NCIS Los Angeles s12e03 Episode Script

Angry Karen

1 Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles" Hetty, oh, my God, where are you? Nowhere I want to be.
I need a favor.
Hetty, I-I don't work here anymore.
But the team needs someone to run point.
I've got to go.
I'll check in when I can.
Good luck.
Oh, my God, Hetty.
No, no, no.
Wait! - (PHONE RINGING) - (SIGHS) Where is Eric? Uh, he's officially on vacation.
- What's up, guys? - Hey.
FBI Agent Rountree.
Working with NCIS now.
SAM: You sure this is the right place? Uh, yeah, that was the address in the e-mail.
(SIGHS) And Hetty vetted this guy? I've been trying to get some more information out of her, but you know, communications with Hetty have been even more sporadic and, let's say, cryptic than normal.
I wonder why.
Well, clearly, she's involved in something crucial.
Oh, and we're not? No, of course we are.
I'm just saying that whatever she's doing right now is of priority.
And it conveniently forces you into assuming a role you didn't want.
Yeah, I know, but she was in a jam, and it's just till she gets back.
You're sure about that? I mean, think about it.
Hetty invites you to meet her, then ghosts you before you get here.
I mean, it's not like this is the first time Hetty has disappeared for an extended period of time.
It's the first time she's done it after leaving you in charge.
Well, she was desperate.
When have you known Hetty not to have an ulterior motive or two? Or six.
The longer she's away, the longer you run the show, and the more confidence and experience you get.
So, you think she's trying to get me to submit for her job when she finally decides to leave NCIS? Showtime.
Any idea what this guy wants? Uh, not specifically.
According to Hetty, he has information vital to national security.
Why didn't he just put it in an e-mail like everybody else? (ENGINE REVVING, TIRES SQUEALING) Sam? Sam, what's happening? (PANTING) Son of a bitch tried to run me over.
My God, are you okay? No.
I'm pissed.
- (GROANS SOFTLY) - Call 911.
He's gonna need an ambulance or a coroner if he tries anything else stupid.
(QUIETLY): Oh, great.
- Everything okay? - Yeah, no.
Things are good.
Things are really good.
That's not your "all good" voice.
What's going on? I'm starting to question my choice in deep-sea predators, you know? Maybe the gold shark was too flashy.
Maybe we should have gone with, like, a bronze barracuda.
Looks like the evil lair of a Russian oligarch.
What's this? Oh, that? That's nothing.
That's just a little police reform.
LAPD is undergoing a public safety review to avoid defunding, and part of that is the cancellation of all partnerships.
I'm being recalled, like a Ford Pinto.
- When? - Already happened.
See ya.
Deeks, this says temporarily.
Hetty can pull some strings.
Nobody even knows where Hetty is.
There's nothing she can't fix with a phone call, right? And plus, I could kind of use a new partner for a day.
No offense, buddy, but your musical tastes are killing me.
I think it's actually required by law that you have to sing along with Journey.
This isn't really bothering you, is it? Oh, come on, babe.
Worst-case scenario - Okay.
- you quit the force.
- You attend FLETC.
- Right.
And you become a full-time NCIS agent.
Then they can transfer me any place in the world.
Could end up in Mogadishu or-or-or Barstow or Iowa.
Do you actually think Hetty would let that happen? - Yeah, nobody wants to go - And look, maybe this is a good thing.
Right? Maybe it's time that you become one of us.
(PHONE RINGING) Assuming, of course, you can pass the training.
- The seven push-ups and - (CLEARS THROAT) Hi, Fatima.
- Tell her I said hi.
- What? Did you tell her I said hi? Is he okay? Yeah, of course.
I'll be right there.
What happened? Somebody tried to run down Sam last night.
What? Who? I don't know, but I'm sure as heck gonna find out.
- I'm coming with you.
- No.
You are gonna stay here, okay? This, too, shall pass, and plus, when I, uh, get back, I want this place sparkling.
Hey, do me a favor? Yeah.
Be careful.
- Always.
- And keep me posted! - Yup.
- You can send me a text or a TikTok.
FATIMA: The driver's name is Donald Harris, 36, single, no priors.
He's a CPA who works for an accounting firm in Westwood.
Who supposedly has information vital to our national security? According to Hetty, he left a message on our tip line.
Does his firm handle military contracts? Nope.
And from what I can find, they're a modest operation dealing mostly with small businesses and personal taxes.
Well, I suppose it could be a front for something bigger.
See if you can get a list of their clientele.
Will do.
If this guy wanted to meet with us, why would he try and run down Sam? Maybe he got spooked.
So why not just drive away? It's a good point.
You think it was a setup? Possibly.
What's this guy's beef with us? Difficult to say at this point, but we have all accumulated a list of enemies.
Well, I guess I have that to look forward to.
One of the many perks of this job.
Well, hopefully, this guy'll pull through.
He can tell us just what the hell he was up to.
ROUNTREE: Unfortunately, he's still in the ER.
He was still in critical condition last time I checked.
They need to get him into surgery, but he's not stable enough to move yet.
Got pretty banged up for not wearing that seat belt.
NELL: Who doesn't wear a seat belt these days? Maybe he wanted to hurt himself.
Yeah, well, he could have done that without trying to kill Sam.
So, has anyone shown up for him? Just me.
Does he have any next of kin? Mm, Fatima's still trying to track 'em down.
All right, copy that.
Well, I'll let you know if he pulls through, if anybody shows up for him.
(SIREN CHIRPS) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) You sure you're all right? Nothing a couple of beers and a good night's sleep won't cure.
You ever seen the driver before? No.
His name is Donald Harris, but I've never heard of him.
Airbag didn't deploy.
Could have been a malfunction, or he disabled it on purpose.
What do you make of the seat belt? It's still buckled.
It was cut, but they left just enough intact so that you wouldn't notice.
Till you needed it to prevent you from flying through the windshield.
Maybe you weren't the target, and he was.
Still doesn't explain why he tried to run me down.
Unless somebody wanted both of you dead.
ROUNTREE: Donald Harris is out of surgery.
- (ELEVATOR DINGS) - They were able to stop the bleeding, and they think he's gonna pull through.
NELL: Well, that's great.
I needed some good news.
Yeah, I don't I don't know how good it actually is.
Well, if he survives, he can tell us what's going on here.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, he suffered a traumatic brain injury, and they don't know if he's gonna pull through.
And even if he does, the damage may have been so severe that he won't be able to communicate with us.
One step forward, two steps back.
What do you want me to do? Uh, sit tight.
I'm gonna contact the others.
We might not even need Harris if we have some new leads to follow.
Copy that.
I'll stick around just in case he does regain consciousness.
Sounds good.
Thanks, Rountree.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, Kens, how's it going? Well, no joy here.
Donald Harris's boss lawyered up as soon as I identified myself.
That's kind of odd.
Did he seem like he was hiding something? I don't know.
He was wound up pretty tight, even for an accountant.
(LAUGHS) You want me to try for a subpoena or a search warrant? No.
Hopefully, we won't need one.
His attorney's meeting me at the boatshed to answer a few questions, so Well, I guess that's better than nothing.
I just hope it's not a complete time suck.
Oh, hey, I heard about Deeks.
Are you sure you don't want to partner up with someone today? You know what? No.
I'll grab somebody if I need it.
I'm actually, uh, enjoying the peace and quiet.
Especially the quiet, but don't tell Deeks I said that, 'cause you know Deeks.
Ah, your secrets are safe with me.
You know, I'm thinking we should have someone sit on Harris's boss, just in case he's using this whole lawyer thing as a distraction while he tries to make a run for it.
Yup, that's a good idea.
What Would Hetty Do? You got it.
So how is the rest of the team making out? Well, Callen believes that the safety equipment in Harris's vehicle shows signs of tampering, though we have no way of knowing who may have done that or why.
It turns out that Harris has a roommate, one Emma Jones No relation to a moi But she coincidently called 911 this morning.
- Why did she do that? - Well, it turns out someone broke into the home she shares with Harris, turned the place upside down looking for something.
Sam's on his way to talk to her now, and Rountree's still at the hospital waiting for Harris to regain consciousness, though that may not happen due to the severity of his injuries.
All right, I'll let you know how I do with Harris's boss.
Roger that.
) (LINE RINGS) (PHONE RINGS) What's up, Rountree? You alone? Yeah, why? Anything going on there? Any new leads I can run down or something? You bored? Yeah, I've been stuck in a hospital for hours waiting on a guy who may never come out of a coma.
Don't say that.
No, no, I hope he wakes up.
It's just, I feel like I could be doing something a little more useful than babysitting.
(EXHALES) You want to switch? I've been stuck in Ops all day.
Well, at least you got access to free coffee and snacks.
So are you hungry or just bored? Both.
I'll let you know if we find anything.
Please do.
I'm dying.
) Hope they got a good body man.
So you think they sabotaged his car? It looks that way.
So, uh what can I do to help? I just need you to scrub through the computers GPS to see where it's been, Bluetooth to get a record of phone calls, the whole package.
You know how to do that, right? Uh yeah.
In theory.
It's more of an Eric thing, but I can probably figure it out.
It's good for agents to know how to do all this stuff, right? Would you like me to show you? Could you? I-If you have time.
All right, look, most cars have several on board computers that share dozens of gigabytes of information every hour.
Everything from engine diagnostics to your favorite radio station.
- All of which is recorded.
- Yep.
Including where you been, who you called and even what your cameras saw.
That's a little scary.
Uh, you want scary? You plug your smartphone in, it starts to download information.
Contacts, uh, names, numbers, e-mails, even photos.
EMMA: I went out to run some errands and when I got home, the house had been turned upside down.
The police said it was probably someone looking for drugs or money or things to steal for money to buy drugs, I Yeah, well that's possible.
I don't know if I can ever go back in there.
I do not normally drink at whatever the hell time of day it is.
It's just this and now Donnie's in this bad accident and I (EXHALES) Donnie's in good hands.
And I understand This type of violation of your personal space can be unsettling.
You feel vulnerable.
It can be overwhelming.
You have somewhere else you can go for a few days? Yeah, I'm going to my sister's.
She's swinging by to get me after work.
- Good, good.
- Yeah.
Do you know anyone who would want to hurt Donnie? No.
Donnie doesn't have any enemies.
I mean, except for the other teams at our trivia night.
Uh, no, no, he's almost too nice.
You know, he's really quiet, but thoughtful.
Are you two romantically involved? Oh, no, I love him, but he's not my type.
Which is why we make such good roommates.
Does he ever talk about work? No.
He ever mention anything that he thought could be a threat to national security? (LAUGHS) (STAMMERS) No, no! But that-that does sound like Donnie.
He could be a bit of a drama queen at times.
How so? Not, like, in a bad way.
More in a funny way.
H-He's just very "by the book.
" That's probably why he's such a good accountant.
He-he likes to follow the rules.
And he can get spicy when people don't.
He ever mention any of his clients? Never.
That would be a violation of his rules.
(PHONE RINGING) - Excuse me.
- Oh, please, yeah.
SAM: What's up, Nell? Hey, Sam, you got a sitrep for me? (CHUCKLES) A sitrep? Yeah, you know, as in a situation report How we doing with the roommate? Does she know why Donald Harris wanted to speak with us? Or why someone tore their place apart? Nell, I know what a sitrep is.
Uh-huh, I see what happened here, um Yeah, so I shouldn't have called you.
Right? Of course, yes.
Why would I call you unless I have some new information for you? Because you'll call me when you've got some new information for me.
That's normally how it works.
Yeah, no.
I-I-I know that.
And I think I'm just kind of feeling, you know, a little overly anxious here.
I'm trying to be on top of everything and be there for you guys.
But Hetty has this way of making everything look so easy, like she's not even trying and - Nell - Here I am trying and the more I try, the more awkward it looks.
And feels.
- Nell! - Yeah? You're doing a great job.
No, I'm not, but thank you for saying that.
Have I ever lied to you? No.
Then you have to believe me when I say these words.
You're doing a great job.
Okay? Thanks, Sam.
The roommate says Donald Harris can be overly dramatic, so when he says he's concerned about a threat to national security, it could be an exaggeration.
Well, there was nothing exaggerated about the way he tried to mow you down.
Same with whoever tossed this place.
Let me give it one more pass.
Make sure I didn't miss anything if I did, I'll call you with a sitrep.
See, now you don't have to go making fun.
I was just trying to keep it official.
Goodbye, Acting Operations Manager Jones.
Goodbye, Special Agent Sam Hanna.
Found this hidden in Donald's bedroom.
This is a very sophisticated piece of surveillance equipment.
Wait, someone was watching him? Watching and listening.
You have anyone in the house recently? A housekeeper, service people, - repair man? - No.
Uh nobody.
You know if this frame had a picture in it by chance? Oh, yeah, that was Donnie and his friend Keilani at last year's Goblin Gala.
It's a cosplay event.
(LAUGHS) Right.
Uh, you have a last name on Keilani? Kim.
She's an accountant, too.
They went to school together.
Are they a couple? No, no.
But I know Donnie wishes they were.
She's hot.
You have a phone number or an address? Um I'm not sure.
I should have.
I haven't seen her in a while because she moved to Oxnard a couple years ago for work.
Donnie was pretty bummed.
You know where she works? Yeah, Point Mugu.
NBVC? Hmm? Naval Base Ventura County? Oh, yeah! But she's not, like, on a ship or anything.
Like I said, she's an accountant.
Harris is a model employee that has worked for my client's firm for over 12 years.
Does Mr.
Harris have any enemies in the workplace? (CHUCKLES) My client does not operate a hostile work environment.
So no.
Did Mr.
Harris have any problems with any of the accounts that he was responsible for? All those served at my client's firm are extremely satisfied with the service they've received.
And when they're not? It's never happened.
Well, that's fortunate.
Miss Bile It's Special Agent Blye.
As I was attempting to say before your interruption, whatever misunderstanding you may have had with Mr.
Harris, I can assure you it has nothing to do with his dealings at my client's firm.
(PHONE RINGING) Excuse me while I take this.
Just hang tight.
Hey, Nell, what's up? Hey, Kens, how's it going? Well, have you seen A Few Good Men? 'Cause it's the exact opposite of that actually.
It's more like an episode of Judge Judy mixed with a mattress commercial.
Any word on Harris's condition? Well, he made it out of surgery, but he may have suffered permanent brain damage.
- That's not good.
- No, it's definitely not good.
But get this Sam found evidence that someone had Harris under surveillance.
And that Harris had a close friend named Keilani Kim who works as an accountant for the Navy at Point Mugu.
- Huh, the plot thickens.
- And it just keeps getting thicker, so I tried to contact her.
Turns out, she hasn't shown up for work in several days.
Her superior is on his way here now to speak with us.
But I'm thinking maybe you could circle back here, pick up Fatima, go check out Keilani's place and try to locate her.
Oh, gosh, hold on a second.
Hey, hey, hey, where do you think you're going? Oh, we're done here, Agent Bile.
It is Agent Blye, you condescending little Unbe-freaking-lievable.
Well? (EXHALES) Everything we were hoping to access has been wiped GPS, contacts, phone records, even the engine diagnostics.
In fact, there is no data prior to the crash.
- You're kidding me.
- Nope.
And here's the kicker: Someone hacked into the car's computer.
It was all done remotely.
What do you think they're trying to hide from us? Not sure.
Maybe somebody wiped it as an afterthought, just to be safe.
I-I don't think I follow.
There's a good chance that whoever did this also planted the hidden surveillance cameras that, uh, Sam found at Harris's house.
That's a reasonable assumption.
So if Harris was being watched, they probably knew he was meeting with Sam.
Okay Look, if someone had remote access to the vehicle's on board computers, they theoretically could control every system in the car.
They could have been the ones who tried to run Sam down.
After tampering with the airbag and the seat belts, in the hopes of killing both of them.
Get Rountree back in here.
- I'll update Nell and the others.
- Okay.
(PHONE RINGS) (GRUNTS) Please tell me you have something else for me to do.
FATIMA: You're in luck.
Harris's car was hacked, and a friend of his who works for the Navy is missing.
We're headed to Oxnard to check her place out, see if we can find her.
Oxnard? Hey, you said you wanted something else to do.
Yeah, but I wasn't planning on leaving the state.
Oh, please.
You can meet us there in under an hour.
Send me the address and I'll be Wait.
Hold on.
Hold on, Fatima.
Excuse me.
What are you doing? - We're moving him.
- Where? Third floor.
Why? They don't tell me why.
They just tell me where.
Let me see some I.
And who are you? I'm a federal agent, big dog.
Just a sec.
It's on my cart.
He's a computer engineer who works for a company called Cryton Avionics.
What's his connection to Donald Harris? - You tell me.
- Eh, he's not talking.
Does Donald Harris's accounting firm work with Cryton Avionics? - Nope.
- You sure? Not unless their lawyer's lying to us.
Sam's heading to Cryton Avionics now, so we'll see what they have to say.
But, in the meantime, I'm sending someone to pick up your new little friend.
All right.
Still want me to go to Oxnard? Actually, Kensi and Fatima are heading there now.
I really need you to stick with Harris.
It's clear that somebody wants this guy dead.
I'll see if I can get him moved to another room under an alias.
That's a great idea.
And, hey, if you see anything suspicious, anything at all, let me know, okay? You know it.
(INHALES) You comfortable? Can I get you anything? Something to drink, maybe a light snack? Lawyer.
(LAUGHS) Oh, you're gonna get plenty of time to talk to your lawyer, the judge, federal prosecutor, the boys on the prison yard, your new cellmate, maybe even a lonely pen pal.
Commander, sorry I'm late.
(EXHALES) Not at all.
Just rolled in myself.
- Thanks, Castor.
- No problem.
So, tell me about Keilani Kim.
Keilani? You're her supervisor.
Apparently, she's been absent for a few days.
She's a civilian.
Even though they work for the Navy, they don't always share our degree of discipline.
Are you suggesting that she's routinely absent? On occasion, yeah.
There was always some sort of drama at home boyfriends, dogs, a mean landlord.
That's not in her file.
I tend to be a little more lenient on the civilians, 'cause they don't have the same sense of responsibility as Navy personnel.
Plus, I liked Keilani.
She was a good worker.
You just told me that she's frequently absent.
When she was at work.
And she always made up for any lost time.
Hindsight's 20/20 though, right? How's that? She's an accountant.
A number cruncher.
But she asked a lot of questions about our technology, logistics.
That didn't raise any suspicions? Thought she was just curious.
It was always asked in the context of understanding her job better.
Did she have access to classified information? Yes, uh, in the sense of knowing who was on payroll, what our inventory was, what weapons we were buying, how much we were spending on them and, uh What? (CLEARS THROAT) There was one time that I caught her copying some NFI files.
She said she wanted to continue working on them after hours, even though she knew she couldn't take 'em off the base.
That wasn't a big red flag? Not really.
Maybe it should have been.
If anything, she seemed too flaky to be threatening.
She's just so nice.
And attractive.
In her own way.
You know this man? No, I do not.
You never seen him with Keilani? No.
Who is he? He's an engineer.
He works for a company called Cryton Avionics.
(GULLS CALLING) (CAR DOOR OPENS) Looks like I'm the only one here.
Door's locked.
No one's answering the phone.
That's weird.
It says here they employ over 60 workers.
A lot of people working from home nowadays, but I don't think anybody's building a missile in their kitchen.
No cars in the parking lot either.
You sure this place is operational? I mean, according to their website, they're the next Raytheon.
Yeah? Look more like the next Blockbuster.
There's a nice sign and impressive lobby, but, otherwise, this place is empty.
I don't see any people, no equipment.
There's nothing else here.
I'm not sure there ever was.
Doesn't look like anybody's staking the place out.
There are no signs of Keilani Kim's car.
So, according to Callen, her supervisor had suspicions that she was copying Navy documents.
Okay, for argument's sake, let's say she was stealing government information - Mm-hmm.
- and her friend, Donald Harris, found out.
We know he's a straitlaced, by-the-book type who would obviously disapprove.
So he anonymously reaches out and tries to talk to somebody at NCIS.
Maybe he told her first, tried to get her to come clean, but she didn't.
And whoever she's working with decides to keep an eye on Harris to make sure he doesn't go to anyone on his own.
Which would explain all the surveillance equipment in his home.
So when they find out that he did set up something with NCIS They hack his car, disable his seat belt and airbag and try to kill him and Sam at the same time.
I like it.
Let's do this.
Keilani Kim.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye from NCIS.
No one's answering.
(WINDOW OPENS, GLASS SHATTERS) Somebody's coming out the window.
What? Adult Caucasian male, mid-30s, with a sporty but functional style that says "I'm fun, even when acting suspicious.
" Federal agent! Keep your hands where I can see them.
(EXHALES) Care to explain And he's running! And shooting! (PANTING) - (GRUNTS) - (GROANING) Stay down.
FATIMA: Did you just hit him with a garden gnome? Eh, it was either that or shoot him.
I opted for the gnome-violent solution.
- Nice.
- (CHUCKLES) - Come on.
- (GRUNTS) (HANDCUFFS CLICKING) His name is Robert Overton.
And guess where he works.
Bed Bath & Burglary? Killing it with the puns today.
- Cryton Avionics.
- Oh.
So you're a friend of Gary's? We arrested your buddy, too.
Maybe you guys can share a cell.
Where's Keilani Kim? - (EXHALES) - Nothing? Well, we know you trashed the place.
What were you looking for? Okay.
These pictures were in her place.
Do you recognize any of these people? All right, we got Donald Harris; His roommate, Emma; Keilani Kim; And some guy in a lizard costume.
We have to identify that guy.
He's in a bunch of pictures with our current players.
NELL: All right, his name is Logan Smith.
And according to Harris's roommate, Emma, he's not only their cosplay buddy and designated Dungeon Master, he's also a close personal friend of Keilani Kim, in addition to being a bit of a local celebrity in the world of human directionals.
What the hell's a human directional? Sign spinner.
Oh, yeah.
He's even patented a number of his signature moves.
Yeah? Okay.
Uh do you have an address for this human directional? One better.
I know where's he's spinning right now.
(NELL GIGGLES) He does have the moves.
CALLEN: Well, now I understand the celebrity status.
His robust technique is a combination of flawless precision and raw reptilian sexuality.
SAM: Oh, yeah.
That's his signature move.
I need a signature move.
Hey, Logan.
It's Ken.
Remember? Keilani's friend.
I met you at the Goblin Gala? I was the giant sock monkey.
Remember? (GRUNTS) Don't even think about it.
(HISSES) Really? (GROANING) CALLEN: Not so fast, gecko breath.
Did you see? That's like a real lizard.
(TIRES SCREECH, LOGAN GRUNTING) More like a flying lizard.
(CHUCKLES) - You all right, buddy? - (GROANING) It'll grow back.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I'm entitled to a phone call and a lawyer! (DOOR OPENS) Call whoever you want.
Keilani Kim is missing.
This man broke into her apartment, tore the place apart looking for something.
It's probably the same guy who broke into your friends Emma and Donald Harris's house, tore it up looking for something, maybe even the same thing.
I've never seen him before.
This man tried to break into Donald Harris's hospital room, probably to try and kill him a second time.
After one or both of them hacked his car, causing his collision.
Look, your friend Keilani is in trouble, and the only way you can help her is to tell us where she is and what she's gotten herself into.
I promised I wouldn't say where she is.
But I think I know what they're looking for.
May I? Don't try anything stupid.
NELL: So, according to these schematics, the missile is a top secret prototype.
It's identified as the AGM-1790.
It's a long-range anti-ship missile affectionately nicknamed Wait for it The "Angry Karen.
" It was developed and manufactured by Cryton Avionics.
They have a model in their lobby.
That's all they have nothing else is being manufactured there.
Well, what's the Navy saying? Well, that's just it I can't find anything on it.
And I thought that was because, you know, it's top secret.
But I just got off the phone with SECNAV She hasn't even heard of it.
So that means it's above her pay grade Which I highly doubt or - Or it doesn't exist.
- Exactly.
So either Keilani Kim has access to information on a top secret weapon that SECNAV doesn't even know about, or she passed on information about a non-existing weapon to a friend of hers who, in turn, contacted NCIS, and someone tried to kill him.
Yeah, but why kill someone over a nonexistent weapon? Keilani's an accountant.
Maybe she found a discrepancy in the Navy's books.
You know the DoD's been dealing with billions of dollars in contractor fraud every year.
A missile like the Angry Karen would cost the Navy $2 million to $3 million a unit, not to mention the research and development costs.
Maybe Cryton Avionics sold the Navy a missile they never built.
Sure, but how does Harris work into this? Well, like Logan, he was a trusted friend.
Or maybe she just wanted a second opinion from a fellow accountant.
So, then why didn't she bring it to the attention of her supervisor? Maybe she did.
It would be pretty tough to pull something like this off without help from the inside.
Find out where Commander James is.
Have Kensi and Fatima meet us there.
I'm on it.
Sorry, Commander James left for the day.
- You just missed him.
- Nell, have the base police secure all the gates and detain the commander if he's still on-site.
Kens, James may be making a run for it.
We found his car, so if he left, he didn't take his vehicle with him.
Hold up.
Go! MAN: Hey! (TIRES SQUEALING) He's taking off in a security vehicle.
Where the hell does he think he's gonna go? Guys, we have no way of tracking him if he gets off base.
What the heck is this guy doing? Hold on.
We got him.
NCIS! It's over, Commander! - CALLEN: Kens, what's happening? - Yeah, he's not coming in quietly.
(GUNFIRE CONTINUES) (GRUNTS) Drop it! Hands on your head.
Nice NASCAR move.
ROUNTREE: Well, looks like Donald Harris is gonna pull through.
He's visiting with his friend Keilani now, and she's agreed to come in for questioning after her visit.
NELL: Great.
Can I come home now? Yes, Agent Rountree, you may come home now.
- Hello, hello, hello! - There she is.
Baby girl! - Oh, geez.
Slow day, huh? - Hey.
Slow, slow day.
I sent everybody home to save some cash.
- I'm sure it'll pick up again.
- I'm sure it will.
How was, uh, how was your day? - Um, typical.
- Yeah? Typical can be car bombs and suicide squads.
Yeah, nothing like that.
You know this is gonna be okay, we'll get through this.
We always do.
I know.
I did forget to tell you something.
So get this, so, Fatima and I were chasing this guy.
He runs around this house, comes around the corner.
I grab this garden gnome Whack! Right in his chest.
Feet, oop, down.
No, you didn't.
That's just another reason to love you.
And then I Oh, and then, do you know what I said right after? - I bet it was clever.
Am I wrong? - I go, "I chose the gnome-violence solution.
" No.
I don't even feel like (LAUGHING) You deserve this beer anymore.
You can't laugh at your own joke, Jimmy Fallon.
- (CONTINUES LAUGHING) - It if I'm laughing, it's funny, but when you laugh at your own joke, Oh, my God.
- It doesn't really - You can't always be the funny one.
- It's okay if I'm funny, too.
- Gnome-violence? If a pun falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? (SIGHS) Hmm.
CALLEN: Well, it looks like you're settling in.
No, no, no.
Stay, stay.
All right.
Commander James and Cryton Avionics tried to defraud the Navy of millions of dollars, and we put a stop to that under your guidance.
Keilani Kim and Donald Harris, they stumbled upon the plan.
You guys did everything else.
I just made a few phone calls.
I think you did a little more than that.
All right.
I see what you're trying to do here, Callen, and it's very nice, but you can stop now.
I'm not Hetty.
I'm really not cut out for this.
That is obvious.
Why do you say that? Well, Hetty would have offered me a drink by now.
(SIGHS) Where does she keep the Pappy?
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