need those files that prove this is a false-flag missile attack.
Alexandra, you're okay.
- But we need those files.
- Sir.
Yeah? - I have all the information here.
- Yes.
You did good work.
Wallace, get that sat comm link up.
- Aye.
- Wallace.
Come on, baby.
You're good.
It's all here.
Call her.
Hetty, we got it.
We got it.
The information is being safely routed to all your phones.
- We got it.
- Copy that.
We got it.
We got it.
Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
All right.
You know, I got to be honest, even though I wasn't killed by a wolf or eaten by a leopard, I am never going to the desert again.
Hey, Mac, I have a hookup at Coachella.
Would you like to join me? - I would love to.
- Oh, that was hurtful and unnecessary and now I kind of want to go.
Yo, you could've burned your desert clothes like the rest of us.
No way.
Digging this jacket.
It is coming home with me.
- Baggy's in style.
- There they are.
A lot of folks in the lobby aren't too happy this restaurant is closed tonight.
Mm, Hetty knows a lot of people.
What can I say? Hetty's a rock star.
Heard from Eric and Nell? How's her mom doing? Uh, her condition has not changed, as of yet.
Mm, now this looks good.
Hear from Eliana? Oh, please don't start with me.
Yes, sir.
Well, that was Captain Douglas on the Allegiance.
The Navy SEALs have not found any other sleeper cells on board.
Doesn't mean there aren't any there.
Or in other military branches.
That is a problem for another day.
Oh, Harm.
Hetty wanted to see you in the kitchen.
She's in there with the chef.
A woman of a thousand talents, huh? Are we allowed to begin? Mm.
This is our married lives.
- I'm sleeping, you're eating.
- Huh? And she says, "That's not green.
" We'll see! Thank you.
- Hey.
- What are those? Uh, they call them their signature mojitos.
Mojitos in a dry country.
- Yep.
- I wonder what's in them.
Mm Mm.
- Sugar.
Lots and lots of sugar.
- Yeah? Yeah.
It's been nine years, Harm.
I know.
Why? I I mean, I thought, you were happy in D.
I was deployed.
No, that's not why.
Then why? We're scared.
- Mac, I-I look, I don't - I-It's the only reason that makes sense.
We never gave it a shot, a real try.
We never put our all into it because we were scared to.
- Mac, you know - Don't worry.
I'm not standing here in front of you asking you to be with me.
I just want us to acknowledge why we're here tonight as colleagues and not husband and wife.
I didn't know that, uh, you and Hetty know each other.
We didn't, until about five minutes ago.
She, uh, she's something else.
Yeah, she is.
She suggested I, uh, I put in for a leadership role at, uh, an NCIS division.
San Diego or the Contingency Response Team.
Prime assignments, but how would that even fit in with your Naval commission? Oh, it wouldn't.
It'd be good for you.
Plant some roots.
It's hard to do that on a carrier.
Yeah, but I love the carrier.
Yeah, it's always moving.
Mac, what are we doing? I don't know, but, um But what? We're way past letting fate decide.
So he says, "That's not my ear.
" So what is the end of the story? That's it! That's it! No signature mocktail for you, Hetty? Oh, that'd be like cheating on my Nikka Single Malt with a cheap whore.
Well, it's good to all be together.
Yes, it is.
I-I missed this.
I missed seeing the wonderful family that you've all become.
All because of you.
Flight's in 90 minutes.
Think we should put an end to their party? That reminds me of something.
We're all flying home tonight, but the two of you are staying.
What's that? The two of you are staying.
An assignment? Well, uh, the word "assignment" makes it sound so official.