NCIS Los Angeles s11e15 Episode Script

The Circle

1 Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles" Darius.
Darius Reznikov.
But before he went by Reznikov, he went by another: Comescu.
The family that killed your mother.
If I learned anything from my studies, it's never to underestimate a Comescu.
I'm staying.
What are you talking about? We got to get you to a doctor.
They have doctors in Cuba.
I can't go back.
Not after my escape.
I'll stay with her and make sure she gets to a hospital.
A triple homicide out of Barcelona is now being linked to several other attacks across Europe.
I'm not even certain that it's Anna in that surveillance video.
I know Anna.
It's her.
Get them out.
Get out! Move! Let's go! Nah, keep going.
Move it.
Come on.
Get in.
Stop! Let's go! Get in! On your knees.
What a waste.
Jason Park.
Top of his class at Harvard Business School.
Instead of taking over his father's insurance company, he decided to join NYPD.
First day on the job, he foils a bombing in Times Square.
- Incredible.
- It is.
So why is he on the reject pile? He had it easy his whole life.
Lives in a bubble.
Yeah, and when he got out of it, he stepped up.
He-he stopped a bombing.
He's agent material.
But not with us.
Is there anyone on this table that you like? Anyone? Ronald Jackson.
Saw combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And still managed to be mayor of his hometown.
He's got promise.
He will bail on us in two years.
He's career shopping.
What is he? Is he Is he a Marine? A politician? An NCIS agent? No.
Not gonna saddle our team with someone that's trying to find himself.
You didn't have a first name till a couple of years ago.
This is not gonna be easy.
And it is gonna be a big change for our team.
Yeah, well, I got to go.
I have dinner with Katherine.
Sounds nice.
And you're right.
It shouldn't be easy.
Enjoy your dinner.
I will.
Yo, E.
I think that stout is tapped out.
- No problem.
I'll change it.
- Thanks, man.
Now, this is getting a little personal.
It's just a question.
And I answered the question.
- Mm, mm.
- Thank you.
Did you really? I mean, yes, you said some words that kind of implied that you were open to the possibility, but I was looking for a yes or no.
I thought you were the lawyer in this relationship.
I am.
But she's the judge, and so as your lawyer, I'd advise you to answer the question.
Otherwise, she's gonna hold you in contempt.
I don't know.
It's not something I want to think about right now.
I get that.
Okay, I just realized I have no idea what the question is.
Is this about the video of Anna? What the heck? - Are you serious right now? - Am I No.
Oh, not Anna.
I said Hanna.
Sam Hanna.
Sam Anna.
They sound the same.
- Nell told you.
- No.
Nell told Eric, and Eric told Kensi.
Who then told her idiot husband.
- And I just told you.
- Yeah, no, I remember.
And no, the question is not about Anna.
That is also a really good question.
Good God, man.
What was the original question? Do I really want Hetty's job? Oh, wow.
Sam and I are vetting potential new agents to bring in on the condition that I would take over for Hetty when she decides to step aside.
Yeah, but that would mean no more time in the field.
Not necessarily.
Hetty's out in the field sometimes.
And she has her clandestine meetings in cemeteries with sociopathic poets, and we all know how that turned out.
No, he's-he's right.
Field time would be limited.
You ready for that? That's a question for another day.
I have a question for today.
Did you find her? We had a few leads that fizzled.
Um, Arkady hasn't had any luck, either.
But, uh, the truth is if Anna doesn't want to be found, there's really nothing anybody can do.
That time already, huh? - You good, Callen? - Yeah, I'm good.
Why don't you, uh why don't you go home.
- I'll lock up.
- Thanks.
All right, buddy.
Good night.
Good night.
What'd you forget this time? Hi, Callen.
How are you? I've been looking for you.
I was worried.
I know.
I'm fine.
But I think you might be in danger.
I laid low in Cuba while my leg healed.
Joe went back to the States.
After six weeks, I thought she'd forgotten about me.
She can be a little cold.
I know what you mean.
Thank you.
But then one day, she came back.
Apparently, the CIA were impressed with the results of our mission, and they wanted to build on it.
They gave us a list of Russian operatives, and we were tasked with tracking and turning as many as we could.
Which is why I'm here.
Darius Reznikov? This was taken earlier today at LAX.
I didn't think he survived the bunker.
Neither did we.
Until some contacts in the European underworld started to hear an old name resurface.
He's going by Comescu now? I picked up his trail in Barcelona.
He'd killed three people.
Yeah, I saw the report.
You made a cameo.
The police were on their way.
I had to make a quick exit.
He didn't just kill these people.
He executed them.
He left a trail of bodies throughout Europe, and I can't make heads or tails of it.
Some of the victims have criminal records.
Petty thieves, corrupt businessmen.
Others appear to be clean.
Look, the only thing I do know is that the last time the Comescus posed a threat, your family was in their crosshairs.
And now he's in L.
- Comescus.
- I know.
I thought we had them all accounted for.
Tell me about it.
I wrote a freaking paper on it, - for Pete's sake.
- I remember a Vasile.
Dead, courtesy of Callen.
- Also an Anton.
- Also dead.
Also Callen.
What about Dracul? Can't forget about him.
Not with a name like that.
- Uh, let me guess.
- Two shots.
Center mass.
Uh, Callen.
Uh, so, this Darius guy? He may be out to even the score.
Whoa, she's here.
Well, it looks like Callen didn't have to find Anna after all.
- She found him.
- Anna? Talking about Hetty.
If she's here, it's serious.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Whoa.
- What? Did-did she do that? How did she do that? Hetty said she would be making some alterations.
I should have known she wasn't talking about the furniture.
All right, we got to find this Darius guy.
Come on.
Must be some sort of electrochromic glass like lithium or tungsten.
God, I hope it's tungsten! - Beale? - Yeah.
I used an alias to hitch a ride into March Air Base.
The CIA still thinks I'm in Europe.
And Joelle.
Where is she? Tracking another operative.
I can't say where.
Does she know you're here? No.
Anna's taken a big risk, Hetty.
She's still a fugitive in this country.
I understand I'll need to lay low while I'm here, but Darius is my mission.
I need to talk to Mr.
Callen now.
I've missed you.
I have a unit on Alex.
Deeks is watching Jake's school.
And I have eyes on my father's grave, in case Darius decides to pay his respects.
Look, Hetty, I've only interacted with this guy for a few seconds, but you've spent time with him.
What is your read on him? When I found him, he was struggling.
Torn between the man he was born to be, and the man your father raised him to be.
The Comescus killed my mother.
I just need to know if this guy's a threat to my family.
It's the age-old struggle, Mr.
Nature versus nurture.
And the jury's still out.
Anna! Hi! - How are you? - Good! Hey, it's good to see you.
You too, Sam.
Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry we left you in Cuba in that condition.
I hated that.
I'm good leg's all healed, and compared to state prison, Cuba was a vacation.
Sorry I missed the wedding.
Are you kidding? It's fine.
- Can I see pictures? - Of course.
You are gonna regret asking for that.
How was the date last night? Good.
Hey, guys, I think we got a lead on Darius.
So, thanks to Anna, we know that Darius flew into LAX yesterday using a false ID.
Now, on Callen's suggestion, we cross-referenced all the passengers on Darius' flight with the victims he left behind in Europe, and we flagged two passengers.
Francisco and Santiago Navarro.
We know that they own a manufacturing business in Spain, and that they both exchanged calls and texts with one of the original Barcelona victims.
So, Darius is on the same flight? Was he following them? The Navarros could be his next target.
You have a location? Uh, the Navarros rented a unit in a condo complex in Venice.
Send us the address.
- Yeah.
- Yep.
Anna? Right.
Laying low.
Be careful, Callen.
I will.
Possible signs of a struggle.
Let's go in quietly.
I got access to the deck upstairs.
G, we're going in.
Santiago's dead.
So's Francisco.
I got Darius in the backyard! Federal agents! We'll cut him off in the car.
Federal agent, out of the way! - Freeze! - Federal agent! Put down your weapon, Darius.
Put it down.
Last chance! Put it down.
Got him.
I'm not your brother.
Well, that's a relief.
Did he say anything yet? He hasn't said a word since we brought him in.
We don't know why he's here, but until we do I know.
I'll stay on Jake.
Although, I got to be honest, this kid's smart.
He almost made me at recess.
Hey, thank him for me.
Uh, uh, Callen says thank you.
You tell him, "Not a problem.
" And keep me posted, all right? All right, bye.
Jake is doing just fine.
Did you find anything in Darius's belongings? Not much, but I am having ops run this woman through facial rec.
Let me see.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Good work.
- I'm going in.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Excuse me? I'm going to talk to him.
No, you're not.
We don't even know what we're dealing with yet.
I know enough.
He's killed six people.
Eight with the Navarros.
So, you're just gonna walk in there and ask him why? No, Callen, I am going to gain his trust.
'Cause that's my mission.
To assess whether he can be turned.
You sound just like her.
Who? Joelle.
Same arrogance, same recklessness.
At least, she's not wearing a wig.
- It's a plus, right? - Hmm.
Anyway This is why she kept getting into trouble.
You walk in there unprepared Don't tell me how to do my job, Callen.
- And Joe was right about you.
- Oh, yeah? You can't trust the women in your life.
Yeah, 'cause of her.
Look, enough.
CIA is not allowed to operate on American soil.
End of story.
Sorry to interrupt.
What is it? Sam just checked in from the Navarros' rental house.
He found a thumb drive.
It's full of pictures of women.
They are of a graphic, sexual nature, so we ran them through facial rec, focusing on human trafficking databases, and we received multiple hits.
Many of the them are also listed as missing through INTERPOL.
What about her? We had the same thought.
Uh, Mina Raducan.
Two months ago, her family reported her kidnapped from their village in Patreni, Romania.
Now, I don't think I have to tell you this, but That was Comescu territory.
I need to talk to him.
Nikita is dead.
But in the days before he died, he told me about your life as a boy.
That you preferred to hunt rather than fish.
That you broke your arm falling off the roof after drinking some of his vodka.
How he set the bone and cared for you when you threw up the vodka.
You had the childhood that I never had.
My life was supposed to be different.
But then again so was yours.
I think that after Cuba, you went in search of that life.
You went back to Romania.
And you found her.
And now because of you, I have lost her again.
This is the closest I've come since they took her.
Since who took her? Who, the Navarros, the people you've killed? Who are they? If you want to get her back, you're gonna have to start talking.
They are a tightly controlled network businessmen, local politicians, corrupt police taking advantage of migrants, the destitute the Romani.
She went to visit her friend.
To tell her the news.
We were getting married.
Mina liked to walk.
Always did.
Hated being driven anywhere.
A witness said they saw a car pull up alongside her.
It belonged to a local policeman.
He was the first one I questioned.
I have been tracking her ever since.
They brought her here? To Los Angeles? They are expanding into a new market.
Francisco told me that Mina and others will be sold at an auction today.
This is my last chance to get her back.
Why did you take the name Comescu again? Do you know what they did? Do you know the kind of people they were? I know exactly who they were.
That is why I took it.
As a Comescu, you can go places, meet people, learn things that a Reznikov could not.
I know about our families' history, the blood feud.
But as long as I can get Mina back, that is all it is to me history.
If you want our help finding Mina, this is the deal.
The auction will be held online.
The Navarros' thumb drive includes instructions on accessing a dark Web VPN.
Can we trace the source? Maybe, but not in three hours.
The thumb drive also had two digital invitations for an exclusive auction viewing party to be held at a private residence in Beverly Hills.
Could they be holding the trafficking victims there? They wouldn't risk exposing their location.
Someone at the party may know where they're being held.
Could Sam and I go in undercover using the invitations? Theoretically, yes.
It only uses a matrix barcode.
No identity or biometric components.
But unfortunately, they won't be enough to get you in the door.
There is a rather steep COVER CHARGE: $20,000 per guest.
And each guest is instructed to deposit that money in a specific bank account at the door.
Do we have the account number? It was included in an attached file with the invitations, but after the initial opening, it self-deleted.
The Navarros' files are gone.
And they're not talking anymore.
Maybe they already did.
The account number to get into the party.
- Did Francisco give it to you? - Yes.
If you want our help to find Mina, - we're gonna need that number.
- Then you will need me.
I'll give you the account number at the door.
We have two invitations one for me and one for my partner.
I have a third from the Navarros' contact in Barcelona.
You have been attacking that group for months.
- If they know who you are - They don't.
I give you my word.
I'm not risking my team's lives on your word.
Trust me, Grisha.
You've got one hour to give me that number, or the deal is off.
Your name is Bruce Palmer.
You own a successful laundry business that provides services to hotels and resorts.
And you rely on this organization to provide you with a steady stream of cheap labor and, um, sexual partners.
Well, it's definitely one of the slimiest backstops I've ever had, so thank you for that.
I'm sorry about earlier, Callen.
I know you trust me.
You let me go when I was on the run last year.
You didn't have to.
And you're not like Joelle.
She never would have told me that Darius was here, so thank you.
You weren't all wrong.
Working for the CIA, with Joelle I don't like what it's doing to me.
You could always get out.
And do what? My job prospects are limited.
We just have to put our heads together.
We can work this out, Anna.
Uh, you left Agent Castor in the boatshed, right? Yeah.
Why? I can't reach him, and the cameras just went dark.
I sent Agent Castor home.
What are you doing here, Hetty? Well, I talked to Darius, and he's cooperated.
So you have the account number? I do.
Well? You can use my money to get into the party, but I have one condition.
If you can't trust Darius, then trust me.
The clock is ticking, Mr.
Anna Kolcheck, you have the right to remain silent.
Deeks, what are you? Sorry.
That was a joke.
I'm not a I'm not arresting you.
It was kind of funny.
It's good to see you.
Hey, is Jake back with Alex? Yeah.
Safe and sound.
How we doing here? I saw Beale breaking a sweat in the gadget room.
Yeah, he's trying to trace the auction location back to where the trafficking victims are being held.
But we think Callen and Sam will have more luck getting the location from someone at the party.
Yeah, and once they do, we'll go in with LAPD SWAT.
But first they have to get in the door.
Ticket, sir? Okay.
Put your arms up.
- Turn around.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, you're good.
- Okay.
One moment.
Go ahead and turn around.
Hope you know what you're doing here, Hetty.
Good day, sir.
So glad you could join us.
If you would be so kind as to enter your account number for withdrawal.
And now the account number to deposit the money.
Three, eight, six, nine, six, two, five.
It is an eight-digit number, sir.
Of course.
Slipped my mind there for a second.
I understand.
Please enjoy the party.
Good day, sir.
If you would be so kind He didn't give you all the numbers? Apparently not.
Hetty He came through, Mr.
That's the most important thing.
Yeah, well, still has plenty of opportunities to get us killed.
And now the account number to deposit the money.
Thank you.
Would you take a look at this cesspool of disgusting people? We should just send in Kensi with a sniper rifle.
We need to ID someone high up in the organization.
Someone who can lead us to where the victims are being held.
- What? - What just happened? Oh, my God.
All the comms are out, too.
They must have activated a jammer.
REACT Team's on standby.
Should I send 'em in? No.
Wait till they see signs of trouble.
Son of a bitch.
Where are you going? Beale's tracing the location of the auction.
He's our last hope.
Thank you.
Nell, can you hear me? The comms are dead.
Yeah, they're blocking the signals.
At least he's not drawing any attention.
Maybe he's right.
They don't know he's coming after them.
That was a dangerous play back there.
It was insurance.
He wanted to make sure if Hetty double-crossed him and left him behind, he still had something we needed.
Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
I'm Otto Schmidt, your host for the evening.
I hope you've been enjoying yourselves because it is time to get down to business.
The auction starts now.
But because you are, as they say, la crème de la crme, I have a surprise a live auction just for you.
The very best we have to offer.
La crème de la crème for la crème de la crme.
Take it easy.
Beale, this auction started ten minutes ago.
I can read a clock.
Listen, if we can't find where these people are being held - before it ends - I am aware.
Okay, well, if anyone can do this, you can.
No, I can't.
- What? - But they can.
And they did.
- Wait.
Who did? - I knew I couldn't do it alone in enough time so I-I crowdsourced the job to my San Fran colleagues.
Hundreds of people were working with me to strip away the layers of protection.
We did it.
It was a total team effort.
It's how we do our best work.
Send that address to our phones.
Beale? - Mm.
- You're my favorite.
- Oh.
- Kensi! Ah, very good.
Thank you, sir.
I have 80.
Do I hear 90 for the lovely Alma? 80.
Going once.
Going twice.
Sold to the gentleman with Iberian tastes.
And now, I turn your attention back to the screen.
We will continue I need to get her out of here.
If she sees you, she could blow your cover.
They have given her so much drugs, I could be standing in front of her, and she wouldn't recognize me.
They'll kill both of you.
Besides, we need to get 'em all out of here, not just Mina.
I think I found another way to get to where they're holding 'em, but we got to distract the guards.
I have an idea.
It might get messy.
Messy works.
10,000 to the anonymous gentleman.
So, we believe they're in one of two buildings west of us.
Estimates show 20 to 30 hostages.
No intel yet on the number of hostiles.
And we have another operation that could be compromised - if we move in too soon.
- That's right.
So until we get the green light, we'll split up into two each team takes one of the buildings.
In the meantime, we'll sit tight.
Nell says the auction's winding down.
Should be any minute now.
Those people are probably terrified.
We're gonna get them out.
We're gonna get them all out.
For our final lot of the evening, the radiant, the luminescent, the glistening Mina! Bidding will start at $1 million! Uh, sir, I do not believe that is a serious bid.
- Bidding - No, you're right.
It wasn't.
$5 million.
I fear you have had too much to drink, sir.
Please step aside and let us continue.
$10 million.
No, 50.
100! No amount of money is enough.
Darius? Mina.
- - Get him out of here.
You got this? Go.
He's gonna need the help.
Kens, Deeks, the auction's over.
- You are good to go.
- Let's move.
No, no, no.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm a federal agent.
Yo soy policía.
It's okay.
You're okay.
I'm-I'm okay.
Mom? No.
No! Smelling salts.
Where you been? You wouldn't believe it.
REACT team's here.
They cleared an exit out the back.
- Can you help one of them? - Yeah.
- Where's Mina? - She ran off.
Darius went after her.
You good? Yeah.
Guys, we got to cover more ground.
Split up, stay on comms.
You, that way.
You, with me.
Northwest corner cleared.
Basement level cleared.
Building A is clear.
Kensi, you find anything? Stand by.
I got 'em.
Ground floor, northeast corner.
Federal agents! It's all right.
Stay where you are.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's all right, come on.
Come on, everyone.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, everybody, help each other.
Good shot.
Come on, come on, come on, let's go, let's go.
- Get out, get out.
- Go, go, go, go.
Hey, hey, hey.
You okay? Can you get up? Are you okay? Come on, up you go.
No! No! No, no, no, no, no! All right.
No! Kens! All right.
One, two, three, go! - I got her.
I got her.
- Go! Take her, take her, take her.
- You okay? - Yeah.
We got all of them.
Yeah, we did.
I got you.
We're almost there.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Take her.
Agent Hanna, over here.
- I got her.
- Take her, take her.
Grisha Good morning.
He's defecting.
Really? Agreed to share what he knows about Russian intelligence with the CIA.
In exchange, he and Mina will be resettled.
So Anna got what she wanted.
And so did you.
If you and Darius couldn't find a way to trust one another, I feared the blood feud would never end.
That is why you had me take him on the undercover.
The circle of revenge had to be broken.
It was worth the risk.
We were the ones that took the risk.
Not just you.
That was my $60,000 you put up for the door charge.
Eric and Nell are working with FBI and Interpol to identify all the trafficking victims.
With any luck, they'll all make it home.
- How many more are out there? - Well, we got a lot of intel off those people at that party.
They'll be found.
- There he is.
Waiting on you.
- What's up? Sorry, I was, uh, pulling more agent files.
There's a couple in there with potential.
- I'll take a look.
- It's gonna take a while, but we will find someone.
So? So what? Anna.
Where is she? I don't know.
Haven't seen her since last night.
And for all I know, she is back hunting spies with Joelle.
- Ow.
- Are you kidding me right now? The girl comes back to town, and you just let her go like that? Anna did not come back for me.
She had a mission, and yeah, I was involved in that mission, but if that's the life she chooses, I have to respect that.
And, uh I think it's time that I just move on.
You sure about that? Hmm.
Um well, I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I'm fine.
I'm just, uh You know, I'm tired, and, uh I'm gonna take a rain check on the beer.
Night, G.
You know they're gonna find out.
I know.
It's just until I figure some things out: the CIA, my criminal record.
I don't want to get anyone into trouble.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
What about me? Oh, you? Well, you maybe just a little bit? Mm-hmm.

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