NCIS Los Angeles s12e10 Episode Script

The Frogman's Daughter

1 Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles" Oh, you're coming back next week? There's a lot I want to catch you up on.
Okay, that's great, Kam.
Everything okay? Everything's good, really good.
I got to go.
Love you Dad.
I love you too, baby.
(MUFFLED SCREAMING) What about my phone call, huh? TYLER: Hey! Quiet in three! ERICA: Man, we don't have to be quiet.
Yeah, you want me to be quiet? First you let me talk to my lawyer! Do you hear me? Not until you let me talk to my lawyer.
CARLOS: If you know what's good for you, son ISAIAH: Son? Are you kidding me right now? Is anyone else listening to this fascist? Fascist.
ISAIAH: You want me to be quiet? First, you tell me why I'm locked up.
ERICA: Yeah.
Then you let me call my family and explain why I disappeared.
Hey, ese? This is your last warning.
Or what? I have rights.
We all have rights.
You can't keep us in here.
Please shut up.
Do you hear me? - (TYLER LAUGHS) - (GROANING) Yeah.
Yeah, we heard you all right.
I cannot hold.
I've been on hold for 15 minutes.
This is an emergency.
WOMAN (OVER PHONE): I'm sorry, please hold.
Oh, hey, Sam.
Do you know where we keep the back stock of kitchen supplies? I am jonesing for a chai tea.
Oh, sorry, you're on the phone.
I'm on hold.
It's the bottom drawer on the left.
Oh, thanks.
Is everything okay? I've been trying to reach my daughter all morning and the school's giving me the runaround.
Have you tried texting her? I hear it's all the rage with the kids these days.
Yes, I texted her.
Of course.
I was just making sure.
You know, maybe she's just busy.
Keating Academy is pretty rigorous.
And it's her senior year.
(LINE RINGING) KAMRAN: You've reached Kam, leave a message.
Kam and I talked last night.
She wanted to tell me something when she got to L.
Now I can't reach her.
Something's not right.
You know, I was a daughter in high school once upon a time and, uh, sometimes I just didn't want to talk to my dad.
Can I get you a chai tea? No, thank you, Fatima.
Of course.
- DEEKS: Kens.
- Deeks, no.
' Yeah, but I need you to know that you're perfect.
God, not now, Deeks.
Yeah, but it's true.
Look, I have to figure out a way to get through my workday, so can we please talk about this tonight? Of course, but you need to know there's nothing wrong with you.
Well, that little paper in your hand says otherwise.
This? No, no.
This-this is nothing.
It's like, it's like, you just got to It's like taking a supplement.
Yeah, well, it doesn't feel like nothing when you're the one who has to take the hormone shots.
Yeah, no.
I-I know, I'm just, uh I know you want to talk about this.
And we will, I promise.
I just, I just I need time to process this, okay? So can we just not talk about it right now? Here, you just drive.
You're still here.
Oh, yeah.
Still here.
Navy was so happy with my upgraded version of Kaleidoscope that they asked me to look at what other systems I could optimize.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) (EXHALES) Why are you looking at me? I'm not looking at you.
You just did it again.
- What? - Nothing.
Do not make me pull rank.
You don't have a rank.
You barely have a contractor's pass.
Oh, so now we're getting technical? Okay, fine.
Talk to me about these glasses.
What about these glasses? They're yellow.
Oh, you noticed.
Everyone's noticed.
What? They block the blue light from LED screens.
Plus, red was a no-go.
It's bad with my skin tone.
Blue is already claimed by Bono.
Green is just weird.
Purple's like "what?" And I'm not ready for sunglasses indoors.
Baby steps.
So you've put no thought into it.
- Not at all.
- (BEEPING) - Hey.
We got a case? - No.
Then why aren't we talking about my glasses? Well, because Homeland Security needs our help with the protest tonight.
What kind of help? I don't know.
I guess we'll find out.
I'll have Rountree meet DHS at the boatshed.
Good idea.
NCIS Agent Devin Rountree.
DHS Agent Megan Merkel.
S-Sorry, what? It's "Merkel.
" With an E.
(LAUGHS) That's crazy.
I-I thought you said M I know.
Yeah, but y has anyone ever told you that you-you kind of look like They have.
(WHISPERS): That is so crazy.
It's actually very unfortunate.
(STAMMERS) Uh, how can I help you? The protest planned for tonight.
Homeland Security is coordinating a joint federal task force to assist with local authorities.
Assist them with what? Directing traffic? It's gonna be a peaceful protest.
I think that's a little idealistic.
No, it's realistic.
The-the protest is about equality and racial justice.
But I'm sure the protesters would love our protection.
Well, this request comes directly from my director, and the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, the director of NCIS.
There are concerns about armed counterprotesters showing up tonight.
So, to be clear, it's not about the protesters, it's about people showing up who could pose a threat to what would be a peaceful protest.
If you want to get technical.
(LAUGHS): I'm not trying to get technical.
I'm just trying to get it right.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I feel like we're getting off on the wrong foot.
No, no.
It's Agent Rountree, can NCIS help us gather intelligence about militia groups who may pose a problem tonight? Sure.
If you want to get technical.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) - Oh, good morning.
- Wouldn't go up there if I were you.
(CHUCKLES) We past formal greetings now? Sorry.
Good morning.
Don't go up there.
What's going on up-up there? I'm not getting involved.
Okay, well, now I'm curious, so I'm gonna go see what's going on up there.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
I'm not asking you.
I'm telling you.
Hey, Sam, Eric.
What are you guys up to? - Nothing.
- Well, it's not not nothing.
Yeah, well, Fatima seems to think it's something.
I got this.
All right, cool.
Uh, Rountree, Rountree, please don't go.
Just stay here.
I'm trying to convince my friend Eric here to check in on Kam for me.
That's all.
And by "check in," you mean? Use federal technology to invade Kam's privacy and locate her exact whereabouts.
Yes, correct.
Something's not right with Kam.
Well, have you tried texting her? She's not responding.
All right, well, no disrespect.
Does that mean you get to co-opt SAM: No disrespect, but it's none of your business.
ROUNTREE: You're right.
You're right.
But are you sure you want to do this? I need to do this.
Then let's do it.
Thank you.
Kam's number is 310-555-0158.
- (TABLET BEEPS) - Uh-oh.
What? What's going on? I figured out what's wrong with Kam's phone.
It's off-line.
Sam, Sam.
Slow down.
Maybe there's a logical reason, you know, why Kam didn't call you back.
Hanna house rule number four: Always return a phone call within 12 hours.
It's been 14 hours and 28 minutes.
It's not like Kam to break a house rule.
Well, maybe she lost her phone or she dropped it and broke it.
Already thought of that.
The school called back.
She missed her classes yesterday.
I'm gonna fly up to San Francisco.
I'm gonna drive to her school.
I'm gonna find her.
And I'll be back when I know Kam is safe.
(EXHALES) This is the first time I'm hearing of the Hanna house rules.
How many are there? - 52.
- 52.
- You got an app for that? - Hey.
When you have kids, the first thing you'll do is put a system in place to keep your children safe.
What's rule number one? Never lie.
ERIC: Sam.
I'm glad I caught you.
Your daughter's not at school.
She's not even in Northern California.
She's She's right here in L.
(SIGHS) - Is there, uh, anything that I can do? - Well, for one, you can stop treating me like I have "handle with care" written across my forehead, Deeks.
I'm fine.
Okay? Yeah.
No, no, no.
Uh, y-you're not fine, and I'm not fine, but that's okay.
Right? Listen, we've been trying to get pregnant for, uh, - for a long time.
- Has it been a long time? I mean, it's only been six months with, uh with this doctor.
Is six months a long time? Is it? Okay.
Well, let's just say that these last six months of doctor visits and ultrasounds and tests have been a tad bit arduous.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's, um, it's been pretty arduous.
God, that's a stupid word.
Isn't that a stupid word? It's the worst.
It's the stupidest word.
It makes my mouth do this ugly "U" shape when I say it.
I look like an angry blowfish.
That's not the point.
The point is that it's true.
It's okay to be upset about that.
- I'm upset.
I'm sad.
- Deeks.
(WHISPERS): I can't talk about this right now.
SAM: Maybe she's with her L.
Could you check and see if she's posing with her friends on her IG account? I can't remember their names.
Nothing but moody photos of the ocean and inspirational quotes.
Found it.
Jo and Karina.
How could I not remember that? It's just nerves.
Something your brain isn't used to dealing with.
Hey, guys, I found something.
I present Kam's IG account.
I was just on Kam's page.
None of this was there.
'Cause this is a secret account.
Very secret.
I searched her followers and found an obscure reference to Kannacancan02.
Ten minutes later, bada boom, bang bing, Kam's secret life.
(CHUCKLES) Sorry, Sam.
(CLEARS THROAT) Eric, can you scroll through her page? We need to find two of her friends.
Sam thinks she might be with them.
Well, do you have their numbers? No, Eric, I don't.
(CLEARS THROAT) That's them.
Jo and Karina.
Run 'em through facial rec.
We need those numbers ASAP.
Hold up, hold up.
Eric, can we run through these a little bit? Skip through the pics.
We should probably let Eric Now.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh, these were taken yesterday.
Does, uh does Kam have a boyfriend? No.
- ERIC: Huh.
- SAM: Wh Okay, let's say she did sneak into town to hang out with her friend.
That's something that, you know, teenagers do.
That's normal, right? Eric, run this guy through facial recognition.
I want to know who he is, and where he lives.
(EXHALES) His name's Logan Reynolds, and he was recently arrested for obstruction of justice.
(SIGHS) And this is who she decides to hang out with.
Send me that address.
- Yeah.
- Sam! Hey.
Where'd they pick you up from? Hollywood and Highland.
Why? Just trying to put the pieces together.
That's all.
What's your name? Isaiah.
Isaiah Estevez.
Isaiah from the Change Unit? Yeah.
That's my group.
We spoke last week.
I'm Kam.
I'm with Students for Humanity.
Kam Hanna? What's going on? Why are we here? I don't know, - but I'm gonna - TYLER: Hey! (CLANGING) Who told you two to talk?! Huh?! Huh?! You know what? Since you don't know how to listen (EXHALES) I got a little surprise for you.
- Hit it! - We built this new resistance! To help keep our distance! Don't feel bad for us! - (KNOCKING) - Federal agents! Yo, doesn't look like anybody's home.
- We'll break the glass.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! We don't have a warrant, Sam.
Plus, is this how you want to meet the parents of your daughter's friends? I'm having a hard time believing that Kam would hang out with anyone who has a criminal record.
You understand? (STAMMERS, SIGHS) Maybe it wasn't that big of a deal.
Plus, man, your daughter's growing up.
She's gonna start catching feelings for somebody eventually.
My daughter could be locked up in this criminal's basement.
They should be ashamed that they raised a delinquent.
All right, well, let me try Logan's phone again.
I'm-a go around the back.
(CHUCKLING) Yo! Federal agents! (GASPS) (TIRES SCREECH, HORN HONKS) (GRUNTING) Where's my daughter? - Hey, hey.
Wait, wait.
Sam, easy! - Where's my daughter? - Logan! Logan! What's going on? - (GRUNTING) Are you okay?! - Yes, ma'am! - (GASPS) - Yo, Sam, easy.
- Kam.
Kamran Hanna.
(PANTING) Nice to finally meet you, Mr.
Look, I want to help you.
Sir, I really don't know where she is.
Try again.
Hanna, I would tell you where your daughter is if I had any idea.
Are you dating my daughter? (EXHALES) Yes, sir.
Look, I'm sorry you have to find out this way.
But if you don't know where she is, I definitely don't know where she is.
- Why is that? - Because I thought she was with you.
You thought she was with me? I just found out an hour ago that she was in L.
I just found out she had a boyfriend.
And I don't know what else she lied to me about.
Hanna, Kam didn't do anything One thing I do know is that the single common denominator in every lie she's told me is you.
Hanna, I'm just as worried about her as You're just as worried as I am? You think you have any right to be as worried as I am right now? Sam.
Can I talk to you for a second? I know you're worried, Sam, but he's just a kid.
He came here to help us find Kam.
He didn't have a choice.
Technically, no Kam never lied to me before this guy came into her life.
That may be true It is true.
Look, I know you're scared we can't find her and hurt that she didn't let you know that she was coming into town.
You're angry that she's been keeping things from you.
What's your point? You're taking that out on a kid who can barely grow a mustache, man.
Who obviously cares about her.
You don't know how he feels.
He doesn't know how he feels.
(SIGHS) Logan is 18.
- Barely.
- Exactly.
So imagine what he's going through.
And he may be our only chance at finding Kam.
(EXHALES) Aiden's older.
He's he's a boy.
(INHALES) I knew how to handle him, what to expect.
But Kam That's my baby girl.
I did the best I could.
I knew she would suffer.
I knew something would go wrong without her mom around.
Knew it.
It's not your fault, Sam.
My wife would kill me if she was here right now.
(EXHALES) You mind if I talk to him? Sure.
ROUNTREE: You don't have to call me "sir.
" It's not my daughter you're dating.
Let's start from the beginning, man.
Um (EXHALES) What brought you and Kam to L.
? Yeah, that's stuff she wanted to talk to her dad about herself.
Logan, whatever you two discussed, whatever Kam's plans were, th-that's not happening anymore.
She is missing.
Her phone's been off-line since last night.
And whatever you know is probably the only thing we can use to find her.
Um We came to L.
for the protest.
Is that why you were arrested? Yes, sir.
Last year, when we marched in Santa Cruz, police attacked us out of nowhere.
I was covering a friend of mine who got hit in the head.
They arrested me.
Said I was impeding police activity.
(LOGAN SCOFFS) ROUNTREE: You guys planned on going to the march tonight? No, not exactly.
Then what exactly? (SIGHS) We weren't just showing up with posters.
Kam is one of the main organizers.
Sh-She's 17.
You'd be surprised what a 17-year-old can get done.
Kam did most of the work out of her dorm room at school, under the radar.
Why? It's not exactly encouraged there.
Or at Annapolis.
Yeah, that's why she didn't tell her dad.
Kam knew she was taking a big risk.
But this movement and the moment, I mean, it means so much to her.
Nothing was gonna stop her.
She's her father's daughter.
We drove down and met up with a group that Kam works with.
Students for Humanity.
They're using a bar that's closed for COVID as its HQ.
Anyways, it got late.
Kam knew she still needed to tell her dad the truth, so she headed down to his boat to spend the night there.
Did you drop her off at his slip? No.
I mean, we drove her car down, but she insisted on going on her own.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) She's independent like that.
(STAMMERS) I can't believe that I didn't go - You're lying.
- Sam.
He's lying! I don't believe a word you said, starting with the fact that Kam doesn't have a car.
Sir, that's not true.
She drives a Mini Cooper.
FATIMA: Hey, how's it going? Oh, you know, neck-deep in Sam's personal life.
So good to be back.
I feel for Sam, but I told you not to get involved.
Kensi and Deeks are doing it.
They are on their way to the protest headquarters right now.
I wear a hijab.
I'm immune to peer pressure.
You know, Kam has a car that Sam didn't even know about.
- Go on.
- Mm.
Paid for with a part-time job.
Does Sam at least know about the job? Yes.
But he thought it was at the library.
It's actually at a Greek restaurant.
Why didn't she tell Sam about the car? 'Cause he would've made her get an armored tank.
- I can see that.
Smart girl.
- Hey, you know, now that we know that Kam has a car You can find it with Kaleidoscope.
Or we can check it out, because I already found it.
And by "we," you mean me.
Come on.
Rountree's with Sam.
Callen is still on his way back from his trip.
(SIGHS) So I'm getting involved, aren't I? No use fighting it.
That's not good for the resale.
- Careful.
- Yeah.
- Careful.
- Please.
Hey, what-what happened? Getting into good trouble scares a lot of people.
Do you know who did this? Who are you? Oh, we, uh we know Kam.
We know that she was here last night.
Has anybody seen her today? How do you know Kam? We're, uh we're friends.
And don't tell me she's friends with a bunch of 40-year-olds.
- Oh.
(CHUCKLES) - Easy, tiger.
She's still in her 30s and killing it, thank you, and I'm 40 and hanging on by a thread.
But the point is we're actually friends with Kam's dad.
Oh, we know all about Kam's dad.
Are you two also law enforcement? Actually, yes, we are.
We're NCIS.
And I've got work to do.
Okay, hey.
I'm sorry.
Listen, Kam's in trouble, okay? We know that the last place she was seen was here.
She didn't show up at her dad's place, and her phone is off.
Could you help us out? The brick that was thrown through this window? I bet you a million bucks it wasn't a counterprotester.
It was one of our own.
Why do you say that? Doesn't think we're doing enough.
Who doesn't? Zee.
He doesn't think a peaceful march is going to move the needle, and Kam disagreed.
They got into it.
Okay, so they got into it last night? Was it heated? Very.
You think he would do something to hurt her? I wouldn't be surprised.
Zee knew he had to get through to her before changing anyone else's mind.
Found Kam's car.
Still locked.
ERIC: Any signs of a struggle? Nope.
Looks like it was left here overnight.
Kam never made it back to her car.
Something must've gone down somewhere between here and the headquarters.
How many blocks is that? Um about five.
Why'd she park so far away? In L.
? This garage was probably as close as she could get.
Maybe somebody saw something.
Where are you, Kam? (HEAVY METAL MUSIC BLASTING) We made a deal with the devil Disguised as help We made a deal with the devil Should've trusted ourselves We aren't the kind to stand up We aren't the kind to rebel Rebel People can change, especially When they've been Through hell It's in our bones To be benevolent! All right.
Hey, what's up? Kam's still missing.
How's Sam doing? - He's freaking out.
- As would I.
I can't even imagine the terror I'd be feeling if my kid was missing.
Me, too.
I'll give these kids one thing, though.
They're nothing if not clever.
The resistance is alive.
Reminds me of my days back in the fray.
You were a rabble-rouser? That's a stupid question.
Of course you were.
Should have seen me in eighth grade when they handed down the Rodney King verdict.
I wore a "Burn Baby Burn" T-shirt for a week.
The principal freaked out, told me to take it off, I didn't.
They tried to physically remove it from my body.
I wouldn't let him, and then he suspended me for two weeks.
Well, did you change any hearts or shift any minds? No, but that wasn't the point, because taking a stand for something changed me.
And that's why I love you.
- They took it.
- What? - Took what? - (SIGHS) The petty cash box.
We keep a pretty large stash on hand in case someone needs to be bailed out.
Well, who else knew about that box? Just me, Kam and Zee.
We took Zee's keys back after he went off on Kam.
He take anything else? (GASPS SOFTLY) KENSI: Hey, if there's something else we should know about, you need to tell us.
Kam could be in jeopardy.
If Zee took the petty cash box, he also took the gun.
What does a student organization need with a gun? I thought we should keep one in case we needed it.
To defend ourselves.
I never thought one of our own would steal it.
We never do.
You hanging in there? Well, my daughter could be held captive by some gun-toting anarchist.
We're no closer to getting her or finding her than I was this morning.
Yeah, I'm doing great.
Well, Kam's a tough girl.
I'm confident wherever she is, you know, she knows how to handle herself.
She had a good instructor.
What do you got? Well, I was able to locate the infamous Zee.
Kyle McCarther.
His middle initial is "Z.
" He's virtually a ghost on the Internet.
He shut down his social media accounts a couple weeks ago.
If he was planning on doing something destructive at that protest, or to Kam, that would explain why he went dark.
"Destruction" should be his middle name.
I followed a Reddit thread that I connected to Zee's now defunct account.
It looks like one of his compadres turned his criminal activity into a battle cry of sorts, otherwise known as a "meme.
" - (BEEPS) - Oh.
Kaleidoscope just confirmed that Zee is in Monterey Park.
I'll send you the address.
Got it.
Looks like Zee wants to destroy the whole system.
Yeah, starting with my kid.
I got back as soon as I could.
How was Santa Cruz? It's a story for another time.
This is more important.
Let's find Kam.
We'll be nursed back to health No longer a shell of our former selves (PANTING) We'll find the infiltration TYLER: I'm going outside for a smoke.
This music's getting to me.
You picked it.
Will be annihilated! (GRUNTING) Tried to increase your reach - Hurry up.
- I'm trying! TYLER: What the hell?! (SHOUTING) (GRUNTING) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) KAMRAN: Let me go! CARLOS: You all are lucky that all we did was pick you up.
(GASPS) That's about to change.
See, you all think this is a game.
- Just like your little marches.
- We shouldn't even be in here.
You still haven't told us why you're (GROANING) You can't do that! - Yeah! - ISAIAH: Hey! Hey, stop! (GROANS) Stop! (GROANING) (DISTANT SIREN WAILING) - I got that.
- No, no, no.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I put it up before.
I can put it up again.
All right, but if I wasn't here to help, you would've ended up under that board.
Wouldn't be the first time.
We have to hurry because they're going to be coming through here with the signs.
You're getting ready for the protest? You bet.
I want to be home and in my bed before the first hippie comes.
Keller, right? NCIS.
Agent Namazi.
Oh, the Feds? I should have known.
A young woman might have been abducted near here last night.
Did you happen to see or hear anything? Oh, nothing.
Nothing but bums, lots of bums.
And clubbers.
They're drunk, all of them.
I noticed there's a security camera in the garage.
Oh, no, no, no.
They are gone for years.
See? Look.
So, uh, there's no way of knowing who came in and out of here last night? Uh, I'm sorry.
I-I can't help.
Thanks, Mr.
Be safe.
Hey, I'm 83 years old.
Every day is a dance with death.
Keller, I think I might know what's wrong with your security cameras.
(LAUGHS) Me, too.
They're old as hell, like me.
(LAUGHS) Do you mind if I? Be my guest.
(QUIETLY): Let's see here (BEEPS) - Ah.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) (PHONE VIBRATING) What's that? G, what is that? Fatima found footage of Kam's abduction.
It's gonna cloud your judgment.
Let me see the footage.
We need to know what we're dealing with.
(SIGHS) They followed her.
Sam! Sam? Look, I know that was hard to watch.
Just remember, we need to bring this guy in alive.
- Kam could be locked up inside here.
- What if she's not? We kill this guy, we may never find her.
I'm not making any promises, G.
Can you just promise to try? Okay, here we go.
(PANTING) - Take these two bags out to the truck.
- There he is.
CALLEN: Oh, he's got support.
Looks like they're getting ready for battle.
Any sign of Kam? We're about to find out.
Federal agents! Put the bags down! Put your hands up slowly.
Do as he says, no one gets hurt.
What did you do with Kam? (SIGHS) (CLICKS) (PANTING) I got him.
(PANTING) (WHOOPS) Come get it! (PANTING) This isn't going your way, buddy.
(PANTING) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (PANTING) (GROANING) (WHIMPERING) Well, at least you didn't kill him.
CALLEN: Yeah, all right.
Copy that.
Keep us posted.
Eric's checking the street cams between the Students for Humanity headquarters and Zee's house to see if Zee might have linked up with whoever took Kam last night.
I don't think he really needs the neck brace, - but it is working for dramatic effect.
- (ZEE GROANS) I think I'm missing something, G, but I can't get my head straight enough to figure it out.
Let's see what the Green Goblin has to say.
- Hey, hold up a second.
- Mm-hmm.
Really didn't have to take me out like that, man.
Hey, you threatened my daughter, and tried to kill us with explosives.
I think you got off pretty easy.
Come on, man.
That was self-defense.
With everything going on in these streets, you expect me to trust two cops just pulling up on my spot like that? We're not cops.
We're NCIS.
Did anyone ever threaten Kam? Other than you? Only people jacking folks off the streets are cops and federal agents.
You know what y'all did in Portland.
Again, not us.
What do you know about last night? Any of your friends go missing? Quit acting so innocent.
Like you've never roughed somebody up and then dumped them in some godforsaken desert outside the city.
You can't keep us silent.
I don't care what y'all say.
- CALLEN: Mm-hmm.
- I don't care.
For the last time, we don't do that.
Any of this look familiar? (GASPS SOFTLY) I had nothing to do with that.
Kam and I did bump heads about keeping things peaceful.
And I was like, "What is that going to do?" You know, you can get your point across - without resorting to violence.
- Oh, yeah? Tell that to the militia groups showing up with guns.
Who's gonna protect us? So, you guys were arming up.
For what? You gonna have a gunfight in the middle of Hollywood? Nobody wants it to come to that.
But what are we supposed to do? Just let armed vigilantes keep us from telling the truth? Like the truth of you with this neck brace? - Get him out of here! - Hey! Where's his supervisor, man? - (PHONE VIBRATES) - CALLEN: Hey.
You got any news? Anything? I will take whatever you got.
Zee's alibi checks out.
He was nowhere near Kam when she was abducted.
Okay, I should have been more specific.
Do you have any good news? DHS is bringing us a list of everyone they've picked up so far.
Fatima and Rountree are on their way to the boatshed to review it now.
All right.
Keep us posted.
Oh, uh, one more thing.
I cross-referenced missing person reports.
Kam is not the only organizer who's gone missing.
There's two more.
One's named Erica Parker.
The other is Isaiah Estevez.
MERKEL: That is the list of all the organizations providing security and surveillance for the protest tonight.
DEA, FBI, LAPD, Sheriff, EPA.
(CHUCKLES): EPA? I didn't want to have to come back down here again, so I went above and beyond.
This many agitators traveled into the city just to wreak havoc? That's intense.
What's even more intense is that they're organized and well-funded.
ROUNTREE: Are you sure that none of these people were coming into town hoping to exercise their First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble? Are you saying you think DHS is overzealous? Look, all I'm saying is that maybe "Darryl Watterman" cares about what's going on in this country and wants his voice to be heard.
MERKEL: Our goal is to stop violence before it starts.
And funny you'd mention good old Darryl.
We've been tracking him since July.
When he was arrested in Seattle, he had enough C-4 explosives in his possession to blow up the Space Needle.
I don't, I don't see Kam's name on this list.
You said she helped organize - tonight's protest? - That's correct.
Organizers aren't usually the ones causing trouble.
Their name is on the permit.
DHS believes in freedom of speech.
We protect protesters who stay within the confines of the law.
Well, at least we're on the same page about that.
(SIGHS) I have the DHS report, but so far Kam's not on it.
And I checked the hospitals.
The morgue? Yeah.
When Kam was a little girl, she used to ask me to hold her hand and squeeze it real tight.
She used to tell me how strong I was.
I'm the only protector she's ever had.
Watching that video over and over is not gonna get her back.
You're just torturing yourself.
Let's get out of here.
Let's hit the streets, let's go find her.
G, look at this.
Does that look familiar to you? ERIC: So, I was able to digitally enhance the tattoo and voilà.
An hourglass filled with what I'm pretty sure is the skull from Pirates of the Caribbean, which led me down an unfortunate rabbit hole of Disney-themed tattoos somehow appropriate for grown men.
Eric, could you quit rambling? This may be the only way - for me to find my daughter.
- Yeah.
- Get to the point, please.
- I am sorry.
I just get nervous, and then I ramble.
I really want to help you find Kam.
We know you do.
Just, please? Okay, so, when Disney came up empty, I ran the tattoo through criminal and gang databases.
Looks like the ink belongs to the Sandmen.
They used to be a gang within the sheriff's department.
But everybody involved was fired.
But gang ties die hard.
Well, at least two of them are still out in the streets operating without the constraints of a badge.
Eric, I want you to give me the names, addresses, places of employment for any deputy associated with the Sandmen.
Give it to the team and divvy up.
We're gonna run 'em down.
Copy that.
(SIGHS) Penny for your thoughts? You know, just investigating disgraced officers who are the poster boys for police brutality and corruption because they may have kidnapped Sam's daughter for daring to stand up for civil rights and social justice issues.
I hear you.
Also considering the role that DHS and LAPD and, hell, let's be honest NCIS plays in this bigger picture.
I hear you.
And then reflecting on our desire and struggles, uh, trying to have a child and start a family in what is obviously an incredibly complex and cruel, cruel world.
- Deeks - And I and I know that I'm not saying this because I want to talk about it, 'cause I know that you don't you don't want to talk about this.
So I'm not even bringing it up, because - No, you're right, I don't.
- Okay, so I'll stop.
But I do want to say this.
I am frustrated.
Okay? I-I I am I'm frustrated that my body - No, no, no, but that-that - Deeks, please.
I'm sorry.
- Let me just, let me finish.
- No, no, you're right.
I'm sorry.
But even though I'm feeling this way, it doesn't take away from the fact that I am elated to start a family with you.
I hear you.
But right now, we got to nail these guys to the wall.
God, I love it when you talk pretty.
Okay, so we know that most of these former Sandmen now work security jobs.
Yeah, that's pretty pretty common.
Wait a minute.
You see this? Two of them have been working out of the same location.
It's a decommissioned sheriff's station in Reseda.
Be a pretty good place to put people if you didn't want them to be found.
I'll call Sam.
Wakey, wakey.
Hey, wake up! Hey, cut the lights and the music! (MUSIC STOPS) Hey, you still breathing in there? (PANTING) Yo, Carlos, this one isn't moving! CARLOS: She's fine.
Yeah, well, she doesn't look fine.
(ENGINE REVVING) (TIRES SCREECH) She better be in there.
(BOTH GRUNTING) (YELLING) - Federal agents! - Federal agents! Federal agents! Down! Turn over! - I could kill you.
- (CHOKING) SAM: I'll break your neck.
I'll break it.
I'll break it.
(COUGHS) (GASPS) - (COUGHS) - I got him.
Turn around.
Hanna house rule number one.
I know.
Hanna house rule number seven.
Dad, I know.
Hanna house rule number 43.
Hold up.
I didn't break 43.
What's this I hear about a Mini Cooper? Come on.
A Mini Cooper? Okay, I guess you're right.
I-I broke 43 with Aidan's help.
Aidan? Dad.
I'm so sorry, okay? All right, well, we'll deal with Aidan another day, but I don't understand why you felt like you needed to keep this from me.
I don't want us to have a relationship where we can't talk to each other.
You're my dad, yeah, but you're also an NCIS special agent.
What were you gonna say if I told you these protests mean something to me? I would have told you they mean something to me, too.
Then come with me.
Where? Tonight.
Come march with me.
You're still going to the protest after everything you've been through in the last 24 hours? Kidnapped, harassed, tortured? Absolutely.
That's my girl.
Now, what's this I hear about a boyfriend? - Hmm? - Hmm? Hmm?! If you can "hmm," you can answer, you know, huh? - Oh, yeah.
Um - Oh, yeah? What? - About that.
- Uh, about that, yeah.
(LAUGHING): Um, I was gonna tell you, but what had happened was SAM: What had happened was
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