NCIS Los Angeles s12e04 Episode Script

Cash Flow

1 Yo, what's your deal?! - Why are you following me? - I-I-I'm You're-you're what? I'm not following you.
I'm just walking home.
Okay, I didn't mean to It's cool, I'm sorry.
I'll just find another way home.
Just walked the block.
No one out here except some dude rethinking his stance on gentrification.
You're good to go.
Got it.
Okay, I'm going in.
We just hit the motherlode.
Ben and Jerry Dunks, Union 4's.
Oh! Some Amiri and Fear.
Gosh, there's got to be some Yeezy Quantums in here.
Almost there! Let's go! We got this! Bust 'em! This workout is insane.
And not insane in a good way.
It's, like, actually psychotic.
Come on, Fatima, you got this you can go all day.
No, Fatima is correct.
This workout is not for the sane.
No one ever said "The Murph" would be easy.
All this pain and sweat is dedicated to Lieutenant Michael Murphy.
And his sacrifice.
He was a SEAL did you know him, Sam? I did not have the honor.
All right.
Done with 100 pull-ups and the mile run.
What's after the 300 air squats? Uh, just, uh, 200 push-ups and another mile run, that's it.
Damn, this Murph ain't no joke.
- Nope.
- You know, I met him once.
Really? That's rad.
Yeah, I was doing this, uh well, this thing and, uh, I ended up on a plane with Murph and his team for a few hours.
Good guy.
What does a Navy SEAL and a Callen talk about? The fact that we were both lifeguards in high school.
Hold on you were a lifeguard in high school? Murph and I were both lifeguards at Lakes.
How did I not know that? You never asked.
Is that Anna? Wait, is she there with you and not doing this workout? Hi, Fatima.
I'm not doing the workout because I was previously committed to advancing my skills in another way.
Huh, what way? Playing Assassin's Creed on the new Xbox.
Yeah, okay.
Anna's the real winner this morning.
Yeah, that may be.
But let's not get off track here.
I think we all need to see pictures of lifeguard Callen.
Yeah, not gonna happen.
I bet you had feathered hair.
What am I signing? I got to be honest, I can't believe how many forms I have to sign for this.
I can't believe we just sign important documents - on our phone.
- Oh, it is pretty cool, huh? We're buying a house on our cell phones.
We're not buying a house on our cell phones.
We went to see it in person, we put an offer in, in person.
We're just signing these documents on the phone.
Okay, you do you.
Me, I'm buying a house on my phone.
You know it's just an offer, right? What signature did you choose? - What do you mean? - I don't know.
I just think DocuSign needs to have more options, you know? I'm looking for something that says that I'm masculine, 'cause I am and I'm vulnerable because I'm trying to be.
But I also have an appreciation for the fluidity of Japanese katakana.
Okay, you know that you can just sign it with your finger, right? Yeah, but I don't like my signature.
I'm sorry, you don't like your signature? I mean, if you have to know, yeah.
I-I hate my signature.
You know you can just change it anytime you want, because it's-it's your signature.
What, are you an animal? You can't change your signature.
People don't just change their signatures.
It's part of them.
It's like your soul is being transferred down into the fluid blue ink.
Oh, it's like your soul? Yeah, that's what I'm saying, it's like your soul.
Okay, so tell me this, what does it say about you, if you don't like your own signature? I believe the word you're looking for is "touché.
" Whatever.
I'm too busy buying a house on my phone to put up with your shenanigans.
Hey, Nell, what's up? What's up, Nell? Hey, guys, so it looks like we caught a case.
There was a break-in last night at a Oh, hold on, um, Deeks is here.
Oh, yeah! Right, Deeks is here.
The guy that used to work here, but no longer works here 'cause he lost his job, and so therefore cannot be part of your super-secret Batcave conversations? Bye, Nell.
- I love you.
- I'm on my way! Cool, we'll see you later! Have fun at work! Okay, go ahead.
Okay, so it looks like the break-in occurred at a warehouse downtown.
A neighboring tenant saw a door left open and called it in.
LAPD arrived, and found the body of CTI-1 Terry Coleman He was a Navy reservist.
Was he working security there? According to the out-of-state owners, he was not.
In fact, they don't have a tenant at the moment, so the place should've been empty.
- But it wasn't? - That's right.
LAPD found boxes of merchandise in the warehouse, though they're waiting on us to investigate further.
Well, we can provide support since Coleman was a Naval reservist, but shouldn't LAPD be taking the lead on this? Well, normally they would, but Coleman was a NETWARCOM reservist.
It's kind of like the military version of the NSA.
He had advanced clearance so his murder was run up the flagpole quickly.
So whoever broke in is our suspect for Coleman's murder.
Actually, that doesn't seem to be the case here.
So the building surveillance system shows a woman breaking in, and then fleeing, but the prelim T.
has Coleman dead at least 12 hours prior to her even breaking in.
- Do we have an I.
on her? - No.
Unfortunately, the images are pretty dark.
So I'm still running them through facial rec.
But, Kensi, I am bringing in Agent DeChamps - to work with you today.
- Great.
All right, Kens, why don't you and DeChamps go down and look into Petty Officer Coleman.
Fatima, you and Devin, when you get a proper I.
from Nell, look into the woman from the surveillance video.
Sam and I will hit the crime scene.
- Copy that.
- Got it.
You got it.
Do you think I'm crazy for volunteering to do this? Not at all.
I'm sure a shrink would say that I'm just throwing myself at other people's problems instead of dealing with my own.
Well, that's why no one likes shrinks and they have no friends.
Well, that's a bit harsh.
Harsh, but true.
I'm proud of you.
You've had a lot taken from your life.
Your-your career, your freedom.
Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, you're going out to help people.
I mean, complete strangers, no less.
It's just so sad, you know? Santa Cruz County alone lost over 800 homes.
So between the fires, and COVID, those people are hurting.
Have they assigned your team a specific neighborhood to rebuild yet? No, not yet.
But I'll know soon.
They told me to be ready in two days.
And I'm going to miss you, Callen.
Well, uh I think we can make the best of those two days.
I think we can.
Well, the lock's tumbler's shredded.
Whoever did this used a high-powered drill.
Yeah, this wasn't a finesse job.
No, it wasn't.
Off-White, Rick Balenciaga.
Yeah, I don't have my, uh, Rosetta Stone on me.
Want to translate? Clothing, sneakers.
High-end, exclusive.
This stuff is worth a lot of money.
Well, maybe Coleman was buying and selling it, and that's what got him killed.
Or it's counterfeit and he was trying to pass it off as legit.
Nell, I'm sending you some shipping and serial numbers.
Check this stuff out.
Let's see if it's the real deal.
Copy that.
So, you think our cat burglar was working solo? No, there's a lot of boxes in here.
She would have had accomplices.
Maybe an accomplice with a van or a truck? You asking me or you telling me? There's a scrape on the side of the wall.
There's also a broken side mirror on the ground here.
Well, how do you know it was from last night? Well, because the rest of the wall's covered in L.
's finest soot, and this scrape looks very fresh.
So, they were gonna take everything in here, she spots Coleman's body, gets spooked, calls for a ride.
Car comes in a little too hot, scrapes the wall.
So, Sam, all of these boxes were reported stolen.
From one theft? Uh, no.
They all link to different police reports filed over the last six months.
Looks like two in-store break-ins, in Burbank, one on Melrose and a delivery truck theft in San Pedro.
Thanks, Nell.
You got it.
- Wow.
- Uh-huh.
Are you sure you picked up the right car? Yeah, I think.
This is I mean, yeah.
I showed the guy at the motor pool my I.
and he gave me this.
This is pretty cool.
Is it too cool? What do you mean? I mean, this is way cooler than Kensi and Deeks's ride.
Yeah, but it's not as cool as Sam's, though.
Yeah, but I don't know if we should be stuntin' on Kensi and Deeks.
I mean, they got some years on us.
Yeah, lots of years.
Okay, I didn't mean it like that.
You know what? Screw it.
Motor pool gave us the keys to this, we're keeping it.
I'm down with it.
- All right.
- Oh.
Nell got an I.
The woman who broke into the warehouse is named Rachelle Chung.
She lives off Fairfax.
You want to? I know you want to drive it.
Yeah, I do.
Hey, you nervous about this offer we just put in on the house? Losing my LAPD liaison job, having the bar be at 50% of the revenues from last year and now having to pay a mortgage payment every single month for the next 30 years? No, not nervous at all.
I'm good, girl.
Yeah, no, I mean, like, are we getting carried away and doing something we shouldn't do? You know? Is this an over-the-top house? It's not, right? Kensi, it's an old three-bedroom, two-bath that needs tons of work.
You drop this house anyplace in the Midwest, you got three college kids pooling together money to buy it.
If it was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this thing would cost $3,000.
You can either buy this house or you can buy one solar panel.
So, no, it's not an over-the-top house, it's just an over-the-top L.
price tag.
We're not crazy, are we? I mean, that seems like a non sequitur, but yeah, baby, we're crazy.
- Deeks.
- What? We live in Los Angeles.
- I'm serious, babe.
- I am, too.
You want perfect weather, y-you want the ability to ski and snowboard and surf in the same day and you want to have really, really great fish tacos, then you got to pay to play.
That's the deal.
Oh, I do love fish tacos.
I mean, everybody does.
It's a bipartisan food, right? It's like the Jimmy Buffett of tacos.
I actually really want to eat fish tacos right now.
Well, that is ironic, 'cause I am about to walk into Ensenada's.
That is one of the many, many perks of being unemployed, is I can drive down to Hermosa and go get great fish tacos any damn time I please.
I love you, but I don't like you very much right now.
I got to go.
That seems fair.
I got to eat.
- Be safe.
- Bye.
Look at you, so serious, Mrs.
Oh, gosh, am I a bad person for admitting I don't like the sound of the name Deeks, especially with "Mrs.
" preceding it? Bad person, no.
Bad Mrs.
Deeks, yeah.
There it is again.
It's good to have you back.
Good being back.
Nell filled me in on the case.
You find anything on Petty Officer Coleman? Uh, yeah.
Basically, he's been in the same job for five years, been living in the same place for four, not married, no kids.
Oh, hold on a second.
All right, so LAPD obtained a warrant to access his financials and they just sent them over.
Okay, so looks like his paycheck is deposited twice a month, and the day after each deposit - he makes a big cash withdrawal.
- Hmm.
It's always different amounts, but always around a thousand.
That's a lot of cash to have on hand.
No? Yeah.
Could be a sign of a gambling or drug issue.
- Yeah.
- Hey, guys, so I've been looking through Petty Officer Coleman's phone records and social media accounts, and I think I may have found his girlfriend.
I'm sending her info to your phones now.
- Thanks, Nell.
- Thanks.
You got it.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Agent Callen, NCIS.
You work at this building? Uh, more like this building works for me.
I own it.
You're just the guy I need.
Listen, does, uh, your surveillance system work? It sure does.
Look, there was a van that came through here last night just before 11:00.
I need to know if your camera might have picked it up.
Yeah, no worries.
Let me check it out.
Here we go.
Yep, I got your van.
I need you to send me that video.
Okay, I'll go to the front door.
There's an alley that runs alongside the backside of the building.
Keep an eye on it.
Sounds like you know this place pretty well.
It's Fairfax and I grew up in Beverly Hills.
I grew up in Texas, so I don't know what any of that means.
Man, Supreme, Diamond, FourTwoFour, Flight Club.
In high school, we practically lived here.
Buying that stuff in high school? That's some rich Beverly Hills kid living.
It ain't rich kid living if you earned it yourself.
What was your gig? Wait, let me guess.
You straightened your hair, black nails, black eye shadow, made a killing at Hot Topic.
I was an actor.
Wait? What? For real? What were you in? Looks like you have some investigating to do, Agent Rountree.
Rachelle Chung? It's federal agents.
We have to ask you some questions.
We got a runner! She's going out the back door.
Oh! I got her.
Stop! NCIS.
Don't do anything you're gonna regret, Rachelle.
I think that ship has sailed.
Where'd you think you were gonna go? Nell, a van picked up Rachelle from the warehouse.
There's no plates, but I did get a pretty clear image of the driver and a passenger.
I'm gonna send it to you now.
Copy that.
I'll run them.
Hopefully, we can get an I.
on this getaway driver.
This place is still disgusting from fire ash.
needs a good heavy rain.
More mudslides.
Anna still doing that volunteer thing? Yeah, she's supposed to go in a couple days.
How you feel about that? It's been good having this time together.
Yeah? I'll miss her.
That's good.
Really good.
Yeah, look, you really think that Coleman was murdered just to cover up some stolen clothing and sneakers? The stuff in there is worth a few hundred grand on the resale market.
A few hundred grand for-for sneakers and clothing? - Yeah.
Few hundred grand.
- Okay.
There are parts of this world that I understand and parts that I will never understand.
That's good, 'cause there are parts of the world that will never understand you.
Me, on the other hand, I understand you.
Claudia Lazzez? - Yes? - We're from NCIS.
I'm Special Agent DeChamps.
This is Special Agent Blye.
What can I do for you? Did you know a Terry Coleman? "Did" I know him? Wait, what-what's wrong with Terry? Uh, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Terry was found dead last night.
Dead? We believe Terry was murdered.
- Murdered? - We'd really appreciate your help in trying to find who did this to him.
Of course.
I'll-I'll help you in any way that I can.
But I haven't spoken to Terry in the past few weeks, after after we broke up.
Look, was there anything about Terry's life that would have led him to be murdered? No.
He was such a good man.
Every couple of weeks, he made a large cash withdrawal.
Do you have any reason to believe he gambled or had a substance abuse issue? No, it wasn't anything like that.
Terry's Navy buddy, Jay, suffered from severe PTSD.
He killed himself about a year ago.
I'm sorry.
Terry was supporting Jay's wife and son, and he was going into debt doing it.
I feel like such a bitch.
We argued about that.
I just wanted him to take care of himself before he took care of other people.
Look, I'm sure he knew that you were just trying to look out for him.
He was always giving them his last dollar.
He even started moonlighting in order to make enough money to support them.
Doing what? Security at a bar.
Do you know where? Called Privy.
Thank you.
And, again, I'm-I'm so sorry for your loss.
Hey, Callen, I just got a hit on Rachelle's accomplices.
Jojo Ballard and Marcus Babu.
It looks like they share the same address in Culver City.
And, actually, Agent Castor and his partner happen to be in the area now, so I'll have them pick up Jojo and Marcus and bring them to the boatshed.
Copy that, Nell.
We're headed there now.
Thank you.
Come on with the handcuffs, dude.
Really? I ran from you.
It's not like I tried to slap you.
You know, if anything, I should be in those leg things.
What were you doing in the warehouse last night? What warehouse? I was up all night watching Selling Sunse.
You know, those Oppenheim boys, they really got the Hills on lock.
You should really take it easy with the reality TV.
Okay, we caught you on camera leaving the warehouse last night.
Okay, millennial, easy.
Don't want to be responsible for you stroking out.
Stroking out? Just out here trying to respect my elders.
How old do you think we are? You got Facebook accounts, don't ya? If the "Suburban Mom" shoe fits - You little - Okay, okay.
You don't want to talk to us, cool.
You're going to jail for breaking and entering.
Let's go.
No! Going to jail? Yup.
So what do I have to tell you to not go to jail? Because I don't want to tell you too little, and then it's like I actually told you something and I still got to go to jail.
But I also don't want Why did you break in to the warehouse? Duh, obviously you guys saw what was in there.
Oh, wait.
Actually, no, you guys don't know what that stuff was, because you were too busy killing the planet, shopping your millennial fast-fashion stores.
But, I mean, who cares? Right? As long as you can get your jeans for $15, it's only the planet.
It is for moments like these that your life coach gives you those mantras.
Okay, time to go to jail.
- Let's go.
- No.
They told me to break in to their friend's spot.
Okay? It was just supposed to be a joke, but then there was that dead body, a-and now you guys are here.
I'm a hundred percent in over my head.
Yeah, you think? Who told you to break in? My friend Jojo and her boyfriend Marcus.
What's up, Fatima? Rachelle's talking.
She said that Marcus and Jojo came up with the plan.
They told her to break in to the warehouse.
She saw Coleman's body and panicked.
Got it.
We're about to interview them.
- Sounds good.
- So, do you want what's behind door number one or door number two? I'll take Marcus.
Guess it's Jojo for me.
You good? Need anything? No.
I mean No, no, I'm good.
You understand what's going on here, don't you? Yeah.
You guys think we did something last night.
But I'm, like, totally not going to jail just for driving Rachelle away from that warehouse.
It's not a crime.
Actually, driving a getaway car is a pretty big crime.
A big enough crime that you can just bring us to some random place and violate our civil rights? And what rights of yours, exactly, have been violated? Chill on the attitude.
Okay? I'm not, like, some legal person.
No, you're a "plan a robbery" kind of person.
Plan the robbery? - Is that what Rachelle told you? - It is.
That chick is straight crazy.
I mean, totally crazy.
She was the one that found out about this stash, she was the one that wanted to hit that warehouse, and She needed us to get that van to move all the clothes, and kicks out of there.
Can I let you in on a little secret? We don't care about the stolen merchandise.
We're only interested in the person who killed Petty Officer Coleman.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
We think this murder may have something to do with the person you were stealing from.
Right now, the only link we have to the killer is you.
Not really working out the way you thought it would, is it? But you can still help yourself.
Tell me how Rachelle knew this was the warehouse to hit.
She went out with some rich dude.
He was bragging that he could get her anything, any of the latest drops, whatever she wanted.
So she tested him.
Asked for the Travis 1's and an Acronym jacket.
So the next day Rachelle followed him.
She's gnarly that way.
But it worked out.
She saw him go into the warehouse, and leave with her kicks and jacket.
What's this rich guy's name? Like I know.
Are we still going to jail? Like I know.
Got it.
Well, looks like it's two against one, Rachelle.
Marcus and Jojo say that you planned the robbery.
Well, how would I even know about the warehouse? From the rich guy you dated and then followed? Damn.
Those are some conniving traitors.
Traitors? You threw them under the bus first.
Excuse me, whose team are you on here? Well, I gotta be honest, you're making it pretty hard to be on Team Rachelle.
So why don't you do yourself a favor and tell us who the guy is you were on a date with.
Look, I I really didn't want to get into all this, but the real reason is Jojo and Marcus they run a cult in Hollywood, and I was young and impressionable.
I didn't know any better Rachelle! Okay, okay.
His name is "BludLime.
" - Blood Lime? - Yeah.
Blood Lime, except it's with a "U," so it's, like, B-L-U-D Lime.
What the hell is that, a Instagram handle? It's certainly not his Facebook name.
Yeah, it's a real shocker that your friends turned on you.
I guess it's just 'cause we don't have that tight bond from making all those cringy wine-drinking TikToks like you and your millennial friends, huh? How did you meet this guy? I dug his cars, and clothes, vacations, so I just slid into his DMs.
Great American romance, huh? How is eHarmony working out for you, huh? 'Cause I just, I really hope that it is still around when I am your age.
Listen, I know you didn't call this dude "BludLime" on the date, so what did he say his name was? D.
He said to call him D.
All right? Okay, that's basically all that I know.
Okay? So can you just get these handcuffs off of me and let me go? You must be kidding.
You still broke into a warehouse.
No, no, but, like, I'm totally trying to help you guys figure out who killed that guy.
You know, I-I am practically a federal agent.
Maybe a little? Not at all.
- Not even close.
- Never.
- Nope.
- Not a chance.
So, I've been looking into this guy Rachelle went out with, BludLime.
Is there a name associated with that account? Mm, not yet.
And unfortunately, I don't even have enough to pull a facial rec.
What kind of stuff is he posting? Cars, restaurants, watches and women.
From the life this guy looks like he's living, I'm gonna go ahead and say he's into a lot more than just stolen sneakers and clothes.
Keep digging.
Let us know if you find anything.
Yep, will do.
You guys have the best motor pool ever.
I love this new ride.
It's pretty great.
Betty's a car girl, so this motor pool thing is kind of her pet project.
Oh, Nell spoke to Coleman's boss.
He's on his way over here.
He should be here any minute.
Whoever works the door at this place must make a pretty penny.
- What do you mean? - I mean, it's one of those, like, "see and be seen" places.
Everybody wants to get in, and if they can't, - they just slip the bouncer some cash.
- Hold up, I don't think either of us has ever paid to get into a bar, - so the fact that you know all this - I may have accepted some cash from some guys who wanted to get into the club.
You were a bouncer? - I was a bouncer.
I was.
- Wow.
I actually have a theory that women make better bouncers.
Well, certain women, of course, as long as they are able to, you know Shoulder-lock a 200-pound man and walk him out the back door.
You know, I actually had this idea for a company where I would train female bouncers and then just book them around town, you know? That sounds like a money-making machine.
Really? You think so? 'Cause I got to be honest, - I'm needing the cash.
- Yeah, it's legit.
Deeks and I put an offer on a house.
Oh, and you don't know if you want it to be accepted - or turned down.
- Basically, yeah.
Uh Lincoln Benavidez? - NCIS, right? - Yeah.
I'm Special Agent Blye.
This is Special Agent DeChamps.
It's good to meet you.
Yeah, your colleague that called told me about Terry Coleman.
You know, I can't believe it.
Terry was an incredible human.
We're sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Do you have any idea who would want to harm him? None.
I mean, he was absolutely beloved by the staff and just all of the regulars.
Do you know of anything that may have happened at the door recently, like, maybe something got heated? See, that was Terry's superpower.
I mean, he was a big guy, but, man, he could talk.
You know, he always used his humor and intelligence to diffuse situations at the door.
He was the opposite of a meathead, old-school, stereotypical bouncer, you know? Sounds like a good guy.
Are any of his coworkers here that we could speak with? No, I mean, no one's here right now.
We don't open till 9:00 tonight.
But I can AirDrop you the staff list, if you'd like.
- Which number? - GOV18-934.
All right.
Thank you.
Of course.
Listen, if you don't need anything else, I'm - No.
Go ahead.
- Awesome.
Thank you.
Uh, hold on.
It's Nell.
She managed to I.
Excuse me, Lincoln? - Yeah? - Hey, do you know a Donny Mason? Yeah, of course.
He's a lead investor in the bar.
Do you know where we can find him? No, I'm sorry.
He's kind of a gypsy around L.
Doesn't, uh, believe in owning real estate.
He bounces between short-term rentals and hotel suites.
All right.
- Hmm.
- So, Mason's an investor in the bar, which is how he runs into Terry Coleman, who's working there as a bouncer.
Maybe Coleman found out that Mason was flipping the stolen merchandise and confronted him.
Things turn heated.
He doesn't want to jeopardize his legitimate investment in the bar, so he kills Coleman.
Hey, guys.
So, get this.
Donny Mason has a whole lot more than just Bar Privy in his portfolio.
There's a custom jewelry business, an I.
concierge service, two streetwear stores, and two additional bars.
Don't forget the stolen goods fence.
Yeah, and that may not be his only illegal endeavor.
So, according to the DEA, he was suspected of money laundering 18 months ago.
They launched an investigation, they ripped apart his Beverly Hills office, but they found nothing, so they figured they had it wrong on him.
Well, maybe they didn't.
Bars, jewelry, clothing These are all great businesses to launder cash.
But none of them are essential businesses.
They were all shut down during the pandemic.
If he's laundering his money through these businesses, then his operation was ground to a halt.
But the dirty money doesn't go away.
It actually starts piling up.
I mean, this guy could be sitting on a massive surplus of dirty cash.
Guys, I just got a hit on Mason.
He is currently renting a house in Venice.
I am sending the address to your phones now and requesting a warrant.
Got it.
On our way.
Thanks, Nell.
Sam, I got a body.
I'm going in.
It's Mason.
He's dead.
LAPD finished clearing the house.
CSU is processing.
Copy that.
No signs of break-in here.
Mason's M.
in L.
was hotels and short-term rentals.
Now, most of those short-term rental apps would require these surveillance cameras to be shut off.
Killer knew he could get in and out without being recorded.
So, either Mason killed Coleman and someone came here looking for revenge, or the same person killed both of them.
Not to mention the money laundering angle.
Any one of the organizations Mason worked for could've killed them to steal the dirty cash he was sitting on.
Or the money laundering had nothing to do with it.
I mean, Mason was posting his cash and lifestyle all over social media.
Well, he's got tens of thousands of followers.
One of them stalks him, gets jealous, and Coleman gets caught up in all of that.
Lot of ways to look at this one.
I think the killer may have climbed the back gate to gain entry to the property.
I'm gonna check out the back alley.
All right.
I'll see what CSU's prelim is and, uh, look into these surveillance cameras.
Nell, I got fingerprints, possibly from Donny Mason's killer.
I'm gonna have Forensics come, but see if you can get a prelim hit from these photos.
Running it now, Sam.
Sam, CSU found electric burn marks on Mason's neck and torso.
Looks like he was tortured before he was shot and killed.
Well, if he's sitting on dirty cash, the killers will want to know where it's stored.
And if they tortured that location out of him, they could be on their way to the cash or already have it by now.
Hey, Sam, I got a hit on those prints you sent me.
They're a direct match for Lincoln Benavidez.
He's the bar manager Kensi and DeChamps spoke with.
You got a location on him? Yes.
Kaleidoscope got a hit on his car about 40 minutes ago in Boston Heights, East L.
I'll send you the coordinates now, and I'll route - the rest of the team there.
- Copy that.
The car Nell spotted could be in one of these buildings.
It's got bay doors.
Car could definitely drive in.
Got Lincoln's car in an empty storage building.
He was moving something with a forklift.
It's still warm.
Nell, see if you can spot any trucks leaving the area in the last 15 minutes.
Yeah, I'm checking now.
Callen and Sam are arriving at your location, and Fatima and Devin are two minutes out.
Copy that.
Kensi, we're coming to you.
Callen, Sam, I have a large cargo van one block south of you moving at speed.
If you take the alley ahead of you, you may be able to spot it.
Got it.
Benavidez is driving.
Stop! Federal agents! Federal agents! Hands outside the window now! Now.
You okay? - I'm good.
You good? - Yeah.
Well, if you can't take care - of nice things - Maybe you don't deserve them.
And I'm not gonna say it's karma for saying you have a better car than me, but, um, rule number one, rookies: Earwigs are always live.
Oh, is that your way of thanking us for taking down Coleman and Mason's killer? So we should thank you for randomly turning down a street? And getting hit by a van? That's not exactly taking down Coleman's killer.
Well, you're very welcome.
Yeah, all public and formal thank-yous can be directed to our Facebook page.
Facebook? How old do you think we are? Pretty old.
I can't believe there was that much paperwork to get that Rover fixed.
Well, you did pretty much total it.
It's not totaled, all right? In Texas, that's just a minor bumper hit.
It's nothing.
But, uh, you should drive tomorrow.
It's okay.
You can drive tomorrow.
So, a search of Lincoln's place uncovered a micro digital recorder with Petty Officer Coleman's prints on it.
Lincoln killed him.
Looks like it.
The recordings say that Lincoln was worried Mason was gonna blow their entire operation with his massive social media presence.
Well, he was.
For sure.
So, he turns on Mason, - kept all the dirty cash for himself.
- And this dude knew that Coleman needed that money.
So he goes to Coleman to take out Mason, but a tiger can't change its stripes.
Coleman's a Navy petty officer through and through.
I mean, he recorded Lincoln making him the offer and goes to the LAPD.
Was gonna expose him.
- So Lincoln kills him and then Mason.
- Yeah.
Coleman was a good dude.
He seriously was.
I'll drive tomorrow.
I got burgers from Father's Office.
And I really hope you're not still playing Xbox.
You had me at "burgers.
" I take it we don't have two more days? They called me an hour ago.
We got approved to start work immediately.
Do you have time for a burger? To go.
This is harder than I thought.
It's a couple months.
All right? You'll be back in no time.
I think, during quarantine, I just got so comfortable being here with you.
I don't want to leave now.
I don't want you to leave either.
I need to do this.
I know.

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