NCIS Los Angeles s11e17 Episode Script

Watch Over Me

1 Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles The truth is if Anna doesn't want to be found, there's really nothing anybody can do.
ANNA: Hi, Callen.
How are you? - I've been looking for you.
- I know.
We just have to put our heads together.
We can work this out, Anna.
You know they're gonna find out.
It's just until I figure some things out.
The CIA, my criminal record.
I don't want to get anyone into trouble.
- CALLEN: What about me? - ANNA: Well, you maybe just a little bit.
An operation was launched into Sinai Peninsula to take down a high-value target.
It was a complete ambush.
An NCIS agent was embedded with them.
Somebody we know? Fatima hasn't been seen since the raid.
ERIC: Hetty wanted boots on the ground as soon as humanly possible.
We will return this American spy to safety for half a million U.
You have 24 hours to prevent her execution.
- You're getting some company.
- What are you talking about? - You okay? - Yeah.
- How did you find me? - It was a group effort.
Get her out of here.
I owe all of you.
This is DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton.
I think I like this Lance.
Yeah, he's a good dude.
Sometimes you got to get your ass kicked to know you still got some fight left in you.
I can't believe we're still out here searching for him.
He's a loose cannon, doesn't follow the playbook.
It makes his movements completely unpredictable.
I think I know someone like that.
(CHUCKLES) I know he's down there on that boat.
You don't know that.
You think that.
And you thinking you know where he is doesn't help us right now.
Special Agent in Charge Atkins.
He wants me to call in with an update on Rountree.
What are you gonna tell him? Should I tell him the truth? Even though we the two of us were supposed to be Special Agent Rountree's lifeline while he's undercover, we lost him.
Can't find him, don't even know if he's dead or alive.
Yeah, I probably wouldn't tell him that.
Look, I know Rountree's on that boat.
Sir, I've got some bad news.
We still don't have a location - on Special Agent Rount - Yes, sir.
Uh, as far as we know, Special Agent Rountree is still successfully undercover and (SIGHS) Screw this.
(CREAKING) Atkins is pissed about Rountree.
He blames us and wants Calvillo? Damn.
You're here early.
I just wanted to look into something - before everyone got here.
- Hmm.
Just something, huh? Yeah.
Hey, is Anna still in L.
? I don't know.
She went back to work with Joelle, so, uh who knows.
Well, would you like some help finding her? (CHUCKLES) No.
If she left, then she doesn't want to be found.
All righty.
Well, here I go, up to Ops.
Yes? Thank you for offering to help.
Don't mention it.
It's kind of what we do.
(THUMPING) One, two.
One, two, three.
One, two, three, four.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two, three.
Hey, guys, guys.
Whoa, hey.
How's it going? Um, do you think I could try? Yeah, just get some gloves out of the locker.
Oh, no, I-I meant, like, you know, wearing those things and-and counting for you? Hey, these are mitts.
I'm not counting, I'm calling punches.
Well, kind of sounds to me like you're counting, Agent Sutherland, and, uh, I am pretty good at numbers.
(CHUCKLES) Counting to four won't really be an issue.
Yeah, yeah, it's cool, it's cool.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks, Sutherland.
- Awesome.
- Catch you later.
Thank you.
Um All right.
(CHUCKLES) - They're like big mittens.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, that's why they're called mitts.
Here we go.
Ready? Ready? - You ready? - Yeah, I'm ready.
Let's do it.
- Okay.
Here we go.
- Okay.
Eric, call the punches, man.
No, no, no, no, no.
You punch, I just count them, like you were doing with Agent Sutherland.
Okay, all right, all right, all right.
Ready? - Yeah.
- One.
All right, one.
One, two.
One, two.
- One, two.
Oh! Hey.
Come on.
We got a case.
Rain check? (CHUCKLES) Hey.
Who knew I was so good at boxing, huh? Yeah, who would've thought? - It's like patty-cakes.
- No, it's not.
Like patty-cakes for adults.
Not even a little.
- Mm - (PHONE RINGS) - I'll see you up there.
- Yeah.
Aiden, what's up, son? Really? For how long? I don't know.
Let me figure something out and I'll call you back, all right? I got to see what's going on.
All right.
Okay, bye.
Hey, did you get your rounds in on the mitts? Yeah.
So, Aiden's in town.
Him and a couple of his buddies are having a little quick trip passing through.
That's great.
You gonna see him for dinner tonight? No, he has a quick turnaround - and has to head back to Annapolis.
- Wh - Is he free now? - Yeah.
So get out of here.
I'll cover for you.
- Eh, I'll just - Wha Are you kidding me? Go see your son.
Look, he's in town, you never get to see him, if he didn't want to hang out with you, he wouldn't have called you.
You sure? Yes.
Contrary to your deeply held beliefs, we can function here for a day without you.
Besides, Fatima's here today.
- Really? - Yeah.
Hetty has asked the director that she be assigned here on a permanent change of station.
Oh, that's great.
This is where she belongs.
I agree.
Go hang out with Aiden.
Hey, and, uh, tell him I said I'm proud of him, all right? (CHUCKLES) - Be safe.
- Yeah.
Sam has to take care of something today, so, uh, let's get started.
We're also down a Deeks.
LAPD called him in this morning.
Kensi's on her way in now.
Sounds good.
What do we got? Okay, so, last night, this woman, FBI Special Agent Mia Calvillo, was killed in Marina del Rey.
Now, she and her partner, Special Agent Randall Cejudo, are from the Seattle field office.
They were both providing backup to an undercover special agent.
Special Agent Devin Rountree is undercover as a bodyguard for Brendan Spitz.
NELL: Now, Spitz is suspected by the Department of Justice to be running a high-end business specializing in moving people into and out of the country who can't do so legally.
ERIC: Now, the FBI has not had a location on Spitz for a week.
They suspect either him or one of his associates is responsible for Agent Calvillo's murder.
NELL: Their theory is Spitz learned Agent Calvillo was investigating him and he had her killed.
And what about Rountree has his cover been blown? NELL: That we don't know.
Although he hasn't made his mandatory FBI check-ins for the past three days.
ERIC: Now, we pulled the case because of our interest in - Ryan Usman.
- FATIMA: Usman.
We suspected him for being a top recruiter for Al-Shabaab in L.
ERIC: Right.
Now, FBI intel shows us that Usman is a client of Spitz.
Now, they believe Spitz is moving people into and out of the country for Al-Shabaab.
The idea is we find Ryan Usman, he points us to Spitz.
Are we still in contact with Calvillo's partner? ERIC: We are.
Looks like Department of Justice is taking an active interest in this case.
DOJ Special Agent Lance Hamilton will be joining us.
All right, Nell, have Kensi and Lance go to the boatshed.
They can meet with Cejudo.
Fatima and I will head to the crime scene.
- Copy that.
- Also, make sure we coordinate all this today with the FBI.
Of course.
- Got it.
- Yup.
Nice ride.
It suits you.
Well, thank you.
Guy at the rental counter tried to put me in a Mini Cooper.
- We almost went to blows.
- (CHUCKLES) I'm not surprised.
It's good to see you.
- Good to see you, too.
- Hi.
I hear we're Deeks-less today.
- He at LAPD? - Yeah.
They were working some case that pointed at a drug dealer that he arrested in the past, so they called for him.
I'm sorry I missed him.
But thanks for helping out.
DOJ is all over this case, as you can imagine.
Of course.
Sorry, is that a teal yoga mat in your truck? Yes, it is, and I do it every day.
Seriously? That's awesome.
You know, I got to get back to it.
I run every day, and it's like, my t-bands, my soleus I do it for anger management.
- Oh, you're serious.
- Yes.
- (HORN HONKS) - Okay.
Well looks like Special Agent Cejudo is here.
Yes, he is.
Just spoke with the harbormaster.
This boat's been vacant for a while.
Owner did a renovation and then skipped off to Hawaii.
No one's seen him since.
Well, someone's been living here.
There's a bunch of empty water bottles, bags of fast food.
Yeah, I don't think you can consider what's in those bags food.
Says Miss Beverly Hills.
A lot of people like fast food.
I happen to like fast food.
I don't think it's a Beverly Hills kind of thing.
It's more of, like, a health kind of thing.
I mean, do you know the risks Yeah, well, I guess I'm just living in the danger zone.
Come here.
Two bullet holes in this jacket.
Calvillo must have shot at it.
Stand over there.
Yeah, it kind of looks like a man's shape right now.
At night, backlit.
It's pretty spot-on.
Then the shooter takes her out, - using that cabinet for cover.
- Mm-hmm.
Shell casings could have ejected over the side, into the water.
You know what this looks like? Agent Calvillo walked into a trap.
Yeah, I appreciate it.
Of course.
We're gonna find out who killed your partner.
I knew she wanted to check out that boat No.
You can't blame yourself.
She went out on that dock alone.
It was her own choice.
She was convinced Agent Rountree was on that boat.
How long had you been looking for him? He'd missed his last three days of check-ins.
That wasn't his M.
at all.
We got to find him.
What was his experience going long-term undercover? None.
This was his first assignment.
(SIGHS) Maybe if Calvillo and I would have asked our SAC to pull the plug on the operation when she Don't play that what-if game, man.
I've been there.
Turns your mind real dark real fast.
ERIC: All right, camera 209 is on the shooter's back as he exits the boat, but you can't see his face.
Then camera 106 has him in profile, but his hoodie blocks his face again.
So nothing at the exit of the docks or the parking lot.
Anything on foot or getting into a vehicle? I'm trying to access traffic cams across the street.
Hopefully they picked up something in the distance.
So if the shooter didn't go from the docks to the parking lot, then where did he go? I'm even checking harbor entrance cams.
No boats left at that time, so he didn't go out to sea.
Any luck finding Brendan Spitz? Well, I'm running Kaleidoscope, looking through his financials, FBI reports, but to be honest, there is not much info on this guy.
It's really no wonder the only option for the DOJ was to put Agent Rountree undercover with Spitz.
Rountree's out there somewhere.
He's scared, alone, his backup agent just got killed.
Eric, I'm so sorry.
Working this case must take you right back to your kidnapping in San Francisco.
Rountree's got it worse.
I knew if I just held on, you, Callen, Sam, the whole team would be there for me.
This guy has no idea if anyone's coming for him.
Well, unless our shooter swam out of here he had to come up on this dock so he could get to the street and the parking lot.
Surveillance videos didn't get anyone on the dock or in the water.
Maybe the south dock? Hey you all right? Yeah.
I mean I'm good.
That was a tough situation you were in, so if you want or if you need any time off, just let me know.
Thank you.
But being out here with the team, getting some fresh air, staying busy, I think that's best for me right now.
What if he jumped from boat to boat to avoid being seen by that camera? Yeah, maybe.
If he did that, then he could end up on the other dock.
Let's check it out.
CEJUDO: Yes, sir.
If NCIS locates Ryan Usman, we'll move on him immediately, - but, sir, you find Spitz - (PHONE VIBRATES) I'd like to be there to bring him in.
No location on Spitz yet.
Usman is still our best bet to find him.
NCIS Intel suspects that he may have flown to Paris, then back to L.
last week under false papers.
So if he was Spitz's client, they've had contact recently.
We find Usman, we apply leverage, get him to tell us where Brendan Spitz is.
- So anyone ride this bad boy? - (CHUCKLES) Uh, actually, my teammate Sam takes it out spearfishing some nights.
Middle of the ocean, at night, alone? Mm-hmm.
Definitely not my jam.
- (CHUCKLES) - Not mine either.
I'm more of a quad, good boots, elk hunting kind of guy myself.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Uh, I don't want to piss you off, but that sounds awful, too.
I don't get pissed off.
I do yoga.
He does yoga.
Hey, Kens.
Hey, Nell.
What's up? We just got a hit on two SUVs tied to a corporation - Ryan Usman has interests in.
- Where'd they go? They're in the West L.
They haven't landed anywhere yet.
All right, thanks.
Let's go, guys.
Check that out.
Old camera, even older boat.
- Yeah, but from that angle, - (MUSIC PLAYING IN DISTANCE) camera may have been able to pick up the shooter entering or exiting the external fence of the dock area.
- If it even works.
- MAN: Hey.
Hey, hey, man.
I'm all caught up on rent, maintenance fees Huh? Back off.
We don't work here.
We're with NCIS.
We, uh Wh-What's your name? Willy.
Willy what? It's just Willy.
Okay, Just Willy, uh, let me ask you, does your camera work? Yeah, of course it works, but who did you say you were? Federal agents.
Look, your camera may have picked up something that's relevant to one of our cases.
We're wondering if we can come inside, take a look at the footage from last night.
I don't know if I want you on my boat.
I mean, that doesn't sound like a good idea.
Why doesn't it sound like a good idea? I'm just not comfortable around the Man.
- No offense.
- Oh, well, - none taken.
- Okay, I'll tell you what, why don't you just could you e-mail us the footage? E-mail it? - Yeah.
- Why would I go through all this trouble to live off the grid and then set up an e-mail account with - The Man? - (CHUCKLES): Yeah.
- I get it.
- Yeah, you do get it.
All right, you know what? Come on, I'll show you the video.
- What the hell? - Great.
Uh, uh, just you.
- Just me? - Just her? Yeah, sorry, you look like you could kind of be a little too much like, uh - The Man? - Yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) - FATIMA: Well, I'm also not even a man, so there is that.
I always did have the good instincts.
Bet you do.
Good times, Willy.
Hey, watch your head.
So you said last night around 11:15 p.
? - Yeah.
- Okay Whoa.
Is this the kind of thing you're looking for? Yes.
That's it, Willy, that's perfect.
Will you just play it back one more time? All right, enhancing the image Zooming in on a license plate - Got it.
- Nice.
Running it through now.
Shooter knew exactly where to be to avoid the cameras, until now.
Yeah, he's also got some crazy jumping skills.
He made it from the dock up the embankment, onto the railing and over the gate.
I believe they call that "mad hops.
" Oh, yeah? Who does? The kids, yo.
- Oh.
Mm - (BEEP) Ooh, got it.
Uh, - Callen, Fatima? - FATIMA (OVER COMMS): What's up, Nell? So we've located the shooter's getaway vehicle.
It's a gray Toyota pickup, it's in San Pedro, and I've just sent the address to your GPS.
Got it.
There are the SUVs tied to Ryan Usman.
Does Ops have any evidence that Usman is in the house? Uh, no visual proof, but intel tells us that's where he lives.
There's no telling how much firepower is in there.
We got to get him outside to avoid a hostage or barricade situation.
And how do we do that? You got a plan? Of course I have a plan.
She's always got a plan.
Nell, we got eyes on the shooter's truck.
We're moving in.
Copy that.
The engine's cold.
Truck's been here a while.
FBI thinks Spitz has left L.
I'm not following you.
I'm just saying it's an odd place for the shooter to stop the truck.
If he works for Spitz, he'd be leaving the city as well, especially after he killed Calvillo.
And we're not near LAX or a train station.
Maybe Spitz didn't use his own guys to kill Calvillo.
The FBI could be wrong.
Spitz may not be behind this murder.
We need to find the guy who drove this truck here.
Well, we have houses on both sides of the alley.
Down the hill we've got, well, restaurants, bars, apartments.
He could be anywhere.
We need to get going.
SAM: So it's an ice cream shop on Flatbush? AIDEN: Nah, it's a shoe and clothing spot, but they sell ice cream.
It's Virgil, Carucci, Nigel Sylvester they all got flavors.
- I got to check it out.
- Yeah.
So you spent a lot of time in Brooklyn with Amanda, huh? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
I mean, she's pushing this clothing brand really hard.
Works a full-time job and then comes home at night and works on her own designs.
She's got that drive.
Yeah, she does.
Thinking about putting in for a station in New York after you graduate? Nah.
Was thinking of some place more like this.
So you're coming back to L.
? Nah, nah, nah.
Not L.
But, uh, but the beach.
You heard back already? (CHUCKLES) - You heard back? - Yeah.
- Pensacola? - Yeah.
(BOTH LAUGH) Yeah, Dad.
I got in.
Pre-flight school for six weeks, and after that, 22 weeks of flight school somewhere else.
Oh, man.
If I knew we were celebrating, I'd have treated you to a better lunch.
Ah, nah, no way.
They don't have In-N-Out in Annapolis, and you know this is always my first stop when I come home.
You know Callen is never gonna stop calling you Maverick, right? (LAUGHS) You tell Uncle Callen pre-flight school is about a million miles away from Top Gun.
Will do.
Your mom Your mom would be proud.
Thanks, Dad.
Hey! Hey! Your truck's on fire! Excuse me.
- Yo, what the hell is going on? - Uh, your - Your truck's on fire.
- Yo! The truck! We walked the alley.
No sign of forced entry on any of the exterior gates or in the garages.
ERIC: And I checked the alarm companies and police logs, - no reports of break-ins.
- Guys, we're coming up empty down the hill by the shops and restaurants.
There is no sign of him.
Got it.
All right, he was on the boat, he had bottles of water and fast food.
I thought we agreed that isn't food.
(CHUCKLES) Anyway, maybe the shooter wasn't hanging out waiting for Calvillo to show up so he could kill her.
Maybe he was just hunkered down, hiding out, and she showed up.
And then it ends in her getting shot? Exactly.
Then he comes here, wants to be left alone, so now he's holed up and hiding out again.
He'd want to find somewhere with privacy, like the boat last night.
Hey, Nell, any houses for sale off this alley? Uh yes.
There is one.
3244 Ninth Street.
Looks like it's on the north side of the alley.
And guys, the owners moved out two weeks ago.
It's vacant.
Well, that's got to be it.
(EXHALES) Hey, thanks for calling us.
You guys wouldn't have happened to see who did this, would you? Federal agents.
Turn around.
Hands up.
Get down! On your knees.
Your heard him.
(GROANS) Stay where you are.
(GUNSHOTS) - Moving.
- Got 'em.
What? I didn't see him.
He got the jump on me.
But I got him.
He was our connection to Spitz.
(SOFT CHUCKLE) I think the key takeaway is I'm not dead.
Nell, we're all clear.
Usman is dead.
Federal agents.
Front room clear.
Moving upstairs.
(CLATTERING) Federal agents! Callen, he's downstairs.
(GRUNTING) Stop! Federal agents.
Nell, track a tow truck headed south on Gaffey.
That's Agent Rountree.
Callen, you were right.
Facial rec just verified the guy you were chasing was, in fact, Special Agent Devin Rountree.
We've been tracking that tow truck.
I'm afraid we have some bad news.
So, Somewhere between Angels Gate Park and Point Fermin, he must have jumped off the truck and made a run for it.
There's no sign of him anywhere.
Nell, get the Overwatch program up and running.
I was able to tag him.
You were? Nice work.
ERIC: Guys, Overwatch program is loading.
If Agent Rountree killed Calvillo, he had to have a motive.
Are there any red flags on his record? NELL: Nothing yet.
I mean, his paychecks go in, he pays his bills, saves the rest.
No sign of anything out of the ordinary.
No drug use, no gambling, but I'll keep looking.
It just doesn't add up.
Rountree was undercover as Spitz's bodyguard, and yet he hides out in a boat in the Marina and stops communicating with the FBI? And then Calvillo finds him and he kills her.
Or he laid a trap, lured her in.
Either way, he doesn't trust the FBI or us.
But Rountree had a gun and he never shot at us.
He just ran.
All I care about is Brendan Spitz.
If you talk to me, I'll tell the D.
that you cooperated.
Are you insane? Asking me about Spitz? Where is he? I can't believe Spitz had you kill Usman, after everything we did for you.
What are you talking about? Why you playing games, lady? Usman took care of Spitz, and he still sends his dirty cops after us anyway.
You think that I'm working for Spitz? You telling me you not bought and paid for? Does he know where Spitz is? The Overwatch program's online, but it hasn't pinged Rountree yet.
Got it.
Hey, check this out.
So, Rountree has a sister who's a freshman at UCLA.
If Spitz learned that Rountree was an undercover agent, he might threaten Rountree's sister.
Okay, I'm gonna contact the FBI, have them send a couple agents to UCLA just to make sure she's all right.
(BEEP) Overwatch has a connection.
I've got Rountree.
Is he moving? Um No.
(CLEARS THROAT) Callen, Fatima, we have located Agent Rountree.
It's a supermarket in Inglewood.
It's been closed about a month.
The location is in your GPS.
All right, copy that.
Guys, I just got a secure text from Kensi's phone.
It says "Spitz hired dirty cops.
Maybe Cejudo?" Is she with Cejudo now? Yes, and I've alerted them.
They're all on their way to the supermarket now.
All right, look into Calvillo and Cejudo's financials and background.
Yep, will do.
If Spitz has cops on his payroll, one of them could have given up Rountree's cover.
Well, if Calvillo's dirty, she could have gone to that boat last night to kill Rountree.
It would explain why Rountree ran from us.
So, he's got dirty cops after him.
He doesn't know who to trust.
Could have thought that we were after him to kill him.
Hey, guys, why don't you have Hetty call the SAC at the FBI Field Office, let him know our theory.
And tell Kens as soon as she can peel away from Cejudo, give us a call.
ERIC: Copy that.
Hey, guys, I'm here alone.
Lance helped me out and took Cejudo to check the perimeter - of the supermarket.
- You think Cejudo's dirty? I don't know.
I mean, he was alone when he shot and killed Usman.
Usman was our connection to Spitz.
If Cejudo was working for Spitz, he couldn't risk Usman talking.
Yeah, I'm gonna need more proof before I classify Cejudo as a dirty cop.
Hey, Kensi, we're all good on the perimeter.
Copy that.
Where's your team at? They're about two minutes out.
I'm gonna go in the supermarket.
Uh, no, actually, Callen told us to wait here.
We'll go in all together.
As far as I know, I don't take orders from Callen.
LANCE: Look, Cejudo just The shooter that killed my partner could be in there.
- Sorry.
- Cejudo.
Guys, Cejudo's heading into the supermarket.
CALLEN: Yeah, got it.
We're pulling up to the loading dock now.
So, Overwatch shows Rountree's still inside the supermarket.
I've got offshore accounts linked to both Agent Cejudo and Calvillo.
Both balances are high six-figures.
It would take them a long time to save that amount - on their salaries.
- Yeah.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, guys, we are showing well-funded offshore accounts for both Agent Calvillo and Cejudo.
It looks like they were both opened on the same day six months ago.
Copy that, Nell.
Cejudo entered the rear door.
That son of a bitch used us to get to Rountree so he could kill him.
Nice of you to join us.
Someone had to make sure you get out of this alive.
Cejudo's gonna risk everything to kill Rountree.
He knows his days as an FBI agent are numbered.
He's got nothing to lose.
He'll take us out the first chance he gets.
Devin Rountree's scared.
He may think we're here to kill him.
Be alert when you approach him.
You two take the west door, we're going in this way.
KENSI: On it.
(GUNSHOTS) Passing aisle ten.
Gunshots sound like they came from - the freezer section.
- Copy that.
(GUNSHOTS) CALLEN: Agent Rountree! Federal agents are on property.
We are here to get you out safely.
(GUNSHOTS) Checking out the stock room.
Devin, we're NCIS.
Lower your weapon.
How do I how do I know I can trust you? CEJUDO: You can't trust them they're here to kill you, Devin.
We know about Calvillo and Cejudo.
From the money they took from Spitz.
We can bring you back safely.
Devin, we've got long guns on you.
If we wanted to kill you you'd be dead already.
CALLEN: You're wounded.
Let us get you out of here.
Come on, buddy, put it down.
Come on.
We've got four shooters, plus Rountree.
You three, take the east.
You, on me.
Cover me.
Cejudo! LANCE: Don't even think about it.
SAM: Don't you move.
(PANTING) Nell, we're clear.
Need an ambulance for Special Agent Devin Rountree.
NELL: Copy that, Kens.
You're good.
(SIGHS) Give me a second, guys.
Sir, you have an open gunshot wound that Look, I'm just asking for a few minutes to talk to my new friends here.
It's your arm.
So, we're your friends now, huh? (SIGHS) That may have been pushing it, on account of me being in shock, 'cause of this gunshot wound that my new friends were unable to prevent.
(LAUGHS) You know what we did prevent? The second shot that would have split your skull.
That's fair.
Yo, thank you, guys.
For real.
I had no idea who I could trust.
Here are the photos and documents that incriminate Agents Cejudo, Calvillo and Brendan Spitz.
Cejudo and Calvillo sold you out.
That was nice work moving and staying underground.
Yeah, I mean, I felt the tide turning, knew I had to bail.
Got a little sister at UCLA, so I sent her on a early spring break, ran with that evidence.
I just didn't know who to turn it into.
Well, you did good, Devin.
Well, and I don't know how I can thank you guys but - We like beer.
- Yeah, yeah.
Well, not just any beer.
- No.
- You guys want me to buy you beer? - Yeah.
- You know, the kind of beer you would buy someone to commemorate an important event.
Very important event, kind of like, you know, saving someone's life.
SAM: Yeah, like, a very good beer.
Like that Beverly Hills Hotel-type of beer.
- EMTs! Yo! - That's the one Ready to roll.
Man with a gunshot wound here.
(LAUGHING) I cannot believe what Agent Rountree went through today.
Tell me about it on his own, on the run, danger around every corner.
Man, you'd have to be pretty special person to make it through a day like that, huh? Yeah.
- You hungry? - I am starving.
Wait, don't you have plans with your sister tonight? No.
Syd has physical therapy.
She kind of messed up her knee up in dance class this week.
(CHUCKLES) Not that it's cool that she's injured.
It's just cool that we get to hang out.
- I knew what you meant.
- Yeah.
And, it is cool.
So, where shall we dine? Hmm, you choose the cuisine, I'll choose the spot.
- Mm! - Go.
Okay ramen.
Um, uh, ooh.
- Shin Sen Gumi in Little Tokyo.
- (PHONE DINGS) Ooh, Eric, such an advanced selection.
I'm so impressed.
What's up? Is everything okay? Uh, yeah, I just got a text message.
Well, I can see that.
Um, no, sorry.
You know my friend Max who lives up in San Francisco? Mm-hmm, yeah.
You know how he's starting a company with his two friends? They just got fully funded by a VC, and they want me to be their fourth partner.
That's great.
Right? Wait, is it? Ugh.
- Okay.
- Hmm? - You know what I think? - Yeah.
I think big news like this ought to be discussed over big bowls of ramen.
You know, I think all business decisions - were made over big bowls of ramen.
- See? In fact, I heard that Jobs and Woz - Oh.
- created Apple over ramen.
Well, I think you heard wrong on that one, bud.
Are you sure? It was in Cupertino.
- Okay.
I'm gonna fact check you.
- (LAUGHS) When I woke up today, I would have never guessed that the day would end with a gunfight - in Inglewood.
- Well, being on this team is a rocket ride.
- Really is.
You did good, Fatima.
Are you flying back tonight? Nah, I'm gonna stay overnight.
I got a room in Malibu.
What? That is so bougie of you.
You joke, but an expenditure like that is quite out of character for me.
The hotel room? Well, that and there's a world-class Muay Thai coach up there, and I got a private with him for tomorrow morning and it ain't cheap.
Oh, well, I think that that is good way to spend your money.
And you definitely need the training, because I am so sick of protecting your ass in the field, my friend.
Uh, yeah.
Hey, guys, how's Devin? GSW in the triceps, through and through.
He'll be released later tonight.
Oh, well, maybe we, uh, stop by and pick him up.
That is a great idea.
Well, if we're gonna do that, we got a couple hours to kill.
Look, guys, I know I'm not a part of the team, so I probably don't get a vote in this, but, uh, I live in a land-locked state and I would love to go have some food with you guys at the beach.
I think we can make that happen.
Long as dinner's on you.
- Yeah, right.
- (LAUGHS) Closing the trunk.
SAM: Come on, don't be cheap, Lance.
LANCE: There's no way I'm paying for those guys.
For you two, though, dinner's on me.
SAM: I heard that, Lance.
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