NCIS Los Angeles s11e16 Episode Script


1 Go.
Go, go.
Front room clear.
Moving to level two.
Level two clear.
Heading back downstairs.
There's nobody here.
Looks like bad Intel.
Let's wrap it up.
It's a trap! IED! - IED! - Man down! Need a medic! We're being flanked! Home School, we got multiple contacts.
Multiple contacts they got us surrounded.
Man down inside.
Numerous casualties.
We need extraction.
You know what bums me out, Richard? Today, everybody wants to be known as a mixologist.
As if a bartender and barkeeper isn't good enough anymore.
But today I may say, nay, nay I say.
But, you know what, a bartender, barkeep is an ancient, honorable tradition, much more than a mixer of cocktails.
I think it's, in equal parts, philosopher, psychiatrist, storyteller, comedian.
But most of all, Richard and you know this to be true I think it's a comforting friend for anybody there in search of solace Richard! Really? I take it all back, Richard! I take it And no tip?! Richard.
The worst.
Oh! Big Stones Jones, what's your poison? Let me guess, mescal, shot of Jäger, float of Tabasco? Call it the Nellverine.
Oh, God, no.
Is Kensi here? No.
Why? What's up? You look serious.
Well a few hours ago, a combined joint operation involving the Navy Seals, the Army's Night Stalkers, and Egypt's spec ops Task Force 777 was launched in the Sinai Peninsula to take down a high-value target.
Heading back downstairs.
IED! I Wow.
Now, the compound Intel identified as the high-value target's current whereabouts was not only found to be unoccupied, it was lined with explosives believed to have been detonated remotely.
So it was booby-trapped.
The teams were met with heavy gunfire from outside the compound.
It was a complete ambush.
Casualties? Several severe injuries.
Thankfully, no fatalities thus far.
So, what, they want us to help find who fed 'em the phony Intel? It's a bit more complicated.
So, an NCIS intelligence and cryptology expert was embedded with them.
Wait, like, somebody we know? Yeah.
Way to bury the ledge here.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I-I'm just still trying to process all of this myself.
Fatima hasn't been seen since the raid.
Okay, but what does that what does that mean? I don't know.
Um, I'm on my way into Ops now, and Eric's already on his way there.
I'll get Kensi.
Eric, where are we? Nowhere yet.
I'm still trying to gather as much information as I possibly can, but it's still pretty chaotic over there - at the moment.
- So, no word on Fatima? Oh, no.
No one seems to know if she was killed, captured, or managed to escape.
Well, if she could, she would have contacted her unit or anyone by now.
Where are Callen and Sam? Oh, they're already en route.
Hetty wanted boots on the ground as soon as humanly possible.
Unfortunately, it's still another several hours until they even land in Cairo.
Okay, so what's the game plan? So, I have access to all of Fatima's recent work.
I'm gonna dig through it, see if anything's in there to help us figure out where all this bogus Intel originated.
Can we get somebody from Naval Special Warfare Command - to speak with us? - Yes.
I've already requested for a senior officer to come down from Coronado and speak with us as soon as possible, but I doubt it originated on our end.
That's the problem with joint operations.
The more players, the more opportunity - for things to get compromised.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't care if he's in a damn coma.
Wake him up.
I'll see you in Ops? - Yeah.
Good luck with that.
- Yeah.
That doesn't sound good.
Anything I can do to help? Oh.
No, I-I don't think so.
I'm running out of favors.
This wasn't your doing.
Well, I don't think that's much consolation for Agent Namazi.
We have any leads on who gave 'em the bad Intel? Uh, not yet.
Okay, so here's what we know.
Fatima is smart.
She's, uh, highly skilled.
More than capable of taking care of herself.
And I'm sure she's gonna show up before Sam and Callen even get to Egypt.
In fact, I bet this whole trip is gonna be a boondoggle, because, by this time tomorrow, they'll be taking selfies from some sort of camel ride tourist trap.
Thank you, Martin.
I appreciate the gesture, even if I don't share your optimism.
There is nothing in there that's gonna help us find her.
Thought you were sleeping.
I'm trying.
Well, maybe we missed something.
We didn't.
And if there's one thing I learned in the teams Yeah, yeah, "sleep when you can.
" You've told me that before.
So why don't you, uh, stop talking to me and get your little beauty nap? Why'd they scrap the Concorde? We could be there by now.
Yeah, like Uncle Sam would pay for us to take the Concorde.
Buy our own tickets.
Yeah, maybe if you sold a kidney.
Every hour we're in the air is another hour that Fatima's in danger, and it's another hour that we're not on the ground looking for her.
Thought you were gonna sleep.
- So did I.
- Yeah.
Would you like me to get you some snacks? - No.
- You sure? You might think better on a full stomach.
I'm not hungry, and I'm not thinking.
- Want me to get you something to drink? - Yeah, let me wet my whistle.
Why don't you grab me a glass of "shut the hell up.
" - Make it a double.
- Okay.
I'll do that.
We're gonna find her.
One way or the other, we're gonna find her.
Home School, this is Jigsaw.
Do you copy? Come in, Home School.
I missed last call.
Hoping to catch a bus in Oklahoma.
Jigsaw out.
Richard Feynman! Hetty? Oh.
I thought you could use a coffee.
Oh, thank you.
Um, am I allowed to drink this in here? If you don't spill.
I will be super careful.
Uh, just for the record I was not actually, sleeping there.
I just sometimes think better with my eyes closed.
- Mm-hmm.
- Although I don't know how much it's helping Still no word or sign of Fatima.
Nell is going through her most recent work, but she hasn't found anything to help us out.
Well, Callen and Sam will need something to go on once they get there.
Well, if she can, Fatima will probably try to make her way to one of the mission's rally points.
- We just don't know which one.
- Mm-hmm.
The next satellite flyover is in a few hours, so hopefully Oklahoma.
Oklahoma? But Oklahoma's designated as an emergency helicopter landing.
It's gonna be difficult to get to by foot.
That's why she'll head there.
What if you're wrong? Prove me right.
I'm on it.
Oh I heard that.
Hey, Senior Chief.
Thanks for coming, man.
- My pleasure.
- Yeah.
One of the officers wanted to come but, as you can imagine, things are a little turbulent at the moment.
I volunteered to help in any way I could.
Well, it's good to see you again.
You two, as well, just wish it was under different circumstances.
I've brought transcripts from the mission and preliminary debriefing notes.
Uh we'd like to talk to the mission commander - whenever he's available.
- I'll see what I can do.
We're still back-sifting through the entire op on our end to try and figure out what went wrong.
I understand there's a multi-agency investigation underway to try to discover how anyone intercepted our operational plans.
Did you check the President's Twitter feed? Mm.
What exactly told us that the high-value target was at that compound? That's just it it did not come from a single source.
It was a combination of human Intel gathered on the ground and signal intelligence captured by the NSA, as well as some cyber info the Egyptians retrieved from communication devices found on captured jihadis.
Had we received the tip anonymously, it would've been suspect, but slipping it to us in pieces gave it validity.
It was little pieces here and there, none of which were that significant on their own, but once we started putting things together You got a trail of bread crumbs leading to a gingerbread cottage.
Pretty much.
I hate to say it, but that was pretty damn brilliant.
They made sure the Egyptians got different info than us, laid in a few dead ends to throw us off their true intentions, and that was it.
Only thing they didn't count on was how good our teams are.
Otherwise this would've been a complete slaughter.
How exactly did Agent Namazi get left behind? I don't know.
And, on behalf of the teams, I want to apologize for that again.
That's not what the Seals do.
We do not leave people behind.
I only wish I'd been there myself.
Well, considering, maybe it's best that you weren't.
Please tell me one of you stopped at the duty-free.
Oh, yeah, we were in a bit of a hurry.
Oh, come on, how long does it take to buy a guy a bottle of scotch? Tell me something, Sabatino.
Why is it you ways end up being everywhere we find trouble? I know, I know.
I missed you, too.
Let's not make it weird.
Not that it isn't always a special treat to see you guys, but I don't know what you're gonna do here.
It's a mess.
Were you on the raid? No.
Did you provide the Intel? No.
I was trying to vet it.
What went wrong? In a word, everything.
These guys are getting smarter.
They know we're hunting them, but they also known how much airplay these raids get.
When they're successful.
If the Intel wasn't verified, why did we go in? That's the million-dollar question, now, isn't it? My guess, the White House wanted to stage another strongman PR event.
Hence the gag order on this whole fiasco.
- Yep.
- You had any communication - with Agent Namazi? - No.
But if she's smart, she's probably only using her radio intermittently to avoid detection and triangulation.
What about search and rescue? Up until now, we've only done a satellite pass, but we're trying to get a drone over the area.
Nobody returned to the compound? No, the Egyptian bombed the hell out of it after our guys were out.
We don't even know if our agent got out.
There was no sign of her or anyone else in the area.
But you never sent anyone back to look for her.
The brass considers it too hot, all right? This could've been an epic disaster.
We're just lucky there were no fatalities.
That we know of.
We need to go there.
How do you plan on doing that? I don't know.
But you're gonna figure something out.
Me? You owe us.
How is this my problem? You owe us.
Yeah, right.
Give your head a shake, Gigantor.
If anyone owes somebody, you owe me.
I'm the one who got your Lady and the Tramp out of Iraq, if you recall.
And now you're gonna help us find Agent Namazi.
What are her chances out there? Is she tough? I think so.
Well, she better be.
My name is Jasmine Armini.
I'm a CNN reporter from Cairo.
I was embedded with a Multinational Force and Observers peacekeeping unit when I got separated from them.
And you are? I am Cobra.
Your name Cobra? Yes.
You know G.
Joe versus Cobra? I am Cobra.
Okay Cobra.
U look like you have an interesting story to tell.
Would you agree to an interview? You want to interview me? Yes, I'm-I'm writing a story about the struggles facing those currently living in the Sinai.
Perhaps I could ask you my questions, while you give me a ride back to where I last saw my unit.
I have a better idea.
Your family gives us half a a million dollars, or I cut off your head, live on the Internet.
Uh, you've bet on the wrong girl, dude.
I don't have any parents.
And the best I can give you is, like, $800 and a few Whole Foods coupons.
And let's be real.
There's no way you have access to the Internet out here.
We shall see.
Listen, we're just doing d everything we can to help locate our missing agent.
Yeah, no, we spoke with Senior Chief Wallace.
And I appreciate that, sir, but what we've been waiting for all day long is to talk to somebody who was in the actual operation.
Yeah, no, I understand the complexity of the situation, but I'm Te Yes, uh-huh.
No, I know we're on the same Yep, okay.
Listen, then just tell me if anything changes.
All right, thank you so much, sir.
No, thank you.
Okay, bye.
I think the Seals are stonewalling us.
I think they're in the midst of launching a rescue op.
Well, how do you rescue someone if you don't know where they are? And if they do know where they are, why aren't they telling us? Well, bogus Intel led them into an ambush.
If I were them, I wouldn't risk a security leak, even to inform us.
That's fair, I guess.
We found here Oh, God, is she okay? - I don't know.
- Where is she? Well, I'm not sure.
So, how can you say that you found her? Well, I didn't really, but Combat Search and Rescue picked up a very short broadcast, so at the very least, we know she's alive and on the run.
Let's do it.
- Did you locate her position? - Uh, not yet.
Was it positively her? 'Cause it could be another trap.
No, it is definitely her.
Erick this out.
Home School, this is Jigsaw.
Do you copy? Come in, Home School.
I missed last call.
Hoping to catch a bus in Oklahoma.
Jigsaw out.
I mean, that sounds like her.
Oh, it's definitely her it matches her voice print.
Okay, she said she was making her way to a rally point.
Where's Oklahoma? Yes, that is right over here.
So, I've been reviewing recent sat images, but there is no sign of her.
Okay, that is rugged terrain, which means she may not have made it there yet.
Especially if she's injured or trying to avoid detection.
Sam and Callen have this information? Eric's calling them now with Hetty.
She could also be in hiding.
Either way Sam and Callen will find her.
Be lucky to find anyone's DNA after that air strike.
She wouldn't have been part of the initial assault.
She would have waited nearby.
Swoop in and secure any and all vital Intel.
So she would have been safe in the building explosion but still had cover from the ambush shooters.
Maybe she got cut off from the helicopters.
Or she was too injured to get to them.
Well, if she escaped, which direction would she have gone? Go for Callen.
When? Fatima made a radio call.
Copy that.
Eric, let me know if she makes another transmission.
CSAR picked up a brief transmission from Fatima about eight hours ago requesting a pickup at rally point Oklahoma.
Oklahoma's about 11 miles from here.
Sabatino, can your pilots put us down there? Well, that shouldn't be a problem.
It used to be an emergency landing site for helos.
The key word being an emergency landing site.
That area is full of hostiles.
All the more reason for us to go in and get her.
So, what, you two guys just lay awake at night, dreaming up ways to get me killed? Well, everyone needs a hobby.
Join a book club.
Nobody wants to live forever, Sabatino.
Besides, if things go bad, you get a gold star.
That's more than we get.
Is that supposed to be funny? 'Cause it's not.
No, no.
In fact, it's just wrong.
Bordering on disrespectful.
You guys aren't even paying for this.
Well, CIA's got a lot more money than NCIS.
We're not a charity.
What, no tripod? What is this, amateur hour? I hope you're as defiant when we slit your throat.
I thought you were gonna cut off my head.
Make up your mind.
Stop talking.
I'm not gonna stop talking.
You guys don't know what you're doing.
You want money? Fine.
Take me back to my unit.
I'll make sure you receive a reward.
Yeah, you're all real tough when I got my hands tied behind my Fatima is strong, and she is smart.
She's already sent word saying she's going to a rally point, and Callen and Sam are actively looking for her, so Oh, God.
Why do I feel as if I have a knife in my gut? Hetty, look, we're all worried about her.
You and I know about that anyone else she was going through, right? There's nothing else for DEEKS and I to do here in Los Angeles.
We can be on a flight within an hour, and we can be on the ground with Callen and Sam by tomorrow night.
No, no, that's not a good idea.
- Why is that not a good idea? - Well, you've heard of not keeping all your eggs in one basket? You know, the same is true for agents upon occasion.
Hetty, we have to prioritize.
There's nothing else for us to do here, and Callen and Sam need our help.
We can't just sit here idly and do no How bad is it, Miss Jones? It's, uh, it's real bad.
Um, this was uploaded to the Internet 15 minutes ago.
We will return this American spy to safety for half a million U.
You have 24 hours to prevent her execution.
Well They've asked for ransom.
That'll buy us some time.
The problem is we have no idea where Fatima is.
Jigsaw, this is Hollywood & Highland.
Do you copy? Jigsaw, come in.
Jigsaw, this is Hollywood & Highland.
Do you copy? Jigsaw, come in.
I don't see any sign that Fatima or anybody else has been here.
She could still be making her way.
Well, time to go, boys.
Well, what if she doesn't show? We already got company.
I think we can handle two guys and a couple camels.
Oh, yeah? You ever fight a camel? They're tougher than they look.
But it's not those guys we have to worry about.
It's the guys they probably told we're here.
Couple of dozen heavily armed jihadis could come screaming over that ridge with rocket launchers any minute now.
The only thing I hate worse than camels are rocket launchers.
We already lost Agent Namazi once.
We're not letting that happen again.
We're gonna hunker down here for 24 hours.
You can pull us both out if she doesn't show tomorrow.
Wow, you guys are awesome.
Truly inspirational.
But, and as much as I'd like to stick around with you, I'm trying to cut back on carbs and suicide missions.
You know, the Lord hates a coward, Sabatino.
Come on, you're better than that.
What are you doing? I'm ordering you two a pizza before I go.
Don't want you dying on an empty stomach.
This is Sandstorm.
Oh, hey.
How you doing? I'm in Oklahoma and need to know if I'm gonna need an umbrella anytime soon.
Yeah, we saw some clouds to the northwest.
Go for Callen.
Copy that.
- Sandstorm out.
- Wait.
- You guys a drone out here? - Yeah.
- It's confirmed? - Yeah, but it's about 30 klicks to the northeast.
They're tracking suspects from the ambush, so we can't count on them for any help.
If you stay, you're on your own.
We're not staying.
Fatima isn't coming.
She was captured.
Our country doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
But that doesn't mean her family can't.
You want her family to pay the ransom? I want Agent Namazi back, any means possible.
Well, the longer we negotiate, the more time Callen and Sam have to find her.
We got to contact Fatima's family.
And hopefully, they haven't seen this yet.
Well, they can tape a statement.
Eric can put it on known jihadi websites.
I mean, if we open a dialogue with them, we might even find out where she's being held.
Do it, but do it quickly.
I'll pay the damn ransom if I have to.
- Right.
- On it.
You have 24 hours to prevent her execution.
Must have grabbed her before she got to the rally point.
You have any idea who these guys are? I think the one on the right goes to my spinning class.
I have no idea who these jokers are.
But I might know someone who does.
- Who? - His name is Kadri Kashan Khan.
They call him Al-Ghajaru.
The Gypsy.
The guy's a smuggler.
He works with the Bedouins.
They're probably the ones who have her.
You know where we can find him? Not gonna want to talk to us, let alone help us.
You take us to him.
We can be very persuasive.
You guys, so macho sometimes.
It gives me the chills.
Did you talk to Fatima's parents? Nell's on it.
I thought it'd be less jarring coming from her.
- Okay.
So, what did she say? - Just that we need to talk to them - on behalf of their daughter.
- Oh, God.
- They must be worried sick.
- Yeah, well, she's gonna her best to keep them calm without going into all the details.
I just hope to God they don't open their computers before we have a chance to talk to them.
No kidding.
As much as I hate getting shot at, I prefer that over this part of the job.
What if it was us? What are talking about? at has been us.
We have both been in that exact same situation.
No, DEEKS, I'm saying what if this was our kid? Okay, that I can't imagine.
But you know what? I don't have to.
I don't have to imagine that 'cause it's never gonna happen.
What if our son or daughter wants to follow in our footsteps? That is not an option.
Listen, if they want to go to medical school and all go off and become doctors, that's fantastic.
Teachers, even better.
They want to open up a boutique dog grooming service, fantastic.
I'm all for that.
It's just going into law enforcement, that's not an option.
Well what if they want to serve their country? I think that's great.
I think they should serve their country.
But there's other ways to do that that's not doing what we do.
And we do what we do so they don't have to.
That's the whole point of parenthood.
Sweetie, you can't dictate what our kids want to do.
I'm not dictating.
There's no dictating here.
I'm literally just laying down some basic rules.
There's-there's no drugs, there's no porn, and there's no jobs where they're getting shot at.
That's hypocritical of you.
What?! I was never in porn.
No, but you were an exotic dancer.
That's gateway behavior.
I mean, one minute you're twerking, bare-chested, with a bow tie on - There was no twerking.
- and the next thing you know, you're, like, in the Valley shooting a parody of Toy Story.
Oh, don't do that to me.
I love that You just ruined it forever.
You know we're gonna bee terrible parents.
We're gonna be the worst parents.
I hope there's a guidebook.
Some sort of Cliff Notes.
But it doesn't matter.
You want to know why? 'Cause those kids are gonna have great hair and fantastic teeth, and that's what matters.
God, have you seen that? Will you kiss me? Is it too late to reconsider? That's him admitting alone.
You want to introduce us? That's never gonna happen.
The minute he makes us, he's gonna bolt.
Then don't let him make us.
We got him.
Where is he? I don't see him.
Maybe he ducked into a shop.
- Nothing? - No.
He didn't double bk.
Sabatino, you on him? Sabatino! Maybe his comms are out.
- Sabatino.
- Sabatino.
One of their agents was captured by Bedouin smugglers.
How the hell is that my problem? You're American? All right, I'm gonna get up now.
What the hell is going on here, Sabatino? Why didn't you tell us this guy was CIA? We like to keep that stuff secret.
We find that it helps us live longer.
These guys are your friends? Eh, I wouldn't go that far.
- Look, one of our agents - Was captured in a joint task force raid three days ago.
So what? Bedouin smugglers deal with human trafficking.
Buy her back.
It's not that simple.
The people who have her posted a video.
They want a ransom, or they're gonna kill her.
- We need your help finding her.
- No way.
- Why not? - I can't help you An American citizen, a federal agent, is gonna be assassinated unless we save her.
I spent two years building my cover here.
I help you, we save one person if we 're lucky.
My cover allows me to save hundreds of lives every month.
We won't blow your cover.
Come on.
You probably just did.
I expect more from you, Sabatino.
Listen, let us show you the hostage video.
Just point us in the right direction.
Talk to the local authorities.
Oh, come on.
You know that's not an option.
If something happens to her her blood is on your hands.
The evacuation zone in Rafa.
Two hours.
Don't follow we out.
Two hours.
It's a good thing.
Two hours.
Please don't hurt our daughter.
She's a good, kind woman, and we will do anything to get her back.
We will have the money you requested in a matter of hours.
Please contact us at this number or e-mail with instructions on how to get the money to you.
Thank you.
I know that was really hard.
Now what happens? So, one of our colleagues will upload that to several known jihadist websites, and hopefully, they will see it.
- What if they don't? - They will.
They want to get paid.
Listen, your daughter is very special to us.
She's part of this team, so I promise you we are gonna do everything we can to get her home safe and sound.
Thank you.
- Of course.
Of course.
- Yeah.
Well, this looks like the perfect place for an ambush.
- Relax.
- I am relaxed.
- Just stating facts.
- It's true.
He's very relaxed before an ambush.
What's this guy's story? Well, bright kid from Atlanta in a bad situation on his way to becoming another statistic.
Old-timer in the neighborhood took him to a recruiter, gave him a way out.
All those street smarts made him the perfect candidate to, uh, you know, work in the Wild West over here.
Now he smuggles contraband into Gaza using one of the 12 hundred tunnels that run along the border.
- 12 hundred? - Mm-hmm.
- Ah, stay cool, gents.
- We're cool.
Yeah, as long as they stay cool.
We're here to see Al-Ghajaru.
You saw the video? Yeah.
I know this guy.
His real name is Fayyaad Al-Radwan Bani Khalid, but he calls himself "Cobra.
" At least it's shorter.
He started as a jihadi with a group known as "ABM.
" Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis "Supporters of the Holy House.
" Yeah, we think Fayyaad fought with Al-Qaeda before ABM aligned itself with ISIS.
He deals with guns and drugs, but kidnapping a Westerner is a popular way to raise money.
Where do we find him? I'm trying to find these guys, but they move around a lot to avoid being captured or killed by a drone strike.
Have you ever dealt with him? Not directly, but I have dealt with his fighters.
Can you set up a meet? There's no reason to meet with me.
He'd suspect something.
What if we wanted to trade him something? Like stockpile of weapons? You got the stockpile of weapons? Don't look at me.
No, grabbing one of Cobra's men is not gonna guarantee we get to him, and Fatima's time is running out.
What if we brought him another hostage? - Someone he couldn't resist? - Like who? - Like me.
- He's not gonna trust you.
Yeah, but he trusts you.
You can say you picked me up while I was searching for the hostage he's currently holding.
You sure you want to do this, G? The only way one of us is gonna get to Fatima is as another hostage.
You know this could be very bad.
They don't care.
In fact, I'm pretty sure they're trying to suck me into some sort of suicide pact.
Fayyad is in the tunnel he uses for smuggling.
That's probably where he's keeping her.
You know where it is? Not exactly, but I know the area.
Can you get word to one of his soldiers? You sure you want to do this? I don't want to but we need to.
Make the call.
Hey, how are you guys holding up? Uh, hanging in there.
By a thread of delirium.
- Did Eric post the Namazi video? - Yup.
- And? - Well, nothing yet.
We're monitoring the phone number and e-mail we provided.
As soon as someone responds, we'll be on it.
How are Fatima's parents holding up? Well, better than I would be.
Did you talk to Callen and Sam? Yes.
They are working with Sabatino and another CIA officer to hopefully arrange a meeting with the kidnappers.
How do they plan on doing that? Uh, no specifics just yet, but they have a plan.
Let's hope they do.
Two of Fayyad's men are posted guard out front.
The entrance to the tunnels inside the tent.
We'll take care of the guards, and then we'll move in after you.
You ready? This goes sideways, get the hell out of here.
- You know that's not gonna happen.
- Yeah, but that sounds like a good contingency plan to me.
I'm just saying.
You know, should it go sideways.
Stop being a coward, Sabatino.
You don't know the future.
I mean You're getting some company.
What are you talking about? Al-Ghajaru.
I'm honored.
What have you brought me? I heard you're back in the hostage business.
He's one of the American soldiers st to locate her.
Do you know this man? They didn't send anyone to find me.
She's lying.
Of course they did.
How much? - 50%.
- Ten.
25 and the use of your tunnel.
Callen! You okay? Yeah.
How did you find me? It was a group effort.
- We all good here? - Almost.
Get her out of here! Sabatino, go with them.
Go! I got this.
I got this.
You shoot that thing down here with all those weapons and fuel, you'll blow this whole place up.
- That's the plan.
- Fair enough.
Where's Sam? He stayed back with Khan.
Stay with her.
Go! Go! Go! Run! Well I guess this means your cover's still intact.
Dead men tell no secrets.
Special Agent Fatima Namazi, CIA Officer Kadri Kashan Khan.
It's nice to meet you.
Thank you.
We owe you.
Yeah, well, what about me? Yeah.
We owe you one, too, Sabatino.
Damn right you do.
I think I owe all of you.
No, no, no, it's just, uh, good to get out of the office for a couple days.
Not so fast.
Might be nice to have someone type up the after-action reports on this one.
Don't push your luck, Sam.
Let's get you out of here.
Call your parents.
They're gonna want to hear from you.
Oh Mom, Dad.

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